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tv   The 11th Hour With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  September 2, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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old. that's tonight's last word. i'll see you tomorrow morning velshi starting at 8 am. we're joined by lieutenant general who's discussing the drinking water crisis in mississippi right now. but also the water situation in louisiana where tonight thousands are being advised to boil their water in america in 2022. boil your water before you drink! it will see you tomorrow morning, the 11th hour with stephanie ruhle begins right now! tonight, new details about what the fbi seized from the former president speech home. folders marked classified found empty. and bill barr's critical response to trump's handling of the documents, and what barr says is a red herring response. then the political showdown in the keystone state competing events this weekend by the current and the former president. after president biden's dire warnings for democracy last night. plus the ongoing water crisis in jackson mississippi. the national guard is deployed
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as residents are urged to keep their mouths closed while showering. the systemic failures that led to this emergency as the 11th hour gets underway on this friday night! >>, seize materials will be continued to be used to further the governments -- a spokesman for donald trump responded to the inventory released with a twitter poll saying it showed the fbi search was quote, not some surgical -- had to be returned to a
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military aid. where are the government secrets that might have been inside? unknown. the fbi did seize 103 classified records, up to top secret level found inside the office and storage room. the inventory notes the highly restricted documents had been mixed in with ordinary things. magazines, gifts and clothing's. for the first time, to the payment of justice revealed that more than 11,000 unclassified government-owned papers and photographs were also seized. in >> another court filing until today, the doj said quote seize materials will continue to be used to further the government's investigation which prosecutors described as active. a spokes person for donald trump responded to the release with a twitter post saying that the fbi's search was not some surgical can find search it was a smash and grab.
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meanwhile the judge who release the inventory as released to decide -- an independent party to review the records seized at his home. earlier today trump's former attorney general bill barr sided with the biden doj, and threw cold water on that idea. >> i think the whole idea of a special master's is a bit of a red herring. killing documents that have been taken it seems to me that there's a legitimate concern iraq you view the government and insulating the government from documents related to his private lawyers communication, hits as an individual, and his outside lawyers. if there are things like that, find, identified. if there doesn't appear to be much of it i'm not sure you need a special master to identify. what people are missing is that all the other documents taken, even if they claim to be executive privilege either belong to the government
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because their government records, even if they're classified even if they're subject to executive privilege, they still block to the government and go to the archives. >> barr also said he couldn't think of a legitimate reason why the documents should've been taken away from the government if they are classified. this was taking place today asked to other former trump white house officials testified in another doj investigation. today ex white house counsel pat cipollone and pat phil burn both appeared before federal grand jury looking into the efforts to overturn the 2020 election. with that let's get smarter with the help of our lead off panel, peter baker, chief white house correspondent for the new york times, barbara mcquade up veteran federal prosecutor and former u.s. attorney for the district of michigan, she worked with the doj during the biden transition and is a professor at the university of michigan's law school. and msnbc political contributor
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my goal, he is a former -- barbara, i'm gonna start with you, there could be many explanations for the empty folders with classified or other special markings. this still looks bad for trump, doesn't it? >> it does, jonathan i suppose the most generous explanation is that the documents were simply removed from the folders and we're screwed about among all the personal belongings in the documents. the worst-case scenario is that they are gone they have been destroyed or lost or in some other way disposed of. and that is really dangerous just red alert for the intelligence community to not know whether secrets have been lost. and to not have the documents,
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and not know what the contents were. they will have to go back and try to figure out and recreate what was the document that was in there? and is it now out there and has that information been compromised? so this is just red alert stuff for the intelligence community. >> red alert indeed. peter, just wondering. trump's lawyers push for this inventory to be relieved but does this help them? >> it does not. it doesn't look good, obviously, it raises questions that they don't actually call into question the fbi's conduct, as much as it calls in the former presidents conduct. and what we've heard from mar-a-lago and what trump touted consistently is that this is political and the fbi is being partisan and it's about persecution. what we haven't heard is an explanation. what was he doing? what did he want them for? why are these folders empty? what was the purpose of all this? he's given no explanation whatsoever. and so that i think remains the unanswered question what was going on here that president
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trump wants to know about because if he had a simple explanation and if he had some sort of reason for why he wanted these he would've told us right now and we don't know what that answer is. >> and i would like to get your thoughts on this because trump supporters have been complaining about president biden's speech last night but what we still don't seem to be hearing too much about this classified document controversy from them? >> well, i tweeted this out earlier, i think they are in a situation i think, where if this is a situation on gop is part of engaging in this conversation than they are losing. they are making this election which for the first six months of this year was a referendum on joe biden. it has now become a referendum on donald trump and everything related to. it all of this, and also the january six commission, and everything, and it's america random on donald trump tied to
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the candidates. who are off the deep end. that he's got nominated, and state, after state, after state. and so i don't actually think there is some grand strategy here but i think donald trump as we've always known, says stuff and he's left to his own devices and what has happened is the republican party backs him up. something simultaneously has happened over the last three weeks in this and republicans are all outraged when the fbi did this and donald trump's numbers went up around republicans. he solidified republicans. but simultaneously to that jonathan his numbers are among the general election. voters drops and continue to drop, so he solidifies his base which is about 25 to 30% of the country. solidifies his base in this outrage, but he's losing more and more and more voters among the general election. people that are gonna vote in the midterm. >> barbara, there is a republican we are hearing from. and that is bill barr. here is what he said about
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trump's claims about the classifying the documents. >> i frankly am skeptical of this claim that i declassified everything. because frankly, i think it's highly improbable. and second, if in fact he stood over scores of boxes. not really knowing what was in there. and saying i hereby declassifying everything in here that would be such an abuse. and show such recklessness, that it's almost worse than taking the documents. how long is the government going to try to get that back? they ben jawbone for a year. they've been deceived on the voluntary actions taken. they then went and got a subpoena. they were so deceived on that. they feel, and the facts are starting to show that they were being jerked around. and so, how long do they wait? >> so i mean, are you surprised by barr's support of the doj?
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>> i am, everything he says i agree with 100%. it's accurate it's right. ? it's a correct assessment of the law. in the facts. but it is stunning to hear william barr say these things. this is the person who distorted the findings of robert mueller to advance the interests of donald trump, and he repeatedly did things in trump self interest, dismissing charges against michael flynn reducing the sentence for roger stone and so to see him now really adhere to the rule of law and say, that the emperor has no clothes is actually really refreshing and he's absolutely writing everything he saying, and he's really thinking that he could have a important impact on people who don't really know what to think about this working government has not handle classified documents. to hear this who was a staunch republican, and defender of donald trump is likely to be persuasive to some people. >> matt what do you make of this take from bill barr?
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>> i mean, i think we have seen this pattern of people that became -- first of all, i think bill barr lost his soul when he became so seated with doctor donald trump. and he is rediscovered, which i think many people do, the proximity to donald trump seems to corrupt people. the distance from donald trump, they seem to find their integrity again. and that's, to me, that's, william barr is no friend of donald trump anymore. donald trump has gone out of his way to criticize him in this. but it is such a tale, a psychological tale. is the closer you get to donald trump. the more you lose your soul. the further away you get from donald trump, the more you gain it back. >> barbara we still have not heard from this judge about a special master. what should we expect next? >> well, it's interesting. it could be a matter of days could be tomorrow. when she issues this decision.
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she did seem to be somewhat persuaded by donald trump's request. it seems that one thing that she could do here that would be a compromise in maybe giving donald trump an ability to declare victory and fend off the angry mob is to give a very limited special master. to focus on materials that could be protected by the attorney client privilege. and this idea that executive privilege applies here when this is the government's own documents is really just utter nonsense. and to allow the government to continue with its damage assessment, and its investigation of all the other materials. so that there is no harm to those and. it seems to me like a compromise that the government could live with. and so that's the solution that i am looking for. but of course it's her decision so anything goes. >> peter, we still haven't heard a real explanation from trump about why he took the documents. but your colleagues at the times right this. several former officials who remembered mr. trump occasionally taking a document from a classified briefing or requesting a document from the national security council staff said the material he collected in those instances could not have added up to the hundreds of pages and dozens of boxes retrieved by the government
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from mar-a-lago. so peter, what kind of intelligence was he really interested in? what did he want to know? >> well in general while he was prehe wanted to ka lot of presio hat was the purpose. it and why he resisted so much when the government came knocking on his door saying, hey. these are not yours their hours. can't win in the fall. historically running out of power really well in the midterms. but biden had a review saying to the democrats the independents and to the republicans who voted for him two years ago. you need to come out now. because even if they disappointed me even if you are mad about inflation. even if you don't think i have as much as you want me to do. but people who wanted to take power if you don't come out with the democrats would be trumps republicans. the maga republicans as he calls them. so you try to instill a little feel into the part of the electorate and he's not trying to talk to the trump republicans, he's being open to listening. he's trying to galvanize the people who might come out and vote. and give them a reason to come out and vote. which is to stop trump coming out in power. through the assumption of congress. >> that's what the president is doing but man, i just wonder. will the trump investigation. well all of this, the talk about mar-a-lago. will that have any impact on
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the midterms? >> first i want to say i think joe biden actually fundamentally believes that democracy is at stake in it's a real problem. so there i ha e dbring you an u and that just raises all sorts of questions about what was going on, why, why do you hope to get out of this. what was the purpose of. it and why he resisted so much when the government came knocking on his door saying, hey. these are not yours their hours. give them back. >> yeah, peter, you've also been reporting on what appears to be shaping up to be a biden trump rematch. we saw the beginning of it last night. what is biden's larger strategy here? >> well look, we are having a midterm election with neither biden or trump on the baton. i think what biden is trying to
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do here is to try to remind the coalition that backed him two years ago that the fight is over. most americans don't support donald trump. that doesn't mean republicans can't win in the fall. historically running out of power really well in the midterms. but biden had a review saying to the democrats the independents and to the republicans who voted for him two years ago. you need to come out now. because even if they disappointed me even if you are mad about inflation. even if you don't think i have as much as you want me to do. but people who wanted to take
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power if you don't come out with the democrats would be trumps republicans. the maga republicans as he calls them. so you try to instill a little feel into the part of the electorate and he's not trying to talk to the trump republicans, he's being open to listening. he's trying to galvanize the people who might come out and vote. and give them a reason to come out and vote. which is to stop trump coming out in power.
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>> matthew dowd, barbara mcquade, peter baker. thank you very much. coming up! president biden and the former guy, will both visit the mid term background of pennsylvania this holiday weekend. our political experts break it down what is at stake with only 67 days to go until election day! and later, jackson mississippi where the water remains unsafe to drink. we'll bring you an update on the dire situation facing residents there. the 11th hour, just getting underway on a friday night!
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really what's at stake in this election right now, and now with doctor oz just being caught saying that every abortion is murder? and right now there's a stark choice between us right now and i think people understand that. >> pennsylvania senate candidate john fetterman talking about his case against trump backed doctor oz. this labor day weekend president biden and the former guy will visit the keystone state donald trump will hold a rally and the gubernatorial candidate and president biden will visit pittsburgh on labor day, pennsylvania is of course a major battleground in midterm
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elections. so with us for more, john isaac a long time presence of a reporter and the editor in chief and a pennsylvania capital star. and -- nbc political analyst and dean of the -- and the dean of arkansas. good to be here with you. president biden is traveling to your state three times in one week. do voters there realize just how important they are? >> jonathan, they need to be forgiven to think the president is moving back to his former state. he's been there quite often as you said. i think that this court has been put under the micro so so often that they're fully aware of their place in the national dialogue. you don't have to wander fire to find people talking about this material.
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>> victoria, it's great to hear what you said john. it makes me wonder victoria, will trump campaigning in pennsylvania help or hurt republican candidates there? >> it is not good for the republican candidates there. the truism and political sciences. you run to the extremes in the primary, and then as quick as you can you run back to the center to get those voters in the middle. and, with trump coming to pennsylvania, any of the advances that doctor oz was making. with that middle. the moderate republicans. the independents. is going to be there. this is taylor ripple news for our candidates. we're talking about a deep red
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state. it will be a different story, and you need the mobilization of the base. this isn't about the republican senate candidate. it's about [inaudible] and really taking the story to the court of public opinion. and mapping out these parts which is really about him and the candidates to me are backburner. >> john, you wrote about president biden's speech last night and how everyone has to step up to protect democracy, will the president speech motivate voters there? >> yeah john, judging by the traffic in my emelle inbox this morning. the partisan is as pronounced as you think. i heard from trump loyalists who are concerned about the optics of blood red lighting in the u.s. marines in the background. progressives who are energized by the message. the presidents talked a lot this morning about the city being the birthplace. democracy worked on another level as well. those means, that the president was reaching out to. lived a 25 to 30 minute drive from where he was standing.
11:26 pm
in bucks county. in the month granary county. particularly college educated who are going to be so determined in this campaign. and when you look at the numbers critically when it comes to the toppling of roe v. wade. you see pennsylvania voters mirroring the trends that we are seeing nationwide. with nearly nine in ten saying that it should be illegal over most circumstances. and something that they're opposed to republican [inaudible] would try to wipe the right for abortion from the state constitution. >> victoria let's talk about undecided voters and states like pennsylvania. how could they respond to president biden's message against maga and trump? >> i think in this day and age we see your traditional chunk
11:27 pm
of undecideds and over the decades they get smaller and smaller. but i think that what is parallel to that. and really so interesting is what about your are moderate republicans? what about your george w. bush republicans? what are they gonna do? are they going to sit this one out? are they going to hold their nose? like some of them did in 2016 in 2020? or are they actually going to cross the lines? for me that is the demographic that i am most interested in. we can see that what we are just talking about suburban women latinos and others in the key demographic. those are inching a little bit more towards biden. but what are those moderate republicans going to do? >> and you know john i'm wondering what are you looking for from this weekend's big political events? >> to victoria's point. it's also an establishment, republicans come out this week.
11:28 pm
at least in the race for governor former congressman charlie dent will indoors josh, the democrat running for governor against the trump loyalist. so we're seeing some of those crossbones issues going on in the race for governor. here's what we're looking for it this weekend you look at the polling, and the issues that are stopping voters are jobs and the economy. it's particular pointing i think, on labor day for the president to come to pittsburgh. a very heavily unionized city where we're seeing this resurgence of organized labor that robert was talking about earlier in your program. so you have all these factors coming into together and pittsburgh on monday. >> and victoria real fast. what's the one race beyond pennsylvania that you are watching that could determine control of congress? >> all right to. arizona, because that bait and switch was so extreme. and i think that has the
11:29 pm
overreach. and second georgia jonathan. because we have seen very small uptakes in black voter tone out. or preference for donald trump so i think it's gonna be interesting to see if we can see another micro growth in that african american support for the maga republican. >> african american support but more specifically black men? >> black man exactly! >> just want to be clear because black women would be like. no! john, victoria thank you. coming up. the new warning from officials in jackson mississippi where the water remains unsafe to drink. what we're hearing from the mayor tonight. when the 11th hour continues!
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you might already know that prop 27 taxes and regulates online sports betting to fund real solutions to the homelessness crisis. so how will that new revenue be spent? new housing units in all 58 counties, including: permanent supportive housing, tiny homes communities, project roomkey supportive hotel units... and intensive mental health and addiction treatment. in short, 27 means getting people off the streets and into housing. yes on 27. it's been five days since the
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already struggling water treatment plant in the city of jackson, mississippi. failed. residents are now heading into a hot holiday weekend without a reliable source of water to drink. they then. or even flush toilets! the national guard has been deployed to hand out water but this is a crisis decades in the medicating. nbc news correspondent morgan chesky has more. >> in jackson this is now the frustrating part of the daily routine. >> it's really affecting us pretty badly. that's why we're stocking up on
11:35 pm
water. >> and in barely 24 hours, the state says it's handed out over 5000 pounds of water. nearly all loaded in cars. for those lucky enough to have one. this jackson resident trying to get enough water for the weekend. stressing that this problem is in the new. >> you have interest of the water coming out of your faucet for how long now? >> 25 years. >> 25 years? >> the delay of the treatment plant so the water itself is still not safe. a temporary pump is helping to restore pressure. something officials warn could create a new problem.
11:36 pm
>> as they increase the pressure of the plant a level that hasn't seen in many years the challenge then becomes whether we have pipes that rupture across the city. >> i mean it's hard. it's hard on everybody. >> that bravo italian restaurant. the five gallon jugs disappear just as fast as they come in. the business paying for bottled water to stay open. after no water pressure shut them down all week. >> was my heart incredibly heavy when i looked at my staff and had to send them home? absolutely it was. and to look at them and say you can't work today. and i know you need to. it's very disappointing. >> for now, they work. knowing what comes out of a faucet here, is anything but guaranteed. morgan chesky nbc news jackson. >> earlier tonight my friend joy reid had a chance to speak with the mayor of jackson mississippi. chokwe. >> the boil water notice. we have to go through a bit of history. because we had noticed prior to the flood. that boil water notice was due to high reading. which could read bacterial, it could be a high line content. but the issue of that was resolved. in that instance, within 24 hours or period of time. but then it took consecutive days of testing which proved to be tested saying not only
11:37 pm
because we have out of 120 examples. clear test for all of the 122 for two consecutive days. we would have wanted to come back pour. and then we contended with the persistent rain. even before the flood. and you can't test in the rain. and we had flash floods that were happening. and then we had the flood itself. and then, due to the flood,, that led to a bad chemistry of water coming into the plant. which means that they could not push out that water due to their concern on that. and it dropped pressure levels across the city. and so until the pressure could be restored then the okay to start testing again can take place. all of this is in part and parcel of a water treatment
11:38 pm
facility. that simply is not as loyal to our residents as the people who work there. we have people who work their diligently, who are looking over various components of failure. whether it's the raw water screens. whether it's the raw water pumps. whether it's the uv lights that is obsolete. whether it's distribution lines. into the water treatment facility. conventional side or membrane side. all of these things have had an impact on our water treatment facility. and given periods of time. all of it has amounted for a challenge for our residents. >> another challenge you have is your governor. paul wrote the filing about
11:39 pm
your governor. back in april, governor tate reeves announced that he was making an investment in mississippians. by the divestment he made a tax cut. rather than spending on education or infrastructure. there are no real easy answers with the problem of left behind regions. but one thing for sure imagining that tax cuts would bring prosperity to a poorly educated state, who can even provide its capital with running water is delusional. i wonder under his administration you also had these vast sums of money going to wealthy athletes to wealthy people. giving the money to make speeches, and for volleyball facility. and i believe it was a previous administration that gave them that money, so that might have not have been tate reeves. but what do you make of the statewide governments? not just this government but the previous one. making lots of money off wealthy people and spending lots of money on tax cuts. but not an infrastructure? >> well as the package suggested. this has been the problem in the making for decades not simply years. these have been problems when i moved here in 1988 as a little boy. i remember the freeze of 1989
11:40 pm
that debilitated our system. and there are far too many occurrences the count of how we dealt with our challenge with water in jackson. so you know, i have been less than bashful and i have been on the record of lifting up and speaking to the leadership. and they are necessary to act. and so, you know, my record is clear in saying and lifting these things up. but i do want people to appreciate the circumstance that i am in today. today where my residents don't have water. today where i have cried out for the state support. and today where there is a coalition that is on the ground. that is what my immediate concern has to be. now, i do believe that there is a time that we can return and talk about why it took so long to get here. that we return to the question of, the fact that jackson residents are wary of the. they are worthy of the support. and that is what i want to lift up. my residents are worthy to not be dealing with the challenges that they have become accustomed to. this is their way of life. this is what they know. and that is unacceptable on every and. >> and over this long holiday weekend jackson's mayor says officials there will be keeping a close eye on the city's aging pipes. as, the water pressure slowly returns. coming up! inspiration for last night's biden speech may have come from the historians he huddled with
11:41 pm
last month. one of them joins us next! when the 11th hour continues!
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it's sickening! to see the new attacks on the fbi. threatening life of law enforcement agents and their families. for simply carrying out the law, and doing their job!
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there is no place in this country. no place for and danger-ing the lives of law enforcement. >> you turn on the television and see senior senators and congressman saying, if such and such happens. there will be blood in the street! where the hell are we? >> as i stand here tonight equality and democracy are under solved. we do ourselves no favor to pretend otherwise. donald trump in the maga republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic. >> president biden has been pulling no punches these last few weeks. and he certainly didn't last night. with independence hall as his backdrop, biden warned about the threat to democracy posed by trump in his maga movement.
11:47 pm
just hours after the former president suggested that he would pardon january 6th rioters if given the chance. back with us tonight author and historian, presidential historian michael beschloss. his latest work is presidents of war. michael, great to see you. as one of the historians who warned president biden about a teetering democracy how did he do last night? >> i think he did great. and by the way i should mention, we historians, we are not asked to give political advice. this was a month ago. we were asked to come and talk to the president about democracy. which for five of us did for about two hours. and what president biden, i think did last night's, it's one of the highest calling's of the president can do. and that is to warn americans when democracy is in danger. that's what abraham lincoln did in 1860, on the eve of the civil war. that's what frank roosevelt in the 1930s when there were fascists, like farther charles --. the radio priest who was preaching the need for a
11:48 pm
christian republic. he said there should be boycotts of jewish businesses. that you didn't need elections. roosevelt was saying pashes am is a bad thing. some people don't like to hear what a president says but president biden has seen everything that we have seen in the last couple of years. all the warning signs that have led our nbc poll to say that the biggest issue facing voters's threats to democracy. >> and you know michael, the thing that i found interesting about the speech last night is that this is part of a continuing message. that biden has been giving since he announced his run for president in 2019. and i bring that up because i just wonder he brought you in to talk about democracy. but it strikes me that he wasn't eager, and willing student. was he trying to figure out his place in history when it comes to fighting for democracy? >> i think, not as self consciously is that.
11:49 pm
i think, and i don't know how he use this either. but, i can tell you what the meeting was was very bleak. and saying that democracy is very much in danger at this moment. as it was in 1860, and 1940. i certainly believe that. and if you didn't have a president saying to americans, look, we had some big problems. big issues. inflation, all sorts of things. health care. taxes. but overwhelmingly, if we don't have a democracy in two years. we can't do anything about any of this. >> right, my colleague at the washington post. eugene robinson wrote, biden chose the perfect stage. but, the presidents critics call the event dark and divisive. how did it compared to those of past presidents? >> well. perfect question, jonathan. i think anyone who would've heard eight lincoln in 1858 saying, this nation is a house divided, half slavin, half
11:50 pm
free. you can't get more divisive than that. or franklin roosevelt in the 1930s saying there are fascists among us who are dangerous. or 1940s saying, we americans have to choose whether or not to armor cells to hitler and the imperial japanese. pretty divisive. but that is part of the job. >> now i want to get you on the classified documents controversy. you tweeted, those empty folders are ominous. what else has you worried right now? >> the first thing that has me worried is, you know, just as you're saying jonathan. those empty folders. where are those documents? this was, you know, let's just think of the worse. there is no evidence for this yet. but saying that the ex president was selling them, or handing them to our enemies. or even to our friends, and should not have had those. he could've done that without given the physical documents. so what makes this ominous is not only the fact that some of
11:51 pm
our morals classified national secrets have very possibly gotten into the wrong hands, what was going on here that the documents have just disappeared? one of the things agree to don 's keep control of its secrets. he of america is a great nation, why is this so reckless and sloppy as if it's amateur hour or worse? >> and michael, it's the later day weekend before the midterm. what are you watching for in the weeks ahead? >> well, we're gonna see a campaign which i think to some extent because of what president biden said last night is going to focus on the biggest issue that we face. you know, if you and i jonathan were historians from the future. we came back to 2022, we would say that the biggest question is.
11:52 pm
is america gonna be a democracy anymore? i can't give you the answer. i wish we could. but if a presence is not can funk thing that as directly as lincoln in 1960, and roosevelt in 1940. we have a president who is not given the leadership that he's given. >> michael beschloss it's always great to see you. you are always a great way to end the week. thank you for coming to the 11th hour. >> thank you so much, jonathan. be well! >> coming up! what does it say when traditional military symbolism is weaponize on the political battlefield? turning the table on optics. when the 11th hour continues! it's time for the biggest sale of the year, on the sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. our smart sleepers get 28 minutes more restful sleep per night. don't miss our labor day weekend special. save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. ends labor day.
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want a permanent solution to homelessness? you won't get it with prop 27. it was written and funded by out-of-state corporations to permanently maximize profits, not homeless funding. 90% of the profits go to out-of-state corporations permanently. only pennies on the dollar for the homeless permanently.
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and with loopholes, the homeless get even less permanently. prop 27. they didn't write it for the homeless. president biden tonight's gave they wrote it for themselves.
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the speech of a dictator in the style of a dictator, in the visual of a dictator, lose in the words of a dictator. >> the last thing before we go tonight, isn't it ironic that critics trashing president biden's speech last night consisted of all the usual suspects, congregating on their favorite fake news channel. our good friends at the recount notice the words they were using to describe and critique the current president. well, they sounded a lot more
11:58 pm
like a description of the previous one. so, as an experiment. they replace the bee role footage of joe biden with that of the former guy. let's see if this seems a bit more appropriate. >> in what was one of the most divisive and discussing speeches ever. >> to use those marines as a political prop. >> guilty of lazy stereotyping, of everyone who doesn't agree with him. smearing people. >> none of the major networks took the comments from the president. >> he wanted to speak out against a tree messam, he would've called it out on both sides of the aisle. >> i can't imagine anything more divisive, or more dangerous coming from a president. >> angry old man yelling at the camera. >> when you don't have a record to run on, then you have to scare individuals. and you have to scare the american people. >> i think he's doing everything he can to gin up something, so that people do get out of hand. >> and to put the military into a political speech. >> his demagoguery is almost always on that racial lines. this is why he's so bitterly, divisive. >> i'm very disappointed that the president would call people who don't agree with him, those kind of names.
11:59 pm
>> having marine standing behind him, which he is a gauging and political attacks. >> easily the most disgraceful attack from a president in the most recent decade. >> disgraceful? that pretty much sums it up. before we go, i wanted to let you know that i will be talking with white house press secretary, karine jean-pierre this weekend about president biden student loan forgiveness plan the water crisis in jackson, mississippi. covid booster shots. and more. and please be sure to tune into the sunday show with jonathan capehart. that is me! sunday morning, 10 am eastern, right here on msnbc! and on that note, i wish you a very good night! and from all of us and our colleagues across the networks on nbc news. thank you for staying up late i'll see you sunday morning! have a great weekend! a great labor day weekend!
12:00 am
>> i see her laying there on the floor. and i see a person i've never seen before in my house. and i'm looking at him and he tells me i'm next while he's reaching for a butcher knife. terrified. >> i just walked in and i saw blood everywhere. it was her mom who found her. >> her daughter's laying there. a young girl coming home from lunch getting brutally attacked. >> blood on the floor. a shovel. duct tape. a knife. >> i rushed home. i truly thought brittani would die. >> somehow she battled back. a fight to live. >> it was a struggle. it was a huge struggle.


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