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tv   American Voices With Alicia Menendez  MSNBC  September 3, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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on msnbc. now on msnbc thanks, reverend sharpton. hello everyone, i'm julian castro in this weekend for alicia menendez. we begin the saturday with new details on that mound of government records found and seized at mar-a-lago, and laboring fear that some of our country's most closely held secrets are still out there. according to the doj inventory, former president trump took over 11,000 government records with him to florida when he left the white house. among them, more than 100 classified documents. if that is not scary enough, think about this. fbi agents also recovered dozens of empty folders marked as classified, suggesting trump or someone could still be holding on to highly sensitive material. now, we don't know that for certain, but it is possible that the justice department says it is reviewing the mar-a-lago records as a part of an active criminal
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investigation. prosecutors may interviewed more witnesses and even convene a grand jury. as for trump world, the former legal team says this amounts did nothing more than a, quote, overdue library book scenario. they continue to claim executive privilege against federal prosecutors, who represent the current executive branch. they want a special master appointed to review the case independently which is garnering a literal lol from one of trump's former attorney generals, bill barr telling the new york times they request for a special master is, quote, a crock expletive. >> people say this was unprecedented. well, it's also unprecedented for a president to take all this classified information and put it in a country club, okay? how long is the government going to try to get that back. they jawbone for a year. they were deceived on the voluntary actions taken, they then went angle a subpoena. they were deceived on that,
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they feel. the facts are starting to show that they were being jerked around. how long do they wait? kicking -- >> kicking us off to saturday, tia mitchell, washington reporter for the atlanta journal-constitution. thank you for joining us. what do you think of bill barr coming off so strongly against trump's attorneys here? >> i think bill barr is clearly among those who were former trump loyalists but are now in that temp of people saying trump is wrong and it's time to move on. i think bill barr and writing that made a clear statement that he believes trump and his current loyalists are the wrong side of this issue, when it comes to the fbi search of mar-a-lago. i think bill barr lately, we see him tried to be clear with where he stands and clear about i am not in agreement with the
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trump camp on this. >> we have heard a lot about these records that were seized on august 8th from mar-a-lago. we have heard about the top secret documents the secret documents classified documents, not classified documents. there were also empty folders that were found. what do you make of these empty folders found at mar-a-lago? any sense of whether trump is still hoarding documents, even now? >> that's, of course, i have no sense -- i wonder if even president trump and his aide know where these documents are, our noses documents are missing. that is the whole point of it, right? there are empty folders that once contained, at least somewhat sensitive information that was supposed to be returned, or it was classified. those folders are empty. it's almost impossible to know, number one, what was in the folders and, number two, where
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that information is now. it could be that the information was either returned beforehand, just not in the right folder. it could be part of the documents that were seized by the fbi during the search last month, or they could be documents still floating around anywhere. that is the concern. that is the question. that is why there is so -- there are people saying what we are hearing out of mar-a-lago, what the fbi search found is troubling. >> indeed,, that is a big question mark. joining our conversation is msnbc legal analysts charles coleman jr.. he is a civil rights attorney and former prosecutor. charles, we are still awaiting a florida judge's ruling on trump's request for a special master, but during thursday's hearing on that request, the judge may have dropped a hint asking, quote, what is the harm in the appointment of a special master.
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tell us how you would answer that. >> i think that the ultimate answer to that is that a special master is not going to do anything or bring anything to the conversation that the doj and the fbi have not been able to already uncover on their own. once the fbi revealed that they already gone through documents, a virtually eliminates the need for a special master in a case like this. i think that a question like that can easily be answered, as in -- this will ultimately be a waste of everyone's time, not only the court but also the parties as well. i found it interesting very quickly that the judge asked trump's lawyers, does he have standing? does the executive privilege apply to him now that he is no longer president? that is a key element into whether the judge will ultimately decide to create the special master. -- it's very difficult to tell what way she is leaning, although she had previously indicated that she was inclined to that brand of requests for a
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special master. >> we will certainly be looking for to how she rules on that request for a special master. why do you think it matters or does not matter that trump's personal belongings from passports to clothing were mixed in with classified records? >> sure, that has been a topic of conversation. a lot of people have had questions about it. but i can tell you from previous investigations is what they are trying to do with showing the proximity between those items and then the documents is to basically eliminate any question as to whether donald trump actually had access to the documents themselves and eliminate any sort of push your curiosity about whether he may have been personally handling the thanks. you may recall that during the search warrant execution they seized his passport. his passport was in his office in edge or along with other classified documents that he was not supposed to have. the inference there is that you do not allow anyone besides yourself to handle your
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passport. he put that with their personal items, which is why they will try to connect trump actually handling these documents himself with his passport in hand. this basically suggests that this was not about someone else having it. this cannot be a defense for donald trump claims he did not know they were being handled and he himself did not handle them, because they have so many of his personal effects close of these items. that is how they will try to use the proximity to show his connection to the wrongdoing in this case. >> téa, over on capitol hill heisman already leader kevin mccarthy once the tierney a general and fbi director to testify publicly about the mar-a-lago search. how do you expect that to play out with republican lawmakers? >> i expect that amongst republican lawmakers they probably agreed with leader mccarthy that they want this whole issue to focus not on trump not on mar-a-lago not unclassified and seek a
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document they would rather focus on the fbi and attorney general garland. of course, we know right now that that request will not go anywhere with democrats and showing the house. but should republicans take control after the midterms, that is what we expect. we expect republicans to have hearings, committees, all types of inquiries focused on this issue amongst many others, where republicans don't like what has been done during the biden administration. they will also try to tie this to president biden, as well. that is not something that republicans really had the power to do right now, but it's a very likely chance that they will have the power to make an investigation about the search of mar-a-lago on january. >> charles, what's next in the doj investigation? and how could the appointment of a special master, if one is appointed, so it down?
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>> it's very important that people understand that there is a criminal investigation ongoing. i say that because what is likely happening is that this is just the tip of the iceberg with respect to merck garland and the doj and what they are looking to do. i don't want people to get caught up on the notion that, look, this is the obstruction of documents charge, and that is the end of it. i think there is a lot more that could be there down the road, in terms of charges and potential indictment -- this investigation is going to continue, it's going to move forward. i think the institution of a special master, while it would delay merrick garland's efforts, ultimately, the things not revealed in the affidavit will hopefully continue to allow the investigation to move forward with integrity and not slow down a ton. but after the special master makes its ruling, that's what mark roland will be able to make a determination as to how they move forward on potential indictment and prosecution on these charges. again, i want to stress that
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this is an ongoing investigation. it is very possible that there are intestinal charges forthcoming. >> téa and charles are coming back with us after the break. >> next, how the mar-a-lago madness is far from trump's only legal headache. the january six committee is about doing its work and might just learned violent information from to trump attorneys. plus, the maga-verse threatening violence after the fbi search of trump's florida state, and president biden has clearly had enough, sounding a warning to american people in primetime. we will begin. we will update you on the latest and jackson, mississippi. this city facing a full blown water crisis that did not have to be. but first, to jessica lane who standing by with the other big stories that we are tracking this hour here on msnbc. jessica? >> thanks, julian, and it is a busy day, a mississippi man is in custody at their flying around for hours and a stone plane, threatening to crash into a walmart. officials say corey patterson
3:11 pm
took off at 5:00 this morning from two -- where he has apparently worked for the past ten years. he then called 9-1-1 to say that he was going to crash into the walmart, prompting store evacuation, street closures and all kinds of panic in that area. negotiators were able to convince him not to carry out the attack, but before he landed, he posted a message on social media. >> approximately 9:32, the pilot posted on facebook a message. in essence, it said goodbye. at this time, we know he was getting close to running out a few. >> now patterson did land safely on a field. officials don't believe he had a pilot license, but they said he did have some flight instruction. he is facing charges of grandmaster knee and making terroristic that's. federal charges are also expected. a second attempt to launch nasa's artemis 1 moon mission today was a no go. it was script after a liquid hydrogen leak was detected
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during the rocket tune process. the first rocket launch attempt on monday was canceled due to bad engine sensor and some leaking feel. nasa now says it will not attempt and other launch entails bites of temper or early october. and thousands paid respect to the late former soviet leader mikael gorbachev and russia saturday, during his open casket farewell ceremony. russian president vladimir putin did not attend a ceremony, setting a busy schedule. gorbachev died tuesday at the age of 91. he launched reforms that out and the cold war and participated in the breakup of the soviet union. more american voices after this break. fter thi break. the last 2 years have been hard on everyone. and teens are no exception. but pfizer has some welcome news for parents. now there is an fda-approved vaccine for 12 to 15 year-olds to help protect against covid-19, with protection against severe illness, too.
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month comes to potential for a new public hearing for the congressional committee investigating the january 6th attack on the capitol. the panel expected to hold at least one more later this month.
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meanwhile, two stars of previous hearings are now serving as witnesses for a federal grand jury. former white house counsel pat cipollone and his deputy, that philbin, testified on friday in the justice department insurrection investigation. we learned the house committee is seeking information from ex house speaker, new kangaroos about his support of advertisements denying the 2020 election results. all of that combined with increased threats to federal agents after the mar-a-lago raid, but president biden hit the airwaves in primetime this week. he spoke and philadelphia, pointing out the gop anti-democratic efforts are karma. the timing of his speech, no coincidence with the midterms snow just weeks away. >> maga republicans did not respect the constitution. they do not believe in the rule of law. they did not recognize the will of the people. they refused to accept the results of a free election, and they are working right now as i
3:18 pm
speak in state after state to give power to decide elections in america to partisans and cronies empowering election deniers to undermine democracy itself. >> tia mitchell and charles coleman jr. are back with me. téa, the same day biden condemned maga extremism former president trump said he considered parting capital rioters if we elected. where do you see january six factoring into the races this fall? >> if so, that is a very complicated question because january six has been politicized like so much -- president biden speeches put a size. so in a way january six, president biden's speech are kind of examples of this divide in america that is not just republican and democrat, it is
3:19 pm
a divide between those who questioned the outcome of elections and appear already willing to do so if their candidate does not windham's. that is something we should be concerned about when we talk about november, something we should be concerned about as we talk about 2024. it's just indicative of how our democracy is really showing fractures in a lot of ways. it does not come down to partisanship or even the normal disagreements that we consider when we talk about elections. it's about the very fabric of how our country, how are our constitutional republic works in that kind of again showing fractures that may not be repairable. >> charles, the two passes we call them, pat cipollone and philbin, they are not the first ex trump staffers to speak to the federal grand jury by any means,, but what does this
3:20 pm
witness list signal to you about the doj's investigation? >> what it tells me is that the doj is closing in terms of trying to isolate donald trump's intentions by connecting him to whoever is that can give the greatest amount of insight around what he was thinking. they want to basically pinpoint donald trump's advisers to try to determine what it was he was told, what it was -- and what he did after he knew what he did. i think that is what we are really talking about when you talk about these two lawyers who are essentially counsel to trump, who were at a site, who knew what was going on pretty generous six, during january six, leading up to it and then also -- >> i think that we lost, charles. hopefully, we will get him back in a second. téa, let me ask you.
3:21 pm
the fulton county district attorney in georgia says that her case against trump is on schedule. i want you to take a listen to what she said. >> i am pleased with the pace that we are going. there cannot be any predictions, as you know. many people are unsuccessfully fighting our subpoenas. we will continue to fight to make sure that the grand jury and the public gets the truth. i am very hopeful by the end of the year, i will be able to send the grand jury underway. >> pena, what do you make of dna fani willis setting the timeline? where does reporting suggests the investigation is heading? >> as you know, my colleagues at the age ac has been covering the story intently. it looks like bonnie willis is starting to circle in on trump's inner circle, his top advisors. former asked beaker newt gingrich, they indicated that the general six committee wants to talk to him, but in the
3:22 pm
letter from the general six committee, there was some details that my colleague things might have raised their concerns from the fulton county special grand jury, as well, because we know they are looking into the fake elector schemes. they are looking into rudy giuliani and other trump associates spreading false information about how georgian elections were conducted in 2020. that has all been part of the grand jury investigation, and they now are calling in some of those trump attorney's top advisers to explain their role. of course, all the fake electors in georgia, the alternate slate of electors have also been subpoenaed. they have been told that they are the targets of the investigation. we don't know if former president trump will be named or become a target but definitely, those who are trying to carry out the effort to overturn the election are those who know are the focus of
3:23 pm
the campaign in fulton county. >> there has been some recent polling that shows that the concern about our democracy is growing, becoming more of a priority for voters. it has also been an issue there in the georgia governor's race. you are there, you are on the ground, you have a front row seat to this. he talked about how if at all this is impacting the statewide and local races there. >> it is. at the governor's race, we have brian kemp and stacey albums and every match. although brian kemp at lot of kudos from democrats, independents who are standing for president trump, refusing to call a special session of the legislator, because he said our elections are fine, joe biden won, i don't like it, but he refused to -- stacey abrams, part of her campaign is saying, i will not let him off the hook. i still think in a lot of ways, he is aligned with trump.
3:24 pm
he pushed to those changes to the election law that were based on some of those same baseless claims of fraud and mismanagement. that is definitely a team and the governor's race. of course, and the lieutenant governor race, the republican candidate, robert jones, is one of the alternate electors. definitely, in that race, as well, that whole effort to overturn the election is a major pain, as the democrat charlie billy says, we don't want someone who falsely stated the election was fraudulent who tried to overturn the will of the people, should not become to lieutenant governor in georgia. do lieutenant governor leads the state senate. there is a lot of power pizarro. >> tia and charles, thank you as well. ahead, why don't residents of mississippi capital have reliable, safe running water? what the mayor of jackson had to say earlier on msnbc. and later, the ongoing attacks
3:25 pm
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3:30 pm
offers many opportunities he says. he tells us in venezuela, there is no food, no work and a country's in political crisis. >> that was nbc's harry bressmann profiling one family's journey from venezuela to illinois. it is how they and other migrants and it up in illinois that we need to talk about. they are in the windy city for no other reason than political theater. they were sent there by bus assistant by texas governor greg abbott to make a statement about immigration. abbott has been busing migrants to sanctuary city since april. chicago, just the latest. washington, d.c. and new york city have been the governor's top targets. instead of highlighting the need for immigration reform, what abbott is doing is putting real lives in the balance, and that cruelty coming at a real cost for texas taxpayers. according to the texas tribune, his cruelty busing migrants out
3:31 pm
of texas have cost texans $13 million so far. the question, will voters take notice and sideline these republican antics? will they make the gop pay a price for not focusing on real solutions? jamie,, msnbc analysts cristobal alex, a former senior adviser to president biden and managing director of tough strategies. also with us, grace panetta, senior politics reporter for insider. grace, i want to start with you. governor abbott's actions come as the midterm elections kicking into full gear. how do these gop cultural tactics contrast with what democrats are offering voters down the homestretch? >> the contrast really could not be any larger. democrats are able to run on things that they passed in congress,, because on the economy, because on gun safety and republicans are trying to put forth a message that they are best equipped to handle
3:32 pm
both the economy and immigration. this is part of that tactic. it is a stunt like move to send migrants to blue states. it's an approach that way. that is the contrast that is being set up. it is policy versus, as he said, theater. >> cristobal, it's no surprise that texas has done this. other states are looking at doing the same thing. so following abbott's lead, florida's tenet governor recently suggested that governor desantis will now bus cubans to delaware. florida politics now report that charlie crist, the democrat running for governor there in florida, but not target desantis in south florida over this comment. could the gop pandering to the extreme right backfire on them with this kind of messaging, especially in florida which of course, we know has a heavily hispanic, heavily cuban american population?
3:33 pm
>> julian, great to be back at you. i certainly hope it backfires because it is a disgusting, disturbing stunt that both these governors and florida and texas are trying to undertake here. to start with abbott for a minute here, think about what he is doing. we have poor migrant families traveling thousands and thousands of miles for their own security, their own safety to build a better future for the families, and they are welcome by this little man, greg abbott, who puts them on a bus, shipped them off to draw attention to himself and his future political aspirations, and to draw attention away from his colossal failures as governor. i am a texan like you, julian. my mother's there, my brothers there, a lot of family there. every time there is a big storm in texas, i sat the worry at the entire state will lose power because the republicans there have failed to even provide basic services like a functioning partnered. what does abbott do? he takes $20 -- $20 million as you pointed out,
3:34 pm
of taxpayer money, instead of fixing the power grid, he ships these poor families to other cities. as a texan, i am disgusted by it. i hope if as for both desantis and abbott. >> cristobal, while abbott and desantis perhaps do this, president biden had this to say on friday, as the u.s. gained 315,000 jobs in august. what -- let's take a listen. >> the bottom line is, jobs are up, wages are up, people are back to work, and we are seeing signs that inflation may be beginning to ease. couple that with the fact that gas prices have now fallen 80 straight days. the fastest decline in over a decade. the price at the pump is now $1.20 a gallon less than it was beginning in the summer. america has some good news going into labor day weekend.
3:35 pm
>> cristobal, what economic messaging do you think democrats need to be telling voters this fall, on top of touting all their legislative achievements which they will no doubt tried to do? what about the economic messaging here? >> i think you heard it clearly from the president, who is leading this historic rebound in our economy. we are basically humming it full employment right now. there is a lot to be grateful for going into labor day weekend. you will hear a lot about that, you will continue to see gas prices drop and all of the heavy lifting from the administration and democrats in congress to deal with inflation. it will start taking effect. i will say as we heard earlier, i think there is important conscious point here where you have got a great economy, very important historic legislation that we have seen the last few months come to congress against opposition almost unanimous opposition from the other side
3:36 pm
from maga republicans to stop that. things like gun safety reform has passed. the inflation reduction act has passed. historic climate change has passed. democrats are getting a lot done. compare that what the maga republicans are going in with the last stretch of the election. they are extremists, it's about taking away abortion rights getting social security taking away student loan reform and taking away democracy. if you are a democrat, you have wind behind your back. if you are a maga republican right now, you are screaming at your website, trying to remove any reference to abortion that you may previously have out. >> no doubt, there is a real contrast as we start the last couple of months before this election. grace msnbc opinion column is normal brockman has does this say about alaska's rank choice election, where a democrat defeated sarah palin. quote, despite the confusing
3:37 pm
process, there is no ambiguity about what alaska's republican voters think about the former governor. -- the former president devoted most of the time he was supposed to be propping her up by exacerbating divisions with in a gop. this thread bear process produced a predictable outcome. republican losses. what does this alaska raise tell us about the state of play for midterm elections? >> i would say a couple of things. first of all, i don't think rank choice voting is necessarily confusing to voters. a poll found that 85% of voters found it to be not confusing or fully simple. i think that is important to keep in mind. alaskans voted for the system and seemed to like it. i think the result told us about palin's unpopularity. it's important to note that --
3:38 pm
it's definitely local dynamics, but it also fixes the same national trend we have seen all summer a democrat significantly over performing or winning in special elections. what we want to be careful and not extrapolating from to -- biden's approval ratings and improvements for democrats on the generic ballot. >> cristobal and grace, grace yes, thank you. still to come, we dig into the presidents plea for the american people to protect a free and fair republic. all the forces seeking to dismantle the only democracy we got. more american voices after the short break. short eabrk. kids, one year they want all dinosaurs stuff the next, camels. - llamas. - llamas. so save money shopping back to school on amazon. you sure that's not a camel? yeah. whatever you say.
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3:42 pm
center was damaged by storm flooding. it is that most of jackson's 150,000 residents without reliable, safe running water. city officials have installed a temporary pump to improve water pressure, and governor tate reeves has set up seven bottled water distribution centers across the city. the national guard troops are helping hand out more than 1 million of those bottles for drinking and other essential needs. nbc's gracie harris is tracking the latest in jackson. gracie? >> hi, julian. we are here in jackson mississippi where there is no clear and insight to the water crisis. residents have been under a boil water notice for more than a month, and recent flooding has put the cities warship implant to the brink. officials say that the planet has been steadily improving over tonight into today, with higher output approaching the city's goal. they also say most residents can't expect better water pressure, but residents that
3:43 pm
lived further away from the plant still may have nothing coming out of the tap. jackson residents tell us that instability is a way of life here. they are used to boil water notices and seasonal issues with pipes. >> this is affecting us pretty badly. that is why we are stocking up on water, trying to -- thank you -- make sure that we can stay, at least, hydrated and everything like that, especially with the fluctuating temperature and everything. >> for now, people can pick up waters at distribution sidestepped by the national guard, who are loading bottled water into the lines of cars on site. the other option is to buy water, but that can add up to a steep bill for the more than one in four jackson residents who live in poverty. but these are temporary solutions. meant to hold people over until the plant is repaired. we still don't know a final price tag or permanent fix for the city's water problems, but
3:44 pm
the mayor estimates that and overhaul could cost billions. there are still more hurdles to jump through. >> i do want to forewarn you another issue we may experience, as they are able to increase their pressure at the plant to levels that has not seen in many years, the challenge then becomes whether we have pipes rupture across the city. we know that we have brittle pipes we have aged pipes, just as our water facility treatments are aged. until there is a long term fix, residents here in jackson are left to wonder when their water will be safe to use. julian, back to you. >> gracie, thanks. earlier on msnbc, we spoke with jackson's mayor chokwe antar lumumba to discuss how the crisis will be resolved and will pave the way for it in the first place. >> first and foremost thank you for having me and lifting up this challenge.
3:45 pm
there is good news that we are seeing pressure built up in many of the tanks that have not registered pressure in some days now. we are still not out of the woods and there is still persistent effort taking place, even with the state team that is there, they have been fighting back and forth with the plan, with the many points of failures. in fact, one of the state officials shared with me that they had far more respect for those that have been toiling with this for sometime. we are grateful to have to support their. we are grateful that progress is being made, we had to make sure that this is a sustained effort. with respect to people being able to consume the water a boil water notice is still in effect until pressure is restored to every hustled, we will not get the okay from the department of health to begin testing or dissembling across the city. approximately 120 samples will take place. we have to have two days of
3:46 pm
consecutive tests before the boil water notice can be lifted. the first priority is the availability or the quantity of water and then the next step is to make sure that we can be okay to say the quality of water is sufficient for people to drink and all the other needs that they have for it. >> chokwe antar lumumba, tell me about repairs and what is being done today as we speak. how much longer will it be before the system gets fixed? i know permanently is a different thing. there is a long time before it can be permanently fixed. but what about fema what is a offering to bring in terms of more immediate relief? >> fema and members of the epa and why asked liaison came in and then they were immediately helpful immediately providing information as to what level of support along with army corps.
3:47 pm
i want to say that to. of which are joined together, along with the city of employs. you mentioned the raw water pump helping to bring more water into the pipe that is what that does. the more water they can get into the plant that helps improve the pressure that they can put out. they are looking at clear whales. they are looking at how to clean certain instruments. there are so many various components of this plant that have not been addressed. this is a set of accumulating challenges over the part of 30 years, and so they are triaging all of these factors and making sure that they are working with it. just as they have been battling the events on monday hitting a different composition or chemistry of water, different ph of water coming into the plan, due to the floodwaters, the experience some of that on tuesday. around 2 pm yesterday, they had
3:48 pm
a smaller occurrence -- this is how they have been battling back with this and learning the complexity of this plant. >> 30 years is a long time to be talking about this issue. quickly though, sir, people watching right now, what can they do to help? >> first and foremost, i want to thank all of the organizations, all of the corporations, all of the cities, my beloved mares in france that i have across the country. i want to thank each and every one of them. our local support, so water is not needed, but there are other things. we are in a holiday weekend. people quickly the water. it becomes burdensome. we will have to look at how we support our business's long term and have real discussions about what the federal government on that. so people continue to send the water donations are much appreciated but think about the expensive needs sanitary needs sanitizer all of those things are welcome in our city and we
3:49 pm
are grateful for the immense love the people have shown across the nation. >> that was msnbc's alex win earlier today with the mayor of jackson. by the way, you can see more of that interview on next, the end of an era at the u.s. open. but for serena williams, her legacy is only beginning. and in our next hour, it was not just documents marked top secret and classified, the new information revealing a mountain of evidence recorded at mar-a-lago and what to make of it. to make of it. flu shots at cvs are pretty...flex. schedule one for you... ...or the whole crew. plus, they're free. really?
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3:53 pm
titles plus 14 double competitions and two mixed double titles. that is not a bad resume. and yet it is not so much serena williams impressive win percentage on the court that will likely define her legacy,
3:54 pm
but how she utterly changed a game, but then how she played it and for the millions of americans who look like her. williams played and loss what was likely to be her final tennis match on friday night at arthur ashe stadium in queens, new york. the 40-year-old had announced her retirement earlier this month. while she fell short of the all-time grand slam singles title by a single match, which he showed to the world and her remarkable career was arguably more important than any sports cystic. serena proved that a young black kid from the streets of compton cannot only become a star in a sport dominated by white athletes, but she can take that sport and make it her own. doing so without was class in style. as the film king richard highlighted, which will smith portray serena's father, it took a village to create this reality. something serena williams not into last night in queens.
3:55 pm
>> i think everyone that is here, that has been on my side, so many years, decades, my gosh, but early decades. but it all started with my parents, and they deserve everything, so i am really grateful for them. [applause] these are happy tears, i guess, i don't know. i would not be serena if there was no venus. thank you, venus. >> serena has suggested her next act could be in business ventures and charity ambassador row's. both things he has always been passionate about. for serena williams, as hard as it is to imagine, the best may still be yet to come. time for another quick break, but when a new hour of american voices gets underway, the deluge documents found in
3:56 pm
trump's florida state that many are not characterizing as the mar-a-lago mountain. plus, biden sounds the alarm on americans working to dispel democratic norms. it is a dangerous democracy, but we got to talk about it. and more states out of the pile of post roe america. south carolina and michigan look to restrict abortion access to. as you hear, it is not stopping activists. stick with us. us. blocks excess acid production for a full 24 hours. unlike pepcid, which stops working after 9. 24 hour protection. prilosec otc one pill, 24 hours, zero heartburn. once upon a time, at the magical everly estate, landscaper larry and his trusty crew... were delayed when the new kid totaled his truck. timber... fortunately, they were covered by progressive, so it was a happy ending... for almost everyone. i don't hydrate like everyone else. because i'm not everyone else.
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4:00 pm
mar-a-lago mountain, a separate documents marked top secret and classified, newly unsealed information shows federal agents seized more than 10,000 other documents from potus -- also ahead, danger to democracy. the former president's outraged over the fbi legal search, and maga extremists are taking the bait, leading the man who beat trump, president biden, to issue a warning to all americans in a primetime address. will his message hit home before the midterms? and another issue changing the midterm calculus, abortion rights. south carolina and michigan inched closer to stripping away reproductive freedom. you will hear from and advocate working to help fund care for all. uvalde strong, a march and prayed industry to saturday, rallying to encourage the community ahead of student


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