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tv   American Voices With Alicia Menendez  MSNBC  September 3, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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as we begin a new hour, the mar-a-lago mountain, a separate documents marked top secret and classified, newly unsealed information shows federal agents seized more than 10,000 other documents from potus -- also ahead, danger to democracy. the former president's outraged over the fbi legal search, and maga extremists are taking the bait, leading the man who beat trump, president biden, to issue a warning to all americans in a primetime address. will his message hit home before the midterms? and another issue changing the midterm calculus, abortion rights. south carolina and michigan inched closer to stripping away reproductive freedom. you will hear from and advocate working to help fund care for all. uvalde strong, a march and prayed industry to saturday, rallying to encourage the community ahead of student return to class.
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-- texas state senator roland gutierrez is here. this is american voices. hello everyone, i am julian castro, in for alicia menendez. we start this hour with that mountain of evidence recovered from mar-a-lago and the worrying signs from some top secret -- some top secret files may still be missing. the justice department sharing a detailed inventory of former president trump stash, showing he took more than 11,000 government documents for the white house. that includes more than 100 classified records and dozens of empty folders also marked classified. we don't know why the photos were empty. we also don't know who has the documents that are supposed to be inside them, but we do know that trump has a habit of hiding how the sensitive material from the doj, even former attorney general bill
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barr says trump, quote, this even federal prosecutors. in fact, barr argues that trump should not have had the documents in the first place. >> people say that this was unprecedented, well, it's also unprecedented for a president to take all this classified information and put in a country club, okay? how long is the government going to try to get that back. they job bone for a year. they were deceived on the voluntary actions taken. they then went and got a subpoena. they were deceived on that. we the facts are starting to show that they were being jerked around. how long do they wait? >> barr is equally skeptical of trump's request for a special master. he calls the ex presidents demands for an independent legal view a, quote, crock of, well, you know. a short time ago, american forces obtained a formal transcript of the special
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master hearing in florida. it's safe to say that trump's team was not exactly persuasive. in court, one of his lawyers compared this entire ordeal over documents to an overdue library book scenario. the justice department, of course, taking a different approach. and its latest court filing, the doj revealed that it is conducting an active criminal investigation and may convene a grand jury. but first, a florida judge is set to rule on the special master request from trump's team. we expect that decision anytime now. joining us to kick off this hour, msnbc legal analyst and former u.s. attorney barb mcquade. she is not professor of law at the university of michigan and co-host of the hashtag sisters in law podcaster. also with us, former fbi special agent clint watts, a msnbc national security analysts and also distinguish research fellow at the foreign policy research institute. thank you both for joining me.
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barb, what stood out to you from the special master hearing this thursday? any sense of which way this florida judge's lean? >> the judge actually seemed to give a lot of credence to the argument, but i think with every passing day, the likelihood of a special master actually goes down. notably, she also did not make a ruling upon the filing at a motion that the justice department and the fbi should cease the review. if you are going to appoint a special master, it would seem out that they will continue to conduct that review. although the she did seem to entertain the idea and has taking it under advisement, i think that there are diminishing likelihood of it being granted, at least in regard to all the documents. perhaps, she will grant one in regard to the documents of small -- protected by attorney client privilege, that the fbi has already filtered out. other than that, it seems like, as william barr called it, a
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red herring. they already looked at the stuff, the idea that she will appoint a special master at this point seems less likely. in addition to this request for a special master, trump's lawyers also raised a possibility of whom they are allowing the director of national intelligence to examine the mar-a-lago documents. could the court put a stop to the doj investigation? >> i don't know that she could stop the investigation. i think it would be a violation of separation of powers, but she could tell them for the moment to stop reviewing the documents and to appoint someone as a special master. it could be director of national intelligence or someone else with a high level of security clearance. the idea would be defender of anything that the government is not intended to look. that is typically done one in attorney's office is search. attorney-client information that pertains to third-party clients, separate from this manner, they would segregate goes out and give everything us to the government to look for and look at that was seized
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pursuant to probable cause and a finding by a magistrate who issued the warrant. what they are asking for here is a segregation on the basis of executive privilege. it is a nonsensical argument, but is the executive branch itself that want to review the material. so she could do the, but it seems less than likely that she will. >> you make a point. of course, this is the executive branch with the current administration asking to be able to review and potentially act on these documents. clint, some of the empty photos found at relabel returned to military aid. what my at been inside those photos? >> usually, you will see these kind of binders delivered to principles, as we say, key leaders and decision-makers that need intelligence and more opinions. when they get those binders, in those will be based on whatever agency it is. it will be an agency from the
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pentagon informing policy, about weapons systems hard to imagine what it would be. but that is where -- they will be taking it in for safekeeping. what is remarkable across the board is that we don't know what documents are missing at this point. a lot of the folders, i would imagine that some of the documents that have been recovered and were obtained in the search warrant probably came out of the virus. it is hard to know when you look back on this. it begs the question of her four years, how much this cost to find information flow around everywhere? how is the president handling it? do they have any real respect for how dangerous it is for the sources and methods and provide that information? how they are put at risk by the egregious actions of the president? >> you raise a good point. we are continuing a microscope into how he has handled these very sensitive materials post
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presidency, but what about how he did that while he was president for those four years? i want to follow up and ask you, in that vein, how concerned are you that more top secret records are hidden summer? >> i think what i am most concerned about is what we don't know in terms of who else has seen the documents in those unclassified environments. mar-a-lago is a free-for-all. we have known that it was a counter intelligence target over many years, where there are many incidents there, who had a cell phone, took pictures of the documents? who read and relayed information from them? they doesn't areas play out? i think the worst-case scenario, , we don't know if there is evidence of this, but there is a lot of redacted portions in there. what if some of the evidence that the documents were known to be there came from a foreign intercept or human intelligence source that said, hey i have seen these documents or heard about these documents, people within former president trump
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circle talked about these documents, but i did not even have a picture of the documents. that is what we don't know. there is a lot the black out portions of the affidavit that seem to convince me that they knew absolutely that there were documents at mar-a-lago. they knew where they were added, and they knew what they would get. >> barb, serious question here, who is in more legal jeopardy as far as you can tell? trump or the lawyers that lied to the doj on his behalf? >> that's a really great question, and i think what we will need to know a little more about the investigation before we know that. it may be that the government already knows the answer to that question based on those reduction bars. about three quarters of the affidavit were rejected, but we don't know if they got a subpoena for video surveillance evidence that could show who is going in and out of the room that could really tell us who might know that the statements are false. but christina bobb at the moment seems to be in most jeopardy. she is the one that signed the
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document that testified -- that she believed in good faith that all the documents have been returned. what really telling statement and the affidavit is after about two hours, we found hundreds of documents. it's hard to imagine that anyone could have done a diligence search and not find a single one of these, when we found hundreds in the short period of time. on the face of it, it seems that she is in the most trouble. of course,, it really depends on the source of information was. is that something she was told by donald trump. it she had access to his office says that she could make that representation? i think we need to know a little more there. but somebody is in trouble for making that false at that station. >> barb, what kind of timeline can we expect from the justice department? could we see an indictment by years and for instance? >> i think we might. when you talk about the january six investigation, for example, i don't think we will see indictment of that if ever or 2023. it is such an enormous
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investigation with so many different tentacles to it. this is kind of finite. there is a certain number of documents. there has been a back and forth conversation about getting them back -- a small universe of people who had access to mar-a-lago. it seems to me that they will know the answer to these questions after they interviewed those people. it sounds like they have already done it, a bit of that work. yeah, i think if they will indict he will beat them by the end of the year. >> clint this week, the national archives condemned the politicization of the work, saying it's neither for or against trump. how do you see the mar-a-lago chain case changing perception of law enforcement? >> it's been remarkable that the conservative party, which is typically known to be bad allotment and have members of support for law enforcement is now under the gun of the federal level. the fbi is not a liberal
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organization. inside,, they were white and blue shirts and that is about it. it is confusing for them to see this sort of assault on what they were doing, and that spreads far beyond the fbi to every branch of the executive, which is curious right? the national archives they have a deliberate and set mission infinitely valuable. that is our keep our history and know what the truth is in this country. those documents, those are u.s. taxpayer documents, the citizens admitted states. that's what former president trump never seem to understand. those are his documents, he was doing a job on behalf of all americans. when you look at the national archives, there is really a pursuit of people to have a well-defined admission so important to our country. why would we ever want to tarnish them or go after them what they clearly don't have a partisan edge? it is really about we want to feature of this country to understand what happened in the past of this country. >> clint one last question
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before i let y'all go. just step back and reflect on the role reversal that we have seen. republicans for a long time have invested in their rhetoric and politics to be the pro law enforcement party. it seemed during his speech this past week that that was one of the things that joe biden did, tried to flip that around. of course he is being helped by the rhetoric coming out from trump and maga republicans. talk to me about that. >> yeah, i have a lot of friends that worked in the trump administration indifference. there were republicans who served in many republican administrations. i am curious to watch their reaction after the fact. january six was the end of a long stretch of just disappointment for them in terms of how they were treated inside these institutions and working for the u.s. government. it is really confusing, i think for many because they are having a hard time figuring out at least from the republican
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party said what is about. the principles of rule of law, they need to be enforced across the country very evenly, and i think most involved in law enforcement joined for that reason. it is strange and unsettling. it also makes the job infinitely more difficult. imagine being a federal law enforcement officer today. you need to go into a very strongly supporting trump are at the country and do an investigation. it is hard to get sources hearted develop leads, even add to that what about your personal safety? if you get called up on an investigation, what may happen to you? you are -- defend everyone around our country. >> barb and clint, y'all are actually sticking around. next the fbi hunt for classified documents is just one thing leading maga extremists into a frenzy. we will talk about the myriad of threats that led to president biden's primetime warning this week. but first of jessica lane who is standing by with a look at the big stories that we're
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watching this hour at msnbc. jessica? >> thanks julian, a mississippi man is under arrest tonight accused of stealing a plane and threatening to crash into a walmart there. officials say corey patterson took off at around five this morning from an airport where he has worked for ten years. he called 9-1-1 and said he planned to crash into that walmart. he sparked panic, as you can imagine, as he flew around for hours, prompting store of documents and street closures. negotiators were able to convince him not to carry out the attack but before he landed, he did post a message on social media. >> at approximately 9:32, the pilot posted on facebook a message in essence which said goodbye. at this time, we know he was getting close to running out a few. >> but patterson did land safely on a field. officials don't believe he had a pilot license but did have some flight instruction. he is facing charges of grand larceny and making terroristic that's tonight.
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in our country today is not normal. donald trump and the maga republicans represent and
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extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic. this tells us the blind loyalty to a single leader and the willingness to engage in political violence is fatal in democracy. >> president biden calling out the gop's reckless embrace of the far-right, and a primetime speech this week. that same day, the former guy, proving the presidents point, telling fox news, he'd like to pardon the capitol rioters. trump says he already, quote, financially supported some members of the january 6th mob. the interview asked jumps followers, another insurrection is just around the corner. a recent poll found over half of the house republicans believe the u.s. is heading towards a civil war. back with me, barb mcquade and clint watts. clint how seriously should we take this talk of a civil war? >> well i think it's the first
4:22 pm
time i heard it you know in my lifetime. so i do take some seriousness to that, but i think it's mostly couched on the farthest extreme. i don't want people to even panic. what i worry about more is the silent divorce, to be honest, which just states slowly, choosing, laws are significantly different from each other, break down federalism, meaning the federal government cannot institute policies, can't institute laws and force them to. think of everything that's happened from the pandemic to the conduct of free and fair elections, to lawn forsman around the country, to even economics and trade. over the last three years, we've definitely had slippage is of that, some states made very aggressive allows to try and prevent abortions. others now are doing in the other direction. that's what i'm worried about the most in terms of the, big big picture overtime separately the acute incidents of violence are definitely on a daily concern in this country. i can't recall any other time in our country's history.
4:23 pm
for example if we were to have another oklahoma city bombing today, i don't think there would be much surprise on that front. whereas, it was shocking in the 1990s to have that. today, it would not be seen as a shock. it could almost be seen as a plausible or possible, just based on the amount of rhetoric we are from different groups. militia groups organize in this country at all time highs, most likely all of them have access to weapons, ar-15s, that's not something that was traditionally the case in our country. and then, separately in the online space, there is a very cult, a cult phenomenon going on known as whereas trying to accelerate the coming of the war, civil war, to break the country into pieces, and to get people fighting. that's on the younger end of this spectrum, lone actors doing mass shootings all these things are critically problematic. so, a civil war today, no, but the breakup of the country overtime, i'm quite concerned about it. >> yeah and as you note, even if there were not, you know
4:24 pm
actual civil war, as we saw in the past, still, the undermining of our democracy in radical movement on some of these policies in different states does affect the lives, quality of life, and the unity of folks in our country. and to that point, barb president biden campaigned on restoring trust in american institutions, and has taken steps to do that. but can that really happen while at the justice department investigates donald trump? >> it's really difficult, i think. you know, i think merrick garland was likely selected to be the attorney general of the united states because he was seen as a such moderate, someone who was low-key, quiet, and would restore the justice department's credibility in the nation. and then, you know, the first thing that's on his lap as the january 6th investigation. and now, he's got this
4:25 pm
investigation into the classified documents at mar-a-lago. you know, if he wanted to say, i care more about protecting institutions of government, he could simply declined those cases. but it seems like that would be the wrong decision as well, because the nexus, as long as you make a big enough fuss politically about things, you will be immune from prosecution. and so, restoring the rule of law means holding accountable people who violate the law in egregious way. and so, one of the most important things that merrick garland can do at the justice department is to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law everyone involved in the insurrection on january 6th, up to including those who planned it. and if that leads to the doorstep of donald trump, then so be it. he would need to charge him and hold him accountable as well. >> and while the washington post reports ginni thomas, both wisconsin and arizona lawmakers urge them to overturn the election. why might the january 6th committee be holding off from issuing a subpoena? >> really tough issue, again
4:26 pm
because you know, she's right there in the storm. she is messaging back and forth with mark meadows about the election. and yet, she is the wife of a sitting supreme court justice. and so, i think anything that they will do will be perceived as political. now, she, herself has made a lot out of the fact that she and her husband have separate existences. they have separate careers. and so if that's the case then i don't think she should get any special favors just because of who her spouse is. if she's a high-level activist who was working with lawmakers in two states, in trying to get them to change the outcome of the election, then just like anybody else, she should be answerable and have to answer questions just like anybody else would. >> barb and clint, thank you. next, south carolina and michigan takes steps to limit reproductive freedom. what an increasingly bleak
4:27 pm
post-roe landscape looks like? and how it could affect the midterms this november? and later, as you've all the residents display solidarity in the streets, the children return to school next week following unimaginable terror. texas state senator will roland gutierrez join us. tierrez join us. i'd like to thank our sponsor liberty mutual. they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. contestants ready? go! only pay for what you need. jingle: liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. hepatitis c? don't just treat it. crush it with mavyret. conquer it with mavyret. cure it. with mavyret. mavyret cures all types of hep c. in only 8 weeks. the virus multiplies daily and can damage the liver over time. mavyret stops hep c and cures it.
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power e*trade's easy-to-use tools make complex trading less complicated. custom scans help you find new trading opportunities. while an earnings tool helps you plan your trades and stay on top of the market. >> we've seen an onslaught of attacks on abortion rights across the country since roe was overturned. and this week is no different. in south carolina the state house passed a near total abortion ban, except in cases of rape and incest, but only up to 12 weeks into the pregnancy. it's important to note, the original bill was rejected for having no exceptions. the bill now heads to the state senate, and if it passes, the total number of states with full abortion bans in the u.s. will jump to 13. in michigan, abortion rights supporters have been working hard to prevent the state from
4:32 pm
joining that list. abortion through about initiative that would let voters decide in november whether abortion rights should be state law. but state republicans blocked the measure, stating, setting it up for a showdown in michigan's supreme court. my next guest joined me to discuss the cross-country battle over abortion rights. msnbc contributor and nyu law professor, and faculty director of the burn bomb woman's leadership, network melissa murray. joined by university of california irvine law professor, and on the issues podcast host michele goodwin. she is also the author of policing the womb: invisible woman and the criminalization of motherhood. thank you all for joining me. melissa, i want to begin with you. activists in michigan collected 750,000 signatures in order to get the abortion rights amendment on to the november ballot. that far exceeded the 425,000 signatures it actually needed to qualify. but the measure was still blocked. what needs to happen for
4:33 pm
michigan's ballot initiative to pass at this point? >> well i think what we need to see happen is perhaps a new board of canvassers in the state of michigan. to be very clear, although the advocates for abortion rights received over 750,000 signatures to place this referendum on the ballot, it was actually denied by the state board of kansas ours, which was split along partisan lines, which two of republicans voting to keep it off the ballot, and the democrats referring to keep it on the ballot. i just want to emphasize here that when the supreme court decided dobbs in june, it consisted, it was merely turning the issue of abortion back to the states, for quote on quote, democratic deliberation. placing a ballot initiative with 750,000 signatures on the ballot is very much the embodiment of democratic deliberation. but we've seen here, this is not what the republicans in michigan want. they know that it is referendum would have white popular support in the state, and they
4:34 pm
basically decided that because of formatting errors, a lack of spaces, or too many spaces, this ballot initiative cannot go to the people. again, it is a distortion of the democratic process. >> you mentioned that the board of canvassers, and it did deadlock 2 to 2 with the republicans blocking it, and now, it looks like it will go to the courts, and we will see what happens there. but at the very fact that they could block it like that, and ignore the will of the number of people who signed that petition, you know, it's amazing. and another example of, i think, broken democracy right now. this time, in michigan. michelle, i want to switch back over to south carolina. the acceptance exceptions for rape and incest in south carolina would only be allowed up until the 12th week of pregnancy. from your experience, would you say it's common for victims to need abortions, after that 12 week mark? >> well of course.
4:35 pm
and they may need to terminate a pregnancy, up until even the nine month, sadly. and oftentimes, at that point, it's in cases where an individual may wish that the pregnancy were healthy, that the pregnancy could be sustained. it's worth noting that it's not only 12 weeks ban in that regard, but it also requires that there are police reports that are filed. and if we look at the reality of what happens in cases of rape or incest, very often, it is its own additional burden to file of that police report. let's imagine a ten year old girl, an 11 year old girl, which is not too hard to do, given what we know has been part of national discourse. where should she file that police report? how is she gonna get to the precinct? what precinct does she know that she needs to get to? and even if that gets done, a family member takes her there, she gets help getting their,
4:36 pm
she may in fact then be separated from her family, and placed in foster care. she might be placed in a religiously based foster care home, where people are oppositional to abortion. just because some of these exceptions exist, it doesn't actually mean that they will be accessible for the people we need these exceptions to exist. >> that's such an important point about laws in theory, and then, how they actually work, whether people fully have access to what is available. melissa, what problems might victims run into, in trying to prove that their unwanted pregnancy is the result of rape or incest? >> the very fact that you have to establish that an unwanted pregnancy is the result of rape or incest is by itself a barrier to those who have to report. so, finding the proof, being able to show that this is something that's happening within the family, in the case of incest, this may have its own particular burdens, particularly if the individual
4:37 pm
is a minor and living at home among the family members. this, may again, as michelle says, expose them to being left out of the family, perhaps being turned over to the care of the state and in the form of foster care, or religiously based homes for children. all of this is incredibly difficult, and just creates more barriers. and this is x especially exacerbated among communities of color, where they may already have a lot of distrust about reporting to law enforcement in the first instance irrespective of the circumstances of this reporting requirement. >> michelle within republicans self correct, as they impose restrictive laws across the country, for example, in south carolina, they had to amend the bill to include exceptions for rape and incest. how might coming down so hard on abortion impact publicans during these november midterms? >> well, it may significantly impact them. and i think this is where we see somewhat of an implosion at
4:38 pm
the state level in terms of the republican party. that's what happened in south carolina. the site was republican, and i think it's worth noting just how cruel the republican lawmakers were willing to be, that there had to be a split off joined with democrats, in order to even get these exceptions on the books. at least passed through the house. and it's also worth noting that with distance, even, to saving the life of a pregnant person. and then, but delineation of how near death that person must be, that that woman must be critically nearing death, with a very intense case of preempt clench a, and several other conditions in which they delineate, almost leaving the question that if the condition doesn't make their very short list, a woman may actually die during pregnancy and will not meet the exceptions that have now been put on the books, at least for the house vote and south carolina. and that is a tragedy. i mean that's really worth of emphasizing just how cruelties
4:39 pm
measures are with no real care for the life of the pregnant person. >> melissa, veteran medical centers will soon provide abortions in cases of rape, incest, or medical danger. a victory, considered the centers previously did not offer abortions at all. explain why illegally requiring veteran clinics to offer abortion access is so important. >> again these va hospitals are fatal around. they are an arm of the federal government. and for many years they have tried, shied away from providing abortion care because of the height amendment, which is a federal right to appropriations bills, that says that federal funds cannot be used to fund abortions except in certain cases like rape incest, or if the health of the pregnant person is in jeopardy. the fact that the biden administration is taking such a firm stance on ensuring that the va's hospitals provide abortion in these states, i think is a very strong signal
4:40 pm
about the administration's commitment to expanding reproductive freedom, at a time when it is seriously imperiled. and making clear that there will be some quarters for those who need the scare, even if it is the federal government offering it in these limited circumstances. >> melissa and michele, thank you both. next, a look at the rise behind the -- leading locals more overwhelmed. and later, we have all the students had back to class despite next week despite lingering fear and mistrust. state senator roland gutierrez on how to overcome that, next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [eerie shrinking sounds] (brad) congratulations! you're having an out-of-apartment experience. but apartments-dot-com can help you trade this love nest for... (woman) actual nest. (brad) apartments-dot-com. the place to find a place.
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4:44 pm
it is sadly a risk worth taking for troves of people fleeing political violence across south america. despite a rise in deaths at the southern border. nbc's priscilla thompson has more. >> reporter: in eagle pass, texas those makeshift crosses mark the final resting place of unidentified migrants. the digger heel tells us more than he's ever buried before. >> [speaking spanish] >> across the border migration filed for the second month in a row in july, but crossings are still at an all-time high, with border patrol reporting more than 1.8 million apprehensions from october 2021 through july, more than double of 860,000 reported during the same time in 2019. as the number of people making the perilous journey increases often battling unprecedented weather from sweltering heat to
4:45 pm
record rainfall and flooding. so, too, does the number who die. >> [speaking spanish] >> reporter: among the bodies recovered, a five year old girl, who was swept out of her mother's arms last month, and drowned just across the border from el paso. >> [speaking spanish] >> reporter: and the morgues in those border towns are running out of place. >> the busiest i've ever seen in my entire career. >> reporter: by this time last year, 196 migrants have died in webb county. that number, now, 218. the remains of the dead now overflowing into the morgues parking lot where five refrigerated trucks hold 260 bodies, and growing by the day, a fate. that advocates say isn't inevitable. >> [speaking spanish]
4:46 pm
>> reporter: and now, there is a new challenge, more and more migrants are coming from places like peru, nicaragua, and columbia, which don't have embassies near the border, making it harder to identify and return those who die to their loved ones. >> [speaking spanish] >> reporter: even as so many of the debt remain unidentified, still, the grave digger in eagle pass places across at the head of each month he buries marking a loss of each life. >> [speaking spanish] >> reporter: priscilla thompson, nbc news. >> after another break, students in uvalde return to school next week, despite lingering fear and mistrust in the small texas community. state senator roland gutierrez is our next guest. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ at we just
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is needed most right now. high school students in uvalde, texas winning their first football game of the season on friday night, a small beacon of light three months after the darkest day in uvalde history. when a gunman shot 19 students and two teachers of robb elementary school. survivors and other uvalde students return to school on tuesday, with many lingering concerns of a security. texas senator roland gutierrez joins me now. senator gutierrez, always good to have you on, thank you for joining me. in your estimation, has enough been done to help survivors smoothly and safely return to
4:52 pm
the classroom on tuesday? >> julian, i don't think so. in large part because they have failed to call a special session to take these types of military guns out of the hands of 18 year olds. he told members of the community that he would do that. you heard news this week that he said well, we can't constitutionally do that. you and i are lawyers as he is a lawyer. he knows the difference. he knows that the case is factually distinguishable, but he tries to put it at legal's with texas voters so he does not have to face the real facts, which is we need to make our schools safer. yesterday, there was an exposé local, fox affiliate that shows that the british systems did not work on that they are still not working. it further showed that greg abbott knew they weren't working back in 2015. had those rioters been working, we might have saved three or four lives. this unfortunately is a state of affairs in uvalde.
4:53 pm
>> you bring up governor abbott's response to this question of whether texas law would allow the age that someone can purchase one of these weapons to be increased to 21. i want to get to that in a second, but first let me ask you about public safety officers who have been put in place to monitor school campuses across uvalde for this new school year. but there have been questions as to whether any of those officers were among the 91 who failed to respond during the mass shooting. what can you tell us about that? >> yes, a lot of people in the community have very deep concerns about the department of public safety officers themselves. they want to make sure that there were not any of the officers that were at the scene on may 24th. as you know, there were 91 officers, put in the first two minutes and 28 seconds, the first gps trooper was there. they were in and out of that
4:54 pm
hallway, one of which was a texas ranger. now, that texas rachel was on the phone, all day, throughout that period of time, talking to who knows who at dps. the families and the community has had enough, and they don't want to have more of the same. so, they would have a very deep concerns about dps being involved and who is actually gonna be there. >> in terms of governor abbott, he says, as you mentioned, look, we can't do this. we can't raise the age to 21 because it's against the texas constitution. there's a lot of debate about that, a lot of folks don't agree with that, as you said. isn't it also true that he could call for the voters of texas to have a crack at changing the law, even if it were waiting in the constitution? >> we could have a constitutional amendment, number one, julián, the second case that he's citing outside the new york case is a federal district court judge it two weeks ago, said that he can't
4:55 pm
have restrictions for a place for handguns in texas. so that keeps suggesting that federal judge in fort worth has made it impossible. that same federal judge state his own order, which means it's frozen in time, as you know. the facts there is 17 states in the united states that have age limit restrictions. we have an age limit restrictions on handguns, that federal case out of fort worth should be overturned in this circuit. certainly, if the supreme court decides to take up that case and uphold it, then we really,, really have to look at what's happening in america the united states supreme court. it's my hope that these cases go up to the supreme court, and then we get the kind of answers that we truly need. but the governor is way out a line, and he's clearly lying to people, and he's been doing that since day one. >> senator, just quickly, before we say goodbye, you are a parent. and when kids go back to school,
4:56 pm
the parents, you know they get nervous and anxious, just because it's especially true, understandably, i imagine for those parents in uvalde. as a parent as a representative, what's your advice for them? >> well, julián, i like to tell folks in uvalde that we are there for them, and that we are caring for them. but really, all parents throughout texas are very much concerned. we have 8000 campuses in texas. there are not enough dps troopers to protect all 8000 campuses. those poor folks in uvalde have had to live a nightmare but i don't wish on anyone. and those same parents are advocating for change, so that not one parent has to go through what they have gone through. and they have found at least some kind of feeling in that advocacy. but they're not gonna stop, and i'm not gonna stop either. it is important that we come to
4:57 pm
a place in this state of texas, where we no longer have an 18 year old that can go into a store, and simply by an ar-15 off the rock, 900 rounds of ammunition, pick up on the third day or the second. it's a bad state of affairs in the state. we can do better. this governor has failed us. and if we can't, if he doesn't do the right thing, then hopefully we will get him out in november. >> state senator, roland gutierrez, thank you. more american voices, after this quick break. is quick break is persists... put it in check with rinvoq, a once-daily pill. when uc got unpredictable,... i got rapid symptom relief with rinvoq. check. when uc held me back... i got lasting, steroid-free remission with rinvoq. check. and when uc got the upper hand... rinvoq helped visibly repair the colon lining. check. rapid symptom relief. lasting, steroid-free remission. and a chance to visibly repair the colon lining. check. check. and check. rinvoq can lower your ability to fight infections, including tb.
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am julian castro, in for alicia menendez. i will see back tomorrow for more american voices. but for now, i handed over to my colleague, ayman mohyeldin. hello, ayman. >> hey, julian, it's good to see you again, enjoy the rest of your evening. hello to everyone, welcome to ayman. newly unsealed inventory from the mar-a-lago search shows dozens of empty folders mark classified. plus making history in alaska. i will speak with the states first endogenous member of congress, mary peltola. and then a crisis in jackson, mississippi. an entire city without any clean drinking water. i am ayman mohyeldin, let's get started. ♪ ♪ ♪ so,


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