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tv   The Mehdi Hasan Show  MSNBC  September 4, 2022 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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was entering, the innocent could also be prey. >> that is all for this edition of dateline, i'm natalie morales, thank you for watching. >> coming up on the -- show, tens of thousands of americans living in a major city cannot safely drink the water coming out of their caps. what is happening in jackson, mississippi is a travesty. what does that have to do with racism? i will explain. meanwhile, climate change is ravaging our planet. floodwaters and pakistan cover an area the size of wyoming. bill nye joins me. plus florida governor ron desantis made a big splash with his election if you go, announcing 20 arrests. but was it all a lie?
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>> welcome to the show. i am mehdi hasan. they called it black monday. it was the day the supreme court issued its famous ruling in brown v. board of education. a ruling that told americans school segregation was unconstitutional. and for a group of white mississippians, that they came to be known as black monday. the monitor came from this man, thomas pickens brady, a prominent segregationist and future mississippi supreme court justice who gave a defiant speech against the decision entitled, black monday. it was printed as a booklet and passed out to white school children in mississippi. seeped in racism and white supremacist thinking, you might not be surprised to hear that it was published by the white supremacist organization, this is since councils, a group that was also formed in mississippi, right after, take a guess, the brown the board ruling. i am telling you all of this to
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show you how deeply rooted the racism in mississippi goes, how vicious the backlash was to federally mandated integration of black and white people, because all of this relates directly to what is happening in mississippi today in terms of the floods, the water crisis and tens of thousands of americans, unable to even drink water out of their own taps. so stay with, because going back, even though brown ruled segregation in schools was unconstitutional, it did not and segregation in mississippi, and other southern states. the backlash we told you about turned into a strong, white resistance movement. and supremacist organizations, like the citizen's counsel pushed back on any kind of integration. >> i am alabama senator sam hugo hard, also executive secretary of the citizens council of alabama. we are dedicated to the preservation of segregation, that is peaceful, and legal means. >> you heard him. as the jackson free press notes,
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the citizens council fought it through economic boycotts and intimidation of black and white people who might go along with it, and eventually boasted more than 80,000 members in chapters across the south. what population was so successful in maintaining situation through dual school systems for bragging rights to things that 15 years later, in 1969, the supreme court to issue another ruling on school segregation. alexander the homes. it told some of the states that words into an indication that to integrate right now. >> in october, supreme court ordered immediate integration of certain school districts in mississippi. the decision later broadened to include school districts in three other southern states. this year, these children are scheduled to attend an integrated school. >> but that did not happen. rather than integrate, white families left the public school system there, and all white
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mississippi state officials passed laws to allow public funds taxpayer dollars to be taken from public schools and allocated to all white private schools. that is white flight. jackson, the capital city of mississippi became predominantly black. in fact, is now 82% black, the black is the biggest city in america. and as a diminishing local revenue from many of the low income residents left behind. as one black jackson resident told nbc news back in 2006, a lot of the economic base was leaving, our tax dollars were leaving. by the time people who looked like a stick over the administration of these public schools, they were administered-ing a bankrupt system. but it was not just the school system that was affected by white flight and the loss of a tax base. every aspect of the city's infrastructure was affected, which brings us back to today. the city's water system is particularly plagued after years of neglect and under investment. don, had an investigative journalist and the founder of
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the mississippi free press in jackson, she wrote last year quote, many of our same prominent whites who proudly attended well funded public schools in jackson, before integration used the state legislator to control how much jackson can tax our own citizens in order to pay for our own needs. >> they won't support desperately needed fled mitigation for the city -- unless it provides betrayed people with water development. flood mitigation. when donna lad wrote that piece in march, 2021, heavy storms in jackson, mississippi had led to a water crisis where residents had no water to flush their toilets, another single home in the city had access to safe drinking water. just this past weekend, heavy rainfall and river flooding overwhelmed the water system infrastructure in the city again. contaminating the water, and leaving yet another major water crisis. listen to the states right wing republican governor, tate reads. >> until it is fixed, it means
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we do not have reliable, running water at scale. it means the city cannot produce enough water to fight fires, to reliably flush toilets and to meet other critical needs. please, stay safe. do not drink the water. >> do not drink the water, says the governor of a state, in a country which is the richest in human history. in a place like mississippi, this problem goes back decades. it is an issue facing a city of more than 150,000 people, and one that the current mayor of jackson is intimately familiar with. >> i've been saying, it's not a matter of if our system wouldn't fail, but when our system would fail. i can't remember as far back as 1988 when my family moved to jackson, and the problems we had with our water system at that time. so it has been an under investment into this system. i think that there is stuff to
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be shared across the board, the leadership on every level. >> last, year we told you about the water disaster in benton harbor, michigan, where centuries old lead pipes and it crumbling infrastructure poise into the water, almost half of the people there live in poverty, over 80% of residents are black. you have likely heard of the flint water crisis as well, a city that's also a majority black -- black and brown. it's no coincidence each of the seas are predominantly black and brown. it is not a coincidence that they have histories of racial and economic inequality. when joe biden issued an executive order in his first weeks in office on environmental justice, talking about the relationship between structural racism and environmental hazards, this is the kind of thing he was referring to, this is what he meant. in fact, jackson right now, is what american structural racism looks like. we have said it before on this show. in america, almost all roads
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lead back to race, even the fact that this morning, tens of thousands of our fellow americans, mostly black americans did not have clean water to even brush their teeth. joining me now to talk more about all of this is jarvis dodge, based in jackson, he's the executive director of the civil union of mississippi, and also a former mississippi state representative. jarvis, thank you so much for coming on the show. let me start by asking, you are based in jackson. what has life been like in the last week for you, your family and friends? are you having to use only bottled or boiled water? >> yes. i mean, thank you again for reaching out and, sharing our story. and you know, prior to this past weekend, everything has been going on with the floods and how it impacted the water system, the city was under boil water alert so we have been having to boil water in jackson for about 30 days. and that is something that pops
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up, usually at least once a month, that there's a prolonged boil water alert, citizens are faced with this, citizens are faced with this. so that has been ongoing. there are parts of the city, impacting more than others. there is water pressure in different areas of the city. i think most parts of the city have some type of water, at least at some part of the day. for more, we are hearing, there's more of an issue in south jackson, west jackson, or the water as literally the furthest of travel and that's where the pressure is the lowest. things have improved since monday. but again, this is a long term issue that will not be fixed overnight. >> and it's a long term issue, i must ask, what are states legislators doing? you used to be one. the republicans who work in jackson, for example, it is the state capital. are they also experiencing this? i find that shocking we are not talking about some distant,
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small, rural town, but the capital of an american state. >> the state legislator in mississippi, what they have done, a great job at ease ignoring problems. that is something they do well. we have had issues with our tap program, where government -- governor little used it as a slush fund, to take money supposed to be helping those in need, to developers and football players. , >> we have had hospitals clos, and the legislator doesn't have medical the dispatch. we have what, two billion dollars in federal funding, aqua funding, 18 months ago. that money still has not been spent. there is no real plan for any of it, because our legislator has previously not taken any of these issues seriously, and they have used their abilities as lawmakers to help those who don't need help, to help those communities that have sprouted up outside of jackson, like float would, where the governor
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lives, and he directed 25 million to build infrastructure projects while he was lieutenant governor. we are talking about in affluent neighborhood, in a small town 8000 people in it, right outside of jackson. that is how money is directed in our state government. and the needs of individuals who live in cities like jackson, and also cities in the mississippi delta are ignored, because that's not where the political power is, or any interest in our legislator is, as far as taking care of those people. >> so politico is reporting on thursday, quote, the situation has been compounded by apparent tensions between the mayor, mayor lumumba, a black democrat, and the mississippi governor headed by republican, tate reeves, each holding separate news conference throughout the crisis. how much this race and racism contributed to mississippi's seemingly dysfunctional politics? as you said, you were in the state legislator for four years.
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how much does racial division explain the politics, this crisis in mississippi, specifically in jackson? >> you did a great job going into the history, looking at how long this has taken to come. but i remember hearing from a former governor, one of the most progressive governors mississippi had in the 80s. he was also a legislator in the 40s. he talked about, anytime they tried to do any major investments in the state as far as infrastructure, education, health care, you know, they will be working together to get something done. we are talking about an all white male body. but sooner or later, someone would come in and say, what will this do for the black folks? the legislator just had that tradition of not knowing that long term investment. that's carried over even to this day, or is not as blatant with the racism, but you do get, when you are a legislator, or someone advocating for people in jackson, you almost feel
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like you are advocating for an area that is not in the state the way some of these state leaders and some other legislators look at the city. but jackson's not a part of mississippi, jackson to be honest, is a problem that you guys should figure out. and if we help you, we have to control how we help you. >> i am sure it will be easier to advocate for jackson if jackson were 82% white and not 82% black. but we have to leave their. jarvis dortch, thank you for your time, please do stay safe. >> thank. you >> still to come, the catastrophic floods in pakistan, the catastrophic floods here in the u.s. and the steps we need to take right now to mitigate the effect of climate change. tv science educator, you all know him, bill and i will be here on the other side of this break to talk about want this climate change, and its new show, stay with us. , stay with us say veri just $30?
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we need to change the way we talk about climate change. it is not some future threat coming down the line, it is happening right now. killing people right now. a third of pakistan is estimated to be underwater after unprecedented monsoon rains ravaged that country. the worst flooding in pakistan 75 year history. officials at the nearly half 1 million people have been displaced, forced from their
3:18 am
homes. the floodwaters cover an area as big as the state of wyoming. satellite pictures show they have made a massive inland lake where before there was only dry land. and they've cleared nearly 1200 people officially. for sure that is an underestimation at this point. including this man's son, for example. >> [speaking foreign language] once it is an absolute human tragedy. and the climate devastation that has caused it is happening right now not just in pakistan, because well that country has a new lake as a result of climate induced flooding, china has lost its largest freshwater lake after months of extreme drought. the worst on record. the kidney lake is almost completely dried up. it is astonishing that the entire yangtze river basin has
3:19 am
been affected, delaying shipping in severely reducing the country's hydro power supply. several chinese cities are going without power since they cannot generate electricity from hydroelectric dams. and if you are sitting at home in the united states right now thinking, wow i'm so glad this is happening overseas far away and not here in america, well i have some bad news for you. the extreme effects of climate change are happening here too. and kentucky residents are still struggling to find clean drinking water after deadly floodwaters spread through the state early last month. and we are discuss the flooding in jackson, mississippi earlier in the show. in california the effects of drought and extreme heat have experts warning that wildfire season could be one of the worst ever. meanwhile in texas, at least one person died in a, quote, thousand year flood after dallas was pounded with a foot of rain in just 12 hours. but shockingly, texas are parked can governor greg abbott
3:20 am
is one of the many republicans still in denial about these increasingly common extreme weather events. thousand 100 year extreme weather events that seem to be happening a lot more frequently these days. because of climate change. have a listen to greg abbott speaking with a reporter on all this. >> are you concerned about climate change? >> we constantly focused on issues such as extreme weather and we want to be prepared for whatever type of weather may come our way. >> -- two more questions! >> he is nodding, but he can't. we talk about the big lie, about qanon and other conspiracies that conservatives are pushing these days. but isn't climate change denialism the original big lie right wing conspiracy? the de facto leader of the republican party, donald j trump, remember him, has called
3:21 am
a chinese hoax. and a lot of russians in the house and senate agree with him. in fact it took congress 50 years to pass climate action, finally, as part of the inflation reduction act sent to joe biden's desk this summer. the hundreds of billions of dollars of this new law, the inflation reduction act, we put it to fighting climate change is certainly a huge and much-needed step forward. but will it be enough to stop climate change from killing and displacing more and more people, both at home and abroad? bill, not perhaps america's foremost science educator, has been sounding ally alarm on the client for many months now. urging leaders in the american public to follow the science. he is a new show on peacock called the end is nigh, where the great title. which explores potential disaster events and how we can maybe avoid them. >> why is it that every disaster begins with somebody in power ignoring a scientist? >> people are sick of all the
3:22 am
doom and gloom. >> it happens more than you might think. >> this is gonna really sock. but it does not have to go down that way. together, we can say birth. science. join me as i take on six world and in disasters. h1 leading to my imminence do. >> brace yourself. so, yeah. i guess you could say i really am dying to save the world. >> that man really knows how to have fun, even in the middle of a disaster. in the midst of extreme natural disasters happening in every corner of the globe, bill nye's new show seems very timely, and i'm delighted to say that bill nye the man himself joins me now. bill, thank you so much for coming back on the show. and you are new shows truly mentioned how often scientists warnings are ignored, especially in disaster movies. and indeed, we still have a lot
3:23 am
of prominent climate deniers in america including the leaders of the republican party. have you found that it is possible for scientists to get through to climate deniers using scientific evidence? or just pointing to it is happening in pakistan or kentucky or california? >> not really. no. as evidenced by how long it took to pass the inflation reduction act, which is a climate bill, at its core. but it did pass. and so as the saying goes, it is very reasonable that now that this bill is passed, conservative lawmakers will point out the day considered reelected. so they will take stronger measures in the coming weeks and years. this, we, need everybody to do everything. there is no magic bullet or one thing that is going to fix this. we want to have a feeling turban. we want to -- as soon as possible.
3:24 am
certainly reduced them by 40% in 2030. and we want to have drought control measures out west. i am in california and we are outdoors. it is well above 30 celsius, well above 95 fahrenheit. it will be above 100. it is very unusual. unprecedented overall. and this is before september not the 1st of july. we are seeing these very high temperatures. it is happening worldwide. it is getting harder and harder to ignore. and people say to me, what can i do about climate change? what can i do? and people want to know prince emails and they don't want to waste water. sure. turn your thermostat up in the summer and down in the winter. yes. but the main thing, everybody, is about. vote for people in lawmakers who will take the environment into account. >> it is a very good point.
3:25 am
and it is a very hopeful message. although a lot of people would say, okay, we vote. we have a president who passed the most ambitious climate bill in american history. and yet you also have an unelected pretty hard right supreme court handing down pretty controversial decisions when it comes to the climate. for example in july the top court in the land rules that the epa's ability to regulate greenhouse gases from u.s. power plants, they limited its ability to do that. what do you make of a decision like that? what you make of this court when it comes to science especially climate science? >> voters and taxpayers have to work around -- they're not going anywhere. they got put in place by systems that were established a couple centuries ago. you could even, i'm sure if you interviewed them, they would say they meant well. they mean to interpret the law as it is written. okay, so we need better laws, everybody. we need lows of this very
3:26 am
conservative court cannot derail. we have been relying, this is not controversial, we have been relying on these precedents to get a spy in environmental regulations. we can't do that anymore. we need more succinct laws that will address emissions. it will address electricity production and distribution in transmission. we need law that will address clean water. and look, everybody. the big idea that has happened -- when i was a kid there were fewer than three billion people in the world. now there are almost eight billion people. so we are in charge, now. humankind is in charge of this planet. and we have to treat it that way. if you've ever owned a house, you have got to take care of the house. the house does not take care of itself. we are now in charge of the planet, it's a different way of looking at it. >> and your new show you look
3:27 am
back at what is happening in the past, to learn lessons from history. one of the episodes i will show you takes us back in time to the original dust bowl of the 1930s, to try to understand how droughts mess up our food supplies, how we can avoid repeating history. what is the lesson from that time period for today? >> one of my messages is that we need regulations, everybody. we aren't regulations for regulations sake, we need agricultural practices to respect our neighbors. you can take all of your neighbors underground water, for example. and you can plow fields in a way that leads to catastrophic erosion. and we need, everybody, we need crops that can tolerate droughts. that can tolerate floods. and for that, as you may know, i change my mind on this years ago. we are going to need sophisticated systematically modified crops.
3:28 am
they can be modified through conventional breeding the way thomas jefferson high school or a two washington did it. say what you will about them, they were very thoughtful in that regard. and we will need them to be modified in modern genetic engineering ways. and this is all doable, you guys. we just need to get to work. so when you vote -- do some basic research to. >> last question for you. fauci is retiring from his job in government after four decades in his top post. but he has to have armed security because of the threats against him in public health officials. you are the science guy to millions of people in this country. do you ever think a top scientist in america would need armed bodyguards? >> no. 20 your question. no, i never thought that would happen. but once again, what we ended up with, accidentally, was to organizations. we have the centers for disease control in the way of the national institutes of health. and they were not butting heads,
3:29 am
but inconsistencies in their presentations lead, enabled, science deniers to spread misinformation. and so what we have, we have a group of people in our society that is not questioning things. they are not, as the modern phrase is, thinking critically. and the word -- there is a great word, credulous. they just want to believe in things. so this has led to misinformation, growing. we can solve this problem, everybody, through education. we can do this. let's be optimistic. >> i admire your optimism. i hope you are right. as for education, i am sure the end is nigh is going to be super educational for lots -- i will. bill, nigh thank you so much. the end is nigh's now streaming here on peacock. >> thank you.
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3:34 am
getting prosecuted! but before we proposed this, there were just examples of this stuff seeming to fall through the cracks. >> that is republican for the governor in 2024 hopeful ron desantis in mid august in florida's bluest county, crowing about what he and his party think is a major achievements. arresting 20 floridians for voting. back in april, desantis took advantage of trump's big lie becoming one of the first -- to sign a bill for an election police force. they are tasked with enforcing voting laws. last month, desantis organize a persist to announce his police force made their first arrest. charges for 20 people who agree ben convicted of felony sexual assault or murder, and then voted in the 2020 election. when did the governor's press release called him, quote, election criminals.
3:35 am
>> they did not go through any process. they did not get their rights were stored. yeah -- yet they went ahead and voted anyway. that is against the law. they will pay the price. fourth >> thing is that those voters did go through a protest process. a process overseen by, wait for, it the desantis administration. in fact they said they were given the clearance to vote by person, officials county election supervisors, and officials to report to rhonda santas. because of all of these errors, all 20 of those charged might be acquitted. all the mic with the person for five years for voting when they were told they could vote. this is happening despite the fact that florida voters in 2018 overwhelmingly approved amendments for, a measure to auction radically restore voting rights to most of the states estimated 1 million fellas. but who cares what florida voters want? they legislature wanted something different so in 2019
3:36 am
passed its own law adding hurdles like financial requirements for any felling wishing to vote. now, even the republican state senator who sponsored that law says that the arrests of the desantis 20 look bogus. he says, quote, the more that comes out in the rest the more that i believe the initials of all to no knowledge or intent to violate the law. >> wow. a republican saying. that but you really think that is stopping to scientists? of course not. why do you think it is that he held his impressions, announcing the arrest in blue broward county, but did not hold -- and the pro trump gop stronghold of the villagers in florida, where two white residents pled guilty to voter fraud in april, one of them a registered republican, and two more facing trial for voter fraud stemming from the 2020 election. i will tell you what i think. desantis wants to be president.
3:37 am
in the current republican party that means obsessing over voter fraud on the left never the right, even if that means potentially ruining 20 peoples lives in the process. coming up next, i will discuss these new criminal charges with florida state representative and eskamani, in a slate magazines marker joseph stern. a lot to discuss. do not go away. do not go away wait 'till you hear this— thankfully, meta portal helps reduce background noise. zero lace model. adjusts to low light. and pans and zooms to keep you in frame. take a look at this. so the whole team stays on track. okay, let's get you some feedback. i'm impressed. great, loving your work. meta portal. the smart video calling device that makes work from home, work for you.
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hopefully there is not a lot of cases that need to be prosecuted for 2022, but now we have the infrastructure in place where there is the fraud you could bet that there is going to be investigations and if you are guilty there is going to be prosecutions to serve. >> that is florida governor ron desantis talking about the election police force. but the first big voter fraud case is -- joining us now is a democrat representing the orlando area and mark joseph stern, senior writer at slate, who has been reporting on these criminal
3:42 am
charges. he is a proud son of tallahassee, a point, out even though he is joining us from the d.c. area. let me start with you. in your piece you report that one of the desantis 20 was dragged out of his house in miami in his underwear at 6 am. he is a guy who voted thinking he thought he could vote. and now the case against him and these 20 internal seems to be falling apart. what happened here? how did florida, how did desantis and you, oh masses up so badly? >> it is pretty straightforward. in florida when you register to vote you submit your application to a county supervisor, who forwards it right along to the secretary of state and -- of elections. who appoints the heads of both of those agencies, the governor ron desantis. those agencies have a legal obligation to cross-checking your name and your application against a database of current and former fellows. and if they find your name, than they thought he would take you off the list.
3:43 am
and if they don't, then they give you a greenlight. and you are registered to vote, you get a card, you are invited to participate in elections once again. one of the peers that many, if not, all of the desantis 20 as he described, them went through this process. that is the desantis in ministration failed to flag a single one of their applications. instead, it green landed their applications. told him that they could vote, and turned around, arrested and prosecuted them for doing what they stated already said they were allowed to do. which is simply have the ballot. >> it sounds so orwellian. hey, can i vote? yes you. can't, about you're under arrest. it's so dodgery. it is not just the election police force. it is ron desantis firing election officials and installing replacements wherever they feel like it, from a prosecutor and tampa to a school board member in gainesville. practically everyone in -- county.
3:44 am
he found many officials and under four years as his predecessor rick scott finding eight years, all but one of them having criminal charges against him at the time. what happened in your state to republicans like and small local government, with no overreach? >> everything is having a chilling effect on the heart of our democracy. i do want to point out that governor ron desantis is running for president of the united states in 2024, so he does not care about the needs of our residents. he is all focused on what can i do to appeal to a conservative base. and unfortunately peoples lives are being ruined because of it. these are returning citizens. individuals who have served their times and are back in civilian life. thinking they were allowed to do. so and republicans are on the record saying it is the states responsibility to verify if these individuals are actually eligible to vote. honestly, this sounds like entrapment more than anything else.
3:45 am
>> yes. that is a good word for what it sounds like. . you do this till around amendment, for the fellow restoration amendment. two thirds of florida voters approved in 2018. how is that right to restoration process worked out since then? >> of course that is entirely what this is about. it is about putting the target on the back of every former felon who might want to register to vote in florida, and telling them, if you even try this, even if you think you are allowed to vote, even if the state government tells you you are allowed to vote, you might still be subject to a swat team banging down your door at 6 am and dry you to jail in your underwear. this is all about a chilling effect on the other many former felons that you have a right under amendment for, at least in, theory to rejoin the electorates. and said in very strong and disturbing messages that the state still use them as criminals. and that ron desantis will not
3:46 am
hesitate to ruin their lives for a photo op in a press release. unfortunately the is not the only way that republicans have rollback amendment for. the state has made extremely difficult for individuals to determine whether they are eligible. to have the right wrists restored. and forced every person to pay off 100 percent of all of these before voting. many of these do not even know how much they owe, and didn't have the money to do. so so they're locked up forever. >> again. orwellian. pay some fees, how much do you, pay whatever they tell you. anna, not far from you in not -- for the seminole county she o p -- goes candidates to cycle off candidates from democratic voters. a number of republican, races super pacs in lobbies or involvement. we do not hear about this voting scandal from ron
3:47 am
desantis or the republican party, or his election police force? >> i am glad you asked that question. because we have legitimate examples of election fraud being pursued by corporations like -- and supported by republicans. a republican association. and in this example the gop chairman of this local county has been deemed guilty. and yet you don't see rhonda santos doing a press conference to highlight that are showing up in his house and arresting him in his underwear. as mark said this is all about voter suppression. it is selective enforcement. and there's not just a chilling effect on everyday people. it is also a chilling effect on election officials. who are so worried that the saints will be removed. i am not one of those elected officials. i will continue to challenge him and do what i can to make sure he is not reelected coming november. >> mark, while we are on the subject of ron desantis, he makes some pretty outrageous remarks these days as he tries to win over the base. have a listen to this.
3:48 am
>> people like fauci are saying that his lockdowns did not cause any permanent damage train young kids. we're gonna weaved or wards across the whole country for years and years and years because they treat a kid so poorly. i'm just sick of seeing him. i know it is going to -- some of the scrappy little elf and just to check him. >> the party of civility, the party of christian values. >> of course you criticize republicans in any sharp tones, told you are being and civil and acting in bad faith, but they are basically standard fare that can go on tv turalio and fantasize about tracking fauci into the potomac. fauci a man whose house is under constant police guards. i pass it sometimes and see this is as much security as you would expect from a president,
3:49 am
because so many conservatives have been whipped into a frenzy of hate against them, and desantis -- on fire it is remarkable. >> he is desperate to be the new trump. have a watch of this viral video. >> judges are a priority -- [inaudible] [inaudible] >> anna, 30 seconds. left is it gonna run against trump? >> honestly, that would be important to watch. i sometimes think that the only way to stop desantis's trump. which is scary to think. for me to do everything we can here in florida to save democracy so that desantis does not run for president. we'll make sure that he loses this november. >> my favorite means he let
3:50 am
them fight me. and i think is appropriate for it to say this interim. and eskamani and mark stern, thank you both so much for your analysis. still to, come fox is in a frenzy after -- called trump's ideology semi fascism. why the outrage? particularly because the name-calling seems vaguely, i don't know, familiar. we will have more details after the break, you do not want to miss the video we are putting together for you. together for you ne! (nurse) wait... did you say verizon for just $30? (mom) it's their best unlimited price ever. (cool guy) $30...that's awesome. (dad) yeah, and it's from the most reliable 5g network in america. (woman) for $30 a line, i'm switching now. (mom) yeah, it's easy and you get $960 when you switch the whole family. (geek) wow... i've got to let my buddies know. (geek friend) we're already here! (vo) the network you want. the price you love. only from verizon.
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3:54 am
do you know about? that it's all over. fox last week he did something even working for giving loans or helping veterans or improving our infrastructure. last week he said the maga movement amounted to semi-fascism. and the people on fox are just losing their mind. >> if you're gonna call us a bunch of fascists are not gonna take this anymore. this is incredibly destructive, this is incredibly destabilizing. >> accusing their opponents of fascism? this administration is authoritarian and repressive. >> stephen miller seems very distraught. how could president biden say something so hurtful? people on fox would never call there a point it's fascist, right? >> i think they are fascists, i think they want to lose the power of the states to --
3:55 am
us. >> -- political protest as an insurrection, that is the definition of authoritarianism, of fascism. >> their tactics are essentially fisher sticks. they left once power because that is essentially their state of grace. >> they blocked information by the left is pure fascism. >> turns out there are fascists in charge. >> nancy pelosi's vicious stick. >> they're using, frankly, fascist policy to target the right. >> they're using -- as a tool to impose their fascism on. it >> well, i won't say fascists. but, fascists. >> >> this is fascism. this is fascism of the left. >> you're talking about fascism. there's no the words described. this this is fascism. >> if you want to understand the modern republican party and conservative movement, you only need one word. projection. that does it for the meeting essential. i will see you right here tonight at 8 pm eastern on
3:56 am
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