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tv   Alex Witt Reports  MSNBC  September 4, 2022 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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headquarters here in new york. welcome everyone to alex reports, developing this hour, president biden is heading to keep battleground states tomorrow. getting labor day speeches in wisconsin and pennsylvania, and marking the official start of campaign season. meanwhile today in reaction to the presidents blistering souls nation speech. republican lawmakers in the white house offering their interpretation earlier today. >> they basically condemned all republicans who supported donald trump in the last election. that is over 70 million people. >> it was about a specific particular extreme extreme part of the party that has taken over. and here is the thing it is up
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to us in this moment to make sure that we are protecting the values of this country. >> new insight today into early january six committee's investigation is heading. committee member jamie raskin is vowing that a full report will be released by the end of the year. the congressman is also addressing the invitation sent to former public and speaker newt gingrich, to testify. >> we are inviting in only people who have relevant evidence and testimony. >> what is his relevant evidence and testimony? >> he has appeared numerous times in -- throughout the investigation about the attempt to propound the big lie. and to keep things going long after the election has been settled. >> and a key decision to be made any moments involving the search of mar-a-lago. a judge will determine whether to grant donald trump's request for a special master to review what was seized. it comes after newly unsealed court filings revealed that the
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fbi agents found for documents marked classified during this month's search. well, last month's search. let's go to ryan riley with more on the charges pending decision on appointing a special master. ryan, give us a sense of where things stand on trump's request for this neutral arbiter? >> so essentially, i think the biggest question here is whether or not this mutual arbiter, quote unquote, the special master, whether not that individual is in charge of looking over these documents for questions of just attorney-client privilege, or whether or not this is broader and goes into executive privilege. it was cage that could get very problematic for the justice department, investigation. theoretically, at least, if this is an order that only regards attorney client privilege documents, it should be able to be processed and relatively short order. the fbi would sort through those documents themselves, in a pretty tight timeframe. it's a lot of these documents won't have any time to attorney
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cry and privilege it all. it is only a pretty narrow scope. so i think we are essentially just waiting to see what path the judge goes down, here. by everything we have seen so far there is no indication of any untoward activity by the justice department here. they pretty much handle this by the book and gave donald trump a lot of opportunities to avoid what ultimately ended up being the search at mar-a-lago, before getting to that point, alex. >> okay, ryan. stay with us. don't go anywhere. this conversation right now will bring in tracey walter, a former cia officer and fbi special agent. and also lisa reuben, legal analyst for the rachel maddow show. i believe we have some technical difficulties? we're hoping to get that hooked up. anyway, i'm going to start with, you tracey, on this. the doj argued to signing a special master to review the documents for executive privilege is necessary and unprecedented. we don't, know as ryan saying, what the judge will do. yet she could still win at the review to attorney client
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privilege, or not even point any at all. but the question is, is there a necessary reason for us on a neutral party to review documents that have already been scoured, most likely. how many days has it been? now we are looking at almost a month since the mar-a-lago search. you would think that all those in intelligence have looked at those documents. they know what is in there by now. >> so i think that is such a great point, alex. i think that really it is necessary, and they sort of use that in air quotes. it is necessary because trump made it necessary. really since his inception of running for president, he has taken shots at the intelligence community, the department of justice. and really undermine their credibility. and i think that is why this is so unprecedented. because the reality is that we do a good job of being impartial. i worked at the cia and fbi
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into very different political organizations. and political parties. and i think the optics of this is necessary, because of what he has done to undermine these organizations. but in reality, do i think it is necessary? absolutely not. it is really just a stall tactic because i've no doubt in my mind that they have done everything properly, dotted every i across to 40. >> right. and ryan makes the point that the issue of executive privilege remains a throw at this point. but tracey, as we hear some of the rhetoric from donald trump last night calling the fbi in the doj vicious monsters, what kind of effect does that have on the intelligence community, to hear the kind of language used to describe them? >> i was reading some of that, because i just cannot bear to listen to it. i was reading things like how they searched his sons room, or searched his wife's room. and the reality is that all of this can be fact checked. if you look at exhibit a of the
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search warrant, it does clearly lay out where the fbi could include not search. and i think, like i said, donald trump has really tried to undermine the very core of these organizations. i have been on many answer many search warrants. and we don't make a habit of searching areas that we are not supposed to search. that is the law. and it is very easy to undercut that. when it goes to trial. so there is no way the fbi would have done anything outside the parameters of the search warrant. but i do think that this alternate the ultra maga group that president biden alluded to, i don't know that their views of this are going to necessarily change. and they are going to keep buying what trump is selling. >> you make a really good point, because just because donald trump says the particular rooms like his sons were searched, does not make them so, at this point. on the flip side, bedrooms, closets, they could certainly be used to hide secret documents. so anyway. to that point, let's start with,
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you try, and about trump. who clearly knows he is under investigation, and yet he keeps pounding away to his constituents. here is how it the former white house press secretary explain his approach. it happened this morning. take a listen. >> i would imagine that we are going to see a lot more rallies, where he is going to feel he has got his voice. and he is going to continue to be divisive, and blame everybody, and not take responsibility. i think that, well actually, i know, that he does not think anybody is following the legal aspects of it. and it all he has to say is his version of the truth, and the maga extreme right wing of the party will leave him. and sadly, they will. will leave him>> does this helpn trump's actions? >> not entirely. for example, with that claim about the searching of his son's bedroom. that was authorized, as -- plays out here, buy the search warrant. the justice department is going to comment specifically on the details of where exactly they searched, but it would be authorized by what the search
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warrant affidavit itself, what was authorized by the court. overall, the doj justice department knew the high stakes, something that was considered the top of the justice department. they didn't seem to try taking it off ramp for actually got to the search point. even after they issued the subpoena that it was not cooperating in the donald trump continuing to hold on to those documents. one important point i wanted to make to under the line one of the examples that donald trump was continuing to rise. without the idea that we can here to be classified. even if that were true, -- next to that one. i think what the actual search warrant authorize was that the justice department has put this out in a recent court filing, is that he was -- the original document that he was responding to, the grand jury subpoena, spelled out that this was any document bearing classification markings.
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regardless of the fact whether not donald trump was facing classified something or not, if it bore those markings that was responsive to the original subpoena. and lo and behold, when they went in search of mar-a-lago they found all of these documents, just under 200 pages of documents. so i think that really speaks to the credibility that donald trump is bringing to this when he tries to throw out any excuse he can about why held on to all these documents, which was not supposed to have. amid these more than 11,000 government documents, not classified, or at least not bearing classification markings. then he also just was not supposed to half. that is important point to remember here setting aside the classification parts. there's about documents that are not his. >> very true. but with the second active investigation, ryan, if you are donald trump's lawyer and you are watching all this commentary out there, what are you thinking? are his arguments in the court of public opinion matching up to what is going to fly for his defense in a court of law? because nothing is really normal here. we've had the public release of the affidavit.
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we have the unsealing of the fbi -- for the mar-a-lago search. if donald trump is not so, vocal with all this be so public? is the doj simply just reacting to donald trump? >> yes. you are exactly right. this is very abnormal and it is because of donald trump's own actions that we have gotten into the spot. doj likes to speak only through the core process. and the only reason that this battle is being waged with donald trump on the one hand on truth social, and at his political rallies with doj on the other hand is because he chose to make this public and he chose to make this into something he was attacking the fbi over. i chose to file again about it and open the door for the doj, solving this derogatory information about the former president, not actually charging him. it is a very unusual situation that we are in. but factually, the facts just really not -- with the doj here and donald trump and his lawyers and court have avoided opposing or trying to combat many of those
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underlying facts, and instead making broth arguments about, this basically making it out to be something political in nature when it does not with the facts bear and point out. >> as you look at the unsealing of the doj's inventory from this august mar-a-lago trade, among the top secret and classified documents, they reported finding 48 empty folders that were marked classified, and 42 other empty folders marked return to staff secretary or military aides. is there any way to know what could have been inside those holders? are they specifically marked with numbers or letters to indicate topics or what might be inside of them? >> the fact of the matter is, i know this is not very pessimistic, no, there is really no way to know precisely what was in those documents. because it is my understanding, unless there is a subordinate reading other articles, that when he was raped so many classify things for the presidential daily brief her actions, but the cia was taken,
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he asked for a note to take those documents with. him so we don't know if those were given to him or not. but they are very very difficult unless it wasn't originator controlled, to know whether or not we could track those. i think, also to, and i brought this up before, we also have to think about the fact that pitchers could have been digitally taken up these documents. it distributed. in that case it would be very difficult to put the genie back in the bottle. if you will. >> melissa, that would not be innocent at all. but might there be a perfectly innocent reason those folders were empty? maybe they were brought to mar-a-lago empty in the first place. i'm curious if they track those folders. you would think that folders who have top secret or classified or whatever it is, they might know how many there are. right? do they tracked in that carefully? or do you think there has to be some sort of nefarious intent to these empty folders? >> so, yes. at cia there is always going to
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be a documentary folder of documents outside of the scif that i worked in, and there is a very strict rigorous signing in signing out pouch carrying process that we go through. but i don't know what that process is like when those documents may be made, for example, and then brief to the president. at anytime, someone can make a decision that those are to be given to him. so yes, could the documents, so these, boulders have been empty and he not know? there always is that possibility. but in my opinion, it seems like trump really doesn't do anything mistakenly. all the things that he does seems to be quite intricate contrived in quite on purpose. i really feel that there is a new various reasons, less although it is just my hypothesis at this point. >> interesting, you said he's not anything mistakenly, then we makes mistakes.
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-- reporting another justification of the documents at mar-a-lago. here's what he writes. at the tail end of an august 22 statement, donald trump suggested that the records seized from mar-a-lago were bound for inclusion and a future donald j trump presidential library and museum. trump allies don't seem to know much about it. but what is this story here, is this incredible justification for being top secret documents home? >> in short, no. the national archives still control all of that information, and it is a hugely collaborative process. as jordan reporting between the national archives and the office of the former president. then as you degraded museum, the national archives have a big role in. that and that is where they usually have these facilities, to keep all of these governments documents that belong to the government under the presidential records act. even if they aren't, you know, publicly to sleep. which in many cases both of these government documents are
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-- but become available a different points in the presidency to the public. because obviously we are going to be studying the four years of donald trump for a very long time. those documents are going to be critical to answer that. which is why when you see all of these for this idea of donald trump ripping up records, putting them in the toilet's new york times is reporting, or just any presidential record, throwing it away and trash cans, we had actually piece this together, this is all important information. it is something that i am sure donald trump was very but -- that many presidents are uncomfortable. with the fact that, like everything they generate it is all helped by the government during a time in office. that's the law, that's the way this is filled up. it all goes back to the presidency of return nixon. that is where his documents are stored. so it should be the same thing for donald trump, too. to have this, idea these museums.
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these presidential libraries. instead of having at his private residence in florida. >> ryan, riley tracey waldorf, thank you so much for joining me in the holiday weekend, appreciate. that next door in mississippi, man who stole a plane and threatened to crashed into a walmart is having his first court appearance. cory patterson is accused of stealing the twin engine plane from the tupelo airport on saturday. pumping a wave of evacuations as he flew haphazardly for hours, before crash landing into an empty field. nbc's killing alexander joins us once again from columbus, mississippi. blaine, what more can we learn from today's proceedings? from today's>> well, alex, we coulda couple of things. we can learn if there are any additional charges. we already know he's going to be facing. two terroristic threats and grand larceny. but we could learn if there are. more and we could possibly learn anything because to say. keep in mind that this is the first appearance, so we did not expect to hear a whole heck of a lot here. but certainly we will be watching very closely. everything with a lot of people
10:19 am
are wondering, including officials i spoke, unto is the moment across intellectually do this. when i spoke with the police chief yesterday he told me that during this entire five plus hour negotiation by cell phone, as he was circling this plane in parts of northern mississippi, here they said in tone he was terribly calm. he did not appear to be upset or particularly agitators anybody or anything. and the times was almost apologetic. it will certainly be interesting to hear the minds of the possibly led to this. back here in mississippi, in front of this woman, this is the walmart that he was targeting. essentially saying he was going to fly the pain into this. had to be evacuated for much of yesterday morning. as you can see it's back open. it wasn't a disruption here on the ground. what other important thing to point out is that even though we had some instruction, officials say he was not a licensed pilot. so they took him to land the, plane alex, he didn't want to do. it they to get a couple of pilots on the phone to walk him through that. here's what the chief told me
10:20 am
about that part of yesterday. take a look at that. >> there were two -- the working together as a team. there were little danger at contact with, him and had him lined up. he was on his final approach had his ears down until the last minute, -- decided to change his mind. >> you heard him there. he said he decided to change his mind. he said he was just a couple hundred feet off the ground or so when he decided to defend -- the senate gonna continue to fight for another two hours. that led to more evacuations, more people essentially looking up in fear. i spoke with one aviation expert who talked with the news about this yesterday, who said that when you are talking about a twin engine plane with a full of fuel, these are essentially flying bombs. and people were, essentially, very concerned about where and when these will come down on what this could look like. so again, watching this first court appearance in helping to learn more later today, alex. >> it was a nerve-racking time. that is an understatement. okay, thank you so much for all of that. blayne alexander. next, heartbreaking video from halfway around the globe. devastating flooding taking a
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top stories. more than 700 -- thousand people are out of their homes when the wildfires swept california. dozens of homes burned to the ground in a small town not too far from the oregon border. it comes as a heat wave scorches the west, many areas seeing triple digit temperatures for nearly a week, now. water situation improving slightly in jackson, mississippi, where city officials say that there should not be water pressure. who is in florida and georgia are preparing to restore safe water access to -- for nearly a. we classes at jackson state university are now virtual as students in the dorm say they have no access to toilets, showers, or running water. u.s. customs officials are warning people not to cross the rio grande after unusually heavy rains have flooded the river.
10:26 am
nine migrants died and 37 others were rescued trying to get into eagle pass, texas this. weak border patrol agents are still looking for more possible victims. right now, pakistan is bracing for more flooding from unprecedented monsoonal rains. they're asking for humanitarian aid to help 33 million people affected by the slides. nearly 1300 people have been killed this summer. nbc's molly hunter has the very latest on this crisis in pakistan. it is horrifying, molly. talk about the situation there what is like trying to get help to the folks there. and how much worse is the flooding expected to get? >> hey, alex. good afternoon. it is horrifying. the pictures are horrifying. the big picture is there is not enough humanitarian aid in the country, not enough help is getting to the people who need it most. what we are watching today, alex, is a lack of like mandarin southern pakistan. pakistan is the largest natural freshwater lake in pakistan. the water levels are rising so much that authorities are scrambling to get the people in
10:27 am
the villagers in the region evacuated. what they have done this weekend is actually cut into that lake, alex. this is ground zero. one of the most dramatic and intense areas which is why we focus on it all day. they have cut into the lake to allow some of that water to escape into, eventually, the angus river. really, the relief camps and refugee camps are being set up around the country. yesterday, as you mentioned, pakistani authorities made another plea for international aid. 30 planes arrive from a variety of countries, full of -- and we still need more. by the numbers, alex, the government says about ten billion dollars of damage has already been caused. 33, million asieh mentioned, people are in desperate need of humanitarian aid. and the really bad news is it according to meteorologists, it is only going to rain more in that region in coming days. alex? >> this is just chilling, this story. all right, molly, thank you for the heads up on all. that especially the humanitarian aid still needed in pakistan. was a patriotic, political, or both? the outcome of president speech
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10:31 am
but if people are silent than the very core of who we are as a country is in danger. >> new today, the white house defending president biden's speech where he took a strong stand against donald trump and the so-called maga republicans. on thursday the president condemned what he called dangerous rhetoric from his predecessor and his supporters after some apparent acts of politically motivated violence. joining me now is robert gibbs, msnbc political analyst and white former white house press secretary. good friend to. wes joining us on holiday weekend, thank you. i know you work for president biden as well when he was vice president. part of your job they're working with the white house with president obama. what do you think was the strategy behind making this speech at this time? and was he the likely driving factor behind it? >> yeah. alex. a great question. i think he likely was the driving factor, and this is an extension of what he has talked
10:32 am
about if you go back to the events that we saw in charlottesville. quite a few years ago. which manifested itself in that protest. it's not ugly and divisive rhetoric on particularly one side. so i think this is a continuation of those them attics. i would also say, too, alex, anybody looking at polls right now, the issues that are of concern to people in the country see that the issue of preserving and protecting our democracy is rising in importance. so i think it was a moment that the president used to address that growing sense of insecurity around what he thinks. and all of us think, should be the bedrock of what represents our nation. >> yeah. the speech, as you, know is getting mixed results. some responses of democrats praising the president for finally calling out far-right republicans. some say they are putting too
10:33 am
much attention on donald trump which could create more division. and that will go against biden's campaign promise to try to unite the country. how do you see it? >> i think if you watched any of them or so any of the coverage of former president trump's rally in the same state that president biden was in earlier in the week in pennsylvania, you would understand that it is virtually impossible to talk about protecting our democracy right now without some mention of or some discussion of or some impressions of donald trump. he is on the stage actively campaigning with candidates that have denied the results of the last election. he continues to deny those results. so i think, again, it is a little bit like a friend of mine in politics once said. it is hard to take math at a physics. and it is hard to take donald trump out of the discussion on democracy right now. i think that is a base where
10:34 am
the speech happened. and the environment in which it does. again, i think this is becoming an even more important issue every single day. as we see the reemergence of donald trump. he's never really left but he is now really center stage in this election. >> yeah. very sage comments there. what about the presidents speech? can it appeal to the non maga republicans into independents and some sort of a tangible way? >> yeah. i absolutely think so. i think they are probably as concerned about driving this as anybody. and i know, look, a majority this country doesn't believe what donald trump believes. we know that from the 2020 election. we know there is a decent number of people that voted for donald trump in 2016 that did not vote for him in 2020. i think that is a pool of people it is likely growing. because two plus years later the president continues to deny that he lost an election. we see all events happening around mar-a-lago, and i think
10:35 am
more and more of those voters don't want the chaos of donald trump back in their life every single day. being not about anything that is really pro america. it is everything that donald trump is about is about pro trump. >> do you think the remarks of the present are going to help democrats ahead of the midterms? threats to democracy, is that going to a more, robert, that perhaps the economy is the voters take to the polls? >> well, as we saw on the recent nbc poll, the democracy and democracy threats were increasing. and we're ahead of, with some voters, things like the economy and the inflation. my hunch is that when we get to election day, first of all we will have to figure out what the economy is going to look like at 6 to 8 weeks. >> on that premise, then, if the economy is better, given these polls. people are generally concerned
10:36 am
about the state of democracy in this country. if the economy is better, inflation is down the gas prices are down to people are feeling a little more room in their wallets, right? not the empty room, like there is something in it. will that be able to see everything towards the concerns about democracy? and by the way, abortion rights being taken away. that is another huge issue. >> abortion is really a whole other thing, as you said. that has quite a lot more interesting excitement in this election. but i do think that democracy is going to continue to become more important. again, every time trump is out there in the arena, he is talking about and supporting candidates that are denying election results. the candidate was there last night in pennsylvania was actually in washington on january 6th. at the stop the steal rally. we know trump is trying to do in this election but i would also say limit is really effective right now with the
10:37 am
white house and the president is making what would normally be in election completely on the referendum of the actions of the party in power and the president in power and all the issues that go along with it, like the economy and inflation and really forcing people to look at this election more as a choice. a choice of a vision of donald trump and maga republicans and a choice of joe biden and democrats. not been when every one of those races or win that argument 80 20, but that is a whole lot better argument than just having it be a referendum. >> let me switch gears here and look at the documents that were recovered from from his home in mar-a-lago in response to trump's criticism of the rate. the doj released that trove of information that was seized and how dozens of information have been stored. as we look at some of the headlines, robert, around 10,000 documents were seized from mar-a-lago. classified documents were mingled with magazines and close at trump's mar-a-lago
10:38 am
club. four dozen empty folders marked classified and found in trump's mar-a-lago trade. you have that high level of security clearance. when your sussman of all this? >> look, alex. the headlines in those pictures are scary and dangerous. this should outrage any person regardless of their political ideology or their party affiliation. this is sensitive information it is gathered through very sensitive methods. using sometimes human intelligence sources to provide it to the u.s. government. and the fact is not under a lock and key, the fact is essentially a storage locker of a hotel in southern florida, should really send shivers up the spine of anybody. we talked about the fact that these classifications, some of them are even higher than top secret, right? at these documents when the white house go be stored in a safe. so i think it is remarkably scary and callous in shows a blatant disregard for the
10:39 am
presidential records act. none of these documents are donald trump's they are the property of the american government in the american people in the idea that some of these folders are missing the information that should go in them should absolutely alarm people. where those documents? the reason they have folders is to protect them from being sitting on the desk and being able for somebody to walk into the office, which donald trump's own lawyers bragged about the fact that he hosted people in his office all the time. do we have top secret classified information just lying around on the desk for people that might have an appointment with the former presidents to see? it is just remarkably scary. let's be clear. to. for anybody that is watching this tonight be sure granted about the tactics or the subpoenas or the affidavits or the search warrant. if you go back and -- had asked for a year for these
10:40 am
documents to be returned. a year. you had lawyers where they were all gone, and an affidavit that says in a few hours in the afternoon twice as many classified documents were found as were returned, when they told people there were no more. so this is deceptive. they knew exactly what they were doing. they were clearly hiding documents. they had no legal right to possess them. and it really shouldn't wait all americans. an>> all right, robert gibbs, thank you so much. have a good holiday now. let's go to the holiday travel weekend, which this one is. nearly one third of americans taking that last big trip of the summer. this labor day weekend. while most americans are traveling by cars, airlines -- are right now ending what has been a summer of cancellations and delays. let's go to nbc's kyle perry, standing at ronald reagan national airport in arlington, virginia. what kind of challenges are travelers facing this weekend?
10:41 am
>> this weekend has been okay so far. yesterday was a slow day about the thousands delayed. not bad. considering that -- were delayed in august. the misery mac -- which puts out was pretty good. 32% of americans will travel this weekend in 82%, the majority, will be driving. this happens a time of inflation. we'll get to that in just a second. that least 12.6 million people coming through airports are going to jaime. 2.5 million each day. when you look at the bookings, we've had a 20% increase in domestic travel. and over 100 an increase in national travel. i mention inflation to tied into the robert gibbs conversation. if you look at gas prices, they fall in about 20% year over year. i am, sorry they are up. up 20% year over year. they have fallen in the last month. by about the dollar. that is what robert gibbs is talking about. does that leave me room for people to spend money that they otherwise would not be spending?
10:42 am
we have been asking people about this, especially on the east coast where we know so many people are going to be driving. here is one story. take a listen >> we considered it and actually flights were not too bad this weekend. but it's just better because once we are down in d.c. it is easier to get around a little bit, we have the car, more options that way. and we don't mind a road trip. it's not been that bad. >> and so, because of gas prices. some people because they've had that break in the last month, are driving. domestic air prices are high. and if you do choose to fly you have issues. department of transportation the last week has put on their website a site that will allow you to see what airlines are offering when it comes to delays or cancellations. the bad news, alex for so many travelers. is that if it is weather related your probably not gonna get anything at all. you'll have to book a backup plan. alex. >> let me tell, you i started looking at holiday travel, what. it is so expensive. just a heads, up everybody. thanks, cal perry, good to. see a few weeks ago to the
10:43 am
trump solicitors to be brought in this country. take a listen to. this and ask yourself, is this turning it down? >> this egregious abuse of the law is going to produce a backlash. the likes of which nobody has ever seen before. try boost® high protein with 20 grams of protein for muscle health. versus 16 grams in ensure high protein. boost® high protein also has key nutrients for immune support. boost® high protein. the unknown is not empty. it's a storm that crashes, and consumes, replacing thought with worry. but one thing can calm uncertainty. an answer. uncovered through exploration, teamwork, and innovation. an answer that leads to even more answers. mayo clinic. you know where to go.
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it's the all-new subway series menu! 12 irresistible new subs... like #11 subway club. piled with turkey, ham and roast beef. this sub isn't slowing down time any time soon. i'll give it a run for its money. my money's on the sub. it's subway's biggest refresh yet. new alarm today as former
10:45 am
president donald trump lashes out at the doj and fbi in his first rally since the mar-a-lago search. nbc's george police is joining us now from wilkes-barre, pennsylvania. george, welcome. the former president was a very defiant tone. what else did we say during the roughly two hour-long speech? >> striking afternoon, alex. it was certainly a fiery tone to say the least. a lot of supporters fired up. as you mentioned, he was fiercely critical of the fbi and doj. almost immediately coming out on the offensive, criticizing the search at mar-a-lago.
10:46 am
and then he went on to bring back somebody who is more frequent greatest hits, if you will. denying that the election was won by joe biden. and then he did say some stuff that was very interesting, which caught the attention of a lot of people in the crowd. you mention that the fbi during the search at mar-a-lago rated -- and the former first lady. which we all know was approved during this court approved search of mar-a-lago before those documents. and then he also inflame to people by mentioning joe biden. during his speech in philadelphia primetime. saying that joe biden was dangerous and a threat, as some of the counter points to what mr. biden was saying in philadelphia that time. and he did say that this was one of the most shocking abuses of power. we know, no of course, after the judge unsealed that distribution list of what was found in mar-a-lago, that there are questions about what was in this empty folders, and where those documents are. only more than 10,000 pages. and of course, the litany of top secret and secret documents that were found at mar-a-lago.
10:47 am
keep in mind this was all supposed to be a rallying cry for his picks for governor and senator here in pennsylvania. doug mastriano and doctor oz both appearing on stage for a brief time. trump certainly making this about himself. not surprising, of course, to a lot of people. many wondering if he was going to announce his run for the white house in 2024. he did not, but he certainly alluded to it. here is a bit more of his remarks from that speech. take a listen. >> it was not just my home that was raided last month. it was the hopes and dreams of every citizen that i've been fighting for since the moment i came down the golden escalator. in 2015, wanting to represent the people. wanting to stop the massive corruption of the country. >> you'll notice that he also
10:48 am
called out a lot of republicans that don't see eye to eye with him. a lot of reporters -- supporters saying their support has not wavered. given what happened in mar-a-lago. so far we've not seen anything in this kind of weather scheduled events, but certainly many people will be watching what he does. next alex. >> what? you mean donald trump focus most of his meandering to our speech on himself? shocking. i hope you can tell ali, you know, sarcasm with it which i am delivering that. one thank you so much, george. joining me now is mark polymeropoulos -- former officer at the cia. currently a nonresident senior fellow at the atlantic council. also the author of clarity in crisis, leadership lessons from the cia. mark, welcome. how concerned are you having donald trump just ramping up his rhetoric against the law enforcement agencies that are investigating him? what kind of dangerous do you feel his words could pose? >> alex, i think this is incredibly dangerous and
10:49 am
irresponsible. they call the fbi vicious monsters. this is certainly not back in the blue. which is been the rallying cry for a lot of people on the right. let's just go over where we are in 2022, right now. of courting to -- we have a non-precedent domestic terrorism threat. the organization that is going to turn and disrupt this is the fbi. it is an indispensable institution. we have a situation where there are unprecedented level as of chinese espionage activity. and of course there is the usual threat of -- overseas. calling the fbi vicious monsters, putting a target on the, back having fbi -- have to watch their six look behind them, is perhaps they are in physical danger when they go across the street, is incredibly irresponsible and not where we need to be. it really should be condemned by every republican official, which trump said last night. >> take a listen to what mary trump told nbc about how her
10:50 am
uncle could handle his mounting legal troubles that he is facing. >> the window of opportunity for donald to squirm out of this is closing because of the seriousness of the potential charges that are coming his way. what have we seen in the past? he goes to violence. when he said that president biden was calling for political violence, he was, as usual, projecting. that is what donald is going to be calling for. as he gets more and more quarters. >> i will assume you agree with, that mark. how much do you think the atmosphere is percolating for political violence right now? >> i think it is an unprecedented level levels. our federal enforcement agencies have told us this. what we really need is for people to tone down the rhetoric. but we are not seeing that. whether lindsey graham goes on a national television and says that trump is actually indicted and prosecuted will be running for this resource.
10:51 am
and then trump's rhetoric from last night, which i agree will only get worse as the wall street closing in, we're in a really dangerous moment now and everyone has to take a deep breath and a pause. we really need to rely republican officials to turn down this kind of rhetoric. that is the way we are going to get to a more manageable level. >> i often wonder, this next question, how do our foreign adversaries view trump's behavior middle of this? do they see opportunities that create risks to our national security, mark? >> this is a fantastic question. i don't think there's been a focus on that. we are split between our allies and our adversaries and of course our adversaries are kind of celebrating this. there are been champagne corks popping at headquarters. we see america in a state of chaos. there is a part of our allies that i think has to be disposed, because with the court document handling procedures, clearly
10:52 am
the -- administration, we have what we call bilateral intelligence. this is where our friends, -- the germans, provide us with an alluring operational intelligence. the counter intelligence, guild could help us catch flaugh spies, -- can put the citizens in america as well. we can't be seen to protect that information. i think they're going to think twice. right now the botanist ration, there's nothing to tighten up. what about the future trump administration? i think there are some warning in that. and it, alex one of the -- things there is this notion that there is a potential document out there that has this salacious intervention with president macron. there is a lot of nervous officials in the u.s. embassy in paris. -- there's not much in the continent, that is probably how it is collected. there is a lot to be said for looking overseas, about how america's feud right now. it's not just we happens inside our country, the world still
10:53 am
sees us as the city on the shining hill. so i worry about the effect, with how we are seeing -- >> adversaries and allies alike. you actually brought the example about emmanuel macron alleged documents there, i agree it is going to be a lot of concern. mark, thanks so much. coming up, next uvalde students ready to return to school. the challenge of making those kids feel safe. and the very latest operated figures of the gun violence archive's show there been at least 450 massive shootings this year in america. killing at least florida and 59 people. nd 5 people on travel purchased through chase with chase freedom unlimited. that means that i earn 5% on our rental car, i earn 5% on our cabin. i mean, c'mon! hello cashback! hello, kevin hart! i'm scared. in a good way. i'm lying. let's get inside. earn big time with chase freedom unlimited with no annual fee.
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and every person... to come to the table and do more incredible things. tuesday promises to be a difficult day for students in, uvalde, texas they return to classes for the first time since a gunman killed 19 students and two teachers at robb elementary school. some are still worried about
10:56 am
security even as a school district takes additional measures. nbc's priscilla thompson is in uvalde for. us i'm curious, priscilla, what you're hearing from parents and students but returning to school on tuesday. >> well, alex, there is certainly fear and anxiety here. so much so that more than 130 parents are rolling their students virtually. they do not want to send it back into a classroom here. but they are also a number of parents i've spoken to who want the social interaction, they learn best when they are in a classroom. we know some of the challenges with virtual learning. so they will be sending their students back on tuesday. but even those parents are expressing some level of just concern and uncertainty in making that decision. i want to play some of that conversation with one gram right here. take a listen. >> my great granddad was there. and i lost my nephew started. she was one of those.
10:57 am
>> your nephews daughter? >> tess martha. but i really care about all the kids. they were not supposed to go through all this. i get scared for them, because this is my great granddaughter is -- my grandchildren already, -- now these are my great granddaughters. >> and the school district is working to ease some of those concerns, there but fencing around the schools. you can see some of that behind me. there are also new campus monitors that have been hired specifically to look at the locks on the doors. on the gates. they are gonna be more than 30 state law enforcement officers on campus. they are traveling today and tomorrow in anticipation of the first day of school. alex. >> it will be a tough day, tuesday in moderate when you look. at priscilla thompson, thank you. that's it for me in this edition of alice what. reports i'll see you thursday at three, pm next on a day at noon. eastern up next, yasmin
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i am yasmin vossoughian. former president donald trump holding his first rally since the search of his home any doesn't hold back. happening as we continue to await, of course, the judge's decision on whether a special master will be appointed in the case. the president about to hit the campaign trail on labor day,


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