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tv   Ayman  MSNBC  September 4, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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actor to play a lord in the new hp o game of thrones prequel house of the dragon. and the casting of -- to play a queen and amazon's new lord of the ring show, rings of power. one conservative writer said, amazon was taking liberties with characters, races and more in order for a show to be more modern, how dare they? this is history. except it isn't, it's fantasy. it's middle earth, not the middle ages and i find it astonishing that these people can be totally fine with washing and believing in wizards and lord of the rings or a flying dragon on game of thrones, but not black people on screen. no, no, no. that's a step too far. that's unrealistic. >> it's beyond ignorant. what i found so fascinating about all of this is we're watching in realtime the evolution of the word woke. a few years ago, conservatives used woke and wokeness to mock the excesses of progressive
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movements on college campuses, but now, the mere existence, the visibility of black and brown people in a fantasy tv show or a movie is slammed as woke. and a look, like you said -- who plays one of these major characters and house of the dragon, he recently said when he was criticized by these white fans for being cast in a series, they are happy with a dragon flying, they're happy with white hair and violent colored eyes, but a rich black guy? that is beyond the pale. as they say, the idea that a diverse cast may appear to viewers and -- is a leftist ideological agenda is as offensive as it is playing dom -- >> it is beyond ridiculous and it is offensive. that is the right word. >> we will see what they come up with a next. who knows. great show as always, my friend. enjoy the rest of your evening. coming up, the battle for the
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soul of the nation. i will speak with congressman -- in just a moment about democrats finally targeting republicans as extremist. next, the gop's obsession with the term fascism and their own repeated use of the word against democrats. then, from partisan divides to republican infighting just nine weeks before the midterms, we have it all covered for you on ayman mohyeldin. let's get started. all right, so, president biden is sounding the alarm this week in a blistering primetime speech, the president issued a sweeping indictment of his predecessor and the extremist ideology that he helped faster within the republican party. but biden spoke from the birthplace of the american democratic experiment in philadelphia. and he was clear about how our democracy is in danger. >> as i stand here tonight, a
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quality and democracy are under assault. we do ourselves no favor to pretend otherwise. there is no question that the republican party today is dominated, driven, and intimidated by donald trump and the maga republicans. and that is a threat to this country. for a long time, we have told ourselves that american democracy is guaranteed. but it is not. we have to defend it, protect it, stand up for it, each and every one of us -- this comes as his approval rating is on the rise. 40% of americans approve of the job he is doing, a level not seen since september of last year. and his party seems to be seeing a boost as well. the same poll found registered voters give a slight edge to the democratic party when asked, who they would want to see win control of the house come
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november. although the party in power normally braces for losses and a midterm year, democrats have seen some unexpected election victories, including alaska. the momentum on their side -- one progressive congressman seems to think so. last month, representative ro khanna of california -- he met with local officials, factory voters -- to talk about how to rebuild -- perhaps, just perhaps, say the democratic party in the midwest in the process. joining me now is congressman ro khanna. congressman, thank you so much for joining us. i greatly appreciate your time this evening. i want to get your reaction to this speech because some republicans, i'm sure you have heard, have called the remarks angry and divisive. do you think he struck the right tone? >> i do.
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the remarks were honest. he was not going after rank and file republicans or republican voters, he was going after the leaders, who are peddling conspiracy theories, who are not willing to denounce violence, who are in some cases inciting violence. that is the extremism that he was calling out. and he actually was asking republicans to join us and condemning that kind of extremism. >> i'm sure you saw this as well. the white house press secretary appearing on the sunday show with my colleague. here is how she defended against criticism that it took the president a while to explicitly call out republicans. >> this is not the first time he is giving a soul of a nation speech. he wrote about it back in august of 2017, about where we were as a country than. especially after what we saw in charlottesville. we have talked about that. he's talked about january 6th and what he saw that day, what we all saw that day.
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he has taken plenty of time to call out where we are with the extreme, that extreme part of the republican party, and he will continue to do that. we call them maga republicans. that maga ideology. >> what is your take on this? is it fair to ask where has this joe biden? some say, better late than never. but if he is now using this strong rhetoric, which i personally think he should have been using from day one, -- >> i do think that this is something he deeply believes and he has, as the president pointed out, been calling out extremism in a number of instances, but i like the fact that he is now full blown gone on the offense. here's the thing. look, president biden is very decent by temperament. he came in, and mind you, generally wanted to unify the country. president obama -- he probably was giving people the benefit of the doubt on every call. i think he has just gotten so
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frustrated to see two years in that the republican leadership in some cases has gotten more extreme. and so, he has had no choice but to be blunt and go on the offensive. >> we are a few months out from the midterms, politics on everyone's mind. as i mentioned, the presidents poll numbers are on the rise. they have been hesitant to campaign with biden on the trail -- in light of these new numbers, and the administration's success, this language that is now being used, what device would you have now for those -- >> absolutely. it is a total honor to be next to this president. i am going to ohio, columbus, ohio, with the new intel factories that are being announced, the president is coming there. it would be smart for any candidate running to associate with this presidents agenda. what is the presidents agenda? he's bringing manufacturing jobs back, he is doing things to have us tackle climate and make more -- he has been rebuilding the
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working and middle class. that is an agenda worth bragging about. and frankly, you will have the -- you will not have to distance yourself from the negative. you might as well associate with the positive. >> let me switch gears for a moment. you recently completed this a few-day trip in the midwest. what prompted that? what promised you -- and share with us what you learned from the folks that you spoke with there. and what message do you have your colleagues within the party about what you heard from those folks? >> when i was speaking in illinois, i met someone, robbyn johnson, who said you need to talk to people who lost the factory back in 2004. and that factory had shut down, i heard stories about how it led to to force. it led to the destruction of a community. jobs had not come back. and robin johnson, who taught at a small liberal arts college
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said, why don't you go and listen more to the stories? the party should listen more to what is happening within factories close. when i wasn't anderson, indiana, a friend came up to me with a binder, full of the plants that i shut down over the last 40 years. a plant that had shut down -- in my view, i said to them, we are starting to bring back the new factories, the new industries, but we need to listen a lot more to the harm that has happened to these communities and have a concrete vision of how we are going to have economic development and revitalization that improves their lives. >> you've spoken about this idea that i find quite fascinating, called economic patriotism. explain to our viewers what that is, why you believe it should be a central part of your party's agenda. >> patriotism means that people -- whether that is batteries, electric vehicles, steel, whether it's the next generation of making masks and
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drugs here -- we should have a surplus. the last time we had that was 1975. here is the great thing. we can do that together. we can do that -- people of all different racial backgrounds, all different orientations. we can come together and build the future of this country. and that is what i view as the new economic patriotism. and it can bring a new opportunity, new industry to places that face offshoring and -- >> before we, go congressman, i want to switch gears one more time. you're a member of the house oversight committee. on thursday, former president trump agreed to turn over his financial records to that committee as part of its investigation into his potential conflicts of interest in foreign financial ties. talk to me about the next steps in that investigation. >> we should have had these years ago. and here is the lesson. the former president trump's tactics are delay, delay, delay,
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so when you get the documents, it's been years since when you requested them. i'm glad we caught them because it is based on michael cohen's testimony that there was financial fraud and we are going to look into that, but the lesson going forward is, don't let trump engage in these delays and obfuscation strategies. that is his whole game plan. >> congressman ro khanna of california, thank you so much. look forward to talking to you in the months ahead. >> love your show. thanks for having me on. >> still ahead, how and when the mar-a-lago documents were found, could spell major trouble for trump. but first, my colleague is here with a colleague -- >> i. stories we are watching for you at this hour. two people are dead and five were wounded. following a mass shooting in norfolk, virginia, early sunday morning. police say gunfire arrested after a fight at a house party near the old dominion university campus. no suspects or arrests have been announced yet. at least nine migrants died and
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dozens more were rescued while trying to cross a treacherous part of the rio grande river. u.s. officials say the bodies were discovered near eagle pass, texas, on thursday, following days of heavy rain. according to customs and border protection, this is one of the deadliest drownings on the u.s. mexico border in recent memory. and dwelling wildfires have prompted evacuations for hundreds of people in northern california. as of right now, the mountain and mail fires have claimed at least two lives, scorching more than 10,000 acres in the county. more ayman with ayman mohyeldin after the break. k. thursday night football, only on prime video. play for the guy beside you! play for this stadium! let's go, baby! get ready for thursday night football. deep downfield! got it! touchdown! legendary players, amazing matchups. let's go!
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learned that among troves of the 10,000-plus documents fbi agents also found dozens of empty folders marked as classified at mar-a-lago. msnbc legal analyst and former robert mueller prosecutor andrew weizmann tweeted out,
6:17 pm
where are the contents? trump has not addressed that at all in all his bluster and obfuscation. what are you doing with these? now, this comes as justice department officials allege trump and his legal team failed to provide relevant documents voluntarily, and quote, likely concealed or removed records as part of an effort to obstruct the investigation. and then, there is the issue of where some of these documents or found. in a court filing this week, the doj said the government seized the contents of a desk drawer that contained classified documents and governmental records, comingled with other documents and two of his official passports. it's almost like, you know donald trump knew exactly where those classified material documents were on just taking a guess here. joining me now is cristóbal alex an msnbc political analyst, and former senior adviser to the biden campaign. xochitl hinojosa, a democratic strategist, and hayes brown, a columnist and editor for msnbc
6:18 pm
daily. it's great to have all three of you with us. cristóbal, i'd like to start with you. how concerned should we be about these empty folders? it doesn't seem trump or his son understand what the purpose of showing the empty folders are, because they think that it's staged that they're empty folders. it feels like the mar-a-lago search could be just the beginning here, when you think about where this may lead us. >> yeah, i think you are exactly right. i think this is just the beginning. and as an american, and someone who cares deeply about our national security, it is shocking to me that they would find these empty classified folders with nothing and them. where are those documents, i think is exactly the right question. and i don't think these documents that we did recover being comingled with his passports and his personal office, is a very good indication of his defense, for the defeated former president. and what i mean by that, is if you are undertaking a search, and you are looking for contraband, or in this case, top secret documents, and they're found with passports and other personal materials,
6:19 pm
identifying documents, one can refer, very rationally, that the suspect or subject of this search had dominion and control over those documents. so, certainly, this particularly, defence for trump. and i think, another big question here which is who is helping secure these documents? i know from my time in the white house, the only time you should have these documents, the only time should handle them see them be around them is in the secured facility. scif them, which controls who goes in and out, you have those rooms swept. and there's no electronic devices. and here, we know that that is not at all the case. and the big question tonight, where are those missing documents? and the last point i'll make here, i think the doj hinted at this in their brief. but trump's lawyers have said that they've done a diligent search, and they turned over all these documents. and they were only located in a storage room. well, now we know that's all incorrect or false, or perhaps worse, perhaps, they're assisting in this obstruction of justice. >> yeah, as i mentioned,
6:20 pm
xochitl, you know, he tried to downplay the folders being emptied somehow exonerates his father. and i'm thinking like, i don't think he gets it. i mean, does he not know how this works? >> that's right. it is pretty scary, and i think that a lot of us, have heard attorney general barr, who obviously was appointed by donald trump in this, he's a trump loyalist for sometime. he talked about how unprecedented this is, and how unprecedented it is for a former president to have these past five documents in the matter is that they were. and i want to agree with cristóbal. i think the fact that these were empty documents is alarming for everybody. where are the documents, the parts that were in the folders? the fact that they were comingled with a number of personal things, also very concerning. and i think the justice department has said repeatedly that nobody is above the law. they're very concerned about these documents, and i think that's why you're seeing all of
6:21 pm
this play out currently. >> and hayes, there's two parts of this, for me. tell me if i'm wrong. there is the documents and where those documents are, but i think that leads us to a more important question that i don't think we talk about enough, which is why did he have these documents? and i feel like we have not even begun began to scratch the surface as to why this president, who keeps changing his story, about why he had those documents. >> right. and i feel like one of the interesting things about this case is that it could be such a white of a righty of reasons. there could be the full on conspiracy, idea that no trump had these documents. he wanted to profit off of them, or he wanted to sell them, just sell the secrets to get monetary gain. or whether he wanted to use them for blackmail, for political purposes. or he could have just wanted to have them as front keepsakes, and not really understood how important it was to hand over these documents that he considered his. like, as to the empty folders, there is the odd chance that
6:22 pm
the documents that or incite are actually back in government possession now but because of the haphazard way that he handled them because of the way they were comingled with other documents they just gotten separated. but we don't know that, and because he is, and his lawyers, are so intent on keeping the truth from the government, it's becoming so difficult to unravel this, to figure out, okay, where are the documents that are missing? and i feel we're also forgetting the fact that tens of thousands of documents that his lawyers said no we have done a diligent search. we ran over every document that belongs to the government. the classified ones are one thing, but the fact that his lawyers light and said, we have given or every document, that's a whole other ball of lax and that is even, if there were no classified documents, it's still a big deal. >> like i, said this is the very beginning of an investigation that's gonna go on a lot of different directions. of course, cristóbal, when you see this, republicans, they're doing what they do best. and i go into the greatest platforms, talking about hillary clinton's emails again.
6:23 pm
here's fox contributor, jonathan turley, complaining about hillary selling but her email, compared to trump situation. i gotta ask you, is this all they have? >> yeah, it's remarkable that they keep going going back to this playbook of blaming everybody else but themselves. and this is a donald trump specialty here. it's interesting that you bring up this hillary clinton example, and i'm grateful to be here with my good friend, xochitl hinojosa tonight, because the two of us working on the hillary clinton campaign saw this time and time again. unfortunately, i think folks have seen that sometimes it works. i don't think it's gonna work in this case. and i think we just need to be keep holding their feet to the fire, so that we don't end up in a situation again where they can squirrel out of this. and i'm grateful to the professionals over at the department of justice. and i'm grateful to the
6:24 pm
leadership in the democratic party, who are keeping their eye on the ball here. and really, focusing on delivering for the american people, number one. they have found great success on a number of important legislative initiatives. and also, pushing back on that quite frankly, that bs you just saw, they're trying to bring up hillary clinton's emails again. >> you know, there's so many investigations, xochitl, but i've lost track of all the different legal woes that trump is facing. you probably saw my interview with congressman khanna about what the house oversight committee has now in their possession, and the chair carolyn maloney announced they've actually reached an agreement to obtain financial documents that trump fought for years to have hidden from congress. your thoughts on that development, and on that front? >> well, i think that just like cristóbal said, i think republicans will attempt to show you this as much as possible over the next few months. i think the entire tactic for republicans will be delay and strap, and try to get them to the midterm elections.
6:25 pm
and they see this as all political. my, you know, the justice department has been pretty straightforward with their investigation. you've seen an attorney general who has not been political, and filled the facts of the law. you see the house oversight committee who is just attempting to get information to complete their investigation. and, you know, you will continue to see republicans attempt to push back and politicize this as much as possible. and so, you know, my advice for the oversight committee and the justice department is to continue to do the work, and it's same for law enforcement that is working so hard that continues to be attacked day in day out. it's continued to do the work follow the facts and the law, because no one is above the law. and i keep on going back to that because it seems like if this were any other administration, any other president, we would have both republicans and democrats standing up, and asking them to
6:26 pm
turn over information, to turn over documents. and so, it is really disheartening to see the republican party fight back the way they are. >> yeah, it is beyond disheartening. panel, please stick around. we've got a lot more to discuss after the break. still ahead, why the gop is so concerned with biden's use of the word, fascism? ♪ ♪ ♪ you up, try vicks nyquil severe. just one dose starts to relieve 9 of your worst cold and flu symptoms, to help take you from 9 to none. for max strength nighttime relief, nyquil severe: ♪♪ ♪ ♪ this is the moment. for a treatment for moderate-to-severe eczema. cibinqo — fda approved. 100% steroid free. not an injection, cibinqo is a once-daily pill for adults who didn't respond to previous treatments. and cibinqo helps provide clearer skin and less itch. cibinqo can lower your ability to fight infections,
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6:31 pm
decrying it's lack of civility. to me, that was maddening because if you really are so concerned with name-calling, if you are really so easily upset about the f-word, i can't imagine the tantrum you are going to throw when you see what the republican party has been saying about democrats for the last few years. >> in our schools, our newsrooms, even our corporate boardrooms, there is a new far-left fascism that demands absolute allegiance. the socialists, globalists, marxists and communists, who are attacking our civilization. >> this is fascism. they use cancel culture as a tool to impose their fascism honest. >> the democrats are the party of pedophiles. the democrats are the party of princess predators from disney. >> the left is using fascist
6:32 pm
policies to -- >> left wing. we are going left-wing all the way. fascists. they are fascists. >> yes. please, tell me more about how democrats and biden have a civility problem. we will be right back. l be right back. wait 'till you hear this— thankfully, meta portal helps reduce background noise. zero lace model. adjusts to low light. and pans and zooms to keep you in frame. take a look at this. so the whole team stays on track. okay, let's get you some feedback. i'm impressed. great, loving your work. meta portal. the smart video calling device that makes work from home, work for you. my husband and i have never been more active. meta portal. the smart video calling device shingles doesn't care. i go to spin classes with my coworkers. good for you, shingles doesn't care. because no matter how healthy you feel, your risk of shingles sharply increases after age 50.
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don't take if allergic to rinvoq, as serious reactions can occur. tell your doctor if you are or may become pregnant. disrupt the itch and rash of eczema. talk to your doctor about rinvoq. learn how abbvie can help you save. biden lacks ability. that apparently is far too many pundits is take away from the presidents remarks this week.
6:36 pm
he unapologetically talked about the violent elements within the republican party. what was donald trump doing while biden was being so on several? well, he was re-posting qanon conspiracies and calling americans top democrats a greater threat to the country than russia. back with me now is my sunday night panel. great to have all of you back. i will start with you. what i find particularly rich's republican lawmakers, some 147 republicans in the house, voting to overturn the 2020 election based on zero evidence taking offense to biden's semi fascism remark. what do you make of the hypocrisy here of the republicans? >> well, president biden was put in office to really -- he campaigned on the battle for the soul of our nation. this is what he campaigned on. he campaigned on bringing normalcy back to our country. and it is interesting to see the republicans are coming out
6:37 pm
and attacking him, when what the president was calling for last week, if he was calling out a movement that is against free and fair elections, he's calling out a movement that is for inciting violence when they don't get what they want. these are all things that the vast majority of the american people side with biden on. they believe that we should have fair and free elections. they believe that we should not divide our country. what president biden did is he talked to the vast majority of the american people and i think what is troubling is that you have a republican party that doesn't see that. they do not see the wrong that is happening in the day today of the rhetoric and their divisiveness. i think that is going to lead to many people realizing this is what -- >> i am not the president of the united states, but one critique i do have for joe
6:38 pm
biden is that he keeps talking about this mainstream republican element. it's like he has this romanticized vision of the party, where there are sane republicans like adam kinzinger, that make up somehow the silent majority of this block. but the truth is, some 90% of the gop is rapidly loyal to trump, the overwhelming three quarters of the party believe the election was stolen. i don't see a mainstream republican element anymore within the republican party. >> i think the problem comes from assuming that they are a silent majority. the reason we see so many republicans who are elected into office, especially in the house, worry about donald trump is because -- they're worried about somebody coming in from their right who is more loyal to trump and riling up the base and getting those votes. they are worried about being attacked. are the republicans out there who fit this idea that joe biden is putting out there?
6:39 pm
yes, they exist. they are out there. they're the ones who switch from trump to biden. they are the voters who think people are persuadable still. who vote republican, not necessarily because they love trump, but because they feel like the democrats might be too left. and say what you will about the idea that these voters are -- they do exist, but the idea that they are going to somehow rise up and take back their party, that feels unlikely at this point. i feel like they would've done so at this point if they could have. i feel like if the republicans who are elected to the house, -- if we saw more candidates that are candidates for the house losing after backing trump, then i would be a bit more convinced. gerrymandering -- i am not seeing that right now. >> absolutely. i completely agree with you on that. how can political pundits keep biden from -- when you have trump and lindsey
6:40 pm
graham and other top conservatives all threatening mass violence if trump is indicted by the doj? >> it really is outrageous and i appreciated the clip you showed just a few minutes ago and the insane things that they consistently have said about everybody else, except themselves. and first, i cracked up about, it but then i got a bit riled up because as you put it, it really is hypocrisy. and if you -- some pretty shocking things. he attacked the president, he attacked the fbi. he brought onstage with him a woman whose, i guess, job it is to provide a support group to folks who have been prosecuted for their actions on january 6th. this woman, cynthia hughes, has a nephew who has been prosecuted, who is a devout nazi. he said, quote, hitler should have finished the job, and quote. these are the people that maga republicans and donald trump are bringing on the stage and then complaining about biden
6:41 pm
and others saying things about them. i don't know what else to call them other than semi fascists. when you punch a bully in the nose, they cry louder than everyone else. you can send them a box of kleenex and have a debate about what is really at stake in this election. and with the name-calling from republicans -- and stop with the crocodile tears. last point i will make here is, and i agree with you on this, president biden's speech was very important. it was very stark and it is a reminder that when we juxtapose that with what trump was saying last night, about how close we still are to losing our democracy. president biden also ended his speech with very hopeful terms, as he typically does, and he said out of our darkest moments in our country, we have made the greatest progress. and i think, myself and others are very hopeful that we are coming out of one of those very dark moments. and we are prepared to make some real progress. >> speaking of fascists, what do you make of trump vowing to pardon the capitol rioters and
6:42 pm
insurrectionists if he secures the white house nomination ultimately and the president again in 2024? >> it is scary about the events of january 6th have become partisan. they should not. they should be about our american values. anyone should speak out and we saw that from president biden. i wish the republican party would also speak out. it is a bit terrifying, but it should also be a reminder that what is at stake in the next election and in future elections. and what could happen if republicans are in office. so, i think it is terrifying. it does not surprise me completely, given the fact that the silence from the republican party after january 6th. but it should terrify all of us. >> panel, stick around. we have a lot more to discuss. still ahead, why is one gop senator lashing out against mitch mcconnell just two months
6:43 pm
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6:47 pm
of cowardice and ultimately, it is treasonous to the conservative cause. that is what florida senator and chairman of the national republican senatorial committee rig scott wrote. but his fellow republicans in a fiery op-ed, and washington examiner this, week calling out members of his own party who he says are trash talking and calling the republican senate candidates that he's been charged with getting elected that bad candidates. so what does this clear infighting within the gop mean for the midterm elections that are just nine weeks away? my sunday night panel is back with me. cristóbal, i'll start with you. what do you make of this pushback by senator rick scott against his own party? because my first and immediate reaction is, does he know who is running for the republican ticket in georgia, in ohio, and pennsylvania, and alaska? i mean, what is he in god's name defending here?
6:48 pm
>> yeah. it is pretty remarkable, you don't oftentimes see that. this close to an election. and to be quite honest this is exactly what they deserve. when you have donald trump and the maga extremists, who are running republican party, what happens is that you get extreme candidates. look at what these candidates are espousing. they want to take away your constitutional rights. they want to take away student loan debt relief. they want to take away your health care. they want to get social security as rick scott, and others have suggested. they want to threaten our democracy. so, no kidding, you have these extremist candidates that are not doing very well against some really superb democratic candidates. what is also shocking to me here is as someone who has done a lot of elections, you don't oftentimes see senator using an op-ed in a very public way to attack another senator who apparently are both supposed to be trying to elect republicans, and to take back the majority. you would think they will just pick up the phone and talk to each other about it, and handle
6:49 pm
it that way. but instead, they are airing these grievances in op-eds. it's pretty remarkable, and i think a very bad sign for republicans. look at the other side of the equation. what the democrats are doing, really, one success after another from the senate democrats led by president biden. they have inherited an economy in shambles, and now, we've got an economy basically hovering at full employment. they passed landmark legislation gun safety reform, inflation reduction act. the biggest climate bill in history in world history. so, it's one win after another compared to what these republicans are doing, which is inviting. and now, i've just learned the other day that one of the main candidates in arizona, the senate candidate blake out there, who i guess was the reason was this op-ed written in the first place, to extremist views earlier in this campaign, saying of course, he is against abortion, and that constitutional right should be totally gone away with under all circumstances. and now, he's scrubbing his website, trying to hide any detail about his prior
6:50 pm
positions on abortion, or on getting social security. so, it's pretty remarkable. the republicans made their bid, now they've got asleep in it. >> yeah, xochitl scott rights when you campaign and lament that we have bad candidates, what you are really saying is that you have contempt for the voters who chose them. this is a pretty clear call back to when senator mitch mcconnell, who commented on the quality of gop candidates, running, right? >> you are absolutely right. i think it is very rare to see any sort of party leadership come out ahead of a major election, and start to not only forecast but then, say, hey, you know, we basically say that they have untested candidates. and i think what mitch mcconnell was trying to do is he understands that republicans, while they had an opportunity to put the senate months ago, it is looking less and less
6:51 pm
likely. and the republicans are starting to admit that. and what is happening with scott, i am sure, what mitch mcconnell's remarks have probably dried up fundraising. they are hurting their candidates. if i were a democrat, i would run some of these comments on television. and you have a very, very divided republican party heading into the midterm elections, that are bickering at each other, versus talking about the issues that the americans care about. they were relying on a democratic party, not being able to deliver legislation. that was proven wrong. democrats have delivered, time and time again, and president biden and democrats promises. and now, republicans don't have anything to show, or any sort of, any agenda that they're running on ahead of november. so, it is a divided party. it's with a number of untested candidates, and unclear what their agenda is, going into the midterm elections. >> hayes, many of the republican senate candidates as
6:52 pm
i was saying, mehmet oz, j.d. vance, blake masters, they have been endorsed by former president trump. what does this fighting within the republican party say about the trump influence right now? i mean, is rick scott annoyed by what mitch mcconnell said, or is he annoyed that mitch mcconnell is not telling the trump line and all of these candidates? >> i mean both. here's the thing about the senate. it's such a different horse than, you know, house races for example. or even most other statewide races. i feel like elections in the senate, you want to have a candidate out there, who can both who is out there in the party, you know, in their base. but also, who can swing voters, who can make sure that battleground states like, ohio, florida, pennsylvania, that the margins are not, it's not a blow out. and i feel like mitch mcconnell understands. he knows how to properly for those campaigns, to make sure that you have that ballot.
6:53 pm
i think rick scott's very quickly learning how difficult that can really be. i mean, it's not just that, you know, trump endorsed some candidates, and therefore, they have done better. it's all about recruiting, it's about figure out how to give the fundraising. and recent polling has shown, from the new york times, it has shown that rick scott has abalone when it comes to fundraising. like if to competing things here. one, rick scott and his team at the national republican editorial committee. they have completely mismanaged the money. there are close to running a deficit in this what should be a really strong season for republicans. on the other hand, you've got the trump machine, sucking up those fundraising dollars, because he is clearly still asking his base for money, time in, time out. leaving very little for the nrcc, the nra see, for the republican congressional campaign. like, the fact that there wasn't, the small dollar donors to go around is really hampering them right now, in a way that rick scott is really
6:54 pm
late to realize. so, he's starting to lash out, it feels like, trying to figure out, okay, if this goes down, if we don't have this under our watch, which we should have, i gotta start blaming someone. i gotta blame the people of top down or candidates even though that that is, you know, just shown that they have the talks to run in these statewide races, and get the votes needed to actually win. cristóbal, is this an ideological divide, or simply a personality divide between mitch mcconnell and the trump backed candidates? >> yeah, i think that's a quick question. my guess it's a little bit of both. , i mean, it seems to me that this is a cover your ass moment for rick scott and republicans in the senate. and i can talk about the fundraising point either. major donors are not doing what they need to be doing on the super pac side. i've learned that $8 million have been pulled down from spending in arizona. and the small dollar donations are also drying out as we just heard, because they don't
6:55 pm
really have a strategy. they don't have a message, they haven't shown really anything other than probably they have these pretty terrible candidates with these extremist views. so, part of it, ideological, i agree, but part of it is to cover your ass now. >> let me ask you, xochitl, about that for a moment. about the spending debate. the gop has been on display with the funding in races like blake masters's race in arizona. you have billionaire investor peter thiel rebuffing senate minority leader mitch mcconnell's request for more super pac funding for the arizona race. and then, you have mcconnell senate leadership fund abandoning about $8 million worth of ad spending for masters, because i believe he diverted it to ohio, because j.d. vance is in trouble in that race. how important is this infighting among the gop, when it comes to campaign funding, and what does it say where the dollars are going about who is winning? >> well it's a very important argument here. i think that whenever republicans were poised to
6:56 pm
potentially put the senate, you had donations, small dollar and large dollar donations coming in. now, that the tightest earning, and it is looking more and more like this will not be a red wave. donors are hesitant to contribute. they don't understand where their money is going. they are frustrated with the party committee. they are frustrated with republican leadership. and they are, they don't have confidence in the republican party as a whole. one thing that i'll say about rick scott, he is too tops, one is recruitment and the other is fundraising. and he has filled at both. and when you fail at both, your legacy, coming out of that, is not gonna look good. and you will absolutely be blamed afterwards. >> all right cristóbal alex, xochitl hinojosa, hayes brown, thanks so much for joining us all tonight. i appreciate your insights. thank you for making time for us at home. make sure to catch ayman back
6:57 pm
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