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tv   Katy Tur Reports  MSNBC  September 6, 2022 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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griffin and barred him from seeking or holding any federal or state position for life. the decision reads in part that griffin spread lies about the election, spent months normalizing that violence might be necessary to keep president trump in office, assumed a leadership role in the mob, egged on violence and breached restricted capitol grounds. we're going to have more on that groundbreaking decision and what it could mean for other participants in moments. first, we have a lot of questions about judge eileen canon's decision to grant donald trump a special master including why it took so long to make the decision, who might get appointed and most importantly what it means for the criminal investigation. there are also questions about the legal basis judge canon used to decide in trump's favor. the "new york times" spoke with a half dozen people familiar with the law and precedent and
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all of them raised concerns, one even going so far as to call the ruling, quote, deeply problematic. so joining me now to get into this is justice department reporter ryan reilly, former u.s. attorney, paul charlton and barb mcquade. barb mcquade is also an msnbc legal analyst. we found out about this decision yesterday. the doj has responded but have they said whether they will appeal? ryan? >> they haven't indicated that yet. they have not -- i think it's a really big decision that's looming for doj here because there are two paths they could go down. both of which are going to burn you have a significant amount of time. if they go down the appeal paths that goes up to the 11th circuit which is a conservative circuit itself, it could get popped up to the support which leans conservative. there are a lot of balls in trump's court in that way.
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it's an unprecedented ruling especially with regard to getting into the areas of executive privilege. it goes far beyond just questions of attorney-client privilege which i think is something doj could have lived with if the ruling came down that way. because it gets into these areas of executive privilege, i think there's a danger of setting precedent there. no one has done this before. no one -- a special master has not been appointed to look at questions of executive privilege. executive privilege which is held by the current commander in chief joe biden and not the former president donald trump. but he essentially -- i think this ruling ignored some of the -- some of the moves that biden made which is that he designated someone to decide whether or not these questions of executive privilege should be looked at and that person decided not to. executive privilege is already waived over these documents for all effects and purposes. it's whether or not they want to insert another person who is going to give another look at this and one that is more
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favorable to donald trump, katy. >> dni can continue its reason which means a national security review can keep going on. on that note, should doj consider appealing here when a -- when an appeal up to, you know, a higher court and then potentially to the supreme court of donald trump appeals that ruling would only delay things further. >> yeah, this order, i think everyone agrees, is flawed. even profoundly flawed. just because you can appeal something doesn't mean you should. and so i think there are a lot of questions the justice department has to think about here in weighing its decision. on the one hand, if they want to proceed with this investigation as swiftly as possible, it might be best just to try to clarify the scope of this special master's review which is judge has invited them to do when they submit a proposed order by friday. that could be the fastest. if they want the beat the clock on the biden administration and make sure this gets charged and tried before donald trump gets
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back into office, that might be the wisest course. you do worry about the precedent this could set as to executive privilege. i also think there has to be some clarification as to what the judge has in mind with regard to executive privilege. certainly she can't mean all of the classified documents. but in some ways if you think about the executive theory, all of it is ultimately prepared for the president. and so could be considered executive privilege. so i think that the justice department has to weigh these institutional concerns with the pragmatic concerns about what might be best for this case. >> it is confusing, paul, when donald trump is arguing executive privilege against the executive branch after -- you know, the current president who according to the supreme court maintains executive privilege said that donald trump no longer
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has it. so it -- explain to me -- what's the most charitable version of this ruling? >> here's what you can say, katy, and barb and i were prosecutors for many years. sometimes the judges get it wrong. we are early in the game, if i can use that analogy, the department of justice may have gotten a bad call here. but in this criminal justice process, it's the first quarter, not even the second quarter. there are many more quarters to play. we haven't yet arrived at the end of the game and as barbara correctly pointed out, there are alternatives available to the government short of an appeal here. the defense attorneys have employed the three critical defenses that every defense attorney knows, delay, delay and delay. it's not just a special master is going to be appointed, it's going to be -- it's almost certainly litigation over who that special master should be, that's going to cause delay,
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what the parameters of that special master's authority going to be, that's going to cause delay. the government now needs to manage this problem by making a decision about how best to correct this inevitable delay or can they live with some degree of delay here and successfully move forward with the prosecution. i would say it is difficult if not impossible to go forward with this investigation given the fact that you cannot reference the documents at issue here. >> well, i want to get you a little bit more on that. the classification of what it means to stop the investigation. does that mean you can no longer interview witnesses based on what you might have seen in the documents? can the -- can doj just ask for the judge to clarify what exactly she means when she says stop investigating? >> precisely, katy. put yourselves in the shoes of that prosecutors for a moment. they say and they've said multiple times that this is an
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ongoing investigation. you wish to interview a witness. can you make a reference to some of the classified documents that were taken. they are, of course, in your mind, you have seen them, the government has said that they have seen them. can you make a reference to those documents as you interview a witness or even perhaps more disconcertingly, katy, we know that foreign governments have sought to access the documents, the classified documents, the top secret documents that were kept at mar-a-lago and the government has said that espionage is one of the statutes that they're using here. if you are seeking to catch a spy, does it really mean that you cannot use or reference the very documents that spy sought to steal? so the problems here are profound and the ability of the government to move forward may for all intents and purposes have been stopped. it's going to be important for the government to either take an appeal and reverse this judge's ruling or go back to the judge and explain in detail the
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hindrances that she has put in front of them so they can even move forward in the slightest bit with their investigation. >> let me ask you this, barbara, there's a question being raised about whether trump's team was judge-shopping here. in a footnote in her decision, the judge says that she might not even have jurisdiction in this case because she says all matters regarding all conflicts regarding presidential records should go to the d.c. court because they've been designated as an arbiter of those conflicts. donald trump's legal team filed paperwork with a satellite location 70 miles away from mar-a-lago. they did not go to a federal courthouse less than 12 minutes away. this was covered by the daily beast. the questions about whether they were intentionally looking for judge eileen canon. >> well, i think there's strong circumstantial evidence that that's exactly what they were
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doing. you would expect them to go first to the magistrate judge or to another judge within that same courthouse. by going to this remote suburban courthouse, it does suggest that they were looking for a place where they would likely draw a trump-appointee. and then the d.c. issue is also one that's very interesting. one thing the justice department could do to circumvent all of this is file criminal charges on the basis of what they have already. they did have probable cause to believe that the documents would be found at mar-a-lago even before they executed the search warrant. filing a criminal case in the district of columbia. the judge here has created something of a mess and the justice department has to figure out the best way to manage all of this. that would be a very bold move, perhaps not the kind of move merrick garland is comfortable taking, but one that could strip her of jurisdiction and get into the d.c. court. >> we will see whether they file
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an appeal, whether they make a move that barbara was just talking about or whether what we find out next who the special master is. liz truss walked into 10 downing today for the first time as prime minister. what she said before she went in. and 63 days until we vote. where the race stands in the one state that could decide the balance. now he can never hold or run for office again. what a groundbreaking decision out of new mexico means for a slate of officials and candidates who refuse to accept that donald trump lost. ccept that donald trump lost you see, son, with a little elbow grease, you can do just about anything. thanks, dad. that's right, robert. and it's never too early to learn you could save with america's number one motorcycle insurer. that's right, jamie. but it's not just about savings. it's about the friends we make along the way.
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tech upgrades for your changing wifi needs. and advanced security at home and on the go to block millions of threats. only from us... xfinity. he took an oath to support the constitution of the united states. instead, a new mexico court says he engaged in insurrection against it. otero county commissioner couy griffin has been removed from office and banned from ever holding or seeking one again for his role in january 6th. it is the first time section 3 of the 14th amendment has been used to remove someone from office since 1869, according to the group that brought the lawsuit to remove him. in his decision, judge francis matthew writes that griffin spread lies about the election, spent months normalizing that
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violence might be necessary to keep president trump in office, brought three firearms and ammunition to washington, d.c., assumed a leadership role in the mob at the capitol, egged on the violence and knowingly breached restricted capitol grounds. what is more, this is also the first time a court has ruled that january 6th was an insurrection. so what does this mean beyond couy griffin? back with me is former u.s. attorney barb mcquade. first off, couy griffin, let's get into the nuts and bolts of that, barbara, he's been removed from office. i assume he's going to appeal? >> well, maybe he will, maybe he won't. he was convicted for his conduct on january 6th. he even bragged about it and the plain language of the 14th amendment says that anyone who engages in insurrection is disqualified from office, including state office. what's interesting about this, katy, although it's been part of the 14th amendment since after the civil war, it's never been used before.
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we've never had an insurrection before. but the plain language of it there suggests that anyone who participates who is already an officer of the state or federal government is disqualified from holding office. it doesn't state, however, how the procedure should work for removing someone from office. this is a first, i agree with you it's likely to be appealed if he wants to and he wants to remain in office. just because the process is untested. and so there could be some grounds there for how this is supposed to work, whether he was afforded due process and the like. but i also think it's possible that this could be the first of a trend now that people have seen how it works, perhaps we'll see this happen in other states. >> it's notable that he is part of a group called cowboys from trump which is why you get that look. what about the fact that a court itself, barbara, is ruling january 6th was an insurrection? that's the first time it's happened. >> it is. this ruling is only binding on that court, not on anybody else.
11:18 am
but it has advisory influence in the same way the judge canon ruling doesn't have binding value on anybody. it's going to be cited and looked to as advisory and the way that one court has already ruled. i imagine we will see similar lawsuits elsewhere to the extent there are other officeholders who were involved on january 6th and i suppose to the extent that even donald trump or others who were involved, if there's evidence that members of congress were involved, this same constitutional provision could be used against them. >> there are a number of candidates out there who are running for office right now who marched on january 6th. one of the most predominant is doug mastriano in pennsylvania. he was there. in this decision, i know this doesn't have bearing on other courts. i think it's interesting that the judge says it's not about whether or not you committed an act of violence on that day but the fact that you participated in that day, you endorsed what was happening that day, you
11:19 am
bragged about it later, was enough to say you were a part of the insurrection. >> yeah, and, you know, again, because there's no precedent here, it's a little open as to what it means to engage in an insurrection and that's the language that's used in the constitution in the 14th amendment. engage in insurrection or rebellion. it also says, katy, or provide comfort to those who do. and so it may be enough to just help others. you don't have to be the one committing violence as long as you're there and supporting others who are. it seems like his reasoning is sound. but really it's a matter of process, whether that will hold up on appeal and whether the courts will duplicate this. another interesting thing, each state has stood aside the qualifications for its own candidates. i imagine the process will be slightly different within each state. but i think there may be other people that we see similar challenges to, especially now that people may be emboldened seeing this was successful in new mexico. >> yeah, crew brought this
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lawsuit and won. barbara, stick around, we want to ask you about this next story which was about fake electors in georgia. what were they doing with two trump operatives. here's video of cathy latham, escorting people into the elections office. she's being investigated for posing as a fake elector for donald trump. meanwhile, they have admitted that they gained access to a voting machine. they say they did it because donald trump's lawyer, sidney powell, asked them too. joining me now from outside of the federal courthouse in atlanta is blayne alexander. so we have this video. explain to us what it means and the issues being raised. >> so let me kind of set is
11:21 am
scene for you here, katy, this is taking place in coffey county. this is something that's being investigated by the georgia bureau of investigation and also the georgia secretary of state of state's office. that lays the foundation and what they're looking into is an alleged data breach into the system. what this video does, this video has come to light today, what this video does, it shows really just kind of the extent to which there was coordination in these efforts and actions taken to try and overturn the election results in georgia. you talked about cathy latham. she was a chairperson of the gop, one of the 16 fake electors bringing it back here to atlanta, that, of course, we know she's a target of the fulton county investigation and was subpoenaed to testify. but it shows she's essentially giving access to these data specialists who were hired by sidney powell who is a trump
11:22 am
attorney. now we reached out to latham's attorney. we didn't hear back. but he told "the washington post" that cathy latham would never knowingly try to interfere in an election. this video shows a very strong kind of coordinated effort to overturn the election. >> let's bring back barbara. what's the legal look at this, barbara? >> well, tampering with election machines, with ballots, with voting is prohibited under many states' laws and the reason for it is to protect the integrity of the voting systems. the chain of custody is important. those items never fall out of a chain of certain officials who are entitled to possess them. if you give them to some third party, it compromises their integrity and leaves them vulnerable to accusations of fraud. there's also the possibility of hacking them, of reverse engineering the way the systems work for future hacking. there are a lot of reasons this increases vulnerability to our
11:23 am
election. >> are we looking at evidence of a coordinated plot here. while working for sidney powell, he was part of an investigation that took him to nevada and michigan where voting machines were allegedly illegally accessed in one of the counties. >> yeah. >> so coordinated plot here, maybe? >> well, i think that is something that the justice department is investigating. we know that michael flynn proposed using the military to seize voting machines. when that failed, they tried to do it in a one-off manner. we know some of this information in arizona, at least to this group called the cyber ninjas, even that alone was problematic. if you could find this was coordinated at a high level, that someone like sidney powell or someone else close to trump was coordinating all of this activity, that most certainly could be part of a larger
11:24 am
investigation into conspiracy to defraud the united states. that is suggesting that the election was stolen when in fact it was not. >> and what about sidney powell here? she potentially exposed legally? >> yeah, i guess we don't know exactly what her role is in all of this. she's at the heart of the storm in many of these things. in michigan here, when she was filing a lawsuit that was baseless, she was sanctioned by the judge for filing a frivolous lawsuit that had no basis, in fact. she was on a tour doing this in a number of different states. and so to the extent she genuinely believed there was fraud in the election, i suppose that's one thing. but as we know from the mountain of evidence that there was so many efforts to try to undermine this election, none of which succeeded, it's difficult to believe that there was ever any evidence. as rudy giuliani said, we have a theory. just no evidence to support it. so i think all of them are certainly subjects of this investigation that the justice department is undergoing. whether she ultimately will face
11:25 am
charges i think will depend on the outcome of that investigation. >> i know there's a fulton county probe right now, slew of fake electors has been brought up, how does this fit into that probe? >> i think this is part of what they discussed as the fake electors. they acknowledged that they're investigating the fake electors, acknowledged that they've talked to certain members of the inner circle at the white house, including pence's top aides and white house council and i see all of it as being intertwined. the key meeting that happened on january 3rd, 2001, when jeffrey clark proposed sending letters to state legislatures asking them to reconvene and choose their own sets of electors. all of these different things are part of the same scheme which is to substitute the actual votes for votes that are done by the legislatures that
11:26 am
are swing states. that was the plan. all of these different schemes seem to be possible related and that's, i think, the question that the justice department is likely investigating. >> there's just so much going on having to do with 2020, be it donald trump taking home classified records, being at the investigation into january 6th, also the house version of the investigation into the january 6th insurrection, what we're talking about in georgia with these fake electors, news from otero county, new mexico, there's so much happening. it is hard to keep track of it all. thank you, barbara, for coming on and trying to make sense of it all for us. it is very important, all of it. coming up, russia is buying rockets and artillery from north korea. what u.s. intelligence believe that means for russia's ability to keep on waging war against ukraine. next up, though, dr. oz is changing his tune on the 2020 election. is it working for him in pennsylvania? pennsylvania
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like abortion and gun control at stake, it's our entire constitution. and nowhere is that choice more stark, he says, than pennsylvania. joining me now from philadelphia in pennsylvania is nbc's vaughn hillyard. vaughn, the candidates there are in the general election now. and we're used to candidates kind of swaying toward the middle for the general, but dr. oz is making a real about-face when it comes to the 2020 election. >> reporter: and i think that that's why pennsylvania is going to tell us a lot about where the general election, electorate is. you have mehmet oz in this senate race, softening his position on abortion, telling me he would not have objected to joe biden's win if he had been in the u.s. senate in 2020. but you have doug mastriano who is outside the capitol on january 6th, has said he believes there should be no
11:32 am
exceptions for any instance for abortion, he's also said that he believes that there should not be gay marriage. he's made the case that there should be the requirement that all pennsylvania voters have to reregister in order to vote in future elections. he's said that he believes that the 2020 election should be decertified. suddenly you're going to be looking if you're a republican voter or moderate conservative who are you going to vote for? dr. oz himself even today said that he has no intention of going on the campaign trail with doug mastriano. but is it enough? that's what's going to be so telling, katy. john fetterman despite not being on the campaign trail, and not taking part in the first debate here tonight, he's still ahead consistently in polling. >> dr. oz has tried to hit him when it comes to his health saying that he's not out there because he's not well. kind of trading off his stock as
11:33 am
a tv doctor. is it working for him? i know you say fetterman is ahead in the polls. any indication that oz's attacks are starting to eat away. i have heard that there are folks in gop leadership that are not as concerned about dr. oz as the polling might suggest. >> reporter: right. i mean, especially when we're taking into account that a lot of the polls have fetterman up by three or four percentage points. that's within the margin of error and we have seen republicans who are not normally registering in polls over the past two election cycles ultimately closing that gap come the actual results -- or the actual vote-counting on election day here. as it comes to john fetterman, that is where oz today at a press conference that he held just a bit ago was pressing the question to voters to think about if they have somebody who is unwilling to stand up on a
11:34 am
debate stage and articulate policy or suggest that one is unable to do so because of their health situation, is that individual really the best one to go to washington, d.c., over the course of the next six years to serve them? when you're looking at fetterman, that was a question that we were asking back in may because he had that stroke just two days before the primary democratic election and he ended upbeating congressman conor lamb by 32 percentage points. but the question here in the general election, especially when early ballots are set to be mailed out in less than three weeks, is that a particular attack that oz could use to turn it around. let's bring in ashley parker. she's an msnbc political analyst. so you see democrats on the campaign trail right now, joe biden is on the campaign trail stumping for democrats. but some of them aren't so open
11:35 am
to campaigning alongside him. what's happening? what's the dynamic? >> so what you're seeing right now is this very kind of muddled relationship that these democrats have with president biden, their leader, which is that he was pretty unpopular for a year. in the past 90 days, he's had a lot of victories where he's inching out of that. so they don't want to fully reject him necessarily, but nor are they willing to wholeheartedly and totally embrace him. and you just saw that yesterday, i was in the pittsburgh suburbs with president biden who is doing a labor day event, fetterman did appear with biden, but they never appeared on the stage at the same time. fetterman, when he spoke, he was brief, kept his focus almost exclusively on dr. oz. he never once mentioned the president. and fetterman is someone who in the previous two stops to pennsylvania last week notably did not appear with biden.
11:36 am
then you have josh shapiro who is running for governor, he was not at the labor day event. but he did appear with biden last week. it's an individual calculation depending on the state, depending on the race and the candidate where the president is sort of in a bit of a purgatory. >> what about the president's focus, his new focus on saying donald trump is a threat to democracy, his allies, his mega maga voters are a threat to documents. are democrats embracing that messaging down ballot or are they nervous about turning off swaths of those voters? >> well, it's striking, first of all, just that president biden came to say this because you'll recall that early in his presidency he and his team very pointedly and studiously would not mention trump's name, if they had to mention the fact that he was biden's predecessor. and biden came to this sort of very ernestly. this is what moved him to run in
11:37 am
the first place. threats to democracy. that's what he believes we're seeing right now. when you look at that very forceful speech he gave about these threats where he called out former president trump by name, where he named maga republicans generally, it took him awhile to get there and it's a political gamble. you had democrats and analysts who wanted him to take a stronger tone. those people are happy. but you also have a president who in certain ways is calling out huge swaths of the population. there were 74 million americans who voted for donald trump in 2020. a lot of them might consider themselves maga americans. it's a fine line where he thinks it's politically beneficial and the right thing to do to stand up for the constitution and the fundamentals of democracy while simultaneously trying not to alienate some of these republicans who he needs to work with and who he hopes would maybe vote for him in 2024 or democrats in these upcoming midterms.
11:38 am
>> trying to find the republicans who look at what donald trump is doing and the investigations and the taking home of classified material and saying, you know, i'm not so comfortable with that, or at the very least saying, i'm a little tired of all the drama. >> yeah. that's exactly right. those were the republicans who broke for him in 2020. those were the republicans democrats will need to win to november. those are the republicans that biden will need to win in 2024 and these are the republicans that may not like the chaos, the noise, having to come down to breakfast and explaining to their 7-year-old explaining what trump just tweeted and said, but might not like being lumped together. >> what about republican ad spending, money in this campaign cycle? there was a lot of it and there wasn't so much of it and then they're going to spend a little more? >> yeah, well, the "new york times" had that -- you know,
11:39 am
this fantastic story about rick scott and how they really had a ton of money that kind of vanished basically, that they basically spent a ton of money to try to make money. that's very common in soliciting donations. but the little piece that was missing, they didn't make nearly as much money as they were spending and it's rare to see what we've seen sort of break into the open right now which is a little bit of open warfare between the head of the republican senate campaign arm and mitch mcconnell who that campaign arm is supposed to be trying to get to be the senate majority leader. >> you saw him right there. rick scott, who is the head of it in a little bit of open warfare with mcconnell. how is kim jong-un helping vladimir putin. and our closest ally has a new leader. what liz truss said as she
11:40 am
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10 downing street has a new tenant. liz truss is the uk's top official. she met with the queen in scotland this morning. this afternoon in london she said her first mission as prime minister will be to grow the uk's economy which is in crisis through tax cuts and reform. >> we shouldn't be daunted by the challenges we face. as strong as the storm may be, i know that the british people are stronger. i am confident that together we can ride out the storm. we can rebuild our economy and we can become the modern brilliant britain that i know we can be. >> here with me -- here with more on this is senior
11:45 am
international correspondent keir simmons. so, keir, she acknowledged head on that there are problems in the uk. does she have the confidence among not just her party but the public to fix them? >> reporter: yeah, katy i asked her how does it feel, prime minister. she didn't answer. i think we may have been the first news organization to get a question to the prime minister but she has so much on her plate. she walked to the lectern and gave that speech. just prior and -- it was a moment full of metaphors. there was a downpour that soaked her supporters who were here to cheer here as she walked into that famous door. but, look, she faces some of the same challenges and people are making this equation, she faces some of the same challenges that the first female prime minister margaret thatcher faced when she walked through that door in
11:46 am
1979, inflation, strikes, a looming recession. it is going to be very, very difficult because she is promising to cut taxes and support british businesses but at the same time she has to avoid a debt crisis. you have to imagine, katy, that she is not going to want to get into a fight with europe and that she is going to want to improve relations with the biden administration. frankly there is only so much you can take on. >> what about what's going on with ukraine. boris johnson was a strident supporter of ukraine in their fight against russia. where does liz truss stand? >> reporter: we just actually watched the new defense secretary walk past us just before you came to us a moment ago. i think the policy on ukraine will stay firm. boris johnson, as you know, was a huge supporter of president zelenskyy and when ms. truss
11:47 am
showed support. the big question is, how will the voters deal with the tough economic times. there have been suggestions that pumps up and down this country may have to close because they can't heat their premises. a small thing when there's a war. but that's true for so many businesses. the pressure is on. that is what president putin is counting on and the question is, will europe's newest leader be able to lead her country the way that she says she plans to out of what she describes as this economic storm. >> and, keir, what about the queen? she met with liz truss. the first time that's happened since queen victoria, i believe. how is her health? what's the word on her reign?
11:48 am
>> reporter: she has mobility issues. she had a walking stick in her left hand as she reached out with her right to shake liz truss's hand. she's over -- she's 500 miles away. it's the first time in 140 years that british prime ministers have had to go there in order for this important institutional moment to happen. but we say it again and again, she is strong. and, katy, silver lining, those watching, now is a great time to come to the uk. the pound is so cheap against the dollar, we're virtually giving things away for free. >> when i lived there it was $2 to a pound and it was painful. that's a good reason to visit the uk -- >> i'm not coming there any time soon. it's expensive. >> keir, thanks so much. turning now to ukraine's war as we were just talking about, the war with russia and what might be a foreboding sign for the russians.
11:49 am
a senior u.s. defense official confirms that the russian military of defense is in the process of purchasing rockets from north korea. u.s. intelligence sees russia being turned to turn to pariah states for military supplies as a sign global sanctions are working. jay gray is in that dnipro, ukraine, with the latest. he might be banking on not have been support for the war because their energy prices go up. well, i mean, the west is banking on these sanctions, putting them in such a dire position that they won't be able to continue waging the war. >> yeah, and katy, i think this is a clear indication that they're having trouble getting weapons in the hands of their soldiers that are fighting this war. you talked about millions of not only rockets but artillery shells today that they're buying from north korea just days after
11:50 am
they purchased drones from iran, some of those defective. they don't have a supply chain right now that is dependable. that, of course, was the goal of the sanctions from the west. they appear at this point to be working and it looks like russia needs some help, >> jay gray, in ukraine. jay, thank you very much. coming up, rolling black-outs and wildfires. california hit with a brutal summer heat waves. it is hot there. we'll tell you how long it will last.
11:51 am
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it is week two of an unrelenting heat wave in california. triple digit temperatures have topped daily records, sparked two major wildfires, which officials say have killed at least four people, left folks struggling to stay cool and threatened the power grid. now officials are urging residents to limit their electricity to avoid the potential for rolling black-outs. joining me now from los angeles, steve patterson. the only thing worse than having to turn your ac warmer or down
11:55 am
is losing your ac entirely during this heat wave. steve, lay out what's happening in california. you look hot. >> reporter: i don't want to be hyperbolic, but i think we're entering right now the most intense part of what could be the most decisive day for california utilities in something like 150 years. it is going to get so much hotter. sacramento will be about 114 degrees. there are parts of the bay area totaling around 116. it's 110 at some of these wildfire sites. about 4400 firefighters fighting fires across the state. the most dangerous thing is this utility battle. will the grid survive this amount of heat with this amount of people trying to stay cool all at the same time? on a normal summer day we use
11:56 am
30,000 mega watts of energy. today we're expected to go over 51,000, which this state has never done before. that would mean, unless the power grid operators can tell people to conserve as much energy as they can. something like two to three times what they were already conserving. they're begging people from the hours of 4:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. when the heat is most intense and the grid has the least amount of power, try to conserve as much energy as possible. turn the thermostat up, which is a really tall order because it's already so freakin' hot and it's only going to get hotter. something that's under reported is the lows, record lows. you have a 115 degree day and sleeping in 90 degree weather because it doesn't drop. it's a difficult situation and a
11:57 am
very intense day here in california. >> don't use your dish washer. don't do laundry. unplug your 350 devices from the wall. do that at the very least if you don't term the thermostat up. steve patter, thank you so much. that will do it for me today. joe fryer is in for hallie jackson next. with 20 grams of protein for muscle health. versus 16 grams in ensure high protein. boost® high protein also has key nutrients for immune support. boost® high protein. at fidelity, your dedicated advisor will work with you on a comprehensive wealth plan across your full financial picture. a plan with tax-smart investing strategies designed to help you keep more of what you earn. this is the planning effect.
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