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tv   Ayman  MSNBC  September 10, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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good evening and welcome to ayman, i am katie phang, in four ayman mohyeldin. tonight, a surprising union outside windsor castle. we'll have the latest from london, as united kingdom continues to mourn the death of queen elizabeth. plus, the other big stories of the week, including the new justice department revolutions in their ongoing dispute with trump. and steve bannon indicted. new york state prosecutors accuse the former trump advisor of a laundry list of crimes. let's get started. tonight, we begin with the event that sat in the world and left the uk grappling with its national identity. queen elizabeth passed away on thursday at the age of 96 after holding the crown for more than seven decades, she was the
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longest running monarch in british history and the second longest sovereign in world history behind louis the 14th of france. today, king charles the third was formally declared as monarch, hours before buckingham palace announced queen elizabeth state funeral will be held on monday september 19th. the ceremony at st. james's palace in london officially marks a new era in british rule. though charles automatically became king after his mother's death, he was officially announced as britain's new king in a ceremony steeped in ancient tradition and colonial symbolism. and for the first time, it was broadcast live. >> its dedication and its devotion. in taking up these prp responsibilities, i shall strive to follow the ex inspiring example i have been set in upholding constitutional government and to see the peace,
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harmony and prosperity of the peoples of the silence. >> >> the kings official coronation has not yet been scheduled but will likely occur in the next few months. crowds of course have been gathering day and night outside buckingham palace delay flowers and to bid farewell to one monarch while welcoming a new one. and there was a surprise in a crowd today. a public reunion between the prince and princess of whales, william and kate, and the dutch -- duke and duchess of sussex, harry and meghan. they greeted a crowd along the long walk of windsor castle. a source tells nbc news that prince william ask harry and meghan in viewing tributes to the queen. nbc news foreign correspondent matt bradley joins us live from london. matt, always so nice to see you. have we seen any signals that this rift before the royals
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could possibly heal in the wake of the winds passing? >> look, katie royal watchers and people interested in this kind of thing we'll be dissecting every little thing they see between these two couples. this is just how it goes. the tabloids will be picking over this for weeks and weeks. this is the kind of into the defense of the royal family love to see. you ask if we have seen any indication, no. there has been no indication of a healing of the rift. the fact is that this is a rift between the two brothers, william and harry and also between kate middleton, our now catherine and meghan markle. it's actually mutual on both sides, with both partners, kind of having problems with the other. so for those who want to see these get together, and there has been a lot of commentator in this country saying, this would be a great gift to a final parting gift, a posthumous gift, to the queen after her death for these two
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brothers to get together, for the senior brother to finally make amends with the junior. with the air, and as we say here, despair, coming together. to treat the family union that this country wants to see the royal family in the same way they want to see among their own -- that is something that a lot of people here are wishing for. it's something that we as reckless spectators, we can't know. that's the thing you are asking, for further signals, we can look and i sector all the signals, tried to find all the body language, try to get people to come in and read their lips, uses cameras from afar, ever not get as closer to understanding what is actually going on. we are looking at all of this through a people, as intriguing into the looting as it is for the rest of us. >> matt my follow-up question to you is this, we in america are not there. you are though. sometimes for us over here on the other side of the pond, we don't necessarily have an
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appreciation for the import of what is going on. we have seen some a stories over the last 24 hours about the queen's death. what have you been seeing and feeling for the people in the crowds of london? >> i am glad that you asked that, katie. it's a great question. it's hard to convey that. when i walk around here, you can go into a pub to see people singing and dancing. they don't care about the queen or the royal family. you can go out into the street and talk to people and hear them having conversations talking about their devotion to the queen and how much they miss her and how upset they are with her death. you are seeing both sides. i think if there is an american view that people here are crying into their earl grey tea in the morning or crying into their plans at the pub, that's not what you are releasing. that's not a british characteristic, after all, but there also is not that much outward disdain for the monarch. this whole thing has been somber and muted, but it has not represented a major shift
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in day-to-day life. for people here, they have a real affection for the queen, but they are not going to come out and show it and saw publicly. they really do have a long affection, and it shows that her longevity in office, her ability to relax the monarchy a bit and let people and television cameras in, that has had a major effect. this monarchy has done its best service to itself by distancing itself from politics, by not speaking up, by not making itself the center of attention. by doing that, it's actually elevated itself to the center of attention. we don't talk about real families in countries like japan or thailand or denmark or sweden or spin nearly as much as we do about the one here. that just represents that magic that this monarchy has. i don't understand it necessarily. i think a lot of fans do. it's something that's an indelible, impossible to
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understand element of the family. it's a magical element. >> nbc news foreign correspondent, matt bradley, i appreciate you staying up late to bring us the latest from london. thank you. >> let's now bring in suzannah lipcomb, a royal historian and a msnbc royal contributor. thank you for joining us as well. the country is now entering ten days of warning, but it's like the question i asked matt, in this modern age, this still seem like a personal loss for some brits? >> i think it definitely does. i think for most of us we've never known any other monarch, and she as been there our whole lives. for many people, there is a sense that her death represents the death of all our grandmothers or mothers, the mother of a nation. i do think that -- there are those that are moving on and less confidence in, but the crowds are big. people are turning out in large
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numbers to lay flowers, and my sense of the mood is that the reason people are not weeping as there they did -- the death of diana, because this is not a tragedy. she died after a long life well lived, a piece, surrounded by her family and one of the most beautiful places in the world that she loved so much. we all hope to have a death like that, and yet, there is a sense of commemoration for her in this moment and the light that we had this wonderful monarch. i also feel, actually, that there is a great sense of warmth towards the new king, that people grieve with him and have a sense that he has lost his mother. at the moment, it feels like the country is with him. his first address to the nation was so well judged. it was so carefully composed and sullivan, and i feel the
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people at the moment are very much with him in this moment. >> suzannah, do you think then that seeing how you are explaining that the people are also having him grieve, it is his mom, he lost his mother, he lost his father about a year ago. do you think they are also viewing him in the lens of anticipating what kind of monarchy it is going to be for the country? >> i think that we are seeing clues to that. i think that in his address, we had a man who was clearly thoughtful and tortured, quoted sage beer at the end of it, but also someone emotional. one thing we have not seen from the royal family over the decades is that lack of reserve. the king is known to be a man that feels things deeply and has cared deeply over the years about issues such as climate change and sustainable
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agriculture and has got in trouble for speaking up about these things, but it's because he cared so much. now, i think there is a sense that having a monarch rutgers actually might be a good thing, and that we actually want somebody in this room who is really moved by these issues. of course, the queen was exactly that person, they're caring person. to see that legacy. he said that she was an inspiring example and in the years -- he will endeavor to live up to the example and show the same service and dedication. at the moment, i feel that we are trusting them that we may have here a king who does a very good job, who wears that mental of kinship roy. >> suzannah, the queen reigned over seven decades, in the age of radio, tv and later social media. do you anticipate king charles
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that there to be able to navigate the royal family and how it's viewed, having such an accessible public image now versus when the queen took over for her reign? >> that's a really good question because media is everything. every action is scrutinize quickly across the world. i think it helps that he knows who he is. he is a man in his 70s. he has been happily married for 17 years. there isn't a great deal of trauma and his personal life at the moment. obviously, there has been in the past. to be scrutinized -- i think it will be harder for the younger generations, perhaps it will be okay for prince william's, the new principles. prince george, of course, is now just second in line to the throne and to go up in light of that scrutiny in the modern age is gonna be much harder. i think for the king, i think
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there is a sense that for the time being, the mood is with him, and that is across most of the media. there will always be pockets of people that feel differently, but in this country, on balance, people are recognizing that he could be a king. >> suzannah lipcomb, i appreciate you and your analysis. thank you for being here this evening. coming up, information on the nuclear capabilities of a foreign nation. that's what the fbi found during their search of trump's home last month. congressman david cicilline joins me after albert. me after albert. try downy wrinkle guard fabric softener! wrinkle guard penetrates deep into fibers, leaving clothes so soft, wrinkles don't want to stick around. make mornings smoother with downy wrinkle guard fabric softener. my most important kitchen tool? my brain. so i choose neuriva plus. unlike some others,
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from the company that powers more businesses than anyone else. call and start saving today. a risk to national security. comcast business. powering possibilities. that's not justice department lawyers are describing a federal decision to allow a special master to review evidence seized from donald trump's home last month. this week, the doj filed a motion to appeal judge aileen cannon's ruling, arguing that a temper halt to the criminal investigation into trump's mishandling of classified materials could cause, quote, irreparable harm to our national security and intelligence issues. this comes as a series of inflammatory headlines send trump world into a deeper has been, including new reporting from the washington post that materials detailing a foreign nation's nuclear capabilities
5:17 pm
were recovered at mar-a-lago during the fbi search. whether that country was a geopolitical ally or adversary, remains unknown. joining me now is democratic congressman, david cicilline of rhode island. he is a member of the house judiciary committee and the author of house on fire, fighting for democracy in the age of political arson. congressman, thank you for joining us this evening. you also served on the house foreign affairs committee, which is responsible for national security developments affecting foreign policy among other things. how gravely should really be assessing this reported that donald trump had documents detailing another country's nuclear capabilities at's beach front golf club of all places? >> this revolution is very alarming. we know that the mar-a-lago residence had more than 300 documents that were classified are not classified at his resort or home at mar-a-lago. 100 of those seized in the
5:18 pm
execution of the search warrant, most recently. now we are learning that some of the information of these classified documents with some of the most sensitive and secret of the national security secrets. in fact of -- so great that only the president and his certain ember of people can view them. i think we saw today from secretary clinton, documents like that need to arrive to her in a single briefcase attach the someone's arm, so that it was secure. these are very highly sensitive with potential consequences for a national security. they are very grave, and if not secured property, taking them away from the white house improperly and not turned over when they were demanded to be turned over. this is deadly serious. >> congressman, i want to apologize. i'm having problems hearing you, but apparently, you're able to hear me.
5:19 pm
i will keep on going because i value your time and the opportunity to have you here. i will pivot a bit now congressman, the department of justice moved to appeal judge cannons rule on the necessity of a special master on the case. but the doj and trump attorneys posed special candidates disservice petal master yesterday. i would like to get your thoughts on what i think arsenal tactics frankly, by donald trump, claiming a need for a special master and the nominees that been put forth by the job? >> yeah, look, i think we looked at this and set a special master is not necessary. there is no basis for it, and is clearly an effort by donald trump to delay this ongoing very serious criminal investigation. the department of wanted to appoint a special master at the very least, do not apply that to the hundreds of documents that we already identified as highly classified and allow
5:20 pm
them to look at the -- continue its ongoing criminal investigation and risk assessment of the national intelligence agency. hopefully the judge will allow that. -- to distract and the lay, avoid accountability. the department of justice is not going to allow that to happen. there is confidence that the department of justice will pop hard to continue its work, dementia no one is above the law. and if someone steals classified documents from the white house, does not secure them properly and refuses to return them, they must be held accountable, especially when it endangers the national security. knowing this especially that it's a former president of the u.s.. >> congressman, donald trump doesn't operate in a back room. he is an a+. you served as one of the impeachment managers for trump second impeachment trial, where 43 republican senators voted in support of his acquittal. passport 18 months later, gop
5:21 pm
senators expressing support for him in the mar-a-lago issue, someone like mauro -- marco rubio to call it, quote, just a storage issue. your latest book -- sounds the alarm on the republican colleagues ability to continue to make excuses for somebody like donald trump. and your opinion, is there a tipping point for republicans that is ever going to be enough to change their blindly to him? >> we certainly have not seen any evidence of the. -- and to make the case that democracy is on the ballot for the bitter militants. we have one political party fighting hard to protect democracy, protect the rule of law, it can sure nobody is above the rule of law in the country. we have another party, the republicans, who are actively undermining republican -- democracy, minimizing this very serious talking of classified documents of the white house
5:22 pm
and, frankly, endangering the national security of the u.s., and men and women who served our intelligence community and a law communities that did the investigation. it claims that they should defund the fbi and mocking the serious work -- this is very dangerous. whether republican, democrat or independent, we all should protect the rule of law, the truth, the fact that nobody is above the law. everyone that is engaged in this conduct even before the president of the united states. >> congressman david cicilline, again, i appreciate you taking the time to join us this evening. >> my pleasure. >> coming up next -- thanks, congressman. coming up next, steve bannon facing new fraud charges but this time from the state of new york. york customizes your home insurance, here's a pool party. ♪ good times. insurance! ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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attorney alvin -- said about former trump advisor steve bannon this week. he pleaded not guilty to charges including money laundering, scheming to defraud and conspiracy for allegedly swing letting americans who wanted to contribute to the construction of a southern border wall. bannon's attorney told a judge, quote, he is not going anywhere. now, this is not the first time that bannon has faced criminal charges for the so-called we built a wall scheme. he was hit with federal fraud charges in august of 2020, but was pardon by then president trump before he had to face any of the music. joining me now are david henderson, a civil rights attorney and former prosecutor and airy that man, former united states attorney, former deputy assistant attorney general under the clinton administration and a host of the talking fed spot costs. harry, i guess i could have kept ongoing with that intro, but two of my favorites are here. david and harry, thank you so much. david, i want to start with you. what is next for steve bannon in this process, and how
5:28 pm
quickly do you think we could see him go to trial if he does not take some kind of plea beforehand? >> i think he is probably looking at a rocket docket here. i think they want to get the child quickly here because of the amount of attention involved. school is really a play here is that he has to be nervous in a way that members of his team have not been nervous about this far. i don't think members of his organization really fear for federal prosecutors, because they have gotten by so many times. it has become a story of -- they're in danger of flying too close to the sun. here, he looks at the potential for. here's something else you have to think about. if, heaven forbid, you grow up with their mom and take a piece of candy from the russia story, you're in trouble for protecting the candy but you also to get the candid back. all this money data and used for different purposes, they potentially had to pay that money back. if they admit they can't, that --
5:29 pm
>> harry, the manhattan the a also said bannon could face 5 to 15 years in prison if convicted. how does the fact that former president trump already pardon bannon on this federal charges for the same conduct and same kind of nucleus operative effects. how does that affect this particular state case, or maybe it does not? >> not in the least. it seems a little strange to some, but in fact, there is not a double jeopardy problem because it is a different sovereign. that's the idea. it might as well be a different country. new york used to have a statutory double jeopardy provision, but they changed that, in part, anticipating all the trump crimes that they were already investigating. it does not help him in the least, he has no double jeopardy argument. now they're the last, brad charged separate facts. the feds charged him with pocketing money, which
5:30 pm
apparently he did. new york has charged him basically with funneling money to ryan -- one of the heads of the postal children of the whole effort. i think you can expect to see him as star witness at trial. he pleaded guilty before, that means he has to cooperate, and wonder very person you funneled money to is sitting in town of a jury and saying, yeah, he funneled money to me, good luck with that. >> david, harry mentions that issue, right? you have other people that were coconspirators in this whole scam. to a dam, brian kolfage and andrew badolato, they already pleaded guilty to do -- that was in the federal indictment. they have yet to be sentenced. obviously, they want to get reduction on their possible person exposure here. do you reasonably anticipate, david, do you expect to hear from his coconspirators in terms of testifying against the
5:31 pm
bannon? >> 100%. i say that is the likelihood of north of 1%. dick about it, we are all in on it, we all did it, and for some reason, only you've got pardon, that tends to add salt to the wound. what you have to remember is once you start looking at going to trial, it's about building a narrative, so yes, these people will come forward, they will testify against him, and in a sense, if you think about it, you almost won this case, even if you lose it, not only did he have productions on the federal system in terms of receiving a pardon, but the cameras allowed -- judge allowed cameras into the state proceedings and it is their ability to shape the narrative. it's going to expose cracks in the organization that we all know are there, but have not seen expose quite the way that the shot was going to. >> david, to your point, people that were fleeced were maga republicans. they are the ones that were fleeced in this particular instance. it will be interesting to see how they deal with the fact that there is somebody saying
5:32 pm
that is exactly what's the bannon was doing to them. harry, i want to switch gears to the legal trouble that trump himself is facing, as we have been talking about a lot. the doj has appealed a federal judge ruling to allow a special master to review evidence seized at mar-a-lago next month. what do you make about that move from the justice department. i thought it was particularly elegant to do that motion for partial stay of relief. >> well put, on the one hand, they basically told her, you are endangering the national security, but they did it delicately and gave her a surgical out, if it's under classified documents. the big news i think trump's response and a jerk responses today about a special master. he said would no argument, i still want executive privilege, so he's going to have to reverse field. she cannot just depend on the parties to acquiesce. the question is, will she take away at what the department said.
5:33 pm
look, we will appeal on thursday feed onto this, so she is looking at the kind of threat of a very strong deal because the whole basis of her opinion with executive privilege, the thing they're aiming at, is pretty much flawless. >> harry lippman, david henderson, we could probably sit here and hang up for another few hours talking about this more. david henderson, i will see you again in the next hour. harry, thanks for being with me as always. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> after the break, our clean elizabeth coverage continues. coming up next hour, the president of the planned parenthood action fund, alexis mcgill johnson joins us. we will discuss that big boost and democratic voter registrations that we are seeing after roe was overturned. roe was overturned. shh! shh! [light switch clicks] don't pta meetings end at nine? -it ran... late. -oh got lost. the lexus rx built for modern families.
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♪♪ do you want some more? wait till you see me on the downhill. see you at home. enjoy it. with the advanced safety features of a lexus es. one then princess elizabeth
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turned 21 years old in 1947, this is what she told the nation. >> i declare before you all but my whole life, whether it be long or short, shall be devoted to your service. >> she took the throne just five years later. bearing her 70 year reign, queen elizabeth ii was often the one constant in an increasingly in constant world. she provided to the lashes of the british empire, live
5:38 pm
through the suez crisis, the cold war, the falkland's war, the beginning of the internet, the fall of the world trade center, brexit, covid and more than a dozen prime ministers. even when her husband prince philip died during the pandemic, she continued to set an example for her people. she adhered to government guidelines by sitting apart from everyone at her funeral, with his trademark stoicism. right up to the moment she died, queen elizabeth continued to demonstrate that she felt her job was bigger than her, the person. joining me now, autumn brewington, washington post opinions editor and the author of post elizabeth, and newsletter at change at the palace. and carly ledbetter, senior reporter for the huffpost, where she covers the royals. thank you both for being here. autumn, i would like to start with you. you write that the british monarchy frankly should have ceased to exist a long time ago, but was able to survive this long simply because of the queen. can you explain what she meant
5:39 pm
by that? >> in recent years, in particular, we have seen a lot of movement towards conversations about equality and sort of questions adjusting historical racism, colonialism, see members of the commonwealth decide to declare independence. the british monarchy is an ancient system that is based on heredity. it is a matter of when and to whom you're born, not what you accomplished for yourself. in a 24 century world, it's reasonable that people might say, is that something that we need today? >> carly, in your opinion, what do you think was the biggest impact that clean had on the united kingdom? >> i think people always site her 70 years of stability, and so few missteps within that
5:40 pm
seven decades. just her presence and commitment to duty and service above all. she was released, like i said, sources of stability that so many look to as a constant. as the famous line goes, she is the only clean that most of us have ever known. >> autumn, the queen oversaw so many historic and tragic events during her reign. in your opinion, what kind of example that she set during those incredibly difficult moments? >> i think she made it more possible for people to keep carrying on. she served in world war ii, she saved ration coupons for her wedding dress, she was always present. even though she lived in a palace, she was not a particularly ostentatious person herself. we really saw her off-duty, she was wearing a head scarf. she loved her dogs. she, in many ways, although she carried herself as a queen, she
5:41 pm
presented as a country woman at heart. >> carly, do you think that the people at large have an appreciation of the reality though that the royal family really has not been the machine behind the politics of what has been going on in the united kingdom and more kind of a figurehead or an idea of times that have gone by? you think people have an appreciation for the real distinction between where the power really sits in a country? >> i think there definitely is a distinction that people know that the queen and her soft power really have come with a lot of constraints. i think what we will look to with king charles going forward, i mean, can charles has written letters to politicians. he has intervened on issues that he finds so important, and that's one of the biggest concerns people have going forward, is walking charles
5:42 pm
continue to champion some of the causes that he has in a past. will he intervene and government affairs? that remains to be seen? >> autumn, in the last question, i would like to talk to you right now, kind of what we talked about with carli, this idea that the power does not sit with the raw family. do you still think someone like king charles iii will be able to affect social norms, affect policy and try to actually make progress within the united kingdom? >> i think he has told us so far that he does not intend to lead asking the way he was living his life as prince of us, so his remarks yesterday in his first address to the nation resource of signaling that he knew things would have to be different, so telling people indirectly he would probably not be engaging with government and political issues, the way he had as a prince, that said, the monarchy is about leading and about royals --
5:43 pm
so, i think he will be looking to effect change and show people a way forward on issues that matter to him. >> hardly leadbetter and autumn brewington, please, both of you, stick around, we will discuss more with both of you in our next hour. and coming up, the conservative scheme to deny americans access to potentially lifesaving preventative medical care. eventative medical care. 's gummies. they help you fall asleep naturally with an optimal dose of melatonin. and a complementary botanical blend. so you can wake up refreshed. for better sleep, like never before.
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5:47 pm
in texas declared an unconstitutional for the affordable care act to require coverage for certain hiv prevention drugs. u.s. district court judge reed o'connor ruled that the aca mandate for free coverage of hiv drugs like truvada and discovery, commonly known as, prop violated the violent religious beliefs of a christian owned company. these drugs are taken by
5:48 pm
hundreds of thousands of americans, but their most often taken by men who have sex with other men, and that is the crux of the issue for conservative activists jonathan mitchell, and the christian employer on behalf of which he filed this lawsuit. for years, mitchell and other republicans have targeted, quote unquote, liberal social profit lacey's with legal action including abortion rights and lgbtq rights. this texas ruling comes just as elected lgbtq election and operatives join forces to fight conservative bigotry and discrimination, creating a political group, which is taken on anti lgbtq candidates in the midterms. >> we have to fight back and stop them. our mission harness our energy, make a difference in tough races, protect our basic freedoms to love and choose. that is our agenda. we are rich and pick.
5:49 pm
joining me now is agenda packed chair and pennsylvania state representative, malcolm kenyatta, and my good friend malcolm, it is good to see you. what is a reaction to this texas judge's ruling on hiv preventative drugs? >> always good to be with you. my reaction is one the turned stomach. as somebody for whom my christian faith is core to who i am, i was ordained as a minister at my pentecost old church at age 14. i almost went to seminary. my face is a guide and a cornerstone of my entire life and that is true for so many people. and to see our fates be bastardized over, and over again to justify clear cruelty
5:50 pm
is incredibly frustrating to me as a person of faith. jesus literally spent his life going around healing people who had chronic diseases. and now you have people who claim that they are followers of jesus, who want to strip away lifesaving treatments and also preventative treatments like prep and like medicines which we know has helped so many people live a healthy lifestyle. so it's infuriating. my hope is that this is obviously not upheld. but this is a part of what we are seeing out of this christian nationalist movement that flies in the face of everything i learned growing up in church, and also flies in the face of who we are to be as americans. >> malcolm, obviously the intent behind this lawsuit was motivated by hate. and hatred towards a specific group of people.
5:51 pm
so, to combat that, let's talk about agenda pack. what impact do you want this group to have in this upcoming november midterm election, 2024 elections, and all of the election cycles that are to come key? >> we are doing everything we can to eat the beautiful bigots all across this country. i will tell you, and say this over and over again. the religious freedom, or they're trying to open the zeitgeist around american freedom. among what these bigots consistently do is expose themselves. they don't give to farts about freedom. okay? they are about imposing their views on to other people and agenda pack is gonna make sure that we stop these people from being in office. we are going to be doing the type of aggressive messaging and campaigning, telling people
5:52 pm
the truth, and being a part of this conversation. i think it's critical for us to not allow the bigots to be the only voice and conversations about our basic freedoms and rights. we are going to be rolling out our first ad against doug mastriano, not just early next week. so if people want to be first in line to see this ad. i think it's pretty good. they should just go to agenda pack dot org, get involved as we've seen so many people across the country decide to do as well. and we are going to continue to take on the people who have no business being in office. we have to make sure that who no matter who, are we worship, you get a fair shot, and a fair shake, and we are not gonna sit by idly by when people rip away the freedom to choose, the freedom to, love and the freedom to -- cosby a full participant in the promise of this country. >> let's talk about those
5:53 pm
freedoms, malcolm, and you and i have had conversations before about what happened during the dobbs decision, and the impact it had. now we have this ruling in texas dealing with the prep medications. justice clarence thomas in his concurrence in dobbs say, he wanted the court to revisit same-sex marriage, the right to contraception. he identified cases that clearly were highlighting that scotus, for example, to be gunning for those freedoms. what is the work your group will be doing to help combat that? >> a part of what we are going to be doing this to make sure that there is a political price to pay for peddling these types of hateful messages pushing these types of policies that we know have a devastating impact on families. i think a part of what happens when you expose what these ideas look like in practice, you see a lot of americans say
5:54 pm
no, i don't want any parts of that. you look at what happened since dobbs was overturned, and even more americans are saying they want to see abortion be legal in all instances because we are seeing the real impact of it. we are seeing kids who were raped having to cross state borders because they can't get an abortion in their state. we are seeing women who are -- might have a miscarriage who are now at risk of being investigated by the police doctors who are having to consult a lawyer before they perform a medical procedure. the same is true around these bigoted policies within lgbtq community. in texas, where that governor said that they were going to send child protective services after parents who just support their kids as who they are, child protective services settled a lawsuit that they are at a breaking point. they're not able to actually investigate real child abuse because they are going after
5:55 pm
affirming parents. agenda pack is gonna show on tv, on digital, through texas, through billboard's, show people what that looks like we what that looks like in practice because we i'm not sure americans want to go back to a place where who you love is decided by someone else. the majority of american people don't want to have fewer rights in the next 50 years than they had in the previous 50 years. agenda pack is going to show these bigots for the hateful monsters that they are, and we believe the american people are going to rally with us to beat them. as i said, people, every single day, kate, have been blown away by how many people have been going to agenda packed dot org. and we're excited for people to see this firsthand in a couple of days. >> exposing the beatable bigots. there is that saying, right. sunlight is the best disinfectant, right? pennsylvania state representative malcolm kenyatta, thank you for being, here i appreciate it.
5:56 pm
>> thank you my dear friend. >> ahead, marking 21 years since the 9/11 attacks. e the 9/11 attacks already told everyone! (cool guy) $30...that's awesome. (mom) it's their best unlimited price ever. (woman) for $30 a line, i'm switching now. (vo) the network you want. the price you love. only from verizon. it's time for the biggest sale of the year, on the sleep number 360 smart bed. snoring? it can gently raise your partner's head to help. our smart sleepers get 28 minutes more restful sleep per night. all smart beds are on sale. save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. ends monday. the chef's chicken sandwiches at panera, freshly prepared with clean ingredients... spark an explosion of the senses. so when you finally taste it, it just confirms... this. is. fantastic. and only at panera. $0 delivery fee for a limited time.
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5:59 pm
tomorrow, will mark 21 years since the 20 -- september 9th attacks. americans remember where they
6:00 pm
were and what they were doing when they heard the news. he had, 21 years on and ever growing number of americans have no personal memory of that day. either because they were too young or not yet born. that's one of the reasons why we still make september 11th an annual day of reflection and remembrance. so that we lived by the words that were so often said in the days after that fateful morning, never forget. so tomorrow, president biden will speak a ceremony at the pentagon. vice president kamala harris and the central gentlemen we're attend a commemoration ceremony at the memorial in manhattan. and first lady doctor joe biden will deliver remarks at the flight 93 national rim oriole observance in shanksville, pennsylvania. even for those who didn't live through it and those who aren't old enough to remember it, september 11th will forever be a part of our national


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