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tv   Ayman  MSNBC  September 17, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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ayman tonight. dozens of subpoenas, the justice department expands its investigation into trump and its allies, and their efforts to overturn the 2020 election. nine, cruel and inhumane, republican governors treat humans like cattle, all in order to score crass political points. and, voter fraud fail, what ron desantis did not tell you about those election arrest, florida democratic lieutenant governor candidate is here to respond. i'm ayman mohyeldin, let's get started. ♪ ♪ ♪ hey there, everyone. tonight, we start with a series of -- developments stemming from the fbi search of florida's trump home last month. just 24 hours, the justice department filed an appeal to temporarily blocked parts of a judge is ordered that stop them
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from examining the classified documents were seized in that search. now, the department asked a federal appeals court in atlanta to immediately lift the hold and let them resume their work, claiming the delay quote, impeach the governments efforts to protect the nation's security. that motion was in response to a order that was issued by trump appointed district court judge aileen cannon, that was done earlier this week, denying the justice department's request to exclude classified documents from a special master's review of the material that was seized. cannon named raymond dearie, a former new york federal judge, as that special master. and a decision from judge can and will likely significantly delay the department of justice's probe, which is looking into just how exactly classified material ended up at trump's residence. according to new reporting from the washington post, in a call last year with members of trump's team, nationals archives officials were told
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that none, none of the material in trump's possession was sensitive or classified. and that trump had only 12 boxes of quote, news clippings that he stored at his home. now, since that call, federal officials have recalled 42 boxes of records from trump's offices, including 15 boxes handed over by his representatives to the archives last january, and in an additional 27 boxes retrieved by the fbi last month. and as we now know, some of that material was marked with the highest, and i repeat, the highest classification levels, suggesting those documents contain some of the governments most sensitive and secretive information. now, so much for news clippings. and this is not the only legal battle team trump is fighting with the justice department. this week, we learned that the doj issued dozens of subpoenas related to trump and his allies and their efforts to overturn the 2020 election.
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while that number's first reported to be around 40, sources close to trump told political the number subpoenas issued may be closer to between 50 and 75. that is how broad the investigation into election subversion has grown. the aggressive step comes amid new reporting that ex white house chief of staff mark meadows has not complied with a subpoena from the justice department in that investigation, making him the highest ranking trump official to have cooperated thus far. and as the walls once again begin to close in on donald trump, he is going back to his old habits, spreading lies, spreading conspiracies. but even worse, we all know all those lies can lead to real violence. and trump seems to almost be counting on that if things do not go his way. in fact, here is how he responded just this week when asked about a possible indictment. >> i think if it happened, i think you would have problems in this country the likes of which perhaps we've never seen before.
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i do not think the people united states would stand for it. >> what kind of problems, mister president? >> i think they would have big problems, big problems. i just do not think they would stand for it. they would not sit still and stand for this ultimate of hoaxes. >> all right, let's discuss now democratic congressman ted lieu of california, he's a member of the house judiciary committee, a former trump impeachment manager, and a former air force prosecutor congressman. congressman, it's so great to see you in new york in person. your are first in-person guests on this show for almost a year. so, thank you for making time for us. >> thank you, ayman. i wanted to be here and be your first guess. >> listen, there's a lot to discuss. i would like to get your thoughts on what happens first of all if this appeal by the department of justice is not granted, basically. we have learned from the government's position that it would do serious damage to the government's ability to protect national security, instinct, secrets, if they are in fact
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not granted this appeal. what do you make of how this is playing our? now >> ida security clearance before congress, and in congress, i'm a top secret security clearance. if i had secret or top secret documents in my home, i would be arrested and indicted. the lower courts ruling is insane. she is basically suggesting that there is a dispute whether or not these documents are classified. if they are mark secret or top secret, they are classified. and more than that, these are not doldrums documents. the taxpayers funded these documents. the taxpayers only documents, not the ex president. >> judge cannon appointed the special master here in new york. what do you make of the fact that you just have a judge, although a very credible and well respected judge here in new york, look over the contents. but just the idea of having these state secrets, that are as we mentioned, at one point supposed to have the highest
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classification with in that system now being reviewed by a judge. >> so, these secrets are so potentially damaging to u.s. security they could put americans lives at risk. you have to look at these documents in a special room, and you have to get special permission for some of these documents. just because i have a top secret clearance, does not mean i can look at some of these documents. i had to get additional approvals. so, just to have additional people keeping their eyes on these documents is risky to our national security. and i really think that this lower court ruling is crazy for another reason. she is basically suggesting that somehow these documents can be posted on the front pages of the new york times. and somehow be declassified. there is no evidence whatsoever that they should be declassified. >> let's talk about that disconnect. on one, hand you are saying the documents should be reviewed by a judge. but at the same time, you have the president going on radio and doing interviews and saying that he basically declassify the materials.
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how, how does one wrap their head around that? if the president is saying they're declassified, but then at the same time of a judge saying, we need a special master to review the classification of these documents, which is it? >> let's first all be clear, ex president donald trump does not even have a security clearance. and if he had declassified these documents, this is what would have happened. he would've had to tell someone. he cannot declassify them in his own mind. and then they told someone, he would've told the office of classification documents that okay, these documents are declassified. you know what would have happened? the biden administration on day one would have re-classify them. because that is insane that these documents can appear on the front pages of any newspaper. because you cannot just be classified documents for one person, it does not work that way. if they are declassified, you get to see it, my cousin gets to see it, my dentist gets to see it. so, that's just crazy all-around. >> yeah, no doubt about. let me ask about the broader investigation into the attempt to overturn the election. as we are reporting, their
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subpoenas have gone out, and actually reported around 40, now could be as many as 50 to 75. what do you make of the scope of the investigation as we learn more about it in terms of what it is that the department of justice is beginning to piece together with these subpoenas? >> in america, there is not one set of laws for ex president donald trump and his associates, and then another set of laws for everybody else. that is not how it works in america. in america, the law applies equally, no one is above the law, and that is what the department justices doing, they are going to apply the law. in addition to these subpoenas, what people should be really scared of if they are a trump associate is the seizures, because these seizures of phones, and the searches of different places had to be approved by a federal judge. and that federal judge would have had to have found a probable cause that evidence of a crime was going to be found in that phone. >> do you think that now as we enter the so-called 60-day
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period before a midterm election, where the department of justice kind of goes into this quiet phase, not to appear influencing, if you will, or being involved in politics ahead of the midterm election, do you think we are entering into a dangerous period where president trump is more or less on the ballot, the ex president, is on the ballot, because of his ideology, the big lie candidates that are running in these races. and the department of justice now has its hands tied a little bit because of a political calculation? >> well, i agree with you that ex president donald trump is on the ballot. so is abortion, and democrats have been putting people over politics. and working on lowering costs, save our communities, bigger paychecks. and you have republicans who want to return lies abortion nationwide. all of this is on the ballot. i do not think the -- with indict the ex president in the next 60 days or so. and by the way, i do agree with
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donald trump that if he were indicted, the country would see problems we have not seen before, because there be a large spontaneous amount of people dancing in the streets. and we need people to deal with that. and that is actually what happened when he got kicked out of office, people went and danced in the streets. >> yeah, i remember election day, when election was called, the celebrations taking place. speaking of that, what do you make of the sound we played of donald trump more or less warning of violence if he were indicted? is that something that concerns you? do you genuinely believe that he has riled up his base enough, him and others including lindsey graham, that if in fact this president is indicted, which many believe that he should be, we could potentially see violence in america? >> i actually do think we could see dancing in the streets. we saw what happened during the prior election when he got kicked out, there was dancing in the streets. now in terms of violence, it is always something that could happen because you have republicans, especially bad
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republicans, continue to push political violence. i do think that even bad republicans are seeing what is happening with january 6th and the insurrectionists being sent to prison or jail that they may think twice about doing a show of violence. >> really quickly, before we go, how do you feel the democrats chances are before the midterms? we've seen special races where the democrats surprisingly one. and as you said, abortion is on the ballot this. year has that issue and what it means for americans change the dynamics of the midterm? >> the overwhelming majority of americans knows that these are deeply personal, private decisions. and a woman should make that decision and consultation with her doctor or family or her god. and that decision should not be made by senator lindsey graham or other mega politicians. >> congressman ted lieu, greatly appreciate you. great to see you in person, thank you for taking time for. us >> thank.
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to target political enemies. that is what led to his first impeachment. after all, he was extorting ukraine in an effort to get dirt on joe biden.
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and as is often the case with trump, we are actually learning that this authoritarian tennessee he had was far worse than we ever realize. in fact this week the senate judiciary committee announced that will investigate allegations that trump, when he was president, sought to use the u.s. attorney's office in manhattan to support him and punish his critics. perhaps not a big surprise. those allegations detailed in a new book by jeffrey burnham, trump's former attorney for the southern district of new york, including trump pushing for the former white house counsel's prosecution before the 2018 midterms. and trump urging an investigation into obama's former secretary of state john kerry. here's what berman told rachael earlier this week. >> trump turned the department into his own personal law firm. he put in people who would do his bidding, and they would, you know, target trump's political enemies and assist
5:17 pm
trump's friends. and it was a disgrace. >> all right, let's bring in glenn kershner a former federal prosecutor, and david -- a former prosecutor for mother jones. both are msnbc contributors. both authors of a new book on american psychosis, an investigation of how the republican party went crazy which we're going to discuss a little bit later in this hour. gentlemen, it's great to have both of you with us. glenn, i will start with you. your reaction to the revelations in the berman book quite astounding right? the senate judiciary announcing all investigate the claims. >> jeff berman's claims about the -- corruption of the justice department make me sick, ayman. i would never claim to speak for all prosecutors, but i actually think any honest, honorable, ethical prosecutor, federal, state county, or local with hear these allegations
5:18 pm
that are being made by jeff berman and would recoil in horror. this is a gross abuse of the prosecutorial power. and reading jeff berman's book, i wrote down one sentence because i did not want to miss quote him even by one word, he said trump justice department kept demanding that i use the southern district of new york u.s. attorney's office to aid them politically. that is the opposite of how we go about prosecuting without fear, without favor, and without any concern for politics. >> the thing is, david, to glance point, we all kind of knew this, but we didn't know this. we all kind of felt that that was happening during the trump years when he was in office, that he was politicizing and weaponizing in the department of justice, certainly under bill barr to some extent. and it is almost cliché at this point, david, that we get frustrated by people who hold on to information like this in order to sell brooks. but having said that, what do
5:19 pm
you make of berman's charges of political interference, and the amount of weight they carry, and that we're learning about them now officially as opposed to years ago when they were happening? >> while, i'm glad that glenn also mentioned bill barr in the same breath as donald trump, because bill barr's justice department that donald trump politicize, that bill barr allowed to be weaponized. you saw that with the robert mueller investigation, and now berman has give me another example deep inside. but there's something to your point, here ayman. everything that donald trump does, i think this would frustrate a prosecutor in trying to bring a case against him. he does almost openly. he spent years calling on the justice department to prosecute his political enemies. you know, you know, his first attorney general, he said why are you not going after hillary clinton? it's been protected again and again and again that the justice department going after
5:20 pm
barack obama and joe biden when he was president. he kind there is a deep state that needed to be prosecuted. now we are learning that what he said in public, which should have been enough to turn off most of the public to him, actually was being intimated by bill barr. and these are the details, maybe the individual notes, but we know the song. donald trump himself missing in the song. >> yeah. >> and bring it up to today, he's up there saying the justice department is a political weapon being used by the democrats against me in this raid on mar-a-lago. and once more, he is making the claim for what he himself has done himself. >> glenn, let's shift focus here for a moment to trump investigations. i'll start by asking you where you see the doj appeal going to temporarily blocking trump's judges ruling that prevent him from accessing the classified information of the classified records that were taken from
5:21 pm
trump's home, where you think that goes from here? >> so, i know a lot of people are concerned and they cite the fact that the 11th circuit court of appeals, which will take up the -- judge cannons pretty -- ruling, consists of six trump appointees and five non trump appointees. i happen to believe, ayman, that it's such an a horrific opinion that you know judge cannon with issue a stop war order concerning classified documents that the fbi needs to investigate to one, expose the potential crimes of trump of company and to, protect our national security. a federal court judge trying to put a stop to both of those things does not make any sense. it does not make factual sense. there is no real legal support, because there really is no viable privilege that attaches to these classified documents. so, i actually am pretty
5:22 pm
confident the 11th circuit will get it right. of course, these days it seems like it is anybody's guess. >> yeah, absolutely, glenn kirschner thank you so much for joining, us david corn please stick around, we are going to talk to a little bit later on in the show. after the break, we are going to discuss david's new book that delves into the republican party's deep history a fearmongering to win votes. and you can imagine it all started long before trump and qanon. p an qanon. so i go triple... with trelegy. with 3 medicines in 1 inhaler,... it's the only once-daily treatment for adults that takes triple action against asthma symptoms. trelegy helps make breathing easier,... improves lung function,... and lasts for 24 hours. go triple... go trelegy. because asthma has taken enough. trelegy won't replace a rescue inhaler... for sudden breathing problems. trelegy contains a medicine that increases risk of hospitalizations and death from asthma problems when used alone.
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(cool guy) $30...that's awesome. (mom) it's their best unlimited price ever. (woman) for $30 a line, i'm switching now. (vo) the network you want. the price you love. only from verizon. donald trump possibly more than any other politician in this country has helped normalize the most fringe aspects of the gop, including the qanon movement. if you think any president would disavow a group that believes politicians are part of some satanic child trafficking cabal, but trump cannot resist supporting his fans no matter how deplorable their beliefs are.
5:27 pm
>> i do not know much about that movement, other than i understand they like me very much. which i appreciate. what i do hear about it is they are very strongly against pedophilia, and i agree with that. i mean, i do agree with that. >> there is not a satanic pedophile cabal -- >> i don't know that. >> you don't know that? >> that was trump's take on qanon, until this week when he fully embrace the conspiracy group, sending out a series of memes on a struggling social media platform including one of him wearing a cue lapel featuring the words the storm is coming. that is qanon's unofficial motto. coincidentally, a qanon obsessed michigan father was killed by police when he murdered his wife and severely wounded his daughter. the daughter blames qanon for his her father's actions. of course, we are not blame trump for what this man did. but trump and republicans have amplified these conspiracies by winking at embracing them for
5:28 pm
years, allowing them to reach larger and larger audiences and in fact the brains of people who can act on these conspiracies, believing that they are real. after all, why would a former president amplify any of this garbage, right? well, david corn in his new book american psychosis, a historic investigation of how the republican party went crazy, argues that the republican party's embrace of dangerous lies and conspiracies goes back decades, well before qanon, all the way back to mccarthyism. in fact, it is in the party's dna at this point. corn rights quote, for decades republicans have told voters to be scared and suspicious. the world was a treacherous place, full of hidden foes commies, radicals, black protesters, secularist, those of the american family. david corn is back with us to break all of this down. david, it's good to see you. let's start with trump's recent embrace of qanon taking it to a
5:29 pm
whole new level this week. how is the right so comfortable with trump openly embracing these dangerous and sikh conspiracies? >> well, it's not so much why these what why the rioters accountable, it's why the republican is so comfortable? my book is a history of the nature of the republican party and a critical analysis of how the republican party, the gop, for seven decades has also encouraged and exploited extremism, racism, bigotry, paranoia, and conspiracy theory as you see now with qanon. and note that i start the book in the mccarthy period when joe mccarthy senator, republican senator, gave speeches and claim that there was a secret cabal of democratic officials and elites who wanted to destroy america from within. and this included george c. marshall, the secretary of defense at the time under president harry as truman. and it was not that their
5:30 pm
policies were wrong, that they were soft on the soviets and economies, it was that they were actively promoting a plan to destroy america so the soviet union could take it over once a collapsed. and if you fast forward, you know, through the tea party and other things up to now that is essentially qanon without the baby eating and sexual trafficking charges of that qanon has added to the conspiracy. so, the republican party back in the 50s lionized mccarthy. half of the senate republicans voted against him, too obsessed. but when eisenhower ran as president 52, he ran with mccarthy, and -- endorse the man and his views. even though privately, he was aghast at them and hated mccarthy. and if you look at barry goldwater a few years later, he basically embraced and to some degree endorsed the john birth society, which is mccarthy-ism on steroids. and you keep going up and up,
5:31 pm
both george bush's endorsed and embraced pat robertson. >> yeah. >> who is still around today, and has promoted, he has always promoted this antisemitic conspiracy theory that, again, a small cabal of people working literally for satan, this includes the federal reserve, the trilateral commission, the rothschild family, european bankers, henry kissinger, that they are trying to impose one world government, create a totality state for looser. >> yeah. >> it's in the book, this includes george w. bush as an unwitting accomplice. so, even though he's out there saying all these kooky things and implying george bush the elder is part of this conspiracy, maybe unwittingly, the republican party embraced him, and george h. w. bush and george w. bush spoke at christian coalition events. so again and again and again we
5:32 pm
see the republican party embracing far-right extremism -- >> yet. >> and i think with trump, it's not an aberration, it's a continuation escalation. and we get back to our dna metaphor. the dna has always been there. and that is what i try to show with this book. >> so, let me ask you, you talk about their embrace of these lies and conspiracies and maybe this is a broader question about why, why does the republican party embrace these unpopular conspiracy theories and lies? is it to avoid having conversations about policies because they do not have any? or is it because it is a form of manipulating the masses and easy to get people to buy into these conspiracy theories then debate policies? >> well, it's, you know -- excuse me, it's unclear how popular they are. now, barry goldwater got killed in a 64 election, and trump lost the last election. but he got more votes than when he ran in 2016. i think what they see is a significant part of their base
5:33 pm
are people who believe these far out ideas. and if they need to bring them into the tent -- they used to call these people the kooks, and the 60s. in fact, ronald reagan once said he had when the election for governor in california in 66 if he could keep the kooks at bay. it did not mean that he did not want their support, he wanted their support, he did not want them identified with the republican party. and he figured out how to do that. so, the party for the last 70 years, once these people as voters, as volunteers, as donors. so, they are not willing to disavow them. and we see with trump he made that, you know, what may have been a smaller part of the gop base up until now a larger part. but you can even go back to the tea party in 2009 and 2010 -- >> yeah. >> and -- embrace this myth that black obama's a secret, socialist muslim who wanted to destroy the country and create concentration camps and death
5:34 pm
panels, they were embraced by john boehner who one of those voters to become the house speaker by winning a majority in the house in 2010. and it worked, although he ended up being chased out of office by those tea party republicans. so, that is what it is. some of it is transactional. and they have people like morgan taylor and greene who are part of the conspiracy, the conspiratorial extreme right. >> not to mention a very different media landscape in the 50s and 60s than what we have now, with social media amplifying all these conspiracy theories. david corn, thank you so much for joining us. congratulation, the book american psychosis is out now, you can certainly get it. congratulations to you on this book. i still have our republican governors engaged in human trafficking? we'll answer that question, next. question next with leading ultra-capacity 5g coverage. t-mobile for business has 5g that's ready right now.
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5:38 pm
gas prices, which the gop has rallied around four months, well, they have fallen for more than 93 days. ukraine, which was once seen at best as a quagmire and at worst a lost cause, has seen some major military gains in the battlefield. abortion has driven young people and women to vote, polls are indicating far better outlooks for democrats than what's anticipated. including for president biden, who has seen's approval rating jumped nine points in the last few weeks. so, when the plant talking points for the republican party began to fall apart, beans the one decade trial up their base? dehumanizing poor, innocent brown people. look at the gross in humanity we saw this week from republican government ron desantis. 50 venezuelan migrants, men, women, and children, with nothing to their names beyond what they could carry on their backs found themselves the victim of a ruse so cartoonish
5:39 pm
ali vile it boggles the mind. desantis ship these people, under false pretenses, promising free housing, fast-track visa applications, to lure as many asylum seekers as possible to a pair of planes destined not for boston, but martha's vineyard. he did not inform the governor massachusetts, a republican by the way, nor the white house. he only told the fox propaganda network. now, desantis is intent, i suppose, was to show that new englanders are somehow just as racist and xenophobic as he and his cronies are. he failed miserably. in fact, the residents of the island invited the migrants with open arms provide him with food, shelter, covid-19 tests, and the means to reach their loved ones in boston. the goddess libs, says desantis and his ilk, say are so found of rousing about prove to --
5:40 pm
be far more christian than info fundamentalist friends thought was possible. let's be clear here, there is nothing question about dehumanizing migrants for political purposes. up until now, desantis has gotten away with this for two reasons. one, because many in the news media are distracted by shiny objects, stopping the reports about lower gas prices and biden's good poll numbers to talk about how politically savvy desantis is being. and as an aside, it is disgusting to see members of the news media top and such crass political terms about human lives. and the other reason desantis is getting away with this is because the men and women and children that he preyed upon where people of color, people who speak a different language, and who in so many ways are not seen as quote, real by far too many americans. they are seen as the other, something less human. but these migrants are human. and they do not deserve to be treated like political ponce. desantis is so gravely political that he never dared to transport undocumented cuban
5:41 pm
migrants from florida. no, he knows all too well that cuban americans yield significant political clout in his state. so, he takes even more marginalized communities and abuses them, treat them like cattle. because they do not have the agency or means to defend themselves. ron desantis is a modern-day version of the southern segregationists who 60 years ago, enraged by the progress americans were making during the civil rights nuance, deceive some 200 black americans into boarding buses that when move them from below the mason dickson line to massachusetts. those races also want to expose liberal hypocrisy, and they too failed. because unfortunately, for the bigoted ron desantis and the bigots who champion him, and the bigots who came before him, there are a awful lot of americans who welcome outsiders. and they do not flinch when they read the words scrawled on the statue of liberty, give us your tired, your poor, your
5:42 pm
huddled masses yearning to breathe free. one of those americans, massachusetts state representative dylan fernandes will join us after the break to talk about this. lk about this. internet solutions nationwide. (wayne) for our not-so-small business too. (vo) get internet that keeps your business ready for anything. from the network america relies on. i have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. now, there's skyrizi. ♪things are getting clearer♪ ♪i feel free to bare my skin♪ ♪yeah, that's all me♪ ♪nothing and me go hand in hand♪ ♪nothing on my skin♪ ♪that's my new plan♪ ♪nothing is everything♪ achieve clearer skin with skyrizi. 3 out of 4 people achieved 90% clearer skin at 4 months. in another study, most people had 90% clearer skin, even at 4 years. and skyrizi is just 4 doses a year, after 2 starter doses. ♪it's my moment, so i just gotta say♪
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5:46 pm
joining me now is massachusetts state representative dylan fernandes, who met with those venezuelan migrants earlier this week. state representative, thank you so much for joining us. as i mentioned you visited the st. andrews church. bring us up to speed on what you saw there where the migrants, i believe, they are lodging there right now. can you just tell us about what you saw and your take away? >> sure, this is a community that bumped into action as soon as migrants landed here. we had no notice whatsoever, but as soon as we found out that they were here, this community came together to support them, not just providing food and shelter but, you know, dental care, health care, wraparound services. they even have kids, spanish speaking kids from the local middle school, come over, and make bracelets with them children. those who came over, so that they can connect on a more human level. and that's what we are grounded
5:47 pm
in here. these are human beings, children, families, they are here legally. their asylum seekers, right? and so, the community response by martha's vineyard, by the state of massachusetts, to treat people with basic humanity and dignity that every human being deserves really presents the best of america. and i can't be more from the strategic district in this state. >> let me ask you, broadly speaking, if i can. representative, to what governor desantis did here. other governors are, you know, trying to do the same, basically, dehumanizing migrants using them as political props. what is the broader takeaway for you, of what these republic republican politicians are doing with this vile stunt? >> i've never seen something more grave or disgusting in my life. i mean, you have the governor of florida, one of the largest states in the country, spending
5:48 pm
his time, not working on the many issues facing florida residents, but using instead, they're taxpayer dollars to ship vulnerable people from texas, not even from florida, to my state, through a secretive plot, just so he can get on fox news, and bumped his chest about how tough he is an immigration. there is nothing tough about using women and children as political pawns, and ron desantis is a coward. he's incredibly cruel, depraved person. so what is strength, what is courage, is how our community responded. again, these people, the support and help that they need, and how our state responded, and coming up with a long term solution, going through case workers, helping connect people with immigration attorneys, and helping them get housing, get
5:49 pm
educational opportunities for the children, and just treating people with humanity. this is basic stuff. and i don't know what they do down in florida, but this is how good government operates up here in massachusetts. >> what do you say to those republicans who are defending their christian values, while at the same time, supporting desantis? we always think of the far-right as having a monopoly on faith and christiane 80 in this country. but when you see a stunt like the one desantis did, it's hard to imagine anything question about the way he did. >> well, i don't think there's anything question about hurting people up by cattle, and shipping them under a lie to a place where they didn't know where they were going. and you know, the governor lied to them. he told them that they were going to boston, and they ended up in martha's vineyard. i mean, look, there criminal implications here, not only is
5:50 pm
this morally criminal, i think this is probably, it has some legal criminal implications. there are implications around human trafficking, deprivation of liberty, kidnapping, fraud. you know, i've spoken with our terrific u.s. attorney, rachael roland, is up here, reaching out to the department of justice for a response, and to look into this. and i think that's what needs to be done. >> yeah, absolutely, i couldn't agree agree with you more. accountability has to be exercised here, against ron desantis and everyone involved in this file and in despicable act. massachusetts state representative dylan fernandes, thank you so much for your time, i really appreciate you joining us, and to all the incredible work you are doing, and the community there is doing with these migrants. thank you. >> thank you. >> after the break, i'm gonna continue the conversation with florida lieutenant governor candidate carlos hernandez. we're gonna also discuss fighting the gop's big lie, and of course, ron desantis's bigoted education policies in that state.
5:51 pm
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5:54 pm
election denying candidate will be on the ballot this fall in governor, attorney general, or secretary of state races. let that sink in for a moment. just think of the damage that could be done if these republicans win. and some almost certainly will. but while these candidates all believe in massive widespread
5:55 pm
fraud, countless investigations, numerous investigations have found actual fraud is rare. so, as you can imagine, i was a bit surprised when governor ron desantis announced just last month that 20 floridians had been arrested for voting when they are ineligible to vote for a pass criminal invictus. it turns out, according to nbc news, advocates claim that those who were arrested did not know they were breaking the law. and in many cases, government officials had actually sent voter registration materials. many have now are those arrested to fight the charges. joining me now is, karla hernandez, the democratic candidate for lieutenant governor of florida. karla, it's great to have you with us. i want to hone in on your state for a second and governor desantis ongoing war to bolster trump's 2020 big lie. in august, desantis announced the first charges stemming from a newly formed elections police unit he helped create in the state. but, there is a lot more to the story here, right?
5:56 pm
>> absolutely, and ayman thank you so much, it's great to be here. you know, what we see is the actual fraud is these maga extremist politicians like ron desantis. he literally, you know, went and got people arrested that had the right to vote. this is the fearmongering that he is doing. he is going around the state, taking peoples rights away. we know that he gerrymandered to african american congressional districts out of their voting bloc. because he is trying to oppress voters, he is trying to create suppression of voters. and this is the type of tie ran a coal, you know, obsessive behavior that we see in dictators. and it is honestly quite frightening. and i think that his base is seeing that, too. i think the fact that he is limiting ballot boxes. that he is limiting senior citizens who do not have mobility from access of, you know, early voting. all of these things are really
5:57 pm
tall tale signs of the type of oppressive government he's trying to have. let's be clear, he is not running for the state of florida. he is trying to get in the white house. and, you know, we have to make sure that people are knowledgeable, that they are educated, and that they know what is actually at stake. >> let me ask you about something that you just brought up, and that is voting in your state. as i understand it, florida republicans have passed a number of laws intended to make it far more difficult for marginalized people to vote. in fact, 17 attorneys general are currently working to overturn your states efforts to abolish the use of drop boxes for ballot collection. is that right, am i getting that correct? >> you are absolutely right. you know, in a state where we know how important it is to be civically engaged, you know, to be a voice and to use your vote and you're right, your voice to make these changes. what we are seeing is the exact opposite of what -- and i represent. let me give an example.
5:58 pm
when -- was governor, he expanded the rights of 5500 for the citizens. and we passed the amendment for, which also gave the restoration rights for also more citizens. and what we are seeing here is that he is actually doing the opposite. he is trying to limit the voting because he is a fragile man. he is so scared of people having rights, of women having freedoms to choose and make decisions about their bodies with their families. he is taking their rights away. he's going back to the, think, about the 1960s where he cannot even come up with his own ideas. so, he is wanted to reverse freedom rides. to send people to massachusetts. i mean, this man is, you know, out of touch, he's out of control. and i hope that floridians see this and actually pay attention. and they actually vote for charlie crist, and other people across the state also support charlie crist. >> i would ask you about that,
5:59 pm
you know, i want to get your reaction to this cause you brought it up. ron desantis's, move this week to effectively kidnap these 50 migrants and trafficked them across state lines to massachusetts, ship them up to martha's vineyard as some political pawn. >> you know, it is a horrible situation. it shows just the type of heat that he has in his heart. you know, he does not like women. he does not like minorities. he does not like immigrants. . and he misuses taxpayer dollars. 12 million taxpayer dollars is a line item that he has for these political stance. and meanwhile, real floridians are, you know, concern over affordability, the price of, you know, homeowners insurance, real things. and he's creating these political stunts trying to create fear in people. it is not right. he is wrong for that. and, you know, i want to thank the people of massachusetts and
6:00 pm
people at my's vineyard. i know you had state representative fernandes on earlier. bravo, that is humanity, that is being a good neighbor, and we need to be better people. and that is why i hope that folks will go to charlie chris .com and help us when florida. >> let me ask you really quickly about education. i know you have a background on education, but i gotta ask you about your thoughts on what is happening in florida on your states go don't say gay law, as the school year starts. you have plaintiffs that are still charging, challenging the statute. they're saying it's being interpreted as a blanket ban on all references to lgbtq people in school settings. what is your take on how this is playing out? >> you know, ron desantis is a bully. and he is going around, you know, really, just, fearmongering folks. and so, this is what happened in a school board. our school board that has year after year passed resolutions, acknowledging the fact that it's lgbtq history month. this year, all of


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