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tv   Velshi  MSNBC  September 18, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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our thanks for watching the katie phang show this morning. i will be back next saturday and sunday at 7 am eastern. you can also catch a original episode of the show on the msnbc peacock on every thursday and friday. to forget to follow and twitter, instagram, facebook, and tiktok. velshi starts right now. >> today on velshi, new reporting shows republican governors saw not just using migrants as political pawns they're taking active measures that so chaos in american cities and do real harm to human beings. >> and as charlie crist revealed in an old school opposition research done this weekend, in at least some cases, they are using taxpayer money, a lot of it to do it. -- running for seat against governor ron desantis in florida put proof from his latest allegation yesterday and signed off with a promise of war to come. he joins me live this morning.
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plus the police shooting of a black teen exploded the notion that one american town was a model of racial harmony. more than 30 years later, the town is still grappling with the legacy of that shooting and its aftermath. the killing of 16-year-old philip funnel is in new jersey is the subject of a new msnbc docuseries. i'll be joined by their mother and sister. we talk a lot about the fragile moment in american democracy, now with this year's crucial midterm elections fast protesting, we are watching a new -- to get into the pacific's and show you where, whom, how the most potent that's democracy in america are manifesting. first is arizona, home of the -- critical and say this high stakes political season. the secretary of state and gubernatorial candidate katie hobbs joins us in the next hour. velshi starts now. >> ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> good morning to you it is sunday, september 18th. i'm live at msnbc headquarters in new york city. a city that, this week, is hosting president biden and scores of other world leaders for the united nations general assembly. biden has said to have a busy few days, including a bilateral meeting with the new uk prime minister list trust. no doubt the death of queen elizabeth have the new king will be discussed along with other important items, including the global economy. russia's brutal provoke war with ukraine is set to be on the agenda -- at what appears to be a turning point in the more on the battlefield, also a turning point for how russia and vladimir putin are viewed and treated on the world stage including by russian allies because of the catastrophic outcomes of the war. speaking after meeting with china's using paying a multinational summit in use back in san, couldn't stated that russia, quote, understand
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your questions and concerns about ukraine. publicly revealing for the first time that china, we just passively back russia's war and his by far russia's most powerful ally, has questions and concerns about the war. the next day, putin who is notorious for forcing other world leaders to wait for including president obama, trump, and pope francis, was forced to stand around and wait for the leaders of turkey, azerbaijan, kyrgyzstan, and india. india is an ally of the united states, also an ally of russia. under a populist president -- has taken a nationalistic stance on the war by keeping russian fuel and maintaining a finely ties with moscow without overly criticizing the war. after the meeting, modi said to putin, close to today's era is not one of war. i talked about this on the phone several times, and a quote. putin is also diminished and minimizing a literal sensible
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symbolically. number of prudence because the long tables that he held -- over the last four years. isolating himself in a hightower, horizontal hightower, from world leaders in minions alike. look tailored this from the summit. not only are the tables the smallest putin has had that in a long time. as my friend ian webber notes, he is also literally the smallest one of the group. putin is not at the hand of the table holding court among global powers, he sandwich on a couch next to his pal from valerie's, lukashenko. at the same moment that picture was taken, as putin was standing around like that weak, isolated autocrat that he actually is, the world was learning more about the russian atrocities had ukraine. so many other ukrainian cities from -- to mariupol. another mass grave has been discovered. it is time in the force near the city of the zoo, officials continue to report bodies, it supposedly more than 45 of them
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including -- when he showed signs of violent death and torture, many of had their hands bound. one even had a rope around the neck. is now day 207 of russia's invasion, which remember, putin plan to take three days to capture the capital of kyiv. ukraine has been gaining ground with a massively successful counter event in the northeast, reclaiming several thousand square miles of territory and continue to have some success with the counter offensive in the south, as well. at the same time, but she continues to make some small gangs gains in the town of donetsk, one of two regions in the donbas region, which russia has claimed. to say the russian soldiers are making those gains is a bit misleading. as the new york times reports, frontline ukrainian soldiers say that soldiers in the area from the walking or group, at the mercenary force will experience a in syria and libya we shouldn't be fighting for --
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reports that there are russian prisoners among the russian forces that they are fighting. a video online analyzed by the new york times, it shows members the wagner group speaking to russian prisoners fall promising them freedom in return for six months in ukraine. it's unclear where or when the videos filmed. one thing is clear, the wars during up for the next phase. all of the items in the latest round of aid for the ukraine this week our cold weather gear, not like the recent billions in aid. -- long-range weapons with ukraine continues to request. it does contain significant amounts of modern military assets. russia's been on the battlefield using extremely old equipment, including take from the early 1960s. it has been reduced to buying ammunition from north korea. when pyongyang is the answer, you're asking the wrong question. russia has also turned to iran,
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by the way. by several batches of iranian drones. failure on the battlefield by can ukrainian commanders tell the wall street journal that they are now having success using these shocking drone -- from retired u.s. energy major -- he's also the author of the upcoming book understanding urban while warfare. the for being with us. that's wrong with this. you and i have talked about this for the first day of the war. one would have assumed that after four, months five months, six months, seven months if ukraine was in winning this war it was advantage russia. that seems to be a different case today. >> absolutely. russia is weak. i mean this is our 1939 moment of putin has more similarities to hitler than any vindicatory if ever seen and in ukraine a
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small army believed to have fallen into 72 hours is destroying russia's military by every measure. i'm a military guy so i'm the most ashamed to call this military force the military because they're not, there are a horde of genocidal murderers. >> let's talk about you -- you you've written your new book that you are friends and i need to understand, there's a motivational difference right? russia has the -- laboring prisoners and pull thing. their motivations are entirely different from ukrainian soldiers. >> absolutely. the strength of ukrainian people, i got back not too long ago, you look into your eyes there fighting for freedom. just that burning fight inside with them means they will be more powerful than any russian
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soldier. where's the soldiers were face ukraine -- or the cycle pass they want to do all the awful things we see on tv every day and god knows what we're going to discover next. that will to fight, and motivation in the ukrainian people is the reason they are going to prevail. it's not a matter of if, it is when. with all of this coming to him is the way that the warrant faster. >> part of that is because the atrocities, right? one can win a war without going out of your way to commit civilian atrocities, why should not seem to be doing that. it is near the third set of maskers we've discovered. all that motivates the rest of the world say what we won in this thing? at the beginning maybe this wasn't airborne b wouldn't be settled the right way, but russia almost motivates bless the world to be involved in this. >> absolutely. the free press is highlighting
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it. russia seized war crimes, was against humanity in -- as a form of warfare. they are terrorists. putin is literally a terrorist with a nuclear weapon. if we don't stop mail, will pay a much bigger price later. yes that is motivating everyone just one -- this global issue, not just about ukraine. we >> are seeing from meetings of putin that this week expression of concern from china, expression of concern from india. the fact that world leaders let putin wait around that never happens. there is a weakening of support around putin, there is a strength of support of nato. all we see, the expansion nato, something you can clearly see he didn't want. i guess the last leg of that school is the in force to support that he has within russia, right? you can't call it a war in russia but we are seeing
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examples of this happening. like when -- people are getting funding that they were dying for no reason it's having for no parent reason that they can justify. >> right. putin has done a really good job of building his ability to control information russia but when you start getting over 80,000 killed russian soldiers, 130, 000, it's getting would hire harder to hide it. though -- diane increased last week. his ability control rushes to his fracturing. he's 1 million obelisks -- you he did that he would ask you embarrassed by the russian people, not join the war. >> thanks for joining us -- urban warfare studies at the massive policy form in the upcoming book connected soldiers,. we will talk more with the gop had political consequences in
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the show including renewed fighting in another conflict you probably haven't heard of yet. florida governor ron desantis used migrants as political pawns, certainly desperate people to wear to vineyards this week. his governor is filing for a test department investigation. i will speak with chris live. senator patrick leahy, the longest serving lawmaker currently in the upper chamber anyplace retire after this term. we'll talk to him about his legacy, what he is believes that stake for his party, and this year's midterms. we are watching velshi, or you're on msnbc. n msnbc.
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news this morning. 6.8 magnitude earthquake rocked the southeastern part of taiwan, causing the derailment train cars and a building to collapse. more than 600 people are currently trapped in a mountain areas by blocked roads. at the moment, there been no deaths reported. the capital city of taipei spelled repeated tremors including a low magnitude earthquake later this morning. joining us raf sanchez who is live in taipei. what's the situation? ali, we actually felt this earthquake earlier and today it's dark about seven hours ago, early afternoon, your early morning in the east coast. the epicenter, as you said, is all the way for the south but we felt it, we were looking at taiwanese navy vessels valve said the crowd started shaking. the hardest hit areas the santa
5:17 am
mutely, down the south. as you said to group of people were trapped but likely they have all been rescued now. attention the shifting for those some tourist trapped on a mountainside. they went up earlier today to look at flowers, a traditional weekend activity, when the earthquake struck a lot of rubble coming down on this mirror narrow roads which are now on passable. you can see here now. cell service is weak so there's a lot of hopes about how to get them down safely. there is a train derailed there, we saw videos have food and bridges damage around the country. -- the big enough that it triggered alerts not just in taiwan but around the region. japan to put 2000 people on tsunami allow earlier, they rescinded that putting things back to normal. taiwan is a place that is prepared for earthquakes.
5:18 am
the buildings here are designed with earthquakes in mind, there are another number of fault lines underneath the island. you may find it interesting, we actually map in a group of 50 solvents here yesterday. we are doing a disaster merrily preparedness. >> are you doing this because you are concerned about chinese invasion of taiwan? your concern there will be chinese missions rain down in taipei? >> they said yes, that. we also worried about what they, what they could do. this is a country that has earthquakes in mainz, we were able to chronicle what the former president earlier and -- it is ten time to be taiwanese, all the earthquakes in all of the tensions on china. now sanchez, for us from taipei, taiwan.
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coming up new details emerging from the dangerous towns being pulled by republican governors. the migrants flowing into martha's vineyard included a pregnant woman and a two year old child. human beings with loved ones and families, all being used as political ponds. coming up i will talk to the man running for governor of florida, ron desantis calling for the justice department to investigate. you are watching velshi. i. twelve irresistible new subs. the most epic sandwich roster ever created. ♪♪ it's subway's biggest refresh yet! oh, that i can't believe i scored this price feeling! wayfair always delivers small prices for big dreams. ♪ wayfair you've got just what i need ♪ your mission: stand up to moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis or active psoriatic arthritis and... take. it. on. with rinvoq. rinvoq is a once-daily pill
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for decades, i've worked at the intersection of domestic violence and homelessness. so when prop 27 promised solutions to homelessness, i took a good, hard look. it's not a solution. 90% of the money goes to the out-of-state corporations who wrote it. very little is left for the homeless. don't let corporations exploit homelessness to pad their profits. vote no on 27. the texas governor greg abbott
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continued his assault on asylum seekers saturday, sending another wave of migrants to d.c., the main them shannon air home a vice president kamala harris. 50 migrants, including an 11 month old baby were dropped off without further guidance. in new york, six more buses filled with migrants arrived saturday from el paso texas. not to be a down by governor abbott of texas, florida governor ron desantis took credit on was a first time during two planes full of
5:24 am
migrants to martha's vineyard and just being left there reeves being told they would go to boston. this political herding of man, women, in children around the country's leading two -- stories are emerging of the horrific circumstances surrounding the transportation of migrants to cities across the u.s.. the associated press is reporting this weekend that fathers were left in new york as their spaces and children were left to washington. i new york desperately requiring hydration. -- many of the migrants that they were lured on a buses and flights by unknown individuals who promised shelter at the destination. some of those patients temp an appointment -- and san antonio, texas which they're not going to make because they are on the outside of the country. the inhumanity of these transfers it was calculated to
5:25 am
catch receiving cities off-guard. according to the ap a contractor hired by abbott's texas. barring the factor creek leahy. -- flow makes a liberal stronghold by victimizing migrants who are often, by the, way fleeing abuse. the cruelty, once again, is the point. the real problem with the gamble is the cynical assumption behind it. that communities would be just to school reactionary else the kicking them out. -- florida governor's cartoonist assumption, apparently, was that liberal base gaiters were just as racist as mega voters and he's trying to woo. they would prove it by reacting with outrage when a punch of black americans stood to their doorstep. -- actually captured the ability
5:26 am
of getting papers. the locals provide migrants with shelter and food and doing from a local spanish last. it has translators, a live quote. -- covid funds to transport migrants. charlie crist the former government -- turned democrats is calling on the department of justice to investigate the migrant transfers and is doing some digging into desantis's tactics himself. joining me is charlie chris, the number one governor for florida. -- so recently as congressman as florida's 13th congressional district. mr., chris good to see you again. thank you for being with us. >> good to see you, ali. thank you so much for having me. >> you are calling for an investigation into the policy of transfers of these migrants and how it's being funded. what a wreath on the road. you said ron motives question so we looked at ourselves. florida paid for tall systems
5:27 am
$14,000 on september 8th. out of the 12 million dollar deep fund. -- go for each refugee that scientists practice to keep his own political purposes. tell me more about that. >> was unbelievable, the funds are being appropriate to move tigers to massachusetts and -- none of them were in florida. it is in vain, let's not forget that. here it is luring people in with lies, telling them that they will be accommodated when they get to boston and they end up in martha's vineyard with no idea where they're going, they don't know where they are when they get out of the plane. to use people like this in this inhumane fashion between abbott and desantis, it's like a race to the bottom of the lack of decency. i don't know how to describe it. let's very fast for the department of justice to
5:28 am
investigate, i requested documentation, text messages even, mail, step-by-step who made this decision i was made well why was sanctioned. it's obviously well bio sanction it was a political stunt, $4 million to pay for a political stunt to change the subject. about the same time in washington, senator lindsey graham proposes a vote for buildings -- checking off the romans rights to tuesdays, hands were asked. he has no extensions to build,. we all know about the case in ohio where ten year old girl was having to go to indiana to get the procedure done to get
5:29 am
around the policy. it's appalling that our governor ron desantis would have exceptions for -- in florida, they are devoted against him in droves if you want to help come to and stop calm. with how he treats people. -- you >> have any crisped of having been a republican, until you are a republican back when republicans were not particularly anti immigrant and didn't have some of the draconian views that they share. who is rhonda sanders going for and how will it work? a seat that flies that brandon publican that rhonda scientists is trying to channel nail. you understand republicans in florida, because you weren't. you wear the abrupt like an attorney general and governor. how do you bottle rhonda santas in florida? or >> by being rational, but
5:30 am
being sane, by being a reasonable person and decent human being. treat others according to how you will it be treated, according to the golden rule. it's -- what he's doing is crazy. it is beyond the pale. it is the irrational. it is so political motivated. -- desire to get to the white house and to that these aces hands vaccine stands. look at the competition when he and abbott, it is ridiculous is how race to the bottom. >> do you believe and transporting these migrants a lot has been broken, -- using public fines for political purposes, it's improper or is it illegal? >> i think it's illegal. if that is the point of an investigation, used to yourself,
5:31 am
the -- fact is you have to gather all the facts we can. we don't know the facts of bush raid and that's when you have the investigation. find out minute by minute what happened, how they did, it why they did it. find out what the facts are and you could be sit we have a full picture of -- how the charge was to file based on the acts but they were meant to be. he just a sudden bizarre scenario you can't even happen at all, but i did -- as a result, these four people are all of the country and some of them have a hearing tomorrow. you don't open up and get the justice department you're supposed to get. >> they were joining this morning it's good to talk to you. -- is a democratic nominee for governor in florida and a former republican member of state. had consequences out of russia 's war in ukraine extend far
5:32 am
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200 soldiers have been -- an international conflict you have heard of, two former soviet republic it's armenian azerbaijan traded intense shelling this week leading to casualties. this wasn't a one-off or an impact on countries, let me give you context here. for context, armenian and our azerbaijan are been locked in battle for decades. mostly over disputed region that both nations claim. this territory is called low guard oh carole act, it is here in red. is it is internationally recognized as part of azerbaijan but controlled by ethnic armenians since the
5:36 am
separatist war in 1994. right now, ethnic armenians make up more than 75% of the population. you could see this strike region is also internationally recognized of being part of azerbaijan but also occupied by armenians. the orange over here is also by azerbaijani even though it's considered parts of and we nia. until 2004 ellen nephi violinist outs led to the deaths of hundred people. the worst erection was 2020, when a full scale war broke out. as her by an loss launched a someone affective canter -- it did clean right large swath of -- wooden 7000 people died in the six-week war before, believe or not, vladimir putin of all people step to help broker peace deal through. many skirmishes last years but the cease-fire largely held until this past week.
5:37 am
this has not history with control in our -- claiming that shelling by the upper across the shared border caused the violence. according to the associated press, at least 160 soldiers from both sides were killed in clashes from tuesday to wednesday. i mean official say a truce was late wednesday tuesday. it seems to have hell but the damage has been done. it shows support for armenian people, has because anti pelosi led a small congressional delegation to the country this weekend which included california congressman jackie speier which is our media american. pelosi spoke this war from what we call illegal and deadly attacks we extremely condemned those attacks. -- our delegation haven't various
5:38 am
broken in saying this was initiated a vision and ask -- recognition of that and how it will. stop >> johnny's longtime news correspondent here in the middle east, she is also the cofounder ceo of the organization news deeply. laura! but to see you again. they still have you on but for many reasons, though. give me a. santa tried to lay out the history but i can pretty much guarantee that much of our viewers have probably not been following the story that closely. it is new for a lot of us, but not new it all in. he's been going on for decades it has been a rough three years for us i mean azerbaijan, no doubt after really started -- that show initially happen expire harsh combination for the u.s. state parliament, they
5:39 am
pass centered rankin voting hollen still it ease. also condemning what happened in the past week, a lot of concern that this could swamp quickly swap out of control. an escape newly-, it has been russia brokering peace between these two states. united states is always played a role in ensuring stability, euros well. he's always u.s. france and russia. -- pelosi's visit here was cast very much of standing up for a small democracy under attack by an oil-rich autocracy. a lot of echoes there of ukraine. here pelosi innovation wrong position on ukraine, there is from ukraine, armenia, clearly sandro towards the underdog in this part of the world. for much the region this is a very big deal. it is a big deal that the fighting escalated the way it did, that she stepped in with this irrational delegation, in
5:40 am
the congressional position, right, -- kept saying parted for democracy, i mean, yeah but did not take on russia publicly. it was much more messy myths that this kind of conflict will not go unnoticed in an attack on another country salmon borders will be noticed. a good chunk of this politics, 84% of a median reckons side in the house in california. -- kyiv started to the midterm elections. if >> you marry something newsweek where you said america might actually cooperate with russia -- leaves the collaborate on this part of the world, we just a while to imagine. what we hear from diplomats in aragon is that the u.s. and russia are not on speaking
5:41 am
terms, so doesn't help the cause of peace for as a bias on. they really both have an interest in keeping the piece here, nobody wants to see countries take a bite of other countries, not only strategic interests. the things of things were going last week. good to see you, my friend. a longtime news correspondent in the middle east, founder of the news deeply. how law homeric and city came undone. e chewy pharmacy box with our flea and tick meds. it's not peanut butter. ♪ the peanut butter box is here ♪ i'm out. pet prescriptions delivered to your door. chewy.
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of new york city about him and drive away from manhattan, across the hudson river. it has a population of roughly 40,000 people. decades ago, it was built as a progressive, racial utopia. being one of the first towns in the entire country to
5:46 am
voluntarily desegregate its public schools. despite the reputation, in 1998 became the site of the police shooting of a black teenager that thrust the town into national headlines. long before michael brown, eric garner, freddy gray, george floyd, countless others. there is fear philip panel. on april 10th, 1990, teaneck police responded to a call from a resident who says he said teenager with a gun. but now was that teenager. after a brief confrontation with officers, penalized off running and adjacent sued. the 16 year old was ultimately shot in the back and killed by gary staff. a police officer. -- that he believes that fidel was running for the gun but he appeared to be surrounding surrendering, an autopsy in concluded that based on the location of the bullet hole at the hands were raised. he was really charged of manslaughter but a quid 1982 by an all white jury.
5:47 am
is pardoned explosive series of films titled modeled america. the city revisits pinellas case, the community aerating division that followed. the first episode, paradise lost, premiers tonight on msnbc at 10 pm eastern and will be streaming the next day on peacock. here's a clip. >> we got a call from a liquor store owner in team a coup was a friend of mine. he just called me screaming. they said there was a feuding, you know, teaneck believes just shot somebody. they saw a young kid. >> they shot a black head. >> in teaneck a white cop shot a black kid? i can't believe it. that's not supposed to happen.
5:48 am
>> and remember to, but somebody said that they shot bill. i don't believe it, i don't think it was something that could happen to one of us. >> when i say amber, somebody asked jaime and telling me we need to go to mueller mother. >> i don't know how to gain contact with him but i know where they live, so continues in the house worst ride ever. >> all right after a quick break i'll be joined by phil pinellas wilder and sister to discuss the impact of his death and how he's reverberates to this day. stick around.
5:49 am
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with an optimal dose of melatonin. and a complementary botanical blend. so you can wake up refreshed. for better sleep, like never before. before the break i tell you the
5:52 am
story of the death of 16 year old philip cornell who was shot in teaneck, new jersey, by police in 1990. the case is now the subject of a new four-part docuseries. unimportant docuseries by msnbc films titled model america, the first episode airs tonight at 10 pm eastern. i'm joined now by falmouth and natasha pinal. mother and sister of philip banal. thank you for being with us.
5:53 am
>> i am sorry for having you here and having to watch that. it is 30 years later and it seemed to affect you as if it were yesterday. >> yes. yes it does. >> how are you doing? >> and doing okay. just watching his picture in all of those memories coming back. i will go through it 1 million times if i could stave save another child. >> natasha, what is changed in 30 years? we seem to hear stories like this over and over again. what do you think has changed in america since 1990 when young black black when you're shot by police or as otherwise recently were doesn't look like they should be shot. >> i don't believe that much has changed, you know? i was 13 when my brother was shot in the back and killed. now i am in my mid 40s there has been cameras events of
5:54 am
cases. he had a hero is like a constant reminder of what happened to her brother in 1990. i don't think that much has changed at all. >> we've had occasion to speak to others like you, people who have been -- this every time it happens here is back, you relive it. my case is a big difference they always bring up what's on -- when the pulley -- i think they should be accountable for their actions just like anybody else. now just like the guy who shot up the school with other kids, you got off with this life. a young guy who shot the true jab, he got away with his life. then he was hungry and they
5:55 am
took him to mcdonald's. so, what the world doesn't see in this mice and in her anyone that day. you didn't kill me buddy. >> one of the things that has happened in recent years, natasha, is because you -- the people that were chambray please wear a danger? maybe that's not true anybody. do you think that more ice are open to the idea that maybe some people could get killed by police or by the virtue of the color of the skin. >> yes, there's no doubt about that. a lot of the victims, like my mom just mentioned, were unarmed or what have you. whether or not one my brother had, he was shot and killed was
5:56 am
stood up with a big -- that's been told 20 years later. in regard to the victims, i definitely think it should be a police trained scanning scene so to speak. i know senator weinberg, she came out with a bill of police transparency bill anything should be a two pronged bill. not only that police records, record if they fired weapons, or had any negligence against them. the public to know about it. awesome thing that within 24 hours many police shootings, all police officers should be tested. there should be a top solidarity for ten on these police officers. >> when if the documentary series very top thought of it was -- that place that feels integrated and with that much racism?
5:57 am
>> i love tina. i had a light life there, i'd been very happy. i never thought that it was racial tension until this happened to my child. they were preemptive that cams. i would've never known this half to me like this. this team started to divide, does hand divided. this at the u on the eight of 13 who never experienced in town, to that surprise you as well? that this seems to be black people on one side and why people on the other side? >> it did. i had white friends, i had black slant friends. i spent time with both my white friends and black friends. when this happened i was like, of course, what is going on? i did see the racial divide only after this happened my brother, honestly. >> there was an attempt in 2020 to put up a mural on the street to memorialize the death of
5:58 am
black people who were killed by police. it was my with some resistance into the knack about putting philip on this fill up. ultimately was gray in a different location. why do you think this is still controversial? >> there are some people who are always going to hate no matter what you do. i believe that the city council was against this, it was the last day, and they fought for insulin want to put in a certain house the city so we just formed in the blm am committee. they fought for years and they got it done but not in the same place where they wanted this. they put a different area. >> thank you for being here. i know things documentaries hard for you and opened up new
5:59 am
wounds but it's really an important matter and got americans have the chance. -- >> thank you for having us. >> thank you. >> vilma dennler and -- pinal. be sure to take tune into the premier of model americas night at 7 pm pacific it will start airing on peacock tomorrow. doug when you are straight ahead latest on the war in ukraine, ukrainian officials continue to investigate a mass grave investigated in the outskirts of -- volodymyr putin is feeling consequences of barbarity. i'm talking to the longest serving member of the senate, patrick leahy of vermont who's been a senator since 1975. he has a message for the country ahead of this year's midterms. i know they're after sort of velshi begins now. velshi begins now. good money this sunday's over the. 18-time l.a. velshi live at msnbc headquarters in new york city. this, week president biden and scores of world leaders will descend on new york city for
6:00 am
the annual united nations general assembly. there are some brand-newg numbe. 45% of -- support biden's drop performance. this is highs running the poll since last october. ahead of the upcoming november midterm elections it shows a tie for preference for control of congress. 46% 49. person although democrats narrowly travel publicans when it comes to interest in the election. 59% of republicans are expressing a high-level of, interest compared to 66% of democrats. biden is set to have a busy few days, including a bilateral meeting with the new united kingdom prime minister lustrous. no doubt the death of queen elizabeth and the new king will be discussed, along with other important items including the global economy. of course russia's brutal war will be front and center as well just as the world is learning more about the russian atrocities in ukraine. like other ukrainian cities from bucha to mariupol, another enormous mass


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