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tv   Yasmin Vossoughian Reports  MSNBC  September 18, 2022 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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hey everybody, good afternoon. i mean as one of a civilian. we have got a lot to get through in the two hours ahead. one hour away from a solemn moment across england with a
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moment of silence for the queen. as they prepare for the state funeral of their beloved monarch. president biden right now paying his condolences before heading to a reception. with the new king. we're also keeping an eye on fiona. now a hurricane taking aim at puerto rico. a live report on that ahead. and a political firestorm over the busing of migrants by red state governors exploding on the sunday shows. and a defiant donald trump making accusations and throwing out threats at a rally in ohio over the investigations into the former president. more on that coming up as well. all eyes on london. as world leaders from around the globe descending on the city to pay their respects to the queen. earlier today, president biden visiting the queens confident westminster hall where mourners have been filing in 24 hours a day. to say their goodbyes. biden also senate in official condolence book and moments ago attending a reception. with other heads of state of buckingham palace.
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hosted by king charles. it's all headed tomorrow state funeral. and the biggest security operation in london's history. -- near big ben. also joined by msnbc royal contributor suzannah louisville. let me start with you on this one. the president had incredible admiration for this queen and he has continued to express that in his visit so far. >> yasmin. he and the first lady got here last night. we saw a video there of them paying their respects inside westminster hall were her majesty is still lying in state. and in sunny that bucket condolence from lancaster house. we know that the president and the passes actually compare the queen to his mother. saying she reminds him of her. let's listen to some more of what he said today. >> she was the same in person as her image. decent, honorable, all about service.
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our hearts go out to the royal family. king charles and all the family. as i've told the king, she's going to be with him every step of the way. every minute. every moment. >> the president attending that state reception with the king at buckingham palace tonight along with other world leaders. 500 world leaders dignitaries and their families expected to be among the 2000 in attendance at tomorrow's state funeral. presidents prime ministers royals families from other nations. and he has been, this is also happening as people are still trying to catch whatever clumps they can of the royal procession throughout town. thousands of people. hundreds of thousands descending upon the streets of central london here. i've been talking with people who have been queuing. they are happy to do it. it is still maybe our five or six for people who are passing behind me. we know that there been a lot of medical incidents along this line as well. in fact more than 1000 people seeking medical attention along
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the queue nearly 100 having to be hospitalized. one gentleman actually fell right where we're standing. luckily, he's been with stuff and got the medical attention he needs. it is growing for some. people have their coats. they have their snacks and it is a sign of unity for them to be here. many people saying it's the least they can do. we also know this is a massive security undertaking. you mentioned the largest single policing event in the history of london. bigger than the olympics. bigger than the platinum jubilee. officers. everywhere you go, you can see there are a lot of street closures. there are security. there are members of the military as well. we're also hearing from members of the royal family today. quick prints and releasing a statement today. giving very very warm regards to his mother. i'm going to read you some saying in part. mommy, your love for us on, your compassion, your care, i will treasure forever. we also know that camilla released -- will be releasing a video. we'll be able to see her on television today before the moment of reflection. in which she will talk about
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how it was a been very solitary for her majesty to be sort of the lone woman on the world stage for so long yasmin. >> will be bringing folks that moment of silence for the queen at the top of the 3 pm hour here. suzannah. let's talk about what tuesday's going to look like. because many of the meetings that king charles is holding today with heads of state. certainly sets him up for his reign as king. on tuesday as the funeral is over. how important is it for him to have these meetings and cement himself on the world stage as king? >> i think it's very important to take this opportunity when he has got presidents and prime ministers and members of the royal family from across europe. and -- emperor of japan. all these people are gonna be present with him. it's a very important moment. he's hardly a newcomer to the
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stage of international affairs. people have been meeting him as prince of wales for decades. and so many of these relationships. are already established. particularly with the european royal families. but for example, the emperor and empress of japan since the came to the throne in 2019. and so this is a wonderful opportunity to meet them. also quite crucially to meet elected members of parliament or prime ministers or presidents elsewhere from around the world. and so whilst he will still be in a period of moral mourning. we have to remember that goes on to the 26th of september. all the same i think that this is going to be a moment where he can have those personal meetings that mean so much and are at the heart of royal influence and power as we've talked about so much of the last week. you bring up really good point because as the queens health began to fail over the last really 18 months or so.
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then prince charles certainly took on more responsibilities than he had before stepping in for the queen. it's been certain arenas. with that being said, how does the conversation change with a world leader when you are now king charles versus prince charles? >> i wish i could tell you. isn't that the conversation. we want to be a fly on the wall. with the president. and the thing is the nature of royal power is that it is somewhat mysterious thing. it is about conversations that happen off stage. and i mean i suppose i imagine that he will continue to have conversation about the things that we know occupy his mind about things like climate change. we say this in the face of the hurricane coming in.
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in the face of wildfires and drought and flooding across the world. i'm sure that will be top of his agenda. i imagine there might be some other things to do with talking about how we reckon with past histories as well. we'll see but in june when he was prince, he said to the commonwealth. he expressed his regrets and his -- he cannot express how deeply sorrowful he was personally for slavery. he was speaking of personal capacity at that point in time. i'm interested to see whether there are moves to start to reckon with some of the history of atrocities that we have associated with the royal family. we will see. >> certainly be watching both tomorrow and beyond that as well. suzannah, thank you. lindsey i'm going to see you at the top of the next hour as well. so thanks for sticking with us. and don't forget tomorrow everybody we are going to have
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live coverage of the queen's funeral. starting at 3 am right here on msnbc. so you don't want to miss that. more than 11,000 people and counting. that is how many migrants, largely from central and south america that republican governors run desantis and greg abbott have set for florida and texas to places like new york, washington d.c.. and martha's vineyard. some of these migrants telling nbc they did not know where they were going. and were deceived about false job opportunities and permits being -- before getting on planes and buses. and despite these relocations costing taxpayers millions of dollars from the center saying they're quote just the beginning efforts into expect a lot more. joining me now from a sees -- i'm interested to know how folks are reacting especially in a state like florida. where many of these migrants are being shipped up from by
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florida's governor ron desantis who says this is just the beginning? >> yasmin, florida's very neat place among hispanic americans. because a lot of hispanics and florida support the republican party. and support rhonda santas. we are in dirrell florida. it's very close to miami. this is a city that could be identified as the most venezuelan city in america. a lot of the migrants that are being shipped to other cities that we've been discussing or migrants for venezuela. we've seen an increase of immigrants coming from venezuela. they've had to flee go to other countries. now we're seeing a large increase in fact among immigrants, hispanic immigrants coming to america. the largest growing group of venezuelans. more than 1% increase -- half 1 million people according to the research center. so i'm discussing venezuelans because these migrants -- a lot of them were venezuelan. we've been speaking to people
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in the community here who are known for generally supporting republicans like ron desantis to get the feeling and most people i spoke to here say there are in shock that this is happened. they feel like it's humiliating. i just spoke with a man who is here are going through an asylum process and he said a lot of these migrants coming to south florida they're taking the jobs, go downtown look at the construction sites, look at a labor jobs. they're being taken by a lot of these migrants. so that is the feeling. we'll have to see what happens with the hispanic community that as i said has supported rhonda sanchez. what will happen as they learn that a lot of these venezuelans are being sent somewhere else. rhonda scent is with the messaging saying that he doesn't want them coming to places like south florida. then there's also talk about a solution. how do you solve the immigration problem? one of those possible solutions that was brought up by the mexican president with the change immigration system and perhaps create a new work visa for the migrants are coming into the united states.
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just one of the solutions that has been suggested yasmin. >> quickly though. have you asked if they would continue to vote for rhonda scent is if he continues kind of these antics and using these migrants as political pause? >> i have. in fact, another myth that is voter earlier. i said supported him in the past -- he said yes and what you can do the next election. he said i don't know. i'm in shock. i think everyone is processing what it's happening right now. >> interesting. quite a venegas for us. thank you, we appreciate it. we've got a lot going on this hour. we're continuing to follow also the mini investigations into the former president. and we see news released a brand-new polling. on former president trump. finding 34% of voters holding a favorable view of him while 54% of voters disapproving of him. as far as those investigations go. 56% say probes into alleged wrongdoing should in fact
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continue. these new numbers coming ahead at this tuesday which is shaping up to be a very big day to say the least. you've got the 11th circuit court giving trump's legal team into new that day. to respond to the department justices appeal. in addition to -- his first hearing -- with that -- congressional reporter nicholas wu has been reporting on this stuff. along with msnbc legal analyst brian kirschner. nicholas, let me soar with you on this one. which is focus on if we can. first reporting when it comes to tuesday. kind of this deadline now level by the 11th circus for the former presidents attorneys to respond. and of course a special master holding a hearing. shall we say in laying out what will likely be ahead. so what can we expect from tuesday? what are you hearing? >> we're very -- it's exactly how we might proceed. we're going to see what arguments trump's lawyers are going to lay out in response to doj's attempt to --
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in doing so, they're filing is likely to repeat a lot of the arguments they've made before about the former presidents handling of documents. and perhaps dodging some of these broader concerns about whether or not documents were declassified. which isn't that trump has said himself. but his lawyers have not asserted in court. we're also going to see the exactly how the special master process might lay out. how it might end up going. but the thing is this might become moot if doj does end up succeeding in this appeal. >> before we get into judge cannon and some of her rulings. and we certainly have a strong opinion on that. can you pick up on where nicholas flipped off? and what you're going to be watching for as tuesday plays out? >> i have a feeling as nicolas said that the defense team. donald trump's defense team will probably offer nothing new. they have been playing coy the whole time with respect to
11:15 am
whether. trump never declassified anything. if he had, i suspect his defense team would have a sorted that in court. but they've put themselves in a bit of a trick bag because if they now go up to the 11th circuit and start to make new factual representation. we may have withheld from judge cannon the fact that he declassified documents but we are now telling you 11th circuit judges. i do not think that will play well. >> why? >> because they will have withheld relevant information to judge cannon's determination. i think this whole thing has been a parlor game. did he, did he not the classified documents. and i think donald trump may have been using it to whip up his base. but i don't think we're going to see a legal argument that he declassified anything. >> so that being said, judge cannon, let's talk about her for just one moment. repeatedly ruling in favor i think we can all agree with the former presidents team essentially.
11:16 am
in many respects. but glenn, erected to this on twitter. let me -- out appears judge cannon is the classified documents and i are. someone should ask or who won the 2020 presidential election. sounds to me, glenn, like you are referring here that her position was highly political. do you believe that? >> it feels highly political but even more importantly, it doesn't seem to be based in any controlling case law. there is no argument that donald trump had a lawful possessory interest in the classified information. the national defense documents that he took from the white house. he unlawfully concealed. even certifying through his lawyers that he didn't have any more when we know he was hiding them in his desk drawers in what he calls his 45 office. in case anybody has a question about whose office it was. this was a real outlier of a
11:17 am
decision i thought by judge cannon. and i was particularly troubled when she actually openly questioned whether these documents were ever classified in the first place. what that is doing is telling the entire department of justice the executive branch in the intelligence community, i don't believe you when you say you recovered the classified documents from mar-a-lago. that, to me, makes no factual sense. i don't see any support for that kind of sort of critical view of what doj was representing in court. >> nicholas just quickly here. i want to get to walk us through some of your reporting also on january six while i have you. specifically essentially whether the generous committees gonna continuing to separate church and state when it comes to the department of justice. investigation. and you write this. the select committee has three main reasons for -- plenty of time -- you go on to say these are some of the three reasons avoiding
11:18 am
any disruptions to the upcoming oath keepers trial. neutralizing accusations from trump allies. they're conducting a law enforcement investigation in disguise. and protecting their work. if you could expand on this for us nicholas. -- what we're seeing now is the january six committee start to move into its endgame. they only have a few months to be operational. they're shutting down at the end of the year. congress might change hands and so they're trying to make their final arguments and perhaps hold hearings and release their final report. doj ended the hand it has really been ramping up its public facing investigation into the former presidents actions. and in our reporting what thing that really came up is that doj in many ways has succeeded -- so for example the january six committee really only went after phone records from many of its massive targets. when people called -- doj was able to seize the
11:19 am
phones of federal people involved in the investigation. this is our research the doj go further and in many ways it makes it almost a moot point for the january six committee to hand over all of its transcripts. to doj. although they would probably like it if that came the case. >> glenn, smart move or not to be showing all this information or not? >> let me just follow up on the last point. the department of justice must get its hands on all of the transcripts from the january six committee. because in the event that these are also relevant -- or in a future prosecution. yasmin if, i'm going to put a witness on the stand. i need to have every prior statement sworn or an sworn of that witness because i need to check it. for any consistencies among other things i. have a feeling doj will be determined to get its hands on all of the january six
11:20 am
transcripts. and i believe they will get them. >> nicholas, glenn, thank you both guys, appreciated. still ahead, everybody. more on the controversy swirling around the busing of migrants by gop governor. hoping to score political points. with the migrants themselves are saying about the journey north from texas. plus power is now out for all of puerto rico. we're tracking hurricane fiona coming up. looking at those winds. just whipping it up there as that islands preparing for a battering. and what republicans are doing to downplay past statements on abortion. one of the biggest hot button issues heading into the november elections. we'll be right back. november elections we'll be right back. we'll be right back.
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the entire island of puerto rico is now out of power. as a powerful category one hurricane barrels the island. national correspondent george solis who is in puerto rico as we speak. george, talk to me. what have you been seeing there as the storm progresses? >> he has been, the conditions continuing to deteriorate here as fiona barrels puerto rico. category one storm. this is a slow-moving storm. so derived now that it is here it is delivering intense wind and rain. you can actually see some of those palm streets behind me as they are starting to sway. many of them snapping like twigs. we're seeing some of the tree debris on the other side where we are actually falling on some cars right now. this is only projected to get
11:25 am
much worse. you mentioned the power grid. there is no power across the island of puerto rico right now. this is one of the main concerns that allowed the residents had especially as we approach the five year anniversary of hurricane maria. which battered that power grid. many wondering of the storm would be able to knock out power. evidently, we now have the answer. officials here say they are scrambling to try to get power restored. of course officials are thing about their safety to. conditions not a safe to be out and right now. right now officials from across the municipalities here in puerto rico are urging residents to stay put as the unit continues its assault on the island right now. the storm is delivering some incredible costs for a category one hurricane. we're looking at 89 even 100 mile per hour winds that are gusting at this moment. and the waves also crashing. we're seeing waves already cascading over the wall. so we are being battered. with some serious conditions
11:26 am
and bethany been mentioning the threat of flash flooding out here. and mudslides. there is a lot happening right now. the first real hurricanes have impacted this island quite some time. people here. they weren't underestimating. at some said you know what, we have supplies, we're ready for this. we're really starting to see and feel the effects of this hurricane. many hoping hopefully taking those precautions and staying safe at this time. -- there were some parts of america that still have unnecessarily recovered from hurricane maria's for the fact that it was five years ago. so i'm just wondering as you mentioned. authorities there telling folks to stay put now. the storm has reached the island. what did they do for bearers the didn't's for something like this. considering the devastation that happened during hurricane maria? >> officials certainly trying to get ahead of any damage that the storm might bring after the event is over. a disaster declaration approved
11:27 am
by the president today. they're putting the framework in place for whatever the storm might bring in. the governor -- letting people know what the storm might bring. not to underestimate the storm. ironically, on saturday, as he was delivering the update about the intensity of the storm and what i can bring. the power actually went out during that press -- sort of a little foreshadowing as to what to expect. what fiona actually struck. everyone here is been put on notice. right now, officials hoping that people here are heeding the warnings and staying put. >> we hope everybody stays safe and george junior crew stay safe as well. i know someone to cover the storm but of course your safety is first and foremost. thanks, george, appreciated. iranian bc news pull everybody has good news for the president. democrats as well heading into the midterms. jessica moments away now. the president's approval rate is now at about 45% as you see there. that's up three points from
11:28 am
last month. it's the highest level in the poll since last october. democrats have also pulled even with republicans on the question of congressional preference. a key part of that movement likely pointing to abortion rights. when asked their feelings about the supreme courts dobbs decision that ended roe. 61% disapproving. 37% approving. numbers like that are why some republicans are still struggling with how to dial back their extreme views ahead of the midterms. blake masters coming to mind. senator lindsey graham is not one of them. doubling down on his proposal for a national abortion ban. listen to this. >> i'm pro-life. even in an election year. and to those who suggest that being pro-life is losing politics. i reject that. >> you said -- >> the states, here is what dobbs says. elected officials can make the
11:29 am
decision. state or federal. i'm not inconsistent. i'm confident the american people would accept a national ban on abortion at 15 weeks. with exceptions for the life of the mother. rape and incest. >> it is certainly inconsistent. especially from what we've heard before from senator lindsey graham along with many of his colleagues as well. saying that this should be a state based issue and now i wanted to make it a federal issue. i want to bring oreana gonzales. axios health care reporter. talk more about this. react for me if you will to what we just heard from senator lindsey graham on fox sunday show. >> definitely shows that he will stick with his talking points. right now even though they're really different from what you are saying. they're really different from the talking points of the republican party has now which is basically this distance itself from the issue of abortion. while at the same time if they do talk about it. say that it's a state issue. what we have now a with grams
11:30 am
bill and the comes that he just made us i think it's a very strategic move on his part. he's trying to appeal to the population that is supports -- abortion access. to a certain extent. >> i want to reload but a what you wrote this week. brendan buc-ee's say. a longtime aide to former house speaker paul ryan calling ram unbelievably selfish. accusing him of quote trying to score points with the culture war crowd at the expense of possibly blowing the senate. i don't necessarily think brendan buck was alone in thinking this way. he just happened to voice it. certainly mitch mcconnell's reaction for instance was rather muted. wind graham came to the table with this idea. so talk to me more about this. >> we know that for democrats. the issue of abortion has been a big thing that they're focusing on.
11:31 am
at this polling already has shown that americans consider abortion to be an issue. that they think is important to take into account when deciding who they're going to vote for. in the november elections. so for democrats since abortion has been such a good issue for them to bring up. republicans have been that way have kind of stayed away from talking about abortion. democrats already painting republicans. as the more antiabortion party. and so they -- what graham is doing right now is trying to change that narrative. it's trying to say -- it's not that we're saying that abortion should be illegal in all cases. what we're saying is abortions to be legal just up to 15 weeks. and in doing so, they are trying to paint democrats as the extremist party. they're trying to continue the idea that democrats want abortion on demand. that they want abortion up until birth. so right now, it's just kind of
11:32 am
like the parties being pitted against each other and trying to paint each other as the one the c most extremist on abortion. >> it doesn't necessarily seem like's strategy is working. the strategy he set out to put in place. organic and solace, thank, you appreciate it. coming up, a big week ahead for the economy. a looming fetish and that may impact the housing market and inflation. >> hey everyone, i'm alicia menendez. and ahead on american voices. the hypocrisy of gop governors sending migrants north. their plan is backfiring. we're gonna tell you how. social media is rewiring your brain. radically changing how you think and it's further dividing us. that and more in tonight 6 pm eastern american voices right here on msnbc. here on msnbc. here on msnbc. es have you given to people? me? about 1000. walgreens...millions. ♪♪ i cannot miss her big debut. with your booster, i think you'll be there.
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♪♪ meta portal go. look professional. ♪♪ even if you don't feel it. meta portal. the smart video calling device... - right on time! - of course. that makes work from home work for you. so, shall we get started? welcome back, everybody. let's talk economy for a moment.
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all eyes on the fait this week as they are faced with this major decision on what could be a big rate hike to fight inflation. the latest consumer price index which tracks the cost of goods and services showing products like egg, spread, and fruit of double digits from a year ago. despite gas prices. continuing to fall, that's the good news. energy costs and the price of national gas are update from last year as well. if you look at the housing market. mortgage demand nearly down 30%. likely because those interest rates now rising over 6%. with that i want to bring in scott county kind of laid this all out for us. who's in the bay area city of sunnyvale. it's got, let's talk about some of the stuff because i think as we look ahead for what the fed is going to decide to do. fed chair jerome powell couldn't be at another rate hike. slow and flee -- what are we expecting? >> suggested that yasmin. that's the tool that the fed has its disposal its to raise
11:38 am
interest rates. they did already four times this year. at this will be the fifth. it is widely expected. it will go for at least three quarters of a point some thought it could be even higher than that as we all learned that once inflation is into the economy. it's really hard to get it out. they have a two-day meeting this week. and interest rates are -- expected to go higher. they still have not been able to rein in inflation. gas prices down. but as you saw, food prices and a lot of other things the way up. >> it's not increasing exponentially as it was earlier on the year. it certainly increasing still at a much slower pace. and folks at places like where you are, grocery store, obviously behind you. folks taking out there. they're seeing higher price tags. how are they reacting right now to all of this? >> and -- a lot of what they're doing is coming back on extras according to the store manager here. we can show those price increases again because it's really pretty startling. you look at eggs up 40% from a
11:39 am
year ago. some of this has to do with the avian flu outbreak in the midwest. even so, that's inflation. wright is up 60%. can freedom 17%. so you have people tried to sort of address our shopping habits and retailers trying to stay ahead of the game. >> we're seeing everything going up. we're trying to do our best and negotiate with our suppliers. to get prices as low as we can go. everything's on its way up. we checkered voices all the time. everything's just kind of going up a little bit. the bread is not as high as some other things but it's a daily staple that you got a plan on spending a little more for. >> so here is the challenge for federal reserve policy makers and the need for today's this week. they want to try to slow down the economy. kind of push the brakes a little bit harder. they don't want to throw us off the windshield into a recession.
11:40 am
it's really a tough challenge. >> it's a dance. i gotta say, though whenever i go to the grocery store and you gotta check out and then they tell me how much it costs. i look at my card and go all of this? cost that much? i know i'm not alone. scott cohn, as always, thank you. coming up next, everybody, after telles journeys from their home countries. we're gonna give you an inside look at what migrants are facing as they boarded busses. organized by republican governors headed to blue states. governors headed to blue states states it's the all-new subway series menu! 12 irresistible new subs... like #4 supreme meats. smoky capicola, genoa salami and pepperoni! it's the dream team of meats. i've still got my uniform. it's subway's biggest refresh yet.
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11:44 am
many of the migrants do not know whether or going. time magazine started 15 migrants who said they were quote thrilled for the option to free presentation. and were surprised to learn that governor abbott's intentions were less about accommodating them than inconveniencing his political opponents. want to bring in now the journalists of that piece. jasmine aguilera. jasmine, it's great to have you. talk more about that portion that i just read from your piece. how it seem like many migrants are actually thrilled to have this transportation. and not knowing that they're being used really as political pawns. >> sure, you gotta remember that the average american may not be fully versed in the day today of american immigration policy. migrants probably also aren't as informed as well. after some of them have been on a weeklong journey through dangerous areas of our hemisphere. encountering very dangerous people.
11:45 am
the option of a free safe journey closer to their final destination. actually comes as a big relief. a break for a lot of people who have been through pretty tough time pass you weeks. >> let me read a little more for your piece here. maybe there is a bright side to all of this with your reporting. you write this. experts in the migrant themselves the potential benefits of the new system. regardless of the intent behind it. if done at the ugly. it can spread some of the serena thousands of new arrivals away from overstressed border towns they say. it can help individuals with few resources reunite with family elsewhere. in the united states. i think the key here is the benefit is kind of the intent behind it and the preparedness of the cities receiving them. >> it needs to be done ethnically i think is the key term that i heard from experts. if the intention is not in the best interest of the migrants, it's a serve a political
11:46 am
purpose. then there is a lot of questions that raised about immorality the program. the truth is that when i visited the rio for example it is very under-resourced. and people in the community to struggle to provide enough care for these newly-arrived migrants. in the past four years alone. the number than arriving that particular part of the border has been substantial. too much to keep up with. they. the buses that came at the right time and they've actually been a good resource and added option of transportation out of del rio because most people are actually trying to stay at the border. they're trying to reunite with friends or loved ones. other parts of the country. and if there is an option for free transportation from these remote parts of the border to other major metropolitan -- they're going to take it in the actually appreciate that. >> they said they're going to keep going. how do cities like new york city boston and in places like -- who knows if morgan to be
11:47 am
headed there as well. how did they prepare for something like this. i believe martha's vineyard's only has one homeless shelter with ten beds. one bathroom. they don't have the resources they. just don't have. it's a small island. how do you prepare for something like this? >> that's the tricky ensure. honestly the past few months cities like washington d.c.. these organizers who have come together they are learning as they go. they really are figuring it out week by week. a lot of times it's a very scrappy disorganize process. they are figuring it out. a lot of them depend on community donations. people who are willing to spend their mornings volunteering. they're late evening is volunteering. churches that have opened up their doors to let people come in and just to get a bite to eat before figuring out what their next journey. next up of the journey is. but the hard part is because there is no other solution. it appears or at least congress so far has not set of divide any kind of additional resources or a solution to dealing with how many people
11:48 am
are arriving at the border. those are the communities who are not actually had to experience this before are struggling to figure out what they themselves need to do to keep up with the number who are arriving because it is relatively compared to the number of people who are crossing the border. a pretty small fraction. pretty small number of people who are arriving in the cities compared to 400 communities and the fact that they're struggling. they need to call in the national guard for example is just a sign of how unprepared a lot of these communities are. jasmine as you larry for us. good talk to you. >> coming up, everybody. railing last night for ohio senate candidate j.d. vance. former president trump comparing there once tumultuous relationship to another feud he had with a dictator. >> remember i said about kim jong-un? he fell in love and they said oh, trump is saying he fell in love. actually he did, if you want to know. know
11:49 am
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decline. we are a failing nation. we are a nation whose once revered airports are dirty. and crowded. the green new deal it will lead to our destruction. this is an incredible journey were on together has only just begun. >> so that was the former president airing his list of grievances. but this time, as you heard there, with some pretty dramatic music playing in the background. trump making the trip to ohio despite gop senate candidate jay-z bands but of course the former president spending a lot of time talking about himself. one or bring in nbc's jesse courage who's got more for us. tell us more, jessie, if you will about this rally. what you heard. and of course that music. the dramatic moments we mentioned.
11:54 am
we touched upon. >> and that's something that our own ivan hillier flag for us as well. that music. something that potentially has ties to the qanon movement. we're looking into that more but i just wanna play a couple of things that the former president talked about a lot more at -- some of these were common refrains. he called the mar-a-lago search the unprecedented weaponization of the doj. and if the fbi. i called it unhinged persecution. part of unhinged persecution -- he talked about abortion as well. he said he's like ronald reagan on abortion reference for exemptions. to go into more detail but seem to be outlining some parameters around abortion debate. he was talking about the false claims that he won the 2020 election and hinted the 2024. you mention this was obviously important event targeted to rally the base around republican candidates here in ohio heading into the midterms among them j.d. vance. and this was going on in the opponent for vance ron --
11:55 am
tim ryan's own backyard yasmin. >> josie courage for us. thank you for being there. we appreciate it. we are almost the top of the hour everybody. countless people in london will in fact pause for a minute of silence in honor of the queen. at the top of the 3 pm hour. big ben will wring to signify the start of that moment. we're going to be right back with that. stick around. stick around panera, freshly prepared with clean ingredients... spark an explosion of the senses. so when you finally taste it, it just confirms... this. is. fantastic. and only at panera. $0 delivery fee for a limited time. choosing a treatment for your chronic migraine - 15 or more headache days a month, each lasting 4 hours or more - can be overwhelming. so, ask your doctor about botox®. botox® prevents headaches in adults with chronic migraine before they even start. it's the #1 prescribed branded chronic migraine treatment. so far, more than 5 million botox® treatments have been given to over eight hundred and fifty thousand chronic migraine patients. effects of botox® may spread hours to weeks
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11:59 am
vossoughian. thank you for sticking around. we are approaching another solemn moment in the morning of queen elizabeth. a minute of silence to be observed throughout the nation, set to start moments from now at the top of the hour. this is the final day the queen will lie in state. the final chance the public will get to pay their respects. president biden and first lady jill biden have made their condolences today. afterwards, the president joined other leaders in the reception of england's new monarch, king charles the third. it was the first big event for the new king on the world stage, though of course he has spent years by his mother side as the prince of wales, meeting world
12:00 pm
leaders. this will be one of the most massive public events in english history. the state funeral for queen elizabeth, with all the pageantry you would expect. more than 120 movie theaters and cathedrals. let's listen.


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