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tv   American Voices With Alicia Menendez  MSNBC  September 18, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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hello i'm alicia menendez, the sunday compassionate response to cruelty. republicans are hoping democrats would play their game after busing migrants from the southern border to cities of north. as you are going to see, that plan is backfiring in big ways. it's actually highlighting the best of america. also the sour, -- carolina congressman on how democrats could use it to their advantage in the run up to the midterms. speaking of the november election, is 50 days away. president biden's new polling in his favor. it is now embarking on a mission to restore america's standing in the world.
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it's a global addiction getting those, likes retweets and shares. but did you know that social media has quite literally real this in and change our brains. this is american voices. >> we begin this hour with the best in the worst of this country. as republican leaders use asylum seekers as pawns and an attempt to punish my -- arriving at our southern border. they remind us who we are when we are at our best. texas governor greg abbott has said thousands of migrants to washington d.c., new york, chicago. without warning, just last week around desantis joined the political stunt sending migrants in texas to martha's vineyard. the washington post raids, these moves surely delight those in the trumpian base who have taken to social media with
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glee. as a prize drop underscores the alleged hypocrisy of liberals to force him to do with an influx. instead, they wound up only highlighting an outpouring for humanity. again, these republican governors are seeking vulnerable migrants for help at our southern border. they're using lies to get these people on planes, buses and send them to cities that have not even gotten a heads up to prepare for their arrival. their hope was to trigger outrage from those places. americans refuse to play that game. residents embraced the migrants with welcoming messages written in both english and spanish. the community also give them more meals and new clothes. those acts of kindness prove that welcoming migrants is far from a burden, it's an opportunity. it is the american promised. in these moments when it feels as though we are teetering on the brink.
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when our leader fails to live up to those promises to instead do the very worst, it's our fellow citizens who remind us who we are when we are our best. today on msnbc, new york city mayor eric adams calls out the cruel treatment asylum seekers for political gain. >> i believe our legal and moral responsibility as something that we live up to. this is a sanctuary country. let's be clear, even if it's not in the laws of each state. this is a country that has always allowed people to pursue the american dream. if both of those individuals go in realizing that they came from somewhere as well, they should think and reflect on that as individuals how we treat them. >> for many of these migrants, they travel the journey from venezuela which is a long. one it takes months of battling harsh conditions and a grueling
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2500 journey of escaping violence and political turmoil. governor desantis says he wants to hit the ellen -- 's actions expose his own hypocrisy. while campaigning, he often sites his christian faith. he tells supporters that they should quote -- stand up against democrats. and when it comes to love thy neighbor to help that poor, his actions tell a different story. joining me now to discuss, founder and director she is president and ceo of lutheran immigration. she services the former policy director. let's, it was really important to me to have a venezuelan voice on this conversation. nbc news reports since 2014 6.8 venezuelan refugees and migrants have fled to other countries causing one of the largest refugee crisis in the world. the what do americans need to know about these migrants and
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the country they're leaving behind? >> this is been building up over the course of the last 23 years. i remember growing up in south florida in the 90s. my family was the only venezuelan in the community. venezuela was the richest country in latin america. the it was a haven to seek economic turmoil in the middle east platinum, erica. and now with this election in 99, his handpicked successor we've seen people flee first because of political opposition in the early and late 90s. and then because a political persecution in the 2000s. and now that has really bottled up and become a crisis of economic and educational health crises the lack of opportunity for that huge number that you just cited. 6.8 million venezuelans, just last week the un refugee agency set up the venezuelan migrant and refugee crisis which is as
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bad as ukrainian crisis. the difference is we don't have a worn venezuela. that is the or the people of my family's country are fleeing. so many of those people are seeking, not just a better opportunity but to work hard here, not just in south florida. this is the largest population of venezuelans in the united states. again a neighboring countries all over the world. the only see what is happening -- so many people tell the story of self florida. that's himself florida that the governor of the state panders to. that's quite a contrast to the votes that he's seeking to get the. the reality that my family and so many others have been saying from venezuela last few decades. >> let's go that last, point a new msnbc quote. and immigration policies and statements he lied with the dignity of human life, followed
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by tactical recognition of the economic benefits of renewing the labor -- from abroad. from today's governors, migrants are simply ponds and a greater game of scoring points against the -- i wonder someone who has watched a lot of this unfold, different times, different points in history what you make of these mega republicans weaponizing immigration? >> it is shocking. i think president reagan would look at what we are seeing in terms of the grandstanding and be horrified. he always articulated even in the last peaches president he highlighted how immigration is not just who we are as a nation, it's the right thing to do and the smart thing to do. it's 11.2 million jobs going unfilled. americans -- i think this is where americans have to understand that using
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vulnerable people more fleeing for their lives, doing when a parent or do to protect their children and to use most political pinballs to score points can fund-raise off of his unacceptable not american. >> i wonder liz as we watch this all unfold, i think we have to get the story right. that's before we can even really get to the politics of this. we have to understand what the politics are a lot of what is motivating all of this. what do you want people to know as they walk to some fold about the human consequence that's happening here. the ways in which this is gonna be harder for real immigration reform to move forward. the timeliness of this happening 50s out from the election. >> i want to highlight the positive reaction that you mentioned opened people here. the venezuelan americans looking out for each other. whether it's massachusetts or cancel florida, i want to hug
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the story -- and last name is perfect for this anecdote. she drove 100 miles to martha's vineyard to bring a taste of home. it was for all the migrants arriving, showing the solidarity of our people once they arrive here. the same can be said himself florida. organizations like the venezuelan awareness coalition are constantly looking to seek out families that are venezuelan and have been traveling for years. it's really to get to the point where they reach american soil to give them food, shelter, housing in resettlement so here. that's important story to tell about south florida and venezuelan americans here. we're not gonna let the politics of disgraceful politicians put us against each other. that solidarity as what we are known for once we are here. and really the important thing to know in terms of the politics of all of this that you've been covering all weekend, the people that were
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traveling here are following international law. they're following the protocols needed to seek refuge. the politicization of the stories we hear from immigration. yes it needs an overhaul now system but we can be much more generous and the amount of people that we are welcoming here. as long as you do with a humane approach, that will keeping the story that we need to highlight. not only are they receiving that these are hardworking people who are tricked into thinking they had jobs waiting for them. they just want a better life for their families. those are the stories that we need to keep repeating. oh no that we're not docility looking unity but the voting in florida is what we need to remember in the ballot box. we need to pick the leaders that along with those values. >> i want to highlight something liz just said there, these people are trying to follow a process. the looking at what's happening
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in the political stunt. it's going to be more complicated to actually continue the process. they have appointments that are in places that are not martha's vineyard, not cape cod. how should the biden administration respond to this mistreatment of migrants >> i think the administration is focused on making sure that these individuals are prepared, that they're able to attend their i's hearing. that they're able to show for the court hearings. the idea of this covert operation basin duplicity is shocking to leave them deserted on an island. but you, know i think as both of you have highlighted it was cool to see the community step up. they need to recognize it just as we have more refugee settlement -- there's coordination between the movements and one immigrant will go. we do need to have a more
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centralized system. immigration is a federalized system. the reality is, when it comes to sound seekers they essentially are allowed in. they receive their legal papers. beyond that there is no support for them. it really does and that looking to private support. it's looking at state by state process. it's not fair to the migrants who have taken hundreds of miles of journeys just to exercise a legal right. i think the administration could do more. and then congress, rather than keeping this is a wedge issue needs to recognize that reform has been 30 years in the making. they need to act. >> it is why whenever i see a headline -- it does not look like this to double down on immigration. doubling down on immigration to be to do this. listen, chris thank you so much. as always, we have a lot more to talk about. will the desantis plot come
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back to bite him? i'm asked to floridians about the state leader at the center of the gop's latest political sideshow. also ahead, heavy-handed with their lives but light in the facts. what republicans are getting wrong on abortion for carolina congressman. debra ross is here to talk about it. standing by with a look at other good stories, we are watching them this hour at msnbc. richard? >> good evening, to breaking news from puerto rico is where we. start hurricane fiona is battering the southwest coast that island. it's plunging more than 1 million into darkness so far. catastrophic flooding. landslides are expected. president biden approved an emergency declaration, allowing fema and other federal agencies to help. fiona is hitting two days before the fifth anniversary. a 6.9 magnitude earthquake rocked taiwan's coast today. that's causing the roof of a gym to collapse. they said the region, japan issued tsunami warnings for the island of okinawa. they have since been lifted.
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4:18 pm
facts straight. >> what about someone like me who found [inaudible] 16 weeks and has regular point manse, did everything right at 16 weeks found out that our son -- and when he was born he blood from every or facade of his body. we will be robbing that choice when you say something like this. >> i would say the world is so focused on this issue. as your particular case or be exceptions for life of the mother. >> a 19 year old girl appeared at the er. to 15 weeks pregnant, her water broke. the fetus wasn't viable. the standard of care was to advise her that they could extract or she could go home. the attorneys told the doctors that because a fetal heartbeat
4:19 pm
bill, because that 15-week-old had a heartbeat. the doctors could not extract. the doctor from at that point, there's a 50% chance -- well, she is going to pass this fetus in the toilet. she's gonna have to deal with that on her own. there's a greater than 50% chance that she is going to lose her uterus. there is a 10% chance that she will develop sepsis in herself and i. that weighs on me. i voted for that bill. these are affecting people. >> i believe zero torment presidencies even those who didn't rupture have a chance of being successfully carried to term. that is why the treatment for them is not an abortion. >> according to the american college of obstetricians and gynecologists, treatment for ectopic presidency requires and being a non viable pregnancy. now, let's turn -- >> with respect me, and that's an abortion.
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>> joining me now to discuss, north carolina there were. roscommon ross, 5:30 reports of south carolina republican legislator told him after the job decision that it is quote, much more difficult to be honest. it is here because if you get the wrong thing done it is on us. what should we make of these republicans that are now admitting just how hard it is to legislate abortion care? >> well, that we should make if it is that they shouldn't be in the business of practicing medicine is that ally since they have campaigned against women's reproductive freedom against men's health ever since roe has decided. and it is done with women's reproductive health.
4:21 pm
and then they are trying to dictate how women carry a fetus to term whether or not they have health or mental health issues. it is absolutely ridiculous, the women of this country are fed up with it. men are fed up with it. and they just have to get out of the business of telling women how to deal with their reproductive health care. that is between a woman and her doctor. >> i can't tell you how many of those doctors we have now spoken to with full bans or partial bands, where they are trying to offer lifesaving treatment and instead in that critical moment they have to get on the phone with lawyers to make sure that they are understanding these gray areas. it's part of the new nbc polling where 61% of americans, 61% disapprove of the supreme court's decision to overturn roe v. wade. all of this is now becoming
4:22 pm
very real to folks. how do you talk about this 50 days out from midterms? i think people seem pretty clear about what is on the line. what are you hearing out there in north carolina? >> everywhere i go i'm hearing from people who are angry with the supreme court, angry with politicians trying to interfere with their most personal matters. i'm hearing from women, i'm hearing from older men. i'm hearing it from a chamber of commerce meetings, i'm hearing it everywhere. people are just outraged about the supreme court's decision. they are even more concerned about what they are seeing and state legislators. and it's what they are seeing with senator graham's introduce. the reaction of understanding the sympathy for women at very difficult points in their life
4:23 pm
as their criminalize abortion, criminalize people to help them. to criminalize health care providers. people can see through, they're fed up and they're going to vote in november on this issue. >> congressman only about 30 seconds left, i have to ask what it tells you. what senator graham say in the past? i was going to be a states issue now actually trying to push a federal ban. if republicans are going to gain control, what do you think they'd actually be pushing for? >> i don't know they'd be pushing for, they're fighting with themselves right now. senator graham -- he said that they are not interested in having that happen. he has introduced a federal bill. they're going to veto whatever's past. they're gonna win in november. i'm hoping that people understand that if we have a democratic congress, we will
4:24 pm
not have to face those kinds of issues. we can make roe v. wade, the law of the land through congressional knocks. >> congresswoman deborah, thank you so much for your time. next florida in the gop side group is here to talk about it. plus just 50 days in the midterms. president biden has a unique opportunity to major events, prove his argument about america's place in the world. the star of michael beschloss is here to walk us through it. ere to walk us through it. unlock new insights and efficiency-right now. allow monitoring of productivity at remote job sites, with next-generation bandwidth. enable ai cameras that spot factory issues in real time, using next-generation speed. and deliver ultra-capacity 5g coverage that's years ahead of the competition. t-mobile for business has 5g that's ready right now.
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before we begin, i'd like to thank our sponsor, liberty mutual. they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. and by switching, you could even save $652. thank you, liberty mutual. now, contestants ready? go! why? why? only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty.♪ >> at the top of the hour we talked about the moral problem of shipping migrants, human beings thousands of miles -- from movement also cause a political problem for florida governor ron desantis. according to politico, one spanish radio host impaired the news for fidel castro who relocated cubans in the early
4:29 pm
60s. it is fall in vibrant and deval, i was going through the asylum process. they were giving him a lot to think about. >> so, as a venezuelan immigrant he has a very positive -- was the way he looks at rhonda sanchez. >> a republican congress from florida, he's an msnbc political analyst. it's also with me, former democratic for -- she is the senior adviser. it is good to see you both. debbie, i think it is a little soon to ask how this is all going to play out. the humanitarian crisis in front of us is still unfolding. it's one that is a creation of republican governors. but i wonder as you are watching this play, out it is
4:30 pm
pretty clear what is motivating them. i wonder what you make of that motivation and the gamble that they're taking here, politically. >> yeah, good evening alicia. it's absolutely a distraction tactic. ron desantis knows that he has an issue with the fact that republicans are losing on the two top issues facing americans right now and floridians. it's banning abortion without incest, without exceptions to incest and rape or to supports. and also one of the things he wants to do is pass an open carry bill. that would really threaten the public safety of floridians. these are venezuelans who are facing one of the worst humanitarian crisis in the hemisphere. they are fleeing a regime. they have been provided tps, temporary protected status by president biden. the migrants that came to the border had appointments because they're seeking asylum.
4:31 pm
they have every legal duty to do is not undocumented immigrants, they're registered through the asylum the problem with ron desantis doing this. his use taxpayer dollars to ship migrants to another state. it's really interfering in the legal process of documentation for these immigrants that are fleeing political violence in the regime under my rule. >> there's big questions about the legality of all of this david and in the last hour we're talking about how this idea wasn't separate by fox news. it wasn't rewarded by fox news. they love watching this we are encouraging this shenanigans.
4:32 pm
there is a way that this is being allotted in the ecosystem. and rubio, scott i mean are they going to get behind desantis on this? and they want to somehow choose at this is when they hold the line. >> they absolutely will, sadly it's a xenophobic trope you hear from republicans every two years on the eve of an election. they had a white house who could declare the caravans were coming. they don't have a friend in the right house. and now requires republican governors to pull off these a moral stance. and from ron desantis, sorry. it's kind of one of the same at this point. >> i think the important thing to recognize that you're seeing this in a non post trump world. but people trying to emulate donald trump. there are a number of leading republicans who think you can
4:33 pm
convey strength by cruelty, they just do the cruelty it wasn't anything or just cruelty, a very personal level you're understanding with the governor of florida did. he flew people from out of state and florida. it was two hours from the governor's mansion, where he declared as a welcoming state, a free state of florida. he actually said no, you're not welcome here. i believe was because they were brown people with no money. and it's so he ship them away. this is not about owning it, this is about a state of florida under the administration of ron desantis. i think this is what you heard in the voice mystery from the patrick -- >> debbie understands the timing on all of this, we are 50 days out from a midterm election. you are democratic candidate putting out a new eye just yesterday. i want to take a listen.
4:34 pm
>> for him it's always putting politics over peoples lives, lying to migrant children. luring him onto a plane to god knows where. blocking the fight for freedom? it makes me sick. not surprising it has been telling women to not make decisions about their own bodies. banning abortion, even in cases of rape or incest. we must come together to defeat this. >> i think it's interesting this juxtaposition about what is unfolding of migrants and going too far out on abortion. placing them side by side. it's being a quality point. >> congressman chris is trying to do here, it's told the line between shining a spotlight and what is a moral compass with which he leads? that completes to the discrimination against migrants
4:35 pm
and you are not welcome here attitude. and also leads to this question for a woman who is a patient at the time. to try to spread the spotlight on rhonda sanchez in the policies is tricky. but i would say that it is important. i don't say it lightly. it's a very damning personal moment for the governor of the third largest state. he exposed to the world's personal cruelty. and when he is 48 lives to further his ambition in the white house. it's a disgusting moment and it needs to be called. that is not easy words, there's not to censor quilting there's not two sides to this position. >> before you have about 30 seconds left, forgive me. in the state of florida they're trying to make an argument for gun safety. >> this is exactly one of the issues that desantis is running away from. wants to pass an open all
4:36 pm
political affiliations will not vote for a candidate that is not support gun safety reforms. >> this is actually a topic for latinos who are going through hispanic heritage month. we need to talk about what is killing us and it is gun violence. it is a top cause of death for latino males between the ages of 15 to 19. we are going around the state educating our communities so that they remember that they have the power to vote in this election. they can change the direction of the state. it's about our safety, is about protecting our children. it's about making sure we can bring back immunity, and safety. >> thank you as always. not one but two chances for president biden to take the world stage this week. historian michael beschloss as the context that we need after the break. plus there's no doubts. do you know that this might be changing the way your brain works? we're gonna talk to an author of a new book le pen.
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that is something in our capacity to do that can make things, not just the road better but your neighborhood better, your household better, and workplace better. that is what she communicated to me anyways. it was an honor to meet her. >> president biden paying tribute to the late queen as he sandra condolence book this afternoon. tomorrow, the president will join dignitaries around the world to say farewell to the longest and monarch. and on wednesday, president biden will address the united nations, the warren ukrainian democracy's place in the world set to be major topics. a very busy week ahead as they found by vince approval rating at 45% which is the highest it's been since last october. let's turn to nbc presidential historian --
4:41 pm
i keep thinking about the argument that president biden made when he was candidate biden about why he ought to be elected, right? crisis at, home abroad and the railroad strike that we just went through. potential of this last, week you think about what he has in this week ahead of him. how do you see this moment for this president? >> if you talk to him and i have, mothers have you say why did you run for president in 2020? he will say after charlottesville when i saw those nazis marching saying jews will not replace us, he said i really have to run even though he had not necessarily been planning to do that. take a look at the trump rally in youngstown ohio. this is something that harked back to the 1930s.
4:42 pm
here joe biden is in london talking about the queen, he will remember when donald trump was there seeing the queen. he made a point of really walking in front of her and public. it is about the biggest violation you could make. that is not an accidental active rudeness. that is something he was expressing himself. joe biden, he seems to be doing is saying the midterm election this year and they're usually descended on local issues. i want to nationalize it. the biggest issue facing americans is a danger to democracy. that shows up in polls including our own nbc poll. so, i think what we are going to see is both in a trip to london, what he says to the un and also what we hear from him this fall. i don't put words in his mouth, but john kennedy doesn't want the 1960s to be an era for the time right out for the united states. and then joe biden will, say i
4:43 pm
don't this to be -- >> it's this so interesting to me, they've made this historical comparison with migrants ship by republican governors, to blur states with the freedom rides in the 1960s. i wonder when we look back on this moment and history. how history is going to tilt republican governors? >> in florida, it was so interesting that interview that you had and what you are talking about is the cuban americans in florida, this is the rotarian reminds you of one person, fidel castro. this is what we let cuba escape we looked at semi-fascism, take a look at these candidates. mastriano in pennsylvania.
4:44 pm
and what he said about jewish people and the need for an authoritarian society. that is true of other republican senators. i don't make this a partisan thing, but it's rare that you have a midterm election more one size says we are for democracy, the other side says another thing. where they're different we don't think the threat is right. maybe we don't need democracy at all. >> i could not, uvalde just come here and sit with me? it will make it the entire show. around the holiday? >> i'd love nothing better. >> always, thank you can see all of monday ceremonies from london. it's beginning at 5 pm eastern right here on msnbc. next, is social media changing how our brains work? when asked new york times reporter who just wrote a book on it. here's a look at what else is ahead tonight on msnbc. >> >> hey tonight nine eastern
4:45 pm
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4:49 pm
leaving nearly 1 million american citizens without power. cnn -- 's with more. >> where you have tonight is the worst-case scenario, no power throughout the entire island of puerto rico. no flight can leave as fiona barrels through the island. this is what people were most concerned about, they're wondering how the storm could affect the weekend power grid. here we have the answer. governor, not able to answer when power would fully be restored to the island. one thing he did stress, is this is not going to be an event like hurricane maria, which this week marks the fifth year anniversary of that storm. he said, the assessment here may take some time, given how severe the weather is. crews unable to go out and really take a look at the scope of the damage. right, now the potential for flash flooding was at an all-time high. we are seeing incredible images
4:50 pm
of the governor the island. -- government offices will remain closed as well school -- even as it leaves puerto rico, so the effects of hurricane fiona will be hail held felt here on the island, through today, tomorrow, possibly even tuesday. the conditions expected to improve slightly, but we'll bring you more updates as they become available. back to you. >> nbc's george police imported rico, thank you. now, to a disturbing trend that is literally playing with our minds. social media is more prolific than other, which is not the greatest news when you compare that reality to the never ending mission by trump and his supporters to pedals conspiracies. he did it at saturdays rile -- using the typical grades heads, fake news, the ariana. his devotees responded with a, shall we say, questionable index finger salute. where does this come from?
4:51 pm
aside from germany, we don't know. it's likely that qanon, so given how trump was spewing q conspiracies given absolute. for years, experts have linked the rise of social media to political polarization and extremism. new york times reporter max foster has a new book going even further, explain the addictive qualities of social media, it is called the chaos machine. the inside story of how social media required our brains and our worlds. author max fisher joins me now. max, you have gone so far as to say that social media is like a drug. tell us more. >> so, the question that i spent the last four or five years trying to answer is that, what is social media trying to do to assess individuals. we all have a sense that it's doing something to change or politics, to polarize, us deposed towards extremes, it feels unpleasant that it may be exposes us or pulls our opinions in ways that we
4:52 pm
wouldn't experience otherwise. but the question i wanted to answer is, what does that actually mean for the way that there our brains work,. the way we behave, and i spent those years working with a lot of the world's leading scientists, neuroscientist, social psychologist, people in social psychology in whistleblowers and the companies who are trying to sound the alarm of the effects of these platforms. and what i found, and what a lot of these experts found is that it operates like a drug. not just in the sense that, it's addictive, where that is are the top turn off, but like a drug placed on the mid brain chemistry, it plays under behavior, it changes your cognition and the way that your mind processes right and wrong what you think is true and not true, and the effect of that is something that is subtle, because it plays out through these platforms that look like it's reflecting our reality, and, news and what our friends are saying back to, us but it is in fact like, if you think of an experiment with knocking
4:53 pm
on a lever and getting feedback, getting a fruit pellet or electric jolts. that training? that's exactly what social media does by design. it's designed to make you behave and act in a certain way that is profitable for the companies, but that even if that was not specifically the companies attend ended up being normally impactful for the way our societies work. >> talk to me about that, point because you take that sort of rewire at the, brain the way in which it's reconditioned, us the way in which it distorts reality. you then layer in nefarious players who want to introduce this information into what is already a distorted reality. where does that leave us? >> so, i think something that is very important to understand about how this works, and therefore about where this is taking us, is that a lot of the people who we once thought of as the kind of social media dark arts wizards like the breitbart people or even trump
4:54 pm
early on a few years ago when he was not a big figure on the political scene, we think of them is the master manipulators, but in fact what we know now from a lot of really cutting edge research, is there really in many ways passive beneficiaries. we looked at study after study, experiment after experiment that found that people who posted certain kinds of very specifically provocative extreme content, they played on this very specific set of emotions, like tribalism, us versus, them a kind of misinformation they told you to distrust institutions, the gatekeepers, and told suited to take matters into your own hands. it's a extreme form of right and wrong which endorses vigilantism but the platform for this kind of post, came from a user with very few followers, and very little reach. the platform will take that and spread it out, and pushed people because of platforms have learned that this was a kind of content that would be specially engaging. not just for people who read it
4:55 pm
but especially for people who posted. there's a really fascinating experiment that i read about in the book, where researchers took a bunch of people, a bunch of regular everyday social media users, and engaged all of them before the experiment took place, their level of outrage as people. how prone are they as a normal person in their everyday life. what they found is that when people spend time on social media, they sent a post or a tweet or posted the youtube video, or any kind of outreach to things that happen. first the platform would artificially amplify how much recheck got, and a second thing you would do is that feedback that they got would make that user want to pose more and more, and a really disturbing thing is that it changed their level of outrage as a person, even when they were not online, even when they are away from social media, they became less prone to using the kind of intellectual line, and more prone to feeling angry and feeling this sense of tribalism anger. >> max fisher, thanks so, much
4:56 pm
the book is the chaos machine, it is out now. this evening, msnbc films presents model america, a four part series dissect in the country's complicated relationship with race, in a small town in northern new jersey. >> and they said there is a shooting, you know teaneck police just shot somebody. they shot a young kid. they shot a black kid. >> you can watch model america at 10 pm eastern, only on msnbc. small prices for big dreams. ♪ wayfair you've got just what i need ♪ life... doesn't stop for diabetes. be ready for every moment, with glucerna. it's the number one doctor recommended brand that is scientifically designed to help manage your blood sugar. live every moment. glucerna.
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today, here's alicia menendez, back here for more american voices. i handed over to many has been, i 90. >> hello alicia, and thank you so much, have a great rest of whatever is left to sunday night. but everyone else, keep watching, tonight on the mehdi hasan show. human trafficking as a political stunt, don't shake your head, my panel breaks down the latest inhumane dirty tricks on the gop's top governors, plus the gop dark money machine that's helped allow donald trump to go in front of a judge that he appointed, to get ridiculously favorable positions. sheldon whitehouse is here to discuss, then the legal controversy surrounding the sale of


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