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tv   Katy Tur Reports  MSNBC  September 20, 2022 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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brooklyn. i want to show you the live picture. both parties asked to be there by judge raymond deary. here's the focus. how the judge plans to move forward with the review that is now holding up parts of the federal investigation into the president's handle of classified material. again, you can see some demonstrators if you will, outside the courthouse. we know how mr. trump's legal team and the doj want to move forward. they both filed separate proposals overnight because of a draft plan by the judge, a plan that has them pushing back against a request from the junl to back up the trump team's claims that they declassified a lot of information. now listen, the trump team did not do that. here again, while the former president and his allies are saying publicly he declassified this stuff, his team is not
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saying that where it counts. in court. not yet. but the former president's attorneys did tip their hand that they think an indictment could be coming against mr. trump and the mar-a-lago case, pointing out any documents, if that evidence exists, could be used in future charges. got it covered from all angles including from outside the courthouse. we know the demonstrators who have showed up in brooklyn behind you, not surprisingly i think given the fact it's brooklyn, new york city, leans democratic. they are anti-trump demonstrators. you've also seen the arrival of some of the attorneys, yes. >> yeah, i think we got some of this video in which the trio of attorneys now representing trump arrived a few minutes ago. yelled at by several demonstrators here that are also in attendance. this is the brooklyn federal courthouse. we're just about ten minutes here from manhattan. this is the first time in which the judge is going to be meeting
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with not only the doj, but also with trump's attorneys here. the special master situation is moving forward. despite an appeal by the department of justice requesting the u.s. appeals court of the 11th circuit in atlanta to aloe the department of justice to continue to work through its investigation. its criminal investigation of those more than 100 classified documents at this moment in time, that stay has not been issued and therefore, the special master is meeting with both sides here today to not only determine a potential timeline, but also the way and the process in which these documents will be filtered through. both sides issued written responses to a draft proposal from the judge over the weekend. both sides have different timelines. as well as different methods in ways in which they believe the judge should work through these documents. also important to know we may
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find out here today the timeline in which the judge intended to have this process completed by. he actually proposed part of his plan and expedited process, which would be october 7th. to have these documents combed through and evaluated for not only the potential executive privilege or attorney client privileges that trumps attorneys are arguing, but also the extent to which the classification of these documents is in contention. it was over the course of this weekend in which judge deary asked trump's attorneys for information, evidence, as to when donald trump as he has contested not in legal documents, but on social media, evidence of him declassifying the materials that were retrieved from mar-a-lago as part of that august 8th seizure. this is a situation in which the trump attorneyed responded by saying they were not inclined to
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provide such evidence, believing in the situation he were to be indicted, this would be a key part of evidence in his defense. at the same time, this hearing should be able to tell us a lot about how this process would play out under the assumption that the court of appeals in atlanta does not issue a stay here today or in the coming days. >> vaughn, you'll be keeping us posted on all developments. i want to bring in tom winter. one of the tips of the sphere on the reporting on this front. lisa ruben and former chief of the counterintelligence and export control section in the doj's national security division, david. what else should we know? give us that other context that is important here? >> so a couple of different things. first off, a little breaking news. there's actually a bit of an
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issue with the dial in line. the reporters and members of the public can listen to today's proceeding with the special master. here, two and a half years into the pandemic, it appears people still haven't figured out the mute function on their phones. so you can imagine the volume of people that have dialed into this. we've heard on hold music. very personal conversations and what appears to be somebody cooking in background. the court is aware of this and their i.t. staff are trying to find a way to mute all the phones with the exception of obviously the microphones coming from the courthouse. >> god bless you, tom. god love you, but i don't know if that truly constitutes breaking news. is it just annoying? >> we are delaying the court proceduring. i got a note from the spokesperson for the eastern district of new york pitching in and helping us out here on
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what's going on. >> so everybody's on hold. >> but not all on mute. as far as how we expect this to go today, your timing of about an hour is typically how long you would expect it to last though it's not clear what type of arguments the judge is going to hear from the various attorneys. we're looking at the trump attorneys now as vaughn referenced earlier. and also what type of debate might go back and forth. of course, all of this could be upended by the person the special master reports to. he's got to report to judge canon in florida. did he get a filing as it pertains and interseed.interced. all this is ongoing while there's an issue but the 11th circuit court of appeals
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addressing whether or not the special master issue is valid and also whether or not federal prosecutors and investigators can resume their efforts to determine if there's been a threat to national security and use these documents in their ongoing investigation. so yes, on one hand, we might get a lot of decisions today and an understanding of how this moving forward with the ultimate result being november 30th when the review and any associated back and forth about what's privileged will wrap up, but some of these decisions from the judge could be changed. >> in roughly an hour, for folks wondering what's the headline going to be, it will likely be related to the timeline and the deadlines here. is that fair to say? >> that's precisely correct. just one thing to add. yes, the judges proposed the review be done by october 7th,
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but that doesn't necessarily mean the entirety of this is done by then. the two sides can go back and forth on what they deem to be privileged or not. so that process is expected to take longer. probably the week after thanksgiving before this wraps up. >> tom winter, i know you have more reporting and more muting of your own line to listen to as well as you continue reporting. lisa, tom has talked about the timeline. he mentioned the date of october 7th, which was the judge, in his draft, date for the initial review. the trump team says that's too soon. in your professional opinion, is it? >> i don't think so but i think we have to presuppose what the trump team wants is a genuine review by the special master and i think there's reason to doubt that. the trump team said all along that the reason they wanted the special master is so their client could make a motion called a rule 41g motion for the
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return of his personal property. that's the reason that judge deary asked them, can you tell us which documents your client declassified because if i'm supposed to prioritize the review of classified documents, tell me which ones he declassified, that will make my job easier and faster and they refused. so i don't think their ultimate goal here is for a holistic and thorough review. i think their goal is delay and the special master was their vehicle for getting it. >> david, judge deary is somebody who was on the list of who the trump team wanted to see as this special master. was there an expectation that perhaps he would be sympathetic to them and do you think that has been born out or no? >> no. i think this is a case of be careful what you wish for. what they asked for and got was an extremely seasoned, experienced federal district court judge with specific expertise in national security matters and he's going to take that responsibility extremely seriously.
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he's been asked to expedite the decision with respect to classified documents that appears to be exactly what he's doing by asking basic threshold questions of mr. trump's counsel as to whether mr. trump declassified anything. it's a completely rational way to begin this process and may help to expedite his position of this issue because all the stuff as we know is a fabrication with respect to declassification. then i think he'll give more deference to the government's representations supported by a declaration by the fbi's assistant director for counterintelligence. that are classified at the highest levels. top secret code word and this judge, he's not going to be a rubber stamp for the government. he's likely to give the benefit of the doubt to the government. >> this issue of declassification, lisa, help us understand the relevance from the criminal perspective here
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because the documents that we have seen so far related to the search warrant affidavit for the initial visit, if you will, the initial search of mar-a-lago where many of these documents were found, of the potential statutes at play here, how important is it whether or not donald trump declassified these documents or not before he left office? >> that's a great question and one that david can probably shed some light on. it's important, but it's not the be all end all. which is to say when the government unveiled their search warrant to the public and former president, as you noted, there were three statutes that were implicated. two don't have anything to do with whether or not the documents are classified or even relate to the national defense and one does. it's the espionage act. whether it's lawful to hold on to documents that would implicate our national defense. either because they would
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disadvantage the united states or advantage another nation so that it would be harmful for us. i think there is some critical overlap between classified documents and documents that implicate the national defense. it's hard to see how something that could be that important to trigger the espionage act would not be classified in the first instance. >> because lisa brought you up, i want to give you an opportunity to weigh in on that front. >> lisa's right. i mean, the espionage act has to do with retention of information relating to the national defense or ndi. while it's true that a prosecution could be brought for retention of unclassified documents, if the documents fulfill the definition of a wide range described, it's rare for the government to charge an attention case under section 93e unless they're classified.
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i authorized the first prosecution ever for documents that weren't classified, but they involved schematics of an aircraft carrier. but that's going to be uncommon. it's improbable to me as a matter of whether the government would exercise discretion that they would charge mr. trump with violating 793e unless the documents were classified. of course, as lisa indicated, there are ancillary charges including obstruction, which is an aggregating factor in the government's decision. they're going to feature prominently in the government's decision making. >> lisa, i have to ask you, an attorney for the former president basically warned him about what exposure he would have if he took these classified documents out of the white house. as "the new york times" is reporting who's familiar with people from his art filled depositions. sought to impress upon mr. trump
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the seriousness of the issue and potential for investigations and legal exposure if he did not return the documents particularly any classified material, citing multiple sources. how would that prior knowledge on the part of mr. trump potentially shape the case here? >> i think it's a further indicator of the willfulness of his conduct. if you've been warned by people who are aware you have retained documents that could be classify and haven't handed them back to the government and you've been told not doing so could put you in a world of trouble, continuing to do so for as long as president trump allegedly did, that's further indication of the willfulness of his conduct. and to david's point, i think sleeper hit here so to speak is section 19 of the u.s. code. that's obstruction of an official government investigation and we know that by concealing records from the government, both from the national archives and the fbi
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and department of justice when they were asking, this whole supposed storage dispute has gone on a lot longer than anybody ever intended and indeed, the government has been more than patient with the former president before going to the measures they have gone to here. the conduct has been willful in the extreme. >> thank you both very much for your perspective. president biden making a new push for a bill that targets dark money in campaigns so to speak. he was speaking from the white house calling on the senate to pass something called the disclose act. >> republicans should join democrats to pass the act. dark money has become so can common in our politics. i believe sun light is the best disinfectant. here's the key difference. democrats in the congress support openness and accountability. republicans in congress so far don't. so far don't. i hope they'll come around.
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>> a lot of people see this as mostly symbolic because the bill is expected to fail this week just as it did the last time the senate tried to pass something similar a decade ago. i want to bring in mike memoli. what does the administration want here? what's the white house hoping to get from this vote? >> what i thought was so interesting about the president doing this event today with that one, the white house knows where this bill is heading, which is straight to the dumpster. it's not likely to get the republican votes it needs to advance in the senate. this is an issue that's important, but it's not necessarily something at the top of the list for a lot of voters or even in the public discussion, but what the president also did in his remarks in the last hour was link the influence of dark money, particularly in light of the citizens united decision, which really opened the flood gates to this wild west of non-profit superpacs being able to fund candidates in these elections, to link it to one of those issues that has been at the front and center for so
11:17 am
many, which is abortion. he talked about the money that some of these dark money groups have put into issues like abortion in the last decade and the ability they've seen to influence elections and therefore the makeup of the supreme court itself. so the president taking a lower profile issue and linking it to one that is so important for a are the of democrats this fall. it is important political day as well for this white house. we see the president talking about the disclose act while vice president harris is also traveling on what is voter reg registration day. she's talking to young voters in south carolina, part of her midterm election focus on communities of color. other demographics that don't necessarily turn out in high numbers. so as the president is preparing to head to the united nations, we see both members of the white house here, the president and vice president, focused on also these domestic issues as well. >> thanks, mem. coming up here on the show, the latest on hurricane fiona,
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slammed right now by hurricane fiona, which is a category 3. puerto rico devastated from what is now that deadly storm. two people reported killed on the island, most of which is under water and without power. it could be days before they thinks get better and this is an island still recovering from hurricane maria, which hit five
11:23 am
years ago today. george, we are now, listen, this is a multiday, immediate crisis and it is going to be a multimonth recovery process. it is a long road ahead for people there. >> reporter: that's right. i'm not sure if you can tell, but right now, it is starting to drizzle, which is not a good sign. this means we are still dealing with the effects of hurricane fiona. the last thing the people of puerto rico need is more rain because already in areas they have seen 25, 30 inches of rain. the other part of this is the assessment of damage. there's a downed power pole on the street. power utility officials here now beginning to assess the damage and not even far from me is another power pole that has snapped like a twig from the intensity of those hurricane force winds. this is happening across the island. not to mention there are still people who haven't been able to assess the damages on their property. there are losses, people in shelters. the damage here is catastrophic
11:24 am
and this was a category 1. this is the anniversary of hurricane maria. we were supposed to be talking about how much progress has been made on the island since that storm. spoke with one man whose family hunkered down during the storm. sure, they had supplied, had some resources, but even they were not prepared for what this storm brought. take a listen. how do you guys feel? it's the anniversary of hurricane maria, and again, you have no power. [ speaking non-english ] a feeling of deja vu for many wondering how soon federal aid is going to get to this island to begin some of that rebuild and assessment and right now, we just got word from the national weather service moments ago there's another disturbance out there in the tropics that people
11:25 am
in puerto rico need to monitor. so they're not even done with this yet and now there's another disturbance. the hope here is that of course it doesn't, but there's growing fear here on this island even today. >> thank you for staying on top of the recovery and rescue efforts. coming up, texas sheriff opening an investigation now into florida governor ron desantis. how he says that dozens of migrants he flew to martha's vineyard may have been coerced. and what investigators call the biggest covid scheme in the country. what we're finding out about the case. country. what we're finding out about the case so i go triple... with trelegy. with 3 medicines in 1 inhaler,... it's the only once-daily treatment for adults that takes triple action against asthma symptoms. trelegy helps make breathing easier,... improves lung function,... and lasts for 24 hours.
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it's the dream team of meats. i've still got my uniform. it's subway's biggest refresh yet. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the government calling it the biggest case of covid fraud in the country. 47 people in minnesota charged in a $250 million scheme accused of exploiting a child nutrition program. these folks were allegedly claiming to feed needy kids but were keeping the money for themselves and showing others how to do the same. >> as alleged in these indictments, over a short period of time, these 47 defendants engaged in a brazen scheme of
11:30 am
staggering proportions. >> joining us now from chicago is nbc's maggie vespa. federal investigators have minced as we just heard, zero words on this front. >> exactly. they're calling this as you said, one of the biggest covid fraud schemes ever in the u.s. also calling it a massive get rich quick scheme. fraud. it's been called in minnesota the feeding our future fraud. specifically. the reason they're calling it is because feeding our future is a minnesota non-profit that has done work like this for years but once the covid pandemic hit and a lot of the restrictions around these federal funds were loosened, they vowed to use this now kind of newly available money to feed needy kids during the pandemic as we saw the need soar. people were out of work and kids were out of school. overall, over the next couple of years, investigators say this group, including one of the heads of that feeding our future
11:31 am
agency got $250 million in federal funds. again, earmarked to feed needy children, but instead of doing that, investigators say they did things like buy houses in minnesota. buy homes aboard. luxury cars, jewelry. the whole nine. here's more of what we heard in that press conference earlier. >> these individuals believed they could steal tens of millions of dollars from a federal child nutrition program by claiming to serve food to needy children when they were not. their goal was to make as much money for themselves as they could while falsely claiming to feed children during the pandemic. >> we heard from the doj right there, the fbi, the irs. even the u.s. postal service inspectors who say the mail service was used so they're in on this. they say the investigation spanned 18 months and right now,
11:32 am
we're seeing the results of all that work. >> maggie, thank you. back here in washington, you had president biden today responding to some reporting that perhaps another flight full of migrants may have been sent by ron desantis to delaware. the president's home state. >> migrants to delaware, do you have any comment to that, sir? have any comment to that, sir? >> nbc news has not confirmed reports about that latest migrant plane, but it comes as a texas sheriff has opened an investigation into a similar situation earlier this month where desantis flew nearly 50 venezuelan migrants from texas to martha's vineyard. >> what infuriates me the most about this case is that here, we have 48 people that are already on hard times, right? they are here legally in our country at that point. they have every right to be where they are. and i believe that they were
11:33 am
preyed upon. somebody came from out of state. preyed upon these people. lured them with promise of a better life. to just be exploited and hoodwinked into making this trip to florida then on ward to martha's vineyard for what i believe to be nothing more than political posturing. >> joining me now is kerry sanders. we heard from governor desantis talking about this. he accused the biden administration of creating an denying there's a crisis in this country. again, unsurprising to see the governor mounting vigorous defense of his own actions here, but legally and politically, how does this hold up? >> reporter: right now, the sheriff, who is a democratic sheriff in bear county, that's in san antonio area, which is where the plane left from, says that he has launched an investigation into florida governor desantis' involvement in having an airplane go to
11:34 am
texas, pick up 48 migrants, all from venezuela, fly them to ook loo sa, florida, land, refuel and then on to martha's vineyard and whether those on board were lured and lied to and if they were, whether it was a violation of any statutes in texas. and so that's an ongoing investigation. meantime today, we have a situation where there is a story that has floated out there that another plane is headed to delaware today. of course, this is where president biden has his summer home. so right now in delaware, and i think we have an image of it, they're holding a news conference where a representative from the state from the health department has said we are prepared if there is going to be a plane landing today with immigrant, but we have not seen a plane. we have not been notified of any
11:35 am
planes coming, but this is all a developing situation in the wake of what happened last week with those 48 migrants landing in martha's vineyard. we should note when the plane landed, nobody in martha's vineyard, nobody in massachusetts was notified the plane was coming and those who got off said they had maps of where they should go to get services and they looked the maps up and it led them not to a place to get services, but rather to just a parking lot. >> kerry sanders live in florida watching all of these movements. i imagine we'll be talking about throughout the afternoon. thank you. i want to bring in an immigration attorney, also former president of the immigration lawyer's association. talk about from the legal perspective here. the charges that could come and legal defense for governor desantis. >> thank you for having me on this important issue. part of the issue is that they were in san antonio, which has already filed a suit against texas for being a sanctuary
11:36 am
city. they were already in a city where they could get help. they were falsely lured from texas to florida and then to massachusetts so that's two different state of issues from the federal government, their main charge with regard to kidnapping and fraud there alone should be enforced. as a matter of fact, it seems the department of justice should be bringing something in to these carriers who are known to be trafficking these individuals who did not know where they were going. the airline and bussing companies to stop this from happening immediately. those are some of the charges: in addition, he's specifically targeting foreign nationals to move throughout the country. >> beyond this particular county, is it possible federal laws have been broken here? >> i think a number of federal laws have been broken. there's a report today that a flight landed in california a couple of hours ago. so once again, smuggle,
11:37 am
kidnapping and fraud alone is enough to stop this from happening with couriers because there must be some way we know when buses are leaving, maybe not bus, but planes, and we know this is happening from san antonio to different areas. there's a report this is costing florida taxpayers almost is million a flight to move these immigrants. >> thank you very much for your analysis and your perspective here this afternoon. appreciate it. coming up here on the show, the legislation that liz cheney and others are trying to rush to get through congress to try and stop another january 6th. but first, a ukrainian city now free of its occupiers left with a horrific reminder of what happened during the russian invasion. our team is there on the ground. invasion our team is there on the ground. it's the all-new subway series menu! 12 irresistible new subs... like #11 subway club. piled with turkey, ham and roast beef. this sub isn't slowing down time any time soon. i'll give it a run for its money.
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unearthing horrific scenes of death and destruction in izyum. as those troops take back what used to be kremlin territory and nbc news is getting a first look at what it's like on the ground where officials say they found hundreds of bodies including what they think civilians in a mass grave. >> reporter: we spent the last few days in a recently liberating town of izyum where we found scene of desperation, people still cut off from the rest of the world. it is a desperate situation and they say they've lived through the worst. >> strategic town of izyum lies in ruins after the ukrainians pushed the russian forces out, ending their brutal occupation. the trauma they left behind, palpable. for six excruciating months, ukrainian investigators say
11:43 am
russian forces used the town's police station as a prison and torture center, keeping some 40 ukrainians at a time. >> there were four people. >> they had four people. in a cell. >> in this small room. >> reporter: the chief investigator shows us the horrifying conditions he says prisoners were forced to endure. some desperately marking the walls to pass the time. >> my days, somebody was there. on this wall. you can see date. 29, june. 22. this is name loha. it's like alexi. >> reporter: ukrainian investigators say the prisoners were brought upstairs to be tortured, he believes, civilians, to terrorize the local population. >> i'm a human and then i see
11:44 am
this place, it's shock me. i'm very scared. >> reporter: he says there's a link between the prison and the mass grave on the outskirts of town where according to ukrainian investigators, they're exhuming bodies showing signs of torture. the kremlin is calling a allegations a lie. residents tell us most died from the relentless bombardment. yohan says for months, his neighborhood was bombed. missiles rained down from the sky night and day. what is this? it's shrapnel, he says. they were flying everywhere. explosions were hitting everything. these are the scariest weapons. his wife shows us where shrapnel struck her arm and abdomen. the bombing was so powerful their home was lifted off its frame. they had nowhere to run.
11:45 am
all they could do was hide. imagine living in this basement for months. you have no phone, no internet, no electricity. in fact, this is your only light source. you're running out of water and food. at night, the explosions are so loud, you can't sleep. you don't know if your home will be the one hit next. for half a year, that was the reality of the people who live here. but now with russians pushed back, people have left their homes. enjoying this moment of peace for however long it lasts. ukrainian prosecutors say this is going to be a long and pain staking process. they're currently collecting sam samples from the prison and cross referencing samples from the mass grave to not only identify the victims, but figure
11:46 am
out what happened to them. they say the process could take months if not years. >> up next, inside the bill congresswoman liz cheney and others hope will make it harder to overturn a legit presidential election. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ your mission: stand up to moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis or active psoriatic arthritis and... take. it. on. with rinvoq. rinvoq is a once-daily pill that tackles pain, stiffness, swelling. for some, rinvoq significantly reduces ra and psa fatigue.
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11:50 am
the rules committee is taking up a revamped version of the electoral count act. this is something proposed by liz cheney and zoe lofgren. house leadership is hoping for a full vote tomorrow. and this isn't the only thing aimed at preventing another january 6th because that's the goal here, right? you've got the senate that has a similar plan in the works but with only a few weeks left in the current congressional term and lawmakers split on which way to go, you could see a lame duck showdown. ali and look are with us. ali, let me start with you on these reforms. in some ways, this is a bill that comes from the work of the january 6th select committee, which both women serve on. >> that's right. you have to look at what's in it and you'll see those direct
11:51 am
lines between what the committee has been presenting in its hearings and then the legislative fixes they've been proposing. saying that the vice president's role in counting votes the ministerial, taking any question of what the vice president can do out of question. trying to define that better. also raising the threshold to objecting to electors. something that was a key conversation happening during january 6th that the committee has spent so much time focusing on. forcing statss to certify lawful winners. that second bullet point there about the threshold for objecting to electors, that's going to be something that we're hearing about a lot over the course of the next few days because it's a key difference between what the house is proposing and what the senate is proposing. on the house side, the two people leading the charge with zoe lofgren and liz cheney. on the senate side, we've seen republicans and democrats in
11:52 am
bipartisan fashion trying to cobble this together, talking with election law experts, and trying to make this as targeted as possible so they can reach that 60-vote threshold. now the question is how they end up pushing forward. the house may end up voting on this, but the senate still has questions about what can actually pass given the way these bills are different. that's really the game we're playing now. conversations happening between key members of both as they try to chart a path forward. this is in many ways, a direct response to january 6th. >> stand by for a second. luke, let me turn to what you've been hearing. >> it seems like house republicans are going to line up against this bill for the most part. they do not like some of the provisions in the house version of the bill, specifically the provision about the congress determining what will be a failed election in the states and not the states doing that.
11:53 am
what i'm also hearing is a lot of them want to oppose it because it's coming from the january 6th committee. but you know, the democrats have the votes in the house so i do think you know, even if very few republicans vote for it in the house, it will pass. the question will be how is it married up with the senate bill. i know already zoe lofgren is talking with senate klobuchar about how to marry these two bills and the question we're passing the senate is harder because they need the ten republicans to stay with the bill, but i think they'll probably iron out those differences between the two chambers. >> as we talk about liz cheney here, there were some interesting comments she made last night about her fellow republicans and it is a story that i don't believe she has told publicly before. let me play a little bit of that so people can hear it. >> i asked one of the staffers in the courtroom, what are these sheets of paper because members were coming in and signing them.
11:54 am
and this person said to me well, those are the objection sheets and as i was sitting there, a member came in and he signed his name on each one of the state's sheets and then he said under his breath, the things we do for the orange jesus. >> to luke's point, there is still obviously despite what is said privately, the public loyalty to former president trump that is still on display in many instances for republicans in the house. >> you and i know this, too. i think all of us who were talking here know this. the way that republicans talk about trump in private is very different than the way they talk about him in public. this is definitely a story we haven't heard from liz cheney before. it's got one of those quotes in it that you would remember before. the idea of orange jesus. certainly something that's echoing through the halls of congress today. this feeds into the committee coming back next week, doing more hearings.
11:55 am
chairman thompson tells us just today these hearings are going to be on the 28th, which we knew, but at 1:00 p.m. and they say they have new things they have gathered that they have not yet seen that they are ready to present. we don't know what the focus of that is going to be, but clearly liz cheney and zoe lofgren charting out that they have at least some legislative suggestions that will be in the committee's record so congress can push ahead on them as we wait for the final report this fall. >> luke, final thoughts to you. >> yeah, chairman thompson did a little reviewing just in the hall a minute ago about what would be in it. he said it would contain more video evidence we haven't seen from the attack and some of the evidence they've accumulated from their in-person interviews with witnesses. he said he didn't know yet if we would have live testimony from
11:56 am
live witnesses. so it could be just a presentation from the committee with more of all of that evidence they've been accumulating over a number of months. >> our thanks to you both for that reporting. and with the midterms around the corner, here at msnbc, our plan your vote to get key information on the rules where you live like deadlines, mail in and early voting options, what to bring with you on election day and more. you can scan the qr code there or head to we've got another busy hour of news including new evidence in the push to overturn the 2020 election results. plus, is delaware going to be the next destination for this new plane full of migrants? why joe biden's home state is coming into focus. coming up in just a bit. into f. coming up in just a bit. ♪♪ even if you don't feel it. meta portal. the smart video calling device...
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12:00 pm
new developments as we come on the air in the investigation into former president trump with lawyers for the department of justice and the former president ending their first face-to-face meeting with the special master, that independent third party, in just the last couple of minutes. on the left, you're looking at a live shot of the courthouse including some members of the nbc team. our team is standing by with what we know just happened.


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