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tv   Chris Jansing Reports  MSNBC  September 23, 2022 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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good day. i'm chris jansing live at msnbc head quarters in new york city. right now, we're waiting for president biden to speak at a dnc event in washington. this could get interesting because we're expecting him to lay out a rp sharper vision of his party's midterm message and push back against the republican agenda. that was unveiled by kevin mccarthy just this morning. and both parties strategies are facing the uncertainty of just what you might drop next in the myriad of investigations into donald trump, his associates and
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january 6th. we know today that the clock is ticking for the former president and his legal team. they have one week to produce evidence to back up donald trump's repeated attacks on the fbi, including allegations that agents planted records at his mar-a-lago home. he said it again this week. >> the problem that you have is they go into rooms, they won't let them in the same building. did they drop anything into those files or did they do it later. there's no chain of custody with them. >> but now special master raymond deer ri ordered lawyers late thursday, he did this just last night torks account for in court those unsubstantited claims that trump of keeps making on tv. and that's not all the judge is asking for. he also wants trump's attorneys to say whether they think the fbi was mistaken about what evidence was taken or where it
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was found. tz and he's giving them one last chance to say whether they want to claim the fbi took anything that's not on the list. if they don't, the judge said, quote, this submission shall be plaintiff's final opportunity to raise any factual disputes as to the completeness and accuracy of the detailed property inventory. what remains to be seen will change public perception. though there's some evidence it may be happening. a new poll by marquette shows 67% of americans believe the president had classified documents in his home and that includes nearly 4 out of every 10 republicans. charles coleman is with me in studio. and josh dausy, reporter with the "the washington post." josh, is this what we're seeing
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from the judge, a classic case of be careful what you wish for? because after all when trump's team picked the judge as a special master, i'm guessing they weren't expecting him to call them out on their claims like this. >> what he's essentially said is they are going to see that the fbi plnted evidence, the fbi behaved unethically, that there are things there that you have privilege, that you declassified certain things. you have to be one to say that under oath. and you cannot just make these claims to a permanent minority of your supporters or base that doesn't really leave you that you have to make them under oath to the entire court. so far we'll see if they do that or not. what we see in the past is that we have the force go under oath or to say things in court. the legal team has not been willing to back up some of the
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more ridiculous assertion, for lack of a better word, that he's made. that you can think something was declassified and then it was declassified. or the fbi planted evidence. he's saying all these things publicly to his base, but whether his legal team will go along with that, it's unclear to me. i think it's restaurant very unlikely they go along with the idea you can think something is declassified. the other thing they have said is that he did declassify a lot of these documents. he extended the order. that's just not so. they don't know what he's talking about. so we'll see if that legal team is willing to say any of this under oath. but this judge, who is respect ed basically on both sides and surprised a lot of folks that trump's team even picked him, is really going further about making him say these things in court. >> this is so interesting to me because, look, it's not like a special master gets appointed
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every day. this seems to be going really far. as josh just pointed out, there were a number of things that trump's attorney delirium tremens not want to go on the record about, including whether or not he had classified documents there. the judge is saying, i don't care what you do or don't want to do, these are the questions you will answer. here's the time by which you will answer them. if they can't prove any of this stuff that he's been saying or they have been claiming, what does it do to their case? >> they don't. one of the things that i predicted with this judge is he was going to set a very different tone than what we had already been seeing out of florida at the district level. this special master is not playing around. he's making it very clear to them that he is going to do everything that he can to get this train back on the tracks, even though it's left the station already. what he's let them know is i'm going to narrow down all of the issues that are in dispute so i can swiftly deal with anything that maybe in question. so these sort of narrative
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points that have been floating out in the atmosphere and in the media for speculation about maybe these documents were planted or maybe they were declassified, he's going to get them to commit one way or the other. he ubss that they know there's a penalty for lying on the record for not telling the truth or being less than honest on the record. so now he's eliminating this space of ambiguity to make it clear we have to narrow down the issues, move forward, make decisions and get this thing over with. >> i want to make sure we're clear about what the responsibility is here. if they respond to him in writing, is that essentially the equivalent of being under oath? >> yes, because you swear and affirm when you're filing a pleading with the court you know these things to be true. you usually write as an attorney under penalty of purge. so you understand that the same penalty you'd face if you took the stand, put your hand on the bible and say i swear and affirm
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you're being held to that same standard in court. >> you said one word that is clearly applicable here which is swift. one of the things we have seen from donald trump for decades, but we have also seen in this case, is delay, delay, delay. it doesn't look like the special master is going to have any of that. >> not at pull. the judge is clear about trying to move this along. >> what does that do with the doj case? >> it only helps their case. when you think had about the 11th circuit in terms of looking at what the district court decided in allowing them to proceed more swiftly with the criminal investigation, getting the special master to make decisions quickly and swiftly in terms of whatever it is they can use, whatever it is they should be able to use, it's only going tone able them to do what they are able to do in pusuing an indictment against donald trump and others. without that, it only delays the overall process. so this is going to be a move that bites team trump in the
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backside. they are the ones who asked for this. and ultimately, it doesn't look like it's going to play in their favor. >> you have been out there with trump's people a the lot. if trump fails to back up all of this, does it hurt him politically. what are you hearing from folks you're talking to? >> there's a reality that there's a court of public opinion, and then there's a court of law. as we have seen over the last five years, the court of law has often times had little impact for those who were tloil donald trump. what you have seen in this election, ultimately, among the kourlt of public opinion when the general election voting base is voting, that it cost him in the likes of wisconsin narrowly losing, michigan, georgia, arizona. then there's a second reality that can be true at the same time. that is that donald trump is anyone to claim that most of his trump-backed candidates won the gop primaries. and that he continues to hold
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that significant powerful swift. >> i need to interrupt you, jawn. we are going to go president biden speaking at a dnc event. let's listen. >> holy mac role. but there's a lot in the ballot. my dad used to have an expression. he'd say you don't compare me to the almighty. compare me to the alternative. we have a real alternative here. this is not going to be an election that is isn't of significant consequence. gun safety for our kids, the idea that you start school this year and kids in many parts of country are learning how to duck and cover. think about it. rather than talking about reading and writing, it's a very
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different circumstance. it's not right. it's not who we are. it's not who we should be. folk, look. the survival of our planet is on the ballot. that sounds like hyperbole, but it genuinely is. the thing that we found out, and everybody found out, there's not a lot of total climate deniers anymore after what happened this year. but guess what, we have a lot to do. we go back a long way. she was 12. i was 30. but any rate. this woman helped me get an awful lot done. but right now, it's not hyperbole to suggest democracy itself is on the ballot as well. folk, i believe america is at an inflection point. i apologize. i'm a labor guy.
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i have spent a lot of time with labor movements since i got elected. my whole career, and i apologize if i repeat some things. i think we're at an inflection point. it occurs every three or four jeb rations. and by that i mean that these moments are either going to determine the shape of everything to come after what we do now. it's that consequential. now 46 days to choose. and the path for democrats is contrasted with the one offered by the maga republicans. by the way, not all republicans are maga republicans. i want to make that clear. for years and years, i got beat up in the campaign by saying that i wanted to unify the country and unify the parties. you used to be able to do that. but things have changed a whole bunch. the maga republicans control the
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republican party right now, and that's self-evident of. there's a lot at stake here. i'm going to talk a little bit about that now. earlier today after opposing and obstructing everything we tried to do to stop progress for the last two years, the house minority leader kevin mccarthy went to pennsylvania and unveiled what he calls a commitment to america. that's a thin series of policy goals with little or no detail that he says republicans are going to pursue if they regain control of the congress. and the course of nearly an hour, here's a few of the things we didn't hear. we didn't hear him mention the right to choose. we didn't hear him mention medicare or social security. so let's take a look at what kevin said today. he said republicans want to preserve our constitutional freedom. that sounds great. i'm for doing that as well. we all are. but look at what they have actually done. the maga republicans just cheered and embraced the first supreme court decision in our
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spire entire history that just didn't fail to preserve a constitutional freedom. it actually took away a fundamental right that had been granted by the same court. the constitutional right to choose. now half the states in the united states of america have either passed a ban or abortion or will shortly. in many states, abortion is already banned in cases of rape and incest. a fundamental change. already 166,000 republicans have signed on to a bill that would ban abortion nationwide. and the senior senator lindsey graham proposed a national ban with criminal penalties put on doctors and put them in jail if they violate the ban. so in 46 days, america is going to choose. republicans win control of the congress, abortion will be banned. by the way, it will be initially banned, but if they win congress, i will veto it.
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but think what's happening. they are banning in the case of rape and incest in many states. no exceptions. and they are trying to criminalize it nationwide. but if you give me two more democratic senators in the united states senate, i promise you -- i promise you we're going to codify roe. and once again make the law of the land. protecting a woman's right to choose. the power to get this done is in the hands of the american people, especially the women of america justice alito said a woman can decide the outcome of this election. i'm paraphrasing in the
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decision. he ain't seen nothing yet. i don't believe the maga republicans have a clue about the power of american women. let me tell you something. we're about to find out. folks, kevin mccarthy talked about longer, healthier lives for americans. it sounds great. who is not for that? just look at what the republicans are doing. already 158 house republicans have signed ton on to republican budget that will cut medicare and social security. the man in charge of electing republicans in the u.s. senate, senator rick scott of florida, has proposed a plan to put social security in the chopping block every five years. know this -- i really mean it. go on the internet and check it
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out. they laid out the platform. it means every five years, if they succeed in the senate, congress will vote to cut can, reduce or eliminate social security or bring it back exactly as it is. what do you think the prospects of it coming back exactly as it is? you have been paying into social security since you got your first paycheck. then senator ron johnson of wisconsin, as my mother would say, god bless his soul. he thinks waiting five years is too long. he wants to put social security on the chopping block every single year. if congress doesn't vote to keep it, it goes away. an affirmative requirement to vote to keep it. now think of that. it's not just social security wants to put up. they want medicaid benefits, every federal benefit has to be voted on every year.
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so in 46 days, americans will face a choice. republicans control the congress, social security will be on the chopping block. but if you support the democrats, social security will be protected. period. and i won't let any maga republican take it away. leader healthcare car thi talked about wanting a nation that is safe. let's look at republicans have done to make it safe. they voted against everything we have done to reduce crime and keep community safe. the american rescue plan was when we first got in office, we passed it. that was designed for mayors and governors its, they didn't have the tax base. i was left with an economy that was in distress. so we said, here you go. we're going to give you this money so you can make sure you can keep your schools open. you can make sure you keep police departments open.
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make sure you keep your hospitals open. make sure you keep the fire departments open. and guess what? every single republican in the congress voted against that. every single republican voted against it. we're in a situation where the maga republicans are calling for defunding. defunding the fbi. let me tell you something. i know some of you weren't happy with me. i never believed we should defund the police. but i sure don't think we should be funding the fbi. then there's the day we'll never forget on january 6th. what happened on the 6th? law enforcement was attacked, assaulted and stomped on. later several died. some lost their lives because of that day. maga republicans didn't side with law enforcement. they sided with the the insurrectionists. they still do.
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don't tell me you support law enforcement if you can't condemn what happened on january 6th. don't tell me that. you can't claim to be a party of law and order and call the people to who attacked the police in january 6th patriots. that's what they are called. you can't claim to be for safe america if you take orders from the nra. we just passed the most meaningful gun safety law in 30 years. some joined us and we passed it. and sided with the nra. after buffalo, uvalde, newtown, parkland, las vegas, orlando, i went to every one of those places. i spent hours and hours and hours with those families. not a joke. not a joke. hours with them. i know what it's like under
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different circumstances to lose children. enough. we have had enough. it's time to pass the assault weapons ban. i support the second amendment. i have two shotguns. the only thing i do is target practice. i haven't done that in a long time. but here's the thing. there's no justification for a weapon of war. none. the speed of that bullet is five times that comes out of the muslim of most weapons. it can penetrate your vest. as i pointed out when i got it passed the first time as a senator, in delaware, we're a big gun-owning state. a lot of hunters. i literally went up and down the streams campaigning and going to people who belonged to the nra and others and i say how many
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deer out here are wearing vests? but i'm serious. think about it. what in god's name do you need an assault weapon for? it's ab assault weapon designed to kill people, to defend america, to defend people. but folks, look, it's way out of hand. i have taken on the nra, i have beat them before, and i plan on doing it again. [ applause ] folks, can do it again. our children should be in a situation of learning how to read and write, not duck and cover. they side with the nra and put families and children at risk. democrats will ban assault weapons once and for all.
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it's for a strong economy. look what republicans have done. when came to office, the economy was flat on its back. millions out of work. remember seeing all those food lines, people in nice-looking automobiles, waiting for an hour and a half to have a box of food put in their trunk. the united states of america, in the united states of measuring, that was happening. all across america. the most anemiaic job performance since hubert hoover was in police. that's not hyperbole. that's a fact. so we acted quickly. we passed the economic rescue plan. and every single republican voted for it. 10 million more jobs have been
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created since i have been president, the highest number of jobs of any president in the united states of america. we have a 3.7% unemployment rate, the lowest in more than 50 years. record number of new small businesses created. and over 668,000 new manufacturing jobs in america. the american rescue plan helped keep teachers, firefighters on the job. it provided them money needed to get schools open. it was a big reason we have been able to vaccinate over 220 million americans. more to do. infrastructure law we passed, we did get some republican help for that. infrastructure law is the most significant investment since the interstate highway system. now republicans vote for it. some were critical.
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there's a lot more republicans out there taking credit for the new bridges and those bridges that are collapsing than voted for it. i love going by. this is a great thing. i voted against it, but this is a great thing. but folks, in addition to inheriting a failed maga economy, we confronted a global pandemic and putin's war in ukraine. that's driven the global inflation we see today. that's why it's so important we pass the inflation reduction act, which i proposed from the beginning but didn't get passed until this summer. this will cut costs for families. the way we always measured inflation and my dad was a graceful, hard working guy. he worked a lot, his whole life. my dad used to talk about whether inflation or the situation of a family to have breathing room is at the end of the month when you paid all your bills, did you have a little bit left? just a little bit left. so there's more than one way to
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deal with inflation for a family. to lower the price of the things they have to deal with. because that's what folks at home think about. how much of their monthly bills, how much do they have to pay for the necessities. this is going to give them a little more breathing room. we pay more for our prescription drugs than any nation in the world. for years, so many of us for a long time in many of of the unions in here have been trying to fix this problem. for years, big pharma has blocked medicare from negotiating drug prices. but not this year. we beat big pharma. finally beat them. first time. big pharma lost. now medicare will have the power to do what so any democrats and many republicans in the past talked about doing. lowering prescription drug prices. they pay billions of dollars to negotiate lower prices like other countries do. and the seniors, we passed a law
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saying no senior, no matter what the cost of their prescription drugs, cancer drugs, whatever drugs they have can be $80,000 a year. no senior will have to pay no matter what the cost of their drugs more than $2,000 a year. beginning in january. if you're on medicare and you have diabetes, the cost of insulin instead of being 50 times more than the cost to make it, it costs $10 to make that insulin. but now you cannot charge any senior, and we should make it for everybody, they voted down the other piece, but every senior will not have to pay more than $35 a month for the cost of insulin.
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we wanted to cut the cost for everyone. including hundreds of thousands of children who have type 1 diabetes. but look, folks. imagine being a parent of a child who had type 1 diabetes. you had no insurance. you had no coverage. you have to look at that child and know that if he or she does not have access to insulin, it will fundamentally affect their lives in a way that's going to be damaging for the rest of their lives. imagine the feeling. my dad used to say, joe, your job is about a lot more than a paycheck. it's about your dignity. it's about respect. he would always end with being able to look your kid in the eye and say it's going to be okay. republicans blocked the $35 for
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kids. as i said, it only costs $10 for that prescription to be made and packaged. drug companies are charging 30 times more for that drug on a monthly basis. a lot of people can't do it. imagine i said being that mom and dad needing that insulin. i was down in virginia at a function and met a mom who has to ration the insulin. it's wrong. it's not who we are. we are going fix that as well. i promise you. bottom line, this law is going to lower energy costs as well. gas prices, i got criticized for going to the stockpile. but guess what? gas prices are down $1.30 a gallon. in 41 states plus the district of columbia, the average gasoline price is less than
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$2.99. look, the lu makes the biggest investment ever. we invest in climate crisis $369 billion to deal with the climate crisis. and it makes it tax code fairer. in 2020, 55 of the biggest corporations in the country paid zero dollars in federal income taxes. and they made $40 billion. it's not right. so we put a stop to it. and by enacting a corporate minimum tax, today the days of big profitable corporations paying nothing in federal income tax is over. every seng the republican voted against the inflation reduction act. when it comes to actually doing something about inflation, republicans said no. and they said, time and again, the first chance they get they are going to repeal the
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inflation reduction act. here's what else republicans are in terms of their fiscal recklessness. donald trump and republicans had no problem enacting a $2 trillion tax cut that overwhelmingly benefitted the top 1%. they didn't pay for a penny of it. they increased the federal deficit. meanwhile, we always say democrats are the biggest defenders. we brought down the deficit. $350 billion the first year and nearly $1.5 trillion this year. medicare can pay less for the drugs they have to buy for the seniors. i don't want to hear from republicans. they are the one who is blew up the deficit.
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and now thanks to the deficit reduction act, we can afford to cancel $10,000 in student debt and $20,000 on a pell grant. for tens of millions of americans making under $125,000, it's a game changer. republicans already looking for the hand-picked judges to deny relief for those hard working americans. they will not succeed in my view, but that's what they are looking for. with a straight face, kevin mccarthy says republicans are going to restore faith in our elections. as we say in my faith, bless me father, for i have sinned. restore faith in our elections? they refused to accept the results of the 2020 election.
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even though they lost court case after court case after court case after court case. even in front of trump-appointed judges. recount after recount proved the results were accurate. it's become a test to pledge loyalty to donald trump by buying into the big lie. i'm serious you all see it on television. the fact is that a lot of them, i have had six republican senators who i have known for some time come to me and gave my word i would never mention names and i never will, separately telling me that they agree with this. the other thing i'm proposing, but if i voted for it could cost them their election because they would lose a primary.
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your see what's happening. the maga republican program being adapted by all these folks in the primary and once they get out of the primary, they are trying to figure out how to get out from under that. democracy can't survive. not a joke. can't survive when one side believes there's only two outcomes to an election. either they win or they were cheated. that's not democracy. and that's who the vast majority of maga republicans are today. they don't understand. you can't love your country only when you win. so folks, just 46 dates, democracy will be on the brl lot. americans will have to choose between the maga republican
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platform who have embraced extremism in the big lie, democrats, independents, mainstream republicans will believe in the rule of law. rejecting the will of the people and accepting the results of a fair and free election is what we're about, now what they are about. let me close with this. as i said earlier, my dad used to say don't compare me to the almighty, compare me to the alternative. this november you have to choose. to be a nation of hope, unity and optimism, or a nation of fear, division and darkness. i believe america will move forward. to the future, the future is the possibilities. the future in which we can build, dream and hope. i know we can because i know this nation like you do. i know the american people. i know their courage. i know their hearts. i know our history. that's why, and i mean this from the bottom of my heart, no one doubts me when i say the problem is i sometimes say all that i mean.
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but all kidding aside, i have never been more optimistic. we're the only country in the world that's come out of every crisis stronger than we went into it. it's not just about building back to what it was before. we have a chance to build back in a way to make it better for everybody. and i want to get back to the time when i'm debating republicans who are conservative but believe in the institutions. believe in the institutions. think of the court and the congress and the presidency. independent branches of government to be treated with respect. you just have to remember who in god's name we are. we are the unites states of america. and there's nothing yopd our capacity, not a single thing we
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can't do and we do it together. and the way to do that is start with the unions that do it together. may god protect our troops. and i should have started off by saying, excuse my back when i'm speaking. i apologize. thank you all very much. god bless you all. >> president biden laying out his party's case and delivering a pretty sharp rebuke to republicans today as both parties are rolling out midterm messaging strategies. the new focus on messaging comes as a new poll just out today gives the president his highest approval rating of the year. this is from emerson college, 45% of likely voters give the president a positive grade. that's up points since may. a lot of that improvement driven by women. 10 points higher than july. which is probably why we heard
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the president just there talking about the republicans launching what they call their commiment to america, but biden pointing out that kevin mccarthy doing that today did not mention the right to choose. for more, let's bring in mike memoli, who covers joe biden for us and reporter natasha correcty. this speech was seen as setting up midterm messaging. there's plenty of topics to talk about. but he sounded like a candidate in a way i haven't heard him. he even was wandering with the mic. he could have stood at the podium. what's your take. >> when i have been talking to white house advisers, other al lice about what's in his political future in 2024, they acknowledge that his age is a major factor. a lot of questions among democrats about whether he's up for another campaign, another term. and as one adviser put it, there's only one way to answer
10:38 am
those questions. and that's for the president to show rather than tell. that's why we have seen the president on the stump as of late trying to show he still has that fire, wandering around the stage skpen gauging with the audience with a union audience. he feeds off that. and it was a fascinaing role reversal. we're used to a white house address in which it's the president speaking and the out of party responding. today it's the opposite kevin mccarthy, the potential future speaker of the house, laid out what he was calling the commitment to america if republicans take back control of the congress. the white house really welcome ed this opportunity.
10:39 am
and make those clear for voters. talking about an area where democrats are on offense. to signal for democrats how to deal with the republican attacks on crime by saying you can't be pro law enforcement and pro insurrection. but then really sharpening the larger questions about the integrity of our democracy itself. >> let me stop you there. that's where he got really fired up. let me play a little clip from that. >> what happened on the 6th? law enforcement was attacked, brutal liezed and stomped on and later several v died. lost lost their lives. the maga republicans didn't side with law enforcement. they sided with the the insurrectionists. they still do. don't tell me you support law enforcement if you can't condemn what happened on january 6th.
10:40 am
you can't be pro law enforcement and pro insurrection. you can't claim to be a party of law and order and call the people who attacked the police on january 6th patz patz. >> he ended by saying democracy is on the ballot. and i know that's one of the messages. i think one of the conversations i have had with a lot of democrats is do you stick to one message dorks you talk about accomplishments, the contrast, are there too many messages out there? that's often been the criticism against democrats. that they don't have one focused mess act. what's the strategy here? >> the white house is really defined their midterm messaging by looking at two different pillars. you heard this in that speech. the first is the economy bungt. they know that so many americans are looking at the election choice through the lens of
10:41 am
inflation, higher costs, of what's my bottom line. that's why the president made a full will have throated defense talking about how he inherited an economy in disarray from the former president and through the rescue plan and through the inflation reduction act has take steps to ease those burdens. the second is an important one. it's this idea that democracy and of our fundamental rights being at risk. that's where he leaned in hardest at the end there. not just abortion which was an earlier part of the speech, but the idea that there are election denying republicans on the ballot. you can't only accept election result when is you win. that's a really important message for the president. and one that has been, according to polls, a top concern, especially of democratic sproerts. that's what the president is trying to do is fire up their base. midterm elections are base elections. fire up democrats on issues that mean the most to them. >> on the other side of this, very few people have as much at stake as kevin mccarthy, who
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laid out the republican agenda, the republican messaging because he very much would like to be the next speaker of the house. do republicans you talk to feel like democrats have momentum? what do democrats tell you about momentum and how they capitalize on it? give us your sense of where it stands right now and how the two parties are viewing it. >> republicans in battleground states where i talked to people a lot and travel, they really are looking at the economy. as mentioned, biden talked about the economy. one thing he didn't mention was the grocery store, what are your grocery prices looking like now. that's what we're hearing from both parties that they are hearing a lot about. my bills are still really high. that's one of the big concerns.
10:43 am
the momentum is way different of than it was months ago. they are in a very different place. booid season in a much different place. but you again have to go to the battleground states and what's his polling there and what are the biggest issue there is. in places like nevada and wisconsin and pennsylvania, you're looking at the economy. you're looking at crime. we talked about crime. he had a very compelling argument. but what people are getting bombarded with in some of these states is local crime. what's happening. milwaukee, crime is up 40%. they are hammering the senate candidate there on crime. biden coming at that was important for democrats. they are probably very happy about that. what i think there's so many missages that have been democrats are getting out the abortion, democracy, again and again, we hear from biden this is a choice.
10:44 am
and what democrats have been able to do is probably the best position they can be in right now is not make this a referendum on the presidency. you don't want this a referendum on biden and picking apart every decision he's made, good or bad, and concentrating on gas prices. yes, they are down, but they are still high. grocery prices not great. you want to make this a referendum on people like kevin mccarthy and donald trump. >> thank you both, such a great conversation. one we will continue to have in the days and weeks to come. meantime, there's an increasingly desperate situation unfolding for russian president vladimir putin. huge numbers of his citizens are protesting and even fleeing the country fighting back against the war and a new draft. take a look at some emotional video out of russia. men having to say good-bye to loved ones as they board buss and head off to training. putin calling 300,000 civilians
10:45 am
to the front lines. not everybody is complying with this torsed enlistment. in spite of the denials it's happening, there are traffic jams near the georgia border and packed airports that suggest many would ratherer flee than fight. and more than 1300 people have been arrested over the past couple days in the largest public protest cincinnati the war began. meanwhile, voting begins today in a sham referendum in four russian-occupied regions of ukraine calling for the annexation of 15% of of ukrainian territory. i want to bring in the former sec tarp of defense for russia. in the seven months since the invasion, putin has tried to shield the russian people from the war. but this mobilization clearly is making that impossible. "the new york times" interviewed a 23-year-old russian man. he fled to istanbul. i was thinking about what i
10:46 am
could die for and i didn't see any reason to die for the country. and an executive manager from mocow said he started pack even before putin finished his announcement. minutes later he was on his way to the airport looking for tickets and route. tickets to his prefer offed destination, so he settled on uzbekistan, a city he had never heard of. when you look at this in total, what does it mean for putin? >> i mean, it's really interesting. putin has shielded the population from this war. he's largely recruited russians from the east offering them bonuses and money incentives, places where people were
10:47 am
relatively poor. places where in the east. he's also gone into prisons and recruited people from there as well. the only kind of nonregular forces that he had in there were the conscripts, who were poorly trained. i read a month or so ago that the total fatalities in the war from moscow and st. petersburg combined were 11. so that tells you a lot. now he's sending a signal to the russian people that this is serious. he's also sending a signal to the nationalists fighting in ukraine and also the russian nationalists inside the russian body of politic that russia is going to stick with you. he's also testing the russian people. will they put up with this. yes, people are fleeing the country and this is adding to an exodus that already started when
10:48 am
they first launched this new invasion in february. so he is looking to see can he get away with this so-called partial mobilization. because if he can, he may move to a full mobilization. that's clearly what people are afraid of. he's looking to see whether he can control the population and the power centers in the military. >> so we only have 30 seconds left because of president biden's speech, but do you see his actions this week as a sign of desperation? >> i do. i definitely see him buying time. he's trying to placate the nationalists who were really upset because russia is doing poorly militarily. it doesn't look like that's going to change any time soon. by the way, this call up isn't going to change that reality any time soon. it's mostly signaling. i say that because to get 300,000 people called up, then equipped and trained, at least a little bit on the arms, will take time. >> even a little bit.
10:49 am
it's always great to see you. thank you. with just 46 days until the midterms, we're seeing latinos in what historically democratic stronghold maybe shifting to the right. what is driving that shift? that's next. you're watching "chris jansing reports," only on msnbc. ng reports," only on msnbc. peaceful state. full plate. wait, are you my blind date? dancing crew. trip for two. nail the final interview. buy or lease? masterpiece. inside joke. artichoke. game with doug. brand new mug. come here, kid. gimme a hug. the more you want to do, the more we want to do. boosters designed for covid-19 variants are now available. brought to you by pfizer & biontech. power e*trade's award-winning trading app makes trading easier. with its customizable options chain, easy-to-use tools, and paper trading to help sharpen your skills, you can stay on top of the market from wherever you are.
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i like her better than you the new subway series. what's your pick? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ we keep telling it's so close. 46 days until the midterms. some key races will tell us a lot about the latino vote, especially after that right ward shift we saw around latino voters in 2020. here with me is the host of field report, dropping a new episode tonight, digging into what is exactly driving this shift. this is politically important, if you like politics, it is really fascinating, you do a deep dive on one race. tell us about it. and what it tells us.
10:53 am
so we want to look at the 34th congressional district in the rio grande valley and we looked at the rise this summer, the first republican to win, in that county, in over 100 years. and we wanted to know what was at the heart of that. >> the first republican of any kind, in 100 years. >> yes. she is a latina republican, the daughter of immigrants and born in mexico and why was the question. the first question was that her message was resonated. god, family and country. and i think she tapped into this socially conservative vein that a lot of latinos, were perhaps closeted republicans, but through that message, they came out. the other thing is this political strategy that republicans understood. they went to the evangelical churches and mobilizing those congregations and i want to show you a clip from a republican organizer who told me what's behind this strategy. >> eight out of ten times, if a latino is being outreached through the church, more than likely to believe in the conservative platforms, so it is
10:54 am
much easier for them to get out and vote republican. so republicans don't start strategizing the latino pastors in churches like the democrats have done for years with the black church, there will nobody victory for conservative candidates across the country. >> wow. >> but that's interesting, right? what they're saying essentially is why don't we replicate the motto that democrats are using in black churches, and the same way that many democrats are mobilizing their base, why don't we do the same thing, you can argue, our republican latino evangelicals using those space as hubs to discuss social justice and racial equity or have they become the cause for political indoctrination, that's a question. that's a question, but you know, when you talk about what might work or what might not work, goy back ten years to reins priebus who he did an autopsy on the republican party and we have to be more inclusive and talk about it, and the latino community and are we finally doing that, and doing that, that means to me in
10:55 am
real political terms, are national republicans putting money into some of these races. >> yes, why? because democrats are allowing them to. take the case study of the 34th congressional district, just the numbers there tell you the story. republicans gave her over a million to spend on tv ads, compared to her opponent, where democrats gave him a little bit over $130,000. >> a million? >> that's the thing, right? republicans are seeing a window there, and that is because of this void that has been created. now democrats -- however, no matter how you see it, they created a republican incumbent. they are taking for granted the latino vote and i think that is the question for the midterm for me at least. >> we're almost out of town. is she alone? are there others who are trying to do the same thing? there's at least two more just like her. one in laredo, cassy garcia,
10:56 am
very similar stories. conservatives. daughters of imgrants. grew up in working class neighborhoods and trying to change the face of the party. >> thanks for sharing it us with. you can see a lot more, tune in to field report, tonight, 10:00 p.m. eastern on msnbc, it's also streaming on peacock. and that's going to do it for us this hour. make sure to join us for chris jansing reports, every weekday 1:00 eastern time right here on msnbc. i'll see you on monday. in the meantime, yasmin vossoughian is in the chair for "katy tur reports" next. with colon cancer rising in adults under 50, the american cancer society recommends starting to screen earlier, at age 45. i'm cologuard, a noninvasive way to screen at home, on your schedule. and i find 92% of colon cancers. i'm for people 45+ at average risk for colon cancer, not high risk. false positive and negative results may occur. ask your provider if cologuard is right for you.
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hey, everybody. good to be with you. i'm yasmin vossoughian, in for katie tur, a lot happening right now. so, on wall street, stocks have taken yet another tumble, about to close out a brutal week, for the markets there, the dow dropping more than 600 points, it is a bear market territory, setting new low for the year, and we are going to talk more about the fed's effort to tackle inflation, amidst the fears of an impending recession in just a little bit. also, the former president is prepping for a rally right about now, north carolina tonight, despite the mounting legal woes that he is facing. we're going to have the latest on how he plans to spin the ongoing investigation to his base. we want to begin though with our top story,


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