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tv   Alex Witt Reports  MSNBC  September 24, 2022 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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tropical storm ian is gaining strength in the community, join concerns, it will severely batter florida's golf course as a major hurricane this week. meanwhile, hurricane fiona making landfall in canada nova scotia. one mayor says his town suffered total devastation. nbc's -- and halifax for us. we will begin with meteorologist joe occurrence. bill, we will get a few more in a moment with you. what was the very latest on tropical storm ian? >> there is a lot of questions with ian. things are changing. storms that approach, especially the peninsula from the south are extremely difficult to forecast. florida is actually narrow from east to west if you drove across the state, if you know that, it takes about two hours. these approaching the south like this one, its latest adjustments, means big changes to the land area we're as going to get hit. the latest on the hurricane center it is a tropical storm, it is even. it is going west at 50 miles per hour. about south of jamaica throughout the evening, then by
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tomorrow it will be south of jamaica again. some debris position because it positions that it gets stronger. don't be surprised by tomorrow afternoon, evening, we talk about hurricane ian. and then by western cuba by the time we get to tuesday morning. during the day on monday, we could see rapid intensification, it gains straight quickly. if you go to a category three major hurricane on monday evening. then the question is, where does it go from there? in the last couple of days, we are looking across cuba, possibly the keys, south florida but ever since about 24 hours ago we it was shifting westward with the storm track and the hurricane center begins to shift their truck as well the uncertainty with everything inside of it, that has moved west, miami is no longer in that quarter of uncertainty, key west is almost out of it. does not mean it can't shift back to you, but the trend is away from you what is good for south florida is not as good for the panhandle of florida. now tallahassee, panama city is in the quarter of uncertainty then you look where the red
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line, is it a course is sneaking towards the tampa area, a high population area of sarasota storm surge, that could be the worst-case scenario for a major hurricane making landfall. that is not, you know, we are not saying it is going to go there because we can still have four days to go. right now we are seeing the whole area florida can see some tropical storm for us, but it depends where the center goes where we get the instructive winds. the new american model just came in, that is at the central gulf, five days from now. that has made a big shift, it was just off of the coast of tampa, it shifted about 100 to 200 miles west. the european model which will be updated in the next hour or two is centered over central florida last night, we are going to see that model trend west. just about every other computer model, you see a lot of them with the lines here, have been trending west. you have one, two, three, four, five that are pointing towards the big bend area south of tallahassee. and then there will be a bunch near tampa. we will we just see what the
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hurricane center does for this. again, if you are in pensacola, panama city, mobile, tallahassee, if this forecast is not trending your way. finally, alex, we will leave you with this picture of fiona. just in the men's huge intense storm, one like we have never seen before in nova scotia and newfoundland, it has had a ton of damage. i have seen pictures of waves destroyed houses in the beaches, treat all over the place, especially eastern nova scotia. we know for a fact this was the strongest storm ever to make landfall in canadian history, peak gusts 98 miles per hour, as you mentioned, somewhere about half 1 million homes without power. >> absolutely extraordinary. listen, bill, thank you for the heads up, everyone who might be in that comb for you, appreciate that. let's go to hurricane fiona, getting more from embassies 90 best in halifax. you heard bill say this was the most intense storm to hit that region ever. fortunately though, the folks where you are, they dodged a bit of a bullet. >> yes, definitely something to
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be more of a random impact, and halifax people waking up relieved to see little damage in their area, although a lot of the lost power. further north, that's what we are seeing the bulk of the damage. areas like prince edward island, sydney, going into the northeastern part of canada's coast. as bill said, we saw home swept off of their foundation. again, hundreds of thousands of people up and down the coast without power. it's so bad, the prime minister of canada, justin trudeau, tweeted he is thinking of everybody affected by hurricane fiona. he said i want you to know we are here for you, i can make an instant response group meeting with minister bill blair this morning. he is willing to send additional resources to those affected. once again, this morning, one of the biggest concerns, the shortest turn concerns, power outages, close to half 1 million people waking up without power. a lot of people without self-service. listen to what local officials, again, just here in halifax, not even the hardest hit. listen to what they had to say. >> right now, we are looking
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about 80% of the province without power, the cell phone service went down around 7 am, it seems to be back now in the last half an hour. hopefully that will stay because i know a lot of people are trying to get in contact with people in other parts of the province to see how they are, the fear of the unknown is still out there for some people. >> they were like four or five meters, maybe six meter waves, the wind was carrying them psychos towards us, of course pushing forward, it makes the big splash, but the wind just plows into your face so you are getting all of that water. talk to >> that man, a halifax native said he is never seen a storm like this he was out on his boot all night because he had a friend who basically want to experience it for themselves he said waves are cresting over the top of his boat, thankfully he is okay, his friend is okay and we have had not had any reports of serious injuries. that being said, alex we are
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expecting a press conference in the next hour or so for the official nova scotia we'll have more details as we bring it to you as we get them. >> maggie, thank you. developing this hour, growing legal trump pulse for donald trump the former president has a for a deadline to prove his claims of the fbi is planted evidence during the search of mar-a-lago. it comes as an appeals court ruled that the department of justice can resume revealing classified documents seized from trump's resort, the office for the director of national intelligence says they resumed its own dally damage a settlement of the classified materials. on another front, trump, his adult children, and some of these businesses are facing a civil fraud suit from new york a general attorney -- for personal attorney or attorney michael cohen, his ex, boss could be in serious trouble. >> the baseline is 250 million. it is not going below that. the amount is substantially greater. again, as i said on many, many
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shows. i believe the number to be between 750 and one billion dollars. that will wipe him out. he doesn't have cash. . >> on wednesday, the house january six committee joint host the -- before releasing it for port, that comes as they announced it will interview ginni thomas, wife of supreme court justice clarence thomas, who was implicated in the effort to overturn the 2020 election. the white house is responding today after a judge's ruling reinstated a near total abortion ban in arizona, dates back to 1864. the law mandate a 2 to 5-year prison sentence for anyone who helps a woman obtain an abortion, white house press secretary saying in part, yesterday's ruling in arizona is dangerous and will set arizona woman back more than one century to a time before arizona was even a state. she goes on to say, quote, the president and vice president will continue to push congress to protect --
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joining us now, nbc's vaughn hillyard an msnbc legal analyst danny cevallos, welcome guys. we start with you, van. he was a trump tower in new york city, how is donald trump responding this weekend for all these investigations, van? >> alex, i got off of the plane a few minutes ago from willington, north carolina where donald trump held a rally last night. a string of rallies over the course of the last several weeks from pennsylvania, michigan coming up this next week. north carolina. for donald trump you are talking about a mounting number of investigations, you have laetitia james, the attorney general lawsuit, the civil litigation that is now pending to go before a state judge here in new york. you also have this upcoming public hearing by the january 6th select committee on capitol hill. you have the department of justice investigation to overturn the 2020 election. you have the county district in georgia investigating efforts
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to overturn georgia's electoral result in 2020, and for donald trump, yes, despite all of this, including the classified documents case at mar-a-lago, he is telling his supporters that essentially he is the political martyr here pushing aside the suggestion that he had done anything wrong. when you are looking at polling here. you are looking at competitive midterm races, we are 45 days away, donald trump is sticking himself in the middle of each of these races despite the investigation. take a listen to him last night. push them to the side. >> all of this torment, persecution, and oppression is not happening because anything we have done it wrong, it is happening because of everything our movement is doing so right, so brilliantly. >> just yesterday, alex he wants the new super pac to aid not only efforts to potentially help down ballot republican candidate we docked, also to be
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used as an apparatus to help launch a presidential campaign this upcoming year. he still has $92 million in a leadership pack that can be used to transfer over the super pac. for donald trump, he is still taking the campaign to not only the political campaign on the road, but a campaign to push back against the mounting investigations, alex. >> yes, maga ink, let me tell you about last night's rally and why it is causing new qanon concerns regarding donald trump. >> alex, i think we've doubled down on the fact that qanon is a dangerous and violent movement that suggests that donald trump is going to somehow lead the military to mass arrests, and even execute individuals who were deemed treasonous of the united states. yet, over the last month, donald trump as overtly embrace, of posting qanon memes over the social media posts, but last night, playing a song that is identical to the qanon theme
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song, as folks on the crowd relieve their fingers in the air, a symbol to the qanon movement. the individuals who i talked with believe that donald trump is sending signals to them, this is a second time that he has played the song at his rally. there is pushback one week ago yet, last night, he doubled down to play that song again. again, alex, we have to say a dangerous movement, one that donald trump is not pushing to the side, alex? >> wild, wasn't if the one that said jfk junior was going to return, quote unquote, and run as his vice presidential running mate in 2020? i mean, really? anyway, we leave it at that. just a coworker, my friend, won't make you answer that. let's go to danny's of all is right, now at nbc legal analyst. danny, how critical is this ruling allowing a director to resume the mar-a-lago interview? >> it's very critical because that would prevent the ongoing
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assessment, not just the recreated from the document, but also the damage that is resulting from the way they are stored. in the 11th circuit opinion, allowing that review to go forward, they went through all of the legal rules applicable and they delivered an airtight ruling that even if the case were do go to the supreme court, would not likely be overturned but even the conservative supreme court basically the dni have to review the documents and do it immediately. when you take a step back that, it raises the larger question, what would trump win had they even delayed this review? they review will evidentially happen. and trump may just be delaying the inevitable. >> how do you interpret, danny, these deadlines that were set by the special master giving doj until monday to certify the list of all the deceased items.
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and then giving fright trump his lawyers until friday to challenge what the doj says? is this a set up? >> although this is it unprecedented situation, for a lawyer that has worked in big firms, this is reminiscent of straight-up documents reveal. excel spreadsheets. and they are basically saying, get all of your categories, your columns, your rose in order. tell me the documents that you think were planted, tell me the documents that are missing that may have gone disappearing from the building and from the list of documents seized, organize all of your thoughts, and do it quickly. we need an itemized list that defines and instills all of this data into a readable format so they judge, and everybody involved can crystalize. what is the objections, what are the issues with each document, and what documents do you think we actually planted? >> the new york civil lawsuit outlines trump's representation
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to banks insurance companies, alleging the patterns of inflating property value from mar-a-lago to seven springs, also like buying jupiter's golf course for 5 million and the very next year he clean the value with 62,000,040 wall street, 222 million it was in 2010, 530 million in 2013 the try plex presidents, the organization claimed 30,000 square feet in reality, 11 square feet the attorney general, danny, looking for a minimal 250 million dollar fine. how do these alleged acts caused new york taxpayers to lose money? >> these numbers are dizzying. boiled down and stripped away, this is just a new take on an old theme. which is, anyone who applied for a mortgage or alone will recognize, we all want to look wealthier to the bank when we are applying for a mortgage, but we all know intuitively that you can't lie to the bank.
10:16 am
and while the regular person might want to puff up a couple thousand here and there, the ag is alleging that trump did so, not with just subjective evaluations of properties, but tangible numbers that you can't fudge. for example, you can't say an 11,000 square foot property is 30,000 square foot. he also alleges that you can't say moral a -- mar-a-lago is not valuable, you can sell it as is and value it accordingly because there is all kind of encumbrances on it, and things that drive the value down. the trump side argument is, yes, valuation is subjective. you ask about the victims to it, it's interesting, this is a good piece of political theater by laetitia -- additionally, the victim technically might be the banks themselves. it does not matter that they are aware of some risks that when they made up the loans, but laetitia gyms does correctly point out that even
10:17 am
if the banks were technically victims, and reality, it was the people in the state of new york. people nationally, all of the people that follow the rules when they applied for a loans and tell the truth to the bank, they all get armed when bad actors lie about their assets to inflate the value to the bank. of course, conversely, deflate the values when the tax man's coming. >> let me ask you about possible settlements in this case, is that the road donald trump might go down will separate his three children? will then make a settlement on their own even if the data decides that he wants to for this in court? >> if you just play the odds, nine out of ten in civil cases settle before they go to trial. each side there was a lot of risk, a jury trial is a coin flip of 12 people, six people, depending on the jurisdiction. a lot of companies, individuals, they can't stomach that risk.
10:18 am
so, statistically, the trumps are likely to settle. in addition, these particular defendants would not want to go to trial and error out even further all of this evidence that letitia james alleges she has, because according to her, she has the receipts, that makes sense, these are the kinds of allegations that are black and white on paper submitted to banks. >> okay, danny cevallos, many thanks, my friend. a former cia operative who lives in russia for years joins me next is talk about vladimir putin and his mentality around using nuclear weapons. s mentality around using nuclear weapons. using nuclear weapons. keep your laundry smelling fresh waaaay longer than detergent alone. if you want laundry to smell fresh for weeks, make sure you have downy unstopables in-wash scent boosters.
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of no payments for 18 months. vladimir putin's decision to immobilize 300,000 troops to fight in ukraine right, now demonstrators are on the ground in moscow and other cities dozens of arrests have been made in the last few hours that's to at least 1300 arrests this wednesday. --
10:23 am
mass exodus from the country with hundreds of russians filling planes and crowding border trying to flee before that -- let's talk about the washington report post reports saying the u.s. and private reporting to russia against using a nuclear weapon. if the biden administration feels the need to send a private message, does that mean that vladimir putin is actually considering it? how serious is this threat? >> well, let's start with the premise that vladimir putin often tells us what he is going to do. he doesn't often hide his attend intentions. he has talked for a long time about dominating ukraine, going back decades. invading georgia, invading syria yes, alex, we have to take it seriously. having said that, and i think it's very prudent of the biden
10:24 am
administration to go back channel and point out to russia what our options would be in a case like this. but i don't see putin reaching for that nuclear weapon. it simply would drive away a big chunk of the world that is still kind of neutral in this conflict, places like india, south africa, nigeria, brazil. these are countries that are kind of incorrectly, we kind of staying in the middle on this one. putin has to know, if you pops a new, not only he goes down in history, but that swing vote will turn against him. i don't think it is likely, alex. >> okay, that is something of a relief something they take seriously let's talk about wednesday, sir, when putin announced he was immobilizing 300,000 additional troops the new york times interview the wife of the 38-year-old man who was not in the reserve and never served in the military, just an average this in. what kind of effect it is going
10:25 am
to have on the war in ukraine first of all, where would he send those that have been drafted? >> yeah, alex, it's very hard to see how putin is going to derive much military benefit from this. these 300,000 are not in organized readied reserve like for example here in the united states, for that particularly the finns, israelis, swiss their reserves are constantly trained, they have well fitted ready to go equipment, they are kept up to date on the latest tactics. and military operations. conversely in russia, this group of 300,000 will largely be older men in their late 30s, 40s, maybe in their 50s who might have served a year in the conscripted drafty pool, they don't know anything they have been an assistant bartender for the last five years, a lot of,
10:26 am
them as you showed pretty stark footage a moment ago a flooding out of the country planes are full, borders are jammed. no one wants to be a part of this. you kind of look back 100 years ago, nicholas azar the second thought he had quite a firm grip on the levers of power, but a very unpopular war with japan, a revolution not all of that off. you sort of feel the echoes of that and what is happening in russia today. >> interesting assessment on that historically speaking, you bring that the president. here is a reason why the mobilization is happening it is because ukraine continues to gain ground, how significant are those gains? are they sustainable? >> they are very significant, and if you think of the war in three phases, alex, phase one putin's initial attack the high water mark, if you will, of the russian advances phased to the russians kind of fall back and
10:27 am
you are in a very grinding war, it seems, very even and balanced, this is phase three. the ukrainians are on the march they are motivated, they're well equipped by nato, the united states, they know exactly what they are doing, and above all, the russians have lost 80,000 troops killed. knocked out, wounded, thousands of tanks, thousands of armored vehicles, they are on their back foot. having said all of that, alex, i will conclude with this. as russia compresses dak into that red area that you are showing right now, it is a smaller area, it is more defendable look for this thing to tighten up again. i think the ukrainians are marching and fighting hard, i would not bet against them. >> what do you make of the kremlin orchestration vote that is underway right now in day two of five? were residents in the control parts of ukraine, or at least partially controlled are being asked, view wants to be part of
10:28 am
russia? what do you make of all that? >> well, it is obviously ridiculous. this would be akin to a burglar breaking into your house, pushing a gun to your head, and forcing you to sign over the deed to the house. it has no credibility internationally, there are plenty of footage video out there of goons in military uniform, literally dragging people to these polling places, i see zero credibility here. it only underscores how putin is flailing in this invasion and how the storm clouds are gathering around putin. >> as we are looking at the footage of protesters there which have numbered in the thousands since the president putin announced that mobilization of the troops. all right, it is always a pleasure, sir, thank. you and you rally in washington where people are demanding answers. the questions they are asking might raise some eyebrows also
10:29 am
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♪ and power... a very good thing. ♪ >> now to the other top stories, iranian authorities are hinting they will intensify crackdowns on protests sparked by the death of a woman who died after being arrested by the country's morality police. state tv reported 35 people have been killed in demonstrations and nearly 100 count over the last week. take a look at this video, showing the moment a train struck a colorado police car will parked on the tracks with a handcuffed woman detained inside two officers were searching the suspect struck, as the train horn can be here in blaring, as it gets closer, one of the officers realize their patrol car was on the tracks, they began yelling, the female suspect is expected to survive, however sustained serious injuries nasa has got
10:34 am
to the launch of the -- lotus kennedys translation, nasa made the call today because tropical storm ian is expected to hit everything this week, given crews enough time to rollback the rocket and spacecraft inside of an assembly building. americans reacting to the decision by republican governors to send margaret to democrats, and you poll finds a third -- it is okay for state officials to send migrants to other states we can break them down by party, the majority of out of republicans say 55% of votes removed, 16% it is okay now it could be up to the courts to decide if the prostate drop offs or even legal let's go to nbc's -- who is joining us from san antonio. welcome, guad, there is multiple lawsuits that would have been fall filed since wrong desantis arraigned for those in that facility, that was behind you there, of course they made that stop from texas into florida and they got sent all the way to martha's vineyard, what is the latest? >> alex, that is right, we have
10:35 am
different things happening, we know the bexar county the sheriff initiated an investigation into the actions that were taken here when it took the migrants on the plane that happened in martha's vineyard now estate center -- in florida is taking legal action against ron desantis because of the way that the money allocated from the state legislature, $12 million, because the way the money was used the state senator was arguing that the rules to use that money were in fact determined by the state of florida, he believes that ron desantis violated those rules. one of the rule saying the money needed to transport what they determined would be illegal individuals. let's keep in mind that migrants arriving into the united states at the moment you go through a quick legal process at the border, these individuals have spoken to immigration agents, they began a silence in process, there is paperwork in motion, some type of document that can't allow
10:36 am
these individuals to come into the country the argument now, are the illegal or not? technically, they would not be undocumented if they began in asylum process the state senator speaking on msnbc this morning. >> these are the asylum seekers, not an authorized alliance, that is number one number two, 48 people getting motel, rooms here, cause i macdonnell gift cards but the floridian taxpayers are not from the state they set the rules, they control the game because they have the majority they can't even comply with that >> of course, the state senator is getting very technical with the way the money was spent by the state of florida, arguing that they use the money, spent in our hotel rooms, mcdonald's, of course these flights that assent to martha's vineyard now the legal process will have, according to the state senators, some obstacle he says the argument could be made that the individuals did leave florida,
10:37 am
at some point the for the plains did land in florida, they went to martha's vineyard they mention the argument can be me that nobody got on the plane, it is still not classified as a flight to deport florida, all of these things that have to be looked into as the legal action continues in florida, specifically noting how that money was used by the state again, he made reference, he said they set the rules, he was talking about republicans and the state legislature that determined how this money should be used now he is arguing that they violated their own rules, alex. >> it is extraordinary and complicated thank you so much. you are looking right now as we get you some live pictures from april january 6th rally being held alongside the national mall in washington d.c.. ben collins is joining us now from that rally, and you see the speaker we see there then, how do used describe the crowd gathered behind you. talk about the message they're
10:38 am
trying to send. >> i think as you can see, probably dozens of people right here. they are trying to rewrite the history of january 6th here. for example, this was put on by a guy named jake lang, jake was at the capitol, the police officers with shields, he now has a podcast that he says was taken within his prison block, his that is speaking here today. also mike lindell, the my pillow guy speaking today, it is that kind of crowd, people trying to rewrite january 6th into an inverted reality. it's very weird, they are still in this space. they are blaming antifa, they are blaming people who were not there that day but they still kind of want credit for doing what they did on january 6th. >> here is a question, we had a bunch of investigations into what happened on january 6th, they are still ongoing in fact, there has been a lot of result in charges, people behind bars to a point they made, do any of these participants seem concerned at all about showing
10:39 am
their support for the cause? >> look, i would assume so. there are a couple of people here who are currently facing trial. there is quick griffin who pushing on this rally. and then some of the people who have been speaking about the very big lie that patches this whole thing up at on this rally. you know, people who were pushing for smart -- they were putting this stuff on. they are still going with this. i guess the only good news is -- this is viewed as enemy territory by these people. there is not a lot of people. a few dozen. >> a few dozen, all right. look at the qanon symbols, then. they pumped at the trump rally last. the former president posting videos with overt qanon messages. are you seeing any of these conspiracy themes at the rally
10:40 am
today? or hearing people talk about it? what is your gauge on how that stands? the qanon effect? >> yeah, there are people speaking at this rally who were qanon influencers to begin with. evolved into january 6th truthers. that's where the movement. went recently as you know, donald trump posted things about how he is saving the children, get the army ready, stuff like that. that is a big thing that has been really lived in the space all those people moved over to this kind of january 6th truther. maybe they realize it is withering away. that's where they are at now. they are moving back towards the qanon movement because it is based off of revenge and violence. >> it is a world that you inhabit for professional reasons, ben collins, i'm enviable, but i'm glad you are here to explain to us. thank you. it is promoted as the stuff of champagne wishes and caviar dreams. what is mar-a-lago really worth? that question and the answer is
10:41 am
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10:44 am
mar-a-lago resort is the main point of contention in the new york attorney general lost which plans for ten years, the trump organization used a series of quote, inappropriate valuation methods. >> cleaning you have money that you do not have.
10:45 am
does not amount to the art of the deal. it is the art of the steel there cannot be different rules for different people in this country or state. former presidents are no different. >> joining me now, the historian, author, and one of don the -- donald trump's palm beach neighbors. he wrote the book mar-a-lago, inside of the gates of power, -- lawrence, welcome back to the broadcast. good to see you. they say trump value mar-a-lago at 700 and $39 million. it is close to 75 million. what do you say about that? >> look, i thought the attorney general james did incredible presentation. passionately failed to do the research. i was stunned by it. that when she got wrong, okay? i live in palm beach. the condominium is worth $98 million. i'm exaggerating, but it is
10:46 am
worth at least 200 and $50 million. i'm telling you, it's an exquisite estate on the anything else on the island, easily $250 million. >> i will say, it is pretty remarkable, that is for sure. here is what the ag included in her description of inappropriate valuation methods. she says the landmark conservation deal limits subdivision of mar-a-lago and that there by, lawrence, reduces the resale value. also, the trump organization chose not to value mar-a-lago based off of actual financial performance. then the organization ignored the fact that 23 and a half percent of mar-a-lago value was donated to him national trust, and the trump officials added a 30% trump brand premium just because the name trump to the value, also an additional 14 million in furniture fixtures equipment that was not allowed do you think taxpayers there, the folks with you in palm
10:47 am
beach do they feel like the actions affected them in any way? in terms of city revenue or anything like that. >> i have some bad news for you, i know these people they would do the same thing maybe not to the extent he does it, he does exaggerate everything but that is the way, if you are real estate, that's what you do. i had several people in palm beach tell me only a fool pays taxes. >> yikes. i wonder if city officials are listening to that, that is another story. >> they have great lawyers, they are doing it within the law, if you have real estate, you can manipulate all of these things, but trump does it far beyond the anybody else and what they would do. >> how about extending to the kids, ivanka trump, as you know, named as a plaintiffs in this lawsuit, jared kushner is not, can you tell us about where they bought property in relations to mar-a-lago? they relocated to florida, completely given up new york. >> they have properties all
10:48 am
over the place. it's a courage to be the son and daughter of a famous person. they are just the subordinates. they are part of him. >> they don't live in palm beach, do they? >> no. >> something of geographical distance? >> exactly. they have a place in mind. >> why, lawrence, do you think trump's children are included in the new york lawsuit. what would have been their potential involvement? >> because their names are on this properties, it's as simple as that. they were drawn into it, they had no choice. maybe they did have a choice. >> in terms of calculation and valuation, do you think the ever had influence in that regard? influence over their father? >> i don't think anybody has influence over him. >> point well taken. let's remind viewers, lawrence, about a point you made when you are on my show in january of
10:49 am
last year. of course when trump lost the white house let's watch what you told me at that time, here it is. >> a lot of people quit mar-a-lago. they don't want their names to be in the new york times for a list of people that they silently walked out they don't want to deal with donald trump many of the members, they are not going there very often because it's a very dispirited place. they say the food is no good, there is no entertainment. it is a sad place for trump to be hanging out. it's not what it was. >> okay, let's remind viewers, that was a few days after joe biden had actually been inaugurated into office. the gig was up, it was over, donald trump was no longer president of the united states. has the mood changed at all though? the friends which whom you through chalets, which mar-a-lago. you may have gone to mar-a-lago. have things picked back up there? >> i would go there often, but trump hand me for life from mar-a-lago.
10:50 am
i am wearing a badge saying it. no, it has changed, the new class of people coming in. true trump believers that have -- they tend to be a vulgar redneck type, so you are not welcomed in palm beach otherwise. >> they have to be able to afford the price tag of admission, right? >> that is the kind of money. 200,000 bucks, what is that to these people? >> i don't know, i don't have the answer to that, i will let that hang out there. lawrence flame, or thank you so much, we will see you again. here's a question? why it took so long for a podcast to get help to a man after that podcast was recorded, this man spent more than two decades in prison. we will talk about it after this break. n. we will talk about it afte this break this break ultimate goal of zero poverty takes more than everyone's hopes and dreams. at citi, it takes a financial commitment to companies who empower people to lift themselves up. it takes funding and building on our know-how to help communities grow.
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because with miro, they could problem solve together, and find the answer that was right under their nose. or... his nose. (cecily) adam. look-y what i got... (adam) is that the new iphone 14 pro? (cecily) yup, with this amazing new camera. smile! (adam) and you got it on verizon? (cecily) even better. i got verizon's new plan. includes apple one. that's apple music, apple tv+, apple arcade, icloud+. (adam) i hear the acting's pretty good on that one. (cecily) so is the deal i got from verizon. iphone 14 pro, on them! you should get one. oh, selfie time! wow, you can hustle when you need to. (vo) get a new iphone 14 pro, on us. and get it with one unlimited for iphone. only on the network america relies on. verizon. >> right now, for major policing bills are heading to the senate after narrowly passing the house.
10:54 am
those bills put forward by former democrats, that would provide additional funding it outside sources to police department in efforts to reduce crime. joining me now is marilyn mosby, baltimore city state attorney, marilyn, welcome back to the broadcast. in just one moment, we are going to talk about the release of adnan syed, and also your involvement and all that. we want to get you your reaction to the new legislation. these bills include additional funding for nonprofit community and faith-based organizations. local police departments with less than 125 officers. and they have mental health resources, grants to help solve gun crimes. does it sound like these two you will help reduce crimes in places like baltimore if the senate passes them? >> thank you for having me. i saw the congress's collective efforts and to -- police accountability in this country is still not been addressed or resolved. whatever happened to the george floyd justice and policing act? brown and black people are still dying in the hands of
10:55 am
police in this country every day. as a country, we cannot afford to throwing $60 million a year for five years for local the -- police departments will solve an inherent to systemic violent issue in this country. i caution democrats, we really need to stop believing that we need to placate or negate the political advantage that is not actually addressed the senate -- the center issue that contributes to the violent crime in the city city and the country. my hope is that this package forges a meaningful wave to reimagine policing and bring into the 24 century. the fact is, as you suggested, there is a great component to this bill that is worthy of mentioning, like the investment and community oriented solutions. officers are expected to -- social work and helpful -- mental health task. their training. there is a desire, the desire to invest in mental health professionals, social workers coming out of the global pandemic that is dramatically and mentally affecting people in a way that we have not seen before. that is all really great, but
10:56 am
it also -- also caution us, we are seemingly, this bill can have significant impact if we don't lose sight of the fact that police accountability is not being addressed in this country. >> point well taken. we follow it in the senate for sure. let me ask you quickly about the adnan syed in baltimore, a gained national attention. on monday, a judge -- years after the hit podcast serial chronicled his case and cast out on the role in the 1999 saying of syed former girlfriend hae min lee. you were there when he was released, why do you think it took so long? >> i think, my office was approached and appealed to the public defender, i created the -- of individuals that are juvenile lifers, he fit that qualification. it was actually our view of the case that quickly turn from making a mere recommendation for release to an actual re-investigation to a claim of his actual innocence, that was led by the judge, the former
10:57 am
deputy at the public defenders office that was hired in my office, it was almost a year-long investigation that was revealed that the prosecution and the subsequent prosecutors in the attorney generals office failed to disclose relevant information of two alternative suspects that could've changed the outcome of the original trial. it was revealed, there are reveal -- where view of the case, not only did the suspects threatened to kill the victim, they had a motive to kill the victim. most of the other suspects had a pattern of violence against the -- none of that was provided to the defence counsel but either the original prosecutor or the attorney generals office, that is problematic on so many levels. >> it is an extraordinary situation. your involvement was helpful for sure. anyways, marilyn mosby, thank you, good to see. you that will do it for me on alex reports, we will see you next week, our coverage continues. next week, our coverag continues. continues. let's hear from simone. chuck, that's a club i want to join!
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