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tv   American Voices With Alicia Menendez  MSNBC  September 24, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> as we begin a new hour trump's years of magical thinking as the legal walls began to close around him, president appearing more unhinged and usual claiming he has the power to declassify top secret government documents with his mind. americans say trump and the threat he represents to democracy will play a role in their midterm votes as the january six committee prepares for its next and possible final hearing. plus the post-roe landscape across america keeps changing as abortion clinics reopen in one state and near total ban could become law in another. disaster in puerto rico yet again five years after the feds
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invested several billion to get the island back on its feet the american people who live there are in the dark, we ask why? this is american voices. however anomalies him menendez, mental gymnastics it could be donald trump's favorite sport, case in point the legal fallout of the fbi search of classified documents at his mar-a-lago residents. trump claims those documents were declassified, sean hannity asked trump about his declassification process let's call it this week, the latter made it clear so bonkers you have to hear from trump himself. >> it doesn't have to be a process as i understand it, there are different people saying different things there doesn't have to be -- if you are the president of the united states you can declassify by saying that it is declassified even by thinking about it because her sending it
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to marlar go or to wherever you are sending it. >> let's just say if you consider these mental gymnastics, he didn't quite stick the landing and that claim providing perfect fodder for late night tv. >> it's officially declassified as long as you believe it is declassified. that is according to trump's newest legal advisor tinker bell. >> trump actually has the power to change things just by thinking about them, don junior would've turned into a big max 30 years ago. >> he couldn't even read documents with his brain, how does this happen? your honor the defendant pleads jedi. >> just think about it imagine telling a customs agent you renew your passport by thinking about it or explaining a cop that your license is expired because you renewed it with your mind. the sense that the rules do not apply to him extends to your business the business.
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>> instances of fraud over ten years, as james says it is all about accountability. >> claiming you have money that you do not have does not amount to the heart of the deal. it's the art of the steal. and there cannot be different rules for different people in this country are in the state. former presidents are no different. >> which brings us back to fox news when sean hannity asked trump just how he goes about determining the value of his properties this is what he said. >> what happens shawn is we have a disclaimer right on the front and it basically says get your own people, you're at your own risk what we do is here is
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a financial statement, be careful because it may not be accurate, it may be way off, we -- i think it's close to a page and a half of all of these things, get your own people, use your own appraisers, use your own lawyers, don't rely on us. >> donald trump's version of reality? different than ours to say the least in the real world one cannot declassified documents with one's mind. nor is it possible to inflate or deflate the worth of real estate as one sees fit. the big question remains is reality catching up with the former president? with me now an msnbc contributor, former watergate prosecutor and co-host of the hashtag sisters in law podcast, alyssa murray is an msnbc contributor and professor of law at new york university and david cay johnston law professor at syracuse university and the author of many books on trump including the big cheat. donald trump fleeced america
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and enriched himself and his family. jill, my producers were in my ear during one of those montage is saying that you were having of responds to hearing all of these late night host rag on the former president because it really is absurd this idea that you can declassify something just by thinking about it. >> i couldn't help it, melissa and i have both been in texas and i haven't watched television so this was like seeing it for the first time and i was laughing hysterically because now i thought i had to go change my pin to where dorothy's magic shoes and wand so that i could empower donald trump to use his mind if he has won two declassified documents. of course that is ridiculous. you don't declassify with your mind, it requires that you notify other people because peoples lives are at stake when you have classified documents, at the classification level that we are talking about here. you have agents who are human
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intelligence sources and who could die because their names are revealed that is a serious thing and you have to give a fair warning. you can't just think i'm going to declassify and i'm gonna share it, take it home with me or his of their argument was i took it up to the bedroom in the white house, that was declassifying it because i took it out of my office. that is not how this works, he should never have been able to have them in an unsecured place, even in the white house, they should always be kept secure. so i couldn't help but laugh because it is reasonable. >> you laugh, but you get us to a more important point, which is there is a process. there should be regarded and reverence for the process that is part of the office, and there are stakes, right? there are people's lives on the line. melissa, this is more general point is believing that there are rules for some people and those rules don't apply to him.
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reports that perhaps the fbi search of fbi can bolster the new york's ag case. trump never turned over the vacuum she asked for. the document reads litigation over search warrant executed on and mar-a-lago, united states district court for the middle district of florida noted that the seized materials included correspondents related to taxes, and accounting information. i wonder, melissa, what do you make of that potential cross section of these two cases. >> well, it's not just the cross section of these two cases. there's a wide range of litigation going here, and that cash of documents at mar-a-lago ostensibly could relate to all of this, whether it's what happened to win georgia, in the wake of the election, whether it's about tax information that wasn't properly disclosed to the new york ag or whether it's about january six more generally, we don't know what is all in that cash of
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documents, in part because that cash of documents is so massive and sprawling. and so again, all of this would relate to each other and maybe it is intertwined. either way it makes clear, donald trump is facing serious legal jeopardy, and the idea that the defense's i.d.s classified them with my mind, or alternatively, it's your fault, banks, because you didn't take the time to appraise these properties independently and you relied on what i said the appraisal. was again, as jill says, it's reasonable. >> david, i don't need to tell you, of all people, how much donald trump likes to brag about his supposed wealth. if there's any one who knows about trump's braggadocious behavior, it's his fixer, michael cohen. i want you to hear what he said just a little while ago on msnbc. >> this chase with tish james is the one keeping him up at night. he believes that the georgia case, he'll be able to defeat by battling the issue of mens
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rhea, the guilty mind. he did not know that he was doing anything. he believed that there was 11,700 and something votes that were stolen from him, so he was just telling them to go find the stolen votes, not looking to break the law. the tish james case destroys, him because he's a fragile ego. his whole life is all about his financial wealth. >> david, i wonder what you make of cohen's assessment there. >> i think michael cohen is right on the money there. donald has a long history of not just inflating assets when it will help him to get more money and deflating assets when he can pay less tax. he has actually gone to farcical levels to hide documents, claiming they were destroyed by a broken water pipe and then it were literally at the door, we just accidentally wipe them all off of the computer.
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so this is just totally consistent behavior. cohen is right. in a civil case, which mr. james missed james brought, it brings a preponderance of evidence, not guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, a preponderance of evidence, and her complaint shows that trump was directing many of these fraudulent activities. and it's important to remember fraud is always and everywhere are wrong. >> i want to ask you about a different type of fraud or a different type of fleecing. you have trump allies launching a new maga pack. what if trump was to use funds from that pack, what he is done with his other, pack save america? >> the laws governing dark money and packs are so weak and so full of loopholes, yes, he
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can divert a great deal of this money to his personal needs. and if he wants to fight tish james's effort to apply a corporate death penalty to the trump organization, he's going to need to spend a lot of money upfront. because of donald's history of not paying his lawyers, any competent lawyer is going to demand huge money upfront. but all of this is just another scam of the people who are following him. he's not doing anything too significant to change who is being elected in america. he's raking in money to benefit donald. >> and a majority of americans in a recent poll poll says they believe supreme court justices should have term limits. that includes more than two thirds of republicans, the force of democrats, now we have learned a prolific pusher of trump's big lie, ginni thomas, wife of supreme court justice clarence thomas, has agreed to speak with the january six committee. your sense of how her testimony
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could impact how americans view the court. i understand that for a lot it's gonna mean current connecting a lot of dots, but if they do, what is it going to mean? >> i can't promise that this testimony is going to be a blockbuster in any way, but i think it will be significant is that for the first time in history of this country, we have had the spouse of a sitting supreme court justice coming before congress to testify about her dealings in what was essentially an effort to overturn the results of a validly conducted election. and again, it's really the optics of this. the supreme court's legitimacy is at the lowest point in his ever been. the public is losing confidence in the court, calling it irredeemably political and partisan. ginni thomas's work, if you can call it, that is part of this. it's not just the decisions, it's the fact that it looks like the court has been captured by it and mrs. thomas
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is unmatched in those interests. i don't know if her testimony will shed light on anything, but the fact that she's coming before i congressional committee to testify about attempted insurrection on the government and her potential role or alleged role in it, is, i think, significant, and significant for the court. >> david, before i let you go, i wonder what you're going to be watching for as the -- rolls out. >> new york has civil fraud conspiracy statute, as all states do. and conspiracy statutes are designed to make it possible for prosecutors to get the rats to scatter and ran each other out. at some, point trump will not be in alignment with his children, so i think there's going to be some disruption in the family. and they are going to be looking after their individual interests at some point and that is going to be fascinating to watch, because donald wood
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will throw his own kids under the bus if he has to. ivanka will be the hardest, but he will throw the them under the bus of the. after >> david thank you so much for being with. as jill, and melissa, you still chucking sticking around. coming, up trump's legal exposure does not end with mar-a-lago as we approach the end of the jerry six investigation. how the committee's findings could add to his problems. plus, we'll ex explore the post-roe landscape as the domino falls on total bans on abortion. first, richard louis standing by the other big stories we're watching this hour, and msnbc. richard? >> alicia, some breaking news for you. north korea fired at least one identified ballistic missiles. south korea's military says that it travel east just yesterday south korea fischel said there were signs north korea was preparing to test a missile far from his submarine. so far this year, north korea has tested at least 30 ballistic weapons. the launch comes after the
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nuclear aircraft carrier carrier uss ronald reagan arrived in korea for joint military exercises, a show of strength against north korean threats. hurricane fiona ripped through canada's east coast on saturday. it down trees and power lines. more than 500,000 residents are now without power. fiona is now a post tropical cyclone, making its way northeast into the gulf of st. lawrence. and anti government protests in iran are intensifying after a 22 year old woman died in custody in the country's so-called morality police. the demonstration is now a days long. iran state media is saying that at least 35 people died since the violence erupted. american voices we'll be right back after these messages. ck after these messages.
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going to choose. if republicans win control the
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congress, abortion will be banned, and by the way, it will be initially banned, but if they win congress, i will veto it. [applause] but think what is happening. we will ban it in a case of rape and incest in many states. no exceptions. they're trying to criminalize it nationwide. >> president biden responded to the gop's vowed to protect mothers. it's an empty promise as republican lawmakers work to upend abortion rights across the country. so far, they have secured restrictions in at least 14 states. you can see the map. they're arizona is the latest to join the list. the judge reinstating that antiquated abortion ban from the 1800s. declares any physician who performs an abortion can face up to five years in prison. the only exception is to save a mother's life. several other states have anti
4:21 pm
abortion legislation tied up in court. as president biden puts, it republicans won't stop until every last abortion clinic is shattered. and why you law school professor melissa murray. melissa, what does it tell you that we are now talking about things that were put on the books in the 1800s? >> this is a supreme court that believes in originalism and interpreting the constitution as it would have been understood in 1787. and to them this is of no moment. ever go to enforce laws, let's take it all the way back to the 19th century to a time when women did not enjoy the rightful citizens, when they were understood by law to be subsumed into their husbands, and for all public purposes, this is exactly what i expected when the dobbs decision came out on june 24th. it was going to be chaotic. it is completely disruptive, the landscape for reproductive care in the united states.
4:22 pm
and it has made almost every woman in the country a reproductive refugee to some degree. >> and to layer on to that, as you alluded to, it has made an incredibly confusing moment for providers, who now are trying to read the gray letter of the law as to when a woman's life is at risk. i've spoken to providers who have been on the phone with their legal teams, asking them, am i allowed to provide the care that i, as a doctor, believe i am supposed to be providing in this moment? i want to ask you, an abortion ban went into with act in indiana last week, was and blocked by a judge this week. as you, know several other states had a similar tug of war with anti abortion laws. how much do we need to be worried, to the conversation you and i are having, about widespread confusion among doctors and providers, among patients, about what is legal
4:23 pm
of it was the point. this confused and chaotic is an. so just having this confusion where providers don't know whether where a medical judgment in the law begins is exactly the point. what we are seeing right now is basically the reproductive rights community doing the only thing they can do right now, which is basically play defense and try to enjoy these laws to keep reproductive access flowing for as long as possible. you will notice that the indiana judge was a state court judge. they stopped litigating these cases in front of a court and they turn to state courts and state constitutions. some state constitutions protect more rights than the federal constitution does. but again it, depends on the judges and how the judges view and interpret the understanding of those state rights. and those state constitutional rights. again, a very confused landscape. we're having something in arizona where a judge is
4:24 pm
allowed a very restrictive ban to go into effect and doesn't find the states constitutional provisions to be any impediment to that ban going into effect. >> to your point about how it has left the abortion rights advocates to play defense and to accept defensive winds as winds. i want to layer on that. you have california becoming the latest state to have create a ballot initiative that would codify abortion rights in the state if it is passed. i wonder if you think ballot initiatives are going to be the best way to protect abortion rights at this point moving forward. >> well, they are certainly effective, because it allows voters to register their individual pressed press preferences directly rather than through representative government. as we saw in kansas. that can have important effects. two days after kansas had their vote, where they rejected that restrictive interpretation of the constitution, indiana passed that restriction vote abortion law we're talking about right now. the difference between kansas and indiana? it's not politics, it's a fact
4:25 pm
that kansans could go to the ballot box directly, whereas in indiana there was a state legislature. there was representative government. that state legislature was gerrymandered be on conversation calm preemption. those who object can't have their preferences registered. yes, ballot in initiatives are promising. the problem is, most states don't have a mechanism for direct democracy like a ballot initiative. they are very infrequent. we're not gonna see what happened in kansas or what happened in california spread across the country unless the mechanism for doing so is already written into the constitutions of those states. >> it's amazing how much of this comes down to systems and processes codified a long time ago. next, american see the ongoing threat to democracy will be a top issue with the polls as a jerry six committee prepares to resume hearings, can they seized momentum on this? speaking of accountability, billions of federal aid went to puerto rico in the wake of her hurricane -- of few days ago. how is the happy island still
4:26 pm
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♪ wayfair you've got just what i need ♪ >> there were so many who wanted to show they were objecting that they had set up the sign up sheets in the cloakroom. and as i was sitting there, a member came in and he signed his name on each one of the sheets. then he said, under his breath, the things we do for the orange jesus do. and i thought, you know, you're taking an act that's unconstitutional. >> gop congressman liz cheney calling out the cult of trump head of the january six committee's last meeting. trump's followers taking the big lie to a new level. far-right groups holding a pro january 6th rally in d.c. this saturday. back with me, msnbc contributor john wine-banks and tom nichols,
4:31 pm
staff writer for the atlantic. tom, our colleague collins was working at the rally and this mixed message, it didn't happen, benefited real proud of it. you had trump giving a nod to another far-right movement. qanon. i just wonder, when you step back and sort of assess what is happening, what these well rallies are telling you? >> for one thing, the truth doesn't matter. these people go to these rallies to feel they belong to something in that their lives are interesting and have meaning. they are not really there to hear what actually happened. they have decided what happened. they have decided that this is something they want to be part of. the more dangerous thing, and the thing i am much more worried about, is that donald trump is priming a lot of people for the idea of violence. if the government doesn't leave
4:32 pm
him alone, if he ends up being indicted, if he runs any loses, this is now trump, trump is now reaching out to any group that will worship him, no matter how dangerous they are, and he is basically convincing them that he is their messiah and they have to be willing to pick up arms and fight on his behalf. >> to that point, jail, i think the stakes were already very high and clear to the january six committee. i think, to tom's point, every time the former president goes out there, makes those remarks clear what he is doing, the stakes continue to rise. i wonder what do you make of the committee's decision. it seems like they're going to do one more hearing between now and midterms. >> yes. i think they could do a lot of hearings, because i have a feeling they have a lot of information that they haven't shared with the public. time is running out. they probably can't, and unless
4:33 pm
the democrats take control, again, of the house, there won't be any other hearings after the midterms. and i agree with everything that tom said about what is happening to this country. you had said in an earlier segment about donald trump engaging in magical thinking. it is, but it's also delusional thinking. he is living in an alternative universe, as are all of the people who attend his rallies, who believe, without a shred of evidence, without a single factual component, that what he says is true. they actually believe that he lost, i'm sorry, that he won the election, but he did not win the election. and it's a very frightening time in america. we need to make facts matter again. there was a time in america where facts were agreed upon and accepted. the debate was about what policies would make those facts better, not which would make
4:34 pm
them disappear. so i think we're in a sad situation now. i hope that facts will come back to matter. >> i want to pick up on something jill said, which is this sense of urgency, knowing that republicans, they had vowed to shut down the january six committee if they were to retake the house. but we actually have a former impeachment manager warning that they might do something far worse. take a listen. >> if the republicans win the house and kevin mccarthy is the speaker of the house, can anyone actually say with certainty that he will certify the election results if donald trump runs and loses? of course he won't. we already know that he didn't. once moved to they will move to impeach cabinet officers, they will occupy the committee was specious arguments about the president, about his administration, in an effort, again, to undermine the work of the president and the work of the administration.
4:35 pm
and really to undermine the things that we have gotten done for the american people. >> so tom, when we talk about stakes, those are the highest possible stakes. i want to ask you two questions. they are sort of intertwined. what it means for congress, as an institution, if that is to happen, but more importantly, of course, growing out of that, what it then means for our country. >> what it means for congress is, if the republicans take the house and the senate over either of those bodies, the republican party has completely collapsed as anything like an instrument of government or even a real political party. as just a cult of personality, where the -- of that party are either cowards or true believers. i think most of them are just cowards. they're not gonna stand up to their own primary voters. they won't uncover their backsides and keep their jobs. they don't want to have to leave the emerald city and go
4:36 pm
home. and they will say or do anything to stay where they are. that means, the implication for the country's, that they will gladly sow chaos, be guided by their own fringe, rather than govern the country. the republicans talk about policy. they don't really have policy other than this wheel to power that they will keep exercising by feeding red meat to their own base, whether it's abortion or immigration or anything else. and in the, i mean, it won't take that long for the institutions of government to simply cease to function after a while, because you can't get nominees through that kind of a process. you can't run institutions and cabinet departments with that kind of process. and i think david -- is just right. they will launch investigations and other kinds of drama laden things that appeal to their
4:37 pm
base, but that will essentially paralyzed the country sooner or later. >> jill, since you didn't need a favor of staying with me for two segments, i want to ask how you -- are released today stories. >> i ended up adding a pan because of your comments i made earlier. but i was originally wearing a sisters in law broach because for the first time ever, all four sisters in law were together at the texas tribune fast, and it is the first time we have all been together. we did a recording of our podcast, released today, together there. but then you talked about his magical thinking, and so i put on dorothy's red shoes and her magic wand so that it would represent that part of it. you also said about mental gymnastics by trump, and i would say the only exercise he gets is jumping to conclusions, all of which are based on no fact. >> jill, you never disappoint. tom, thank you so much.
4:38 pm
next, puerto rico, just five years after hurricane maria ravaged the island, more than half the u.s. territory is without power from mismanagement and neglect. plus, a crisis in the. making a democratic mayor in texas takes a page from the republican playbook to come to the search of migrants, with one major exception. e major exception. when moderate to severe ulcerative colitis persists... put it in check with rinvoq, a once-daily pill. when uc got unpredictable,... i got rapid symptom relief with rinvoq. check. when uc held me back... i got lasting, steroid-free remission with rinvoq. check. and when uc got the upper hand... rinvoq helped visibly repair the colon lining. check. rapid symptom relief. lasting, steroid-free remission.
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verizon. and it's ready right now. t-mobile for business. >> devastation in puerto rico. nearly a week after hurricane fiona hit more than 8000 residents remain without power. close to 300,000 do not have power. msnbc's alison barber spoke with secretary of transportation. >> we definitely are in a response phase. we are preparing to go into recovery phase, but we are still having these incidents throughout the island. we have had landslides, road collapse, bridges, so we are still in this emergency
4:42 pm
response phase. i know that the pictures are sad and we are having these issues, and we do want everybody to stay close to a family and communication if they hand can. we're working through this, and the department of transportation public works, we have staffing who all over the island, opening up the roads and are planning on the recovery part, at least for the emergency part. so there is a lot of things we have to work with. it is definitely a sad time for us, because we have been here before, and we were recovering, and now feels like we're starting all over again. >> alison barbara in pork greco for us. , there is déjà vu across the island right now, eerily similar to five years ago, where the island was torn apart by hurricane maria. ready in the new york times, quote, puerto rico was unraveling economically politically long before hurricane fiona. austerity programs cut deeply into the public service budget. health care pensions, and education to pay off creditors. new liked it officials reward
4:43 pm
party officials with unemployment, a series of sycophant to use office for their own. again joining me now, executive director of the maria fund, zero cattle diaz. thank you for taking the time to be with. as it's my understanding. you're in puerto rico, can you give us your understanding of what it is you want us and our viewers to know about what is happening on the ground right now. >> i think it, thank you for having, me it's amazing to be able to share the story and tell a little bit more, for people to understand what it's like. i want people to imagine what it's like to wake up for four, five, six, seven days and not have electricity. that means that all of the food you have in your fridge, you have to throw out. if you don't have water to drink, you don't have water to do your daily things. if you are in an area that has been flooded, that means that we are talking about a life or death situation. we are not talking about a
4:44 pm
natural disaster. we are talking about a political disaster. what we are seeing in these images right now is a consequence of a criminal non, that is, a criminal lack of response to the last few years. and the use of public spawns, a federal funds, and a very higher level, to make money off of a crisis. this is something that the people were not alone. obviously they urban other places. but the difference is, puerto rico's a colony of united states, still, to this day. that is something that needs to change. that is, in the end, a root cause of how moments like this, funding in support, it should be coordinated on the ground, the people on the ground should have power to stay alive. they don't. >> i can hear the emotion in your voice, and i know that in addition to being your expertise, this is incredibly personal for you. to your point, there are people
4:45 pm
from this is life or death. there are even people who are upper middle class. i was talking to a friend there who likely as to kids, and we were out of watered. things were touch and go for a little while there. you can all sort of imagine what those moments are like. for people who are not completely read into the system. they may say there was all this federal funding five years ago. what happened to it? help us connect the dots from that moment to where we find ourselves today. >> there is all that federal funding that since 2016 there's been a physical control board, created by the borough mesa act, passed by congress, and then fiscal control has control over even emergency relief. it has control over the money used. in many ways, and in several ways, as control over taking some of that money and holding it and using it to pay off debt. and bond holders, instead of priorities-ing people from
4:46 pm
puerto rico. definitely there's an incompetency in local government. but i would also say we need to start painting a bigger picture. the reality is, 2016 with the mega structure that is in control, undemocratic, which is already under crap democratic congress in the case of puerto rico, but you have seven people pardon restructure making district decisions about your budget every year. that, combined with the damning dynamics of when it disaster happens, which means all these companies flooding in, but their real interest is not rebuilding a public electricity company. it's not rebuilding public schools. it's not rebuilding public hospitals. it's making money and leaving whatever they can. and that is something we have been, in the last couple of years, not only after maria, we had an earthquake since 2004 they hit the south of puerto rico in early 2020 and many people are watching us now. so early 2020, beginning of the pandemic. so i am emotional.
4:47 pm
and i'm angry. and i'm tired. and so are all the people on the ground. and we are raising funds but we're raising funds to do a small part of what social justice organizations can do, which is support their communities. the reality is the scale of the disaster requires justice and the government level. >> a pretty incredible piece for the msnbc opinion, i encourage your viewers to go and read it. but a central argument wise, it can't be on bad bunny and puerto ricans alone to care about what is happening in puerto rico, to shine a light on what is happening in puerto rico, sort of the lack of care, the lack of focus has to become a bigger problem. so in this moment, where there is a tension on puerto rico in a way that there might not be or the narrowly, what is the one thing you want or viewers to take away? >> i don't know if you can summarize, it but i'll try.
4:48 pm
i would say one, fema needs to amend the map that they have put out, even municipalities out of support. that is unacceptable, and it is bringing death. we have a death toll of 14 and we ended with a death toll of almost 5000 people. second, if you're at home and watching this, please go to fiona response dot org. that the fund we have set up among aid organizations, social justice organizations that are not only committed to supporting their communities right now but understand that the change that needs to happen is long term, and third the congress, in the end, is responsible for this. the physical control board needs to go. it has been set for six years now. and so does the company that is privatizing the electricity in puerto rico, which is called luma in puerto rico but the real name in united states and canada, is quanta. that's the owner of luma.
4:49 pm
that's some of the bigger structural things we need to name. we need to name it from the beginning. we can't wait for stages of relief and recovery. we need change and big change, now, to make sure that people can survive now, but that also so that puerto rico can survives the place we call home. >> thank you so much in the midst of this crisis for taking the time to talk with. us be right back. us be right back they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need... and a blowtorch. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ♪♪ does it get better than never getting lost? ♪♪ does it get better than not parallel parking yourself? ♪♪ alexa ask smartfeed to feed the dog. does it get better than feeding your dog from 50 miles away? yes... it does. at buick we see a future that's even better.
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4:53 pm
republican electives using asylum seekers as pawns to score political points, but as nbc's julia ainsley tells us, there's a different side of the story in el paso. >> we are in el paso, where tonight city officials say the resources are being pushed to the brink by a record number of migrants. averaging over 1500 illegal border crossings a day in this area. migrants sleeping on the streets. now the cities democratic mayor taking a page from some republican governors, sending more than 3400 migrants on daily buses to cities like new york and chicago. when >> you have a huge increase you need to continue to adapt. >> unlike republican governors he's giving cities notice. >> are you getting enough support from the biden administration? >> i've been to washington and i've been able to talk to them, in the biggest thing we need is decompression. the >> secretary of homeland security, alejandro mayorkas, taking aim at the governors transporting the governors with that migrants without any
4:54 pm
notice. >> when a governor acts unilaterally and refuses to coordinate with other government officials, that is when problems arise. and that is when we deplore political stuntman ship when we are dealing with the lives of vulnerable individuals. >> all republicans blame president biden's policies, a top administration border of official is blaming congress. >> congress needs to take action, but i think we need to know that it's not chaos here. >> this is a pastor at a local church in yale passer masto. he had other church leaders have been offering a helping hand the last few days, but admits they need more help. >> when a glass of water reaches capacity, what happens? it builds up? the water is going to make a mess. >> is it time for other surety cities to share that? but with more debris pole and local shelters overcapacity, immigration officials here have
4:55 pm
released neither nearly 1300 migrants in the last two weeks. we witnessed nearly 100 being dropped off at a nearby hotel hotel. we met jenny, who told us she has no money, nothing to, eight and nothing to wear besides the clothes on her back. she is one of so many venezuelans without family or sponsors to take them in and we came across these migrants with border patrol just after crossing from mexico. >> venezuela? >> tonight many residents telling us the border crisis has become too much to handle. how do you feel about your mayor sending them on buses to the cities? >> kind of sad, because i don't know what else you can do, we can only handle so much. >> as you heard many residents here in el paso have compassion for the migrants but they support their mayor's decision to send them to other destinations. he doesn't see it is a political statement like this republican governor, but a humanitarian, mission hope in
4:56 pm
these people, many of them venezuelans who don't have a family member or sponsor in the united states, get to another city for free, where they can hopefully use those cities resources to find a better future. we've also spoken to border officials who say in recent weeks they have seen as many as 600 migrants gathered to gather here on the border. officials are worried those numbers could go. >> julia ainsley reporting from el paso. as we head to break, a reminder, we are keeping an eye on tropical storm ian as it barrels across the caribbean toward florida. the latest as it happens right here on msnbc. on msnbc. so you can do more than connect your business, you can make it even smarter. now ports can know where every piece of cargo is. and where it's going. (dock worker) right on time. (vo) robots can predict breakdowns and order their own replacement parts. (foreman) nice work. (vo) and retailers can get ahead of the fashion trend of the day with a new line tomorrow. with a verizon private 5g network, you can get more agility and security. giving you more control of your business.
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5:00 pm
they, too, are waiting for accountability, four months later. that is it for today, i'm alicia menendez, see you back here more for american voices. for now, i handed over to a man while hitting. i am and. to a ma>> thank you my friend,y the rest of your evening. good evening to you. welcome to ayman. the art of the steel. new york's attorney general, aiming to hit trump or it hurts him most. then, desantis in danger. the florida governor, continuing to be sued for his cruel treatment of migrants. backfire, trump's own special master pick tells his attorneys, you cannot have your cake and eat it too. i'm ayman mohyeldin, let's get started. >> donald trump's legal team has had a busy few weeks, fighting everything from claims of election interference, to improper storage of classified documents. just


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