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tv   Ayman  MSNBC  September 24, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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accountability, four months later. that is it for today, i'm alicia menendez, see you back here more for american voices. for now, i handed over to a man while hitting. i am and. to a ma>> thank you my friend,y the rest of your evening. good evening to you. welcome to ayman. the art of the steel. new york's attorney general, aiming to hit trump or it hurts him most. then, desantis in danger. the florida governor, continuing to be sued for his cruel treatment of migrants. backfire, trump's own special master pick tells his attorneys, you cannot have your cake and eat it too. i'm ayman mohyeldin, let's get started. >> donald trump's legal team has had a busy few weeks, fighting everything from claims of election interference, to improper storage of classified documents. just this week, new york
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attorney general, laetitia james, hit trump where it hurts him the most. james filed a sweeping lawsuit of hitting trump, the trump organization, and three of his adult children, in engaging in widespread fraud of years of false financial statements related to the family's business dealings. watch. >> claiming you have money you do not have does not amount to the heart of the deal. it is the heart of the steel. there cannot be different rules, for different people in this country, or the state. this former presidents are no different. >> attorney general james is asking trump to put his money where his mouth is to the tune of $250 million, to be exact. she is also seeking to permanently barred donald trump jr., eric trump, and ivanka trump, from running a business
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in the state again. they want to prohibit the trump business from entering real estate deals for five years. that would be a move that would, effectively, shutter trump's business empire in his home state, right here, in new york. in response to the scathing accusations, in classic trump tantrum fashion, 76-year-old label is quote, racist, and a fraud, and then it is winding, and you guessed it, a witch hunt against him. it is in the hundreds of lawsuits over the last few years. why this one? it could have something to do with the claims laid out by laetitia james are pretty complicated. according to them, the ex president said, his gold plated apartment in trump tower was more than 30,000 square feet, turning into a whopping 327 million valuation. the reality? the xxx clocked in at less than
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11,000 square feet, meaning trump inflated it three times its actual value. how brazen, and shameless of a lie, or do you have to be to fabricate something that can be, so easily, fact-checked? maybe i should mascot of a man who, in his first week in office, instructed as press secretary to lie about is inauguration crowd size. after all, exaggeration, and lying, are pretty much the trump way. in 1987 start of the deal, trump wrote, or should i say, his ghost writer wrote, a little hyperbole never hurts. he goes on to describe, what he calls, truthful hyperbole, which he said, is an innocent form of exaggeration. lying about crowd size can be innocent enough, right? but lying about his business, the way trump lied, that's a little different. lying to calm, and swindle people, and to earn more money than he should? that is not so innocent.
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in fact, it could be illegal. let's discuss now with kurt i can walled, a bestselling author, who specializes in financial thought, an investigative reporter who, extensively, cover trump for both the new york times, and newsweek. also joining, us joyce vance, a former u.s. attorney, msnbc legal analyst, a professor at the university of alabama law school, and, a friend of the program. great to have both of you with us. let me start with you, and get your reaction to this civil suit. this is not a new legal battle for donald trump, a new legal front perhaps, but not a new battle. during a six hour deposition in new york last month, trump pleaded the fifth at least 440 times. last week, as lawyers even attempted to settle the suit. what kind of impact will those events have as they move forward? then >> you are absolutely right. it is not a new battle. it is happening openly, and
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above period of time, and the former president has had every opportunity against tish james to not file a lawsuit, or to let them settle it, before it was filed, or at the same time i was filed. then they suggest, hughes very could food be evidence. the documents filed in court is extremely detailed. it lays out more than 200 instances of inflation of assets. of course, this is something that could be part of a bank fraud scheme, certainly, the type of behavior that gets you more favorable treatment than you are entitled to from banks as, you saw loans, and, in other areas. the flip side of that is the tax valuation. trump lowers his property values to receive favorable tax treatment. in that sort of situation, one must be wrong. what is important here with this course of conduct, overtime, is he has boxed himself into a corner.
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in a civil lawsuit, not a criminal prosecution, where the government has to prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt. it was by the preponderance of the evidence. that means, it is more likely than not, the allegations, and the pleating that she has filed, are true. so, for instance, the former presidents efforts to assist his fifth amendment right to avoid incriminating himself in testimony, in a civil case, can be used. the judge, or the jury, can draw an inference that, if he asserted the fifth amendment, it is because those answers would've been harmful to him. that he did engage in this misconduct. he has positioned herself in a very good setting for the people of new york. >> you tweeted, this suit against the trump organization could be, quote, the most important legal challenge that trump faces, because of the great financial implications who have. walk us through that?
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>> i've been saying, for years, by the new york attorney general's case are the big one. because, ultimately, once trump's frauds, is engaged in fraud, stating back to the 19 80s. it was going through one of the casinos, and with the bank, and once these frauds, finally, all came together, and it was an entire realist state empire would be in change or. it was a lot of belief that this was going to be ugly. even i am shocked at the brazen nature of what he did, the stupid nature of what he did. it was a lot that they aren't getting. it's not just baseline. trump stole 100 $50 million by
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the banks. if what laetitia james has said is true, in her complaint, just on inter citing he, should pull $150 million. he lied to them about -- in basic ways. you mentioned the apartment. the apartment is part of a bigger scam, where they have an asset called seven springs, being loaned against. seven springs lost 80% of its value, so, they dumped seven springs into a bag, called other assets. they inflated the value of the apartment, dumping it into the same bag, and everyone look at those bag and said, that is just seven springs. so, they upped the size of his apartment, not a sign of arrogance, and with hiding the loss. the biggest accounting from
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that we ever had was and ron. everybody went to jail. i have read, in this complaint, is stupid, and wrong. it is very many of the same kinds of manipulations, very many of the same kinds of accounting fraud, just stupid or. it didn't take any sophistication to do this. >> smart is not one of the words, often used to describe donald trump's business dealings. yet, despite that, joyce, is former attorney general, bill barber, reacted to the suit by saying this. watch. >> what, ultimately, persuades me that this is a political hit job is that she, grossly, overreaches when she tries to drag the children into this. yes, they had roles in the business, but this was his, personal, financial statement. the children will know the details of that, nor are they expected, in the real world, to do their own due diligence, and have it reviewed independently.
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>> that, where children, is interesting there. don junior, 44 years old, ivanka, 40 years old, eric trump, 38. hardly considered children, in the eyes of the law. joyce, what do you make of this potential responsibilities for business dealings, like any other adult, and they played a role in the trump organization, at one point or another. >> they are adults, they've been running a business with multi million dollar deals, ivanka trump was a senior adviser, to the president of the united states. this ongoing use of the word children, to describe them, is outrageous. it suggests an entirely next level, and layer of deception. these are people who are responsible for their own misconduct, it was also whether someone decides there were
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criminal. they have a father, most people do, this is one of the many ways that trump uses language, and gets those around him. it is who they were a strange strung. they get them to use language. it is very exculpatory. it tries to excuse people from engaging in conduct that is inexcusable. i'm glad that tish james, the attorney general who is prosecuting this case, i don't think she is inclined to give people, who engaged in this conduct, a pass. this lawsuit, also, isn't a full invitation of the corporate death penalty. by restricting trump, and his three grown adult children, from engaging in running a business to the future, it cuts them out of a new york business. it is in the next five years, and obtaining loans from banks that are licensed in new york. it cuts them out of the
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business cycle. we are going with this lawsuit that successful. >> on his home turf, can you say something really quick? >> bill barr either hasn't had read the complaint, or is lying. this is not just, simply, they are his adult children. they are described as taking, very, specific, acts. very detailed things. when they are on emails, they are saying in documents, and the biggest appears to be eric, because they will be involved in a transaction, involved in a conservation easement. this is misrepresenting values after it was done. he was also involved in something with nevada state taxes. there was a misrepresentation,
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just last year, with troops cash flow, to the two of $91 million. donald j trump jr. signed that. it was poor little children, and they shouldn't be signing financial documents. >> thank you so much, great to see you. they're using migrants as props and his cruel political theater. we will tell you about that. ut that. i'd like to thank our sponsor liberty mutual. they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. contestants ready? go! only pay for what you need. jingle: liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. when moderate to severe ulcerative colitis persists... put it in check with rinvoq, a once-daily pill. when uc got unpredictable,... i got rapid symptom relief with rinvoq. check. when uc held me back...
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now facing a string of major legal battles over his horrific use of migrants as political pawns. this week, democratic state senator, jason pizarro, of miami, filed a lawsuit against a judge to block desantis from spending state funds on migrant transports. this comes after a group of migrants were sent to martha's vineyard, and claiming they were victims of fraud with political purposes. the sheriff's office have announced a criminal investigation, to this transport of migrants to, martha's vineyard. another transport flight, scheduled bring migrants to texas from president biden's home state of delaware. that never happened. someone familiar with the governor's thinking said desantis, quote, purposely left
5:18 pm
people in the dark, so, technically, the media, and the democrats, everyone, was pumped. here's the thing. a flight was scheduled at some point, because according to the miami herald, a group of migrants were left stranded at a remote hotel, outside of san antonio, when that flight was canceled. so, everyone was punked but, the migrants, and they will suffer the consequences with the cruelty of ron desantis. then again, cruelty is the point. joining us now, andrew warren, the duly elected state of florida, was suspended by rhonda sanchez for defying the states abortion ban. andrew, great to have you with us, thank you for making time for us this evening. your reaction to the overall way ron desantis has been treating these migrants, from the start, until now. the different excuses, the rationales that him and his cronies have been trying to come up with, to try to justify
5:19 pm
this cruelty. >> look, there are many allegations out there. there has been a lot of incidents that are, at best, political stance. at worst, crimes have been committed. so, it's important that we have a search for the truth here. to make sure that all the facts come out, and the best way to find the truth, is in a court of law. not on a campaign rally, not where the governor can just go on fox news, and say whatever he wants. but, in a court of law. it's good that we have court cases that have been filed, we have our case going to court against governor now, and they will have to stand trial with floridians, with regards to my suspension. >> do you think, based on your understanding of the law, or, let me ask you this way. which of the legal cases, based on your understanding of the law has the greatest chance of holding ron desantis accountable? >> there are a few cases, potentially, out there. it is hard to speculate,
5:20 pm
because some have just been filed. we don't know the facts yet. our case, this past monday, the judge set for trial. this was a victory for the truth. because, now, the governor has come into court, and to explain, in a court of law, what he did, what the suspension did to break the line. it was his state's constitutional right, didn't violate the will of the voters to have this attorney of their choice. with that far along, and the trial soon, and it was these other incidents in, that the truth is gone out as well. people have a right to know. >> i do want to know what you talk about. when you talk about the migrants, a slight that was canceled this week, do you think that desantis wanted to pump the media? do you think he was doing this as a stunt? or, do you think that given how much heat has been applied to him, legally, and politically, and publicly, that he backed
5:21 pm
away from it? >> again, it is hard to speculate. as a prosecutor, i don't just want to throw allegations, without having evidence to back it up. the conduct, certainly, is concerning. that's what people ask questions, as they should be. let me tell you what the bigger issue is here. when didn't become okay, in this country, that the people stopped expecting, and demanding, that elected officials start to act like leaders? acting like diplomats? acting like role models? we have them acting like demagogues, and carnival workers. not trying to solve problems, not even proposing solutions. just trying to conduct stunts, to involve themselves, don't do anything to move our country forward. >> you brought it up, and we talked about, and as you mentioned, with governor desantis suspending you.
5:22 pm
it is an abortion ban, we mentioned this week in florida judge, and moved to schedule a trial. what happens next with a legal basis that is put forward a judge has agreed for, written or neutral for it? >> this is a clear cut case. they're not allowed to suspend the official, about what they say, or who they are, and to do their job. i've done my job, i've done it well, and most importantly, the voters in hillsboro county, where i live, and work, want me to do it. i stood up for abortion rights, i stood up for the rights of transgender filled floridians. these are two issues the governor disagrees with me on. that is why they're going to court on this. in terms of next steps, the court indicated, and they will try to have the case thrown out,
5:23 pm
and not so fast with it. a trial date hasn't been set yet, and will probably be said sometime next week, and is with the deadlines, and those things. with andrew warren, nfl about commerce what's happened on this, and if we're going to court, they're going to have the governor come in, that and with it? >> it's a troubling sign when election officials are moved by other officials in the state, and is disagreed over policy? andrew warren, a pleasure, thank you for making time this evening. team trump special master pick, mel working out well for the former president. we explain that, next. in that, next.
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becoming a morning person starts the night before with new neuriva relax and sleep. it has l-theanine to help me relax from daily stress. plus, shoden ashwagandha for quality sleep. so i can wake up refreshed. neuriva: think bigger. there have been a ton of major developments in the justice department into trump's mishandling of classified
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documents. we've learned that intelligence officials have resumed their national security risk review of the top secret documents, seized in trump's home last month. that came to the justice department will fight against trump. there are still using the document in this ongoing criminal investigation. with two trump appointees, on one obama appointee wrote for, our part, we cannot discern why that would have an individual interest, or need 100 documents for the classification markings. then there's a medal of the trump special master paper. the one you fought so hard for. the conference of both parties, repeatedly challenged trump's lawyers for refusing to backup trump's claim that he declassified those documents. then, judge dearie gave the trump team another setback. ordering them, by the end of next week, to pack up another
5:29 pm
trump claim. a bizarre one. it was in their search of mar-a-lago. joyce vance, back with me, and another conversation, camille jaffer, founder, executive director of the national security institute. former white house security council to draw kobe bush. i want to start with you here, which development stood out to you on the legal front? >> to me, i'm on, the most important decision was by the breach of circuit. it was making it clear what is the benefit of a special based or review, and that the justice department can go back to using their materials in this criminal investigation. >> they have to advise trump on what the worst scenario is done, it was appearing on fox news hannity, earlier this week, and giving this version, what he thinks, is damage control. watch this.
5:30 pm
>> was it a process? what was your process? >> that doesn't ask to be a process, as i understand it. different people say different things, but as i understand it, there doesn't have to be. if your president of the united states, you can declassify by saying, it's declassified. even by thinking about it. >> different people say different things. joyce, let me go on a limb and say they did not win you over with that legal logic. >> well, he didn't. i will say the nicest thing i can say about that interview that i gave, which is, it's irrelevant. it was for the justice department that can prove this is documented, and it has been quite clear that they've been under a different theory, involving national defense inspiration, what some of, this clearly is. government records, which all of this is, or virtually all of it. perhaps, most dangerously, with
5:31 pm
the obstruction of justice. we assume what the doj means by that, is the fact that there is a certification, and that everything was returned to the government to, and trump still retained material that was marked classified. there is a lot going on here, a lot of potential criminal exposure, and a little exposure of it is on materials being classified. >> that evening with hannity, they were not too happy with him doing that interview. what is the significance of the doj to continue to have access to these classified documents, while the investigation is ongoing? does the investigation go on while the department justice continues to sift through these apartments, and matter at this point? >> it doesn't matter a lot. the fact that to build his case, it's right. a lot of this is about the possession of documents to retain them, in the like. but at the end of the day, the classification, and question of
5:32 pm
whether they qualify for national defense, matters a lot. so, the fact that they can look at these documents, use them in their potential to prosecute, and the ongoing question about how much damage is done, continues to be important. i do think it muddy the water, if the president declassify some, put his current claim to declassify them, this idea, is ridiculous. it is true, certainly, that it could be declassified in a lot of ways. thinking of, it not one of those ways, i'm on. >> trump hasn't complied with the special master's request, and back at the claim that the fbi planted evidence with mar-a-lago. what do you expect them to do? >> this is a put, up or shut up moment. the judge has been clear, if trump wants to proceed for this theory, he's going to substantiate it. what we have seen, so far, is this new group of trump lawyers,
5:33 pm
appreciating the fact that some of this prior lawyers have gotten into trouble. with licenses to practice law, and would have a duty of candor to the court. they can't say something that is untrue, in the. this is the fbi planted at mar-a-lago, and is the most insane thing i have ever heard. if they want to maintain it, they need to be absolutely certain they can prove it up. otherwise, we won't see them saying it and future pleadings, in front of judge dearie, or anyone else. i suspect we will not hear another peep. it is patently false. >> the point of trump's lawyers, trump, reportedly, is told late last year, he could face legal liability if he cannot to return the government materials, that he took with him, when he left the office. effect, former white house lawyer, allegedly, warned of legal exposure, that trump
5:34 pm
would face, and yet, still, he did it anyway. >> i'm on, is anyone surprised? the president doesn't take the advice of his senior intelligence officials, as lawyers. he runs his own book, here. aaron herschmann, is very clear with it, you can't take these records with you, you definitely can't take classified materials. i am sure other lawyers, the last count stop, would have told the same advice. it was going to take it today, and left around the office, and here it is, in a real pickle. i think choices exactly right. lawyers will have to put up, or shut up, against george. they don't have a lot here, i think choice is completely correct on that front. >> jamil jaffer joyce, thank you to the both of you joining us, greatly appreciated, as always. >> up next, terrific corruption unfolding in the state of mississippi. later, they will have the latest on tropical storm eta, as it flows into florida's coast. stay with us. stay with us
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mississippi. jackson, the state capital, what more than 40 days without clean drinking water. the city, under one of many boil water advisories. its main water treatment facility were already damaged, and flooding last month, caused the system to almost, completely, fail, leaving residents without water to drink, cook with, or flush their toilets. people lined up, for hours, just to get cases of clean water. but the boil water notice, since, been lifted. many locals remain hesitant. just this week, some jackson residents, filing a class action lawsuit against the city. its current, and former mayor, city officials, engineering companies, saying the years of neglect culminated in this crisis. that affected more than 150,000 people. jackson's water problems are years old and, they failed and epa inspection early 2020. the agency found, the water had
5:39 pm
the chance to post harmful bacteria and, parasites. from the beginning, republican state leaders told the world, the black leadership in jackson, and democrats, in general, were the ones at fault. they accused him of being ignorant, or having a loose fiscal morals, and the general inability to run good government. but, as they criticize democrat stewardship of jackson, and make fact free allegations of corruption, republicans who run the state have shown, they are not proper keepers of the states money. in part, because republican governor, tate reads, rejected from the federal pandemic rental assistance program, that was keeping people, who are facing evictions, in their homes. it's also because reads republican predecessor, phil bryan, along with nfl hall of fame quarterback, brett favre, is part of what the states auditor has called the biggest public corruption case in the last 20 years. brett favre's lawyers have acknowledged, farmers previously questioned by the fbi for receiving one point $1
5:40 pm
million of federal welfare funds, from the state, in 2017, and 18, to give motivation speeches that he never actually gave. he paid the money back, but the state, says he still is $228,000 an interest. the mississippi state of their alleged, in march 2020, about $70 million in mississippi federal funds, directed to his two state programs. millions went to questionable causes, including public records, and is that a construction of a volleyball stadium at the university where farm starters played. neither have been charged, both -- but millions pleaded guilty to federal fraud charges, under an arraignment that signals, he may be cooperating with the ongoing investigation.
5:41 pm
earlier this year, nancy new, a former nonprofit executive, who distributed the money, and consultation, with davis, and the governor, pleaded guilty to multiple charges. they will be cooperating with the investigation. these government officials who, or an office when, that $70 million, is in the hands of undeserving people, and with government mismanagement. these are the people complaining about jackson not taking care of its own people, on its own. right now, there should be silence from state officials, attacking jackson about how they should, and should work. there is a volleyball court at the southern mississippi, and it is what the people of mississippi really care about. we will be right back. ill be right back.
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former republican governor, phil ryan, who worked with brett favre on this welfare scam that were talked about earlier, but also, seems that they all knew what was going on. quote, if you were to pay me, is there any way the media could find out where it came from, favre asked one of bryan's deputies. for decades, republicans, beginning with ron reagan, raged against, so-called, welfare queens, who abused federal aid programs. if there's any justice, brett favre would be known as the grand poobah of welfare queens, friends of piece of the system. but, there may not be. in part, because he is rich, in part because he is white, and, in part, because he is male. it was going to a level of protection, and which mississippi officials would never give, to people for whom they were stealing. the naacp's environmental and climate justice, and callicoon oh, executive director of cooperation jackson. thank you.
5:47 pm
i would like to start with you, and whether it's in flint to michigan, or jackson mississippi. why are we seeing majority black areas of the country, experiencing these water crises up? >> think you so much for bringing it up, because what you are seeing is a legacy of this investment in black communities. so, to your point earlier, on one hand, you have jackson mississippi who, for example, has gone for american rescue plan funding, and they have a separate set of approval, that they have to go through, that no other city in the states in order to get funding, for example, for their water infrastructure system. then, you have brett favre, who can send text messages, and get more money on the state capital of mississippi. this is because, again, it's
5:48 pm
intentional, there is an disinvestment in black communities, and we see that in mississippi. oftentimes, with federal funding, it goes through the state's first. if you have, for example, a state government who is not, necessarily, thinking about the residents of a majority black city, and they are able to ensure that those individuals are not able to get funding. we can see that with decades, and decades, now, we are in a place where jackson mississippi is going to cost billions of dollars, to be able to fix their water infrastructure system. we see that in flint, we see that another majority black cities as well. until we continue to see more funding, stream straight into black communities, this will continue to be a problem. >> regarding the jackson residents class action lawsuit. how strong is their precedent?
5:49 pm
what have you seen on the ground? >> the case is strong. i do think it is misdirected, to be honest with you. >> why is that? >> the case it, needs to be centered at the state government. not at the city government. it is the state government to, which fundamentally controls the resources, that have been neglected to the city of jackson, for decades, and the guardsmen preparing the system. the average spoke to, funds that have been earmarked, over 70 years, to the city, have been misdirected to other counties, and projects. so, i think all residents, who are serious about addressing this crisis, need to, really, pointed in the right direction, which is the state government. then, really lobby to the assistance, that needs to come, and to the direct payment in the city. it was in the city in the state.
5:50 pm
>> do you know why they're going after the city, and not the state? they make a logical reason why they should go after the state. why is your understanding of where they're going after this? >> i can give you my opinion. this is my own personal opinion. this is based on some politics that i understand. it was something that was about furthering the deterioration of black leadership, in the city of jackson. that, in large part, is what i think some of the plaintiffs behind this particular lawsuit, is trying to get at. to weaken the municipal power, and to remove the particular trouble. to move on his administration, for much of the authority, is that he was willed it, on behalf of the people. i think future black administrations will be able to move, and go with it.
5:51 pm
now, with a profound transition, and is facing some very serious gentrification pressures. and, with this particular lawsuit was constructed, now, they could help those particular interests, and aims. and it was in terms of a tactic that can be in that cause, and are human right to water is protected, and fulfilled. it needs to be undertaken, is one of the many things that we need to do, and needs to be directed at the right sources. >> i want to go back to this brett favre scandal, for a moment. they were sitting into case, raging against, earlier, as welfare queens. yet, here, we have a clear cut example of appearing to abuse the system, and we are hearing crickets. we are not hearing anybody condemn this. what do you think of it?
5:52 pm
>> i think it is on par four, what they have seen, in what it relates to what it looks like. it was going to be a white privilege male, again, it's quite clear, they have, intentionally, tried to hide what he has been doing. i think it, is also, that they have been working to those agencies, in mississippi. they, supposedly, have been working on behalf of black residents, and in mississippi. it was at high level that the individuals, who are supposed to be working on that behalf of black folks, and is seeming to be more interested, in working with folks who already have privilege. if you look, for example,
5:53 pm
jackson mississippi, and is free and reduced lunch. brett favre was deciding to take, and what they need it. it is likely from places like jackson mississippi, as well. >> i'd like to switch gears before we go, and look at this headline from the new york times. there's a new academic study, saying, it is from notably, mississippi, facing the highest personal cost in the country, and is the time, and the effort, to cast a ballot. correct me if i'm wrong, and maybe i'm being conspiratorial, but is there a connection between making it harder for voters to make lawmakers accountable, and lawmakers marginalized constituents, and communities. >> you are right on the money. this is one of the many things that have been enacted here,
5:54 pm
and mississippi. they have been making it much harder, particularly for the black majority, and the delta, and the jackson area, being able to exercise their right, and being able to build some power. we have one of the highest concentrations of black populations of any state, in the country. and, it should have far more power, on the basis of those numbers, than what it does. it was some very effective gerrymandering, and some sly tactics that republicans have been take you from mississippi now, for two decades, if not more. they found a way to disrupt the republican supermajority. where, in a minority, it was over the black majority, and other minority areas. this is formally being adopted, and used, now, throughout states, and the country. if you think this is just in mississippi, just in mississippi now, really, we see
5:55 pm
all of the different things that republicans pull out of their bag of tricks, which is coming to the neighborhood, and the voting booth community. >> honestly, it is just one more example of how democracy in this country is being eroded, not just on a federal level. it was joining this conversation, i really appreciate your insight. we will be right back with breaking news. th breaking news. insurance, so you only pay for what you need. and by switching, you could even save $652. thank you, liberty mutual. now, contestants ready? go! why? why? only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty.♪ (vo the new iphone 14 pro is here. and right now business owners can get it on us at t-mobile.
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tell you about we have just learned that north korea has fired at least one identifiable ballistic missile. this according to south korea's military the missile was fired towards the eastern sea. the launch comes one day after south korean officials detected signs that north korea was in fact preparing to test a missile designed to be fired by submarines. so far this year north korea has tested at least 30 ballistic weapons, we're gonna keep an eye out for you and bring you any updates or reaction from around the world as they come in. coming up on the second hour of a man, never again the new push to prevent another insurrection and the failure of republicans to defend our democracy. plus cruel and unusual, the florida officials deceive migrants with fake brochures in order to ship them to martha's vineyard? then supreme meeting ginni thomas is finally going to meet with the january six committee, i'm ayman muhyiddin let's get
6:00 pm
started. all right on january six 2021 riders stormed the halls of our nation's capital exposing just how fragile the american democratic experiment is. now over a year and a half later congress is finally taking steps to try and protect it. this week the house passed a bipartisan bill focused on modernizing the electoral count act, which is a 19th century law that lays out the presidential certification process. it's full of ambiguous and archaic language which actually made it easy for ex president donald trump and his allies to exploit in their efforts to overturn the 2020 election. among the provisions the new bill clarifies are that the vice presidents role in counting electoral votes maintaining that it is strictly ministerial it also lifts its threshto


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