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tv   American Voices With Alicia Menendez  MSNBC  September 25, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> we have fresh hearings, liz cheney and it is the colleagues that are aware between a rider and a warehouse the new york edges case against a trump ally, it is the one keeping the former president up at night. and later, fighting hunger in puerto rico. power trickles back in the homes on the island when jeff is on the ground making sure folks don't go hungry. when chef jose we asked how is feeding thousands every day. outrage with a 22 year old woman at the hands of the state has furious young iranians demonstrating in the streets the details of violent response. this is american voices.
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>> hi everyone, i'm alicia menendez. new evidence from the january six committee this weekend. revealing the trump administration spoke to a rioter during the capitol attack. ex committee staff refers to share details of that call. needing a real aha moment it is connected to the rioters phone it's a big aha moment, -- >> what's in the white house was calling one of the riders while the right was going on? >> and you know who both ends of that call? >> i only know one and of the i don't know the white house and. >> an aha moment indeed, the january six committee confirms that this happened. it's not possessing the investigation months ago. since the departure they have earned out all of the leads and landed that they tell it about the committee. it comes out just before the next hearing.
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joining me, now democratic congressman of calm california. he's a former impeachment manager. his member the judiciary committee. congressman, what are you expecting from this committee hearing? >> it may be the button on this investigation but i expect it will confirm what it does all along, this is exactly what donald trump wanted. the capitol to be violently storm. this election to nearly not be certified. the really link up what he knew ahead of time, the violence that could occur there i was happening. and what he did not do. it is just important to show as the commander-in-chief what he did not do. in this committee by the way, it has really suffered as victims of their own success. they went into this not knowing how many hearings they would have. but each witness would get more information and people saw that it would be courageous. that is why it has gone much
4:03 pm
longer than they expect. >> former impeachment manager said the committee would refer trump for criminal charges. take a listen. >> it will be my recommendation in my feeling that we should make referrals. we will get to a decision as a committee. i would abide by that commission, if they feel differently when congress does find evidence the people broken the law. it's not always the case that it makes a referral, but i think in circumstances like this is the better argument. >> congressman, your thoughts and referral. >> it's so obvious and not just on january 6th but the mishandling in theft of classification. what you did in georgia and the bank records in new york that he may have by the end of the year a criminal referral but telling that he is worthy of
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criminal referrals, the sun sets in the west. we have learned so much in the last couple weeks about donald trump's criminal and civil culpability that he is going to be really just under a crushing amount of legal cases in the foreseeable future. congressman i don't need to tell you and remind our audience that time is of the essence here you are getting closer to midterms and republicans are rallying for this investigation if they were to retake the house. we what will these findings mean for you as a member of congress, what does it mean most importantly for our democracy. >> most importantly for our democracy, 60% -- we are getting a story of what could happen to our democracy
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if we were to really lurch further into the election deniers onward ensemble take us. they show violence over voting as well. that's really what's on the ballot. this mar-a-lago search warrant by the, way i think it's really just at the end of the election season it has shown us that if republicans are in the, majority they will spend all of their time exclusively fighting for donald trump. the largest law firm in washington d.c. with just one client. if we stay in the majority. we keep fighting for you and we keep doing everything we can to preserve democracy. 40 days to go alicia, that is the stakes. >> one very unwieldy client they will have. i do have to ask you congressman, we have received numerous death threats for standing up to trump. you spoken it on msnbc, on our program. i wonder how you feel seeing a pro january 6th protest in d.c. just this weekend? >> again it's concerning that
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the rule of law, greatest future all value but they would still prefer violence as a means. they're trying to erase the heroism of what happened that day. i'm doing everything i can to protect my family, but also not gonna back down my colleagues. that's what happens in the next 40 days not just for you right to vote and have it counted, you're right to macron health care decisions as a woman or your right to be free from gun safety. it's all on the line, those freedoms in the next 40 days we can't do enough to save them. >> congressman, thank you so much for taking the time to be with us. joining me, now charlie savage washington correspondent for the new york times. he's offered the relentless rise of presidential authority and secrecy. joyce vance from u.s. attorney and professor at the alabama school of law, both are msnbc contributors. it is good to see you both.
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joyce i want to start with you, i don't get your reaction to what the congressman said. there >> well i think exemplifies public service. we don't see enough of this on the republican side of the aisle. i hate to doubt that sharp political line but i think it's very clear. we need people who are willing to serve democracy, who are willing to serve the country and not the party. i think that's what his comments are hinting at. we see that some measure of republicans. hopefully as we move into the midterms i think sometimes as voters we undervalue the forest and the role that we can exert here over elected officials. but if voters demand an evidence support for people who will prioritize the country, rather than the gains or losses of any one party that may help moving past the midterm elections where congressman small says one of the options
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here is just constant ongoing political unnecessary battles. if republicans have the ability to engage the administration and made up sorts of events rather than governance. >> you heard what the congressman said there that wednesdays where you see a linking of what the former president knew, what he did not know. what have you learned about the focus of wednesdays hearing? >> i think wednesdays hearing is gonna be a pulling back from the drill downs of what they see in the specific themes. it's gonna tell holistically the story now that's been told in greater detail. i think we're gonna see some outtakes from those depositions, testimonies that we saw before. i'm not sure that we saw any major game changing revelations,
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opposed to just trying to put it all back together from this perspective in wrapping up the work and starting to do so kind of way. >> joyce, this weekend you had both congressman schiff and congressman cheney indicating that there will likely make criminal referrals to doj. i'm wondering what you make of that in your sense of the kind of pressure that will put on doj to complete the probe to get the charges. >> doj is remarkably aminthoughe makes an effort to pressure doj, the lane inside of the building is to resist the pressure almost overreact to it. but here, doj is clearly already engaged in its own wide raising investigation into january six. they were slow off the mark from merrick garland being the attorney general. we saw very little if any sense of investigation.
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now we are seeing what happens when you are engaged in a very robust grand jury investigation. we've seen lots of signs of witnesses being subpoenaed, more than 40 subpoenas have gone out. that investigation proceed the pace. one downside of this referral and it's a little bit of a political tinge to it. and where you have the former president will turn anything, anything into a political slide so saying it's a witch hunt. perhaps it just shows that two branches of government both believe there is evidence to proceed if that's where doj heads. >> given joyce's assessment, it strikes me that the justice department is a long way from wrapping up its january six investigation. your sense of the timeline prosecutors are following. i didn't write that story but i
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agree with it in the 40 subpoenas that joyce just referenced. it came in a couple weeks ago in the span of one week. there will be more with receiving these things or having heard it. we don't have a complete picture of. at the justice department's not talking about it and so these are all the people that are getting closer to trump circle and advisers and it's clear that they're interested in the electoral scheme. it's clear that based on who they are subpoenaing looking to overturn election fraud, what's happening with that just because they received a subpoena doesn't mean they talked yet but there's a behind the scenes battle going on about executive privilege and
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what witnesses can declined to answer questions because trump told him to. this is not on a timeline to wrap up in the next few weeks to the next few months. >> joyce as you know it is likely to be tweaked in the senate, and well every expert we talked to says there is no silver bullet that will prevent another january 6th, your sense of the role that this legislation could play? >> so this legislation is critical and it's necessary it's probably not sufficient given the level of determination and commitment
4:13 pm
it's an important step in and underlines the process there wasn't a robust republican support that you would like to see for this. but hopefully this is a process that gains momentum and to charlie's point i think this is important because congress's job is to protect future elections. doj's job is to hold people accountable -- doj is not in the light stages of an investigation. it's important that congress is proceeding with a focus as we may not see action from doj, and we need to have them in their own lane. thank you both, it's not just a
4:14 pm
six indictments trump has to worry about. they're trying to wipe out the former presidents business empire. they are wondering this hour, and he joins us to talk about it next. first standing by to have a look at the other big stories. msnbc? >> florida residents are racing to repair for hurricanes landfall later this week wrapping up on tuesday, it could be a category three or four hurricane looking for officials this weekend -- fiona is the strongest storm to ever hit canada, causing major
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flooding and damage the critical infrastructure on the region. no fatalities have been confirmed. the nfl and from this afternoon that rihanna will take center stage -- in glendale arizona just came back after apple music will sponsor the halftime show instead of pepsi. american voices we'll be right back. stick with us. stick with us. having a good time. so to help you remember that liberty mutual customizes your home insurance, here's a pool party. look what i brought! liberty mutual! they customize your home insurance... so you only pay for what you need! ♪young people having a good time with insurance.♪ ♪young people.♪ ♪good times.♪ ♪insurance!♪ only pay for what you need. ♪liberty liberty. liberty. liberty.♪ shingles. some describe it as pulsing electric shocks or sharp, stabbing pains. ♪♪
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where they're going to get their next meal. to many empty chairs around the kitchen table because a loved one was taken the heart disease, diabetes. some of the leading causes of death in our country. i'm committed to taking bold steps that are gonna help and hunger of everyone access affordable, healthy food and safe places to be physically active. >> for the first time in over 50 years, the white house has hosted a conference on health and nutrition.
4:20 pm
the original nixon era aimed and hunger in america. it led to the creation of food stamps, and other key programs. president biden is gathering this wednesday setting the same goal asking advocates to help them eliminate food security. join me now as one of the future speakers, democratic congressman of massachusetts and founder of world central kitchen. it is good to see both of you. i think there's a lot of viewers asking, how is it possible that we are still talking about food insecurity and the richest country in the world in 2022. >> well it's a very good question, but hunger as a political condition. we have the resources, we have the food, we have the infrastructure. give everything to and it. we lack the political will. part of the challenge is the answer to hundreds and fall neatly under my department or agency or one congressional committee.
4:21 pm
this topic intersects with a whole bunch of ideas. one of the reasons why this is important is it's gonna bring in all governor approach. it's a nonprofit sector. it's a private sector. we are going to figure out what our goal should be and then we'll figure out a rule for congress, a rule for everybody in this. but this is a solvable problem. a solvable problem indeed, you have literally been on the frontlines addressing hunger. what do you want to convey to policy makers? >> well, this explains very much everything. we need to understand that hunger is something that touches blue and red states alike. republicans and democrats have to understand that they need to
4:22 pm
come together as one force and create bills and solutions that will help with the private sector. it will help with big companies and small companies. help with organizations or faith, synagogues and churches. big problems are very simple solutions. the richest country and mankind, should not have any children going to bed hungry. there is a political world that people tell me that they are of the solution. and the worst moments of humanity, everything comes as i see it right now where every single puerto rican only wants to make sure the people in an emergency have access to good, water good food and sending a very simple message.
4:23 pm
it should start being a problem and food can be a solution to create a better america. >> i promise to combat you on that question puerto rico, we've been following very closely what is happening. but congressman, i think your point about the fact that hunger, food insecurity there are many government agencies that texas issue. but you fought to extend the somber -- let's talk a little bit about what that means practically for america's children and how you plan to bring that back. >> one of the things i hope this conference prioritizes is that every single child in america should have access to a free -- there were school teachers in western massachusetts. they tell me all the time with the meal, that nutritious meal is very important to her ability to learn as a textbook
4:24 pm
or a laptop. so, we need to stop thinking beyond the status quo and think big and bold. and by the way, i just want to say we need to take it page from chef jose who's taught us and shown us that ending congress also about community building. it's not just putting food in front of somebody, by helping our local restaurants. helping our local farmers. it's not empowering an entire communities through all of a role. those are some of the things i hope will be uplifted at this conference. and again, it's not a republican or democratic issue. it's an american issue. it's a global issue quite frankly. we need to do something about. it >> if you or could that shows up in class hungary, it becomes an educational issue. it's about how much you are able to learn in that moment. i don't see what's happening in puerto rico, a survey found a third of residents experienced
4:25 pm
for and security. a third of residents. how is a hurricane force in that crisis? >> obviously it's a situation where it's in areas that the hurricane had huge destruction. i just came back from part inside the island. many communities were totally detached. we are just collapsed and you had to bring water and food to the people. but i think congressman mentioned that it's very simple. very often, after hurricanes it uses schools. kitchens in those schools will be the horrors of our response.
4:26 pm
listen to what that means for second. every children in america should have universal rights for breakfast and lunch. now, all of a sudden we are providing this as a country. all of a sudden we are training and hiring chefs, cooks an investing in infrastructure many of the schools don't even have a kitchen that you recognize. all of a sudden we are hiring people, creating jobs. all of a sudden we invest in infrastructure. all the sudden we say what you buy from the local farmers around? all of a sudden everyone from the federal government helped aid infrastructure. we there is a real education, and the process you are dealing
4:27 pm
with the federal government and supporting local farms. all of a sudden we are investing in the solution. $1 covers in four different parts of the system this is the way congress can be helping in this is the way the private sector can borrow solution creating an amazing ecosystem that makes american better every single day. we can create a better america. >> you are not saying to people that you are making him the hero of their own story. congressman, thank you both so much. next this new lawsuit against donald trump and his family might just be the one where it counts. that we say often on the show,
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attorney general filed a civil suit against donald trump. three of his children for the tax and financial fraud. nothing of a three-year investigation that relied on millions of pages of documents. they threatened to financially threaten trump for business in new york. one of the laws took on mobile and ups. how will this all affect trump as it gears up for a fight that we expect him to put up. new york times contributor a u.s. attorney. alina habba is representing for
4:33 pm
president trump. they said it's abundantly clear that they have exceeded the statutory by prying into transaction for absolutely no wrongdoing that's taken place. your thoughts choice? it's abundantly clear that alina ho is a little out of her lane on this case with our assessment of this law. it's a corporation that has fraudulent activity. tish james has assembled 200 specific incidents for a fraudulent statement that changes the resources to obtain favorable agreement for economic deals or deflates to obtain better tax treatment. so, this is a very strong
4:34 pm
complaint it will have to be tested in court and it is two over former top executives that is a strong starting gambit. >> you have been dealing with these dealings now, this is how long it goes back. were you surprised by how much new york, laetitia james found? was there anything in this that you having sort of threw a lot of this found surprising? >> this is hard for me to admit that there is a lot that i found surprising. a lot of things that i've been looking for that i had never found or thought to look for she has the power to subpoena people, but there was interesting things you found about the way he valued real estate in new york, where he valued his own apartment complex. a part when he lived in a new york. the way they dealt with insurers, banks, appraisers.
4:35 pm
to me, the most amazing thing was the degree in which he was accused of lying to the people who work for him. to the accountant, so the appraisers who were representing him to the world. i think that is gonna be one of the hardest things to overcome. he lied even to those who were speaking to the world about him the blanks knew who they were dealing with. on that way was it over floyd or was it knowingly going through this? >> there's two piece to that answer and it was not just banks. we are talking with the statements of financial condition, basically the assets and that they took from banks, the u.s. government we and their leasing to the hotel in d.c.. it wasn't just banks, we according to her complaint we
4:36 pm
didn't check these things. this is trump talking what is on aspect. we gave him a different and better deal what we have known the truth. the other part of it is yes, there are indications that deutsche bank would become lenders, analyzed and finances and discounted his we stats less rosy. not because he was lying to them but because he thought there was some uncertainty. he didn't take the numbers at face all you, but he didn't take him and say don trump is lying. proceed and say we don't care what is gonna give him money. >> given all of that, what the end of the former president have to show if he wants to prove that he's not guilty and wants to come next? >> yeah, this is an interesting situation. we're used to talking to criminal cases where the governor has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt. here is the preponderance of
4:37 pm
evidence and that means you only have to prove that it is more likely than not that her allegations are truthful. something she'll really have to deal with his when he sat for the deposition, he started his fifth amendment right to avoid answering questions. truthful answers would've intended to incriminate him. that response asserting the fifth amendment is not something that can be used against you and a criminal case. in a similar case, they can offer that is evidence. jury's judges can draw the appropriate inference from that. it's pretty played and stated in an overt way, in a civil case. if you can for instance say that you dramatically inflated the square footage in your trump tower apartment. you know, an answer to that would incriminate you becomes a very influential part of evidence down the road. so, very different than a criminal prosecution.
4:38 pm
>> it also strikes me that one of the things donald trump values this his brand and the perception of him as a businessman. he likely values, that has more reverence for that lengthy him through the offense in presidency. if he has to publicly speak about his business, it runs the risk of diminishing the thing that he cares about most which is that brand. >> i think that's right when the most powerful things about this lawsuit is what it could do to that business and donald trump knows that most viewers probably have the bulk of their business, he's lost some but this lawsuit as well against that. it's a way to drive them out of new york, cut them off and it could seriously hamper them and what the business they've done
4:39 pm
for so long and it shows the lies that allegedly under-burn everything that he said about his business. david joyce as always thank you so much. >> a group of latino voters we show it's a mistake for them to have it in the back plus is making his way across the caribbean to florida with he's bringing you the latest as it happens. happens. taken with a statin, leqvio can lower bad cholesterol and keep it low with two doses a year. side effects were injection site reaction, joint pain, urinary tract infection, diarrhea, chest cold, pain in legs or arms, and shortness of breath. with leqvio, lowering cholesterol becomes just one more thing life throws your way. ask your doctor about leqvio. lower. longer. leqvio.
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from election day and as republicans are looking to secure a path back to congressional power, many are zeroing in on a voting law that has begun to shown -- in june, she won a special election for an open congressional seat in south texas. flipping a decades old democratic stronghold. and the communities first -- issue part of a bigger pattern? during the 2016 election, 28% of latino voters voted for trump and in 2020, that number went up to 32%. so, what is driving the shift? the -- come november, when her seat is up again duty registering taking. -- msnbc contributor -- went down to the rio grande valley to ask. part of what really resonated with voters here was your campaign slogan.
4:44 pm
god, family, and country. what does that mean to you? >> [speaking spanish] i wouldn't be who i am today if it wasn't because i live in prayer every single day. >> she joins us now. first, talk to us about that message, god, family, and country. and when you talk to voters, was it resonating with them? >> a lot. those three words. [speaking spanish] she has bet on this idea that in our hearts and in our souls, latinos are more conservative than what the country in the media wants to acknowledge. this is not a novel idea. george w. bush believed in this idea. even trouble even this idea. for so many decades, conservative weren't really able to fracture this diverse democratic coalition until someone like her comes around. with a message that is those three words with a strategy
4:45 pm
that really revolves around this idea of deploying latina evangelical churches. and with a messenger that looks like her. because suddenly it's not this old white man telling latinas that they are conservative. it is this like tina who is bilingual, a daughter of immigrants, who tells them look, if you have always felt like your conservative, you no longer have to vote for democrats. i just want to read you this thing. this morning, right after this tweet, she says, stop taking our children to drag shows. and she says, start taking them to church. she tweeted ssage. she wants young latinos to read that and say, you are right. >> we will come back to that in just a minute. i want to play some of what the republicans in the rio grande told you, when asked about pathways to citizenship. take a listen. >> when i see these people that come from another country. i have sympathy for them. because they are seeking a better life. but just like everywhere else,
4:46 pm
come to the front door. -- >> the border is a disaster. we just sent a small amount of people from texas to d.c. and the mayor is calling that a state of emergency. it's nothing. like what we have to deal with down here. >> as someone who covers immigration all around this country, what struck you about that conversation? >> what struck me was the way that someone like her identifies herself in these heavy latino communities. she doesn't always go into these rooms and say i am a republican, i am an avid trump supporter because she knows that at least someone in that room has a fellow cousin or on that is not documented. she knows many people in those rooms and in those spaces and in those neighborhoods are mixed data families. that struck me about her. and again, there was a very nuanced conversation. on the one hand, you've people that want more law enforcement. they want stricter immigration policies. and on the other hand, there are people in that same room that wanted pathway to
4:47 pm
citizenship's. however, we see what is happening now. we see what governor abbott and desantis are doing. and there is this blatant help walker see and that. i think that will play differently this time around. this blatant hypocrisy, where suddenly we have to governors that when they go into these rooms and they try to win over latino voters, they say look, it's because of the spread of communism. and suddenly, you have them punishing asylum seekers and migrants for fleeing communism. that i think at this other new dynamic and this other new layer. it's interesting to see how it will play out. the hypocrisy now is blatant. it is in our face. >> how you also spoke to dan sanchez, who lost to flores -- his campaign manager said, quote, the dccc, dnc at other national committees have failed either single purpose of existence, winning elections. the loss and texas, 34, was a complete and total application of duty. talk to a story about that. >> that was the elephant in the
4:48 pm
room. that was the question. where where there? i think the numbers speak for themselves. maya flores outraced her opponent into one. republicans gave her over 1 million dollars just on tv ads, compared to the hundred and $30,000 that democrats gave to dan sanchez. so, even though democrats right now are very confident about their possibilities of winning this district because of redistricting, no matter how you see it, it created a republican incumbent. no matter how you see it, they are taking latinas for granted. they are betting on this idea that come november, they will show up this time around. so, yes, he feels like at the end of the day, democrats didn't support him. but that was the question, where were they? >> this is all you and i could talk about for a lot longer than we possibly happier. but there's also the question of whether this is a realignment or the rio grande valley was always more conservative than it was understood to be. ramos, as always, thank you so much for being with us.
4:49 pm
you can watch the latest addition of field report with paula ramos. it is streaming on peacock next. >> -- the young iranians are rising up against decades of repression. but first, here's a look at what else is ahead tonight on msnbc. >> hey there. i'm ayman mohyeldin. tonight, two hours -- will preview the january six committee's final public hearing for us. that is tonight, eight eastern, right here on msnbc. ery trade, which saved investors over $1.5 billion last year. that's decision tech. only from fidelity. ♪ ♪ ♪♪ voltaren. the joy of movement.
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in store or online. >> the streets of cities and provinces across around the scenes of anger and unrest this weekend. public outrage over the death of a 22-year-old women just nine days ago on the violent clashes with local authorities who have been voted to crackdown on protesters. close to 40 iranians have been killed so far. her name is muscle and the
4:54 pm
name. accused of allegedly violating the hijab mandate, meaning she was wearing her head scarf improperly or and completely. it's a head scarf already and women must wear. she was taken into custody by the so-called morality police. they were charge with force and repressive laws. three days later, she collapsed as you can see in these images and died. she said her heart simply soft. i see t skin shows a skull fracture. her cousin, among those who mourn her loss just days ago. >> it really breaks my heart when i think about the situation. she had her whole life in front of her. >> she had her whole life in front of. ramp neurons are taking their anger out on the rulers of their country. some cutting their hair, were no hijabs in front of authorities. viral hashtag preaching her name says it all. it has been re-tweeted close to 50 million times. it's breaking records in the
4:55 pm
country and beyond. it's not just outdated social restrictions that unfairly target women, a poor economy and late in the political oppression is all to blame. iranians right now are begging the rest of the world to simply hear their voice. to be their voice. not because they do not have their own, but because they are ruled by a heavy handed government desperate to drown them out. iranian officials have officially shut down local internet connections, disrupted services on instagram and whatsapp, the internet shut down to the largest in years. for all iranians who are being silenced by the state, we must be their witnesses. we'll be right back. we'll be right back. customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need! (limu squawks) he's a natural. only pay for what you need. ♪liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty.♪ oh, that i can't believe i scored this price feeling!
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4:59 pm
continuing to monitor tropical storm and as it makes its way towards florida. that set to make landfall during the middle of this week. that's a category four hurricane. florida governor ron desantis has already declared a state of emergency. we will continue to keep an eye on the storm and bring you updates. that is all the time i have for tonight. i'm alicia menendez. i'll see you back here, 6 pm eastern for american voices. and for now, i handed over to him and marketing. >> it's good to see my friend thank you so much to enjoy the rest of your evening. welcome tonight, some must-see tv. we've got some new details on the january six committee. quick cope, rotunda santa's give the contract for charging
5:00 pm
migrant flights to a gop donor? putin's problems growing unrest as russia loses ground of its war in ukraine. i'm ayman mohyeldin need let's get started. get started. all right, folks, save the day. the january six committee's next public hearing is this week. after a summer hiatus, the bipartisan panel is set to return for another blockbuster presentation. this wednesday at 1 pm eastern. >> we've been telling the big story, which is this was a unorganized, premeditated, deliberated against the vice president and the congress to overthrow the 2020 presidential election and i think the public understands the basic elements of the story what we're going to do on wednesday spill in those details that have come to the attention of the committee over the last five or six weeks. >> earlier this


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