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tv   Ayman  MSNBC  September 25, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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know, i teach at stanford, we've an army of people working on this. they say it is not enough. congratulations on the midterm. and now we need to get on to doing more to save the planet. >> rick, how do you address both of these? what the ambassador was saying and what -- which is, you need to get the world to buy into this and it doesn't seem that some parts of the world are not listening. america can do whatever it wants in terms of fighting climate change. but if you are not getting other countries to buy in, climate change is still going to be a problem that will destroy our planet. >> yes. even the paris climate accord from a few years ago, where we secretary kerry my old boss got everyone to sign on. it is a voluntary thing. there is no enforcement mechanism, so look, the battle is an existential one. we need to keep fighting. it i wouldn't view some command and control but we still need to keep trying. >> we certainly do. nothing short of the planet's
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future is at stake. thank you all so much for joining us tonight. greatly appreciate your time and insights. coming up, on the second hour of ayman, democracy fights back, how people around the world are holding those in power accountable. plus, oh my pillow, the dangerous conspiracy theorist mike lindell, faces a growing list of legal problems. and the latest on the path of tropical storm ian as he -- let's get started. so on the show, we've been frank second hour one okay about the often bleak state of american democracy, from rioters in the halls of our nation's capital, to elections deniers, using their elected positions of power to subvert the will of the american people. our democracy is being tested and strained time and time again, so i'm sure doesn't shock you to hear that
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according to a new nbc news poll, voters actually ranked threats to democracy as the most important issue facing the country today. and while that fear is warranted, democracy and justice have racked up some notable wins lately. in defiance of his long held nickname, teflon don, donald trump has found himself backed into a legal corner in recent weeks, facing mounting re-legal peril on three important fronts. in new york, the states attorney general has filed a civil lawsuit, accusing trump, the trump organization and its children of massive fraud. very in georgia, the district county -- seems to be closing in on trump and his efforts to subvert the 2020 election there. and the department of justice's investigation into classified documents, stored at mar-a-lago, secured a major win this week when a federal appeals court
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granted their request to resume reviewing those documents, reversing a trump appointed judge's order. these developments come amid a major move from the house, which this week pass the presidential election reform act, marking the first legislative effort by the federal government to avert another january 6th insurrection. now, the senate's version of that bill already has enough support to bypass the filibuster, forecasting a rare bipartisan victory to protect our democracy. and all of that has been happening as the rioters themselves, those who actually carried out the attack on the capitol, are facing the consequences of their dangerous actions. in total, more than 850 people have now been arrested, more than 350 have been convicted. and we will learn more about that plot to overturn the election this week because the january 6th committee is resuming its public hearings after securing an interview le pen with ginni thomas, who we should note, was allegedly involved in those efforts. >> we are interested in telling the big story, which is this we'll tell is an organized, premeditated you to, deliberate
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hit against the vice president and the congress to overthrow the 2020 presidential election. >> so, demands for justice are not just taking place here at home, and we should keep an eye on what is happening around the world because across the globe, democracy is fighting back. the fight for freedom is fighting back. in russia, thousands have taken to the streets to protest putin 's new military mobilization order and his ongoing invasion of ukraine. and perhaps this is his first major domestic challenge in how he has been conducting this war. in iran, protests over the death of 22 year old mahsa amini, who was detained by the country's morality police for allegedly not wearing her hijab properly, have rocked the nation. the demonstrations have exposed the raw anger amongst iranian women and others about their treatment by the regime. it marks an unprecedented willingness to defy the authoritarian government in iran. i am in no way saying that we
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are out of the woods and that democracy, more specifically, the fight against authoritarianism has been won, but both here and abroad, it continues to be challenged. it is also under threat. but if this week has taught us anything, it is that all of this fighting and protesting might just lead, might just lead to some better days ahead. let's discuss this with the executive editor for news at new yorker. com. he is also an msnbc contributor. and a formal federal prosecutor and current legal affairs columnist for politico -- good have both of you with us. i will start with you. your reaction to the legal troubles piling up against the ex president. do you believe he will be held accountable? >> well, i certainly think that in the new york attorney general's case, there is going to be some accountability there. the reason she is -- making these statements against trump --
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's that documents -- took the fifth over 500 times. and that really is difficult for winning a civil case. it means during this point, he'll be able to confer -- in instructions as they can [inaudible] but so i really think he's holding our [inaudible] tight on the side [inaudible] i think the document of dar mar-a-lago is the most [inaudible] criminal charges that were [inaudible] former president you know, really looks to be a [inaudible] case that's easy to prove. >> david, speaking of the georgia case the fulton county district attorney said trump could be called to justify himself in front of a special grand. journey and look, this would obviously mark the first time the ex presidents had to go on the record about his election, subversion attempts. your thoughts on that? how pivotal would that be? >> i mean, the georgia case is unique in that you have a recorded phone call of then
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president trump demanding the georgia secretary of state find 11,000 votes, so he could win the state, basically the president asking a republican to change the vote. and the republican any state resisted it. so, i am thrilled you chose this topic because there are sort of signs of hope. that is the direct involvement of trump. -- that makes that very strong. and one other sort of positive thing on the mar-a-lago case. a trouble -- was overturned by this three judge panel from the 11th circuit. two of these three judges that overturned the lower court ruling were trump appointees also. that is a positive sign. there are many trump appointed judges, dozens of republican judges, who threw out trump's claims of election fraud in 2020. it is a positive sign that again, to trump appointed
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judges, backed along with a third judge, and appointed judge by obama, said that the mar-a-lago investigation can go forward. and now the doj can use these hundred classified documents that are at the core of that case, to continue investigating. >> let me get your thoughts on that point that david brought up about the appealing, if you will, or the overturning of the judges decision, that allow the federal investigators to move forward with these documents. how significant is that? is the success of that appeal an example or an indication that the system is working as it is intended to, despite the hyper bipartisan atmosphere we are finding ourselves in in this country? >> i think it is. and i think the judges actions -- the special master, ironically, who was recommended by the trump team, also is a great sign that the system is working properly. i think if i was on trump's team right now, i would be looking for an off ramp, out of that special master process because --
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the 11th circuit said no, you're not going to be able to prevent the government from using the classified material to conduct an assessment. and to continue their criminal investigation. and judge dearie is getting right to the point, and saying, you know, to donald trump, put up or shut up, make your claims now, put forward your evidence now as to what can be declassified, or whether or not you think there's anything planted by the fbi. and so, ironically, he's in a situation where he's going to have to prove his claims in court are basically have to withdraw them and wait to get charged. >> david, i wanted to ask you about the presidential election reform act has passed by the house this week. as i mentioned, that poll a moment ago, americans, you know, they recognized just how at risk our democracy is. what kind of message does this bill send? will it calm fears? because you have something like this that is moving in the right direction, but then you look at what is happening in
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north carolina with harper versus more and how that may work its way up to the supreme court. and you know, a lot of people assess that that could undermine the very way we elected officials in this country. >> yeah, you are right. and harvey more is very concerning. but i want to really praise congress. this is a bill that most, i think all democrats are now supporting. and then there are ten, ten republicans. and this would just codify what is widely known. the vice president does not choose who becomes president. you know, this crazy theory that mike pence was supposed to single-handedly throw out the election results in 2020. that will be now clearly defined in federal law. and it's critical that this is being put for now, you know, before the midterms, to have biden signed that bill, because it will help prevent chaos as we saw, you know, this january 6th. norms are not enough. democratic norms are not enough. it's sad, but that is the reality we are in. and it's good, to have a
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deadlock congress that frankly failed to deal with so many issues we face, agree on this an act. so, that is a big step forward there. and i'm just trying to, again, sign a positive nosed, of where there is progress. and congress needs to do more, and this is most up forward. i hope more laws that strengthen democracy will be an act by congress. >> renato, it's great to see justice as we said, already be served to those who physically stormed the capitol on january 6th. but would it say about the broader idea of justice in america if once this is all over, the people highest up who perhaps planned this, inside this, managed to escape unscathed well the people who are duped into going there on the capitol that day are the ones who pay the price? >> yeah, i think it would send a message that if you have really good lawyers, and you have a lot of [inaudible]
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that justice does not apply to you. and so, i will say that i do think that the justice department is hired a lot of prosecutors. they do have a lot of people working on this case. and i am, you know, heartened to see that there has been some aggressive action lately. [inaudible] procedure at the parties or anywhere else. witnesses going before the grand jury actually say there's [inaudible] in the graduate suggests to me that the justice department is doing what it takes to move forward and to go after some of the people who are involved at a high-level in that colonel dispute. >> david, let me shift gears to those images out of russia and iran, which is what i closed out my opening monologue with their. these citizens are showing amends bravery by publicly defying authoritarian regimes. what is your reaction to what we are seeing out of those two countries? are there any broader global conclusions, lessons that we can learn here at home from what is being demonstrated on
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those streets in russia and iran? >> i think this is a sign of a really positive side of the digital age. what's happening in both countries is that the truth is getting out, information is getting into russian cities and iranian cities. and iran in particular, they're trying to shut down the internet there. it's the largest outage there in many many years. and in russia as well. so, it's -- it's amazing that information is getting. and what's more amazing is frankly their bravery. >> yes. >> any, russia, you know russian arrested by these men will likely be thrown into the russian army and sent to ukraine. and even far more braver are the women in iran, just been so, you know, relentless, courageous and challenging this regime that's been so brutal for so long. so, again, it's -- i'm amazed inspired by all. >> yeah, we are going to talk a little bit more about that in the show later on. david rohde, ornato mary already, thank you both for starting us off this hour. up next, the ultra conservative
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house republicans that want to take charge next year. but first, my friend richard louis are here with the headlines. >> hey, ayman very good evening to you. or continue to trap tropical storm in as it heads towards florida. it is now generate maximum sustained winds of 160 miles per hour according to the national hurricane center. and the storm watch has been issued for the florida keys. even expected to produced heavy rain and flooding over jamaica and cuba before that. flash flooding and rainfalls also predicted across the florida keys, which could get as much as six inches of rain in some areas through tuesday. that storm is forecasted to become a major hurricane in the eastern gulf of mexico during the middle of this week. but uncertainty about its long term track and its intensity is higher than usual. you can see there on screen. it would be, by the, way the first hurricane to hit the florida peninsula since 2017. more ayman with a mental heading right after this break. ter this break ♪
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freedom caucus wants to make a come back after the midterms filled with the likes of jim jordan, matt gaetz, marjorie taylor greene and other conservative kooks. the caucus was at the most powerful moment in its history before trump when it helped oust then house speaker john boehner for being too moderate. if you know anything about john boehner, he isn't exactly known
9:19 pm
for being moderate. once trump came to power the caucus just wasn't as powerful. after all, trump would've likely have been a member himself he had if he had been in the house. but if republicans wins the house in the midterms, freedom caucus once more power than they ever have had. take scott perry for example. he tried to overturn the results of the 2020 election and he is now lobbying to be the wait for it, chairman of the homeland security committee. same jim jordan, that nut job is aligned to chair the house judiciary committee. including to one republican committee, john boehner would've rather poked his eye out to make jim jordan committee chairman. the current leadership has been much more likely to welcome people with these extreme views. let's bring in our sunday night panel, jason selling, comedian host of the good lawyers, and asia mills, democratic strategist. it's good to have you with us. jason, listen, i follow you on instagram and you always terrify me and make me laugh. i'd say you scare me more than anything. but how terrifying the house
9:20 pm
judiciary chair jim johnson to you? that this guy would be the chair of anything having to do with justice and power. >> it is a terrifying, terrifying thought. and honestly, like, the members of the freedom caucus right now, they kind of feel like they are a fringe group. you know, scott, perry like he said he actively helped donald trump actively delegitimized the 2020 election, making claims of voter fraud that just went there. and to the members have talked about qanon, which is like an adult believing in santa claus. which is fine, you can believe in that if you want to believe in that, but i do not think those people should be in congress, you know what i mean? >> yeah. >> marjorie taylor greene is there. and she has said on camera that she believes that hillary clinton had something to do with jfk junior dying, called it the clinton murder, thinks the las vegas shooting that killed 60 people might have been a false flag operation. these are fringe, french people. and if kevin mccarthy gives these fringe ideas his stamp of
9:21 pm
approval, it is then going to be, you know, this is not just gonna be a fringe republican idea, this is gonna be a mainstream republican idea if he gives it that approval. so, it is a dangerous game to play. >> asia, to jason's point, it's a dangerous game to play. it's one thing to be in the minority and, you know, spread these dangerous lies. but these people will have a major influence on policy, they will have major influence on the functioning of our government. you know, from budgetary control to oversight to being able to investigate. and it's just absolutely a scary moment to think that these not jobs will have this type of authority, if in fact they retake the house. >> ayman, thank you for calling them what they are, they are complete crazies, they are not jobs. and all of this is so asinine. the fact that we would even be having a sane conversation right now about these
9:22 pm
conspiracy theories taking over our government is the problem. i mean, just look at how they did liz cheney, right, for a minute. who, a democrat. and by any stretch of the imagination, you know, liz cheney is not our girl and most policy issues. the way that they have completely terrorized and thrown her under the bus simply because she said donald trump was wrong in this instance is really foretelling of what is to come. republicans will sell their souls. they will literally put quote unquote, good peoples head on a spike in order to hold power. and i think it is ultimately going to bite them in the butt. and at some point, somebody is going to have to figure out whether it's republican party or other, to take control back from this party that has been taken over by, you know, frankly, terrorists. and i just don't think that we are going to be able to do in this conversation. but the party has got to figure out how they are going to do it. and i'm curious what they are talking about at cpac right.
9:23 pm
now >> look, and there's also this hypocrisy, aisha, about, you know, the hypocrisy, i guess the foxy of them in the candidates about what they lie about. you have house republicans, for example, withdrawing there was sport from this ohio republican candidate, jr majeski, after was availed he lied about his military record. funny enough, majeski was at the capitol on january six, and it's something we've known about for months. so, you know, house republicans are okay with you being a house insurrectionist overturning the government. but lying about military service, darn, that is where we draw the line. [laughs] >> [laughs] because they do not have any values. this is the thing, they really have zero moral compass, right? they have no consciousness. everything to them is about holding power by any means necessary. and let's be really clear about who they are holding power for. it is four white nationalists. it's four white non-. it's for the patriarchy.
9:24 pm
it's for white supremacy. so, yeah, all of those things are what they believe the military stands for. so certainly, do not be a stain on the military by lying about your record there. but you can go ahead and throw all these people under the bus and you can support trying to kill nancy pelosi, were down for that. yeah, they're completely crazy. and i do believe it should ultimately be illegal that, you know, you have these people who are spewing this kind of vitriol, these kind of lies actually in charge of anything. >> jason, it looks like the republicans, especially kevin mccarthy, we're like desperate for some kind of branding. so, they rolled out this, you know, republican mid term agenda, if you will. he's promising to defend parents who, according to the justice department, we're sending teachers death threats. watch this. >> i'll make this personal plight. i don't know if it happened. but any parent that got put on the terrace watchlist by the doj, we will get you off it. >> that is his commitment to america. >> wow.
9:25 pm
>> that is the gop platform. >> that is, that is quite a promise. that means anyone who is on the terrorist watchlist, as long as you are a parent, you are going to be totally, totally fine. which i think that is a great line in the sand to draw, to draw for kevin mccarthy. what they are doing now, they basically, their whole party has accepted that they have to just say that the 2020 election was stolen. and they will either dance around it, and say, yeah, you know, it's been decided, and we're, we're, not going to worry about it anymore. but still kind of grilling the red meat and letting the marjorie taylor greene and lauren boebert of the world go out there and explicitly lie to their constituents and their people and say the 2020 election was stolen. it's a really really bizarre time for the public and party. >> yeah, it really. is stick around for me, we've
9:26 pm
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and now, get $10 back when you spend $30. that's a seriously good deal. it is still hard to believe and even harder for me to say with a straight face that the ceo of a pillow company played such a central role in the republican attempts to overturn the 2020 election results. what's not hard to believe, is that mike lindell is now paying a price for those efforts. we learned that he is under federal investigation for identity theft hand, order to seize investigate a suspected computer, and a security breach in colorado. it comes just days after a federal judge allowed a defamation lawsuit to go against lindell from a voting company that he attacked regularly after the election. and while lindell is a joke to
9:31 pm
us here on this show, you can't forget that he has had an actual impact on election subversion efforts including with the ex president of the united states. he helped sponsor bus tours to spread election lies across the country, he attended the january 6th rally that preceded the insurrection, and most notably after january 6th, he was pictured with documents going into the west wing that appeared to refer to martial law and the insurrection act. let's bring back our sunday night panel to talk about this. jason, you have been to a lot of trump rallies where mike lindell is literally seen as a superhero of sorts. how did he get this elevated status in the republican establishment? >> it is bizarre. we have talked to a lot of trump supporters on the road and they always talk about evidence and i use it with the biggest air quotes i could possibly use, evidence of voter fraud and the source that they always cite is mike lindell,
9:32 pm
who is in infomercial pillow salesman. i'm gonna repeat the, he's an infomercial pillow salesman. he is just the loudest voice in the room, telling a lot of these trump supporters what they want to hear, which is that the election in 2020 was stolen, even though there is no evidence to support that. he's also not very technically savvy. we have watched him at one of his events, and he was fumbling with a power point presentation. he could not get powerpoint to work. it is not all the ins and outs of voting machines. i don't think people should get their beginning their election advice from somebody, any advice on the election integrity from somebody like mike lindell. >> and aisha, lindell hosted a pro insurrectionists rally yesterday, and barely a dozen people showed up, but it's still shocking is able to headline these events, no? >> what's actually most shocking to me, and this guy is
9:33 pm
a punchline right now, but let's not forget that he was a semi credible business person before he got in bed with donald trump, pun in tended, with his pillows. i am always shocked at these people who lead these multinational companies, selling, you know, hawking whatever good they might have. who clearly have some kind of marketing skills. he either raise some money or got some loans to start a company. somebody in this world thought that he was a credible character. and in order for him to even be hooey is, and to amass the wealth that he has, so i just want to know how is it that all these crazy cooks keep starting these companies and making millions? somebody please give me the playbook. because i must be seeing the movie through the world. they need to take a page out of the crazy book, and i could be more successful. >> i could say, crazy and pillows is your ticket to success within the republican establishment. and the thing is, again, you
9:34 pm
look at fox, which is already embroiled with this lawsuit by dominion. aisha, how much legal trouble is lindell and with this new lawsuit? >> i wish i could say, all he's about to go down, right? but it seems to me, you know, the insurrectionists, many of them have gotten more than a slap on the wrist, they've been held accountable for their actions. but there have not been enough people in the trump orbit have actually gone down for real crimes, in my humble opinion. while i am hopeful, because there's some real investigation that is happening, you know, and it's underway, it'll be interesting to see, you know, what happens to him. and what he has to account for in terms of fines or jail time or other, you know, or otherwise. so, we will watch it all play out. but i'm not holding my breath right now. >> jason, you know, look, people can dismiss lindell as a fringe not.
9:35 pm
but he does have trump's ears. as i mentioned, he's gotten shout outs at rallies. as you've seen, people do look up to him and respect what he's trying to do among the circles and at these events. are the people who are dismissing him and making these stay mistake they did when they to smash trump back in 2016? >> i do not think so. because he's a little bit, i think, he's a little bit more out there. and i think people can see through that, at least a majority of the people. some people we talk to at trump rallies will say that they do not believe mike lindell. they kind of wish you to shut off. and i actually talked to them at cpac this year in dallas, and within 20 seconds of talking with him, he accused my family of working for dominion voting machines. >> wow. >> and called me the enemy of the people. and my dad, he was a high school principal. and i went to his high school, so i knew he was not working behind dominion behind the scenes or anything like that.
9:36 pm
>> [laughs] >> he's certainly not a stable person. he's not a stable genius, like trump likes to call himself. >> he knows your family better than you, jason. >> i don't know, maybe we've got some dark secrets. i don't know. maybe if this gets in the qanon forums, i'm in big trouble. >> our next episode of pillow talk with jason and aisha. that's next segment we're doing on the show, guys. jason, aisha, always a pleasure to see, both keep of the great work. up next, we are changing gears. we are going to go overseas. anti government protests and iran continue over the death of a 22 year old woman as she was held in custody by the country's notorious morality release. we'll tell you what that, and more. more downy has 7 benefits that condition and smooth fibers so clothes look newer, longer. feel the difference with downy. what do we want delivered every month? clumping litter? salmon pate? love that for me.
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9:40 pm
morality please whose purpose it is to make sure the citizens [interpreter] -- in compliance with the country's strict religious laws or they could be punished. and moss's case, she was allegedly detained for not wearing her hijab properly to cover her hair. her family says she was beaten in custody, and the iranian regime denies and say she was died of a medical condition, even though her father, mahsa's father says she did not have any underlying health conditions. and since her death, the people of iran, led by brave women, have been protesting in the streets. they are demanding an end to the countries oppressive and draconian social laws that have curtailed any freedoms. for 40 years, the social and personal spaces of iranians have been personally shrinking. the iranian people have been subject to domestic oppression and brutal foreign sanctions that have stifled every aspect of their lives. and yet, despite these challenges, despite the decades of hardships, they have injured,
9:41 pm
and despite the personal and deadly risk they are now facing on the streets, they are still demanding change. you see, the iranian people and specifically iranian women are showing the women in realtime what true courage looks like, as women in this country and around the world come under continued attack from religious extremists and ideologues, it is important to remind ourselves that the struggle for women's rights and the freedom that they pursue is universal. and if we ignore these calls for change, whether is in iran or right here in america, we are doing so at our own peril. joining us now is nick our most azar b, and iranian journalist and host of the iran podcast. it's great to talk to you. again we've been speaking over the past couple of days. iranians are still risking their lives by protests. talk to me about what you have learned about the conditions on the ground, and what they are facing day in and day out. >> well, ayman, we're hearing
9:42 pm
reports of dozens of protesters being killed. we're seeing images of brutal violence by security forces shooting at protesters, beating protesters. and we're hearing reports of -- disruption. there's reports of activists, and a number of journalists, an increasing number of journalists, activists being arrested. there's a wave of unrest and pressure on anybody who is speaking up. i've talked to some activists and journalists who tell me they're getting calls from security forces, telling them essentially tone it down. and threatening them with arrest. even ordinary citizens, protesters have been identified by security forces and have been contacted and asked to stay home and not go back on the streets. so, the recipe for violence and for a crackdown is similar to what we saw in 2019 in mass protests. and also in 2009, again, a another round of mass protests. so, i'm afraid we are just
9:43 pm
going to see more brutal and violent crackdown as the security forces are trying to roll the protesters back. >> give us, if you, well just the overall conditions within the country. i think most people were shocked to hear the word morality police. what does the morality please do and i? ron and are there specific demands of the protests right now? because i was trying to describe the overall conditions of an oppressive side, and economically stagnant society. and people may be wondering what are the demands of these protesters that would bring about change? >> the morality police, or -- , literally the guidance patrol is part of the bigger police force. and it is tasked with quote unquote guiding women, and, man on how to dress and behave appropriately. and according to the mandatory islamic, or mandatory hijab laws of the country.
9:44 pm
there has been image after damage, evidence, photos, eyewitnesses that we've seen of the violence of this morality please. when women refused to be quote unquote guided by them, they have the authority to arrest them. we've seen brutal images of them beating women, throwing them in please fans. and essentially treating them like criminals. and then taking them to the police station, you know, making them sign a paper that they will not commit the violation of the dress code again. or go through training's to be guided further. and that's were mass amini was taken to be further guided on what was considered inappropriate dress by her. as far as the demands of the protesters, the spark was definitely the death of mahsa amini, and years and years of this violence and public harassment of women by the morality please. which is, again, basically an extension of the mandatory hedge of law. but also, there's a lot of underlying grievances, political, economic as you mentioned, social, cultural. there's a lot of pressure on
9:45 pm
artists, filmmakers, journalists, and just on every citizens, as far of the use, not really having a prospect for the future, for economic reasons, for political. and they also see a lot of corruption in the ruling class, and in the political. elite and all of this is just layers of anger that has built up and is pouring out on the street. but the spark was definitely the death of mahsa amini. >> what is the situation go from here? i mean, the potential reaction from the iranian government in terms of its escalation against the protesters, or is there some kind of middle ground that emerges from here from the pressure that the protesters are applying? >> well, ayman, we don't see any sign of the state backing off. in fact, they're asking the protesters to go back home. they're calling them rioters. they're accusing them of being led on by foreign powers, western powers, some european ambassadors, and diplomats have
9:46 pm
been cement. and the state seems to just use the same recipe for violent crackdown they have used before. but nevertheless, the pressure from the society is just so massive. and what's significant is you are also hearing these calls from the religious community. some religious scholars calling for the abolishment of the religious police. the largest reformist party, the opposition to the -- party called for an opposition of the morality police, and in and to the mandatory hijab law. and i'm hoping this would be a turning point. masses would be a watershed moment, essentially a wake up call for authorities to make some. change i do not think they're going to come out publicly and accept defeat. but maybe quietly, they will rollback this violent form of harassment against women and the public. >> yeah, hopefully, they do at least ease some of the pressure that's been applied on the people and the citizens of iran in the last couple. decades negar mortazavi thank
9:47 pm
you so much for joining us this evening. i greatly appreciate your time. up next, we're gonna have the very latest on tropical storm eta. or eta. allergies don't have to be scary. spraying flonase daily stops your body from overreacting to allergens all season long. psst! psst! flonase all good. ♪ you can never have too much of a good thing. ♪ and power... a very good thing. ♪ age-related macular degeneration may lead to severe vision loss. and if you're taking a multivitamin alone, you may be missing a critical piece. preservision. preservision areds 2 contains the only clinically proven nutrient formula recommended by the national eye institute to help reduce the risk of moderate to advanced amd progression. "preservision is backed by 20 years of clinical studies" "and its from the eye experts at bausch and lomb" so, ask your doctor about adding preservision.
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9:51 pm
news out of florida, a state of emergency has been declared in florida as the state prepares for tropical storm ian. the storm is expected to rapidly strengthen and become a hurricane as early as a few hours from. now it has maximum sustained winds of 60 miles per hour, according to the national hurricane center. and officials are warning floridians to brace for the worst. nbc news correspondent sam brock has filed this report for us. >> but ayman, good evening. we are at just the very beginning of what promises to be a long and difficult week for floridians. we know something is in the range, about 600 miles of florida coastline, that can conceivably be were in makes landfall. really from naples out to pensacola on the peninsula, and really, there is no uniformly
9:52 pm
with the models. which is to say any wobble left or right could make a massive difference for communities all over the state. so, i'm in tampa, which particularly vulnerable for a number of reasons. one, is a massive population boom here. perhaps more acutely, it's the tampa bay, the topography here, as beautiful as that looks, the deeper that you get into the bay, the more narrow and shallow it is. which is to say that a massive storm surge, or a significant storm surge, would have nowhere to go. that could be life-threatening. the last time they saw a major hurricane directly strike the city was in 1921, a century ago. as far as statewide is concerned, governor ron desantis has declared a state of emergency. originals for 24 counties, now it's the entire state. he's mobilized 2500 national guardsmen, as individual counties, like this one in hillsboro, pasco counties and other, have declared their own states of emergencies. if you look at people what they're doing right now, they're going to gassed asians, big box stores, and grocery stores getting their hands on whatever they can get right now. which is why see a lot of empty
9:53 pm
store shelves where water used to be. they have no idea how long they should prepare for, and they're hoping it should not be a long period. in tampa, sam brock, nbc news. >> our thanks to nbc's sam brock for that report. before we go tonight, please indulge us for a few moments. this week marks one year of ayman broadcasting into your homes every weekend. it has been a privilege to sit behind this desk and tell you what has been going on in this world, and share voices making a difference in their communities. it has also been a lot of fun. our ayman team put together this package of our favorite moments in the last year, watch. >> welcome to our premiere show. i will be with you here every weekend. >> congratulations on your new show, my friend. and it's all part of our muslim takeover of the media, and it's working so well. >> part of the both. and i can be an american patriot, and also a practicing muslim. >> i said i want to be an actor, and they said you know, that's not why we move to america. but i often do all these donor movies, and they were like,
9:54 pm
this is why it really move to america. >> out on the lawn arose such a whale,'tis the gop who wants nothing more than what is built-up fail. >> the central question on this war, how does it and? and is there a scenario whereby the u.s., ukraine, and russia all except the outcome? >> the past month has been rough for every ukrainian. >> today, you shared a video from the city of bucha showing what appears to be a mass grave. >> 246 years since the declaration of independence was side. one party, actively working to undermine half of the country's independence to make their own health care decisions. >> how near death does a woman have to be in order for an abortion to be permitted under the law? >> we have the opportunity as democrats to send a message loud and clear up and down the ballot and across the country that our lives are our own, our democracy is worth fighting for. >> why is it important for you
9:55 pm
to have this big theme of laughing the pain away, not in this project generally, and your approach to humor? >> [laughs] tell me why you're -- , please tell me. >> by the way, we've only got three minutes, so don't get too deep on me. >> we're not racist for objecting to black murder, it's just that the science tells us to support the idea of a black mermaid, not a white. when >> people like him cannot stand the idea that young black and brown girls will be able to see themselves and beautiful, magical, fantastically inspiring movies. >> unfortunately, from the biggest rhonda scent is in the bigots who champion him and the bigots who came before him, there are an awful lot of americans who welcome outsiders. and they do not flinch when they read the words scrawled on a statue of liberty, give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, yearning to breathe free. >> thank you very much for making time for us this evening -- >> i'm ayman mohyeldin in new york, goodnight. >> that does it from us, for
9:56 pm
all of us who were on ayman, thank you for making time for us every night, as you did tonight. and every weekend, as you have over the last year. we hope you will join us for many more to come. make sure you follow us on twitter, tiktok, and instagram at ayman msnbc. stick around, up next, msnbc films presents the second episode of the four part series model america. and the latest episode, the shooting of 16-year-old philip panel by a white police officer causes the supposed model unity of teaneck, new jersey to splinter. and different versions of what took night the shooting that night occurred. but all america starts right now on msnbc, and of course you can stream it on peacock. until then, i'm even noah dean, live in new york, unite. you can make it even smarter. now ports can know where every piece of cargo is. and where it's going. (dock worker) right on time. (vo) robots can predict breakdowns and order their own replacement parts.
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and puts them in the peanut butter. sounds like we're getting peanut butter. yes, but that is the chewy pharmacy box. ♪ the peanut butter box is here. ♪ ♪ the peanut butter box is here ♪ alright, i'm out. pet prescriptions delivered to your door. chewy. i'm andrea canning, and this is
10:00 pm
dateline. >> she was my first friend. i remember walking by her classroom that day, it was the last time i saw her. >> what do you think had happened? >> i did not know. i was scared though. >> she vanished one october afternoon, ten year old amy mihaljevic. >> is amy there? is amy? there she never came home from school. >> she's got to meet somebody, go buy a present for her mother. >> whatever is wrong, come home. >> it's been a mystery for more than 30 years. who took amy?


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