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tv   The Beat With Ari Melber  MSNBC  September 26, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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one of the greatest -- one of the history's greatest turnarounds, first title in 26 years. but none of it came easy. people counted you out. heck, i know something about being counted out, and i know in georgia you show up when it counts. [ cheers and applause ] >> joe biden was the first democrat to win georgia since 1992. thank you for letting us into your homes today during these extraordinary times. we are grateful. "the beat" with katie phang is nor ari melber starts now. hi, katie. >> thanks so much. i'd like to welcome everyone to "the beat." i'm in for ari melber. tonight, breaking news on the january 6th committee, and new evidence regarding roger stone. plus, our live interview with the florida lawmaker who is suing ron desantis over that cruel migrant stunt. and the shocking video of police
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leaving a handcuffed woman inside of a car as it's hit by a train. >> oh, [ bleep ]. oh, my god. oh, my god. >> incredibly, she survived, and we're going to tell you what's happening to the police that left her there inside of that car. but we start today with roger stone and the upcoming january 6th committee hearing. "the washington post" reporting that wednesday's hearing will use clips from the upcoming roger stone documentary, the filmmakers complying with the committee subpoena after balking. the documentary has footage of stone from over a period of two years, including trips he took to washington, d.c. for the stop the steal rallies and from his post at the will lard hotel on january 6th. it also includes comments from
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stone made months before the insurrection, predicted violent clashes. in a moment, i'm going to talk to one of the reporter who is broke this news. this comes as we get new revelations from former gop congressman denver riggleman who worked as a staffer for the january 6th committee. telling 60 minutes, someone operating the white house switchboard placed a call to awry yachter on january 6th while the riot was ongoing. >> you get a real a-ha moment when you see the white house switchboard connected to a rioter's phone while it's happening. that's a pretty big a-ha moment. >> wait a minute, one somebody in the white house was calling one of the rioters while the riot was going on? and you know both end of that call? >> i only know one end, the white house end. >> committee members downplaying
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the significant of the call, and a spokesperson say, since riggleman's departure of the committee, the committee has run down all of leads and di jested and analyzed the information that arose from his work. also developing, the committee issuing a subpoena to the top republican in wisconsin's state assembly robin voss. voss revealing over the summer trump called him this past july asking him to alter the wisconsin election results. >> when's the last time you talked to the former president, president trump. >> within the last week? >> last week. >> before or after he tweeted about you? >> before. >> what was that conversation like? >> it's very consistent. he makes his case, which i respect. he would like us to do something different in wisconsin. i explained it's not allowed under the constitution. he has a different opinion, and then he put the tweet out. >> voss is suing to block the committee's subpoena, but the committee's subpoena to him suggesting it's interested in ongoing activities trump may be undertaking right now to undermine elections.
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joining me now is former u.s. acting solicitor general neal katyal and "washington post" reporter jacqueline alamani. neal, your thoughts about a call placed from the white house to a january 6th rioter during the riot. neal, the phone call isn't mention in the any of his court documents or in his sentencing. could this nine second call end up being much ado about nothing? >> it could. i think one has to be really careful in any law enforcement investigation to rely on partial information, and seems like the source here was -- just had partial information. might turn out to be significant, but i think the person that we do know on that end of the call has said he doesn't remember who he talked to, is trying to downplay the significance.
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these people, many of them are criminals and coup plotter, sow can't always take them at their word, but to make a criminal case or make a big deal out of it in the january 6th hearing, i think we need more evidence and i don't see it. i see this sometimes when people leave the government, they know one thing, but don't know the whole thing, and it seems more significant than it is. >> jackie, you reported on the news today we're going to see roger stone documentary clips played wednesday at the next 1/6 hearing william know that roger stone has that bromance with donald trump, but why is there a focus by the 1/6 committee on these particular document clips? what type of information is it going to provide for insight into the pending investigation? >> our sources toll us today that the selection of potential clips that will be used on wednesday have yet to be finalized but in terms of where
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they sit thematically they're likely to be focused on how stone along with former trump strategist steve bannon and other trump associates planned on declaring victory regardless of the outcome of the 2020 election, regardless of the will of the people. one of the clips that our sources tell us the committee is potentially interested in using is a clip of stone after a rally that happened on november 2nd for doug collins, a former congressman, that was two days before the actual election where stone said, you know, screw the violence -- screw voting, let's get right to the violence. shoot to kill. seen and antifa, shoot to kill. news documentary makers got two years of footage from 2019 to 2021, so the committee has a plethora of information to choose from at their disposal to show on wednesday. >> jackie, before i go back to neal, i did want to ask, we have a bit of that documentary, where
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stone is getting ready to leave the hotel on the fateful day of january 6th. let's take a quick watch. >> we're going to start pulling our stuff together. >> may god bless america. may god protect or troops. >> all right, good. let's pack. we're out of here. as soon as possible. they want to get out of town. >> let's get out of here as soon as possible. jackie, what does this tell us about stone's involvement as he was obviously trying to high tail it out of d.c. seems to me like he was running away from something. >> yeah, well, we know that these filmmakers actually attended the stop the steal rally with stone as he travelled to washington and was in touch with the rioters that caused the violence at the capitol and he was in part encouraging the violence. what we still don't know and i'm curious to see, as i'm sure you both are as well, is whether or not stone was directly in touch
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with the former president that day and just how closely he was coordinating with the president or whether or not there was some sort of liaison, a middleman that was relaying those communications. >> neal, you and i both nodding along to what jackie was saying. one of the clips has stone saying, quote, eff the voting at let's get right to the violence. shoot to kill. seen an antifa, shoot to kill. eff them. done with this bull blank. i of course am only kidding how much does this speak to stone's knowledge, his knowledge about the violence that ensued on 1/6 and his role in inciting it? we want to know what the through line is from the boots on the ground to stone to the white house, right? >> irony is that the documentary that roger stone did because he thought it would secure his
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legacy as a shrewd political operator looks look it's going end up potentially securing him a cell in federal prison. and you're exactly right to point to this notion of the law of criminal intent. were you intending to do something? you've got a kind of classic trumpian double speak here from roger stone, where he first says, you know, he wants violence, bring it on. then he says, of course i'm only kidding. yes, spatially you could say that means he's kidding. but read in context, and you do now have this film crew that's following him around for weeks after weeks, generating exact hi that context. it's the kind of stuff that you can present to a jury and say, this is criminal intent. of course this is a guy who's already been convicted of federal crimes in the past by a jury, so he's kind of -- he's used to this. the other thing that's just striking, which i don't think we should ever forget this guy is
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advising the president of the united states, the whack job. forget the coup. just the idea this person had any business advising anyone in our government, let alone the most important person is such a fundamental judgment error in the trail of our democracy. >> neal, i think that trump surrounded himself almost intentionally by people that run the gamut from idiots to criminals. speaking of criminals that clip has dramatic value. it shows roger stone pretending violence on 1/6. we also know this week, people like stewart rhodes of the oath keepers are going trial at the same time this hearing is taking place. do you think we're going to see any implication by stewart rhodes, other oath keepers for people like roger stone, who we know have a connection?
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>> katie, that is what i think we're all waiting for the doj to eventually hone in on, but they have been doing their investigation a bit differently, as we've previously discussed, and have started from the bottom up. sort of hoping potentially that some of these fringier on the ground insurrectionists, people with less political clout and connections might potentially provide for information or maybe serve down the line, provideding insight into levels of coordination that could have existed between the white house. and again, these grassroots insurrectionists that has yet to pan out, though. but getting -- stewart rhodes, someone who has much more visibility than the average insurrectionist, someone who was involved with coordination, and did have some contact with people like roger stone. steve bannon for example, the night before, january 5th, we've previously reported.
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when he heard that enrique tario was going to prison, he wanted to try to raise funds to bail him out. so i think as the doj is much more quietly slowly and fastidiously collecting more evidence we could be seeing charges for people who might have been directly involved with these efforts. >> neal, before i have to let you guys go, what does it mean to you that the 1/6 committee is issuing subpoenas, even up until now before maybe allegedly the last hearing about conversations that donald trump had with robin voss, as recently as july of 2022. literally just a few months ago. where does that significant that where the committee's head is as far as the investigation? >> could suggest they think it's ongoing and trump is actively planning future operations. or it could be that conversation which happened a couple months ago is actually about earlier
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events, including witness intimidation and the like, which is not something that -- witness tampering, which is not something that trump is unfamiliar with in his playbook. but i do find it very striking that this person, voss, is now going to the federal court because he's afraid to tell the truth and he's trying to block his appearance and testimony in congress, and this is part of a repeated pattern of trump people, and it starts at the top with trump himself, afraid to tell the truth, hundreds of times asserting the fifth amendment, and then the new york case, person after person is afraid. senator lindsey graham in georgia trying to file a lute to block his testimony. it all starts at the top when donald trump creates this criticism of rat culture and so on. these are dualry authorized investigations and you've got to former president and all of his minions saying, i'm afraid to tell the truth in court or a
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professional court proceeding. it is, again, not the way our democracy is supposed to work. >> i think they're either afraid or they're complicit or maybe a combination of both. thank you both for being here this evening. for more of neal's insight and analysis you can go to right now, though, i want to bring in former federal prosecutor barbara mcquade, as we turn to one of my favorite topics, ginni thomas. wife of supreme court justice clarence thomas. she's agreed to an interview with the january 6th committee following multiple revelations at her actions to subvert the results of the 2020 election, including sends messages to trump chief of staff mark meadows where she pushed a range of conspiracy theories and apparently pressing lawmakers in not only arizona but in wisconsin to overturn trump's loss. former january 6th committee staffer riggleman questioned
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what justice thomas knew about his wife's activities. >> we certainly knew the legislative was involved. were there ties directly to the supreme court on this? and i think that's very important to know. is it possible clarence thomas had in idea of the activities of ginni thomas? possible. had no idea what was going on during the election and biden and trump and her connections to the administration? possible. sit probable? i can't even get my arms to being probable. you don't have any specific proof of clarence pushing this, great, that's fine. we got to find out. >> it's not an academic question anymore. it's seen real life application. election related cases have come before the united states supreme court. and clarence thomas was the only justice to side with donald trump when he asked the supreme court to block the release of white house records concerning the 1/6 insurrection.
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astepro and go. back with us is former federal prosecutor barbara mcquade. thanks so much for being here tonight. first, your reaction to a former january 6th committee member and congressman riggleman's comments on ginni thomas and the possible role her husband played. >> well, it's interesting to see the connection, because i think that there are those who would like to keep her identity separate. you know, everything she does she does on her own without any connection to clarence thomas. but i think the two identities are really intertwined. there are some who are criticizing the committee for questioning the wife of a sitting supreme court justice. she's not being targeted because she's the wife of a supreme court justice. she's a person of interest because she inserted he's into this with the text messages she sent to mark meadows.
3:18 pm
it isn't that she is in a vacuum, that she alone is a person of interest because of those text messages. she's also a person of interest because of her relationship with clarence thomas. i don't know that she gets access to mark meadows if she's not the wife of a supreme court justice and the reference she makes to her friend, which is a nickname of her husband clarence thomas, does -- if he has any knowledge of this. to the extent he's involved or even knowledgeable about these communications going on does raise this question about whether it's appropriate for him to be deciding cases that bring into play these issues like the one that you just discussed involving communications between the white house that the supreme court ultimately lloyd to be turned over to the january 6th committee but that clarence
3:19 pm
thomas tried to block. i think there are too many questions about the operation of our government to let this go. i'm glad they're asking questions of her. >> as mentioned, ginni thomas is set to voluntary appear before the january 6th committee. adam schiff said this before she agreed to sit for an interview. take a quick listen. >> we want to know what she knows, what her involvement was in this plot to overturn the election. she said she's willing to come in and testify voluntarily. we're glad to hear that. we have a range of questions to ask her. obviously i think the committee will be interested, among other things, whether this was discussed with justice thomas given that he was ruling on cases impacting whether we would get some of this information. >> barb, if you're on the select committee, how do you get ginni to tell the truth about her involvement? you have the texts between her and mark meadows but there are a lot of us skeptical she's going to "a," appear in the first
3:20 pm
place, and "b," tell the truth. >> there's been some concern this is a voluntary interview, that she is not coming pursuant to a subpoena and she won't be under oath, but i'm not tern about that. lying to congressional investigators is a crime. so there are some consequences for not telling the truth here. it may be that she doesn't show up or invokes her fifth amendment rights against self-incrimination, but if she shows up, she's compelled to tell the truth because of the concern of criminal repercussions if she fails to do so. lying to a committee is a very dangerous game because of the fact that they are talking to so many people and looking at so many documents. i imagine she'll come. she'll answer the questions truthfully, and if there are questions she doesn't like the answers to, she'll refrain from answering them by invoking her fifth amendment rights. but when asking these questions, they have been able to talk to a lot of people around these events, and they have these text messages. so confronting her with those i think will make it difficult to
3:21 pm
win a lot of them. >> barb, quickly before i have to let you go -- there's been a lack of information share between the 1/6 committee and the doj. putting that aside, though, do you think ginni thomas' testimony has the potential to have a real impact on any of the myriad of investigations going on, not just the 1/6 committee's pursuit and its mission? >> yeah, potentially. we know the justice department has been investigating these false elector schemes, and she is right there in arizona and wisconsin urging these electors to sign those false certifications. and so i think she is at least a witness in that investigation and depending on her conduct, could become a subject or a target at some point. >> barbara mcquade, thank you so much for being here. we're going to be tracking this carefully to see if she shows up. i can't imagine the implication by the fifth amendment by her.
3:22 pm
the eyebrows that would be raised. thanks, barb, appreciate it. coming up, our live interview with the florida lawmaker who's suing ron desantis over that horrific migrant stunt. and later why donald trump is going full kwan as he preps for a run for president. stay with us. who's on it with jardiance? ♪ ♪ we're the ones getting it done. we're managing type 2 diabetes and heart risk. we're on it with jardiance. join the growing number of people who are on it with the once-daily pill,
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now to the growing legal fallout over florida governor ron desantis' latest cruel
3:27 pm
politically motivated stunt. in florida, a new lawsuit from a state lawmaker alleges ron desantis violated florida law when he transported the mai grants from texas. the law saying that migrants must come from this state, meaning florida. there's also a class action lawsuit in massachusetts, which accuses desantis of a premeditated, fraudulent, and illegal scheme to mislead migrants on to a plane. and in texas a sheriff is pursuing a criminal investigation. these are human beings who are being used as political props, and that is exactly what this is about for ron desantis. it's politics. it's not safety of the citizens in the state of florida. and it's also a way to one-up his troll rival, texas governor greg abbott. because "the new york times" is reporting mr. desantis mused to donors last year about mr. abbott's good political fortune to share 1,254 miles of
3:28 pm
board we are mexico and claimed he didn't have the same to use as a backdrop. joining me now is florida state senator jason pizzo. he filed that sought against the deposit of transportation and other defendants. tell us more about your lawsuit. and frankly, why ron desantis has a very serious problem with his legal defense. >> thank you for having me, katie. ours is very simple, actuallile . a law that just recently passed effectively said that only unauthorized aliens from the state, the state being florida. when you go and reach into another state and put people up in motels and pay for food and even haircuts and give them a nice information pact on their connecting flight to martha's vineyard, you are flouting the law that was just passed by your party that basically says $12 million allotted for this can only be use in the florida.
3:29 pm
and this is the ultimate checks and balance. the passionate emotion, the inhumane treatment, all the adjectives and superlatives that describe how horrible this is, ours is narrowly tailored. it says, you made the rules of the game and you have comply with it. >> what about the fact that two planes that took off in texas touched down in florida, albeit briefly, but were in florida before they ended up in martha's vineyard. does that affect the strength of your lawsuit any way? >> i'm sure the state's going to try to say that's enough of a nexus or connection to the state of florida. the law is pretty clear, a plane remains in flight, unless it's been forced to land or the other exception is that doored have been opened for disem bar communication of passengers. in this case, i think at most perhaps a minor crew change, but
3:30 pm
no migrants entered or exited the plane when it touches down in florida. it's not going to be enough for the nexus. >> senator, let's be clear, these are not, quote, unauthorized aliens, which are the subject of that $12 million law that's been set aside to be able to transport them out of the state of florida. these were people who entered the united states, were going through the immigration process. so, you know, from my reading of your lawsuit, it sounds like ron desantis is in a very serious pickle here. they're either unauthorized yale aliens they transported into the state of florida -- >> which is another law that was passed. >> courtesy of ron desantis, right. or they weren't unauthorized aliens, they were allowed to be here. ron desantis violated his own law by putting him on the planes and sleping them from texas to massachusetts and frankly and
3:31 pm
fraudulently inducing them to do that. >> i join the lieutenant govern that most venezuelans live under a tire ran cal regime. both the governor and lieutenant governor said the same. there's a stark difference the lieutenant governor just mentioned between illegal aliens and those fleeing to seek asylum. so, katie, to your point, two bills passed this session. one was an anti-immigration bill, and other was a general appropriations act. desantis has to pick and choose, does he want to say they're unauthorized ail jens or not? does he want to say if they're florida or not? he has to pick one, and whichever he picks, he violates the law. >> senator, there's a category 2 hurricane, hurricane ian, that is bearing down on the state of florida. by my tally, almost 1.5 million, $1.1 million has now been spent
3:32 pm
by ron desantis in this political stunt. what are you hearing about this spent, albeit it was put in the budget, but there are people facing serious harm to their lives because of this, but desantis think it's a better use of his taxpayer money to do this stunt. >> with the hurricane bearing down on us, property insurance, we're in absolute crisis. another company just failed. you were a prosecutor at the same office i was before you were a high profile civil attorney and on national tv. i'll tell you what's really upsetting. a pinellas deputy sheriff was killed by an illegal alien who was contracted by the florida department of transportation to do work in florida. i would not have filed this suit if the oregoner was complying with the law that's on the books. but when you're going texas when we're in relief here, i'm going come at you. >> florida state senator jazzen pizzo, we're going to watch your
3:33 pm
lawsuit carefully. appreciate you being here tonight. >> thank you, katie. still ahead, maga supporters openly saluting the conspiracy group qanon as trump coddles and woos the group. but first, michael steele is here on the startling alliance between mitch mcconnell and senator kyrsten sinema, nominally a democrat. plus, what karl rove has to say in what's about to become a, quote, real problem for the gop. . holidays, graduations, i'm covered for everything. which reminds me, thank you for driving me to the drugstore. earn big time with chase freedom unlimited with no annual fee. how do you cashback? chase. make more of what's yours.
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we are now just six weeks out from the november midterms, and the gop is losing its edge. a new model showing republicans still look to pick up a majority in the house with a total of 226 seats bum that number is down from 226 seats in august. and it's within the margin of error. on the flipside, president biden's approval rating has drop down to just 39%. with so much on the line, voter religious is painting an interesting picture for democrats. women turning out in unexpectedly high numbers from georgia to michigan to wisconsin. it's a pink wave driven in part by the strikedown of roe vs. wade. while democrats are campaigning on abortion rights and the threat to our democracy,
3:39 pm
republicans are predict bli having a tough time describing what they would do if in power. here's republican conference chair elise stefanik. >> why not more details in this plan? >> there are ample details. number one, an economy that strong. the first focus on economic issues is we need to reign in inflation. we start by doing that by reigning in the reckless trillions of dollars of spending that we have seen under joe biden and unified democrat far left government. number two, lower the price of energy. i hear that from my constituents in upstate new york. democrats have no plan. they are attacking us because they have created crises across the country. >> joining me now to get into all of it is my good friend, former rnc chair michael steele. it's been a while, so i'm happy to see you, but let's start with what elise stefanik just said. i didn't hear a plan. i don't know if you did. so, what is the gop's agenda. because not even the gop can tell americans what it is. >> no, well, i think mitch
3:40 pm
mcconnell set the tone for how they were going to approach this election when he was asked over the summer, what was the plan? if you get the house back and the senate possibly, what are you going to do? he said, well, give us the power first and we'll tell you what we're going to do. that's essentially what elise stefanik just said. it was talking points. i've sat in those meetings. i know how that was crafted. the top line is, we're going to restore the economy by reducing inflation. okay, good, so how do you do that? since typically that's not something you can easily control nor reduce. just ask the fed. that's their purview. so, the reality of it is it's going to be a lot of -- a lot of loud noise and banging of cymbals around the economy, you know, a regressive democratic party that wants to strip your rights away, not with any
3:41 pm
specificity, but to scare voters, if you give us the power we'll protect you from the democrats. the problem for democrats is how do you produce a counternarrative to say, look, yeah, despite the republicans standing in the way, this is what we have been able to get accomplished. if you give power back to an economy that's behind the insurrection that has not laid out a plan, what do you think happens come january of '23? >> michael let's actually talk about ckly listen to what karl rove had to say about abortion bans in the upcoming midterms. >> define extremist. >> well, essentially no abortion, no exceptions. >> so you mean the texas bill. >> exactly. >> do you think texas is too extremist? >> yeah, i do. >> you would recommend -- >> i think it's going to create a real problem for republicans in the legislature next year.
3:42 pm
>> so, michael, we've seen what can happen in states like kansas. even michigan has the right to choose up for the voters to decide, if sit hyperbolic to say abortion will be the issue in november? >> no, it is not. it has been the issue since the leaking of that opinion back in april of this year. it has been something that has been galvanizing, and what has surprised many of us, particularly among pro-life elected officials is how neglect and dangerous the republican rhetoric has been on this subject, how offensive it has been to women. the very same women they know they need in suburban america to turn out for them, the very same women among young voters who are going to be a pivotal player this november. the reality of it is, that pink wave is not being counted in polling right now.
3:43 pm
they're doing traditional modelling in polling. they're not looking at and extrapolaing the effects of kansas and what that may mean, the effect of having republicans lose in these special elections. and the uptick, the significant uptick in the turnout models from democrats. so it's going to be a very dynamic election. i still contend the lane is there for democrats to hold the house, despite how you led with the showing of the numbers, 223 seats. but again i think that belies how the voters are looking at this election and how passionate they're becoming about it. >> talking about existing democrats -- although i use the word democrat in quotes for this particular person. kyrsten sinema spoke today at an event with mcconnell take a listen. >> despite our differences we
3:44 pm
have foreigned a friendship. while we might not agree on any issue, we share the same values. >> michael, putting aside the mutual add ration fest going on there -- what does it say that democrats like kyrsten sinema are being so overt about their cozy. >> announcer: with a republican like mitch mcconnell, and we're so close to the midterms? >> she's look @ing at her own backyard and seeing the hits she's taken given her obstacles that she's put in place for the democrats. i think the counterquestion to mitch mcconnell, name the republican moderates who are willing to cut a deal with the democrats. the street goes two ways, you know. so it's great to stand there and tout -- wrap your arms around kyrsten sinema and think, oh, yeah, we're all close. but that's not been the play from republicans.
3:45 pm
republicans have not put their moderate voices in play. a lot of those moderate senators are looking around at the landscape saying, i'm getting the hell out of here, because there is in room for the very thing mitch mcconnell was touting. i get what she's doing, it's the political rope a dope. don't look at what i've done. look what i'm saying now. she's going to have to account for that at the appropriate time. givering cover the republicans, that's what she's doing going into the fall quite honestly. for those independent voters who are sitting there going, i just want people to get along and work together to solve our problems. and then flash, here we go. we got the side by side of the two of them. but that is a lie. that is not how -- we lived through 18, 24 months of that being a lie, because we've seen how that plays out when it's actually coming down to doing good policy. and all this bipartisanship has not stopped the kind of
3:46 pm
aggressive efforts on abortion. it has not stopped the aggressive efforts at the border. and her voice refuting some of that would be interesting to hear, don't you think? >> i'd love to know. michael steele, thank you so much, my friend, for being here. appreciate it. >> all righty. but first, trump's qanon gamble. embracing the conspiracy group in a new rally. new astepro allergy. no allergy spray is faster. with the speed of astepro, almost nothing can slow you down. because astepro starts working in 30 minutes, while other allergy sprays take hours. and astepro is the first and only 24-hour steroid free allergy spray. now without a prescription. astepro and go.
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3:51 pm
donald trump leaning into his courtship of the dangerous conspiracy group qanon. at a rally on friday, his team were playing a song that's almost identical to the qanon theme song with one of the cloud raising that one finger qanon salute. >> now we're a nation in decline. we are a failing nation. we are a nation that has the highest inflation in 50 years. >> trump himself posting a barrage of qanon themed images on his truth social account like this one showing trump with the american flag in front of a large letter q, and this post referring to, quote, information warfare and the letter q over half of trump's face. joining me now is democratic strategist kurt bardella. so nice to see you. trump seems to be leaning into his qanon fan base, although he won't admit it publicly, but his last two rallies are betraying his true feelings in my opinion.
3:52 pm
what's his goal here, shoring up his fan base for a 2024 run? >> yeah, i mean, this is just deliberate pandering to the extreme fringes of society, and that tells you everything you know about the direction of the republican party. their break from reality, their break from truth, their war and assault on those who report and tell the truth, it all leads to this. the further away they get from reality and alternate facts and alternate realities, you have heard them use those terms before, the more they rely on this crazy fringe that will believe anything but the reality. donald trump has spent so much of his time, even going back to when he presided over covid, he said we have turned the corner on covid when there were still thousands of people dying every day. they are reliant on people to believe in conspiracy and misinformation. they prey on that because that's their entire base at this point. that's what the big lie is all about. >> yeah, but you know, kurt, qanon used to be an outlier.
3:53 pm
used to be the we're going to turn a blind eye, maybe cross the street kind of energy. but it's now more mainstream. in the upcoming midterms 11 candidates have shown some support for qanon. 11. what does this mean for the political landscape going forward if dangerous domestic terrorist organizations like qanon are now less outlier and more mainstream? >> well, and that's why again 60% of americans are going to have an election denier on their ballot this november. the idea that there's some big divide between the republican party establishment and the fringe is a complete fallacy. they're one and the same at this point. the fringe is the establishment. and i think in the media and in prognosticators and pundits and commentators, we need to adjust and adapt to the reality there is no establishment republican party the way we remember it, the way mitt romney carried that torch or george w. bush. that's a thing of the past. the establishment republican party looks a lot more like
3:54 pm
donald trump and marjorie taylor greene and lauren boebert. >> i wish i had more time. thank you for being here. i appreciate it. >> coming up next, shocking video of police leaving a handcuffed woman inside of a car as it got hit by a train. she survived. and now the officers are under investigation. (vo) red lobster's finer points of fun dining when mouth is full, and shrimp is endless, the "booth bow" is the proper way to say "shrimp me!"
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finally tonight, a shocking story from colorado. police leaving a handcuffed woman inside of a patrol car as it is hit by a train. she survived but suffering numerous broken bones and required surgery. the whole thing was captured on several different officers' body cams. here's had moment when an officer realized a train was coming. >> oh, my god. oh, my god.
3:59 pm
>> move your car. stay back. >> a few moments later, as the officers stood by and watched, the train smashed into the patrol car. the woman's lawyer saying she could hear the train coming and she was frantically trying to open the door with her hands cuffed. it's unclear why police parked the car on the tracks in the first place. >> patrol car was hit by a train. dispatch, medical emergency. the suspect was in the vehicle hit by the train. >> body cam footage shows the mangled patrol car just moments afterwards. the denver post reports one officer has been put on paid administrative leave while authorities investigate the crash. the woman was originally detained add gunpoint as police
4:00 pm
were responding to reports of a road rage incident, but she has not been charged. >> that does it for me. you can also catch me on the katie phang show right here on msnbc and stream new original episodes on the msnbc hub on peacock on thursdays and fridays as well. "the reidout" with joy reid is up next. tonight on "the reidout" -- >> it will be certainly, i think, my recommendation, my feeling that we should make referrals. but we will get to a decision as a committee, and we will all abide by that decision, and i will join our committee members if they feel differently. >> the january 6th hearings return this week, and there are new revelations tonight about who was talking and texting to whom before and during that attack on the capitol. plus, a former member of the oath keepers joins me


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