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tv   Chris Jansing Reports  MSNBC  September 27, 2022 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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good day. i'm chris jansing live in new york city. and across the southern end of florida at this hour, the tension is building because that monster hurricane maybe just hours away. hurricane ian actually weaked a little bit as it crossed over cuba, but it's still a category 3 storm moving into the gulf of mexico and heading for florida's west coast. more specifically, right now it does look like it's headed for tampa, potentially the first hurricane to hit that city head on since 1921. but make no mistake. the whole state is bracing for this. across florida, shelters are open, schools are closed, thousands are evacwaiting and millions more are on edge waiting to see what this storm will bring. >> i don't want people to get
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necessarily focused on just the direct path and the direct impact of the storm. we are going to see some direct impacts along the west coast of florida and into the panhandle. but everybody in florida is going to have potential impacts from this storm. >> i'll be joined by marcus coleman, a veteran of fema and dhs who responded to multiple hurricanes. he'll have the latest information about where things stand now. the next january 6th hearing is just 24 hours away. and with several months worth of new evidence, actually an avalanche of new information according to one committee member, they have to decide what stays and what goes into tomorrow's two-hour presentation. nbc news has learned that one of those new pieces of evidence will be footage of donald trump's long-time friend roger stone interviewed by danish film makers four months before the 2020 election. in this clip, stone explains how
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trump is going to win no matter what. >> what they are assuming is the election will be normal. the election will not be normal. oh, these are the california results. sorry, we're not accepting them. we're challenging them in court. if the lek tors show up, armed guards will throw them out. i'm the president. you're not stealing florida. i'm challenging all of it. and the judges are judges i appointed. you're not stealing the election. >> i want to bring in capitol hill correspondent ali vitali. paul butler is a former prosecutor and an msnbc legal analyst. and michael steele, is former rnc chairman and an msnbc political analyst. great to have you all hear. a lirks, what do we know about what we're going to see and how the committee is going to weave all this new information they talked about into what has been in every single hearing to far a compelling narrative. >> reporter: sere they are seeking to continue with that trend. being able to tease out the
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compelling narratives over the course of the prior hearings while also bringing new information to the floor. during the month of august, even though we weren't seeing this committee, they were still doing investigations, including this documentary footage that we have obtained pieces of, but also speaking with key members of the trump administration who served at some of the the highest levels and were privy to some conversations that can continue telling the story that the committee has been telling already, which is that this is not just something that started and stopped on january 6th, but something that has a long tail, the former president still out pushing this idea that he won an election where he actually lost. but it's clear in these documentary clips that that's something that roger stone, a long-time ally of trump's, was thinking about well before election day. listen to this. >> let's hope we're celebrating.
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i suspect it will be still be up in the air. when that happens, the key thing to do is to claim victory. possession is nine tenths of the law. no, we won. you're wrong. [ bleep ] you. >> you're seeing this tone from stone that we have heard from him time and again. he's a really fascinating figure in this orbit, especially as the committee tries to look for ties between trump himself and rioters. stone could be someone they are trying to paint in that mold, especially because of the number of times that he has been excommunicated from the trump orbit then brought back in. i'm told this documentary footage will likely be part of the presentation where we expect all of the committee members to sort of own a segment that will be presented tomorrow. each of them being given speaking time, as we have seen over the course of the last few hearings. this is an important lasting image that they are going to
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present ecause my sources tell me this is likely the last investigative hearing we're going to see until after election day. >> so paul i think this focus on roger stone is fascinating, because the speculation has been either he or mike flynn may be the connective tissue that links president trump to the rioters. and here's what one of the film makers said just this morning on "morning joe" about that connection. >> what was your understanding about how close roger stone was during those weeks, those important months up to and after the election to donald trump? >> he didn't communicate directly in what trump, but you could sense that he was communicating a lot with aids around the trump campaign. >> aids around the trump campaign. that doesn't sound like a definitive link to me. does the committee need to show that connection between trump and the violent mob, that it exists, does it hurt their case if they can't do that? >> it doesn't hurt their case
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because they have plenty of evidence, even if it's not direct eyewitness testimony. it's clear that in some sense, roger stone was a go between. the actual election didn't matter to stone. the vote didn't matter. so we know that the the big lie was a criminal conspiracy that actually started before the election and it wasn't just the fake elector scheme, but it was also the violence of insurrection day that was also part of the plan. and the department of justice is on this. we know it has two different grand jury investigations of january 6th. one about the fake elector scheme, but the other is directly tied to this new evidence. the department is investigating the blood and violence of january 6th. >> so, look. what are you looking for tomorrow? i haven't heard anybody use the phrase smoking gun, but would
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constitute a smoking gun or what would be impactful that says, wow, they really wrapped this up big. what are you looking for, michael? >> i think a lot of this has been a smoking gun. it's been just one long smoking trail from the very beginning. very effectively laid out by the committee. i think for tomorrow, i think to ali's reporting, it's how you begin to capstone this. whether there are one or two more hearings after tomorrow remains to be seen, but the sense is this is the final presentation of the big evidence. i'm going to be looking for what that big evidence is. how they connect those dots, how that connective tissue holds up under the scrutiny of expert legal analysis like from my friend paul butler there. when he sees that, when the doj
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looks at this, what do they take away from this the narrative that's been present abomination of desolation pit this committee? as we all know, the end game has been to present credible information that could lead to potential prosecution. because the genesis of this committee was crimes were hit anded. now we have to go out and show where that bread trail is. direct legal authorities towards it. they didn't have absolute authority to bring the kind of oomp to the fight. they are going to leave that for the legal side of this. the committee, from my standpoint, has laid out a lot of of that. we'll see how they close it out with this evidence. a little bit of a hiccup with denver riggleman over the weekend. putting out some early narrative they necessarily didn't want ton the street, how they clean that up is going to be important to watch as well. but we'll see. i think they have done a good job. hopefully they can close the case and the doj and others now have the ability to move
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forward. >> i want to ask about the legal side of another story that's out there. it has to do with the texas attorney general ken paxton. he was being subpoenaed for a federal court hearing today in an abortion-related lawsuit against the state. at least that was the plan. the texas tribune reporting on an affidavit quotes the process server, a man i saying this. i walked up the driveway approaching mr. paxton and called him by his name. as soon as he saw me and heard me call his name out, he turned around and ran back inside the house through the same door in the garage. a few minutes later, i saw mr. paxton. he ran from the door inside the garage toward the rear door, behind the driver's side. i approached the truck and loudly called him by his name, and i stated i had court documents for him. mr. paxton ignored me and kept heading for the truck. the tribune say, quote, he placed the subpoenas on the
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ground near the truck and told him he was serving him with a subpoena. both cars drove away leafing the documents on the ground. first of all, your reaction to that. he said there was a stranger in his yard, so he was afraid. but if you're a process server and leave documents and yell at somebody, is that legal? is that fulfill being served? tell me what you make of all this. >> as a lawyer, i'm embarrassed by the attorney general's conduct here. it would be embarrassing for any member of the bar, much less someone who is the attorney general. but the message from the law on this issue is that you can run, but you can't hide. so it will be determined by state law whether this actually counts, but the texas attorney general is not a person who is difficult to find. so we can be sure that at some
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point, there will be a legal process where he will be formally noified. really the important question is what's he trying to hide. >> michael, what's your take on this? a republican attorney general literally running away from a court-ordered subpoena. >> yeah, it's kind of smells funny to me. what are you running from? what do you have to hide? you're the attorney general. you know how this process works. this is the truth of where we are right now. all of these people who have gotten caught up in hiding the ball, trying to play down the facts, ignoring the facts, and now that the law is coming after them to get them on the record, to hold them accountable for their behavior, their words, they are running. they are show whag cowards they really are. so paul's exactly right. you can run, but you can't hide. we know where you work. we just bring it to the office. we're not going to leave it by
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the road. we'll bring it to your office. service is in the a complicated process. to do what he did shows just how childish all of this behavior is, how immature it is and how unfit for public service all of them are. who hide from the law, particularly when they have been sworn to uphold the law. you are accountable. we are going to serve you. the state is going to serve you. the people in the government on behalf of the american people are going to serve you. you will be brought to heel for your behavior and your words. hope you had a nice skirt around the truck and hiing from a process server, but at the end of the day, just put it on his desk. he will show up. he has to. >> thank you all so much. be sure to join msnbc for special coverage of the next january 6th hearing tomorrow at
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noon eastern on msnbc and peacock. i will be right here behind the desk at 11:00 a.m. eastern time. also right now, the other big story we're following so closely is florida key officials are urging people to be in a safe structure by the end of this hour to prepare for hurricane ian. take a look at the view from one person's balcony in marathon, florida, showing harsh winds and rain barrelling down already. for those looking to evacuate, look at the lines of cars coming out of tampa. if you're trying to catch a last-minute flight, the tampa airport closes in just three hours before wind speeds pick up. the governor is warning for those not leaving despite evacuation orders is this. >> we can't unring the bell if it you stay and end up getting washed away. >> i want to bring in marcus coleman from the center for faith-based partnerships.
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his team is focused on building partnerships alongside others at fema and dh so to advance emergency management and strengthening climate resilience. you know what it is. to be in the middle of this situation. you have been in the middle of as a public servant. tell us how things look at this moment. how bad is it? >> so we are focused on maing sure that everyone is following the guidance of our local government officials. for those that are able to evacuate now is the the time to do so. we're anticipating storm surge. while we recognize people have been through hurricanes before well, know this hurricane is going to have severe impacts. we don't want anybody to take any chances. evacuate now, if you can. follow the guidance of local officials it you're able. and know fema continues to support the state as we prepare
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for impact from this severe storm. >> i understand your message, but florida is a state in constant turnover. there are thousands and thousands of people who have never experienced a hurricane before. one man talked about a call he got from his neighbor who is a newbie, who needs power for breathing apparatus and he told them, quote, you realize the power could be out for four days. we don't know. what do you say to the knew bees and the people who just don't want to leave their homes? >> what i'll say, we want to make sure people are checking on their neighbors. fema continues to work alongside a national network of organizations including aarp, the national voluntary organizations and disasters, there are a number of nongovernment partners ensuring we are doing everything we can to help those neighbors and those loved ones that maybe in harm's way. i myself have been in a text
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message conversation with a dear friend ensuring that their family had what they needed and were able to follow evacuation orders. so we want to make sure for those that are not connected to continue to listen to your local media. and we know we will have a team of partners to help those over the days and coming days ahead. >> i just got a text from a friend of mine from it'll. she said virtually every vehicle she saw for the last hour, hundreds of them, are utility trucks. they are getting ready to go. they are going to be in place for what they expect will be a lot of power outages. this is such a huge state. the third largest in population in the country. how does fema mobilize the people needed for a storm that could impact so many people over such a wide swath of land? >> we have members of the fema team in the state of florida
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emergency operations center. we have members and personnel prepositioned in georgia and alabama for any impending impacts. one of the key things for us as federal part fwherks come in in r support of the state. so we are embedded closely with our federal partners. we also note to what's important with this type of incident as well as prior hurricanes, it's not just going to be a government response. so it's important to expand our reach to our nonprofit and faith-based partners. the director for the office of disability integration and coordination and i will be on a call with 200 organizations within the next hour making sure that they have the necessary information they need as they support those that are bracing for impact from this hurricane knowing this is going to be a long few days, but we'll be there with our partners from the state to ensure we're doing everything we can.
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>> a lot of folks who are doing that kind of work are going to go without sleep for awhile. we appreciate everything and appreciate you for taking the time to talk to us. marcus coleman, thank you. we have much more to cover on hurricane ian. less than 48 hours before potential catastrophe strikes in florida. check out these live pictures, dark skies in florida. we're going to head to st. petersburg where people are trying to get out of town before the storm makes landfall. plus any minute, president biden is expected to peak on cutting health care cost. we'll go live when he starts and ask is this a glimpse of a new midterm message for democrats? also coming up, seditious conspiracy, the big trial just now starting that could reveal new information about the insurrection. you're watching "chris jansing reports," only on msnbc. frz ly on msnbc. fr we spent our whole pension but couldn't keep up. so my husband just stopped taking his medicine. and then he had a stroke.
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. the tampa bay times says
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that hurricane ian could be ta potentially historic disaster writing it's been 101 years since a major hurricane struck tampa bay. that streak may end with hurricane ian. it's a category 3 storm that made landfall this morning in western cuba slamming the oi land with heavy rainfall and maximum sustained winds of 125 miles per hour. you can see that here in cuba where cuban tv is reporting that the power is out. the local journalist on the ground who recorded this video called it a bleak sunrise. and the father of another journalist posted on facebook desolation and destruction, we lived hours of terror, nothing is left here. and two hours east, 16,000 people in havana are without power after being hit by the the storm. we are in cuba. steve patterson is in st. petersburg, florida, where today is the last day to get
10:24 am
everything in order before hurricane ian makes landfall. thank you both for being out there for us. people across the island without power, thousands already evacuated. i see the incredibly strong winds you're facing. give us the lay of the land. i know you have been traveling through that area. >> reporter: we left havana this morning as we move west. the idea was to see some of the damage that we have heard of. you can see the wind right now. i'm in the town west of havana. we're still more than 100 kilometers east of where the hurricane hit with a category 3. you can see this is supposed to be the end of the hurricane. and we have already seen polls that have been taken down. we have seen power lines on the streets. you can feel the strength. it just took down part of the roof. the roof on the building next to us is falling apart.
10:25 am
fortunately, there's nobody there. and we are in a structure that is made out of concrete. this is not the category 3 that destroyed that infrastructure we have been hearing about west of here. now we're getting those videos, that you mentioned, on social media. especially in the tobacco fields. the reports now is that a large part of that infrastructure has been destroyed. we are closer to havana at the edge of the storm. there's more pieces of that roof falling apart buzz of the connection that we have and the way we're able to broadcast. we cannot move the equipment because it wouldn't be safe. this is just an example of the strength of this storm as it's leaving cuba. we have been told the storm is moing into the ocean, but we're just getting the edge of it. this is the kind of damage in a small town, as i mentioned, there's more glass that has been
10:26 am
broken around town as the people remain in their homes waiting for the last of the rain and the wind to pass. the official numbers that we have received from the government is that more than 60,000 people were evacuated from the areas most vulnerable. this is not considered one of the most vulnerable areas right off the ocean, where they were expecting the flooding. the military has also sent medical brigades. i have to be looking over the roof that continues to fall apart it's losing pieces. these are older buildings. they are made out of concrete, butd roof, the windows, these things haven't received maintenance, which makes them vulnerable. this is what is still happening in cuba as the hurricane is moving into the ocean. >> i know you're experienced, but please take care. and get to safety. thank you for that report and for being out there. steve, we talked about this the last time tampa bay was even
10:27 am
under a hurricane warning. it was back in 2017 for hurricane irma, but this could be 101-year catastrophe. how are people even preparing for something like this? i was looking at someone who spoke earlier on msnbc of clearwater. he said i think people are taking this seriously and are clearing out, but what are you see wrg you are? >> reporter: yeah, i will be honest with you. if you haven't started preparing as of now, the only thing you should be preparing to do at this point is preparing to leave. we have seen homes and businesses starting to be boarded up. homes in this area have been left for the most part. we have seen people heeding the warnings, businesses now shutting down. i would say we're about two hours before the rain starts. three to four hours before the rain and wind so untenable and any preparations have to be done. the word just came out. we got a message from the city of tampa.
10:28 am
sandbagging in this area is done. if you aren't standing in line for a sandbag, that service is now over. it is time now to start leaving. generators, water, flying off store shelves as people prepare to leave with a message from the county is now that people need to get out of these mandatory evacuation zones while they still can. the wind picking up as we speak. it's expected to intensify a whole lot more as the hours continue. >> and steve, i understand that you also spoke to the mayor in st. petersburg and he had just gotten off the phone with the president. what did he tell you? >> reporter: the mayor is confident. obviously, about 5,000 national guardsmen on the ground. fema has trucks in the area. utility trucks are coming into the area to deal with the possible massive power outages that we're going to deal with.
10:29 am
but he says despite the fact we haven't been directly hit, as you mentioned in about 100 years, they have gone through all the preparedness steps necessary to tackle this storm. here's what he told me directly. listen to this. >> we always pray for the best, pray for a turn in the storm, but we always prepare for the worst. we are prepared. folks need to respond to that evacuation order and get to a safe place. >> reporter: prepare for the best, but also expect the worst. the mayor saying that, again, even if you think you can stay and wait out the storm, they may not be able to get emergency people into a zone like this because they don't want people to be unsafe. so they are telling people, they are begging people to leave this area. leave the red zones that are under mandatory evacuation because it's going to get very dangerous very soon. >> steve patterson, thank you. you take care as this storm gets closer to where you are. right now president biden at the
10:30 am
white house in the rose garden talking about lowering health cares costs. part of a midterm messaging perhaps. let's take a listen to the president. >> thank you. thank you very much. he had two daughters along and a son at the university of delaware. i look around the room here, we have opinion waiting for this day for a long time. a long, long time. it's going to take a little while for some of this to kick in, but it's locked in. i want to thank everyone who is here, including my secretaries and my cabinet members.
10:31 am
and for how relentless you work to protect medicare. before turning the topic i want to discuss today, i want to talk a little bit about the crisis people are facing in florida right now. h ian made landfall in cuba as a category 3 storm. florida is now are preparing for the hurricane to make landfall. forecasts can can change, but for now, experts say this could be a very severe hurricane, life threatening and devastating in its impact. so i want to be clear about two main messages. first, my administration is on alert and in action to help the people of florida. i have approved the request for emergency response assistance immediately upon receiving it from the governor. and i directed my team to surge federal assistance there before the storm hit. fema has already deployed 700 personnel to florida.
10:32 am
the governor has activated 5,000 national guard with another 2,000 guard coming from other states. fema is also proposing and prepositioning 3.5 million liters of water, 3.7 million meme middle easts and hundreds of generators. i just spoke this morning with areas that will likely be hit. the mayors of tampa, st. pete and clearwater. all of them, all of them are in the storm's path. and they are focused on the safety of their communities and they are doing everything they can to get people out of harm's way. i told each one of them my conversation separately. whatever they need, i mean this sincerely. whatever they need, contact me directly. and they know how to do that. i have a lot of personnel down there already. we are here to support them in every way we can. second thing i would like to mention is the citizens in the potential impact area should obey the instructions of local officials.
10:33 am
evacuate when ordered. be prepared for the storm when it comes. evacuating have been called for. they are going on in fairly orderly way in each of the three cities. your safety is more important than anything. our hearts are with everybody that will feel the effects of this storm. we'll be with you every step of the way. we're not going away. and as we prepare for ian's landfall, i remain focused on helping puerto rico recover from the aftermath of the hurricane. hundreds of fema and federal personnel are now there including search and rescue teams, the u.s. army corp. of engineers, power restoration and other experts from around the country. fema has distributed $40 million in direct assistance to help them begin to rebuild their homes and fema also provided $ 70 in direct assistance to meet
10:34 am
critical needs. i immediately approve the expedited disaster declaration to provide public assistance to help their communities recover as well. this declaration will get federal resources out quickly and help people start to rebuild their lives. they have been through a rough period since the last hurricane. as part of the declaration, i have authorized 100% federal funding for debris clearance and rescue for power rest nation and shelter and food for the entire month. to the people of puerto rico, we are with you. we're moving forward with you and we're not going go home until it all gets done. now today's events about medicare. i want to share the progress that we have seen in making to bring down health care costs and strengthen medicare, which is for so many seniors, the only
10:35 am
thing they can rely upon. we have worked really hard to maintain it. the way i think about it is the way my dad talked about the way so many of at home talk about issues ampbd the kitchen table. how much are your monthly bills? how much do you have to pay for the necessities? will there be enough at the end of the month for just a little bit of breathing room. just a little breathing room. a big cost and big concern for most folks is prescription drugs and other health care. reduing that cost and concern is one of my top priorities. that's why i signed into law the inflation reduction act, one of the most significant laws in our history. i finally delivers on the promises many of us have made in this audience as well that the american people have had to undergo for decades. for example, we pay more for prescription drugs than any other advanced nation in the
10:36 am
world. there's no good reason for it. for years, many of us have been trying to fix this problem, but for years, for years big pharma has stood in the way. not this year. this year the american people won and big pharma lost. for years there's been no check on how high or fast big pharma can raise drug prices. thanks to the inflation reduction act, that ends now. now with big for ma tries to raise drug prices, they have to rebait the money. from now on, if you're on medicare, and you have diabetes the cost of insulin can be capped at $35 a month for prescription. bob just told you what a difference it would make and what it could have made in his life a long time ago. and now we wanted to be the case for everybody.
10:37 am
for everybody to have a peace of mind. but unfortunately, we had that in the bill. the republicans were able to get the votes to strike that out. it costs only $10 to make a bottle of this insulin. and there's no patent on it. $10. they are charging 30 times that cost. just imagine being a parent. malk being the parent of a kid suffering from type one diabetes. knowing you didn't have the money. let's say you're paying $500 a month. you don't have it. how in god's name do you look at that child knowing you can't afford it. you don't have the insurance. you have no way of getting it. how do you undergo that? my dad would say, it not only
10:38 am
deprives that child of a healthy existence, but it provides that child of their dignity. just imagine if we're able to provide this for everyone in america at $35 a shot. we're going to go back at this and we're going to lower the cost of life-saving insulin for children and families, whether they are on medicare or not. after years of big pharma blocking it, medicare will finally get the power to negotiate lower prescription drug price. seniors will see their out of pocket costs for prescription drugs be limited as this comes into full force to $2,000 a year. no seen your will have to pay more than $2,000.
10:39 am
all the prescriptions. whether it's cabser drugs or anything else. thousands of americans on medicare pay more than $14,000 a year for blood cancer drugs. more than $10,000 a year for ovarian cancer drugs. more than $9,000 a year for breast cancer drugs. many people on medicare skip those cancer drugs that they need because they can't afford them. it's a simple proposition. they can't afford them. now the max mem they have to pay for all their prescription drugs, no matter what the cost, is $2,000 a year, period. that's going to be a god send. it's going to be a god send to many families. last year a family of four saved $2 40rkz 0 from the the american rescue plan that i signed into law. now the inflation reduction act locks in place those lower health care premiums for millions of family who is get their coverage through the affordable care act.
10:40 am
this morning the department of health and human service ace announced that the premium for part b will, in fact, decrease this year. that's a fee you pay -- that's a fee you pay for medicare to coffer your visits to your doctor. for years that fee has gone up. now for the first time in more more than a decade, that's going to go down. millions of seniors and people with disabilities on medicare, that means more money in their pockets while still getting the care they need. on top of that, if you have a medicare's prescription drug coverage part d, you pay for your prescriptions more than your shots will also free. we're getting rid of the cost of the prescriptions and bringing them way down. but guess what. if you need a vaccine like shingles, more than 2 million seniors got that vaccine. most of the folks had to pay $100 for that shots.
10:41 am
you wonder how many seniors skipped that shot. for seniors with disease, it can be because it's too expensive. they won't have to make that choice anymore thanks to the inflation reduction act. senior medicare prescription drug coverage and the price you pay for this shot will drop to zero. [ applause ] just for the shingles vaccine alone, that's $100 out of your pocket. my administration is taking steps to bring down the costs. i met with my competition council. they are charged with promoting compensation across the economy. it's helped lower the prices and raised wages. one thing we have done is to make affordable hearing aids available. over the counter starting next month so people don't have to
10:42 am
pay the expensive devices and specialist visits. we'll have to save patients thousands of dollars and to bring greater transparency, we have also outlawed surprise billing. if your insurance plan didn't cover a particular doctor and you didn't know he or she was being cob subtled and you get goth an extra bill, they can't do that anymore. billions of hard working americans will no long investigator to worry about unexpected medical bills. we'll be able to pay part all of this by making sure the biggest corporations in america begin to pay their fair share of federal tax. folks, the biggest corporations have fought to block a fair tax code. under donald trump my republican friends had no problem enacting
10:43 am
a $2 trillion tax cut that benefited the wealthiest americans and the biggest corporations not a penny of which is paid for. in 2020, 55 of the biggest corporations in america made $40 billion in profit. i'm happy for their profits. but they didn't pay a single penny in federal income tax. but this year, even though some of the biggest corporations, flooded capitol hill with lobbyist, they lost and we won. now corporations will have to pay a minimum corporate tax of 15%. we're not gouging anybody. 15% minimum. that's it. that's it. the days of billion-dollar companies paying zero taxes are
10:44 am
over. there's enough money to pay for a lot of this. lets me be clear about something else. no one, az said when i ran, no one earning less than $400,000 a year will pay a single penny more in federal taxes. if you're make less than $400,000 and i hope you're all making more than that, you have to pay a penny more than that in taxes. s that's commitment i made in my campaign and commitment i'm keeping. and we're doing all this was th by bringing down the deficit at the same time. you hear about us being big spenders. they raise the debt by $2 trillion. we reduced it by $350 billion. the student loan forgiveness and the cost of all these things, we're on track to reduce the deficit by more than $1 trillion.
10:45 am
inflation reduction act will reduce it another $300 billion over the next decade. that's possibly because medicare is going to be able to negotiate lower precipitation drug prices so less money is paid out. i wish i could say republicans supported this progress in reducing health care costs and strengthening medicare. that would be good for all americans. but they had a different idea. every single republican voted against the inflation reduction act. when it actually came time to do something about inflation, every one of them said no. sadly, it goes even further. 158 house republicans have already signed a republican budget to cut medicare and social security. i know you think i'm probably exaggerating that, but there's a pamphlet, a 12-point plan to
10:46 am
rescue america by senator scott of florida. i won't read through all of it, but it says all federal legislation sunsets in five years. if it is worth keeping, congress can pass it again. translated. if you don't vote to keep it, you don't get it. what do you think they are going to do with when the house budget committee started talking about cost of medicare and social security and why we can't afford it. folks, the senator in charge of reelecting senators, senator scott has proposed a plan for social security and medicare. every five years it's on the chopping block. it means every of five years you either cut it, reduce it or completely eliminate social security and medicare. you have been paying into social
10:47 am
security since the first job as a teenager when you got your paycheck. by the way, then there's senator ron johnson of wisconsin. he thinks waiting five years is too long to wait. not a joke. he wants to put social security and medicare on the chopping block every single year in every budget. if congress doesn't vote to keep it, good-bye. now it's not just social security and made care he wants to deal with. he wants to put veterans benefits skpefrg else at the federal budget at risk. he's the same person who said that if republicans gain control of congress, they should once again try to repeal the affordable care act. which by the way, is the only reason why millions of people, millions of people with preexisting conditions are able to get health care. it's the affordable care act. literally, not figuratively, literally. and last week the republican leader of the house unveiled the commitment to america. god bless america.
10:48 am
it's a thin set of policy goals with little or no detail that republicans say they will pursue if they regain control of the congress. in the course of nearly an hour, here are a few of the things we didn't hear. we didn't hear the words medicare or social security. he said for the first time, they will get the first thing they are going to do is repeal the inflation reduction act. guess what. all those things i mentioned we're going to do, they get rid of all of them. all of them with the repeal. i have a different idea. i'll protect those programs. i'll make them stronger. and i'll low your cost to be able to keep them. let me close with this. over the last few years, we faced some of the most difficult challenges in our history. we're actually making progress helping foengs get just a little more breathing room. lowering health care costs and strengthening medicare is a big part of the progress we have
10:49 am
been making on inflation. not just with gasoline prices. it's one of the reasons why i'm so optimistic about america's future, for real. we have to remember who in god's name we are. we have kind of forgotten it. we're the united states of america. i have never been more optimistic about our prospects. there's simply nothing beyond our capacity to get done. if we do it together. god bless you all and pray we figure out how to come together better than we have so far, because a lot of people's lives and futures depend upon it. i'm confident, i'm absolutely confident we can get it done. god bless you all. may god protect our troops. thank you. >> president biden at the white house trying to push what will be, he hopes, the midterm message, a positive economic message in spite of the fact that inflation continues to
10:50 am
rage. the price of groceries up 13% in august than from a year ago. still grave uncertainty in the markets, but talking about what the democrats have done, how they are lowering costs of health care, lowering costs of prescription drugs and making a little news today with the hhs announcement that the plan b part b premium is going to go down. we'll see how that message resonates as we get closer and closer. i think we're 42 days away from the midterms now. in the meantime, there's a lot of other political news. jury selection underway involving five members of the oath keepers and their alleged roles in the january 6th insurrection as new reporting reveals text messages between one of those members and people in former president trump's inner circle. we're outside the courthouse in d.c. with much more on that, next. in d.c. with much more on that, next now, there's skyrizi. ♪things are getting clearer♪ ♪i feel free to bare my skin♪ ♪yeah, that's all me♪
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cut emissions. and cleaner air. yes on 30. at this hour, we have potentially new key information about the figures trying to block joe biden from taking office. nbc news reports that a member of the oath keeper group exchanged messages with rudy giuliani's son just days after
10:54 am
the 2020 election. the oath keeper's lawyer also attempted to text a white house member weeks before the capitol attack. meanwhile, this is video of a different member of the oath keepers entering a federal courtroom this morning. he and four others are going to be tried for seditious conspiracy. i want to bring in julia and ben. julia, you're outside the courthouse where jury selection is underway in that oath keepers trial. tell us more. >> reporter: so inside right now, stewart rhodes and four other members of the oath keepers are beginning the trial, in jury selection. they've been charged with seditious conspiracy, which is to overthrow, put down, our destroy the government of the united states. of course that's connected to their activity just across the street from this courthouse on january 6th, 2021, those people came here during the capitol insurrection and according to this charging document right
10:55 am
here, chris, they also had other weapons at a nearby hotel just across the river in arlington that they were going to bring in at a moment's notice if they felt they needed a quick reactive force. now they have all pleaded not guilty at this point and their lawyers say they were just waiting on the word of president trump to put into effect the insurrection act to give them the word. in other words, this really wasn't their own doing. they were merely there waiting for the signal from their leader, president trump. so this is really a court case that will put more emphasis on how these people saw trump as their leader and we'll hear more of that in the defense. right now, jury selection is on break. the first juror has been dismissed because she strongly believed that january 6th was an insurrection led by far right conspiracy theorists. >> ben, your reporting reveals that an oath keepers lawyer
10:56 am
exchanged text messages with rudy giuliani's son, as we said. how does that fit into the bigger picture? >> andrew giuliani worked as a sports liaison for the white house. he was texting with the general council of the oath keepers, kelly sorrell. she was constantly in contact with him about election fraud lies back in november of 2020. by 2021, she was tried to text somehow for some reason the switchboard at the white house. we don't know why she tried to do that. we don't know who she was trying to text instead, but that's who she was in contact with. we are largely trying to figure out the nexus between the white house, oath keepers, proud boys, these militant groups and the white house itself, but these should give some hints. >> there's a really interesting piece in politico that suggests the proud boys takes price in
10:57 am
quote, their ability to convince the mainstream of the republican party that violence is sometimes the answer. how do you make this idea mainstream and clearly we know it got success. >> the goal now is not really for a lot of these people to win elections. it's to replace secretaries of state to get the results they want. if that doesn't happen, violence and intimidation. they realize they're moving into a phase where they are going to become a minortarian party. they don't want to lose power from it. they can't win those elections anymore. >> ben collins, always your reporting is fascinating to read. one of my favorite people on twitter. little snarky sometimes. love that. julia, keep us posted on how jury selection is going. that's going to do it for us this hour. join us every weekday, but tomorrow in advance of the january 6th hearing, i'll see you at 11:00 a.m. eastern time.
10:58 am
katy tur reports starts next with former january 6th committee member and former republican congressman, denver riggleman. he's giving a behind the scenes look at the investigation in his new book. that's coming up right after this. w book that's coming up right after this and for those who do get it bad, it may be because they have a high-risk factor. such as heart disease, diabetes, being overweight, asthma, or smoking. even if symptoms feel mild, these factors can increase your risk of covid-19 turning severe. so, if you're at high risk and test positive, don't wait. ask your healthcare provider right away if an authorized oral treatment is right for you.
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the final hearing, just 42 days until this country's next election of what went wrong and what could still go wrong. on that subject, we've got a lot to talk about today including a scary yet plausible what if scenario by a long time "washington journal"ist alongside one of the foremost election experts and lawyers. stay tuned for that. but first, tomorrow's hearing, which begins at 1:00 p.m. eastern is expected to be quote sweeping and


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