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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  October 5, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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one last thing before we go. do not forget to plan your vote. you can go to nbc slash plan your vote for information on registration, deadlines, early voting, and more. it is so important. couldn't be more important. please vote. all in with chris hayes starts now. s hayes starts now.>> tonight on all in -- >> you're saying you weren't the perfect dad of the perfect spouse but you have been redeemed. is that what you are saying? >> that's exactly what i'm saying. >> herschel walker's denial evolves into a defense as the fox push to amortize the senate continues to pace. >> it claimed, it went to your hometown. is it true you have a feel named after you in that town? >> i do. i have a feel named after me. i have a street named after me. >> and what we are learning about the trump lawyer who refused to lie about classified
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documents, and the ex presidents role in packing the boxes himself. plus -- >> i think the one thing that's finally ended is the the one about whether or not there is climate change and whether we should do something. >> the president rallies the recovery in florida and the governor loses his boots. the saudi decision to cut oil production could have massive impact for democrats a democracy. when all in starts right now. >> good evening from new york. i'm chris hayes. on monday evening one of the biggest stories of the midterm elections dropped. according to the daily beast, trump endorsed georgia republican senate republican herschel walker, report deadly paid for a woman to have an abortion. walker is a guy who is running one of the most extreme anti abortion platforms in the country. nbc news has not vera not verified this story. walker immediately denied the allegation.
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we'll learn more about that. two hours after the story dropped, there he was, the big guest on the fox show, getting known, hannah ties. >> the get well card looks like it is in it could in the article. have you seen it and is that your signature? >> i haven't seen it, but i can tell you, i sent out so many get well, but i can tell you right now, i never asked anyone to get an abortion. i never paid for an abortion. >> what about the 700 dollar check? is there anybody you can remember sending that much money to? >> i send money to a lot of people. that's what's so funny. >> who can keep track, really? unfortunately for walker, the first appearance on fox news didn't go so well. his initial response to allegations right after published, bluster, done aisle, threats of a defamation lawsuit. in fact, he said tomorrow morning i'm going to file defamation lawsuit.
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it's two days later, still no lawsuit. now, the daily beast reporting seems pretty solid. they had obtained a check from walker, reportedly who paid the abortion, along with a little receipt from the abortion provider, and even included the pictures of the get well card. walker apparently sent this to the woman after she had the abortion. given that, walker had to, well, change tactics. where would he go to test run his new defense? that's on fox news this morning. >> i'm using someone sitting right in front of you that has been redeemed, and i want america to know, i'm living proof that you can make mistakes and get up and keep going forward, but you can only do it in this country right here, and you can only do it if we get the election this november. if we vote for the left, you won't be redeemed. he's a minister. he don't believe in redemption. >> okay, okay, okay. you will note, this is a very
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different tone than the tone released by his campaign after it published. this is defamatory. it's so defamatory i will sue tomorrow morning. and today it's i made mistakes and i'm redeemed. a little bit of tension there. something pretty telling about walker immediately running to fox news to try out approach one, approach to, to launder his image, because that's what republicans do now when they are trying to spin a negative story. especially if they are running with for this cycle. another example, on monday a story broke about medical research on animals, including dogs, while he was conducting research at columbia university. now, nbc news has not verified that reporting. we didn't even covered on the show. but it made quite a stir online, and oz's opponent, john fetterman, jumped on the story. and when you know? it same night, oz appeared on fox news.
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now, host laura ingraham did not ask oz about the dog story, even though it might been the biggest development of his race that day. she gave him plenty of chances to attack his opponent. even labeling him doctor mehmet oz, republican running against john fetterman. interviewing candidates for office, we've come to midterms quite a bit on the show, but i want to be clear, fox's coverage different both in tone and the sheer amount of it. fox news is essentially an arm of the 24-hour public relations channel four of the republican senate candidates, interrupted periodically by ads from mike pillow. no other way to put it. according to a new report from -- in the four weeks since labor day, fox news primetime opinion shows have covered the midterm races twice as often as this network and cnn combined. fox functions as the communications are the gop and it's because stars are working to ensure the republicans take
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over than it and have an opportunity to implement a hard right agenda. networks proud right-wing agenda bombarding their audiences with a stream of attacks on democratic nominees you can see this all over fox's coverage in case you don't know. to some hyperbolic graphics portraying democratic candidates as losers, dangerous animals hell-bent on destroying the country. the undisputed king of the stuff is fox anchor john hannity. he is a unique figure. here he is openly partisan, even among his colleagues, a plea appeared at a trump rally in 2020. what exactly is sean hannity's job? as far as we can tell it's getting republicans elected. here's sean hannity with a graphic of radical raphael warnock. he was hannity labeling john fetterman as john the socialist,
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even photoshop-ing him in front of some communist iconography. here's a scrolling graphic titled raphael warnock's extremism composed exposed, with a ton of stuff going by the screen and one called fetterman's extremism exposed, with, like, the same thing. and also a segment reading, quote, in wisconsin, pennsylvania, other key states, democratic senate candidates on defensive over extreme record. and here's the thing. all those examples are just from one show the. hannity and his colleagues have been doing all that, five white nights a week, for weeks now. to be clear, it's a free country. as long as there is been media in this country going back to the beloved founders, there is been partisan media. partisan media that use the media platforms as a way to sway elections. to be the problem is not just partisanship, it's the weird circumstances we find ourselves in. you have a combination of
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partisan media and the market takeover of the republican party. and in the beginning fox was kind of hard on trump, a little bit. but it didn't work. and he was a ratings bonanza. when trump became the nominee, fox just closed ranks around him. they defended him. helped him get elected. even though he should have been no where near the levers of power in this country, and everyone knew it, and i imagine lots of people in fox knew. it now they do it with every. when they're doing with all trump's acolytes. because trump elevates candidates who, like him, are unfit for office. there is an affinity there. sometimes he elevates did genuinely genuine dangerous candidates, like caralee can arizona, like don mr., ali and sometimes candidates who are completely untrustworthy like mehmet oz, tv drifter and snake oil salesman who doesn't even live in the state he is running to represent. and herschel walker, who has been, among other things,
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threatening his ex-wife with a gun, something he doesn't even deny, just as he doesn't remember it and, now he's redeemed. fox elevates these candidates, runs cover for, them works overtime to get their elected, along with the rest of the institutional republican party for scott to mitch mcconnell. they're all rolling in the same direction. it doesn't matter how extreme. it doesn't matter how unfit. once donald trump reaches in and picks who that person is going to be that's going to be the nominee, they all get on board. no matter how far they should obviously be kept from wielding power. and that is a huge part of the story. it might be the story of how we found ourselves in our current democratic crisis. michael steele's former chair of the republican national committee and served as lieutenant governor of maryland. claire musk casco's former democratic senator from major missouri. both join me now. you know, michael, what i keep thinking about is, there was a lot of dissent in republican circles, in georgia, among
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political operatives, about walker. they didn't want him to run. they wanted donald trump to butt out. they said please don't endorse this guy. but the point is, once trump makes his selection, the base follows, and the entire establishment gets in line and it does not matter. they will do whatever it takes to push him across the finish line. >> yeah, that's the game plan as it has evolved since 2016. understand what foxes roles here. fox is not talking to the three of us at because they don't care about us. they are talking to that base, they are driving that base because their internal numbers are showing them a very different campaign then they would like to see. it is something mitch mcconnell recognized a long time ago, which is why he was very concerned about the kind of candidates that were put forward in the senate, because they knew there was an
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opportunity there to take the senate, particularly when you have the race coming off the heels of the 20 election cycle in georgia, that presented a real opportunity. the numbers show that georgia is, at its worst, a light red, pink-ish state. at best it's still a solid republican base. that's what a lot of this is geared to doing, is reminding that base, a, these are trump's candidates, and if they're trump's candidates to your candidates, and you've got to get out there and support them. for the candidates, like walker, this is an opportunity for them to figure out how best to create the narrative that the base can get behind easiest, which is what you see the trial and error. >> that's the funniest part of it. to go from, well, you deny, it don't you? two are you saying you redeemed, saved by grace? he talks about writing a book. this happened one year after
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the book came out about how he was saved by grace, just to be clear. and again, clear, you have experience running statewide races, in tough states. when i think in your races i think the knee-jerk polarization being less developed mentally candidate quality mattered more. the walker race right now really seems like the ultimate test of it. because if we get through this, lord knows it can get through anything. >> yeah. if you think back ten years ago, what todd aiken said, they had a ticker tape parade for him today for what he said. and what he said didn't beat taught taught aiken. what betaken was the republicans deciding he wasn't qualified to be in the senate. >> that's right. they ran. way >> they rejected him. they are rejected him. now compare and contrast that to today, where we not only
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have the republicans circling the wagons around with this clearly flawed candidate who has taken to lyon like his mentor, donald trump, you have fox news deciding they've got to rehabilitate him, and mike is right. this election is going to boil down to turnout. what fox is doing, they are taking the most vulnerable candidates of the republicans have, and they are trying to get them well and they're trying to get turnout for these very, very flawed candidates. >> that's a great point. i had forgotten that part of it. there had been that domino effect with aiken. but we saw it with other candidates. you saw it with george allen in virginia, with his infamous macaque comment. saw what happened in the in a race they would distance themselves. now i think there's a roger else line about, if the media had been different, nixon would never have had to resign. that may be apocryphal, but i'm recalling this from memory.
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there is this effort. when you talked about it, as a broadcaster, it's like, i can watch the strenuousness of throwing, of hannity throwing his back into this on the day. well, this broke, and we just have to do whatever it takes. it is like watching a campaign mailer on air. >> let me give you a bit of insight of how we developed messaging in a moment like this inside the gop. it is a matter of getting elements of that resonate almost immediately with your base. so the first thing is going to be, okay, on the lips kind of language. if that doesn't have the big draw, then you play that evangelical religious card, baby. you roll out how much you've been redeemed and how much you love jesus, and you would let the world know, i'm a sinner and i have sinned. so when he says that i have
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made mistakes. was that mistake paying for that abortion? because that's a natural follow-up. is that mistake the mistake you're owning to? you can begin to see how this becomes sort of a dual track for narratives. they try to draw that bass into these narratives, around religion, faith, redemption, and then, of course, all those mean, nasty liberals, they are the ones we're making all this of. sean hannity asking him, let's go to the childhood home thing. you've got a street named after, you right? okay, yeah. what does that have to do with the receipt for the abortion? the receipt is somehow tied to the naming of the street, okay, but that's not the point. it's how they cut it up, repackaging it, and put it out there for people to eat like manna from heaven. >> and claire, there's a substance issue here.
5:16 pm
i don't care. you want to make it illegal. but it just gives rise to this substantive issue, which is women in georgia can't access a bitch abortion in georgia. >> what i really wish, some journalists, it's obviously not gonna happen on fox, but i just love him to get the hypothetical. if someone did this herschel walker your party believes they should go to prison. so if you did this you belong in jail, according to the policies you support. it's hypocrisy that these people are comfortable with they. got comfortable with flying with trump and they got comfortable with lining hypocrites. >> michael steele, claire mccaskill, thank you. in the new hampshire senate, most memorable for the prop shield with the proper arrows he held during his victory
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speech, he is also the mega candidate who says that the 2020 election was stolen, before announcing that the big lie was amid. you'll never guess where he landed. that story, next. at story, next qulipta gets right to work. keeps attacks away over time. qulipta is a preventive treatment for episodic migraine. most common side effects are nausea, constipation, and tiredness. ask your doctor about qulipta. ♪♪ this... is the planning effect. this is how it feels to know you have a wealth plan that covers everything that's important to you. this is what it's like to have a dedicated fidelity advisor looking at your full financial picture. making sure you have the right balance of risk and reward. and helping you plan for future generations. this is "the planning effect" from fidelity.
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to a guy named don bold look, republican candidate for senate in new hampshire. he is also an election denying
5:22 pm
maga republican. on election night he came out to address his supporter with a shield. bullock spent his primary campaign spreading election lies, but everyone a nomination in the swing state, he tried to do. frontline >> i signed a letter with 120 other generals and admirals saying that trump won the election and damn it, i stand by it. >> do you stand by that today? >> so, you know, we, awe, we, we live and learn, right? i have done a lot of research on this and i have spent, in the past couple of weeks, talking to granite state was all over the state, from every party, and i have come to the conclusion, and i want to be definitive on this, the election was not stolen. >> definitive? live in? learn to granted status. to recap, in the primary bolduc said donald trump won.
5:23 pm
then pivoted to be in pro democracy for the general election. not stolen. definitive. except, remember, guess what? he has just flipped. again on the associated press on monday he was out of the town hall meeting if election was stolen and he said, quote, i can't say that it was stolen or not. i don't have enough information. but what i can say is, that we have regularity, we have to be able to say whether we agree with it or not. a constitutional process was followed put biden in the white house so we can then hold him accountable. i don't know what that means. joining me now is incumbent senator running against bolduc, democrat of new hampshire. it's great to have you on, senator. are you clear on where your opponent stands on who won the 2020 election? >> chris, thanks for having me on. and don bolduc is an election denier. he is trying to mislead the people of new hampshire about his true position. he is the both extreme u.s.
5:24 pm
senate nominee that new hampshire has had in decades on this and on supporting a national abortion ban and on eliminating social security, for example. he's really working to mislead the people of new hampshire about his extremism. the problem we have is that the republicans are all rallying around him, and they are spending $60 million against me to support him to try and mislead granite stagers as well. we cannot have another election gelotte denier in the u.s. senate, but the republicans are doing best, and spending a lot to put him in there. >> there was talk about your race being a top tier race. there is back and forth among republicans about the primaries, the idea being that if it was bolduc, because of how extreme he was, this is what republicans thought, and characterizing their views, that he would not have a shot. but they are spending consistently and polling has the race very close.
5:25 pm
what do you think the defining issues are for the voters in your state? >> look, people are worried about making ends meet. inflation is a concern. that is why i have been talking to people about my record of reducing the costs we can reduce right now while working on the long term drivers of inflation as we did and things like the science act in the infrastructure bill. but people also are concerned about the efforts, the dobbs decision, and now the ongoing efforts of republicans to impose a national abortion ban, something that my opponents record shows he would support. and i think the last thing is that they would really like us to stop being so divisive and come together and address a lot of the challenges we have, affordable chao's, -ing childcare, making sure kids are okay's, addressing mental health needs, climate change. these are all things i hear about from my constituents.
5:26 pm
don bolduc's way out of step with their beliefs and concerns, but come back to the point here, the republicans are spending enormous amounts of money. we're seeing the race tighten. we always knew it would be a really close race. but people really need to get engaged in this race right now if we're going to prevail and keep an extreme election denier from becoming united states senator. >> it's interesting when you talk about the cost of living and inflation, the the polling supports that, we everyone understands that, and it strikes me that it's a difficult thing for an incumbent politician to talk about, because you are held responsible. do you think the inflation we're seeing is because of what the united states senate has done, because it's a global phenomenon but what do you tell to a voter who has seen wage power decline, that you can do something or have done something about it?
5:27 pm
>> first of all, i will keep pushing for the suspension of a gas tax. i will keep pushing to make sure we will get funding to support people who are trying to afford their heating bills here in new hampshire this year. i'll talk about the work we have done, to begin to lower prescription drug costs are to begin to lower energy costs. and the work we need to do to stand up to big oil to hold him accountable for price gouging and market manipulation. but we also know that we need to continue to come together and address long term issues like the chips and science act, and i will be pointing out to my constituents that bolduc opposes medicare for prescription drugs, opposes standing up to big oil to help people lower their energy costs and pivot to a cleaner colony ecology. he supports cutting medicare and social security at a time when seniors are working so hard to make ends meet. so it's important to acknowledge that this is a real
5:28 pm
problem, point to the things that we are doing, but also, remind people that we can come together as we've begun to do and really take concrete steps to address this. but again, what i'm concerned about right now is, i will be making my case to the voters of new hampshire which we do all the time in new hampshire. that's the beauty of my state. you have to earn every vote. every election cycle. but in order to do that, i have to have resources to combat $60 million that the republicans are spending to shore up don bolduc, and i hope people will get engaged now in the campaign and they can do it at maggie >> still ahead, the former president didn't tries to make eliminated of a federal investigation. >> you probably read and heard about the document hoax. has anyone heard about the document hoax? helicopters flying over
5:29 pm
mar-a-lago? well they're giving us about five billion dollars worth of free publicity. >> mounting evidence, donald trump is the person most responsible for his latest legal predicament. next week l predicament. next wee
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you don't mind if i go a little off script. no, but think. they raided mar-a-lago. but the cartels, they have their own mar-a-lago's and those are fine, leave them alone. let them continue to destroy our country. >> every time i hear him now, it sounds like someone doing a donald trump impersonation. [laughs] it has been, what is, it two months since donald trump's retirement home was searched by the fbi. and since then we just keep learning more about just how involved the ex president was not just keeping the highly classified documents he kept from the white house in his possession, but how he actually personally interact with them on multiple occasions. back in the end of august, remember, we found out that trump went through the boxes himself in late 2021 before returning 15 boxes to the natural archive. about a week, later federal prosecutors revealed in court filing that when agents searched trump's office they found, quote, a desk drawer that contained classified documents and governmental records co-mingled with other documents. including the ex presidents passports, one of the most personal items that anyone
5:35 pm
owns. now we are finding out, in the washington post, i quote here, trump himself eventually packed the boxes that were returned in january. as
5:36 pm
5:37 pm
so it looks like there are a lot more witnesses than we were at least aware. of presumably in the department of justice, they are aware. they have and already spoken
5:38 pm
with them. they are by now. >> yeah, and it also looks like he was shopping for a lawyer that would essentially lie for, him right? why wouldn't, because what we do know is we now know one lawyer who was a stalwart and loyal, but apparently knows the guy well enough to know,, like no way in hackensack signing that. because that is gonna get me legal exposure. he doesn't do it, but he does find lawyers who do who now have had to retain lawyers because they are now exposed for having certified to the government that it is all there when it wasn't. >> yeah this was a smart move by alex cannon. he will, there will perhaps be some testimony that the doj would perhaps like from him that might be privileged. but there will be plenty of what he knew, conversations he had with others and what he observed. they will not be privileged. that also might very well be subject to the crime fraud exception. therefore, we'll be you know testimony that he can give so you are right it stands and,,. ,, contrast to other lawyers
5:39 pm
who we have heard about who have, you, know signed at the stations that he was apparently willing to do. so the question is, what did alex cannon know? when did you know it? what conversations we have? those are all being trusted to department of justice. >> well, in a formal legal tip from me is to never sign a document that says that donald trump is telling the truth. not a good thing to do. >> good tip. >> danya perry, thank you so much for coming on. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> still to come, florida governor ron desantis loves a good publicity stunt as much as anyone, probably more. his latest footwear choice is drawing some attention from across the internet. the all in fashion review is next. w is next so, you're 45. that's the perfect age to see some old friends, explore new worlds, and to start screening for colon cancer. yep. with colon cancer rising in adults under 50, the american cancer society recommends starting to screen earlier, at age 45. i'm cologuard, a noninvasive way to screen at home, on your schedule. and i find 92% of colon cancers. i'm for people 45+ at average risk for colon cancer,
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just announced that it is redesigning its cartoon characters to be more gender inclusive. the green m&m, he will know, this is no longer wearing sexy boots. now she is wearing sensible sneakers. m&ms will not be satisfied until every last cartoon character is deeply unappealing and totally androgynous. until the moment where you wouldn't want to have a drink with any one of them, that is the goal. when you are totally turned off, we have achieved equity with. >> i am not sure what happened that made him so obsessed with the sexuality of cartoon and you ask lots. and wanting to have a drink with them. the good news, we may have found a green m&m that is more
5:45 pm
up his alley. hello, there, now, calm down, tucker, this is just a photoshopped on by some rascal on the internet today. it is one of many going around right now, mocking ron desantis and his fancy white boots. desantis, known politely as stunt governor florida, doesn't seem to make a move that isn't designed to get media attention, to position himself for 2024. a brand that he is very effort fully trying to project is tough talking antiestablishment maverick. hero of his own movie, top gov. >> good morning, ladies and gentlemen, this is your governor speaking. today's training evolution, dog fighting, taking on the corporate media. the rules of engagement are as follows. number one, don't fire unless fired upon. but when they fire, you fire back with overwhelming force. >> [laughs]
5:46 pm
it is no surprise that top gun, topic of, has been seeking macho for shops as he traveled around florida in the wake of hurricane ian. on sunday, he showed up in desoto county for a boat tour of the flooding, surrounded by security and camera cues wearing a blue vest with his name on it and one twitter knew no -- from peewee's big adventure. but it's not the best that we have the internet above, it was this fantastic shiny white boots. they stole the show. it became a bonanza for internet jokes. immediately desantis and his boots made for walking was compared to nancy sinatra. the photoshopped troublemakers got in on the auction too, imagining the governor as a dallas cowboys cheerleader. of course, the green m&m before he took away all of her sex appeal. now, this is all totally superficial. a little silly. but not the first time a politician has taken some heat for sporting something goofy. who can forget, of course, infamously, the michael dukakis in the oversized helmet riding on a tank.
5:47 pm
or barack obama and he can suit. or kristen -- chris christie in the softball uniform. now, ron desantis in these. it remains to be seen how the desantis go go boots will go down in political history. [laughs] but for a guy trying to be seen as a formidable powerhouse, i am not sure this helps. (vo) the older. the physically challenged. the last to be chosen. shelter dogs with special needs face a far longer road to adoption. but subaru knows even the toughest roads can lead to the most amazing places. that's why subaru and our retailers created national make a dog's day... to help all underdogs find homes.
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they buy from me, they spend 40, million 50 million, am i supposed to just like, them i like them very much. >> donald trump has always loved saudi arabia, back in 2015 campaigned that way. never really stopped. it was the first country visited as president, early in the pandemic the ex president even bragged about his friendship with the de facto leader. of saudi arabia. the crown prince commonly known as mbs. tweeting, just spoke to my friend mbs. this came after the cia determined that mbs had personally ordered the savage murder of washington post columnist jamal khashoggi in 2018. when his henchmen ordered him to an embassy, hacked and dismembered the journalist with a bones. of the fact about two weeks after the killing, trump secretary of state moan pompeo made the trip to saudi arabia to grip and grin with mbs. , now as a candidate, trump -- calling saudi arabia a pariah state, bound to punish the crown prince. but then, this past july, as gas prices soared, president biden also made the trip to
5:53 pm
saudi arabia, where he fist bumped mbs. the president took a lot of heat for that. now, look where it has gotten him. because today, opec and russia announced that they are cutting oil production by 2 million barrels a day to raise energy prices. a move that would likely raise gas prices in the u.s. right before the midterm elections. this is the problem. in the year of 2020, to petrol states and their leaders basically control both the energy supply of the world and the political fortunes of democratic leaders throughout the world. dan deckers is an independent oil trader we spent over 30 years and rising energy markets, also the author of turning oil green, and he joins me now. dan, first, let me give you your rundown of today's opec announcement and what it needs. >> first of all, i thought it was a printed -- brilliant intro, chris, because you have and pull evidence that there was very something, very smelly between trump and company and mbs. and besides the khashoggi murder, which, you know, pompeo
5:54 pm
and trump refused to address, there was that fancy two billion dollars of money that was dropped in jared kushner's lap. >> yep. >> to manage immediately after he lost power. so i think that you are right about that. on the other side, i am not sure whether there is the direct connection between what good he might have done for trump and what that he is doing for biden in front of the midterms. but what there has been is an assault on oil prices. now, first we have to remember that the fundamental backdrop for oil is for it to be a lot higher than it is right now. i know people don't really believe that, but it is true. russia has clearly removed one of the most -- largest pieces of the global supply chain. it is now very much at risk, where the russian supplies will reach the rest. whether they will even reach the east. how much will be lost. but instead of prices going, up we have seen oil prices come down $40 a barrel over the course of the last two and a
5:55 pm
half months. that has been mostly cause of, one, the federal reserve continuing to raise interest rates. but also, with president biden releasing supplies from the strategic petroleum reserve, he has released about 350 million barrels into the marketplace forcing prices lower. so, what the saudis and the rest of opec is looking, out there looking at a market that fundamentally should be in their favor. but it has been entirely moving against them for the past two and a half or three months. they signaled that they were gonna do something about, that they were going to fight in many ways the federal reserve and european central banks and the biden administration on price, because they feel at this moment that their prices are really starting to get disguised by monetary action. so they took a very very bold course today, 2 million barrels a day is a greed, big number. much more than i even expected. >> yeah, i, mean it was a very expected -- we expect that to jack prices up. for folks to, track the, when
5:56 pm
you talk about the actions of the federal reserve as central banks across the, world not just in the u.s. are increasing interest rates to slow the economy down, people are betting on a decrease in demand for oil, we should push prices down. which is one of the things, you, know weighing down prices. but on the second, think this is been fascinating. you know, biden, really i want to show you this graphic. because i think it's really interesting from a political perspective. this is from the new york times. the first graphic is gas prices on the left there. the one on the right is disapproval of biden, the americans who disapprove of biden. what you see is that there is a real tight correlation. gas prices go up, sodas disapproval. got prices go down, so disapproval. his approval goes up, and he has taken a very very, you know, by any means necessary approach to gas prices. it sounds like had some success. you're saying the decision on these tragic oil reserve, petroleum reserve did affect prices.
5:57 pm
-- >> as you know, gas prices are a political nightmare. >> yep. >> for any puck buddy of the administration. as you noted, you know, trump was able to go to saudi arabia and get the saudis to give them more barrels in front of his midterms. so, it is something that scares the heck out of every president and, yes, the public really responds to gas prices. so, you know, president biden is in a tough spot. but you do have, again, you have this difficulty in trying to measure how much you are going to balance what you are trying to do with gas prices in front of a mid term. and how bad you want to sink, you know, an economy that is actually rolling along really well. so, strategic petroleum reserve using that. and again, using these kinds of controls, these monetary controls and even, you know, the windfall proper talks in the eu that was just put together. i mean that also does a lot for something for price. but it does nothing for the supply problem. that is really what you are dealing with right now. a really difficult supply
5:58 pm
problem. >> so here is another aspect of the supply problem. and i hope the timing of this was interesting. and i don't know that it was intentional, but it seems like it might be. wall street journal today with this scoop that the u.s. plans to ease venezuela sanctions, enabling chevron to pump oil. of course, venezuela, one of the top openings in the world, has been heavily sanctioned by the u.s. government, nicholas madero who has been heavily sanctioned by the u.s. government for humans rights abuses there. there is a place where a lot of supply could come on line, that announcement happening right after the opec cup fell to knee like a little bit of one plus one equals two. what do you think? >> you are reaching for a couple of straws, the venezuelans getting back online is difficult. but you see, on the other, side for example, iran who walked away from the jcpoa because the biden administration cannot guarantee that trump won't come in and tear up the contract again, so they walk away from it. now that the iranians, now the iranians are getting hit with
5:59 pm
fresh sanctions because they won't sign a new jcpoa, so there for 3 million barrels are now at risk. i mean, we can go from market to market to market across the saudi market is the most important. the russian market has been, i mean, in many ways, like i started telling you, the fundamental picture is so bad for oil right now that to see oil prices that $80, as high as that seems right now, to some people. it seems to me that it should be a lot higher. so there is gonna be this war going on, you know, the administration and europe, everyone who is trying to keep prices, you know, attainable for consumers. who are going to have a very cold winter. and, in fact, what is going on in the fundamental supply chain, which is, quite frankly, a disaster, only looking to get worse. >> yeah, when you look, at when you take a step back and look at governments throughout the democratic world. the battle between central banks, which often largely operate independently or are trying to attack inflation. and fossil fuel suppliers who want the prices up, and you have got democratic governments who can't control either very
6:00 pm
well, who are going to be paying the price at a time when you have got, like, really scary authoritarian movements. it is a very unsteady moment right now, dan, victor always great to get your insight on this sweep of problems, thank you very much. >> my pleasure, thank, you chris. >> that is all in on this wednesday night, alex wagner tonight starts right now, good evening, alex. to>> as if we needed more data points about why dependent on fossil fuels it's not ideal. >> that was exactly the thought i had today. like, do you want to trust your political fortunes and your subsequent fortunes to vladimir putin, the crown prince, and, you know, exxon? >> i mean, you look, at the playing cards of the people who control those fortunes and it is not a good group of people. thank you, chris. >> thanks to you at home for joining us tonight. last summer, when herschel walker started running for a u.s. senate seat in georgia, there was something very strange about this campaign. he almost never spoke. people spoke about him,