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tv   The Katie Phang Show  MSNBC  October 8, 2022 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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it's the subway series menu! 12 irresistible subs... like #9 the champ. rotisserie style chicken. double monterey cheddar. the champ is truly made for a champ. gee, thanks chuck. who said anything about you? it's subway's biggest refresh yet. this is the katie phang show. live from miami, florida. we've got lots of news to cover. and lots of questions to answer. so let's get started! a new twist in the herschel walker abortion scandal. his ex, now telling the new york times the georgia senate candidates wanted to have a second abortion. but she refused. and so far? the gop is still standing by their man. plus, new developments in the mar-a-lago investigation. stores say that the doj suspects that donald trump still has white house documents in his possession. and? the far-right's violent
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rhetoric is escalating ahead of the midterms. we'll tell you about an alarming spike in talk of civil war online. and by some republican lawmakers. and later? our reveal of the day's biggest mystery. why conservatives are suddenly freaking out over scooby-doo. and frankly? why i'm not surprised. all of that in more is coming up. and, a good saturday morning to you. i am katie fang. breaking overnight! vladimir putin's military facing yet another critical setback on the battlefield. a massive explosion causing major damage to a bridge connecting crimea to russia. part of the bridge collapsed into the sea, compromising the main supply route for the russian military. and it happened one day after putin's 70th birthday. we've got kyle perry, he is live now in kyiv. cal, good morning.
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what can you tell us? >> he catie good morning. it's hard to understate what a moment this is and how important this bridges to russia's military effort. we've been talking so much about the ukrainian military pushing about the east and southern part of the country, while this bridge is the only land bridge between russia and crimea, and the railways that run from crimea into southern ukraine have already been damaged, so this is going to be now a question for russia, how they resupply their troops in the southern part of the country. the ukrainian government has responded on twitter, they are not taking credit for the attack. they never take credit for these attacks. but they are marking the russian government. writing, first basically, it was the -- that was the ship. that was the flagship that was sunken april 14th. and now it is this bridge. so they are taking shots at russia, not just on the battlefield. but also online. the other thing, katie, that of course is hanging over this country. hanging over this capitol. is the threats by vladimir
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putin that he could use nuclear weapons. we had a chance to get on the streets today, talk about what they're thinking. here's what one person had to say. take a listen. >> but you only the city? >> don't leave the city. because it's my home. i think that when putin comes, all the people here want to protect our town. that's why we don't leave. >> you know, when you talk to people out here on the streets. caveats pretty bizarre because people seem to have a plan. some people say that they will say. other people say that they will flee. but people know how they're gonna get out. they said i have a friend that's gonna pick-me-up, or i pills that imitator portrayed and protect myself. ayman hunkered on in the basement. it's a very reared atmosphere here in the capital city katie. >> our thanks to cal perry, cal please, as always, stay safe. we appreciate you. florida continues to recover in
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the wake of its deadliest hurricane in decades. ian's death toll now reaching over 130 deaf people. thousands remain without power, and many more are waiting for supplies to rebuild their homes. msnbc correspondent ryan finnegan's is live in fort myers, florida. good morning squad, our recovery efforts going this morning? >> katie, good morning. a lot of residents are returning to neighborhoods like that when you see here. more and more of these images are making it on television. these are mountains of furniture and items that were inside some of these homes. that from the outside, looked like they survived the storm. without any damage. but because of the surge, the water when inside a lot of these homes. and ruined everything. the image that you're seeing now are these large trucks that have been sent out by the county. they only have 15. now they've said yesterday that about 100 of these are growing around to the homes to pick up a lot of the trash. the items. this is really important because trash had been piling up for days.
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and a lot of the residents were asking for a place to take the trash. or for help from the county. so. these trucks are not going around picking up a lot of the debris. you can see still behind me. and for many of the residents. the ones that have returned to the homes that were at self point surge -- those state here during the storm. it's gonna be first. clearing all the items out. and then the no support anything. as i've been told by experts in the area. somebody that works for an insurance company that is inspecting one of the homes told me. is to search for that mold. because basically anything that came into contact with water, i was, told especially the dry wall in those areas. that has to be removed so a lot of these homes that again. from the outside look like they are okay. will eventually have all the dry wall turn at the inside, so before we bring out. or before they bring in all these supplies that will be necessary to rebuild. there will be a cleanup effort, they will be some construction workers that will have to come in and do all this. and again, these are the homes where the structures survived.
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whether structures will find that are going through these issues. meanwhile, the homeowners. the people that live in these. houses are spending the night with friends. or some of them, even outside. we spoke about yesterday. leaving in this car. while the cleanup his home. >> where you're sleeping? >> i'm sleeping in my car. >> a lot of you to be there for? >> well, until we get clothing, and get some security in here. >> that was ernie, that was the neighbor. you saw those items behind him. when you look at them, they look fine. but almost everything has water damage. and that's more and more of what we've seen with the residents that are returning to the areas where the storm surge caused all of this damage. katie. >> guad venegas, thank you so much. now we're gonna turn to new york city where mayor adams has declared a state of emergency
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over an influx of migrants. he said the city now has more than 61,000 people in the shelter system. including thousands of migrants who have recently been bussed in from other parts of the country. a relief center will open on rattles island, but that will likely philip. fast at least nine buses arrived in the city on thursday alone. mayor adams says that it will cost at least one billion dollars to maintain migrant services. meanwhile, texas governor, greg abbott boasted in a press release about sending over 8000 migrants to d.c. since april. 3000 more in your, accents, august and nearly 1000 to chicago. adams calder added saying that he's only making the situation worse. >> governor abbott made it clear, first of all, he lied and said that he wasn't doing this since april. he was caught lying by his own news outlets in texas. he is untrustworthy. >> a spokesperson told adams to
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quote, blame the white house. adams has appealed to albany and washington for aid as this humanitarian crisis continues. now for the latest? out of georgia. another bombshell in the horseshoe all walker abortions scandal. he says his ex girlfriend, telling the new york times that the republican senator candidate went to get a second abortion in 2011, but she refused. there's reporting has not been independently confirmed by nbc news. and the walker campaign has declined to comment to the times. meanwhile, msnbc has gotten hold of text messages between walkers accuser, and his wife. for those details, we all turn to nbc news correspondent. allie raffa. >> katie, democrats control the senate by the thinnest of margins. and keeping that control could easily come out to this senate race here in georgia, between republican candidate herschel walker. and democratic in commit senator raphael warnock.
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but this race has gone from too close to, cultured down right foiled in allegations of just a matter of days. earlier this week, walker, who is running on a stage antiabortion platform. denied reports by the daily beast, and the new york times that he paid for a woman, later revealed to be the mother of one of his children to have an abortion in 2009. and two years later, pressured her to have another abortion. but she refused. overnight, the former football star confirming to msnbc news. directly that his wife in this woman making the allegations were and contact to -- the woman telling walker's wife that he did pay for the abortion, walker sharing copies of the exchange between his wife in this moment for news. and he said this is the first time the woman ever mentioned the abortion him or his wife. but the woman showed the new york times and daily beast a copy of the receipt from an about lana abortion equipment. and a check that she claimed was a reimbursement for the
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procedure. as well as a wildcard that she said came from walker. we should know that we have also not seen any documentation of these. but walker tells msnbc news. quote, i don't remember any card, or check, or anything. but i was telling her. i couldn't sense of money. i could've sent a card. but not for the reasons that she is saying. despite all of this controversy, this whole spectacle, most congressional republicans are still sticking behind walker. still pledging support in the form of dollars. and campaign impurities by republicans on the campaign chair. but state republicans frustrations with there's only grows with just 32 days ago. before voters have their say. >> our thanks to allie raffa. coming up! we will have much more on the herschel walker scandal. and the gop hypocrisy as they continue to stand by their man. i'll speak with daniel moody about that, and how it seems to be all about winning for republicans. plus, could donald trump have
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trump might have donald trump might have white house documents and who's possession. i don't know why they would think that. trump was always transparent and on the up and up. that is what people familiar with the separation told the news. the doj had no comment. -- the probe was called a witch hunt, hoax, in charade. those sources tell nbc the department's top counter official -- there is still a lot we don't know we still have the
4:16 am
documents and we are concerned about the possibility after finding all of those empty folders with classified markings. the big question, what is the doj actually going to do about it? here to help me tackle all of this, joyce vance. she is a professor at the university of alabama school of law. and msnbc legal analyst. you are up with the chickens and you are up to do this we appreciate that. what is the best move for the doj if it happens to be the case and donald trump still has his hands on classified documents? >> katie, as you know while from your work, as a prosecutor and as a defense lawyer, doj's hands are tied unless develops specific probable cause for a specific location. reading the tea leaves of this reporting, it looks like that maybe what is going on here. the doj is working one way or
4:17 am
the other towards becoming with the probable cause it will mean for other locations where trump keeps his personal papers. >> joyce, let's talk about the attempts to develop the probable cause. there is also reporting from the new york times that there is a divide in the trump legal circle about how to handle this issue. here is reporter kate are talking about what trump lawyer, chris guys, the new guys on the team reportedly want to do. take a quick listen. >> part of the debate is that they would like trump to come clean if they have more documents. he would like to have a third party come in and search whatever of trump's part parties needs to be searched. so that they can be given a clean bill of health and a full assessment of what that party has found. there are other people in trump's legal orbit who have tried to convince the former presidents that they should fight this. if he does do anything it is his and he should not give it back. now, it seems, right now, it is the latter camp that is one thing out.
4:18 am
nbc news has not confirmed these details with the usual responses to fight. this could be an uphill battle for chris suggesting that trump come clean and sign off on the search. it would be consensual, as we. no what do you think conversations are like behind the scenes about trying to convince donald trump to sign off on a consensual search of his properties? >> it seems like chris, the one who appreciates how the law works, the evidence does not get any better for trump as time goes on. if he still has classified documents there is no doubt that the government will hunt those down. they are too important to like all of. so, the strategy seems like it would be based on something that permits someone to produce documents. an individual not a company. they can claim something called active production immunity that says the documents cannot be used against them in a criminal
4:19 am
case. it is the sort of compel production that is akin to violating your right to remain silent. you're right he's not testify against yourself. whether or not that would work i think it's a complicated question. it would probably be the best shot that trump would have of keeping any additional documents who may still have out of the equation for the doj. the doj already has the evidence and has. it can assess that case. the strategy seems to be based on keeping trump out of additional trouble. if the former president still has documents they will come to light and that will be something the doj will be a able to walk away from. >> there is a heavier lift in terms of keeping his client under trouble. let's talk about the water probe that the washington post and donald trump himself caught the 15 boxes of records that went the national archives back in january. the post cited people familiar
4:20 am
with the matter and nbc news has not come from that report. but hill spoke to several legal experts about that detail. they said, if true, that could strengthen the doj case. it shows trump has knowledge and intent. do you agree with that assessment, joyce? >> yes, that is absolutely correct. more firmly trump's fingerprints are placed on these documents, and on the way they got to mar-a-lago, and the way they got withheld from the government when the government came knocking on its door early on, trying voluntarily to reclaim those documents, the closer that trump is linked to all of the action here. the better the doj case against him is. >> joyce, i want to switch gears a little bit right now. i want to ask one another development this week. trump's attorneys have asked the united states supreme court to step in and allow the special master to review those 100 classified documents that were taken from mar-a-lago, alongside the doj.
4:21 am
the deadline by clarence thomas 's for the doj to respond by this tuesday. so a couple of days. trump wants his hands back on the classified documents. what do you think is the likelihood of trump succeeding with his pitch to scotus? >> so the brief that trump has written, in this case, is a very inside baseball technical sort of issue. it has to do with jurisdiction. frankly, when you consider the overall context of this case and the notion that a former president walked off with hundreds of classified documents, refused to return them when he was asked to, and the doj was forced to resort to the extreme measure of executing a search warrant to get them back, only to learn that they were empty folders, and likely still other documents that were missing. in the overall context is not particularly appealing as a case for the supreme court to give the sort of exceptional
4:22 am
relief to catch this case likely gets called a shadow docket. what were the full court, without proof a case, without hearing gets, kids simply reject it and for it the 11th circuit to continue with the review that it has undertake it. >> to that point i want to emphasize this. there is concern circulating about the idea that clarence thomas, because he's the justice from the supreme court assigned to the 11th circuit where they mar-a-lago drama is unfolding, that justice customarily make a decision on his own that would favor donald trump. from what i'm hearing from you that would not be the case and it would end up in front of the entire panel of the supreme court if it ended up there at all. >> if justice thomas were to render a decision in the former presidents favor at this point it would be historically damaging with the reputation
4:23 am
with the public that it is unbelievable madeleine-able to believe that the court would permits that you have been. justice thomas himself has shown the inclination here to act in the way that a judge normally acts with these sorts of review requests. as you point out there is nothing nefarious about the fact that she is the justice who this case came to. he is the justice allotted to the 11th circuit. he comes from savannah georgia and the court tries to keep justices in their home areas while he has the option of issuing an opinion on this matter it is far more likely that once the briefs are filed it is either dismissed out of hand or referred to the shadows. >> joyce vance, we thank you and the chickens for getting up early and joining us and making our viewers that much smarter. i appreciate you. coming up, another day, another
4:24 am
bombshell about georgia's republican senate -- we will bring you those details this morning. well to georgia voters make of the allegations that he paid for and abortion? we will have more on this developing controversy next. plus, mystery solved. >>. . my thoughts about the right-wing meltdown over vilma in the new scooby-doo movie later this hour. it's the subway series menu. 12 irresistible subs. the most epic sandwich roster ever created. ♪♪ it's subway's biggest refresh yet!
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person. he is a most important guy. he has been in the long tough period. he had a lot of concussions. next >> soft support from some prominent conservatives there for embattled georgia senate candidate herschel walker. following allegations that he paid for an abortion. according to text messages provided by his campaign to nbc news, they are not the only ones. heavy hitters like rick scott and rnc woman renault mcdaniel also defended him this week as he faces off against democrat raphael warnock enough closely watched senate race. for me there is more than a little bit of hypocrisy here. from walker himself, a man who claims to have a zero tolerance policy on abortion, to his gop peers who seemed to stick to their values until this latest hit that their quest for power might be threatened. the seemingly threadbare values are being put to the test once again with new reporting overnight. speaking with the new york times a woman who says that walker paid for her to get that
4:30 am
abortion in 2009 is also alleging that he urged her to terminate her pregnancy as second time but she refused. she has not been raising that child, their son, on her own. nbc news has not independently concerned the story and the campaign declined to comment to the times. at first walker issued a full-out janelle accusing democrats of being desperate to make this race about his family. as the story evolves so to does his response. walker telling nbc news, for the first time on friday, he knows the identity of the woman making the accusations and claiming she had never mentioned the abortion before now. joining me now from where is the host of the podcast and co-host of the democracy podcast danielle moodie. danielle, i, i have to get your reaction to the new details that are coming out. i feel like there is a new detail every day. the republicans were defending him all week as i mentioned.
4:31 am
what do you think about the second bombshell about him allegedly urging the same woman to get a second abortion? to me, his hypocrisy is clear but what other figures risk further exposing there's? >> no, i think that they were very clear. this is about a quest for power. this has never been about being pro-choice. it has never been about where the parties and family values are. they do not care about that. they care about power. like was stating in your opening they do not care if herschel walker killed a bunch of eagles. they will back this man and be in his corner and that should be upsetting for the voters. i do not think you will shame republicans into caring or actually saying that no, we are the party of family values and we have to distance herself from this because that would give up the opportunity to take over the senate. i think for voters who find themselves alongside the gop because they share some similar
4:32 am
values, let's say, that have to do with being pro-life, how do you look at herschel walker and say that this is why man when you literally have receipts? we have receipts. >> danielle, to your point, they did it before. there is a certain group of gop voters had looked at donald trump and said, he is going to give me a conservative scotus and i am going to see the end of roe v. wade. that is what mitch mcconnell delivered courtesy of donald trump. in some way these voters, again, a certain group of them, they do not have a problem owning this or standing next to someone like herschel walker. listen, you said it and it is true because this was never about being pro-life it is about being pro power. should we be grateful that republicans have finally stopped a charade and pretending what it is about. ? if so, does that change how democrats should be approaching this? >> democrats need to be authentic to their base and it is very pro-choice.
4:33 am
this is about bodily autonomy and freedom. frankly it is also about the economy because when you pull woman out of the workforce because they are not going to provide them with childcare and we are not providing increase in child tax credits are giving you universal pre-k, or any of the things that you would say this country or the republican party are behind, like women and families, no, we are not doing that at all, once these babies come out you are on your own. the democrats need to tell the truth. they need to continue to tell the truth about who the republican party is. they are not the party of values. they are the party of power. they are a party that wants to create policy in cruelty and depression. those things need to be clear. if herschel walker can make decisions about his future and his family then why should he rob americans of the opportunity to do the same. why is it okay for republicans to be able to use the access to abortion for their own? and then have the power to block it for millions of people
4:34 am
with uterus is. give me a break. i hope the voters recognize that this is not about them caring about what happens to, quote unquote, babies. this is about what happens when they are able to take over the senate and the house and somehow start to begin impeachment here. it is about joe biden. figuring out what other rights they want to take away from the american people. >> at least, aghast, they took care of the babies in gilead after the force them to have them. donald trump handpicked walker to run and -- despite knowing that he was living in texas at the time. and it appears the endorsement allowed him to clear the primary field and easily won that nomination. but, danielle, should walk or lose? do you think there is actually going to be some type of backfire on trump for this pick? >> when has there ever been backfire on trump. we have never witnessed the gop leave this man side no matter what he says or what he threatens because they will
4:35 am
stand with him. they will stand by their man. where the backstory comes from is for the american voters to look at this party and recognize that this is no longer the party of reagan. this is the party of insurrectionists, liars, and -- this is not a party family values. this is the party of oppression. this is a party that wants to make sure americans heard as much as possible. to live in a place of desperation so they can be taken advantage of. these are the things that need to be made clear about this republican party and about their leader. there king, donald trump, he can do no wrong. he can absolutely do wrong that the american people. garage is what they mean to wake up to. >> well i have you here i want to pivot to another, but someone call, a pdf deep. maybe president biden would call in the self. he said he will pardon thousands of people convicted of marijuana possession under federal law. perhaps, surprisingly, the move received virtually no pushback
4:36 am
from republicans as the blog editor quoted, in the wake of biden's announcement, the republican national committee had nothing to say about it. the nrcc and nrfc were silent, too. they said minority leader kevin mccarthy completely ignored the developments. of course, daniel, there were some republicans who pushed back like senator tom cotton and greg abbott. but, what impact do you think this is going to have? it is an overwhelmingly popular move and it is right before the midterms. i think it is another success story for president biden. >> i agree that it is a success party. the thing is, republicans are being mom on the issue. not because they do not agree with president biden. they are being mom on the issue because they have already pushed back against student loan debt relief. right? essentially, when you look at these issues, we catch them as being issues that young people care about. they matter to young people. decriminalizing marijuana, we know that is happening state by
4:37 am
state. if people are able to make billions of dollars off of this industry, now, why are black and brown people still imprisoned over it? why are black and brown people largely the ones who were targeted by this war on drugs? why are they the ones that have communities broken, and are unable to vote? this move, by president biden, it is huge. it signals to the american people that we should have never treated this as a schedule one drug, along with heroin and cocaine. if we follow actual science they have told us that marijuana is not the addictive gateway drug that they tried to scare us about so many years ago. it has so many different medical benefits. if we follow science, right, and not religion, and so, i do not think we are going to hear the republican party pushing back. that does not mean they are not against. it does not mean that when and if, let me say that, they get power back that they will not
4:38 am
undo the good things that president biden is doing to decriminalize marijuana. and stigma. >> i will say if, not one. because it is not guaranteed. daniel moody, always glad to have you here to set the record straight. thanks for being pinned or this morning, i appreciate you. coming up, many republicans think we are on the verge of a literal civil war in this country. so, just how dangerous is the dramatic spike in online chatter about it? why are lawmakers like ted cruz normalizing the phrase? we will talk about how this type of violent rhetoric is ramping up ahead of the midterms. that is coming up next. 600,000 vehicl don't just connect your business. (dock worker) right on time. (vo) make it even smarter. we call this enterprise intelligence. it's time... to score a deal. because wayfair's five days of deals are here!
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with just one month until the midterms are violent firelight rhetoric is flaring both online and in real life. experts feel it is cooley going to get worse if it is going to get closer to the elections. one disturbing trend has been specially picked up steam in the week of the mar-a-lago search. the new york times is reporting that hours after trump made the search public mentions of, quote, civil war spiked a whopping 3000% on twitter similar spikes followed on facebook, reddit, telegram, parlor, gab, and on donald trump social media platforms, sue truth social. it is not just people hiding
4:43 am
behind the keyboards. listen to how some trump allies are layering these claims including elected officials. >> i am not going to mince words with you all. democrats want republicans dead. they have already started the killings. >> did you know that a governor can declare war? the governor can declare war. we are probably going to see that. >> we are at war. the left is not the left of ten or 15 years ago. these guys do not care about winning arguments anymore. they are not playing politics. >> joining me now is christina, associate professor of political science at fordham university and the author of black ethics. christina, my friend, thank you so much for being here. we talked about this little bit before. it is such an important concept and threatening issue that i really want to make sure that you and i had more time to discuss. there are now more examples
4:44 am
that we can count. senator ted cruz, for example, telling the texas tribune last month that he was pessimistic about the potential for immigration solutions in the short term. partly because of the ongoing political civil war. i mean, christina, interesting and intentional choice words there, in my opinion. let's be clear, the threat of violence is not limited, now, to fringe, white nationalist groups, anymore. this is not mainstream. what are the dangers of normalizing this kind of rhetoric? >> katie, sadly, this has been completely normalized by the republican parties. we see it from the top down. he has been saying this ever since january six. this is dangerous, by the way, because republicans want to say the democrats are racist, they want a civil war. last i checked the people waving saw sticks cars and confederate flags were democrats. they were people going on orders of president donald trump. by the way, as they call for the hanging of mike pence and
4:45 am
nancy pelosi and aoc. so, where we are right now, sadly, is that we have a republican party that refuses to denounce, not only the evil, but the rhetoric on a local state and federal level. they are fanning the flames. this is not a drills. we saw the january six people who did get murdered. the republican party still has not taken it seriously. i think it is shameful that not every single republican is asked on a daily basis where they stand. where is your party? this is not, as you said, a few rogue voters or representatives on the outskirts of the party. the party has moved there. and so, voters need to ask themselves if they are still republicans and if they support this kind of rhetoric and these people. i think every single republican official needs to be asked the question, where do you stand on these types of divisive issues? >> to answer your question, a recent poll shows that 54% of respondents who identified as
4:46 am
strong republicans see civil war as likely within the next decade. some are arguing we should not take this talk of civil war literally. it is more symbolic. christina, is there a real danger here to being complacent about these threats? to think that it is just talk? it is not really action? >> when we see these white nationalists arm to the tee outside a voting booth, going into school, going into churches, we know that there is a real threat of some of these white nationalists who have infiltrated our armed services and police forces across all 50 states. this is not a hypothetical situation. this is democrats being patriotic. this is a conversation we are refused to have about the second amendment. we see, largely, white men who feel the need to take up arms to protect what they feel is there's. what they feel is there's is this country. they are intimidated and frightened that the country is getting more black, and latino, and asian.
4:47 am
they fear immigrations. they fear that women are in positions of power. this is, when we think about the second amendment, when we think about the getting of roe v. wade, all these things are interconnected. all these larger policy ideals that the republicans are upholding to strip americans of their rights, it goes back to a fundamental foundation of white supremacy in this nation that quite a few republicans want to take us right back to. sadly, we have 40 many republican infected officials who are willing to do that. unfortunately, i have less than a minute left. i want to shift gears quickly and ask you about another worrying election trend. according to the washington post a majority of the republican nominees on the ballot, 299 at all, they have either denied or questioned the outcome of the last presidential election. what does this say to you, christina, in terms of these political stability? or political instability, that our country is facing. see how some of these electrons deniers could be secretaries of
4:48 am
state in charge of upcoming elections. >> i think it is imperative people really turn out in november of 2022. we do not get the election right and then 2024 is looking abysmal. we have to make sure people in charge of protecting our elections are in those offices and are not trying to uphold the whims and wishes of donald trump and the far extremists who are republicans, right now. this election is not a drill. democracy is something that needs to be worked on on a daily basis by all of us. we cannot advocate it to those who want to push back and take away policy and rights, or, a vast majority of americans. >> christina, i want to apologize that i misspoke earlier. the name of your book is black ethics, i urge everyone to go check out the book. i want to say thank you for being here this morning. it is good to see you, as always. >> always great to be here. >> coming up, fans cheer as
4:49 am
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much about scooby-doo? i think it found a clue. >> here are your scobee snacks. >> the new movie trick-or-treats club or do confirms that velma is gay. this did not come from out of nowhere. the new york times reports previous scooby-doo writers and
4:54 am
producers have said that thelma was a lesbian. they said pushback from studios about velma would not allow them to depict her as one on screen. fans on line rejoiced at the long awaited confirmation. as you can easily predict conservative pundits had a different reaction. >> there are plenty of gay and lesbian characters. they are just not as popular. so if you are going to do that, why do you need to take a straight character and make her a lesbian. it is not our fault people do not want to watch. at >> the lgbtq abc d e has now must around with scooby doo. >> this is really offensive. we are disrupting these beloved characters. >> there is no innocence. you cannot have a moment of just fine without an agenda. >> i am waiting for them to tell us that school b and shaggy's shares more than a school be snapped. yes. >> what other beloved
4:55 am
characters will they sexualize? >> okay, there is a lot of nonsense there. let's focus on that last clip from fox news. in less than 30 seconds lauren ingrid's gas hit on several long established, offensive ways to degrade the lgbtq+ population. he starts by saying the character is disruptive, despite decades of hands that she has been gay. he compares woman being gay to bc-ology. he ends by saying that establishing that a woman is gay is the same as sexualizing her. it is weird how people like him are never worried about sexualizing characters by establishing that they are straight. that brings me to the main point, here. it is now an almost weekly occurrence that republicans strung up some nonsensical outrage about a fictional character or company mascot. remember when tucker carlson was furious that the sexy eminem was not going to wear
4:56 am
high heels anymore? or when ted cruz was so upset about disney's opposition to the don't say gay bill that he suggested the company would soon portrayed mickey and pluto going at it? one was the last time you heard democrats flipping out about a fictional character being portrayed as a conservative? the new top gun movie was lovingly embraced by the right for being anti woke. whatever the heck that means, you did not see democrats going on tv to throw a tantrum about it. when right-wing pundits freak out like this they are showing you who they are. and how they see the world. it is a lens that shows that any worldview besides theirs, they think it is wrong. because of that republicans have become the party of crybabies and complainers. whether it is a gay character in pop culture, high gas prices, or the immigration system. all they ever have to offer's
4:57 am
complaint. as soon as they start coming up with potential solutions, then they will have a conversation worth having. until then, for them, it is just an echo chamber of manufactured outrage. we will be right back. 12 irresistible subs. the most epic sandwich roster ever created. ♪♪ it's subway's biggest refresh yet! it's nice to unwind after a long week of telling people how liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need! (limu squawks) he's a natural. only pay for what you need. ♪liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty.♪ (vo) get the new iphone 14 pro on us. right now t-mobile is including apple business essentials so you can easily manage your team's devices. on the network with more 5g coverage. only from t-mobile for business.
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it's the subway series menu. 12 irresistible subs. the most epic sandwich roster ever created. ♪♪ it's subway's biggest refresh yet! thanks for watching the katie
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phang show. velshi starts right now. >> today on velshi, key russian supply routes and a putin's illegal land grabbing, it is up in flames tonight. plus, several polite requests, a subpoena, and then fbi raid may still not have been enough to get back all the documents of donald trump that were properly removed for the white house. why the justice department thinks he still has hands on the documents that still do not belong to him and that he should not have. all of this as several extremists are charged with planning and


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