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tv   Jose Diaz- Balart Reports  MSNBC  October 17, 2022 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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weeks from tomorrow. we'll have president biden later this week head to pennsylvania, which we discussed, along with georgia, the two most important states on the map. striking listening to that and talking about how things have changed and contrasting the sesame street there in russia compared to today with terror in kyiv as these drones are detonating into buildings and sending ukrainians scrambling for cover. and the possibility of night being able to heat their homes this winter. >> we'll have much more tomorrow. that does it for us this morning. jose diaz-balart picks up msnbc's live coverage right now. and good morning. 10:00 a.m. eastern, 7:00 a.m. pacific. i'm jose diaz-balart. we begin with deadly attacks
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once again with iranian-built kamikaze drones. we will have a live report from kyiv. and also we will speak with former ukrainian president poroshenko about his reaction and the very latest in the war. and you will hear the exclusive one-on-one interview with georgia republican senate county herschel walker. what he said about claims he paid for an abortion. plus, a california community relieved after police say they caught a suspected serial killer. and xi jinping is poised to win an unprecedented third term in office. we'll get the latest from beijing. we will look into the importance of language in identity. we will go inside what is becoming a big debate about spanish and cultural.
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and we begin this hour with the breaking news out of ukraine where the country's dam was struck again by another were round of russian strikes overnight. kyiv's mayor says the city was struck by iranian-made kamikaze drones that hit critical infrastructure and a residential building. ukrainian officials say at least four have died. this morning's strikes follow vladimir putin's claims that russia saw no need for additional strikes on ukraine. russia struck an electrical sub station in southern ukraine which, once again, cut off power to europe's largest nuclear power plant. the plant is now using its backup diesel generators. and ukraine's prime minister announced today that hundreds of ukrainian settlements are without power following russian drone strikes on energy facilities. joining me now is cal perry and
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jane harman, former ranking member of house intelligence committee, now the chair of the board of freedom house. cal, what's the situation there like today? >> so it was as it was last monday morning, rush hour, when we heard a series of explosions, four, maybe five explosions right around 7:00 in the morning. and then about an hour and a half later, another series of explosions. the difference today from last monday is the sound of these drones, these low and slow-flying drones. they almost flutter through the air. they sound like mopeds. that is how ukrainians are describing them on social media. and they are followed by people firing at them trying to bring them down. it was clearly an attempt to overwhelm the air defense systems over this city. five drones made it past air defense systems and impacted
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targets on the ground. now, the targeting systems of these drones are very poor. i can tell you this neighborhood we were in, the site of this explosion is the same neighborhood we were in last week, which the russians were trying to pummel with rockets. there is an elect infrastructure structure. they have been missing it dozens of times with the rockets. it is one more example how they are in some ways incompetent. four people are dead, another four wounded. it's possible there are still folks trapped in the rubble. they are hoping to recover somebody but they're not sure. it is just another day of what has been this barrage that has picked up in the last week from russian forces, jose. >> cal, just kind of exploiting your knowledge of these situations, so these drones are very far from being technical wonders, right? they're more rudimentary.
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and you say they're kamikaze. are they directed in specific areas? how do they work? >> so they slam into buildings. either kamikaze drones. they shraeupl. they're laden with explosives. there seems to be fuel as part of the package because they cause these fire. we are going to learn together, this drone warfare. i have never seen these where they come fluttering over the city. cruise missiles come in a little quicker. it is surreal to see people firing their weapons trying to shoot them down. a minister said if you see the drones, try to shoot them down. four hours later, they had to put out an alert, don't fire at the drones. leave it to the military and the police. it is hard to see them flying low and slow and then impacting
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buildings. >> thank you very much for being with us, as always, this morning. jane, russia has been using these iranian-made kamikaze drones. is there anything the united states could do to stop iran from handing these drones over to russia? >> well, last time i looked, jose, we were negotiating some sort of renewed new, old, agreement with iran to curb its nuclear emerging capacity. and one of the criticisms of that was that we weren't cushing its proxy behavior. well, here's example one of proxy behavior against not just its immediate neighbors like israel, but its neighbor like ukraine, which is directly hurting u.s. interests. i don't know whether we should be negotiating at this point. i would make two points. number one, these are low tech
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but lethal weapons and very difficult to defend against, as you just heard. but number two, did we notice a week or two ago or so, saudi arabia decided to curb oil production, which means that, number one, our idea to cap the worldwide cost of oil is pretty dead. oil prices are going up and buying more ukrainian -- iranian drones. so this is bad, bad, and bad. just a couple other thoughts. xi has just been elected or will be elected to an unprecedented third term as the leader of china. he is interesting in taiwan, which also makes us nervous. just a thought, mr. xi, how about playing the peace card. you would have a huge role over russia at this point. and getting russia to stand down might be a way to build or rebuild your world reputation and keep the newly acquired
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status of russia, because its economy has crate erred, well under your orbit. >> it's just the question of how much xi sees taiwan as a fundamental target. domestic policy as well. i want to talk to you as well, fascinating information from a russian media outlet. it is being conscripted. there you are. come with us. what does it say about what's going on in russia and putin in control over its armed forces? >> well, it says they're desperate. they don't have enough person power. and it also says they're conscripting people who have no idea how to fight and just taking kids out of mother's arms and throwing them into this mess that they don't call a war.
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you know, russia is running out of both lethal weapons, aside from these low-tech drones, and running out of human beings and strategy for this war. but that doesn't mean it will quit the war. that's why i was mentioning this wild card from china as a possibility. i don't think -- i do not think that ukraine -- i don't think it will but i don't think it should back off at this point. there is nothing to be gained. russia said last week it was standing back after it had done this huge attack just a week ago with missiles. of course it wasn't standing back. sob any agreement russia signs is worthless. we have to keep on keeping on here. and i want to praise the ukrainian heart. it is the strongest weapon in this war >> indeed, it is. i thank you very much. it's great seeing you. >> thanks, jose. joining us is former president of ukraine, petro
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poroshenko. they have been using tkraoeupbs to strike at infrastructure. >> thank you very much for the invitation. this morning was wake up by the attack of ukrainian drone who is attacking the object of infrastructure. today russia launched drones. and 23 were hit by ukrainian anti-aircraft system, which was created by me with the very strong assistance of the united states. but we should keep in mind that israel has a special technology to fight against iranian drones. and this is the global solidarity of free and democratic states. we definitely wait for israel
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and the united states the new anti-drone technology. and ukraine paid a very high price. only this morning the ukrainians were killed including the couple with the pregnant woman who were killed. they ruined their houses. and with this situation, i'm absolutely confident that the decision to fight against the ukrainian drones would be immediate. i just want to remind you that we should bring the iran for responsibility with a sanction. and the attack in 2020 when the russian institution attacked the
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commercial plane and modern 176 passengers crew were killed. and that should be iranian responsibility. we do not believe and we do not accept the statement of the iranian government that they do not supply the drones. this is not true. we have evidence for the whole world. and the attack of iranian drones should be immediately stopped. >> mr. president, i want to remind folks you are part of the ukrainian armed forces. jane was just talking about the heart and spirit of the ukrainian people. what is your message to the russians and to people around the world that see this 23rd of february seems like a long time ago. but what's your message? >> i think that putin make and
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all russian leadership make several very serious mistake. first, happening in the 2014 when he make an aggression against ukraine and crimea and donbas. the second on the 24th of february the full-size aggression against independent ukraine and against the whole free world. next it will be tragedy of mariupol, izyum, delivering evidence this is a genocide against ukrainian people. this is not just putin responsibility. this is the responsibility for the whole russian people who come here with a weapon in their hands to kill our women, our children, our elderly people. this is a genocide. and then he make another mistake by the -- providing the
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annexation of this territory. he definitely had no way back. and today we have a new evidence when he use missiles because cruise missiles is also using against civilian object. and iranian drone and every single day we paint a very high price to stop it. those who are saying we should find out a compromise. we should maybe do something for the cease-fire. i just want to deliver the information. the whole world should understand three things. first of all, this is no gray zone and no compromise. because putin want to kill us. and we want to leave. putin want to erase our country from the world map. we want to live in our own
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country. point number two, please don't trust putin. i know that because since 2014 when we created the new ukrainian states and new ukrainian armed forces, putin don't say any single word of truth. and with that situation, we should act because putin understands only strength and putin goes as far as we allow him to go. we are fighting now for the whole democratic and free world. and please help us to save you. help us to invest in your own security. and point number three, please don't be afraid of putin. learn from ukrainian. we know exactly what does it mean to fight against second biggest army in the world. we prove and surprise the world that we are ready.
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we have a very high motivation to fight against putin, to stop russia. and i want to thank you, thank the united states for bipartisan support fort global leadership for supporting ukraine. and with this situation definitely we need peace. and you cannot find any nation in the world who wants peace more than we are. but the more weapons we receive, more sanction would be introduced against russia for not financing bombs and missiles against ukrainian, more open door for nato, for ukraine and for ukrainian, for us would be peace. this is a clear and direct message of our viewers >> always a pleasure. thank you for your time. >> it's a pleasure. thank you very much indeed for supporting ukraine. this is extremely great things. >> thank you. still ahead, how authorities
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in california managed to track down a serial killer in the nick of time. they say he was on the hunt. but first, in a one-on-one interview, herschel walker gives his most extensive comments about allegations he paid for an ex-girlfriend to have an abortion, a claim he denies. you're watching "jose diaz-balart reports" on msnbc. p. h freshness boosters. it has long-lasting light scent, no heavy perfumes, and no dyes. finally, a light scent that lasts all day. downy light! [ marcia ] my dental health was not good. i had periodontal disease, finally, a light scent that lasts all day. and i just didn't feel well. but then i found clearchoice.
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22 days until the midterm elections. early voting is under way in the were critical swing state of georgia. according to data collected by targetsmart, roughly 2,700 absentee ballots have been received so far. the georgia senate race between rafael warnock and republican herschel walker, will help determine which party controls the u.s. senate. over the weekend, walker sat down for an exclusive interview with nbc's kristen welker. kristen welker joins us. great seeing you. what did walker tell you about the many controversies he is facing? >> reporter: he sat down with us after his first and only debate. he touted the need for energy independence to trump and obama. and i asked about the largest controversy swirling around his campaign. of course the allegations that the staunch anti-abortion candidate paid for a former
7:22 am
girlfriend to have an abortion in 2009 which he is again denying. in a one-on-one interview in his hometown of wrightsville, georgia, herschel walker providing his comments about allegations he paid for an ex-girlfriend to have an abortion in 2009. >> why not reach out to her? >> why should i? why do i need to? >> reporter: nbc news has spoken to that former girlfriend who provided us with a copy of a $700 check that walker gave her to pay for the abortion and a receipt from the medical center in georgia where she alleges it took place. nbc news is not revealing the woman's identity or or the documents to protect the privacy of all parties. but we did show a copy to walker, who said the allegation he paid for an abortion isn't true. >> this is still a lie because she's the mother of my child. so you're going to see a check, somebody giving a check. it's a lie.
7:23 am
>> do you know what the $700 check is for? >> i have no idea what that could be for. >> is that your signature? >> it could be. it doesn't matter whether it's my signature or not. >> reporter: when pressed, he said definitively for the first time the check is his. >> yes. that's my check. >> why should voters believe you? >> voters should believe me because i have been very transparent about everything i've ever done. >> reporter: he also faced allegations of domestic violence. >> he said, and i'll just quote for you, you had us move over six times in six months running for your violence. you said you love your son christian. >> right. >> to the allegation about violence. is that true? what should people know? >> i love missed son christian. i love my whole family. i will always love them and stuff. that's what i say for my son christian. and i don't have any violence.
7:24 am
>> walker faced criticism about his academic and business records and ties to law enforcement highlighted by his opponent senator rafael warnock in their debate. >> i've never pretended to be a police officer and -- and i've never -- i've never threatened a shoot-out with the police. >> reporter: walker then brandished what appeared to be a badge. >> you know what's so funny, i am one of many police officers. >> we asked him to explain that moment. >> and where is this one from? >> this is from johnson county, from the sheriff of johnson county, a legit badge. >> reporter: johnson county sheriff said he gave him an honorary badge which allows him to help with community support in a crisis. georgia is key to determining which party controls the senate. while walking on the wraoeutsville field. walker revealed former president trump called him after the
7:25 am
debate. >> did he give you any indication, just to put a fine point on it, that he will be here in georgia for you campaigning? >> if i needed him, he'll come. >> reporter: now, there was another debate in atlanta, which walker did not attend, citing disagreements with the format. we asked senator warnock for an interview. he declined. but his campaign sent us this statement overnight, jose. i'm going to read it to you now. it says, quote, this campaign will come down to who is ready to represent georgia, and it is clear that is not herschel walker. jose. >> kristen welker, thank you so very much. of course you can see more of kristen's exclusive interview on "nbc nightly news" tonight and streaming at 4:00 p.m. eastern on "meet the press" now on nbc news now. early voting is under way in ohio, home to another key race in the battle for control of the u.s. senate. democratic nominee tim ryan and republican no, ma'am tphaoep j.d. vance will face off in their second debate tonight, one
7:26 am
week after their first debate where they argued over abortion, inflation and so many other issues. jesse kirsch joins us from youngstown where tonight's debate will take place. what can we expect tonight? >> reporter: good morning, jose. i think we will see more in terms of policy positions from both candidates. we will continue to see them taking swipes at each other on the airwaves and as we saw in person last week. but one of the key strategy points i think here is going to be the two different groups that they are -- or the same group that these two candidates are trying to court but in different ways. j.d. vance is in a state that trufpl won by eight points each time. he is trying to hold that coalition together and maintain what should be a built-in lead in essence if the last couple elections are any indication. tim ryan, on the other hand, is trying to peel off some of the
7:27 am
more moderate republican voters. that has been his stance throughout this campaign, trying to make an appeal to the right, talking about him being someone willing to stand up to democratic leadership. that is something j.d. vance said is a persona, a facade and not how tim ryan votes in congress. that is the contrast we will see, the two trying to debate on as much as policy just trying to convince voters they will be the more ohio candidate, be more of a right-leaning candidate, if anything. tim ryan is trying to peel off voters that generally would go republican. they have early voting under way. we talked with voters in cuyahoga county, where cleveland is. it gets talked about in terms of turnout on a presidential election night. the board of elections told us that about 5% of the total vote in cuyahoga county will come through early voting. so many voters in ohio, certainly in that county and most likely around much of the
7:28 am
state are very much in play. and the polls suggest that this may be a closer race than would have originally been expected. we are looking to see if tim ryan can continue to pull voters from the right. this is about tim ryan trying to take voters away from what should be a ready-made litigation for j.d. vance. >> i thank you very much. with the election just literally around the corner, you can have your plan to cast your ballot laid out. this is a good place to do that. check out planyourvote. the qr code is on your screen. there you will have all kinds of info on voting rules, registration deadlines, mail-in and early voting options and what to bring with you on election day. new this morning, federal prosecutors are asking federal judge to sentence former trump adviser steve bannon to six
7:29 am
months in jail and a $200,000 fine after he was convicted in july of contempt of congress for defying a subpoena from the house january 6th committee. the justice department said in its filing from the moment he accepted the subpoena, bannon, quote, pursued a bad faith strategy of defiance and contempt. bannon is scheduled to be sentenced on friday. up next, a game changer today for the millions of people who depend on expensive hearing aids to help with hearing loss. we'll explain. you're watching "jose diaz-balart reports". g "jose diaz-balart reports" sounds lik. ♪ when you have nausea, heartburn, indigestion, ♪ ♪ upset stomach, diarrhea. ♪ pepto bismol coats and soothes for fast relief... when you need it most. when a cold comes on strong, knock it out with vicks dayquil severe. just one dose starts to relieve 9 of your worst cold and flu symptoms, to help take you from 9 to none. power through with vicks dayquil severe.
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32 past the hour. a sigh of relief in stockton, california, after police be arrested an alleged serial killer after he killed six people, most of them latino. >>. >> we watched his patterns and determined early this morning he was on a mission to kill. he was out hunting. we are sure we stopped another killing. >> joining us now nbc news
7:34 am
correspondent maura barrett. this is intense. man, he was out hunting. >> reporter: yeah, jose. this community has been terrorized for well over a year. and now they feel this collective weight off their shoulders. i spent time in the area where a lot of attacks happened. yesterday neighbors telling me they altered their way of living. they stopped going out alone. they wouldn't go out late at night. one woman telling me she was canceling plans. she would check every room in her house before she went to bed because she was nervous someone could be in there. now they can go back to living the way they want to. police arrested suspect 43-year-old wesley brownlee early saturday morning. as you heard there, they suspected he was about to kill again when they arrested him. he did have a firearm on his body. he was dressed in park clothing and had a mask around his neck. this has affected families all
7:35 am
of the country who have relatives who were attacked here in stockton. i did a zoom interview from texas with greta, mother of mall alexander yacht who was killed in july. i asked if this brought her any closure. >> i'm just grateful they were able to save it from happening to another person and another family having to go through what we've gone through. it's just been horrific. everybody loved him and everyone is going to miss him a lot. very thankful the police have pulled him off the street to prevent this from happening to anyone else >> reporter: police have been working nonstop to get this suspect and believe he is the sole suspect. they want to thank the hundreds of community tips that helped locate him early saturday morning to bring minimum into custody. he's being held without bail and
7:36 am
faces one murder charge and assorted weapons charges. they are doing ballistic testing right now. >> maura barrett, thank you so much. now to a game changer for the millions of americans who suffer from hearing loss. starting today, adults with mild to moderate hearing aids you can buy them at a store or online without a prescription, exam or fitting by an expert. the food and drug administration thinks this could lower the cost by as much as $3,000 per pair. it will provide significant savings for the nearly 30 million americans, including 10 until under 60. still ahead, china's leaders warning to the world as he is set to begin an unprecedented third term. a massive fire at a notorious prison in iran where two americans are being held. is it part of the protests
7:37 am
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40 past the hour. after a decade in power, china's xi jinping will start his third power. previously china's leaders faced a two-term limit. the rubber stamp parliament passed a constitutional amendment and allowed him to runnin' definitely. it comes amid a rare sighting in beijing, protests against the government's covid-19 policies and calls for freedom were seen on the streets there last week. nbc news's janis mackey frayer has the latest.
7:42 am
janis? >> reporter: it was the comments in taiwan that got the loudest and most sustained applause. it's when he said taiwan will be unified with the mainland. it's not that there's anything groundbreaking with that statement. it's long been part of the position, along with the warning that china would use force if necessary, and especially if there's interference from the u.s. but it was the way that it was presented. taiwan is less an aspiration or dream and more a statement of fact. so it appears taiwan will be central to xi jinping's next term, which will be at least five years. he will rule longer if he chooses to. he's already breaking with precedent and beginning to move china into uncomfortable territory, if you'll call it that, with having this degree of power lie with a single leader. he is very obsessed with
7:43 am
security and safety. he mentioned it over 70 times in his opening address. he also talked of a stronger chinese military. and he warned of dangerous storms facing china. he didn't name the united states by name, but he did allude to tough times ahead with the possibility of confrontation with the united states. people were also hoping for some sign that the zero covid policy would be relaxed here. it seems it won't be. if anything, xi jinping was praising the policy for putting people's lives first. what others will be watching for is some sign of a successor within the communist party to give an idea how long he might be empowered. for now his hold seems to be complete. jose. >> i thank you so very much. gordan with "newsweek".
7:44 am
you wrote on twitter just a little while ago that xi's park speech confirmed the worst fears of china heading in a dangerous direction. what did you mean by that, gordon? >> first of all, he doubled down on everything we didn't want to hear. he emphasized taiwan and his obsession with security. what's really important is what he didn't say. what he didn't talk about were the things that the chinese people wanted to hear, which, for instance, were youth unemployment and the plunging property prices. the reason why that's important, jose, it shows he has no answer to these issues, which means he will focus on finding an enemy for the chinese people to distract them from their problems at home because they know he's responsible for those properties. and that means we're going to find a china that will lash out at the united states. it will be taiwan, india, japan, philippines. it will be somewhere.
7:45 am
>> you know, gordon, it's kind of important, and i want your expertise on this, to kind of define and outline what it is that the chinese regime is. this is not a system that really cares for what the people are worried about. what kind of system is that? >> well, the system is totalitarian. people call china authoritarian. with 540 million surveillance cameras, the great firewall, the nationwide social credit system, with millions, maybe tens of millions of neighborhood watchers, this is a ttalitarian system, and it is also one that believes they should rule the entire planet. they are not competing with the international system that's been in place since 1648. this is a regime that believes it has the right and the obligation to rule the world. and since 2018, in public, it has been talking about how the moon and mars are sovereign chinese territory.
7:46 am
it is the most ambitious regime in history. it is one that is committing genocide, crimes against humanity, spreading covid-19, you name it. >> the treatment of the uighers and so many others. when they think and claim the moon and mars is theirs, what's the message to taiwan, gordon? >> the message to taiwan has always been under xi jinping and predecessors as well, that taiwan must be absorbed. they use the word reunified. it is reunification because the peoples republic has never ruled taiwan. and, indeed, no chinese regime throughout history has ever had indisputable sovereignty to all of taiwan. so this is an act of aggression. and xi jinping, one thing he has changed about the rhetoric is that he has made it clear that the absorption must be within his rule. he talks about the new era, which is identified with his
7:47 am
rule. and he says the problem of taiwan, uses the word problem, the problem of taiwan can't be handed down from generation to generation. so we know that this is coming soon. >> and, gordon, finally, and you have talked about this with us in the past, china's involvement and investments in latin america, not only have they had military exercises with maduro and venezuela, but they are in most of latin america. >> yes. latin america is undergoing the pink wave. installing leftists throughout. part of this is because they have been changing those elections. it's what it considers to be in its favor. so we see far away argentina, of course in venezuela, in cuba. and china is fueling some of the most dangerous trends in the region.
7:48 am
this is going to be not only an issue for the united states, but it will be an issue for free societies in latin america who are coming up to an election in brazil, which is critically important. we have lost colombia in a sense. this will be china, russia and iran in latin america. . >> gordon, thank you very much for being with us this morning. thank you for your time. half a dozen inmates at iranians infamous prison. the massive blaze broke out on saturday. screams and gunshots were heard from the building. that's an area known for housing political prisoners. eye rain can's judiciary said eight inmates were killed, 61 injured. a lawyer for one of the americans says he is safe.
7:49 am
inmates set fire to a prison uniform at a warehouse and there were clashes between prisoners and staff members. it comes as protests raging across the country continue into their fifth week. iran says the fire and the protests are not related. up next, a debate among latinos in the u.s. are you latino if you don't speak spanish? the issue of identity and language. w el talk about that next. you're watching "jose diaz-balart reports". az-balart " power e*trade's easy-to-use tools like dynamic charting and risk-reward analysis help make trading feel effortless and its customizable scans with social sentiment help you find and unlock opportunities in the market with powerful, easy-to-use tools
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7:53 am
latinos in this country and we're going take a look at the debate in the latino community over speaking spanish. is it linked to identity and whether who you are is so much more than just the language. >> for many latinos in the u.s., a simmering debate. >> there's a lot more that comes with being latino than just the language. >> spanish is very important to still be spoken. >> as long as you keep your heritage, your flavor, what it is to be latino, it's fine if you don't speak it. >> by the time i got into elementary school, it wasn't cool to speak spanish. >> just a very big part of communication and connection with our community. >> reporter: it's a conversation taking place in latino communities across the country. >> nice to meet you. nice to see you. >> reporter: how much language and identity are intertwined. is being latino necessarily mean speaking spanish? >> i'm going to say no. >> i think that speaking spanish
7:54 am
is a fundamental part of being latino. >> reporter: at this grill, four latinos with four different experiences. >> i feel i have to explain myself. >> reporter: she's mexican american and lives in texas. she doesn't speak spanish. sit, do you think, something that you feel you lack? >> of course i would love to speak spanish. i think every latino would love to speak spanish. >> reporter: but she wasn't raise to speak spanish. her grandparents on her dad's side wanted their family to assimilate. >> it's nothing against my parents. it's just how it happened. >> reporter: she's not alone. a recent analysis shows the share of latinos who speak spanish at home has declined 10% since 2000. >> it's called linguistic shame and it's shame around not knowing a language or not knowing it enough. >> it took me a long time to figure out who i am. >> reporter: this is a
7:55 am
documentarian behind a film. one of the themes exploring the relationship between language and the latino identity. >> not only do people experience feeling ashamed, but they experience being shamed. >> reporter: shamed she says for not seeming latino enough. >> those of us who were born hearing spanish and english at home was a privilege, and the decision to not learn it by our parents, it wasn't made lightly. >> it's something that allows us to connect to the history of what it is to be latino. >> reporter: alexander is the co-president of the university of miami mexi-cans. the guilt issue, do you feel as though that's something that all of us carry, whether we learn spanish or not? >> yeah, i mean i think we all carry it. there's that argument that you can keep traditions without the language. but a lot of these traditions have been passed down to us, are
7:56 am
usually passed down in those languages. >> reporter: a journalist and co-host for a telemundo network show. is spanish not a requirement to be latino? >> i don't think it is. it has opened many doors for me that i'm fluent in spanish, but also that i'm fluent in english. >> reporter: for alex, being latino means so much more. >> it's what we eat, what we sing, what we say, how we say it. it has a lot to do with family and that's what makes me latina. >> how do you define being latino? >> i think ancestry and cultural background makes up my identity as latina. >> i think being latino is being proud of it, wearing it on your sleeve. >> it means that we value the collective over the individual.
7:57 am
and that transcends the country of origin or whoever was the immigrant, or if that was ourself, whoever speaks spanish, it's our shared experience. >> a conversation that continues. that wrapping up the hour for me. thank you for the privilege of your time. yasmin vossoughian picks up with more news now. ♪♪ ♪ a bunch of dead guys made up work, way back when. ♪ ♪ it's our turn now we'll make it up again. ♪ ♪ we'll build freelance teams with more agility. ♪ ♪ the old way of working is deader than me. ♪ ♪ we'll scale up, and we'll scale down ♪ ♪ before you're six feet underground. ♪ ♪ yes, this is how, this is how we work now. ♪
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