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tv   American Voices With Alicia Menendez  MSNBC  October 22, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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that does it for me, thanks for watching. our big show tomorrow, senator kirsten gillibrand, georgia governor candidate stacey abrams and the and see chair
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jaime harrison will all stop by on the show tomorrow. we will talk midterms, fresh new polls and the latest with the january six investigation. don't miss it tomorrow night right here on politicsnation at 5 pm eastern. but right now, american voices with my colleague alicia menendez starts right now on msnbc. >> what a show tomorrow, reverend sharpton, i cannot wait to watch. hello, everyone, i am alicia mendez. with two and a half weeks until the midterm elections, the january six committee is pushing forward to hold donald trump accountable for sowing doubt in our electoral process. the committee as officially subpoenaed the former president to testify about his actions to hold on to power after the 2020 election. the subpoena calls for trump to testify on november 14th, which in case you don't have your counter in front of you, is after the midterm elections. will he comply? that's the big question, and that is to be seen. but friday, we saw what happens
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to those who defy a subpoena from the 16 committee. federal judge sentenced trump ally steve bannon to four months in prison for doing just that. again, all of this unfolding 17 days before voters decide which party will control the u.s. house and senate, a reality not lost on president biden and his exclusive msnbc interview with -- >> i think that this is not a referendum, this is a choice, netchoice between what kind of country we want. republicans have made it clear that the first thing they want to do is most of them voted against the bill to reconstruct america through the infrastructure, highway, roads, they all voted against, to a person, voted against the inflation reduction act, which provides for environmental security and safety. they don't have a platform other than teared down what i have been able to do, we have been able to do. i don't know what they are for.
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>> we will talk about that a little later. as election day nears, president biden's approval rating stands at 46%. those are american saying that they approve of the job the president biden is doing, according to our new poll. nbc news just learned that president biden will head to florida to stump for democrats -- economy remains top of mind on the final stretch. new msnbc news reporting -- with gas prices up again and potential recession looming, voters are once again telling pollsters that inflation is the most important issue facing the country, reversing the boost democrats enjoyed over the summer when the public was more concerned with issues like abortion rights and threats to democracy. joining me now to discuss, deirdre walsh congressional correspondent for npr, former strategist for the biden campaign alencia johnson and msnbc political analyst and former florida congressman david jolly. it's good to see you all. deirdre, we look at these polls, they're imperfect, they tell a
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part of the story, they are a snapshot in a moment in time. you are actually on the ground talking to voters. your sense of how they are feeling just 17 days before the election? >> i think, alicia, what the polls are saying is playing out on the ground. i spent three days in new hampshire, monday through wednesday, on the trail with the republican challenger to democratic senator maggie hassan. a lot of voters are struggling with their home heating bills. it's beautiful in new hampshire at this time a year, but it's getting colder. they're noticing that their bills are getting higher, and a bigger chunk of their pocketbook. over and over again, voters from all side of the political spectrum were complaining about the economic pain that they are experiencing from inflation. certainly, abortion is a big issue there. 40% of the voters in new hampshire are independents, so both candidates are really trying hard to attract support from those independents, but the economic message i think is the one that is the top
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priority. i think in terms of getting at the base, the senator is really trying to emphasize that her opponent is extreme on issues like abortion, on issues like potentially coaching social security and medicare. he is trying to pivot more to the middle and walk back some statements he made, but i do think that the economy is front and center. it's definitely top of mind -- >> deirdre, i do want to come back to you on this question of new hampshire and the specificity of new hampshire but, valencia, before we do the, i want to ask you. you hear what voters are saying. in new hampshire, they're talking about their heating bills, voters in nevada talking about the affordability of housing, these economic concerns front and center with about two weeks left, a cnbc poll finds, quote, republicans have a double digit lead on the questions of which party would do a better job bringing down inflation, handling taxes, dealing with deficits and
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creating jobs. alencia, unclear whether or not that is predicated on something that they have seen republicans do or more of a response to voters current discontent. your concern on how democrats deploy at the narrative? >> i think it's just a response to how voters are feeling because as the president said in the interview with john capehart, none of these republicans have voted in favor of the inflation reduction act. they actually do not have a plan to help voters with the pain that they are literally feeling in their pockets. -- when it comes to the conversation around abortion access and all of these other issues that folks are trying to separate from the economy, you do see democrats talking about in terms that are actually intersectional. i don't know what's actually more of an economic issue then abortion access, then reproductive health care. you will see democrats talking about it with their constituents, and they will
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also be talking about the economy and how republicans have benefits -- every single thing that president biden put before the congress in order to create the reality of an agenda that really helps folks. this selling message is, sent us back -- not only sent us back to congress, ensure we have a majority in order to surpass even more legislation to do more, as well as touching on other key issues like abortion rights, voting rights and so many more that voters are actually care about in this election. >> there is this substantive question of the policies that they will push to. it's interesting that you have mccarthy out there actively saying, we will get social security, we will get medicare. they are starting to tell you what they will do, it looks a lot like what they did in the 90s. it's clear that there is also the way that they are going to govern in this question of whether or not there is even an interest in bringing the country together. new reporting for the new york
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times dives into the social media posts of lawmakers who contested the 2020 election, quote, a times analysis shows that the language of the 139 objective members is markedly more hostile than that of other republicans and democrats. in their telling, those who oppose them, not only are wrong about certain policies, but also hate their country. if they win back power, that is a core element of their governing structure, like it or not. >> it is, and it should inform voters on november 8th. immediate informations based, where most voters behave, the question is are we going in the wrong or right direction? historically, we can conflate that question with the economy. it's hard to make the case. joe biden is trying to make the case that he is the better steward of the economy and department. he's making a good case but many americans feel we are going sideways or backwards, economically, but there's a bigger question as to whether
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or not we're going in the right or wrong direction, which is a question around personal freedom and personal liberty. what would it look like under republican control? this is the interesting thing because 2022 might be the race where instead of the question being, are we going in the right or wrong direction, as a majority party? the question is, would we be going in a better direction under the current minority party, under republicans? what republicans are signaling, what democrats are trying to get voters to see, is that republicans are telling you that they are not going to be fighting for you if they win. they will be fighting for themselves, and they will be fighting these cultural wars, they'll be fighting for these investigations of joe biden, but nothing republicans will do in the democratic narrative will actually support mainstream america and middle class families that are trying to get ahead. that is the message that has to be delivered, but it has to be delivered, again, in the context of the question, are we going in the right direction or not? or would we be going in a worse direction under republican rule?
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>> there's a part of the reason i wanted to speak to you was because you have been doing all the reporting out of new hampshire. after like that race is not got the amount of attention that some other senate races have gotten, in part, because there are bigger characters and dynamics and some of these races so i would love for you to walk us through what we need to know about this race, what you will be watching in the run up to election day, and what congressman jolly was just talking about, the sort of sense of are we on the right around chuck? do you think we would be in a better place if there were a different party in power. is that something you are hearing from voters? >> certainly the message that they're trying to send on the trail, painting a picture of what republican controlled senate with her opponent in that seat would be like. she constantly talk to him about extreme on every issue from abortion to social security to other issues. she thinks that the race is really close. i think that she made the case
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to me that it's a purple state. new hampshire is a purple state and she over and over remind voters that you had to get out and vote. she has a slight lead in the polls, but her allies are saying new hampshire is always close. she only won her last race in 2016 by 8000 votes. the thing i am looking for is what is in the final stretch of issue that motivates those independents to go to the polls. i think she has strong support for democrats. there's clearly a lot of motivation over the issue of abortion but will some of those independents, who are unhappy with all democratic control in washington decide they want to take a chance on someone else. i think the other thing that is different in this race is don bolduc is running basically against biden as much as he is running against maggie hassan. >> that is a dynamic we are seeing in a lot of races. deirdre, david, alencia, thank you all so much for getting us started. still to come this hour, the clock is ticking for trump to
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comply with that subpoena from the 16 committee. what happens if he ignores it? plus, we hone in on a key midterm race in wisconsin, lieutenant governor mandela barnes on his chances of unseating incumbent rick publican senator ron johnson. and tonight, trump hits the stump in texas, where he's bound to reappear's greatest hits, so no better time to talk about the nation like dangerous democracy on november's ballots, the fact that election deniers are running to oversee elections from coast to coast. secretary of state jocelyn benson will join us. first to just goalie in check other big stories this hour. jessica? >> thanks, alicia, we have breaking news for all of you out of texas right now. two workers are dead after a gunman opened fire at dallas met this medical center. police say they confronted the shooter, open fired, and they did injure him, but the suspect survived. so far, no word yet on a motive for today shooting. hurricane roslyn is now a category four storm heading on
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a collision course with the pacific coast of mexico. landfall is expected late tonight or early sunday. roslyn intensified overnight from a tropical storm to a powerful hurricane, with maximum sustained winds of 130 miles per hour, and it is only expected to get stronger. and conspiracy theorists alex jones is asking for a new trial. he wants a connecticut judge to throw out the nearly one billion dollar verdict that was reached against him last week, in the lawsuit filed by families of the sandy hook victims. the families say they experienced harassment and threats from his lies, as he called the 2012 school shooting a hoax. a lawyer for the family say they will be filing to oppose jones's request. i'm jessica lee in, we have more american voices after this break. k. or powders, try the cooling, soothing relief or preparation h. because your derriere deserves expert care. preparation h. get comfortable with it.
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president's has less than a month to respond to the january six subpoena. all signs point to him trying
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to run out the clock. committee member jamie raskin pointing trump as a, quote, snowflake, should he refused to testify. >> at the very least, somebody who is willing to send other people into battle to stop the steal on the path angrily false grants that the election was stolen certainly should not be so much of a snowflake, as did not even come forward to state's own rationale for why he did that and why he continues to claim against all the evidence that the election was stolen from him. >> meanwhile, senator lindsey graham is taking his fight against a georgia grand jury subpoena all the way to the supreme court, even as the bannon faces four months in prison for defying summons from the select committee. joining me now, former u.s. attorney barbara mcquade, an msnbc legal analyst and co-host of the hashtag sisters in law podcasts. barb, good to see. we had michael cohen arguing that the trump subpoena could end up loosely as some sort of
3:19 pm
grand gesture. take a listen. >> what's going to happen now with the general six committee? what great historical document like mueller, what came out of the mueller report? a historical document, but no responsibility, no accountability by donald or anyone else. >> talk to me about two things, one the possibility of this as a historic document, and how much the committee can do to force trump to comply. >> it depends, i think that donald trump will never testify, he'll do everything he can to stall and delay. it's not the first time that a president has been asked to testify before congress, and other presidents have come forward and done so. it's no doubt that donald trump will fight -- he needs to get past the new congress, so that if there is a change in a new party and control, as is expected, republican controlled congress will dispense the committee, and that will be the. if not, they do have some tools
3:20 pm
to enforce it. one is there -- reluctant to use, but it is a par they can use to force someone to testify. the other is to ask the justice department to prosecute somebody or file a civil suit to force compliance. we've seen them do that in some cases as they did for steve bannon but not in others, as they did not do with mark meadows. it remains to be seen if the committee has some tools at its disposal to seek to enforce a subpoena. frankly, the reason to subpoena someone like donald trump, who is at the heart of the conspiracy that they have on earth, is to give him an opportunity to tell his side of the story. he does not have to avail himself another opportunity. maybe they take the answer and move on. >> let's imagine that he availed himself with the opportunity, the he were to speak with the committee. we're talking about somebody who is, a bus, loosey-goosey with the facts. what happens if he is not
3:21 pm
truthful under oath? >> he could be prosecuted, it's a crime to lie under oath in congress. you have to be very careful, and he is a master of throwing in just enough words to dissemble and make it difficult to pin him down as to what he is saying. i imagine that members of congress would be very careful and asking questions to get precise answers to precise questions. it may be that he wants to be open minded, in which case they may be reluctant to let him come in on his own terms, last simply spew disinformation without allowing to pin him down as to what his version of the facts are. >> barr, a federal judge ruled that trump knew the voter fraud claims he was pushing were false. i'm wondering how the evidence might factor into the doj investigation. >> i think is a very useful nugget of information. it's not dispositive of anything, but this stands the show that donald trump knew that he was using false
3:22 pm
information when he was pushing the state of georgia to change the election and find him 11,000 votes to change the vote totals there. that is some evidence of his criminal intent of fraud to prove that he engaged in fraud, whether it's conspiracy to fraud the u.s. or election fraud in georgia, it's necessary to prove that he knew what he was saying was false. i think this is one piece of evidence they can tend to prove that. there's other pieces of evidence as well, for example, william barr telling him that there is no evidence of fraud. -- this is one more piece of evidence that could be very useful in making that -- >> the washington post is reporting classified documents about iran and china were among the mar-a-lago stashed that were particularly significant. what could that mean in understanding the significance of these documents? what could that mean for a special master? >> whether these ever go back to trump strikes me as highly unlikely because these are the
3:23 pm
kinds of things that are secrets that need to be safeguarded by are not security apparatus. it would be a problem even to share them with donald trump's lawyers, even if donald trump himself saw them was president, he should not be seeing them again not that he is a private citizen, and his lawyers are not be seeing them. these are special program documents that only a select few members at the highest level of government ever see these documents. there are more eyeballs to get on the documents, they lose their integrity. it also creates a problem when we want to share intelligence information with our allies around the world. they provide us with information, we provide them with information. our allies are not going to be sharing information with us, if we demonstrate we can't be trusted to handle it responsibly. it's really important that this information we handled properly and not spread any -- >> when you and i had these conversations, i always remind myself and the audience, not sure anyone needs these
3:24 pm
reminders, talk about the real grab bag of legal issues for the former president. putting aside what has happened in new york, what happened in georgia, let's focus on the fact that the justice department has already convened a grand jury simple mar-a-lago and in the january six cases. your sense of where trump has the greater legal jeopardy just when looking at those two? >> i think the mar-a-lago case is the one, one, the most eminent, because it can be charged more quickly and, to, the one most likely to be charged. part of that is that it's easier to get your arms around what the violation is there. the justice department targets people on a regular basis by mishandling classified information. to give the former president a past just because he is a former president would make a very difficult for them to continually enforce a law against government employees and contractors who do far less when mishandling government documents. the january six case, i still think it's a very serious case.
3:25 pm
i think they can make a case to -- it's a much more in marfa's kind of crime, a lot of tentacles all over the country. i think it will take longer to get the arms around it and to be able to come up with a legal theory that they deem -- >> especially as we are always reminded that time here is of the essence. barbara mcquade, thank you so much. next, new york times asked if wisconsin could be the future of america. republican spending more than a decade locking in its political power to gerrymandering. ken mandela barnes overcome it in the senate race? we will ask him. later, what could be the largest most widespread -- russia raises war on ukraine. republicans look to weaken ukraine's ability to fight, should voters get them control of congress? of congress? and for those who do get it bad, it may be because they have a high-risk factor. such as heart disease, diabetes, being overweight, asthma, or smoking.
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endorse mandela barnes, someone with humble roots who understands the challenges that folks are facing. mandela's mom was a teacher, his dad worked a third shift. now he's focused on solutions that will make a difference, like making more things here in wisconsin, cutting taxes for middle classes and protecting a woman's right to choose. >> former president barack obama stressing the high stakes for the upcoming midterms while backing the upton -- democratic senate in the wisconsin race, mandela barnes. obama's endorsement comes at a critical time. barnes is challenging republican ron johnson, who's running for his third term. his polls show a tight race in the final stretch. johnson is slightly ahead. both candidates made headlines during their charged second and final debate and we can go, poking economy, crime and abortion access. wisconsin's lieutenant governor mandela barnes joins me now. a monday, you are on a bus or focusing on workers and families.
3:31 pm
it seems to me as an observer, this is a critical group that you and senator johnson are both vying for. republicans out what they would do if elected, including slashing social security, slashing medicare, how much of your pitch is about what democrats will do, and how much of it is about the plans republicans like kevin mccarthy are actively touting? >> i will say, i am very much looking forward -- i want to thank you so much for having me and talk about it. it's all of the above, honestly. we're holding ron johnson accountable for his failures, for leaving working people of wisconsin and behind. it is irresponsible for people like ron johnson to cut social security and medicare. he already voted to repeal the affordable care act before. he would do it again. ron johnson leaves working people in every corner of the state behind. also holding him accountable for his dangerous position on abortion. he sponsored the national abortion bans. he sponsored abortion bans are no exception for rape, incest and the life of the mother.
3:32 pm
that is two out of touch and extreme for 76% of people in wisconsin who think that roe v. wade should be law of the land. now, ron johnson also is not talking about the things he has done over the last 12 years he has been in office, because it has been absolutely nothing. people are waiting for ron johnson to show up when they need him the most. he has failed to do so, folks can join the campaign in the final stretch -- go to mandela to help us not just hold ron johnson to account but also do the work to fundamentally change the way we do things in this country better. >> you talked about abortion. you look at the polls, the polls will having you believe the abortion rights are not the motivator that there were a few months ago. when you were out on the trail campaigning, is that reflect what you are hearing from voters? >> i will say, this is a huge deal for people. people are still fired up about the fact that you have a person like ron johnson who sit, we don't make the laws of your state, like our 1849 criminal
3:33 pm
abortion ban that went into effect after the dobbs decision came down. he celebrated that decision to say that women who don't like the laws that the state can just move. the news for him is that women across wisconsin are ready to move ron johnson out of the united states senate. >> republicans, nationally, have been pushing this concern around -- you look at polling, you understand why, i don't need to tell you, you have played that card in your race. this week, the senate majority pack put out and at highlighting johnson's reaction to the general six insurrection featuring a former madison police captain, take a listen. >> ron johnson is making excuses for riders who tried to overthrow our government, even calling them peaceful protests. johnson defended donald trump's lies and even supported efforts to make it harder for some people to vote at all. >> you know the argument that senator johnson is making the voters for whom crime is top of mind. what is the argument that you are making? >> my argument is that ron
3:34 pm
johnson is a hypocrite. this is a person who set idly by, talk about all his appreciation for a lot enforcement, but when it came down to it, he left them hanging. 140 officers injured, one stabbed with a metal stake, another hit in the head, one crushed with a revolving door, just to name a few. ron johnson will just leave you behind, unless you are one of his wealthy donors, because that is who he is. he's only in it for himself and other folks in his tax bracket. he'll try to make up whatever he wants to on this campaign trail. they can't hide from his record. he can't hide from the fact that he tried to send fake electors to the vice president to overturn an election that he did not like the results of. every single person -- saying your vote does not count, your vote does not matter, it's my way or the highway, those are not wisconsin values. he tried to say that his involvement lasted a matter of seconds, it's some reduction -- these the five second rule for election diversion.
3:35 pm
the reality is, you don't overturn an election just because you don't like results. >> lieutenant governor, our frame in the next hour, we'll be going to what president biden said -- i want voters to be thinking about what it would look like if republicans win in november, if they can push their agenda through in 2023 and beyond. i wonder, when you imagine that possibility, when you imagine that potential reality, what do you see as the stakes? >> i see so much on the line, and it has to do the fact that if we spent a majority, pro-choice majority, we can choose and protect abortion access across the country, we can protect our democracy, if people want to support elections and make sure that voting rights are strengthened and protected across the country. i don't even want to think about what next year will look like if republicans gain control. it's a nightmare scenario. but people have the power to step up and stop it. that's what i am committed to do it. wisconsin has always been at
3:36 pm
the forefront of change in the country. the winner in wisconsin will take us all across the state, once again connecting people right where they are, talking about the issues that matter, the issues right here at home, bring him back to good paying jobs that ron johnson wants the scent of our state and out of the country. -- we know the devastation when good paying jobs leave communities. we also know what happens when our communities don't have the resources they need, and that will absolutely be the reality if ron johnson gets another six years in the senate. we can't afford to let that happen. >> lieutenant governor mandela barnes, thank you so much for joining us. after the break, the latest from ukraine, where russia today at least one of its most brutal missile attack since the war began. where is this going? and next hour, what americans get if they give republicans control of congress. it's less about what they will give you, it's more about what they will take away. stay with us. stay with us graines. you can't always prevent what's going on outside...
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♪ ♪ speak with your doctor about cibinqo today. no more waiting. no more running. [ screaming ] we finish this tonight. not to ukraine, where russia has unleashed a barrage of missiles in a massive attack targeting critical energy infrastructure. ukraine officials say 36 russian rockets landed two targets in several cities that knocked off power to over 1 million people. the damage was so widespread that officials say it's one of the biggest escalations in the war since russia invaded. meanwhile, russian authorities are ordering all residents to the southern port of kherson to leave immediately, as ukrainian
3:41 pm
forces inch closer and closer to recapture in that city. the u.s. politics mulling it over,, with house minority leader kevin mccarthy threatening to cut off aid to ukraine, should the republicans take the house in november and mccarthy gets the speakership. here on set, david rohde, executive editor for the news at new york. when mccarthy says i will not write a blank check, before we get into the implications of what this means for ukraine, what it means for russia, who was he speaking to? >> he is speaking to the freedom caucus, the maga group in the house that are isolation is, that cs funding some crazy foreign war, which is ridiculous. we'll talk about that in a minute. this remark is all about kevin mccarthy becoming the speaker of the house, period. i don't want to be too harsh on him, but you saw this with january six. he was outraged and furious the trump, but now he is backed off, because he's trying to keep trump on side is the way that he thinks he can become how
3:42 pm
speaker. >> if you're vladimir putin and hear mccarthy say that, what does that signal to you? >> it's music to his ears. look, you mentioned kherson, ukraine making enormous gains, the draft inside russia is hugely unpopular, but this is a signal that the west does not have the patience to fight russia. this is essentially a feckless west, that's his view of the west that we are weak and divided -- it encourages putin to sort of hang in there, to knock out energy supplies, to get to the winter. >> substantively, if there is aid that is the night, which i understand is still and if, what does that mean? >> it's a huge boost for putin and for his standing, tl backing him. not to overstate the stakes, this is democracy versus authoritarianism. this is the front line. extraordinarily, ukrainians are winning. it is not a single american
3:43 pm
life, u.s. military life that has been lost in the conflict so far. it is a significant amount of money, but this is an incredibly important shoe teacher struggle, and look, mitch mcconnell came out and disagreed with mccarthy. mike pence at the same thing. the u.s. has a history of fighting for democracy. this is who we are, republicans and democrats have been -- no, kevin mccarthy calls into question. >> there's also president biden weighing in. my colleague jonathan capehart had an exclusive interview with the president and asked him about these -- take a listen. >> look, i can understand somebody having that view who is not informed. it cost some much money to help them. where we spend money helping ukraine, it is so much more than ukrainians. it's about nato, about western europe, about making sure that putin is not able to succeed in the way that he is using the
3:44 pm
brutality of these activities. >> of the sound that i have seen, i thought it was some of the most interesting and compelling because it is a fundamentally different world view. it offers a very sharp contrast between president biden and democrats, and republicans as led by mccarthy. >> yes and as led by trump. trump wants to break up a nato. yes, this is expensive, but what would be more expensive than an invasion of poland, and nato ally. think of the world economy and what that would do to it. it's a critical opportunity for the u.s. to back to ukrainians. i think if the republicans win the house, kevin mccarthy can become speaker. i don't think he needs to say things like this to become speaker. again, it helps putin think he can out-wait a divide and weak. >> it comes as congress looks to -- include up to 50 billion dollars in aid to ukraine. they want to get that done
3:45 pm
before january, for all the reasons that you. a. >> this is showing though the superiority of u.s. and nato weapons. it's extraordinary how accurate the systems are, how they have changed the tide, ukraine is outnumbered, but their tactics and weapons are so much better. they are beating the russian military. china is watching this. china, if they're taking and making a move towards taiwan, sees what ukraine is doing with u.s. backing. it's a hugely important moment. >> i want to make sure that we got to the story about how russian authorities are forcibly adopting and repatriating children from occupied ukraine as russian citizens. these kids are separated from families and taken to rush against their will. how does that speak to how putin is envisioning his conflict? >> that you bludgeon and terrorize your opponent into submission. he did this in chechnya. he's trying to do it in ukraine, and it is not working. populations turn against any invader that uses these kind of tactics. and it's another reason why the
3:46 pm
united states must back ukraine. >> david rohde, it is always good to see you. and so nice to see you in studio, have a conversation in person. trump, back on the stop. he's in texas this saturday -- voters advance the maga agenda. you can guess what that means. and a later danger to democracy and those who do not believe democracy. you'll hear just how many election deniers want your vote. want your vote this is art inspired by real stories of bipolar depression. i just couldn't find my way out of it. the lows of bipolar depression can take you to a dark place. latuda could make a real difference in your symptoms. latuda was proven to significantly reduce bipolar depression symptoms. and in clinical studies, had no substantial impact on weight. this is where i want to be. call your doctor about sudden behavior changes or suicidal thoughts. antidepressants can increase these in children and young adults. elderly dementia patients have increased risk of death or stroke. report fever, confusion, stiff or uncontrollable muscle movements, which may be life threatening or permanent.
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3:50 pm
trump is in texas in the city of robstown this hour, just outside corpus christy, for what is billed as an eight and advance the mega agenda rally. and so far, that agenda appears to be spreading misinformation about the 16 committee and those in the crowd. our reporter is there. is in play, it's good to see. what have you been hearing from the stage in from the crowd? >> hey, alicia, always good to
3:51 pm
see you too. so, we have been here in southern texas since the morning talking to voters and candidates. and there's a tone of excitement, actually, a few of the voters i spoke with said this is their first trump rally ever even though you voted for him back in 2016. they put this into context, this is really about the fight for the rio grande valley. it's a set of four counties on the u.s. southern border in texas. historically, they have been conservative, democrat strongholds. however, republican leaders like governor greg abbott are saying it's facing a potential red wave. so, the goal they say tonight is to really energize voters, as you can hear from the music behind me. we've been hearing from speakers like the lieutenant governor, and many the speakers are also up for reelection. and they are speaking to issues of america's culture wars, right. the time of the border, they're talking what critical race theory. their top rights for transgender youth. and as you mentioned at the top, they are talking about the january 6th committee.
3:52 pm
they've actually been playing compilation videos, really calling it the quote, persecution of former president trump. so, that's the tone. but ultimately, tonight is really an indicator of the role he may have the midterm elections, alicia. >> zinhle, i am curious since you are in texas, when you said you heard comments from the stage about the border. what has been the tone, the tenor, the substance of those comments? >> yeah, alicia, the tone and tenor is very direct and it's very critical. it's saying since president biden came to office, there are claims and allegations that the border has really just opened up. of course, many of those have been refuted by the administration. and something i did not touch on is also there has been a lot of discussion about the economy in the price of gas. so, i think these are many issues that voters are thinking about when they go to the polls. and there is a lot of talk about just floating down ballot republican. of course, time will tell in two weeks how old lay out.
3:53 pm
>> interesting, that last bit about voting down ballot. zinhle, as always, thank. you migrant crossings of the border topping an all-time high, 2.7 million this year. but with biden's -- number migrants we can enter the u.s., numbers have begun to fall, right as new york city opens a shorter -- shelter on randall's island to address the influx of migrants sent to the city as a political stunt for the governors of foreign taxes. melissa russo, with our nbc station in texas, has the latest. >> when they arrive in the city in search of asylum, south american migrants may now find 848 cots, ultra large tvs, phones to dial home, laundry service, even games like foosball, all courtesy of the new york city tax players. >> we have not gotten any financial support. >> the tents are a controversial solution at the heart of a controversial national political debate over
3:54 pm
immigration before the upcoming midterm elections. so far, the federal and state governments have not pitched in to help, despite request from mayor eric adams. and city officials are not sharing a clear cost estimate. >> a cost about $325,000 to demobilize from where it should be. and another $325,000 to set up this facility. the rest the cost, we are still analyzing. we don't know how many people will be caring for. >> this tent city is where single male adult migrants will be sent instead of the cities overburdened homeless shelters. there will be less oversight of the conditions than there was in shelter. though we ask, now that the city has finally gotten this relief center up and running, does the city still need it? because of new u.s. policy to send venezuelan asylum seekers back to the mexican side of the border to apply for asylum from their started last week. and now we, learned the buses to new york may already be slowing down as a result.
3:55 pm
>> you can't use hope as a strategy. so, we are, we are happy to see the buses seem to be slowing down. and we are very appreciative of the biden administration for that. but melissa, it has only been a couple of days. so, they do think that maybe we'll see something instead of 7 to 14 days. that, said we really want to be prepared no matter what happens. >> city officials offering this -- park to show that these climate controlled tents will be comfortable and humane. but some critics, including advocates for the homeless, insisted the more humane to house people in hotels instead of tense. and rentals island, melissa rousseau, news 4, new york. >> thank you to melissa rousseau for that reporting. at the top of the, our president biden warning of the possibility that republicans could take control of congress. what could that look like? steve bannon set to head to prison. plus, donald trump got subpoenaed. but is this just the beginning of accountability for trump and for his allies? and later, the importance of representation in theater and the arts. my interview with the stars and --
3:56 pm
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menendez. ahead this hour, what if they win? republicans now answered a question, and it suddenly feels a lot like 1994, and not just because low cut jeans are back. fiscal of 30, tax cuts for the wealthy, cuts the social security and medicare, and it's not just the first string.
4:00 pm
election deniers running across -- joscelyn benson lays out the stakes for voters. president laphonza butler explained what will happen if republicans take charge, and how democrats can message on the issue over the last two weeks. plus the trump subpoena, the january six committee lays out exactly what they want for the former president and one. this is american voices. we will begin this hour with a glimpse, just a glimpse of what america could look like if republicans win back control of congress. there is a lot on the line for anyone who cares about expanding health care, protecting reproductive freedom or other items on the biden agenda. it's something that we are just not talking about enough. friday, at the white house, president biden warned republicans undermine his achievements if they return to power. >> folks, we know what the republican congress will do if


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