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tv   Alex Witt Reports  MSNBC  October 29, 2022 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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it was not random.
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there is new word that the da will announce charges on monday. the suspect will be in court on tuesday. the motive remains under investigation. the reaction is pouring in from both sides the political aisle. that includes from democratic congressman jamal bowman. that is right here on msnbc. >> i worry about my safety constantly. i worry about the safety of my office constantly. i worry about the safety of my
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colleagues constantly. this was an assassination attempt on the speaker of the house of representatives. that is what it was. >> also developing, this is a live look at a rally in detroit, michigan. that is where president obama will take the stage. he is campaigning for democratic candidates. he will be heading to milwaukee for another event later today. we have the president speaking. president biden will still be voting. he is alongside first and voter, his granddaughter, natalie. 20 million americans have voted early with the midterms ten days away. here's a breakdown by party. democrats are leading near the voting advantage so far by about 12 percentage points. joining us now, scott cohen in san francisco. ali is in the capital. welcome to both of you. what is the way latest? what are we learning about the
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day of the attack? paul? >> alex, it is a wide ranging investigation. that includes a san francisco pleas, the district attorney. also, the big fbi. it is focusing on the alleged attacker. it is 42-year-old, david depape. he broke into the home in the wee hours of yesterday morning. he was asking, where is nancy? she was in washington, d.c.. paul pelosi, he was home on the time. he apparently managed to surreptitiously and quickly call 9-1-1 at one point. a very alert police dispatcher took it from there. >> he knew something was going on in her heart and intuition. >> that was cause for a higher priority than this type of call. she knew there was more to it.
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she alerted the officers. they went out actor stab. because of that, they dispatched it at a higher priority. they got this type of call. good response. >> in fact, police chief says that it very well may have saved paul pelosi's life. authorities are now trying to piece this together. dave it has been booked in the zombie disco county jail on a rat of charges. that includes attempted murder, assaulted of the weapon, assault a firearm. there's also elderly abuse. we know that his life has taken some unusual turns. that ultimately led to a blog that has since been taken down. it is posed all kinds of this conspiracy theories. it is talking about blacks, gays, and jewish people. it he defended president trump at one point.
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he talked about the 2020 election. please are not saying what the specific motive for this election motive for this attack was. he might have been the assailant. he is expected to be in court on tuesday. >> okay. thank you so much from san francisco. let's go to a new reaction from lawmakers on that. this is on speaker pelosi's husband. you are joining me now from capitol hill. what are you hearing on that front? >> yeah. alex, there is the aftermath of this attack on pelosi. there is a refusal. thousands of miles away from where it happen. this is the security on capitol hill. i can tell you just from walking into the capitol this morning that there was noticeably more capitol police officers on alert compared to what we typically see during the week and. it is during a recess period. there is a brutal attack. it sent shockwaves through capitol hill on the campaign trail. that is when some of these lawmakers, some of them are facing threats similar to these
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themselves. they learned of this news. most politicians on both sides of the aisle, including president biden himself, they condemn this violent attack. they offered their support to speaker nancy pelosi and her family. they also raised awareness about's massive uptake in violent threats against lawmakers. it has been happening for the past couple of years. it has gone even worse in recent months. take listen to some reaction here. >> this is despicable. there is no place in america. there is too much violence, political violence. there's too much hatred. too much vitriol. >> a lot of my family and friends have been sending me tax messages. they are saying that they hope i have a security. there are not enough resources for me to be able to do that. >> this is a minnesota congresswoman. you saw her speaking there. >> according to democratic party data, she is the second
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most threatened lawmaker under speaker pelosi. she is referring to this independent investigation that was done in the aftermath of the january 6th attack on the capitol. it found that capitol police are not only understaffed, they are underfunded. you can imagine the strain that capitol police officers are feeling right now as they know they have to protect congressional leadership and their families. they also to protect so many lawmakers that are receiving threats. alex? >> there is a lot more to follow up on that. we will do so again later this hour. thank you. any moment now, former president barack obama will be taking the stage in detroit, michigan. that is where he is expected to rally democrats. it is a get out and vote rally. it is happening at renaissance high school. he then takes off for wisconsin. waiting for him there, nbc's reporter. they are joining us now live from the. waukesha, welcome. what message is president obama bringing to the voters there? >> we have been hearing from president obama.
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he says these elections are important. he wants his supporters, specifically democrats, they need to go out and turn out to the poll. it is a turnout message. we have been hearing president obama play the attack dog on the campaign trail. he was in atlanta, georgia. we heard him go after the republican running for senate in that race. we heard him go after herschel walker. he made jokes about herschel walker. he insinuated some of these candles. he referenced some of these scandals around that race. we will likely hear him plead the attack dog in michigan. also again here in wisconsin. i had a conversation with the democratic governor here in wisconsin. he is running for reelection. he is locked in that tough battle with him michael. as i asked him what he hopes to get from president obama's visit. he said turn out. he wants people to come out. this is the first weekend of early voting. what republican does he fear? are there any concerns about the former president visit today? listen to what he said in the response. >> wisconsin is the greatest state in the union. we are going to welcome any
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other president. this campaign is not worried about barack obama coming at all. we [applause] have not spoken to president trump in quite a while. he decides what he wants to do. right now, there is no plan for him to come in. >> i asked that follow-up about president trump. over the past couple of weeks, look at the schedule. . there are from all across the country. they're out in the campaign scale trail. we saw liz warren, pete buttigieg, rick scott. we have cory booker, we are gonna see bernie sanders as well. on both sides, we know they are using their top guns. they are bringing out the biggest surrogates and bass what pins. they want to drive turnout and get people to the polls. is the crucial mid term. >> crucial indeed. thank you so much for standing by there. let's go to delaware. that is where president biden is expected to cast his vote a bit later today. he is pushing his economic
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message in the days before the midterms. we are joined live from wilmington. gary, welcome. the president can add to that story with a positive numbers out this week. right? >> they. yes. it has been a strongly for the economy with a 2.6% increase in the gdp. that is the gross domestic product. that is going to lower the fears of a recession. many americans already have fears of a recession. that is a day-to-day basis. voters -- i have talked to people on a biden rally, a trump rally. what they care about is how much things cost. all the able to afford dinner? how much is a cost of a tank of gas tomorrow morning? president biden is aware of that. he has been waiting that his closing message on the campaign trail as he rallies across the country. here's we had to say at a fund-raiser in philadelphia for democrats last night.
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>> my republican friends in congress seem to be hoping for a recession. they were very disappointed yesterday. the gdp report showed the economy is growing. it is growing. in fact, you can only grew 2.6% last quarter. it might not feel like it to everyone, but peoples incomes went up last quarter more than inflation went up. >> we will be getting a jobs report number later this week. is it too little or too late? millions of people have already cast their ballot. president biden is among those later this afternoon. president biden concern is if the up economic news is enough to pull the democrat over the finish line. alex? >> that is a big question. we shall see. thank you. coming up next, calculus.
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a record number of votes have already been cast. today is the first day of early voting here in new york and new jersey where some races are unexpectedly leading. nbc's lindsey is in new york city for us. lindsay, welcome my friend, what are you hearing from the voters there? >> alex, we know governor kathy hochul has been governor for a little more than a year. she has enjoyed a pretty good substantial lead over her challenger, republican lee. but recent polling suggests that that gap may be narrowing. there is a debate this week and hochul is trying to tie zeldin as close as she could to trump. zeldin has been hammering home on crime, on bail reform, on unprovoked subway attacks for example. let's go ahead and listen to what some voters i talked to this morning had to say about
10:17 am
what drove them to vote early at the polls this morning. >> for us, we are hearing that the governor's race is close. >> the things that matter to me are keeping trump as far away from running this country again. >> i think my main issue is crime in the city. it is actually frightening. >> how did that influence who you voted for? >> well, i will say i'm a registered democrat and i did not vote democrat for governor this time around. >> so, alex, a couple of other races here in this region that we are watching. first of all, sean patrick maloney, he is the head of the dnc see, he's representing the valley. he is in charge of making sure that democrats can win control
10:18 am
of the house. that campaign arm of the democratic party. his own seat right now is a bit competitive. there are a couple of reasons why. he came out pretty bruise from his primary and also the redistricting. he's having to re-introduce himself to a lot of his district. the first lady is in new york this weekend for him. also, there is a district in new jersey that we are watching, tom malinowski is the democratic incumbent. he is facing a challenger that he also faced against in 2020. helen l ski won by a slim margin. he has been the advantage. alex, we talked to dave about why we are seeing competitive races and such traditionally blue strongholds. he said, this is really a challenge for democrats because they're having to spend money here. they are not able to spend that money elsewhere in swing districts where they are really trying to stay competitive. these are some interesting races that we will continue to watch. >> absolutely, place they did not expect to have to spend that kind of money. okay lindsay, thank you for that. so there are ten different
10:19 am
races that could decide which party controls the senate. nbc's steve kornacki went to the big board for us, breaking down which states are the most crucial for democrats as they try to keep their narrow majority. take it away, steve. >> all right, a lot today getting closer and closer. let's go deep here on the battle for the senate. we all know where things stand right now. could not be closer in the senate, it is a 50/50 tie. the democrats control it because vice president kamala harris gets to break the tie for them. what you're seeing here, the way we have broken this down is the states that you see in blue, those are democratic seats right now. they are held by democrats right now. they are the five most vulnerable democratic seats. that is at least according to the polling right now. in red, you see the five most vulnerable republican held seats. coming into this election. so, take a look at it from the standpoint of the republicans. we say 50/50 won't do it for them, they need to get to 51, they need a net gain of a seat here to get control of the senate. which of these democratic seats
10:20 am
is the best opportunity for republicans? if you look at the polling right now, it's suggests that nevada may be. catherine cortez masto is running for reelection. republican adam laxalt is challenged her. the polling is very close here. but in the average, the average of all the polls, she has a very, very narrow lead right now over cortez masto. the only one of these blue states, of these blue seats where republicans actually have a lead in the polling right now. it is suggesting nevada may be the best opportunity for republicans. two other real ripe opportunities for republicans, arizona, the democrat running for reelection, blake masters, his republican opponent. masters has been getting a little bit closer in the recent polling. this georgia race has been wild from the start, herschel walker, the republican challenging raphael warnock. again, warnock still on edge in the polls. but it's getting tighter there as well. new hampshire, that's a tough
10:21 am
one to read. democratic senator running for reelection. the republicans nationally did not get the candid they wanted in the race, and yet the candidate they ended up with has been close in some recent polling. colorado will take more reach for republicans. let's look at it from this angle. let's say republicans got nevada and swing and miss in all of these other states. so they pick up one. for the moment, that would put republicans at 51 and democrats at 49. then the question would become, could democrats counter that republican gain by picking off one of these republican held seats? where did democrats have the best chance of picking up a republican held seat? again, the polling says it is pennsylvania. remember, the republican not running for reelection, he has the seat right now. this is mehmet oz, john fetterman, biden won. all year, the league has been shrinking. it was close to nine points for
10:22 am
fetterman over the summer. now, it's down to around one point. obviously, a lot will hinge on how voters react to that debate was held earlier this week. pennsylvania on paper, the democrats lose one of their seats, their best opportunity on paper to counter it and hold on to the senate would be pennsylvania. if the democrats lose nevada and get pennsylvania, i would put things right back to 50/50. again, kamala harris would be breaking the tie. democrats would have the senate. so, pennsylvania is extra important for democrats. once you get beyond that, we've got tim ryan, a democrat warning in ohio. he has been close in the polling but remember, ohio won by eight points. the polling in ohio in recent elections is underestimating republican support. we will see on election day if ryan is able to keep it close or if this thing kind of reverse to form as it did in 2020 when trump won by eight points. ron johnson looks vulnerable in wisconsin, still very close race. but johnson has improved his
10:23 am
standing in the polls recently against democratic senator. the bottom line for democrats is, for every one of these blue seats that they lose, they've got to make up for it by flipping one of these red seats. pennsylvania is the reckless target, probably followed by wisconsin and ohio. the mold that it can defend the three seats obviously the better position there will be. if they can go five for five, if democrats can hold on to all five of the seats, they will hold on to the senate. obviously, a lot to be breaking down in the final days of this campaign. there's a lot that we are breaking down on election night and election week to be honest with you. >> that was spellbinding, thank you so much for the lesson, steve. steve is going to return to the big board on monday with a breakdown of all the latest polling and analysis for. you can catch the kornacki countdown monday at 11 am eastern on msnbc. it will be streaming on peacock. in the last days before the midterm elections, the white house is pushing an important message that could open some eyes and help vulnerable democrats. i talk with former white house
10:24 am
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to help guide her with the right care team behind her. the right plan promise only from unitedhealthcare. to some breaking developments in the attack on house speaker nancy pelosi's husband, paul pelosi. the attackers expected to appear in court later next week. he will face attempted homicide charges. investigators have not reveal the motive. they described the attack as intentional and targeted. they are also looking into a series of extreme political blog posts in connection to that suspect. in the wake of the attack, dozens of lawmakers from both sides of the aisle are speaking out to condemn the violent act. that includes vice president kamala harris. >> i think that we are looking at a time when our country where there is soul much discourse that is fueled by hate and division.
10:29 am
anyone who confesses to be a leader hamas to really understand and the meaning and impact of their words and posture. >> joining me now is msnbc political analyst, robert gibbs. he is a former white house press secretary under president obama. it is always good to have. you let's get into this year. the assault on paul pelosi's renewing attention to this -- to the disturbing rise in threats to lawmakers. how different is this political environment compared to what you experienced in the obama white house years? >> yeah. a great question. in the very end of my tenure in the white house, gabby giffords life of senator mark kelly, he was shot at a grocery store outside of tucson. we have been dealing with hateful old discourse like the vice president talked about. there is the man asked the manifestation of violence. that has lasted for quite some time. in talking to some former
10:30 am
colleagues who worked in the white house in the last two years, i think that the threat level that they have received is exponentially larger than the threat level that many of us underway and. even though i had an alarm system by the secret service put inside of my house when i became prosecco terry. i think that we have seen this exponential growth in this hate filled rhetoric. it is a nod to it being okay to use violence to get what you want politically. i think that is -- sadly, alex, we are approaching a point where we are not going to be covering in attack. we are gonna be covering a death of somebody. it is pretty important that we say that poll pelosi was injured during a violent attack. there was an attempted assassination on the speaker. by all accounts, that looks like what happened. >> that is exactly what it is
10:31 am
-- there is the threats. what have you been told. >> you saw it a lot. look, it started january 6th. there are certain people who believe that the president of the united states is not the elected president of the united state. some qanon supporters believe that donald trump is gonna be reinstated. you have people that are, you know, they are getting this over and over again inside of their social networks, inside of their friend networks. what it is doing, it is putting people that are serving, whether it is in the white house, in congress, they are in increasing harm's way. when congress comes back after this election, one of the bay thing they have to do in december in a lame doc session is improve appropriations for the year. legislative branch
10:32 am
appropriations, that is a bill that deals with congress. it is going to have to include a much heftier increase in security for members of congress. there is no way around it. they are covering a paul pelosi attack in the attempted assassination. understand the judge yesterday that a 22-year-old pennsylvania man pled guilty 32 threatening to kill a congressman from california. this is not an isolated incident. >> no. think about qanon. remember the one where they thought jfk junior was coming back to run is donald trump's running mate in 2020? a lot of it is absolutely certifiable. let's move on to the former president obama. he is out on the campaign trail. he is gonna be out there with the first turn and augured a shunt. they are out on that campaign. you worked on that. you are on the senate campaign as well. how does he approach a competitive race or campaign? i am start about my calendar on
10:33 am
that question. to this point, you have been with him forever. give me a sense of how he approaches it. >> look, having him out there on the trail, first of all, about is enormously important. he is probably the most popular democratic official in the country. first and foremost, that is important. we are at that point in the campaign where it is about getting after your voters. look, i was in the white house in 2010 during what the president affectionately called several days later the shellacking. 2014 was also not a good midterm for president obama. he knows what happens when you go into a midterm election with a democratic base that is not energized. i think that having him out there, getting voters energized, that is tremendously important. georgia yesterday, michigan today. that is an important governor's race, a house race. he will be in other places like wisconsin as well. he is making sure that democratic voters and voters for those candidates get out in vote. you had a previous segment that
10:34 am
talked about early voting. in georgia, it has been going on for a while. in new york, in other places, it is just beginning. it is not election day anymore, it is election week, election month. you need to get that base energized. >> how much of an impact can obama have all campaigning for these candidates in the tight races? how do you define on the obama factor? is it all about getting out to vote? does he change minds? does he just say to get out and do it on election day, maybe earlier. >> i think it is primarily that. it is primarily getting out to vote. i will say that one of the things that a surrogate can do that a candidate themselves cannot do is talk about their accomplishments in a way that does not feel awkward. right? having president obama out there to talk about reverend warnock record in the u.s. senate, to talk about eight things that the senate has dawned, that congress has done to deal with the rising costs
10:35 am
of living, i think it is tremendously important. we are reminding people what is at stake. we are talking about the future. i think that his message has always been one of hope. i think that is what is needed. that is what voters need here in these closing days of the election. >> the white house has certainly shared its focus on the economy and inflation here in this final stretch. take a listen to white house chief of staff response when asked if the administration should've pivoted to these topics any sooner. >> they have been talking about the economy and inflation all year long. in fact, his signature economic achievement this year was in august. it was a bill called the inflation reduction act. we are not coming to this economic argument. we have been on this argument all year long. >> do you agree with that? is president biden's economic message a solid one? is something missing in the delivery or the content? polls certainly suggest that
10:36 am
republicans have the edge on that issue at this point. >> yeah. look, what you see the white house trying to do is take an election they fear will be a referendum on inflation. it is about the high cost of living. they want to make it a choice. that is why the president wasn't syracuse this week talking about what republicans will not do one inflation. they will do when it comes to cutting things like social security and medicare. he is trying to push that in front of voters ten days out. it is a message that has them making the choice about two distinct and different visions. it is not unlike the 2020 race. the challenge you saw in that interview there, there is a looming presence of the inflation challenge that the democrats in the economy have been dealing with for much of the year. that is certainly a challenge it has to be overcome. candidates that are out there have to talk about it. i think that people intended to
10:37 am
think, okay, we will, we should not talk about the economy, of talk about abortion. it is imperative to understand that voters can hold many thoughts in their mind at one time. they don't want to hear about one issue. they are reminded of the importance of abortion. even as they are going to the grocery store and buying milk and bread. it is important. good campaigns have been talking about all these issues for a while. >> if you are in charge of the campaign, if there's one more message that you need to get out there to put us over the top, do you have one? >> yeah. look, i think that it is that contrasting message. look at what we have done over the last two years, look at what we want to do. look at what the republicans are for. right? make this a choice between tax cuts for the wealthy and tax cuts for the middle class. make it about cutting prices of prescription drugs and health care against voting against doing that. you are investing in infrastructure. i think the plus what we have
10:38 am
seen around important so shull issues like abortion, that is what i will be closing within the last ten days. i think that is what you will hear candidates talking about. >> okay. always a pleasure. many thanks. we have this breaking news from overseas. it is a frightening in who refined of element of this hour. we are gathering information. we are bringing you the details after the break. there is the candle for donald trump. these are the options that he may be waiting about talking to the january six committee. y six committee. the virus that causes shingles is sleeping... in 99% of people over 50.
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breaking news we told you about before the break. this is out of south korea. officials say a crowd surge killed at least 59 people and it has injured 150 others. it happened during halloween festivities at a very popular district in seoul. police there say a large crowd started pushing forward in a narrow alley and that crushed dozens of people. more than 400 emergency workers are on the scene, we are bringing you live pictures right now. they are giving cpr, they are rushing survivors to the hospital. this is a real tragedy there in seoul. we are monitoring the latest, we'll bring you more information as it comes into us here. let's also give you a look at some of the other top stories we are following. russia has accused the uk of blowing up the nord stream gas pipelines last month, calling it a terrorist act on critical infrastructure. it is not giving any evidence for that claim. british defense ministry has so far declined to comment. back here in the u.s., two men
10:43 am
were arrested over the shooting outside of a pittsburgh funeral home. the panicked relation -- they were caught on video there. police say that five people were shot, fortunately their injuries are not life-threatening. the gunfire was the result of an ongoing dispute among community members. also, elon musk says he is making some big changes to twitter following his takeover of the company. in order to ease concerns over rise in harmful content under his ownership. the wall street journal -- if former president donald trump is reinstated. growing questions today about what happens next. now that donald trump's attorneys officially accepted that subpoena from the january six committee. the clock is ticking for trump to decide whether not he cooperates before the november 14th deadline. joining me now, hugo, congressional reporter for the guardian. and lisa, our msnbc legal analyst, from the rachel maddow show. we share you with her, we are
10:44 am
grateful to rachael for sharing. hugo, let's go to your new op-ed that you're right. the acceptance of the subpoena means trump must settle on his response to the sweeping demand from the panel. any insights on whether he is going to cooperate? >> no, not this minute, not for this week frankly. i checked in yesterday with a couple of people close to the trump legal team and they were unable to say themselves how the president was going to respond. i think this kind of reflects two things. it is possible that trump himself has to make the final decision. he get any number of lawyers telling him that he shouldn't go for the committee, or he should respond this way, or that way. the second point is, i think trump has to make that decision himself, and he has to make it having looked at all the options. i don't think at the moment that he is actually decided what he wants to do yet, he is a very reflexive person. he does whatever he feels like. i think that is what is driving >> lisa, you said that trump's
10:45 am
litigation game has always been delay, stall, ignore, deflect. that is more like -- but legally, what are his options at this point? is there any way he could skirt around this? >> i think there is a way that he could skirt around this. part of the problem is that the clock is ticking. you know as well as i do that every congress ends in two years. that means that each congress subpoenas are moot when that congress ends. even if the committee does nothing to litigate the president, if republicans are successful in taking over the house number, the opportunity to enforce the subpoena effectively dies with that congress in january when the new congress begins. that is a sobering contest. how about this? >> there are some reports that donald trump is actually considering allowing federal investigators to search mar-a-lago again. >> is this still a possibility
10:46 am
or are the discussions about that, have a die down about trump potentially having another document? >> that's a good question, i think this kind of reflects the push and pull on his legal team. he has four principal lawyers dealing with the mar-a-lago documents case. suddenly, one or two of them, people like evan who have been more relate-able to working with a resolution. they try to find, try to allow them to come back to mar-a-lago so they can satiate themselves and think all that response of documents are now back in possession of the justice department. there's a growing number of aides around him who are saying that there is no way that you let the doj back in here. they're only going to look for more stuff. it is problematic legally, politically, and moreover, you don't have to do this. i think this discussion is kind of dying down in recent days. something that came up last week, but not much longer. >> this week, we know lisa, that you have written about
10:47 am
this, but former white house aide sat down for another closed-door meeting with the panel. in your new article, the veracity of hope, you've examined how hicks became one of the top key witnesses. why do they want to hear more from hicks? how significant is her testimony at this point with the investigation? >> i actually think it is extremely significant, and one that i and lots of others in the media have overlooked. hope hicks is famous for her first stint in the trump administration. we tend to forget that in the waning days of the administration, she came back in a different role, not any communications capacity, but as counselor to the president with her mandate being to oversee some of the liaisons between the campaign in the white house. they want to talk to her because of something that both maggie and peter baker and his wife discussed in each of their books, which is that hope hicks apparently told the president in no uncertain terms, hey buddy, you lost, it is over. the president returned at the
10:48 am
people the room and complained, hope doesn't believe in me anymore. she would say, yeah, that's right. what the committee most wants to talk to hope hicks about, i assume, is that first, that she told the president that he lost. that is about his intent with respect to what he did thereafter. the other thing they want to talk to her about, or assume they wanted to talk to her about is that she was on another of group text with mark meadows and other very close advisers within the trump inner circle, including stephen miller and dan casino in the days after the election. my guess is that they are very curious as to those communications as well. >> hugo, you mentioned trump lawyers and in fact on thursday, evan corcoran, jim trusty, they were all seen going to a sealed hearing before a d.c. judge. what was that all about? >> we understand that to be -- the doj's national security division has been in talking with --
10:49 am
they are saying, we still believe that there may be more documents that are yet to have been returned to the government. that conference in the d.c. district court appears to have been around that issue. there is a lot of loose ends that are yet to be resolved here. whether it's with the special master, whether it's about the outstanding documents, potentially other locations, other trump places, we don't know. as well as testimony from various trump aides. we understand that was one of those areas to be discussed. >> interesting, lisa, hang on a second because corcoran trusting him, they make up three fourths of trump's core legal team. does it tell you anything that all three went to this hearing? >> it does really tell me anything more or less. i think what you're asking, alex, is is it significant that chris wasn't there? we don't know. sometimes people stay away from things for no significant reason other than they have a medical appointment or their
10:50 am
child has a sporting event. the fact that christine come up from florida, for this hearing, and the other three were in the room, i'm not sure what that means. it is significant however that the hearing itself happened. as hugo just said, we understand at least some of that hearing was about doj's efforts to force the trump team to do a further search before they have to go to the next step, which is to execute a search warrant, or rather to apply for a search warrant and executed. the department of justice doesn't want to have to do that until they exhaust every possible avenue for trump's participation in that. >> i guess this remains an open issue still at this point. hugo, lisa, thank you, always good to see you both. so there is at least one big midterm race that will remain a mystery until well after most go to bed. it involves a high-profile republican who appears to be losing in a very red state. it could be a bit of good news for democrats, we will give it to you next. ws for democrats, we will give it to you next. to you next. what will you do? ♪
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news from south korea, a tragedy in seoul were least 59 people were crushed to death by a crowd surging in a narrow alley during a halloween event. at least 150 others have been injured. it is right now after 2 am there, hundreds of rescues were on the scene in that crowded tourist area. still recovering bodies right now where -- we are monitoring the latest, we will bring you more information as it comes in. in the meantime, the race for alaska sole house seat could bode the end of sarah palin's career. who is polling showing her being trounced by mary. democrats still an uphill battle to regain the chamber with forecasters saying that one in five chance of keeping their majority while predicting a gop gain of 12 to 25 seats. joining me now is dave wasserman, senior editor for the cook political report. dave, welcome. as we look at these polls, they pretty much show economy being
10:54 am
top issue in the midterms. republicans have certainly tried to harness themselves as the one capable of turning things around. is there any move for democrats to gain momentum on this issue over the next ten days? >> republicans have the momentum right now in the battle for control of the house. but this is an unusual year because we're looking at a split screen election between red and purple states where democrats and house races are actually performing pretty well in many cases. such as, this person in alaska and kansas. on the other hand, a lot of democrats are struggling in districts that biden carried in 2020 in boosts. some of the highest profile names on the house side in the party include sean patrick maloney, the chair of the triple. abigail in virginia, even katie porter in california, they are at genuine risk with several days to go. >> these polls show that republicans have the momentum in the race for control. they also have an edge in a voter enthusiasm. but there is some democrats in
10:55 am
these red and purple states to remain in strong contention despite president biden somewhat lackluster approval ratings. meanwhile, democrats running in blue states like new york, oregon, can it get, they are scrambling to hold on to their seats. can you help me make sense of what is going on here? >> you know what? in those blue states, democrats are double incumbents. they control both federal and state government. republicans have been very effective in taking the abortion issue off the table in those states. after all, roe v. wade is virtually certain to remain the wall -- instead, they will focus voters on crime and inflation, channeling their dissatisfaction against democrats. that has hurt them there, even in oregon where democrats are at risk of losing three house seats. republicans have only held one house seat there since 1996. you go to the red states and democrats have been more successful there in taking the threat of abortion access,
10:56 am
especially in states that have passed bans or considered it, and heightened democratic enthusiasm to the point where they are doing actually fairly well. even democrats in michigan and pennsylvania have not lost too much ground since 2020, at least in the private polling that we are seeing both parties come back with. >> we mention this, we're gonna get into it here. the race for alaska's soul house seat. that certainly is among the fascinating congressional seats up for grabs. the democrat became an overnight celebrity after her august choice victory over sale opinion, pretty much a household name. she now faces palin into other conservative candidates in this rank choice general election. dave, can you talk to me about how this race is playing out and how is the winner called in the system on election night? >> we are not going to know likely until close to thanksgiving who has officially won this race, unless mary
10:57 am
winds in absolute majority of the ballots in the first round. with ranked shorts voting, this is a big boom to democrats in alaska because after all, they have a phenomenal candidate in mary who is a former travel fisheries executive. she's a moderate. she has been endorsed by two of his daughter's. sarah palin is a hugely polarizing figure who is still battling against another republican nick beg-ish. all the way through to election day. democrats could very well, in fact, she is favored to hold on to the sea. that likely lowers the ceiling on republicans gains in the house. when you consider all the other flawed republican nominees in places like michigan and kansas. >> we are getting your prognostication, thank you so much. we will see you again, no doubt. that is going to do it for me on this edition of reports, i'll see you again tomorrow at noon eastern. have a good one.
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