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tv   Yasmin Vossoughian Reports  MSNBC  October 30, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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searching for the -- difference of opinion on what's to blame. and how exactly to fix it. >> a vicious attack in which she's been villainized for years. and big surprise, it's gone viral, and went violent. >> it's a deranged individual, you can't say people saying, let's fire pelosi, let's take back the house, it's just unfair. i think we all need to recognize that violence is up. >> we need to condemn political
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violence it is something that shouldn't be controversial. >> you can go back to the beginning, it started back in the summer of 2020, when the city's burning, not a lot of whole lot of -- >> all right, in a moment to talk to representative debbie dingell from michigan about justice. and i want to talk to the congresswoman about barack obama's return to the campaign dry. all there is -- and making a prediction about one thing that will happen if republicans take over the house. >> they promised, if they get to congress, they'll spend the next two years investigating their political opponents, including joe biden. some of them said, impeach joe biden, but you alaskan went for, they're not sure yet. >> later on this hour and a writer who agrees with obama and says it's not gonna stop at just the president.
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all of that plus a tennessee mom going viral after taking on the anti-lgbtq forces in her town. >> jesus didn't go anywhere and condemn people. he did not ever walk into any place, -- and lies. at annihilate a group of human beings who do exist. >> more from ahead, we'll be talking to one of the historic number of lgbtq candidates running for office this year. trying to make sure that representation does indeed matter. that conversation is ahead. we want to begin though with new video, speaker pelosi just about an hour so go, leaving her home in san francisco. it's unclear where she was headed to, her husband's hospitalized and recovering after having surgery to repair a skull fracture. serious injuries to his right arm, and, joining me now is allie raffa, with more on this.
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ali, i'm interested in the reaction from republican lawmakers today, to the attack of speaker pelosi's has been paul pelosi. >> yasmin, it's been a mixed bag to say the least. it's been very interesting to see how lawmakers reacted to this in general over the past 48 hours has evolved since this attack. we were seeing lawmakers on both sides of the aisle, the vast majority of them rushing to condemn this violent attack, rushed to offer their support to the pelosi family. we're sort of seeing this shift in the blame game between democrats and republicans, both of them as we know, victims of violent attacks to them and their families. so, now we're seeing democrats point their fingers at republicans for not calling up far-right conspiracy theories more forcefully. for not calling out aggressive calls for nancy pelosi to step out of her position as house
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speaker. then you see this mixed bag of reaction from republicans. some of them are agreeing with democrats. but the rhetoric has been vitriolic. you see some of them saying, blaming gop rhetoric on this as you saw rana mcdonald's at the top there. saying, that's not fair. that the suspect in this case is mental health is more to blame than his political beliefs, or his motive in this case which by the way, the motive is being investigated. i want you to take a listen to some reaction from house minority leader, kevin mccarthy, who very well could be pelosi successor in this house speaker position over the next few months. as well as democratic senator, chris coons. >> violence or threats of violence has no place in our society. what happened to paul pelosi's wrong. having heard it, i reached out and called the speaker. she was on a plane back for her husband. we were able to communicate by tax. she did say the surgery went well.
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i wanted to convey that our thoughts and prayers are with her in her family. >> i think all of us, in the wake of this attack on paul pelosi, we need to say that we're gonna stop demonizing folks, because i think those kinds, the sort of rhetoric that we've heard in too many ways, too many places, can lead to violence by a small number of americans who think that when we describe our political opponents as our enemies. we're calling for them to be attacked. >> coons leader on that interview, speaking out and calling out former president trump for his continued silence in the aftermath of this attack on piece speaker pelosi's husband. yasmin, it's coming as we now hear reaction from the speaker herself for the first time since friday. when she learned of this attack on her has been. she said in this letter to her house colleagues, late last night, that family's quote, heartbroken and traumatized in the wake of this. adding that her husband's condition continues to approve,
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after the major surgery. >> allie raffa, thank you, good to talk to. you i want to bring in gaby dingell, who's joining us this hour. congresswoman, thank you for joining us, i want to first get your reaction to what we heard from -- i believe you are listening to that. she blamed the clouds to replace speaker pelosi, as leader of the house for, republicans take back control of the house. these are not reasons why one would be inspired to attack paul pelosi. as ally mentioned, in fact it's more about mental illness. what's your reaction to that? >> i've defended her, herself when she's a constituent of mine, which most people don't know. people have gone after. it's not a. i think we are living in a society or community, it's becoming.
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-- and i think, its responsibility of all of us in our communities, to stand up to fear, hatred when we see a. we are normalizing that behavior. well everybody's focused on the congress this is happening at all levels of community from school boards, elected mayors, city councils. i even need to tell you, michigan state game -- and i stood outside when the michigan state bus arrived. i heard this happen before. but the booing when they arrived struck me as wrong. and the fight that ensued. it's not good sportsmanship. we're normalizing unacceptable behaviors into many aspects of our communities, period. >> and that's the thing, congresswoman, folks aren't standing up against violence like this. folks aren't speaking out against violence like this. where is the line.
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i mentioned the last hour, speaker pelosi's been targeted for years. almost two decades. you yourself have been targeted. you're our face, -- you talked about how you had our men outside of your own home. where is the line? steve scalise, the baseball game, we can go on and on. and of course january six. i want to point to people say, enough is enough. and then what needs to happen? >> i think we're at the point that is enough enough was evident years ago, several years ago. i'm trying very hard not to point fingers at anybody. though i obviously, probably would, one of the reasons -- so many threats. i think it's not -- about the leaders, community leaders, the new president of the university of michigan about this last night. i think that universities, unions, talking to them yesterday about the responsibility of leaders. i think nonprofits, i think
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communities need to come together. we need to start to say, what's acceptable and what's not. we can disagree. but every human being needs to be treated with dignity and respect. when i was brought up, there was a wrong way and a right way to treat another person. we need to get back to that. and you can't legislate it. we need to stand up to hate. -- when this happened, in other countries, in our democracy is really being threatened. so, it's not somebody else's responsibility. it's every one of our responsibilities to stand up to the hate we're seeing right now. >> yeah, you talk about democracy being threatened. let's talk midterms for a moment. barack obama stopping on the campaign trail yesterday in michigan, and wisconsin as well. he wrapped up his speech talking about the threats to democracy saying in fact, i know you care about the economy. i know you care about abortion. but there's a real threat to democracy. and the way to stand up to
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things like you're saying, hey, is to get out there and vote. he had a lot of fun with the crowd. and at what let's play a little bit of his appearance yesterday, congresswoman, then we'll talk. >> i've been reading up on some of these candidates on the other side. lord have mercy! i'm sorry, what did you say? i'm not gonna tell michelle you said that. though, michelle does agree. ever seen that movie up, that disney movie. remember the dog, the dogs talking, then the squirrel. and they turn, that's us with politics. >> he essentially says congresswoman, don't get distracted like the dog in up. how integral, how important is the former president's presence
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on the campaign trail, in days out till the midterms? and his message? >> it's critical to be perfectly frank. i think he energized the city yesterday. i think we're seeing a lack of energy across the country. by the way, for both parties, one of the things we've got laser thin races across the country. up, down, depending on who you are -- come to many people think they're both -- the weather is bad, i'm not gonna go out. i don't believe -- he'll do that for years since you've known me. and the one in michigan [inaudible] when i told people that president trump could win. he was telling people, don't, nobody is listening to me, i don't like what's happening. you know what, you don't like what's happening, you don't like the direction of the country's going in. you gotta get out to make a difference. because you can't complain if you're not engaged. elections have consequences.
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>> yeah, the former president saying, don't moped, go vote. his messaging yesterday, telling folks on the -- debbie dingell, thank you so much as always, great to talk to you. still ahead, republicans have been talking about since president biden got elected. >> it is time for action. impeach biden, impeach kamala harris, and throw in the secretary of state, if you can get him back from vacation. >> all right, i'm gonna talk to the writer of a new article detailing how they might do it if republicans win back control of congress. up first, protest over the death of iran's massive minute goal global. the leader of one break bringing awareness with billboards throughout the country. seen here specifically in times square, joining me next. , joining me next. with leading ultra-capacity 5g coverage.
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new development and that deadly stampede and south korea just a four time ago the u.s. department confirming to americans among the dead. more than 150 people have died. during halloween celebrations. it is not clear yet what triggered the stampede. witnesses saying they saw almost no crowd control and little police presence. let's shift to iran. a new warning this weekend from the revolutionary guard there.
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to anti government protesters, even as demonstrations are continuing and cities and university canvases -- for the sixth straight week following the death -- it's the cofounder of -- and member of the iranian diaspora collective. thanks for joining us on this, glad to have you back, and by the way congratulations on wanting to get the word out because last time you are on with me you talked about raising money to get these billboards up across the country to weighs awareness to keep the spotlight on what is happening in iran. the people of iran are really sacrificing day in and day out. to protest against the regime there. and we have done it there. we're looking at a picture of times square, where one of those billboards was posted. one of those bitalk about what got youe and what is next. >> well, thank you for having me back. we are very much transitioned
12:18 pm
out of a protest and into a full blown revolution all across iran. you are seeing and ignited iranian diaspora across europe, across all western countries, canada. what has happened? we've had over 6000 donors. we've been able to successfully raise i think close to 450,000. and we really are a flag ship -- times square, the financial center of a world, to create a social moment where people are driving from all over the east coast to come and get videos and pictures -- there's tens of thousands of people showing up here. it is almost become a monument. people are crying. people are protesting. you can see it. it has become an emotional moment for the diaspora. it is feeling so estranged from their home and desperate to make a difference. >> you know what is incredible? i've been speaking to iranians on the ground there, asking them what they think about the prospect of what they are doing. these protests and what will
12:19 pm
come next. and they say they don't know. but what they do know is it is never going to go back to what it was six weeks ago. the strides that they have made, what they have struck revised in this time, it can never go back. >> it will never go back. and i think what you have is a generation that has grown up in front of tiktok and instagram and twitter. they understand the power of social media. they understand the power of content and storytelling. you are seeing murder at the end of the -- young creatives, gay women and gay man -- you are seeing so many bright, brilliant creatives being lost to the hands of this extreme regime. and they are creating contact. when i see post all the time -- people are willing to die to share this content. you can't do this wrong. there is no appropriation. there's no mispronunciations here. any and all communication to help express what is happening here in this revolution. people are being murdered or
12:20 pm
massacred. especially when you think about what is going on in kurdistan. i think we're in a desperate place today to just get the word out. >> i know that -- specifically saying the meeting will highlight the repression of women, as they say, and other minorities and look for opportunities to promote investigations into the iranian government human rights abuses. what are your hopes to come out of this? >> first of all, we are thrilled for the support that we have seen all around the world, for everyone to take this seriously. we are really encouraged by what we saw today. spearheaded by hillary clinton and all of her friends. michelle obama, oprah winfrey. a number of high-profile women. having the islamic republic be part of the un council for women is absolutely ridiculous and uncalled for. the republican --
12:21 pm
it is actually massacre. what do we call? it is a genocide? is it slaughtering? we are not even sure. no one is sure. it is so horrific and traumatizing that i think everyone in the diaspora is just regarding to even comprehend the level of violence happening here. i mean, today there was a report published that showed 52 children, ages between eight and 14 have been murdered in the past six weeks, and so, we are encouraged. our hope is that they are removed. our hope is that the western world does even more. there's a lot more that can be done here and i think the entire western government needs to come together and demand that the islamic republic step down and be removed. and support the iranian people for a true democracy. i think this is the time. and of course, the past 43 years -- >> it is really difficult to kind of understand and confirm all of what is going on there on the ground because of the
12:22 pm
internet shutdown. everything is really trickling out. we are hearing that this is happening but we cannot necessarily confirm it to ourselves because the government is trying to keep it from getting out onto the world stage. as always, we thank you for joining us on this and we appreciate it. >> thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> absolutely. up next, the economy is the number one issue for midterm voters. but with a mixed bag of both good and bad news and just nine days to go, which party will come out on top? we will be right back. we will be right back. create something new? our dell technologies advisors can provide you with the tools and expertise you need to bring out the innovator in you. it's the subway series menu. 12 irresistible subs. the most epic sandwich roster ever created. ♪♪ it's subway's biggest refresh yet!
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leon the second... and leon... the first of them all. three generations, who all bank differently with chase. leon's saving up for his first set of wheels... nice try. really? this leon's paying for his paint job on the spot... and this leon, as a chase private client, he's in the south of france, taking out cash with no atm fees. that's because this family of leons has chase. actually, it's león. ooh la la! one bank for now. for later. for life. chase. make more of what's yours. all right, let's get to the midterms now and one of the key battleground states, arizona. msnbc ali velshi spent the weekend on the ground, talking to voters. here's a little bit of that conversation. >> i think one of the things that should be of concern is that the threat against abortion rights. and how it has been politicized
12:27 pm
by the heavy conservative political bodies. and really at the end of the day, this impacts people down to their ability to live and their ability to exercise agency over their own lives. this is something that should not be a political tool, but should be recognized as a life or death issue. >> i think what is motivating me right, now especially going into the election, voting, this is my first midterm election -- the big thing that i didn't think would have to be an issue is misinformation. and denying something that is so simple and basic. at the end of the day, i am what most people target as -- i am queer person with a uterus. i'm a person of color. my rights are being pushed away. >> the most important issue in arizona, when i am voting, is protecting the essence of our
12:28 pm
democracy. we are, for worse, ground zero of this election denier stuff, the audit that they did with the ballot in the 2020 elections, when i am deciding who to vote for, it is a disqualifier if the person isn't 100% honest about the fact that we had an open, honest, fair and free election -- >> and you are speaking as a republican? >> yes, i'm technically a registered republican. >> all right, in the final weeks before the midterms, the economy has taken center stage, on surprisingly. it is going again after six months of the conflict. they have hit a 20 year high -- and the fed could push some youth and hire. nbc's scott cohen is with us. a lot of economic news here. voters head into the polls. what do people need to know
12:29 pm
right about now? >> you know, a lot of what you need to know is right here where we are. this is the willow glen neighborhood in san jose and you can see it is busy. it's sunday afternoon and lots of people -- that is really the essence of what is going on. we spoke with a local business owner here in one of the restaurants here and he talked about how things are really busy. people are spending a lot. he still able to keep up his employment and stuff like that. but it is really hard to make a profit in this business because everything that he does is a battle to stay ahead of inflation. >> with the rise and the inflation of prices, in particular food items, all dry goods, it causes us to raise our prices because we are a scratch kitchen. we don't want to reduce quality. we want to make sure that people are getting what they pay for. but it is also hard because,
12:30 pm
you know, it is $20 for a burrito. >> so, job one for the federal reserve, which we will meet again this week, is to try to get those increases under control. that means raising interest rates and that creates so many crosscurrents for the economy. so, we did learn this past week that the economy is growing again after six months of declines. but within that, some troubling signs, home construction particularly is down because interest rates are up. this week, again, as i said, the federal reserve is expected to aggressively raise rates again. watch for the language, though, they will taper off on that. then on friday, the unemployment rate, expected to be strong job growth, but a tight labor market. that does not leave room for inflation. >> so major economic news that we will be looking for. thank you for that. for president barack obama this weekend, warning of one danger if republicans gain control of the house. take a listen.
12:31 pm
>> they promised if they get control of congress, they will spend the next two years investigating their political opponents, including joe biden. some of them said they will impeach joe biden! when you asked them what for, they are not sure yet. >> by the way, this doesn't seem to be an empty threat. -- gradually and then suddenly, impeachment will become as much as a litmus test for republican house members as the big lie and gellman is joining me now as well as charlie sykes. i can only imagine what it will be like in the next two years if republicans take control of the house and possibly of the senate and then pursue impeachment and what is that going to do with regards to really they're standing on the political stage? let's talk through a couple of things because we heard from president barack obama, we
12:32 pm
don't know what they will impeach him for. you wrote it could be the withdrawal from afghanistan. it could be the border crisis as well. what do you think is going to whip up support on the republican side in order to pursue impeachment, if that is what they decide to do? >> well, you need to look at several levels of the republican side. at the very top, the house leadership, kevin mccarthy it is -- they are not interested in impeachment. they know there is too much probability of backlash by members who think it is purely political, but from the base of the party, you have more than two thirds of all republicans who think that joe biden should be impeached, and where the, not believe that he will be impeached. to frustrate those expectations is a dangerous thing for the house republicans. and they will have all kinds of
12:33 pm
things to choose from. the wild card here and the reason i think that it will happen is that donald trump has more sway, more influence, over the republican caucus then certainly kevin mccarthy does and trump is going to want to see impeachment happen. >> it is like a vendetta on behalf of former president donald trump. as of saying it was unjustified to pursue impeachment when it comes to either what happened on january 6th, where people lost their lives and or the quid pro quo offered to the ukrainian president. let's talk a little bit about marjorie taylor greene here as well, if we can. finally an article of impeachment against president biden on the very first day that he was in office, we know that she had lost some influence inside the republican party early on, but has now sensed gain traction once again. how outsized word her influence
12:34 pm
be amongst the gop if in fact they were to take back control of the house. >> i think it would be considerable for exactly the reasons that they laid out their. and it doesn't really matter what kevin mccarthy is saying right now about impeachment. the aid of the party, the burning energy, is this perpetual outrage machine, personified by marjorie taylor greene, and they will absolutely demand this and in fact, they will demand many things, like endless investigations into hunter biden. they'll make a litmus test out of a refusal to cooperate in any way with the biden administration, bipartisan compromises will be e, you know, furiously opposed. those will also be the kind of litmus tests that you will see, so kevin mccarthy may be sitting in his office thinking, okay, how do we avoid overreaching like newt gingrich did after the 1994 election?
12:35 pm
but i don't think they will be able to stop it because this is a party built on this smoldering cauldron of outrage. if they disappoint that base, they will have healthy. and in mar-a-lago, donald trump is seeing -- if i can make it like everyone has been impeached, then i will do it. -- let's water it down and there will absolutely be irresistible pressure for the investigations, maybe for a debt ceiling crisis, and of course, for the impeachment of donald trump and maybe kamala harris as well and the grounds are to be determined. >> can we pick up on that point, charlie? i want to play for you a little bit of sound from folks because this is not just about the possible impeachment of president biden and what is to come in the next few years if republicans take back control of congress. it is pursuing the vice
12:36 pm
president. it is pursuing the secretary of state as republicans have talked about. let us listen. >> last friday, ralph norman and i filed a resolution including impeachment articles for secretary blinken. >> it is time for action. impeach biden, impeach kamala harris, and throw in the secretary of state if you can get him back from vacation. >> these are articles of impeachment on president biden. >> barton, the article -- the bar, i should say, it's fairly high for the president, so who is to say that in turn they will necessarily pursue the vice president and or the secretary of state, as they have stated there? >> i think actually the likeliest first target is going to be the secretary of homeland security. because the republicans really
12:37 pm
like the border issue and they are accusing him of failure to carry out the law, protecting the country's borders. and it is being pushed hard by some outsized groups. -- they basically threw out an article of impeachment. in the first few years of the biden administration, there were 31 cosponsors to impeach mayorkas, including scott perry, the chair of the freedom caucus. so, some fairly influential people are behind that. -- articles of impeachment against biden and harris had the interesting reciprocal logic that the charges against harris was simply that she had failed to work the 25th amendment to remove biden. >> charlie, last word to you
12:38 pm
here if we can. because republicans are essentially running on the economy. they are running on crime. could this backfire out? them if they pursue impeachment over the next few years, it distracts away resources from pursuing resolution on crime, as they say they have. pursuing resolution on the economy, as they say they have, and instead spending their time on impeachment. >> the nature is a -- they may be running on crime and the economy but what is their agenda? what are their policies? what bills are they going to present? they are running without really a legislative platform of any substance, so, yeah, there's a real chance that this will be a distraction. i will throw it one other name for impeachment, if in fact donald trump is indicted by the department of justice, my guess
12:39 pm
is that there will be tremendous pressure on the right to begin impeachment proceedings against attorney general merrick garland because that is a big how they roll. >> wow. okay. charlie and barton, thank you so much. who is to know what will happen in the next couple of years? breaking just moments ago on the ongoing investigation into the pelosi home attack, san francisco police clearing up earlier details about a potential third person in the home during the invasion. investigators telling nbc news that there were only two people in the home, not three. and neither the suspect or paul pelosi knew each other prior to this incident. also, nbc news has now confirmed that zip ties were found on the scene. we will continue to update the story as we learn more. coming up, a mom takes on hate in her community. >> to come here and tell us, the community that we love, we are related to, we are friends with, we work with them and
12:40 pm
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♪ oh, i ♪ dude ♪ i want to be with you everywhere. ♪ from bolt to blazer, equinox to silverado, chevy evs are for everyone, everywhere. here is some of the other top stories that we are following. hallie's 50 people are now dead in the philippines from flash flooding and landslides. officials saying all the victims mistakenly thought a tidal wave was washing ashore and ran to higher ground, where they were buried alive by the huge mudslide. in brazil, voters are casting ballots today for what is being called south america's most important election in decades. former president and -- is facing off against the country's populist right wing incumbent, president -- you let any first round of voting earlier this month, but
12:44 pm
the race has narrowed and here in the u.s., someone in the country could be on the verge of some life-changing money. the power ball jackpot is now up to an estimated one billion dollars with the drawings that for later on this evening, the drawing making at the second largest back bought in powerball history. i need to go and buy my ticket. straight ahead, ready to make history, i will talk to backup bail and from vermont. one of the historic number of lgbtq q candidates running this year and that is not the only bit of history she will make if she wins. >> hey there, i'm ayman mohyeldin. tonight, i'll be joined by josh carl, fresh off his campaign event with president obama. we will talk about what his office is doing to combat the growing number of election challenges facing the state. don't miss it tonight nine eastern on msnbc. eastern on msnbc
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12:49 pm
over a pride display. and lgbtq books they deemed inappropriate -- listen to this. >> i have never been sexually assaulted at a drag show, but that happened in a church twice. [inaudible] they told me it was my fault. this whole scenario should stop in the united states of america, where we have free speech. but it did not. we are here. and it's -- they guarantee these freedoms. [inaudible] moved from another place to come here and tell us the community that we love, we are related to, we are friends with, they babysit our kids, they babysit our kids, and they are dangerous -- they have not done anything to anyone! and i am so sick of listening to this weird, fake stuff about christiane eddy being the
12:50 pm
reason behind why we need to protect the kids. jesus didn't go anywhere and condemn people. he did not ever walk into -- [inaudible] and completely annihilate a group of human beings, who just want to exist! and lgbtq people are not staying silent either. in a historic first lgbtq americans will be on the ballot in all 50 states, where there are 678 lgbtq candidates will be running -- and of these record numbers, the president of that group said this, bigots want us to stay home and stay quiet, but their attacks are backfiring and instead have motivated a new wave of lgbtq leaders to run for office. and one of those very leaders is joining me now. -- who served as vermont senate majority leader. she is now running to serve the
12:51 pm
state in congress. if elected, she will be the first woman in addition to openly gay person to represent vermont in washington. rebecca, thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate it. i want to get your reaction first as we start this conversation to the wave of lgbtq hate and a form of a lot of legislative actions happening on the state level. and how you and folks like jesse graham, as we just saw in that viral video, are fighting back against that. >> so, what i want to say the top is that this is nothing new, right? whenever we make progress, we see the backlash and that is what we are seeing right now. i have to say, it was really lovely to watch this amazing ally in tennessee speaking up for the members of her community. that gave me so much hope because that is what it will take. it was a courageous people like her, standing up at regular town meetings and saying, we are not going to put up with this. and so, as an elected official,
12:52 pm
when regular people do that, i feel so strongly that they have my back, when i am being out there in front on the statues. i am clear eyed about this moment that we are in, but i'm also feeling so hopeful, because people like that woman, showing that she can be a strong vocal ally, that is what will get us through this moment, that kind of courage. >> i have to say as a vermont lover, i am always astounded to think that a woman has not served on behalf of vermont in congress. if elected, he would be the first woman to serve. i know that you spoke to the washington post about this. and he said this. asked whether liberal politics can coexist with male chauvinism, bail and paused briefly and fix your gaze on our interview or. you're asking me if there is still sexism? she said. yes, there is. during the current campaign, she has repeatedly asked about whether she is thought about the impact serving in congress will have an her family and the answer is many times.
12:53 pm
talk to me about this. what do people outside of vermont not know about the political climate of your state? >> so, we are in so many ways a very progressive. we are a progressive state. we often like to think of ourselves as leading a nation. and we are on certain issues. certainly on issues like and -ing the practice of the gay or trans panic defense. we are upfront on that. on civil marriage and civil unions -- but it is still shocking to me as i was campaigning to the vermont's first woman in congress, the people it's taught me on the street and tell me i needed to wear brighter colors or told me i needed to get botox. it is pretty shocking. yes! and these were supporters! [laughs] they felt like they were doing me a favor! >> by the way, welcome to my life. but, please proceed.
12:54 pm
[laughs] >> i am sure you about this experience. but the other thing i want to say is that i think vermonters love when people stand up for their communities and that is something that bernie sanders, peter welch, and patrick leahy have done not just for me, as an individual gay leader trying to make a difference here in vermont, but for a community. that is one of the reasons why we have -- but i can tell you the conversation changes when there are women in the room and there are queer people in the room. and i have seen that in my work any state legislature. and i am just so proud to be right on the cusp of representing vermont as the first women in congress and the first openly gay person to represent vermont. and a lot of parents in vermont are coming out to my rallies! no pun intended! coming out to talk to me about what it means for me to be pulling other people up behind
12:55 pm
me, making space for other people, because i really want to be a legislature that represents all of vermont, whether you are a member of the lgbtq community or not, i am fixated on protecting all of our rights. >> by the way, if the plan was intended, that is okay to. they'll be quite a celebration as well. becca balint, thank you so much. after the break, as an all takes on kari lake. >> if you become governor, do you make sure everyone's vote will count? >> judy, i'll make it easy. if the people of arizona elect me, i will make sure they never have to vote ever again. >> [laughs] you may feel it. but just one align women's probiotic daily helps soothe digestive upsets. and support vaginal health. welcome to an align gut. among my patients, i often see them have teeth sensitivity as well as gum issues. does it worry me? absolutely.
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it's golo. it's all golo. it's smarter, it's better, welcome back. it will change your life forever. saturday night live last night opened with their own versions of gop senate candidates herschel walker, doctor oz and kari lake. >> one of your main campaign issues is the denial of the 2020 election. >> can you media types could just get over the one thing i have made the center of my campaign for months and months? arizonans want to talk about the issues that affect them, like crime in new york or crime in detroit. and the most rushing issue, drug queen story time. men dressing as loud, sassy women introducing children to the joe is a reading?
1:00 pm
not on my watch. >> can you bother to me, please? i'm open. listen, judas, we have babies in and school identifying as a pokémon and that is crazy. you know? my son is a boy, last time i checked by text. he ain't no snore lacks -- i'm getting all worked up right now. my head is getting very, very hot. >> judy, we need to take care of ourselves and i recommend the miraculous -- for help them lose their he found in just one calendar day. >> that wraps it up for this hour everybody. when correction, by the way, before we go. the powerball drawing is in fact tomorrow night. you'll need to wait until then to become a billionaire. i will be doing the 11 am hour late next week. i will be back in the chair also on saturday and sunday.


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