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tv   Ayman  MSNBC  October 30, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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ways that critics have been warning about. that the racist, white supremacists, the extremists, they have felt in bold and, just merely by must takeover of twitter. basically, twitter hasn't change anything except its owner. and that was enough to allow these trolls to feel like it's okay to come out and say these disgusting things. it tells you all you need to know about how musk's messaging, his signaling, has been received. how it has been heard. it's interesting also, and critical to see what twitter advertisers to in the coming weeks. advertising makes up 90% of twitters revenue. if they sit by and watch as this site increasingly becomes a cesspool of racist, antisemites, hate invite size tweets. this will be on that this will be on that this will be on that this will be on that this will be on that this will be on that this will be on that this will be on that this will be on that this will be on that this will be on that this will be on that this will be on that this will be on that this will be on them just as much as it on elon musk. >> sadly, it's all in the
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advertisers. they're the only ones who can stop it from getting worse. >> absolutely. we'll see how they react and see how that plays out. mehdi, great show, enjoy the rest of your evening. coming up on ayman, republican lawsuits designed to make it harder for you to vote. we'll discuss the anti-democratic actions with wisconsin attorney general josh kaul, new details on paul pelosi. reporting that zip ties were found at the scene. and the gop threat that media isn't covering, republicans are recruiting a new generation of young, far-right activists. how democrats need to fight back. i'm ayman mohyeldin, let's get started. ♪ ♪ ♪ all, right tonight, as of tonight, 22 million ballots have been cast across the country. early voting is now in full
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swing, so too are the legal challenges according to nbc news, more than 100 lawsuits have been filed this year, largely by republicans, targeting rules over mail-in voting, early voting, voter access, voting machines, voting registration, the counting of miss mark absentee ballots, access for partisan poll watchers. all of this is echoing the tactics that the perpetuated the election in 2020. by trump and his allies in their effort to overturn the results of a free, fair election. it's the most litigation ever before an election, it's likely a preview of a potentially contentious post election landscape. here is why, the 2020 election effort was an ad hoc response, front by a collection of ill prepared conservative -- you remember their name, sydney powell, rudy giuliani now, -- but this year's efforts, more formalized. it's well funded, it's very well organized. republican party officials say that they're actively preparing for recounts. contested elections, even more litigation. there are thousands of volunteers who place prop --
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challenge ballots, and hunt down evidence of -- even though there is always scant evidence of that in our elections. one of the states at the center of this conservative chaos is west conson. wisconsin's republican party has signed up more than 5000 people to work the polls. three times as many as they did back in 2020 elections. frontline election workers say that they're facing an aggressive questioning of long-standing election practices from voters, skeptical of fraud. we need to remind you, there is significant fraud in this country. an executive director for the milwaukee election commission says, she's gotten death threats, to counteract some of that just last night, president obama rallied an electric crowd in milwaukee. campaigning for the democratic ticket that includes mandela barnes, tony evers, and our
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next guest, wisconsin attorney general, josh kaul. watch. >> wendell's opponents done more than just about anybody in congress. to spread conspiracy theories about the 2020 election. you've got republicans in the wisconsin state legislature. trying to get themselves power to do whatever they want. here in west conson, already, the map is so gerrymandering. and if they pick up a few more seats, they'll be able to force through extreme, on popular laws, and everything from guns to education, abortion, and there won't be anything democrats can do about. it right now, the only person standing in their way is tony ever's. >> and that's part of the much longer fight ahead in the state of wisconsin. due to years of unchecked free destructing, wisconsin's gerrymandering in favor of republicans. the states gop is now within reach of a supermajority in the state legislator.
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which according to mother jones, would give them remarkable power to override the governor's veto and implement an extreme, unpopular agenda on issues ranging from guns, to education, to abortion. i can give them the ability to overturn the results of elections. everything, i mean everything, is on the line in this election. when people like president obama say democracies on the ballot. it's not hyperbolic. it's not exaggerated. he's being dead serious. joining me now is wisconsin attorney general josh kaul. attorney general, thank you for your time this evening. i know in the midst of a campaign and it's very busy. your reaction to a need to ask you to the growing number of mostly republican election related blood lawsuits, and have you seen legal challenges in your own state? >> in wisconsin, we're in a state of constant litigation over our elections. we have seen that in this cycle.
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there was a lawsuit brought that ultimately led to ballot drop boxes not being permissible. there's been litigation over what needs to be included for the witness information an absentee ballots, to be counted. what's fundamental, is there's a clear set of rules going into the election, we have that now. because what we saw with trump in 2020 was not just challenges to rules. but challenges after the. fact people relied on there -- and trump still tries to challenge those ballots. that is my concern right now. i feel good -- for those kinds of challenges. when we dig on that for a moment, the national committee and there's allies training sessions around the country for
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election well interest. a pot -- as we noted, very in significant quantities across the country. our states like wisconsin, is your state ready for this tactic? >> we are. i expect we're gonna have the election goes smoothly. we won't have issues at the polls. that being said if there are issues were prepared. we had a dry run for this in 2020 when donald trump was out suggesting that people they should intimidate voters at the polls. we were prepared that, we made it clear to the public, if people engage in voter intimidation and they should expect to spend time behind bars. the same thing remains true 2022, local law enforcement, da's, wisconsin department of justice, work collaboratively even if there are issues, people should know, law enforcements -- we also have a lot for the election officials who are running places in wisconsin. it's time for people to go to polling places, to observe, once they start interfering with the process. that's why they're crossing the line, election officials have a lot of authority to maintain order in going places.
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if people don't follow those instructions, i think they're committing crimes. we're very clear that if people do commit those kinds of crimes, we take them seriously. because this is our democracy we're talking about. we need to protect the voting process, make sure it's safe, secure, free, and fair. >> you're opponents, your republican opponent eric tony, said in the debate, he will accept the results of the election and i'm almost a little embarrassed to say that, is this is where we are as a country with republican party do you believe them, when you have an official saying he'll accept the election, we almost have to verify these days. do you believe him? >> first, it's a really sad reflection on what happened with the trump campaign that we do need to have this question. i do believe my opponent will do that he's erased some of these far-right conspiracy theorists. he supported michael gableman sham investigation, where elections -- election officials broke the
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law. and that they should be removed from office. but i do think, he'll accept the results. we also got ron johnson running here, you have tim michaels running, who has donald trump support. and what kind of pressure as they get from trump or others, remains to be seen. but the bottom line is, we know that our elections are safe, secure. wisconsin, they've been repeatedly tested, we had a state when we counted in 2016, we have reconsider two largest counties in 2020. all sorts of litigation, we know our system works. and the results are accurate. so, the question ultimately for candidates who lose the elections is gonna be up there willing to accept the results and the truth. or if they will fight back as we saw what donald trump in 2020. >> let me ask you about president obama, he campaigned with you last night, and the entire democratic unless conson. what is it needs to have the support of the former president. obviously, having any president is incredible in a campaign. but somebody like barack obama, who's widely considered to be an amazing order, great politician master communicator. >> first, it's great to have president obama in west conson. i think we're gonna have record breaking turnout this year.
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and there was a packed house at the event with president obama yesterday. he laid out the stakes in this election as clearly as i think anybody has. the republicans have made radical, extremist, far-right agenda. we've seen it with abortion, constitutional right that have been placed for almost 50 years was taken away from people but that's not where this agenda stops as he talks about very clearly last night, republicans are coming after social security and medicare. they want to reduce education spending. they want to reduce resources for a local governments offend local law enforcement and other critical, public safety service. as they were on a weaken protections when it comes to gun safety. this is an extreme agenda. and the stakes are enormous not to mention issues like our democracy. but we need to win these elections. i think people are really motivated. but having the president here, has helped keep folks motivated as we head to the final days of the campaign. >> wisconsin attorney general,
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josh kaul, thank you for joining us we appreciate your time and insights. coming up, the very latest on the brutal assault of peace speaker pelosi's husband, paul. first my friend, richard lui, is here with the headlines. hey richard. >> first, of left leaning canada are -- defeated ultraconservative incumbent jair bolsonaro to can reclaim the country's presidency. brazil's electoral voting has lula at a 50 per to 49. 2% advantage. with 9% of all votes counted. 77-year-old lula sued as brazil's president from 2003 until 2010. before elected president on corruption tried. as president biden released a statement congratulating lula, praising the country's quote, free, fair, credible elections. and biden is among world there is offering condolences to south korea. following the deadly seagull how it will mean stampede. the death toll stands at 153, at 140 her.
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details about the attack on paul pelosi. the san francisco police department tells nbc news, there's two people to pelosi home at the time attack. paul and the accused assailant. neither populist we know the
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assailant knew each other prior to the investigation. we knew the san francisco pd tells nbc news, zip ties were found at the scene. but did not specify how many or the intended purpose for them. a federal law enforcement sources familiar the vessel geisha and tells nbc news at this point the permanent vessel gagen, which is being led by the san francisco police department. is expected to result in a state of charges against the accused assailant and san francisco are superior court as early as monday or tuesday. in a washington post article with the headline, attack on nancy pelosi's husband, follows gears a gop demonizing. are the post reports this year pelosi at marriage as the top member of congress maligned and political eyes. with republicans spending nearly $40 million on ads that mention pelosi in the final stretch of the campaign, according to adam. packed with tracks television and digital ad spending. as of october 24th, according to the post research, republicans have spent more money this election cycle attacking speaker pelosi that
9:17 pm
they have on ads highlighting immigration, criminal justice reform, and defunding the police. this morning, the chair the republican national committee knew, ronna mcdaniel said, it's unfair to link the attack on populism to republicans. by sunday night, panel joins me now, dr. greer associate processor at florida university. her jason selvig co-host of the good liars podcast and michael leon, host of the cat we please talk podcast. great to have all three of you with. that's jason, all start with you. republicans have been demonizing speaker pelosi for years. we're seeing it in increasingly harsh terms. it's that old saying, that words matter. you're out there, you speak to a lot of folks at various rallies, and staff. what do you hear about speaker pelosi? >> wow, allen vilifying nancy pelosi in calling for violence, there's not a new thing. at least from -- on the road. in 2020, a we were in scranton,
9:18 pm
at a donald trump of that. we talk to a nice older woman, who is carrying a sign that she wanted to show to donald trump. on the one side, it says it's my birthday. with balloons. and if you flip it over, it said hang pelosi. but pelosi was spelled incorrectly, not on purpose. so, the idea that the, threatening violence against nancy pelosi is okay. it has been around for sometime unfortunately. >> doctor greer, on meet the press this morning, new hampshire governor chris sununu said this about the attack on paul pelosi, watch. >> this started back in the summer of 2020. you saw cities burning, not a whole lot of accountability there. the line for folks that were disagreeing with might have happened, not happy what's happening in their communities. the line moved very little accountability and that set a new standard in a very dangerous way. >> i want to give you a chance to respond in what he's doing there.
9:19 pm
trying to equate black lives matter protests with what we saw on this attack against paul pelosi. >> a man, and we've seen this for the past few years. this republican talking. playing anytime to come -- they fall into, black lives matter killed 25 matter -- they repeated it for two years. but several validity and some journalist don't push back and say it's absolutely ridiculous. they're just collectively coming up with a narrative. and not addressing the problem. the real problem is someone spoken to -- and attacked or has it with a hammer. the real issue is, black lives matter protesting in the summer of 20 tiny, with a much larger uprising about inequities that have existed in the nation. and this is about antifa one of the republican party talking points are to this moment. the fact that the far extreme, wing of the republican parties become so normalized, they go on sunday morning shows, evening shows, they spit out the rhetoric and talking points of the party without any real pushback. it's actually part of the larger problem as well. >> mike, why is it the same that so few republicans are willing to condemn this heinous act, just for what it is, and not try to equate it to
9:20 pm
anything else. why can't they just condemn it on the terms of what we're learning about a? >> eamonn, great question, thank you for having me. and jason, dr. greer i love you guys do and arrest back to platforms. listen, all of us agree here on this panel condemning violence against any city member of congress, republican or democrat, against their families as well as wrong. listen, i worked on another network once upon a time. the one that's responsible for some of this, probably. there was a primetime show in the 7 pm hour on that network, it leads into an 8 pm show. for the last couple of months, it's run staff about paul pelosi and the dui charge he had. so, when you have rhetoric in the primetime hours, at 2. 7
9:21 pm
million dollar audience that leads to a 3. 7 million audience. the people are gonna commit ads like this. i saw recently, a tom amara, who's running for office and minnesota six different -- he was on the sunday show and he has a tweet of firing a gun, semiautomatic rifle with the has stopped, fire pelosi. and his answer is inevitably the whataboutism while you guys. and, the mainstream media did cover that. it gave it the attention the deserve i don't understand why we can't get back to right, wrong, fact, fiction. not your facts, the actual facts. let's condemn violence on either side of the aisle and their families. >> jason, the situations made worse we have someone like elon musk whose platform continues to increase. he now owns twitter he has under plus followers. 100 million-plus followers on
9:22 pm
the platform. yet, he's tweeting that he did delete this dangerous, disinformation about the attack on paul pelosi. it's mind-boggling that people like him, donald trump, as they get more responsibility, a larger platform, to become more irresponsible with what they say in. do >> yeah, it reminds me a, you see conspiracy theories all over the internet from the right-wing. and an amplified by elon musk of all people who owns the platform, completely irresponsible. it reminds me of what happened after january six. we're all of a sudden there was these new theories that went out into the world that from, from the republicans that somehow the insurrection was actually caused by the democrats. it was caused by antifa, it makes no sense for democrats to interrupt the certification of an election, in which they won. so, it's hard to deal with the reality that we're in right now. with a certain percentage of the country who won't accept what is actually real. >> yeah, reliving in an alternative universe with some of these folks at this moment. dr. greer, where does the sand?
9:23 pm
>> sadly, ayman, i don't know where it ends. we're seeing the violence is being escalated on every turn. we can't forget, this is an extension of the plot to kidnap sitting governor -- of michigan. and those gentlemen were successful in they're being tried now. they have a very detailed plan to not just kidnap and harm the governor. but the democratic elected in the state of michigan. so, when you have the leader of the republican party, donald trump, someone as powerful as elon lasts, trafficking lies and conspiracy theories. all it does, is further feed the dragon. -- and no longer has control of. you have people, believing nonsensical information. where if you just sat and thought about it for about 30 seconds, you realize, it makes absolutely no sense. i think the republican parties
9:24 pm
just essentially, we've called it a cult, it's the closest thing we can call it besides brainwashing. to make their members just go along with whatever theory they've decided to put out for the day. if you look at twitter today, the stories about paul pelosi, it's absolutely mind-boggling when people are making these leaps about 82-year-old man, who's been attacked in his own home. it's really disconcerting in a way that i don't know where we go from here, ayman. . >> and they can thank elon musk for amplifying. panel, stick around. we have a lot more to discuss. next, the gop agenda if republicans take -- impeachments, impeachments, and yes, even more impeachments. we'll explain after the break. does it worry me? absolutely. sensodyne sensitivity & gum gives us the dual action effect that really takes care of both our teeth sensitivity as well as our gum issues. there's no question it's something that i would recommend.
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9:29 pm
bringing down gas prices, or even relieving student that. but rather waging war against president biden and his allies. possibly even impeaching him. and if that sounds extreme to you, don't take it from me. take it from the sky. >> these republican politicians have promised, they're on record, that they can control congress they'll spend the next two years investigating president biden, and the political opponents. that's all they want to do. they see it as payback. some of us have sad, they've already got prepared. that they're gonna win peach biden. that they're not sure what for. but apparently, that's beside the point. >> now this isn't a new idea for republicans, marjorie taylor greene filed articles of impeachment. she already filed articles of impeachment --
9:30 pm
against show biden in his first day in office. in fact the new york times reports quote, since the day president biden took office. republicans have publicly called for his impeachment, introducing more than a dozen resolutions, accusing him in his top officials of high crimes and misdemeanors. now they control the house is tantalizingly within reach for them. some top republicans are suddenly singing a different tone. earlier this month, house republican member kevin mccarthy told -- punchbowl news. i think the country doesn't like impeachment use for political purposes at all. notice how he crouches that by saying for political purposes. for mccarthy, he may be for a rude making inky finds itself willing that speakers dabble. and his maga base starts crowning for revenge. riding last week in the atlantic, martin galvan argued quote, sometimes after this year, after it in a roll of performative investigations, republicans and the house are going to impeach joe biden. this may not be their present plan, but they will work themselves up to it by degrees. the pressure from the maga base
9:31 pm
will just build. a triggering of that will burst all restraints. eventually, republicans will leave themselves a little ways. my panel is back with me. dr. greer, let's start with you on this one. are we being too hyperbolic, talking about -- this when election day hasn't happened yet. but republicans have signaled what they plan to do after the election. and i'm not just thinking of joe biden. i'm thinking about investigations into anthony fauci, or the cdc, or other officials that were involved in the pandemic response. >> absolutely not, a man, we're not being histrionic or hyperbolic, republicans have been telling us for the past two years that this is what they will do. they don't care if the members of their parliament don't have prescription drugs, or safe schools. or guns are rampant, and they're dying of covid rapid numbers. it doesn't matter to them. what -- their base wants is on impeachment of joe biden. and they said, i don't know if
9:32 pm
i impeachments about. i'm going to do it. and so, we know that we'll see an impeachment attempts with the president, with his son, that's the greatest hits for them as well. and obviously, other members they might even throw nancy pelosi in their. what's really sad though, their base, really does actually need environmental protections. they're the ones that are being hurt by hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, and various parts of the country. they're the ones in the job. they're the ones who many republicans have gone to college, and could you student at relief. they're the ones that need some of these measures the democrats are putting together. but they're voting against our most own interest time and again for some performative impeachment. kevin mccarthy's gonna find itself doing between a rock and a hard place. he'll cave. he'll have to cape cod the wants to project his job and his leadership. so, we'll see a portion -- of the time, wasted money, wasted resources. and a ripping of the father of the country, yet again. leading up to 2024, which will sadly be, a real blow to our democratic process.
9:33 pm
>> mike, brian galvan also pointed out in his atlantic pace, that university of massachusetts amherst poland may, found that 60% of republican voters think that the house should impeach biden. a majority expected that it will impeach him. what does that say about the state of the republican party in this country? >> ayman, i struggle that is, we had eric fuller on the program while back. he was telling us about the history of impeachment, it's upon instrument. the fact that president embalm a said there in the clip before, how important this election is. how a lot of republicans have already publicly stated, that they'll be in favor of impeachment. but barnes article does a great job of saying, the proverbial, what's the motive behind impeachment. because there isn't anything right now to impeach joe biden on.
9:34 pm
he makes the argument afghanistan withdrawal, that could be utilized, he makes the argument also about hunter biden. if hunter biden, is under investigation in the fbi. and he's found charge of the crime. what the legal investigative process play out. it's not that hard to say out loud. let the legal and investigative processes play out. i find it mystifying, you have frivolous, impeachment articles drawn up by marjorie taylor greene and lauren bulb are, and the like. we're not getting into policy, why can we get into policy. like dr. greer mentioned, things that are going to affect their constituents. why are we talking about these things that are not substantial. i want to get back to talking about policy. things that impact. i don't understand why one side of the political aisle is not doing. that >> yeah, it's not a serious party that wants a debate policy and politics. they want to engage in muddying the water and dragging everybody down with them. jason, i want to circle back to a quote from kevin mccarthy
9:35 pm
pushing back on impeachment. how much do you think his tone will change after the election if he does end up holding that speakers gallup. we see time and time again, the hope, naively, that republicans when they get power, -- perhaps like a donald trump or mitch mcconnell, kevin mccarthy. that they'll somehow mature, govern responsibly. obviously that, that has not been the case. i don't believe it will be with kevin mccarthy. >> i think you alluded to before. 68% of republicans are in favor of impeachment. but we've also said, we don't know what they're gonna impeach him for. they're not saying one thing, they want to impeach biden for. that goes back to the big lie, and 60% of the republicans don't believe that joe biden is a legitimate president because they don't believe he was elected justly. so, they would want him to be
9:36 pm
removed from office if you believe that they -- and who's the guy that allow the big lie to become republican gospel. kevin mccarthy. weeks after the insurrection, after there was a mob that stormed the capitol, that wanted to kill mike pence, chanting hang mike pence. kevin mccarthy, a couple weeks later, flew down to mar-a-lago and got his picture taken with trump. but we should have been shutting if he had any backbone. but kevin mccarthy thought it was better to appease the ego of the loser of the election. even if it meant selling out his virtues, selling out the country, selling out his party. and his twitter handle's, gop leader. but he's really not so much a leader as he is a servant to donald trump. so, if donald trump, if mccarthy lets these proceedings go on, it'll probably be because donald trump wants him to. >> yeah, that's an excellent point you brought up about cow kevin mccarthy in some ways single-handedly re-ability to donald trump by going down there to mar-a-lago after the
9:37 pm
insurrection, taking that infamous picture with. them doctor greer, the gop does take the house. it'll likely bring about the extension of judiciary committee -- yes, chairman, jim jordan. and jordan has a lot of plans, political supporting that jordan's poised to lead republicans into some of the next congress, political divisive investigations, particularly a broad look at the justice department, the fbi, and the search of trump's mar-a-lago residents. and possibly being paired with a bid to curtail the doj, fbi through government funding bells. just how drastically would that change the dynamic in washington, d. c., if you get somebody like a jim jordan, with any semblance of power? >> ayman, i don't want to sound histrionic. we're in frightening times. in so many of these agencies in organizations that have helped the country run relatively smoothly these past few decades. it's because you have dedicated civil service workers, who
9:38 pm
aren't partisans, they're not politicos. they go into their job regardless of who's at the head. what the republican party was to do, is the organization reshuffling, to get rid of a lot of those. people to make sure that those organizations and agencies are headed by political lackeys. people that will go in lockstep with what they believe. so we're gonna you lose a large part of the foundation that's immune to some of the shock, political shocks we've seen at certain levels of government. and that's really dangerous, you've never had a party in this particular moment that's really wanted to up and the foundation, of many of the institutions that have kept this country together. we've been divided, trust, and believe. for many, many decades. however, this particular moment we've had people in leadership who have chosen to disavow, all the pledges they've made to the american people, just to say, this is our party, there are smash-and-grab party said it time and time again. when they're in power, it's like a thief and then i, going
9:39 pm
into a jewelry store. they're smashing and grabbing our democracy, taking as much as they can, they know if they lose power, then things might have to go back to either normal, or the way that we want to carry on, in some equitable fashion. they're not only concerned about, the larger part of the country, but a lot of the people in the country. there is a real to visit nice, anger with more than 50% of the people who live in this country. and they're willing to burn the country down with themselves and. and that's the pace that i think so many political scientists are trying to figure out. why it is their hell bent on destroying the nation. that they too are. and >> christina greer, jason selvig, michael leon, thank you for joining us. as always. up next, raising them right. inside the decade long's effort to cultivate and grow the conservative youth movement.
9:40 pm
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advil dual action. these days, just about every republican politicians teams of sass with just two things. own the libs, let's own the libs. and getting donald trump's approval. that's their agenda. >> now there's two distinct patterns of gop speech on the campaign trail. ones that own the libs sentiment, president obama mentioned there, that dr oz's of the war mocking john fetterman while he's recovering from a stroke. then there's the outer qatar kind of speech, the kind steeped in extremism. in the weeks before the midterms, faced with multiple government investigations, trump has tripled down on a disturbing look -- as marc nolin writes in mother
9:44 pm
jones. he continues to stow grievance and fear, use inflammatory rhetoric, that's gonna instigate random followers to violence. a technique experts called stochastic terrorism. in recent speeches, trump denounced political adversaries as quote, tyrants, zealots, tyrants, and supporters are quote, biggest threat remains the sick, sinister, evil people from within. the new york times has found the republicans that objected to certifying president biden's 2020 election when. have far outpace other republicans, and democrats when it comes to using terms that demonize opponents. and while some democrats engage in that kind of rhetoric, the times also found republicans quadrupled their use of the devicive since the early 2010s. just in the congressional record, that's just in the speeches, on the house floor. those two kind of speeches, the libs kind, and the extreme of kind can lead to terrible, real world results. health care providers and institutions that treat
9:45 pm
transgender patients are being targeted as part of a tactic, in the larger right-wing war against lgbtq people and communities. as well as the people and institutions that serve them. in one instance, for example, ted cruz amplifies lies about a doctor who treats trans patients. that doctor has since been the target of a prolonged harassment campaign, everything i've just talked about isn't by accident, it's the culmination of decades of work by conservatives, in recent years especially, younger conservatives who in the wake of the obama presidency catapulted on to the american political, and cultural scenes, eager to undermine pushes for greater equity and inclusion. this movement of younger conservatives, is louder, it's more organized than it has been in years. and it is larger, it might seem counterintuitive, according to a pew research. a third of voters under 30, voted for trump in 2020. that's not a winning margin, a far larger than some might
9:46 pm
think. this growing movement is the focus of a new book by kyle spencer entitled, raising them right: the untold story of the ultraconservative youth movement. folks, this is a critical book right now. it highlights a trend we don't often see in media narratives. that for decades, the gop has been investing in reaching younger audiences. recruiting, training new generations of these activists. and it is working. because conservatives, in part are successfully using these cultural and controversies, they own the libs issues and this extremist rhetoric to grow their appeal, reach new audiences. after the break we'll speak with kyle spencer about her research, how democrats are responding, where she thinks this movement is going to go next. downy has 7 benefits that condition and smooth fibers so clothes look newer, longer. feel the difference with downy.
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two new ihop lunch and dinner menu items for twice the goodness, twice the flavor, and twice the choice. sirloin salisbury steak and all-natural salmon. perfect for lunch or dinner. only at ihop. download the app and earn free food with every purchase. let's bring in kyle spencer, author of the new book raising them right: the untold story of the ultraconservative youth movement and it's blocked for power. it's great to have you with us in the studio. tell us, how is the gop been able to cultivate this, youth >> the most important thing to understand about the young gop, the organized movement of young
9:51 pm
conservatives, it's been in the works for years. this is something that conservatives started working on in the 60s and 70s. it comes from barry goldwater's loss, that far back, guys coming to washington and saying, we need to go in, we need to take back the country. we've seen this moment goalie lisa, collaborative, a lot of cooperation between young conservatives and older conservatives, and tons and tons of money being put into this. >> it doesn't seem, correct me if i'm wrong, be motivated by policies as much as it is about cultural issues. it seems that, intuitively, you think that some of the policies of the democratic party would appeal to young voters. but in this case, the republicans are using cultural war issues to draw young followers. >> yeah, this move started originally, as we, know older, conservatives really had a movement, and serious ideas and
9:52 pm
ideologies, small government, independents, family, all that type of thing. nowadays, what we see is much better and luring people to conservatism. to focus on culture war issues. it's true, when you look at the democratic pathways it's much more sensitive, much more support of our young people. so, let's focus on a tribalism. we see that kind of tribalism in our politics across the board anyway. it works quite well in a campus -- lucky. >> yeah, talk to me a bit about charlie krik it's a were name i was talking about during the break. he's a conservative for us, you talk about him in your book a little bit. he's made controversial comments, this week he said there is an anti white campaign going on in the country. and being trans is worse than blackface. had did he get this platform? >> charlie kirk came from a high school in the suburbs of chicago, that was a school when he got there had flipped for mostly white school, to mostly black and latino school. i can't know how that made him feel. it's true, his status as a white guy was diminishing, --
9:53 pm
across the board. and just down the streets, from obama who he really hated, he had a lot of young people that time really, really felt -- is charlie one of those people i suspect that it was one of his motivators nowadays when charlie kirk talks about racism, that get some fired, up concerns and worrisome is racism against white people and while he's on top of that he thinks it's a huge problem. >> let me ask you about a controversial figure, you talk about her in your book as well, is she someone who you think the leaves genuinely, what she says and what she does or how she found this niche in the conservative movement has a minority voice who can confirm some of the conservative ideas that they want to hear from a young black woman and using it to make money. >> she's a complicated figure on the one, hand she's a
9:54 pm
celebrity looking for something to latch on, two on the same level i would argue that if she thought she get more successful being a liberal, she'd be a liberal. it's true, she had instances in high school where she felt that, as incident where young people says racial things to her and i blew up in our community. she felt left-leaning activists used it, this idea that black people use the, democrats on something she speaks often about, it does come from her own personal experience, but she's found it really resonates and the other thing that's import about candace, that people don't always understand, if she's not there to lure other black voters, she's there to make white conservative voters feel like it's okay, she's a black voice with things were okay, therefore we must not be racist. >> i was gonna say in some -- scenes that we're seeing with herschel walker. they like what he's saying, because in some ways it makes the white voters feel it's okay about the positions -- that they're adopting. let me ask about the rhetoric
9:55 pm
and where it leads us. we've seen the consequences of hateful rhetoric. as we saw on january the sixth. where it takes the country. where do you think the rhetoric of people like charlie kirk another take us. as he's denounced certain acts that have happened, but generally, where do you think it moves us? telling people as an appendage, it is very very radical speech, and it is hard to think that is not meant to rile people up and normalize the violent thinking and revolutionary thinking. i think creating this kind of chaos is going to work for
9:56 pm
republicans, i think democrats are going to think, they will not go that far. they will go that far. and i think that we saw that was january six. you've got footsoldiers that if you brought them up enough they're willing to go >> kyle spencer, the books called raising them around: the untold story of america's ultra conservative youth movement. and it's plot for power. fascinating conversation. thank you, congratulations on the. buck >> thank you for having. we >> thank you for making time for us at home. make sure to watch ayman, -- ♪ breeze driftin' on by... ♪ if you've been playing down your copd,... ♪ it's a new dawn, it's a new day,... ♪'s time to make a stand. start a new day with trelegy. ♪...and i'm feelin' good. ♪ no once-daily copd medicine... has the power to treat copd in as many ways as trelegy. with three medicines in one inhaler, trelegy helps people breathe easier and improves lung function. it also helps prevent future flare-ups.
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