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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  November 2, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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that in 2016, then candidate trump bragged in a primary debate that he doesn't saddle -- ring through a class action lawsuit over trump university, he said i don't do it, and that's why i don't get sued often. because i don't settle, unlike a lot of people. he later settled that suit for $20 million. when one door closes, another one opens. i short time ago, the former president posted on his social media account that he's filed a brand-new lawsuit. this one, filed in the state of florida, is against the eternal january -- attorney general of new york state, patricia james. this comes after james announced a civil suit against trump, three of his adult children, and the trump organization. and in his suit, trump appears to be asking a florida judge to restrain the new york attorney general from being able to get a hold of his assets in the state of florida. trump had previously sued james in federal court in new york. but a judge to reject. we'll see what happens with this one. that does it for us tonight. we'll see you again tomorrow. and now, it's time for the last
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word with lawrence o'donnell. good evening, lawrence. >> >> good evening, alex. i'm glad you reported on that settlement today, especially including the famous donald trump's 2016 vote of how he never settles. when in fact, as litigation history has a lot of settlements, even before trump university, where he just kind of gave up and paid people off. >> it's what he does. >> yeah. >> he settles. it's also a great window into his adherence to the truth. >> exactly. thank, you alex. >> thanks, lawrence. >> thank you. we have breaking news tonight in the federal criminal investigation of donald trump's possession of government documents, including classifies documents at his florida residence. wall street journal is reporting that kash patel has reached an immunity agreement with the department of justice, and will soon be forced to testify under oath to a federal grand jury investigating the
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case. prosecutors obtained the immunity agreement with patel after he appeared before the grand jury on october and refused to answer questions by invoking the fifth amendment. on the grounds that his answers could incriminate him. kash patel was the last person donald trump put in charge of his dealings with the national archives about the documents that the archives was trying to retrieve from trump's florida home. before the fbi obtained a search warrant to search the residents and august, kash patel said publicly, trump declassified whole sets of materials and anticipation of leaving government that he thought the american public should have the right to read themselves. never mind that he hasn't allowed the american public to read those documents. patel went on to say, i was there with president trump when he said, we are declassifying this information. we will see if he's now willing
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to say that under oath. koch patel served in the trump administration until the day president biden was inaugurated. and the speech tonight in washington about next week's election, president biden began by describing what happened to speaker nancy pelosi's husband when he was attacked with a hammer that produced a skull fracture. that happened in his home. in a case prosecutors call attempted murder. after referring to that, president biden said this. >> we don't settle our differences in america where the riot. or a mob, horrible, it can hammer. we -- ballot putt. >> our first guest, grant kushner, was in the courtroom in washington when we learned that some trump supporters wanted to settle at the last election with rifles.
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and the federal criminal trial of the so-called oath keepers for seditious conspiracy, a secretly recorded audio revealed the leader of the group, elmer stewart rhodes, saying this. after, after the january 6th attack on democracy. >> we should about rifles. we could've fixed it right then and there. i'd hang flocking pelosi from the rafters. >> we should've brought rifles. we could've fixed it right then and there. i'd hang effing pelosi from the lamppost. a message that all members wrote to donald trump in the last days of his presidency was also introduced in court today. the message urged donald trump to use the military to hold on to power and refused to leave the white house. the message said, if you don't, then biden, kamala will turn all that power on you, your
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family, and all of us. you and your family will be imprisoned and killed. you and your children will die in prison. omar rhodes wrote the message to donald trump after being told by jason helpers that he could get that message to donald trump after seeing the message to trump and becoming disturbed by it jason helpers contacted the fbi and provided them with the written message and the audio recording of elmer rhodes saying we should've brought rifles. the roads message to trump also said i am here for you, and so are all my mom. we'll come help you if you need us, military and police, and so will your millions of supporters. that was, of course, a very insulting lie about donald trump's unions of supporters. a couple thousand of whom actually showed up to fight for
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donald trump on january 6th. that's a couple thousand out of 74 million law abiding trump voters who never have joined and never would truly a violent political crusade. a court filing has revealed some of the emails that the california judge ordered turned over to the january six committee by one of donald trump's -- in an email dated december 31st -- one of the lawyers on the trump team, kenneth chesbrough, wrote this to john eastman. nearly having this case pending in the supreme court, not ruled on, might be enough to delay consideration of georgia, particularly if pence has the legal ability and well to insert himself at least enough to win -- possibly, thomas would end up being the key here. circuit justice, right?
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we want to frame things so that thomas could be the one to issue some sort of stay or other circus justice opinion saying georgia is in legitimate doubt. realistically, our only chance to get a favorable judicial opinion by january 6th, which might hold up the georgia -- 's from thomas. do you agree, professor eastman and john eastman replied, i think i agree with this. so there's john eastman, who served as a supreme court clerk for clarence thomas, and who has remained close to him, and who has remained in lifelong close touch with clarence thomas's wife, virginia thomas. there he is, saying that knowing -- as he does, he agrees that klain's promise was their only hope of getting a delay from the supreme court involving the georgia presidential election result.
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the friends of clarence thomas -- now. clarence thomas would not recuse himself from that case, even though the law requires him to recuse himself from a case in which his space as an active interest. the members of the conspiracy who were friends with clarence thomas -- the conspiracy to overthrow the presidential election, had their eye on the most publicly compromised member of the supreme court in the courts history. i spent last best hope. because they could not use rifles. leading off our discussion tonight is -- kirschner, a former prosecutor and nbc legal analyst, who's been following the oath keepers trial from inside the courtroom. also with us -- moss, national security attorney. i want to begin with immunity. this situation now where cash
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patel has immunity, has to go back to the grand jury, he does not have fifth amendment protection anymore, of course. he doesn't have immunity from perjury and his cast money, then he can be -- what else does it mean to this investigation that someone who was personally involved with the documents once they arrived in florida now has immunity to testify? >> you know, it suggests to me, lawrence, that the department of justice is focusing on donald trump. that's why they're willing to immunize kash patel. it's interesting, because immunity is not ordinarily the prosecutor's friend. when you immunize someone, we are essentially giving them a pass for their own crimes. then, they're gonna ask a jury in the future to credit them, believe them, when they testify about the crimes of others.
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let me tell, you that makes for some robust defense cross examination of an immunized witness. but the department of justice, first of all, litigated the issue of whether kash patel's invocation of his fifth amendment right was legitimate or not. we can tease something out of it. what we can tease as it was probably a relatively minor crime that they were dealing with, one where there was an open question as to whether kash patel should be allowed to evoke his fifth. but once a judge ruled he has a viable fit, the department of justice had to make the decision. but we have enough to charge him and tried to develop him as a cooperating witness with a guilty plea and cooperation agreement? or should we immunities him so we can work our way closer to donald trump? it looks like they want the immunity back. that might be good for kash patel, but boy is it bad for donald trump. >> bradley moss, your reaction
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to this immunity deal? >> if i'm donald trump, this is the last thing i want to see. because now, kash patel has no way to avoid testifying. he invoked his fifth amendment right to avoid testifying the first time. now he's been immunized. he's gonna have to talk to the grand jury. he's gonna have to describes what he saw, what he knew about donald trump's awareness of the documents in existence, what he actually saw and witnessed in terms of any declassification efforts, and what he knew about efforts to relocate or conceal the boxes and the records within the boxes once that investigation started, once the issue had been subpoenaed. this is one more material fact witnesses that the government has lined up as part of this grand jury presentation to bring what i expect at some point in the next few months to be an indictment against donald trump for espionage. >> glenn, i imagine in your experience as a federal prosecutor with immunity deals that there are witnesses like
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kash patel, who get immunity and then go into the grand jury and still, somehow, try to cling to some kind of way of protecting their principal. some kind of way of trying to protect donald trump in this case. what do prosecutors do when they sense that is going on? >> we breathe a sigh of relief, because we're now reluctant to grant immunity in the first place. as i say, that's giving someone who committed crimes potentially a pass for the criminal conduct. if we go into the grand cherry and they lie for openers, lawrence, that's perjury. they may be an accessory after the fact trying to help their criminal associate. and maybe obstruction of justice, maybe evidence of a conspiracy. the reason i say we may breathe a sigh of relief is because now, we have so much evidence that we can use to charge them, and then flip them and develop them as a cooperating testifying witness.
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>> and bradley moss, as this case goes forward, they've got immunity for kash patel, this testimony, when they get, it brings them as close to donald trump in terms of testimony as they have come so far. >> correct. we know they've also spoken with christina bob, the lawyer who from what i understand sanitation back in june saying there were no more records when of course there where. we've spoken with at least one if not two different staffers, who were insisting donald trump was part of the effort to move the boxes, move the records after the subpoena was issued. the building the entirety of the case. if you're gonna bring this kind of case against donald trump, you want to be ironclad. you want to dot every i, crossed every t, getting all the way to the inner choir, and making a decision that i don't think they've made yet. but i assume they're getting ready to. which, is are we gonna indict former president? >> glenn, what was it like in
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the courtroom today when the jury heard on audiotape they are elmer stewart rhodes say they should've brought rifles on january 6th? >> you could've heard a pin drop. you saw the juries riveted to the under covered recording that was made by a civilian, who was a former military member himself. circumstances were left a little murky, not fully explained by either the prosecutors or the defense. but you know, lawrence, we've been listening to a lot of experts and facebook reference, custodians, fbi agents, reading incriminating signal chance between and among oath keepers, and it kind of tends to lol you into comfort. and of a sudden, you hear the marquee defendant, elmer stewart rhodes, head of the oath keepers and his own voice, saying what happened on january 6th was good. but, my only regret was we should've brought rifles. we could've fixed it than in
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their. i would've hung effing pelosi from the lamppost. and all of the jurors, i think, reacted to that. i would say it's all over, but the verdict, of course, no verdict is a sure thing, and the defense has promised that elmer rhodes will testify. so i think we're all looking forward to that. >> glenn kirschner, bradley moss, thank you for starting off our discussion tonight. we appreciate it. >> have a good night. >> coming up -- cheri beasley, the democratic candidate for senate in north carolina, where one candidate says i'm community level review process should decide who, if anyone, can have an abortion, including a ten-year-old rape victim who he referred to as a ten-year-old woman. you will hear that next.
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government involved with that at all. i want women, doctors, local political leaders -- >> local political leaders should decide who should have an abortion. that line -- was used by his democratic opponent, john fetterman, and campaign ads stressing that donald trump's candidate for senate in pennsylvania says that he wants local political leaders to decide who, if anyone at all, can have an abortion in pennsylvania. donald trump's candidate for the house of representatives in north carolina is now saying, essentially, the same thing. the 27-year-old republican candidate running in the newly registered 13th congressional district and north carolina has -- made legal throughout the united states, no exceptions. now, he's saying something else. >> are you saying that you would accept an exception for rape or incest in north
7:21 pm
carolina? >> i think it's certain cases, yes. obviously, a case like that, where you have a ten-year-old woman -- tenured girl, i should say, obviously she shouldn't have to go through with the pregnancy. that's something that's a horrific tragedy that has to be -- >> okay, is it more the rape and incest, or her age? >> i think it's a combination of both. we'll look at -- >> north carolina, summarized his new position on abortion. this way, he wants victims of rape and incest to -- case by case basis through a review process outside the jurisdiction of the federal government. so, the ten year old girl behinds first referred to as a ten year old woman and that answer would have to go through how many interviews in the community review process after being raped?
7:22 pm
today, mike pence, who is always been in favor of banning all abortions in all 50 states, with no exceptions at all, campaigned in north carolina for a candidate who supported the crowd, they wanted to hang mike pence on january 6th. congressman ted -- voted to overturn the presidential election on january 6th after the trump mob attacked the capitol and tried to kill mike pence. mike pence is desperate and hopeful pursuit of the presidency now has him -- of the people, who wanted to kill him on january 6th. cheri beasley is the former chief justice of the north carolina supreme court. she's now the democratic candidate for u.s. senate in north carolina. i want to thank you very much for joining us tonight. what's it like for you, campaigning in north carolina, when a former republican vice
7:23 pm
president comes into campaign against you? >> well, this extremism is not what folks here in north carolina want. and congressman ted budd -- ban on abortion without exceptions for rape or incest or risk to a mother's health. and these extreme positions really aren't tantamount to a violation of the constitution. we know that mike pence says we shouldn't make abortion illegal. we should make it unthinkable. you know, nobody gave any forethought, clearly, to the fact that women sometimes are sexually assaulted. and -- forced to carry a pregnancy to term. one woman who has an ectopic presidency, or miscarriage that are body won't release, will not be able to get the lifesaving treatment that she needs, which is an abortion. and it means that women will die. if mike pence and ted get their
7:24 pm
way, i will always fight when our freedoms are online. i will fight hard to make sure that roe v. wade is the law of the land. >> what are you saying to north carolina voters about the issue that shows up at the top of the list of concerns for voters? and that is inflation. >> you know, i've been all over our 100 counties, and i'm talking with people all over the state. they are concerned about rising costs. they're feeling everything from pain at the pump, for the cost of prescription drugs, and everything in between. and then in the greatest country in the world, folks did not have to make decisions about buying groceries or school supplies or high-priced medications. they want the next senator to fight hard to lower costs, that's what i intend to do. congressman -- has been in congress for six years. he's had every opportunity to vote to lower costs. but instead, he's been thinking about himself in corporations. you voted against lowering the cost of gas while taking tens of thousands of dollars a big oil money.
7:25 pm
he voted against -- the cost of prescription drugs and camping insulin while taking thousands of dollars from big pharma. congressman budd has showed us that he's not going to work hard for the interests of people here in north carolina, and the reality is, when people show you who they are, you need to believe them. >> j.b.'s, democratic candidate for senate in north carolina, thank you for joining our discussion tonight. >> check out for more information. thank you. >> joining us now is widely nickel, the u.s. candidate for the house of representatives in north carolina. thank you for joining us tonight. -- what your opponent is now saying about abortion after saying that all abortion should be banned. now, it should be up to some kind of community group, i guess, to what, interrogate rape victims? >> i mean, lawrence, it's absolutely cruel, it's disgusting, and it just shows the stakes that are, you know, at play in this race for congress. you know, we get a chance to
7:26 pm
reject this far-right extremism, and you heard it. this is a candidate for congress echoing the comments that dr. oz made about local politicians making these decisions. it's frankly just unimaginable, a woman who's been traumatized and raped would have to go in front of a panel of strangers to beg for health care? you know, we get to reject that in this race. >> as president biden has pointed out, very many democrats in the senate, almost all of them, who have publicly, at some point, been in favor of cutting social security. some of them like -- utah actually eliminating it. repealing it. getting rid of it. having absolutely no social security program. what do you say to the voters in your district about the future of social security? >> you know, i say when i say on the campaign trail every day. social security and medicare
7:27 pm
are on the ballot in this election. all i've heard from republicans nationwide are attacks on the economy. there's no solutions other than cutting social security and medicare. from my constituents, those are benefits that they've earned and worked for. i'm gonna do everything i can to preserve those programs. >> -- 13th congressional district, right? and north carolina? >> that's right. >> thank you very much for joining us tonight. >> thanks for having me. >> coming up, republican senator mike lee is on video, saying he wants to get rid of social security up route it. independent senator candidate -- utah's democratic party is running to uproot mike lee from the senate, and he will join us next. cough looks pretty bad. try this robitussin honey. the real honey you love, plus the powerful cough relief you need. mind if i root through your trash? robitussin.
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and prevent wildfires and toxic smoke. so we have clean air to breathe. some say we shouldn't act. tell that to our kids. this is about their future. ff: calfire firefighters, the american lung association and the california democratic party support prop 30. in suburban phoenix, yes on 30. where former president obama is scheduled to speak very soon at a rally for senate democrats, including senator mark kelly and democratic nominee for governor katie hobbs. senator kelly's wife, gabby giffords, is also expected to speak. we will be covering that. here is republican senator mike lee's plan for social security. >> it will be my objective to phase out social security.
7:33 pm
to get rid of it. he >> utah republican senator mike lee, who wants to uproot social security is now running for reelection in opposition to mike lee. last week, mike lee said this. i do not remember ever, in any time since i first became a candidate for the senate ever saying, no, we just have to and social security and unapproved all those expectations of those who've paid into it. quite to the contrary. and of course, [laughs] of course, there's video of him saying exactly that the first time he ran for senate. >> it will be my objective to phase out social security. to pull it up by the roots. [applause] people who advise me politically, they tell me --
7:34 pm
and i say in that case, it's not worth my -- that's why i'm doing it, to get revenge. medicare and medicaid are of the same sort, they need to be pulled up. >> joining us now is evan mcmullin, the independent senate candidate in utah. he's a former cia officer and former house republican policy director. he supported by the democratic party of utah in his campaign. thank you very much for joining us tonight. you know, i am struck not just by your opponents declaration that he wanted to repeal, op route social security, get rid of it, along with medicare and medicaid, he throws those in at the end. but it's that bravery, that bravery that he proclaims upon himself in the middle of that statement, when he says that his advisers tell him that it's politically not safe to say that. said that it's dangerous to say that. and he says, he tells them, well, in that case, it's not worth my running. well, it turns out [laughs] a turns out that he is not
7:35 pm
saying that anymore at all, is he? >> well, great to be with you, lawrence. look, this is the same kind of extremism that would lead senator lee, and did lead senator lee to try and overturn an election in 2020 by recruiting fake electors to overturn the will of the people and to dismantle our democratic republic. i mean, senator lee is an extremist. and that is what we are fighting against here in utah. i'm running as an independent so i can build a cross partisan coalition of pro democracy democrats, republicans, and independents. and that's what we've done. here and that's why this is now a competitive race. that's why senator lee and the far-right are frightened that we are going to unseat him. and that we're going to challenge their power. this is something that should not be partisan. most republicans, democrats, and independents want to protect social security. most of us want to still have a democracy in america. but the far-right is opposed to
7:36 pm
those things. and that's why we're building this coalition to replace them. so, we are inviting people from across the state and across the country to join us at evan this is how we can save social security, and how we can save our democracy, it's by coming together. those of us who still believe in these things, still believe in truth, that's the coalition we are building here in utah. >> in his speech tonight about next week's election, president biden said democracy is on the ballot. given that you are running against someone who try to overturn the last presidential election, do you believe that democracy is on the ballot in utah? >> it is on the ballot in utah. i consider this to be a race that is sort of ground zero for the defense of american democracy. because you've got, in senator lee, someone who literally tweets, literally says we are not a democracy. and then works by his own account 14 hours a day to make
7:37 pm
it so. and he told the president, the former president, that he was trying to unravel the results of the election in 2020 to keep president trump in power, despite having been rejected by the people. that is what we are up against. so, my belief, lawrence, that i think i've probably said before, even on the show that the primary dividing line in american politics today is not whether you're a republican, democrat, conservative, progressive, it's whether you committed to our founding ideals that were committed free and equal. therefore, we have a democracy and we have free and fair elections and our constitution and we accept the reality of it objective truth. that is the dividing line of -- either you believe in those things or not. thankfully, here in utah, a majority of utahns still believe in those things. and that's why we are poised to replace mike lee and have an
7:38 pm
excellent opportunity to help defend our democracy from the far right i want to destroy it. and i'll add, lawrence, they are so worried that donald trump just endorsed mike lee for the third time today. now, ron desantis is getting involved. rand paul has been spending upwards of 1 million dollars here, as well, to hold onto the seat. and the reason why they are afraid is that the rest of us are uniting to stand up for our democracy. and that's, you know, we're inviting everyone who still believes in those things to join us. >> evan mcmullin, running for senate in utah as a defender of democracy, thank you very much for joining us tonight. >> thank you, lawrence. >> thank you. coming up, democrats in wisconsin are facing republicans who are so extreme that in the milwaukee journal sentinel did something that it never does, endorsed candidates for senate and governor, both democrats. charles blow will join us next. blow will join us next living with hiv, i learned that i can stay undetectable
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7:44 pm
before the election. normally, the u.s. today network wisconsin board does not recommend candidates in elections. but because of the stakes in this election and our deep concerns with these candidates, we have decided to do so. the editorial board indoors democrats mandela barnes for u.s. senate and tony avarice for governor, over the republican opponents senator ron johnson and businessman tim frankel's. the editorial board cited the republican candidates unwillingness to affirm the results of the 2020 election as a reason not to endorse them. in the race for senate, the editorial board emphasize the republicans focus on crime prevention is dangerous, saying crime is a local issue handled by mayors, city councils, and police departments, not senators. its emergence in the senate race this fall is simple fearmongering on the part of republicans who are hoping to scare voters that the black man running for senate is two
7:45 pm
different and too dangerous to serve. actual words used in the commercials supporting johnson. one of the ads even intentionally darkened barnes's skin. the ads are racist and disgraceful. republicans are also using racist ads in georgia, where an ad from american -- america first legal, a group founded by former trump policy advisor stephen miller accuses the biden administration of what it calls anti white bigotry. and promotes the rhetoric of discrimination and racism against white americans. joining us now is charles blow, columnist for the new york times, and msnbc political analyst. charles, we are seeing this extraordinary editorial coming up and saying that the ron johnson campaign is basically running a racist campaign against mandela barnes. what is your reaction to that?
7:46 pm
>> they are saying he's running a racist campaign, and also this guy destroyed, or help to destroy, our democracy. but those things are not able to be disentangled at this point. part of the reason why trump was on the rampage was because he lost. and by the reason why he lost was because enough people, a coalition of people, white, but also black, brown, and asian banded together and defeated him. if it was just left up to the white people of america, the majority of them would have voted for donald trump when he was still president of the united states. part of what he was doing was attacking the people, attacking areas and districts that were majority black and say, look there, look there, there must be something nefarious happening in fulton county in georgia. there must be something nefarious happening in other parts of the country. and that is what was the basis of his big lie. and that fueled the insurrection. and that has fueled all of these elected officials across the country jumping in line
7:47 pm
behind trump to say they too do not accept the results of the 2020 election. and may not accept the results of their own elections that they lose. and if they are elected, may do things to undermine our democracy in furtherance of donald trump himself. so, that is what the editorial board is looking at. and anyone who looks at this soberly as just as frightened as they are. there's some people who look at it and say it cannot be as bad as you guys say it is. actually, it can be worse. >> yes, and president biden's speech tonight saying that democracy is on the ballot struck a new note for him, a new know of realism. there's a passage in the speech that we just used at the beginning of this segment that i do not think is the kind of thing he would've said a couple of years ago. he said just enough of us on just enough occasions have
7:48 pm
chosen not to dismantle democracy but to preserve democracy. i think the way he would have said that in the past is that america has always chosen to preserve democracy. instead, he's identifying in the way he's saying it, that there is a huge segment of the american electorate, close to half, that are willing to junk democracy. he said just enough of us on just enough occasions have chosen not to dismantle democracy. and that is the reality. and if it happens this time, it will be because just enough of us have made that choice. >> and that is what has been happening. this point of real-ism, we're not seeing the elections of, you know, half a century ago, where people could win in landslides. people are winning with 3%, 5%, maybe 10% of the vote. it just looks like they are landslides because that tips the electoral college in ways that make it look, you know,
7:49 pm
the winner has a lot more electoral college votes. but in terms of the actual vote, it's not large percentages. and that is the scary part. it only takes a little bit of voter suppression to tip it in the other direction. it only takes a little bit of voter intimidation, as we're seeing in some cases, to tip it the other way. it only takes a few elected officials willing to say that they do not accept the results of free and fair elections to change those results in ways that would benefit someone who also does not believe in democracy. that is just a realistic way of talking about what is happening in this country. we have to stop talking about, like, these victories, that we when we do get them, america has chosen, america has turned away from. no! just a tiny majority of americans turn away from this horrible thing. and in the next cycle, they may in fact turn back to it. >> we are going to take a break here. as we go out, we are continuing
7:50 pm
to watch the rally in arizona. for senator mark kelly's wife gabby giffords is now speaking. president obama will be speaking soon. we'll be right back. we'll be right back. yeah. i respect that. but that cough looks pretty bad. try this robitussin honey. the real honey you love, plus the powerful cough relief you need. mind if i root through your trash? robitussin. the only brand with real honeyand elderberry. (vo) a thin painted line. the only thing between you and a life-changing accident. but are these lines enough? a subaru with eyesight... (kid vo) hey dad! (vo) the lines for any danger... and can automatically stop itself. (mom) is everyone ok? (kid) i'm ok. (vo) your family is safer in a three-row subaru ascent. love. it's what makes subaru, subaru. technically when enamel is gone, you cannot get it back. but there are ways you can repair it.
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7:53 pm
7:54 pm
chavez high school in suburban phoenix, where you see senator mark kelly speaking there. he is running for reelection in
7:55 pm
arizona. he is the democratic candidate for senate. he will be introducing president obama at this rally. let's listen to what senator kelly has to say. >> -- jobs back to america. but better than that, to arizona. [applause] back to america to lower costs and create good paying jobs that do not require a four year degree. [applause] now, as our state faces more intense heat and drought and wildfires, we are now boosting renewable energy! [applause] this is going to help us, help us tackle climate change and bring even more jobs to our state!
7:56 pm
[applause] now, i know that there is more work to do. families, families are struggling with the high cost of gas, groceries, and housing. and arizona women? arizona women have lost the right they've had for decades. [applause] arizona women have lost the right to make their own health care decisions about abortion. so, there is so much at stake in this election in six days. now, this is the important part. so, you listening? so, i have an opponent, blake masters [noise] blake masters
7:57 pm
has some believes that are just dangerous for arizonans. [applause] that's very funny. he wants to cut taxes. he wants to cut taxes for big corporations that are hiking up prices and has said that he would privatized social security. [noise] i understand the booing. we will not need the brewing if we all vote. [applause] he wants to send seniors hard earned benefits to wall street. you know who makes money when money goes to wall street? wall street.
7:58 pm
that was an easy one. now this is serious, all of this is. blake masters, my opponent, he calls abortion demonic. and he said, he said he wants to punish the doctors. [noise] and he wants a national abortion ban. [noise] he wants a national abortion ban that even when a woman's rape she is not able to make this decision herself. [noise] blake masters wants to make this decision for arizona women. . you do not want. that he thinks that he gets to make this choice instead of you.
7:59 pm
[crowd booing] [noise] so, what are we going to do? we are going to vote, in big numbers. [applause] so, i've got some new info for you. this is also about blake masters. so, after getting a phone call from a guy in florida a few weeks ago, blake masters is again saying that the 2020 election was stolen. [crowd booing] but worse than that, worse than that he is now questioning the results of an election that is still six days away. [crowd booing] this is dangerous, folks. now, we all know guys like blake masters -- he thinks that he knows better
8:00 pm
then everyone about everything. don't you know somebody like that? [noise] well let me tell you what's -- here's the problem. somebody who thinks they know better than everyone about everything, letting them make decisions for you is dangerous. so, in just six days, let's make sure that we beat him. [applause] >> that is senator mark kelly campaigning in arizona. he's about to introduce president obama. that will happen after the end of this hour. senator mark kelly gets tonight's last word. the 11th hour with stephanie ruhle starts now. hle starts now ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tonight, president biden lays out the stakes for the midterms, putting threats to our democracy at the front of