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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  November 3, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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twitter would be quote, reducing his global workforce on friday, and at this action is unfortunately necessary, to ensure the company success moving forward. did he resign of the company is tapping into mora. and according to that same internal twitter memo, plays have been directed to check the emails, to find out if they'll have jobs or not. those who keep their jobs will receive noticing their work email, while those been fired will get an email sent to their personal address. unceremoniously firing a large number of -- highly influential american politics, just days before major election, that is something. that doesn't trust and, i will see you again tomorrow, now it's time for the last word with lawrence o'donnell. hey, alex i filled out my california bill today, at the kitchen table, i had to vote 59 times. four candidates, and for propositions, including 16
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judges, and i'm opposed to electing judges, but i have to. 12 of those judges i've never heard of, so i look to the l. a. times website for their endorsement guidance, and all that. but it is a real hunk of homework, that we all have to do, all the way down that ballot, every single office, we see now more than ever how much a state legislatures matter, there are officers a lot of people have ignored in the past. everything matters, democracy is all over the spell of this year, you got, of potential debt realign. >> yes, i think there's a silver lining to all of this, conspiracy theory and fearmongering over election integrity. one of the good things we've actually paid attention to are those down ballot races, and the importance of those. and also championing the men and women who decide to raise their hand and say hey, i can help run this part of american democracy. so in a way, it's great that it's a big pile of armor for
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all of us to complete our civic duties. >> yeah, and i gotta, say i'm really grateful for these candidates, but getting into these contests, tonight i'm handing the show over i've decided it is time for me to get out of the way, i know that's a overdue for a lot of viewers, >> you stay right there, lawrence, three senate candidates running tonight. this is their night here, we're gonna let them have the our. >> they get the spotlight. >> all right lawrence, will be tuning in. >> thank, you alex. well, democracy is on the ballot, you've heard me saying this on the program, you've heard president biden say just last night. democracy is on the ballot, in the pursuit of three senate
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candidates, who will join us tonight, and democracy is on the ballot, and the democratic candidate for governor of arizonan, who will join us tonight. it is up to these individuals, who you will hear from tonight, to save american democracy, which is now 233 years old. and might be in his final year of life. because, in next week's election, democracy as we know it may not survive. president obama said those exact words last night. democracy, as we know, it may not survive. president obama said that in arizona, where the republican candidate for arizona wants to end democracy as we know it in presidential elections, by guaranteeing the donald, trump or whoever the republican candidate is, will get arizona 's 11 electoral votes, no matter who wins the most votes, from the voters of arizona. last night, in arizona, barack
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obama talked about republican candidates, including the republican candidate for governor very zona, who are running on the lie, that donald trump won the 2020 election. >> why would you vote for somebody who you know is not telling the truth about something? i mean, on something that important. i don't care how nicely they say. i don't care how poise they are or how well lit they are. i mean you have people from our own party saying that's just not true and yet it seems as though it doesn't matter anymore. what happens when truth doesn't happen matter anymore? one thing is clear and that is this increasing habit of demonizing political opponents,
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of just yelling, and thinking not just that i disagree with somebody, by the evil, or wrong, that creates a dangerous climate. when sure democracy goes away people get hurt. it has real life consequences, it's not some abstract political science question, we are all affected, and we take this for granted, and we can't. if you've got election deniers serving as your governor, as your senator, as we secretary of state, as your attorney general, then democracy as we know it may not survive in arizona, that's not an exaggeration, that is a fact. >> that's not an exaggeration. >> a washington post analysis candidate shows that the majority, are the republican
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nominees on the ballot this fall for federal or state offices, two engine in the 91 overall, have denied or questioned the results of the 2020 election. recent polling shows that 57% of voters say, they would be likely or very likely to vote for a candidate who thought the 2020 election was stolen, if they agreed with that candidate almost issues. but that poll is showing you is that if we lose democracy in this country, it will be because of those voters, throwing it away. you don't have to write democracy out of the hands of 57% of voters who are willing, say they're willing to vote for a candidate who lies about elections, as long as they agree with that candidate on something else. there is still time, in every state, where there is a close election, but the champions of democracy to win. the champions are gonna need help, when you find out your
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own year when you have to encourage others to lend a hand in saving democracy, this might be the year when you offer a neighbor or friend right to the polls, something, something other than just thrown vote. the new york times reports that more people, across through the state surveyed arizona, georgia, and nevada, so they wanted republicans to gain control of the senate, but they preferred the individual democratic candidates in their states. new hampshire secretary maggie hanson, is one of the democrats the voters seem to like better than a republican challenger, and here's why. >> so, why is the election stolen or not, and why doesn't answer keep changing? >> it doesn't keep changing. i've been consistent about it. you just gave a accurate analysis, and i have said, on 14th of september, it was not stolen. that's it.
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i'm not discussing it anymore. we need to move forward. >> he spent over uni year in new hampshire, stoking the big lie, saying it was stolen. last august, saying he stood by that letter saying it was stolen, and he wasn't switching or's horses, maybe, that was, i think, the exact quote. he then has become to cast doubt on the 2022 elections, now saying that there will be ballot dumps in the middle of the night, and referencing busloads of unqualified, ineligible voters coming to our polls and he's even said that if his preferred candidate for president doesn't win in 2024 and he's in the senate he will work to overturn that election. >> joining us now is democratic senator maggie hassan of philadelphia running for reelection. and so much for joining us tonight. i heard you say something that doesn't seem to comprehend the process called campaigning, where he had not line in there where he said, i'm not discussing it anymore. that's his election denial,
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thing, that he doesn't want to discuss anymore. what else does he not want to discuss anymore as a candidate? >> well that really was chilling, and thanksgiving beyond, lawrence. look, don bullock is an election denier, as i laid out in the debate last night. that's not the only thing that is extreme about, and he's working to conceal from granite status. he would also eliminate social security, and would vote to enact a nationwide abortion ban. but, he keeps, trying backed up by more than $60 million now in national republican dark money super pacs. he keeps trying to conceal this, because of eulogy, if you think you don't have to accept the results of the election, it means you don't have to listen to constituents, because you can just reject their votes. so this is somebody with an extremely strong agenda, who would jack peoples costs up,
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and limiting social security, he also wants to impose a 23% sales tax on everything from red to housing and at this right your individual rights. but he doesn't want you to know about, it because he's an election denier, you things will never have to be accountable to you about it. >> the money barons of the republican party who just poured money into new hampshire, to stop you from returning to the senate. i wouldn't be done as a senator that makes republicans want to block your return as energetically as a two? >> well look, they always have known that this is a really close race. i've always known is really close race, because i won in 2016 by only 1017 votes, which is a reminder to everybody watching tonight but you can still make a difference 1017 votes in 2016, means that democrats win the majority today, it means we say the affordable care act. that's how you can get involved,
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and make a contribution. but look, i've been raided the most bipartisan center in the country, by the loop or center. we've been reaching across the aisle to ban supply medical, bills which lowered peoples medical care costs, and we need bipartisan effort to get more heating assistance to people to get through this very cold winter in new hampshire and in new england. and i have this track record of getting things done, and also standing up to big corporate special interests like big for big oil, and helping lower peoples costs as a result. some in a keep fighting to do those things, i'm gonna keep making the choice between me and my opponent as good as it can over the next five days, this is a close race, i hope everybody watching will follow your advice, get involved in these close races, find out how you can help. you know, democracy is on the ballot, think about this.
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the republicans, the national republicans have spent over $60 million to try to buy an election denier the united states and senate seat in new hampshire. >> what have you done for new hampshire voters, on the issue of inflation. and what can you do if you are return to the senate? >> right, so this is something obviously top of mind for people. it's really straining families and small businesses. so, i talk about the work we can do in the short term. everything from pushing the administration, to release more home heating fuel, from the reserve we have. we just got more heating assistance, so new hampshire will see a 30% increase this winter, for heating assistance that will help a lot of families, in our state. other work we've done, lower the cost of prescription drugs, which people will begin to see and feel in january. so we talk about short term things, and then we talk about the long term causes of inflation, and what the bipartisan infrastructure bill
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that i helped negotiate will do, to lower costs, and what the bipartisan chips and science act, which i was an author of, would help to lower costs, bring supply chains and manufacturing that the united states. and how much we still need to do, to address our affordable housing issues, are affordable childcare issues. these are things we can tackle if we continue to focus on what we have in common, and on our capacity to come together as americans, to lower costs, and grow our economy, and continue to lead in the world. >> senator maggie hassan, thanks so much for starting off our discussion. >> thank, you lawrence. >> and joining us now is retired three star navy admiral, mike franken, he's a democratic candidate for the united states senate, challenging the 89 year old republican senator, chuck grassley, in iowa, who has been a member of the senate for 41 years. thank you very much, for joining us tonight, we really appreciate it.
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in these closing days, we know that donald trump has flown into iowa to help chuck grassley, marjorie taylor greene is there, in iowa trying to help chuck grassley, what are your closing days filled with, in terms of both campaign appearances, and the case you're making the final closing case here making to iowa voters? >> well lawrence i gotta think that this last-ditch effort is a self defeating one, for senator grassley. you can't win a race when you're less than 25% approval rating, both for former president trump and chuck grassley, and spiralling downwards. my job is to get out the vote. so defeat chuck dot com is a website that helps me get out the vote. my job is to bring the state together, and we've got a fabulous on the ground grassroots effort from missouri to mississippi river, minnesota, missouri, my job is to ensure that we just kind of temper the message.
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we went across the aisle, we get the independents which were winning by 11 or 12%, more the so than he is. we can outwork them, we get a message from. we have a more convivial message and, his he's angry. he's upset that he suddenly have somebody who raises him, outworks him, and has a more conciliatory message. which is what islands want. >> well, no democrat is also come just close and challenging chuck grassley, and his entire second career, he's never had this kind of pressure on him before. he's not accustomed to running all the way to the final minute, of the campaign, to try to get every vote. obviously inflation is an issue, at the top of mind for voters, what are you telling voters will be the difference between you and chuck grassley, on inflation next year in the senate? >> well, i'll do something other than whine about it. and put up roadblocks that stop
10:16 pm
any kind of bipartisan work on this issue. i'm with president biden, we've got a look at the corporate profits, that have been really taken advantage of the situation, in most post pandemic environments. if you got the opportunity in the state of iowa to really go all in on manufacturing and agriculture. we just have to release the brakes that are, i think, the republican party, that are holding back just because we're in a situation in iowa, another party's ascension is another one's demise which is absolutely inimical to this country. i want to be that person works across the aisle and ensures that -- lower court of income, this is something we will work through together. and worked for legislation that makes a difference. >> how is the abortion issue playing at the stage of the campaign in iowa?
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>> glad you asked, lawrence, the interesting thing is, eight months ago or so, i would get about 60% of the crowds, and our crowds are begun burgeoning, that would give me a decent clap. and some kind of a golf clap. now, i just came from an event here in des moines, it was redounding, it was deafening, and of his chair is not knocking over, people people raising their hands, men and women across ages. this is a big deal. this is a solid majority of the electorate who say this is a human rights issue, men have no role in this, and certainly chuck grassley, a constitutional lawyer standing in the delivery room, this is ridiculous. this people can help me at defeat chuck dot com think that that message across. >> thank you very much for joining us tonight, and thank you for running to make this a real contest in iowa this year. really appreciate it. >> thank you.
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>> and coming up, our next guest, wisconsin lieutenant governor mandela barnes is trying to flip a wisconsin senate seat from republican to democrat in his campaign against of a republican senator ron johnson who's never stopped lying about the last presidential election, and many other things. mandela barnes is next. ks. u put it all on the line. u do it all. so u bring ubrelvy. it can quickly stop migraine in its tracks within 2 hours... without worrying if it's too late or where you are. unlike older medicines, ubrelvy is a pill that directly blocks a protein believed to be a cause of migraine. do not take with strong cyp3a4 inhibitors. most common side effects were nausea and tiredness. migraine pain relief starts with u. learn how abbvie can help you save. ask about ubrelvy, the anytime, anywhere migraine medicine.
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oprah winfrey, who gave mehmet
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oz his television career, announced tonight that she is endorsing his opponent in the pennsylvania senate campaign, oprah winfrey says, if she could vote in pennsylvania, she would quote, have already voted, for john fetterman, here is president obama in las vegas, on closed a night. >> there's a lot of talk right now about crime. now, violent crime has gone up over the past seven or eight years, by the way it hasn't been the last two, they don't talk about how it went up under the other guy, funny how that works. and by the way, it's gone up, not just in so-called liberal states, is gone up in conservative, rural areas too. but who will fight to keep you in your family safe? is it gonna be the republican politicians who want to flood our streets, it's morgan's?
10:24 pm
who actually voted against more resources for police departments? >> joining us now is the lieutenant governor of wisconsin, he is wisconsin's democratic candidate for the united states to. thanks for joining us again tonight, to pick up on what president obama was just saying, what are you telling wisconsin voters about the crime issue, and what you can divide it in the senate? >> well, i'm telling people that, unfortunately, we have ron johnson, whose pointed every finger on his hand, but it hasn't lifted a single one to help us out. our administration delivered historic investments to the law enforcement, public, safety and climate initiatives. hundred million dollars. ron johnson but against that funding, and this is what happens all the time. we'll use crime to try to further divide people in the state, but when cities across the state of wisconsin have
10:25 pm
called up for help, whether it's from state legislator, or from members of congress, where the u.s. senate like ron johnson, they've been nowhere to be found. they only show when it's election time, talk about problems they've never seen, wherever cared about fixing. that's it so frustrating about me, because i got involved because a someone i care about to gun violence. i got involved to make community safe. i have no one ever has to feel the pain -- is unfortunate like the people like montero use this as a political point, instead of doing the right thing. folks could step up and help us out then the next final weeks, it'll go a long way to happiness actually hold people make a safer, in the long term. we need all the help we can get, because this is a very close race. >> social security recipients got their largest annual cost of living increase this year, that's of course pegged to inflation, so it's gonna be large, because inflation is high this year.
10:26 pm
for republicans like ron johnson have often opposed that cost of living increase, they've tried to introduce it. now republicans like ron johnson are saying, they're putting the entire concept of social security on the block, possibly willing to eliminated, and certainly unhinged it as an automatic benefit that people have earned. what is your position on the future social security? >> i think social security may go away completely if ron johnson has this way. he's already signaled that he he like to privatize social security. he doesn't think that you deserve the benefits you worked your entire life or. he doesn't think he deserve to have a comfortable retirement. you're talking about a person whose multi million dollar company pay zero dollars in state income taxes since 2013. when it comes to making sure that people who've worked their entire lives can have a little bit of comfort in their retirement, that's just too much, and it's because he's a person who's written the rules for himself. he's a person who's only in it
10:27 pm
for his wealthy donors, and make himself more, he doubles don't own wealth, and he's hell-bent on making everybody else's life for us. i know that not only stabilizing social security, but strengthen it for generations to, come making sure the wealthy make their fair share, is the way to make this vital program strong for generations to come. >> the wisconsin voters realize that in this very close race at your, in it's basically just a tie in the polls right now, the democracy itself is at stake in this outcome? >> what people talk to me all the time about the threat to democracy, and are our bars for barnes to, or when i was greeted by republican farmer who, he was straight up with me, he told me doesn't vote for democrats, he's a republican. but it is the test to democracy that did for him. he said there's no way that he can support someone who would try to undermine the constitution, and's as person would try to undermine or very
10:28 pm
fabric of our democracy, in the way that ron johnson was trying to do so. trying to send -- is just a bridge too far, for some of these people. but it's par for the course for ron johnson. >> what do you think is the single most unfair criticism of you that you have heard from ron johnson? >> we'll, ron johnson has been pretty ridiculous, the whole way through, and it's because he doesn't have his own -- he's done everything to try to distract and try to divide this entire state, and look, i can take it, i put my name on the ballot. it's the fact that he's insulted working class people across wisconsin. i'm frustrated that, he would be so audacious, is to make people in the state feel like they are less than, or if they're not deserving. that's where i met, i'm on behalf of the people's constant, the ron johnson hasn't left behind. we always knew would be ridiculous, because for 12
10:29 pm
years he's done nothing, he's live for 12 years. we shouldn't expect him to start being truthful now. and this divisive behavior by ron johnson must come to an end. he was the worst senator we've had since joe mccarthy. and even, then who knows, i wasn't alive for joe mccarthy, i was in line for that one. >> mandela, barnes now the democratic candidate for senate in wisconsin, thank you very much for joining us once again tonight. >> thank you. >> coming, up in arizona last night, president obama made the case for our next guest, katie hobbs, the democratic candidate for governor of arizona, who will join us next. every call you make is being recorded. and you're being followed. we're looking into sexual harassment in hollywood. specifically harvey weinstein. you're scared. anyone would be. the only way these women are gonna go on the record is if they all jump together.
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news, the fetterman campaign has released a statement on oprah winfrey, endorsing john fetterman, in the pennsylvania senate race. the statement says, it speaks volumes that oprah would endorse fetterman, over all of. oprah is widely regarded as the person who helped launch doctor oz his career, and knows him well. oprah said i'll tell you all this, if i lived in pennsylvania, i would've already cast my vote for john fetterman for many reasons, but brett continued, there are clear choices out there, and some to represent the values we hold dear. the values of the compassion
10:35 pm
that we are all share. so user discernment and choose wisely for the democracy of our country, john fetterman said, i'm grateful for over his support, and trust on the issues that matter to people around the country and pennsylvania, as we close out this campaign. >> and president obama went to arizona last night, to try to save democracy, from a republican candidate for governor who is a local tv news anchor for 22 years in arizona, republican kari lake, is donald trump's chosen candidate for governor of arizona, because she joins donald trump in telling the lie that the 2020 presidential election was actually won by donald trump. >> there's no question that katie hopkins opponent, she's good in from the cameras, because she's been doing it for a long time. >> listen, if we hadn't just elected someone whose main
10:36 pm
qualification was been on tv, you could see maybe giving it a shot. what's the worst that can happen? well, now we know. it doesn't just work out just cause someone's been on tv. turns out, the president or governor, is about more than snappy lines and good lighting. it's about more than having a good anchor voice. if kari lake is your governor, we know which will be focused on, because donald trump told us. he said, if somebody asks carrie, how is your family, she says the election was rigged and stolen. that's her answer for everything. you know long tax cuts, that's her ensor but. now that's great if you are running to be donald trump's best friend. >> here's what president obama had to say about the candidate that he is supporting, for
10:37 pm
governor of arizona, our next guest katie hopkins. >> katie grew up in arizona, carry some parents sometimes had to rely on help from their church community, and food stands to make ends meet. she knows what it's like to struggle. which is why her first job out of college was as a social worker. helping young people here in phoenix, deal with homelessness. you can see what our values are by her track record. how to run one of the largest domestic violence shelters in the country. that's what she cares about. you, shall work for you. as our secretary of state, as your secretary of state while her opponent tries to undermine the integrity of our elections, katie's been protecting them. even when it meant getting death threats for doing her job. so, you know she stands up for what's right.
10:38 pm
as governor katie's opponent, is gonna be focused on making donald trump happy. katie, she may not be flashy. -- she could have been. she just chooses not to be. because she serious about our work. if you elect her governor, she's gonna get up every day and worked her tail off, trying to create jobs, trying to lower costs, trying to make our schools better. trying to help arizona families get ahead, that's the choice in this election. >> and joining us now is arizona secretary of state katie hobbs, she's now the democratic candidate for governor of arizona, thank you very much for joining us tonight. how important was it here campaign, and arizona voters,
10:39 pm
to hear president obama making the case. >> well, he made very clear what's on the line in this election. we've been talking about it for the last year and a half on the campaign trail. but it certainly helps to have his kind of star power here, energizing voters, making sure they understand exactly what's at stake. so i was very happy to have him here, and have it supported the campaign. >> what does it mean, going forward in arizona, if you have a governor who doesn't believe the results of last election, and has actually said she'd some how try to undo, retroactively undo the last presidential election. was that tell you about the way the future presidential elections are run? >> kari lake is scary, she's dangerous for all the reasons you just talked about, and on top of it, the fact that she has no governing experience she
10:40 pm
doesn't what it understand what it means the governor state and she will be bad for arizona. katie hobbs she's not focused on what arizonans need, she is focused on what the former president wants, which is exactly why she's endorsed her in this race. and we have to stop her, because she has made it clear she's not good participated a pulley who will other voters, if she doesn't agree with it. >> your opponent has made jokes this week, about the attack on speaker pelosi's husband. and we have video of it which i'm not gonna show, because it's just an obscenity. what is your calculation about arizonan voters, that she thinks arizona voters will join her, and laughing at an 82 -year-old man almost being killed? >> well, this kind of behavior that we've seen from kari lake,
10:41 pm
it's not new, she didn't start it, the former president kind of unleashed the permission for people who are in leadership positions, to not take that role seriously, and denounce this kind of political violence that we've continued to experience. we're only really seen leaders from one side of the political law i'll stand up and call this out for what it is. and that is one of the most dangerous things about the current political climate that we're in, because instead of calling out this kind of violence, denouncing it, these folks are continuing to encourage. it went to see unfortunately, more situation but what happened to speaker pelosi's husband, it's just wrong. someone who's not willing to call it out and call it wrong, should not be in a leadership position. >> how do you campaign against a candidate like this. do actually is actually matter
10:42 pm
in that matter that she approaches the campaign? >> it's clear that issues don't matter to her, she doesn't have any real plans, and as we've continued to talk about, she is focused on the 2020 election and the using the former president. you think that is what she uses as a distraction for the fact that she doesn't have any real plans to deal with the issues that we're facing. first and foremost, arizonans are tired. of being ground zero for this election denial movement and we have real issues that people are concerned about that we need leaders were gonna get to work bring people together to solve these issues not democrat or republican issues the arizona issues and we need to work together to tackle them. our staves water crisis, funding our broken education system, protecting reproductive rights, and addressing the issues of affordability. phoenix is the highest inflation in the country right now driven largely by housing
10:43 pm
prices and we need to his plans to get to work addressing these issues, so that arizonans can continue to be the best place to live, work, and raise a family. >> arizona democratic candidate for governor, katie hobbs, thank you very much for joining us tonight. >> thanks so much. >> and coming, up our next guest dug deep into the republican party for the reporting in his most recent new book, weapons of mass delusion, when the republican party lost its mind, robert draper will join us next. technically when enamel is gone, you cannot get it back. but there are ways you can repair it. i'm excited about pronamel repair because it penetrates deep into the tooth to help actively repair acid-weakened enamel. i recommend pronamel repair to my patients.
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president united states refused to accept the results of 2020 election if you refused to accept the world text -- he abused his power and put the loyalty to the south before the loyalty of the constitution. he has made a big lie. an article of faith in the maga republican party. >> the story of how all that happened, and, told in robert draper's brilliant new book, and weapons of mass destruction. and the republican party lost its mind. joining us now is robert draped, contributor to the new york times magazine, the new book is weapons of mass delusion.
10:49 pm
robert, let's go to the subtitle. it aligns on the cover of your book. and let's put a question mark at the end of it. when did the republican party lose its mind? >> well, actually, i'm going to kind of aligned that question lawrence because i very deliberately subtitled it when the republican party lost its mind rather than how. and so the book seems to be an 18-month snapshot in time, it begins on january the 6th, 2021, i was inside of the capital when the riot was breaking out and they asked to get outside and watch it from the outside going in. and i thought, at that juncture, at that moment of madness surely the party would take -- to itself, and come to it senses. we know what happened then. and assuming 18 months is what i said to chronicle. and, to get here, question i mean certainly though trumpism
10:50 pm
exacerbated symptoms, those symptoms were present before 2016. >> one of the characters in this book, who has quite an arc, is marjorie taylor greene. who enters the house pretty disgraced as it were. she ends up getting in trouble as a house member for things she said long before her political career even started. but then we watch her rise in the story as liz cheney falls from power. to the point where, i want to go to some video of marjorie taylor greene, i believe that this is in iowa, this is in iowa today. this video of what she said today, let's listen to this. >> democrats have ripped our border wide open. but the only border they care about is ukraine. not america's southern border. under republicans, not another penny will go to ukraine.
10:51 pm
our country comes first. and liz cheney grabbed that and we did it tonight think that if the republicans were like that in the congress, we would have lost the cold war to the soviet union. it is, as you know, just astonishing to see that any member of congress, but a republican member of congress, standing up there saying, not another penny will go to ukraine. how did that particular policy turn happen in the republican party? >> i mean, that is a main to another question. i do not see an ideological -- i, mean it begins with donald trump excruciating the iraq war. which was the right thing to do, actually. and it is clear that the ukraine conflict, in the eyes of the republican, is fraud because it's put russia against
10:52 pm
ukraine. and, this puts them at a position where they're having to put aside a country that is live so favorably upon trump. what she has said to me is that we need to get out of these forever. wars but, i really did not have any sense, beyond just the catchphrase, america first of what she and others, like, her bullied america's role. i think it's a healthy debate to have. but i did not see this at the beginning of the debate. this is simply are saying that we're gonna put it into this war. and, i suspect this because it is for the u.s. support of this war. my suspect is just because of president biden's ford, then she ought to be against. it >> well, you've done something that very few journalists have been doing. it realtime with. or you've been in her office. you have had these one-on-one conversations with her. who is this person, marjorie taylor greene? who have you found when you have been studying, her talking to her stuff. >> sure. i mean, lawrence, the temptation when you see someone
10:53 pm
like green is to say that, this is someone to have this boundless earning for attention. and, that is really the subs told of all that she. is there is truth to that. she certainly yearns her attention. but, she's managed to succeed in the attention of the political internet world. as a result of that, she has a great deal of power. she is a fund raising dynamo. the fact that the maga base is an approximate warrior, now that trump's left washington means that kevin mccarthy, who also wants to be speaker of the house has to give deference to her. and we'll take the form, not just on committee assignments, which she said she had expected to get it, but also the policy of. it i don't know that mccarthy would have the stomach to have this debate before or to push from the end of ukraine fighting. but, now, i think that he's really gotten no choice but to interact with. because the maga base is going to be insistent that you do so.
10:54 pm
>> robert draper's new book is weapons of mass delusion, when the republican party lost its mind. you know, whenever i hold a great book like this, robert, i always flip to the acknowledgements to see if the magic name is there, and it, is scott mayers as the editor of this book who worked on my last book. and, this is just a beautiful and brilliant piece of work, full of insight. thank you very much for joining us tonight. >> my pleasure, thank you for having me lawrence. >> tonight's last word is next. last word is next and automatically adjusts to help keep you both effortlessly comfortable. our smart sleepers get 28 minutes more restful sleep per night. and now, save 40% on the sleep number 360 special edition smart bed. only for a limited time. covid-19. some people get it, and some people can get it bad. and for those who do get it bad, it may be because they have a high-risk factor. such as heart disease, diabetes, being overweight, asthma, or smoking.
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10:57 pm
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
pelosi's husband, paul pelosi, was released from the hospital a week after being viciously attacked by a trump supporter who broke into the pelosi san francisco home. paul pelosi suffered a skull fracture and severe injury to his right arm and hands. tonight, nancy pelosi issued the statement. >> the pelosi family is thankful for the beautiful a pouring of love, support and prayers from around the world. paul is grateful to the 9-1-1
11:00 pm
operator, emergency responders, trauma care team, icu staff, and the entire hospital medical staff for their excellent and compassionate lifesaving treatment he received after the violent assault in our home. paul remains under doctors care as he continues to progress on a long recovery process and convalescent. he is now home, surrounded by his family who request privacy. the 9-1-1 operator who speaker pelosi mentioned is heather greaves, who saved paul pelosi's life. with her quick thinking under pressure. that is tonight's last word. the 11th hour with stephanie ruhle starts right now. ruhle startstonight, the increat to intimidate voters. growing words about drop box watchers, and disinformation. five days until election day. with some republicans already set to challenge results before any votes are counted. then, yes, inflation is up. but so is the man. we