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tv   Way Too Early With Jonathan Lemire  MSNBC  November 4, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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begin mass layoffs at twitter tomorrow morning. they obtained a memo given to employees saying that twitter will be reducing the global washing force on friday and that this action is unfortunately necessary to ensure the company's success moving forward. bhoomberg reports that he plans to fire 50% of the company's staff beginning tomorrow. according to that twitter memo, they've been encouraged to check e-mails to see if they get jobs. those that keep jobs will be getting an e-mail to the work e-mail. those that will lose their jobs to their personal address. it's just days before a major election. that is something. that does it for us to night. we'll see you again tomorrow. "way too early" is coming up next. >> five days. five days to go. and it's the most important elections in our lifetime. and that's not high penitentiarybly, its going to
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shape what the next two generations look like. not a joke. because so much is changing. so much. this is not a referendum. this is a choice. a choice. between two vastly different visions of america. >> president joe biden continues to push the stark differences between the two parties now just four days until the midterm elections. we'll have the latest from the campaign trail including a big name endorsement in a key senate race. meanwhile, former president donald trump is getting some criticism for hoarding a ton of campaign cash. those comments from a well known republican senator are straight ahead. and in the nation's capital, the founder of a person involved in the attack is expected to take stand in his own defense today. we'll get you caught up on the sedition trial for the oath keepers.
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good morning and welcome to "way too early" on this friday, november 4th. thank you for starting your day us with. we begin in new mexico. president biden touted his administration's successes yesterday at a campaign rally for democrats. in albuquerque, the president focused largely on the issue of the economy and the dangers he says is posed by the republican agenda. >> headline "new york times." flying out here. headline, gop signals plans to shrink social security. they're saying it out loud. congress, congressional republicans eye midterm victim that i could hand them control of house and senate plan to reduce spending on social security and medicare including raising retirement age. they're just saying it.
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they're not even hiding it. how many of you have any student debt? >> say good-bye. take a look at who is complaining. this i find fascinating. this i find fascinating. the people who are complaining, the maga republicans who sit in congress had hundreds of thousands of dollars, millions of dollars in pandemic relief forgiven. but they now attacking middle class americans of student relief program. who do they think they are? let's look at the facts. when i took office, this economy was in ruins. my predecessor is the first president, first president since hoover would lost more jobs -- fewer jobs when he left than when he came in. unemployment at 6.4%. they closed. today we're in a much better
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place. people are still hurting. there is more to do. unemployment rate, 3.5% the lowest it's been in 50 years. >> the president wrapped up the day near san diego campaigning for congress. during the rally, he talked about political violence a week after the attack on nancy pelosi's husband. >> how can you call yourself a democracy when you have a group of thousands of people storm the united states capitol. two policemen die as a consequence of it. breakthrough the house senate and doors and people cowering on the floor threatening to kill people? you saw what happened to paul pelosi and the effort to get to nancy. guess what? what do they call these guys? what is trump and all the trumpies call it? no, he said they're patriots.
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not a joke, these are patriots. >> the president is starting his day on the west coast before a busy several days of travel. after delivering a speech at a san diego technology company high heighting the chip and science act he signed, the president will head to the windy city for a political reception. he'll start saturday in chicago and hold an official event there. before then, traveling to philadelphia for a big schapiro-fetterman campaign rally with former president barack obama. nothing on the president's schedule for sunt. the democrats try to flip the republican controlled legislature there as well. we should note, donald trump kicked off his stretch run campaign tour as well. joining us now is staff writer for the new republic covering congress and politics. grace, grate great to see you as always.
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you have a fur you friend there in the back. biden and trump both on the road. neither going to georgia. but you are. tell us what you should expect there and what is a closely watched governor's race but really the actions on the senate side which could determine who controls the upper chamber. >> i think the problem -- excuse me. the problem here is that people are expecting results on election night and that's probably not going to be the case in the contest between herschel walker and warnock. what we saw two years ago was a runoff between warnock and the then senator. but what we may see -- i am so sorry. my cat is freaking out. but what we were going to see this time is probably another runoff. probably no one is going to get
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above 50% and then we're not going seat end of this until december 6. i'm looking at not getting any concrete results on election night. >> polls suggest that brian kemp will take the governor's race and be able to be called on tuesday. but certainly no one expects the senate race to be the same. we may be -- it's an exact replay of 2020 when we won't know who wins that seat and therefore the senate. grace, your latest piece from the republic takes a look at a different state. one that has not got a ton of attention this campaign race. alaska. the headline, the critically important alaska election that you haven't heard about. tell us about it. >> so every ten years according to the alaska constitution which was ratified in 1956 by the people of then territory alaska, the people of alaska get to vote every decade on whether to hold another state constitutional
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convention. so whether or not to completely rewrite their constitution, add stuff in, and this year they're having another constitutional convention vote. usually this gets voted down. really easily. but things are different this year because of dogs and because -- because of dobbs and roe v. wade. they worry that supporters are going to use this as an excuse to insert language about abortion and say that abortion is not constitutional in alaska. alaska is one of the strongest privacy clauses of any state constitution. so if the people of alaska vote to have a constitutional convention, it could be really worrying for abortion supporters and we just don't know what's going to happen. there is a lot of outside money from outside alaska being poured into this campaign. so it's going to be really interesting to see whether or not people vote as they usually have or if they vote to do
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something different. >> yeah. we'll have to keep an eye on that as well. grace, what is your cat's name? >> pumpkin. >> our thanks to grace from the republic and pumpkin. we appreciate you starting your day us with. meanwhile, paul pelosi, the husband of house speaker nancy pelosi, good news here, he's been released from the hospital. nearly a week after a brutal assault inside the couple's home. he is recovering from surgery to repair a skull fracture after brutally hit over the head with a hammer. house speaker nancy pelosi released a statement late yesterday reading in part this, paul is grateful to the 911 operator, emergency responders, trauma care team, icu staff, and the entire hospital medical staff for their excellent and compassionate life saving treatment that he received after the violent assault in our home. she added that her husband remains under doctor's care as he continues to progress on a long recovery. meanwhile, lawyers for the accused attacker, 42-year-old
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dave depape will be back in court today. they confirm this week that depape is a canadian citizen who was in the u.s. illegally. he faces a series of state and federal charges stemming from the terrible attack. meanwhile, the nation's capitol a few hours from now oath keepers founder stewart rhodes is expected to take the witness stand in his own defense. the defense began calling witnesses yesterday after federal prosecutors rested their case against rhodes and four other members of the far right militia group. all five are accused of plotting to use force to prevent joe biden from taking office as president. the trial is the most important yet to emerge from the doj's investigation into the deadly tack on the capitol on january 6, 2021. over the five weeks of testimony so far, the prosecution did not call on three cooperating defendants who pleaded guilty.
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about it this he did hear from two oath keepers that pleaded guilty. still ahead on "way too early," president trump gets called out by a member of his oin party for not spending more to help some of the candidates that he endorsed this election cycle. plus, we've all been waiting for it. oprah winfrey finally weighs in on the closely watched senate race in pennsylvania where, well, she played a role. those stories and a check on the weather when we come right back. e weather when we come right back. when you're through with powering through, it's time for theraflu hot liquid medicine. powerful relief so you can restore and recover. theraflu hot beats cold. (driver) conventional thinking would say verizon has the largest and fastest 5g network. but, they don't. they only cover select cities with 5g. so, for me and the hundreds of drivers in my fleet, staying connected, cutting downtime, and delivering on time
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hot beats flu.
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welcome back. former president trump is facing kru six for not spending fund-raising cash on the republicans they endorsed this election season. and some of that criticism is coming from senator ted cruz. take a look. >> i'll say, by the way, i wish
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trump was spending some of his money. he has $100 million and spending almost none of it to support the candidates. it would be nice if he would spend that $100 million to help some of the candidates. those are the two pockets of money that are there. and right now neither of them are spending in a number of the states. they're not. >> ted, be watching for the truth social post. meanwhile, hillary clinton and vice president kamala harris are throwing their support behind new york governor kathy hokel's re-election bid. they appeared together at a rally yesterday. governor faces a surprising tight race against republican challenger lee zeldin with the campaign shifting to the economy and crime. >> ads about crime every 30 seconds, right? no solutions. but just a lot of really
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fearful, scary pictures and scary music. and, of course, i want everybody to be safe. honestly. who is against that? but then a terrible crime happens in san francisco and an intruder gets hits an 82-year-old man with a hammer who happens to be married to the speaker of the house and the republicans joke about it. >> the fact that clinton and harris have to spend time with hochul shows you how worried democrats are about seats that are usually considered safe. yesterday's rally just one of several democratic leaders fanning out to what is usually deep blue seats in the midterm election. on that, on president biden's rally in new mexico yesterday, democratic senator ben ray luhan discussed his own recovery from a stroke he suffered in january. his comments, of course, come as pennsylvania voters consider the candidacy of democratic senate
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nominee john fetterman who also suffered a stroke earlier this year. >> what i say to everyone watching and i say to the national media. you want to look what a stroke survivor looks like, here it is! we're in fighting condition. we're ready to roll. we're ready to make a difference. we're ready to debate. and that's why john fetterman of pennsylvania will be elected to the united states senate. he understands the people in a very personal way. >> and speaking of the keystone state, during a virtual voting event yesterday, oprah winfrey who, of course, launched dr. oz's career as a tv doctor, well, oprah endorsed oz's opponent john fetterman from the pennsylvania senate race. >> i said it was up to the citizens of pennsylvania and, of course, i will tell you all this, if i lived in pennsylvania, i would already cast my vote for john fetterman for many reasons. >> winfrey was quiet about the
2:18 am
race until now. in response, fetterman issued a statement reading in part, it's an honor and privilege to have oprah's support in this race. she is a leader on so many issues, fighting for democracy, passing common sense gun reform and insuring racial justice. i'm grateful for her support and trust on issues that matter to people across the country and pennsylvania as we close out this campaign. dr. oz's campaign issued a statement as well. it reads this way, dr. oz loves oprah and respects the fact that they have different politics. he believes we need more balance and less extremism in washington. still ahead here, the bribing lyn nets finally make the move on a star player who has promoted anti-semitic material. and we'll go to philadelphia. the houston astros turned to their ace to get the one win away from a world series title. we'll have the highlights from a terrific game next in sports. when you're through with powering through, it's time for theraflu hot liquid medicine.
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ni ball, right center field. he makes the grab! mccormick in the ninth. >> astros outfielder chaz mccormick with a leaping catch before slamming into the scoreboard in right center. which helps pull off the phillies in the ninth inning and puts houston one win away for a world series championship. great catch. astros rookie shortstop jeremy penna had three hits and drove in two runs, four for houston last night. he got the score and started with an rbi single in the first. you just saw it. and then put houston ahead with this solo home run in the fourth. meanwhile, astros ace earned his first world series win. he didn't have his best stuff. he gave up just one run in four hits over five innings, walking four, and striking out six.
2:23 am
verlander had 0-6 in eight world series starts dating back to the rookie season for the detroit tigers in 2006. terrific game last night. astros win. they beat the phillies 3-2 in game five. marking the first time that philadelphia lost consecutive games. now leading 3-2, the astros have two chances athe home to secure their first title since 2017. game six is tomorrow night in houston. meanwhile, the nfl served a second helping of the houston philadelphia rivalry last night. not stakes not as high here. the texans hosted eagles in the week nine kickoff. and this one was in houston. philly remains undefeated imfrofg 8-0 for the first time in franchise history. the quarterback putting together an mvp type season threw for 243 yard and two touchdowns. the eagles pulled way in the second half and beat the lowly texans 29-17.
2:24 am
meanwhile, the brooklyn nets finally act the and suspended kyrie irving for five game without pay after the star point guard again failed to, quote, unequivocally say he has no anti-semitic beliefs when given an opportunity in a media session yesterday. >> do you have anti-semitic beliefs? >> again, i'm going repeat, i don't know how the label becomes justified. you ask me the same questions over and over again. this is not going to turn into a spin around cycle. i tell you how i felt. i respect all walks of life and embrace all walks of life. that's what i said. >> yes or no on that question? >> yes or no? >> i cannot be anti-semitic if i know where i come from. >> i cannot be anti-semitic if i know where i come from.
2:25 am
>> he has been criticized since last week when he tweet awed lifrmg to a film that promoted anti-semitic actions. after four hours after they announced the suspension, he issued an apology. in a post late last night, irving conceded that the film contains some false anti-semitic statement that's run true and offensive to the jewish race religion. 'pollingized directly to the jewish community writing, i'm deeply sorry to have caused you pain. but even while irving for sharing the film, he indicated there are some parts of the documentary that he still agrees with. he is more trouble than he is worth. time now for the weather and meteorologist bill karins is here with the forecast. bill, i have to note, this weekend i think it's sunday at 2:00 a.m. it -- daylight savings time comes to aend which is the single favorite night for
2:26 am
morning tv hosts because it means we get an extra hour of sleep. >> you do get that extra hour, jonathan. if you have a young child, sometimes they don't really understand the whole concept and they still may be tugging up to walk up at 4:00 a.m. >> back to bed, kid. >> good luck with that. so jonathan, let's get to the forecast. it's a wild friday into the weekend. i mean this is almost like a severe weather spring setup. we do get these in the fall once or twice. that is the setup heading into the weekend. so we have the really strong storm that is crossing new mexico heading into texas. we had thunderstorms this morning in northern michigan. it's been snowing in areas in the mountains outside of albuquerque and even in areas around denver we saw snow yesterday. so this storm is going to move into the middle of the country today. severe weather is likely. we may even get a few strong tornadoes. so that gets your attention from dallas area to texarkana, shreveport and the areas for the tornado threat, it is forming over the top of ft. worth and dallas and then that tornado threat will head to the east as
2:27 am
we go throughout the evening. the timing on this, looks like around 3:00 or 4:00. i paused the radar right there. that's when the strongest storms are popping up when the kids are getting out of school. keep that in mind at the beginning of the rush hour. then the line of storms move through arkansas and also east texas. by the time we get to saturday, just strong storms in the south. and the other story, jonathan, warm air in the east is crazy warm for this time of year. it continues all weekend long with a lot of record highs. i know i'm one of 50,000 people rub the marathon. we're not happy about it at all. >> no. this is one of the best days of the year in new york city. but that is a little too warm. bill karins, best of luck in the race. we'll be rooting for you and have a great weekend. still ahead here, two lawmakers from across the aisle visit kyiv to underscore american support for ukraine ahead of the mid terms. but we'll talk about the growing fissure in the gop over continued aid. ssfiure in the gop over continued aid. than the common . so it takes the right tool for the job...
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welcome back to "way too early." it's 5:30 a.m. on the east coast. that means 2:30 a.m. out west. thank you for joining us. u.s. officials met yesterday with impresidented wnba star brittney griner. ned price made that announcement saying they saw her firsthand, tenacity and perseverance despite her present circumstances. price said the department continues to press for her releens the release of paul
2:32 am
whelan, another american wrongfully imprisoned in russia. the press secretary said that griner is doing as well as can be expected under the circumstances. and that russia has refused a significant offer for the release of both americans. at a rally in california last night, president biden responded to a member of the crowd who yelled something about griner. >> free griner! >> i'm trying to bring her home. i've been talking to -- by the way, i've been talking to brittany's wife and we're in constant contact. we're not giving up. >> it's been nearly ten months now since detained at a moscow airport. she said she packed them by mistake. in august, she was convicted of smuggling narcotics into the country and sentenced to nine years in prison. >> meanwhile, a bipartisan pair
2:33 am
of lawmakers wrapping up a trip to ukraine. rob portman traveled to kyiv to underscore the broad support that is in congress for the ukrainian people. the trip comes amid concerns about a possible fracturing congress over additional aid to ukraine. gop house minority leader said that there will be no other blank dhekz. the senators met with ukraine's foreign minister, the prosecutor general and president zelenskyy. the senators also visited the headquarters of a ukrainian energy company damaged by russian missile strikes. russia has been targeting key infrastructure facilities throughout the country for weeks now. which is forced ukraine to ration electricity as winter approaches. joining us now, washington correspondent for bloomberg tv ann marie. good morning. let's talk about military and
2:34 am
financial aid. it's, you know, the americans have sent a lot to kyiv to this point. the president saying, hey, we're going to do whatever it takes. most democrats, the same, although we had a little rumblings last week, now we're hearing growing voices among republicans saying, hey, enough might be enough. especially considering how challenging things might become economically here at home. talk to us about the fractures. >> what we're seeing is on the heels of what kevin mccarthy said, minority leader. we are expected to see the republicans take over the house. and now with the cook political report says in larger numbers than he originally expected, what that could potentially mean is more pushback on the amount of aid the administration really wants to send over to ukraine. now you see this bipartisan
2:35 am
support with democratic senator cone and, of course, republican senator portman. vowing that aid will continue. but does it come at a really difficult time for the american people. i look at this "wall street journal" poll yesterday that showed that by and large, americans do want to send a continued to support ukraine militarily and financially in this economic aid that is going over. but when you look at the numbers, jonathan, they are growing from the prior polls in terms of those who think that the u.s. is doing too much. and where you see the biggest growth of those numbers are republican voters. >> let's talk about russia's decision to resume a deal allowing safe passage of ukraine for the grain out through the black sea. they have stopped it. they resumed it. but that deal as you know
2:36 am
expired november 19 rnlg. tell us why the future of this deal is important. >> first on the grain deal. president putin really made this u-turn in allowing the ships and we have seen the ships flow. we saw wheat prices really skyrocket and then they come back down. this is critically important. this is important for countries like turkey and they have brokered this deal and got this u-turn. the fact is that there is a lot of concerns that we could be here again in just a few weeks.
2:37 am
putin is looking for concessions to renew that deal. the united states wants to see this continue. president biden said this would increase starvation around the world without this deal. putin said last week he's unsure. regardless, russia is represented with a high level delegation. he had a call yesterday with the indonesians, kremlin about this trip. potentially come down to the last minute. the one thing i think we need to remember is that putin was a no show at the g-20 in rome. that moment he wasn't waging a war on his neighbor. so he's at this moment also incredibly more paranoid. so there is a potential that he doesn't attend this meeting at least not in person. >> yeah. and u.s. officials have suggested that putin were to go, president biden would have nothing to do with him. the two men would not meet. the question is whether putin feels like he needs to talk to president gi or the other allies. but you're right, we won't know until he is up or not from moscow.
2:38 am
bloomberg tv, thank you as always for joining us this morning. still ahead here, we're going to move on to business news and the latest on wall street. the markets are up ahead of the october jobs report. cnbc joins us live in what we can expect when that important data comes out in a few hours just days before the mid terms. we'll be right back. s before ths we'll be right back. the virus that causes shingles is sleeping... in 99% of people over 50. and it could strike at any time. think you're not at risk? wake up. because shingles could wake up in you. if you're over 50, talk to your doctor
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robitussin. the only brand with real honeyand elderberry. the virus that causes shingles is sleeping... in 99% of people over 50. and it could strike at any time. think you're not at risk? wake up. because shingles could wake up in you. if you're over 50, talk to your doctor or pharmacist about shingles prevention. we're now just four days from the mid terms. both political parties are trying to lock down votes. one voting block that is absolutely critical is the latino vote which both parties are trying to secure. traditionally voting base that was democratic candidates polls have shown that is not the case this time around pt that's true in texas where republicans are push fog are the latino vote not only along the border but the states' largest cities now as well. joining us now to talk about it, president and founder of the media group at msnbc.
2:42 am
thank you so much for joining us this morning. there is, of course, we sh you always say right at the top, latino voters, different groups have different interests like any others. there are some huge battleground states tlsh are battleground states that have huge latino populations, florida, nevada, arizona, among them. talk about the key issues resonating with voters and why republicans seem to have made end roads. >> look, it's great to be with you. thank you for making me wake up really early. >> thank you. >> the dogs appreciated it. the latino vote, what i like to say my mantra right now is that we need to understand that the latino vote is the second largest co-hort of voters in the united states. so that is the second largest second cohort but not a block. right? so when you ask what is of interest to them, it's like with all voters, right? people are talking about the economy. people are talking about the future. people are talking about democracy. so you can't just say well they only care about this. for me as a journalist, the
2:43 am
issue of immigration, it is writ large for me. i continue to talk about. that i believe in kind of the future of our country and what that means. that is not necessarily the key issue that is moving latino voters. i will say though like all voters, the issue of abortion, very important. both from conservative latino and latina voters to progressive latino and latina voters. that is something to watch n texas, i was just in houston, i'm going back on sunday, one thing i heard is that latino and latina voters were motivated to vote against governor abbott because of his lack of action on the question of uvalde. i thought that was quite interesting. >> so what has changed that can you tell among latino and latina voters since say the last mid terms in 2018? we know that donald trump actually had some success bringing in new voters.
2:44 am
south florida is one example. how have things evolved? are there message that's the democrats are not hitting that they should sth. >> that's the issue. sometimes you feel like with democrats have just said well, you know, latino and latina voters, that i come around. and really they should take a lesson from bernie sanders. what did bernie sanders do? specifically in nevada? he went out and he campaigned hard. he talked to young voters specifically latinos and latinas and they turned out. the democratic party should be going after these voters hard. very specifically talking to latino and latina voters. are they doing that? i was on a campus yesterday where i'm a professor because i'm mexican and i have 16 jobs. i'm sorry, i don't think it was like pull out the stops and bring the vice president and hillary clinton because things are going down the tubes. think think they're taking a moment to connect with women voters. and i think kamala harris,
2:45 am
latisha james and hillary clinton really connected. >> and lastly, you mentioned immigration. being front of mind. how is that playing out as an election issue this time around? certainly we heard republicans, you know, raising alarm about the southern border. there is very little in the way of progress or immigration deal for years. >> right. so what we all have witnessed in the country is we witnessed politicians trafficking human beings for political gain. in you take people and you take their ids that, is trafficking. >> ron desantis. >> yes. our own poll, our first political poll, we're so proud, showed latinos up for ron desantis in florida. but in texas where governor abbott is doing the same thing.
2:46 am
there is we're sick of this and angry for you doing this. when people say the border is out of control, jonathan, having been there multiple times, what is really out of control on the border is the militarization of the border. now the issue is that for latinos and latinas that live on the border, they work for the border patrol. they're part of law enforcement. and the others are saying this is not what our border used to be like. so again, on the issue of immigration, like you, we're all just kind of waiting to see what is going to happen. >> we're four days away from. that maria, thank you for joining us. we'll talk you to again soon. coming up on "way too early," more on where voters stand in key battleground with the election on the horizon. "way too early" will be right back. e horizon. "way too early" will be right back ry-other-month, injectable cabenuva. for adults who are undetectable, cabenuva is the only complete, long-acting hiv treatment you can get every other month. cabenuva helps keep me undetectable. it's two injections, given by my healthcare provider, every other month. it's one less thing to think about while traveling.
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welcome back. let's hit a few business headlines. futures up this morning. investors look ahead to the october jobs report out in a few hours. green on the board, folks. according to cnbc, economists polled by dow jones expect that 205,000 jobs give or take were added last month and predict the unemployment rate will hold steady at 3.5%. we'll find out in a few hours whether they're right. meanwhile, twitter is expected to begin significant layoffs today. it comes a week after elon musk took control of the social media mat form. according to a company e-mail about half of twitter's 7500 employees are set to lose their
2:50 am
jobs. employees will be notified by e-mail. twitter says the office will be closed and badge access will be suspended to protect employees and systems. musk also ordered the company to come up with $1 billion in annual infrastructure cost savings he seems intent to ruin the organization as quickly as he can. up next, the republican senator who is already appearing to cast doubt on legitimacy of the mid terms in his state days before voters even go to the polls. coming up on "morning joe," more from president biden on the campaign trail as we head into the final weekend before election day. plus, the democratic nominee for u.s. senate from the state of of ohio, congressman tim ryan, he'll be a guest. we're also going to hear from democratic congresswoman val demings about her bid to oust republican incumbent, marco rubio, from his u.s. senate seat in florida. "morning joe" is just a few minutes away.
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2:54 am
official in milwaukee was fired this week amid allegations that she fraudulently requested military ballots and sent them to a republican lawmaker known for amplifying false claims about the 2020 election. senator johnson brought up those allegations yesterday when asked whether he would accept the result of tuesday's vote. take a look to what he said. >> do you commit to accepting the results of tuesday's election? >> i sure hope i can, but i can't predict what the democrats might have planned. it sure seems like there's an awful lot of, in the past, a lot of attempt on the party of the democrats to make it easier to cheat. we want to make it easy to vote and very hard to cheat. >> it depends on what you see. >> it has to. we'll see how this plays out. i'm pretty shocked that a democratic election official was sending out military ballots, you know, fraudulently. that's a little shocking. >> joining us now, our friend at "politico," the white house editor there, sam stein.
2:55 am
sam, good morning, thanks for being with us. there's already 100 lawsuits filed surrounding the midterm elections. we've now had senator johnson suggesting that, well, he might not honor the results. we have heard the same from arizona republican gubernatorial candidate kari lake. how possibly can voters feel that they can trust what's happening when the people they're voting for are casting the very doubt? >> it's a great question, jonathan. there's been a lot of distrust in the election system, predominantly by donald trump, and we're starting to see the implications of that in our surveys. we have a study out from "morning consult" this week that looks at trust in elections across the board, nationally in the state. you see a sharp partisan divide. democrats, independents, far more trusting that u.s. elections will be secure, and valid versus republicans. there you have the numbers overall for states versus u.s.
2:56 am
elections being broken down on a partisan basis. democrats, they say 80% will trust the election system. republicans, by contrast, 43% say they will trust the elections system. it's a little bit higher in the state. that's to your question, if you do not trust that the election is valid, why would you accept the results, and, you know, 2020 was a case run of this. a lot of people do not accept the results of 2020, but we have a new government that's participated in the past two years. what happens if in 2022, a number of elected officials do not win, lose their seats and say those results are not valid. how does the system hold up through that, and that's a really difficult question to grapple with or get an answer to. >> we were showing some of the poll numbers you mentioned there. democrats have more trust in the system than republicans, but we also know we have a bunch of 2020 election deniers on the
2:57 am
ballot this year, and some of them seem poised to win. so what will that be like, sam? forecast for us a little bit, if you will, if you have people who are in power, potentially those who are going to be in charge two years from now of certifying the vote in 2024, if they're undermining it on a daily basis, how does our democracy careen into the next election? >> the place where it becomes problematic is if you have an election denier who is in charge of the levers of the election, winning secretary of state's office or more problematically, someone at a local level where there's not a lot of scrutiny on the election results and there's not the chance for public outrage to reverse something that's clearly an election win that's been denied because of some sort of conspiracy theory. this is a huge problem facing democracy. i think we have emphasized this a bunch on your show, on "morning joe," it's worth emphasizing again, if you cannot
2:58 am
have faith in the election system, that is the bedrock of the democratic system right there. who knows what happens in 2024, for instance, when you have someone who's potentially at a state level or local level overseeing election. you have a very tight ballot between the democratic and republican, and they just essentially say, you know what, we cannot certify this result. we saw something like this vaguely happen in new mexico, you recall, but the people who did that backed down under a lot of scrutiny. and what if that's system wide? how does that hold up? >> i don't know that we can count on people backing down this time around. they only seem emboldened. most analysts project republicans will win, but close, the senate, a true toss up. one person who believes the democrats are going to hold it, chuck schumer. he gave an interview with the ap
2:59 am
yesterday. schumer said while it's a tight race, he's confident democrats will be able to win in battle ground states and possibly pick up seats from republicans. he's counting on strong voter turnout but doesn't want to give the illusion that those are slam dunks. president biden and former president obama will be across the country this weekend. tell us about two key races. nevada is the one state that democrats are worried about holding. pennsylvania, the one they're most optimistic about picking up. >> first of all, chuck schumer is paid to say that. >> of course. >> it would be very newsy, if he said i think we're going to lose and don't both turning out. i'll give chuck for staying on message there. democrats are naturally disposed to being pessimistic.
3:00 am
everyone can read polls and the trends of the polling data. i think you pinpointed the state where they're nervous about, nevada, but they are also extremely nervous about georgia, too, shocked and nerve by georgia. what they have is seen is herschel walker, even amid the controversial stories has been doing better and is poised to best rafael warnock. i think there's been some happiness, i suppose, you can say that fetterman had weathered that shaky debate performance. they feel like things are looking good, including in the early voting data. although that's potentially fools gold. they feel good about pennsylvania, where they're freaking out a little bit is, as you know, nevada and georgia. >> we should note last time around the senate runoff in georgia wasn't until january. this time if it happens, it will be in december. timetable, he didn't wear a tie, we'll forgive him, "politico's" sam stein, thank you for being with us a


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