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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  November 4, 2022 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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if the greatest country on earth. it's moving towards a more perfect union very slowly. but if it is taken away from us by eliminating the right to vote and eliminating our free and fair elections, then we will have nothing. so we have to get out and vote. it's critical. >> it's critical. i have to add my note to that. we have a little bit of gremlin. we are running short on time tonight. michael more and rob reiner, thank you both very much for encouraging people to vote. i will add mine herdsman as well. before i go, i really do want to say one quick thing about my friend, colleague, and sister tiffany cross. she's not just my friend. she is my sister. i love her. i support her. i was boosting for her to get the show that she created a cross connection, when she put her heart and soul into every
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day. i want to say that those on the far-right attacking her on social media apps i won't name, you don't understand how sister's move. so watch this space. we will be here, her sisters will be here to support anything tiffany ever does. no. that believe that. that's tonight's read out. all in with chris hayes starts now. all in with chris hayes star ts now. tonight on all in, it's the dirty little secret you won't hear in any other ads. >> i will very, very, very, very probably run again. very, very -- >> tonight, the return of chaos in american government that's on the ballot in four days. then, cornell belcher on reading the wild variations in last night's election polls. plus, the republican candidate who wants a community level review process to decide whether rape victims can get abortion. >> there are certainly legal
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mechanisms you can put in place, legislatively, that would create basis for abuse. >> direct from the campaign trail with the rock obama, the one and only john legend but, on his message to voters. >> we need to show up for our democracy, is that right? >> all in starts right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ good evening from new york. i'm chris hayes. ahead of tuesday's midterm elections, democrats bringing out all their heavy hitters to mobilize people and get them out to vote. >> congressional republicans, midterm election victory that could hand them control of the house and senate have embraced plans to reduce federal spending on social security and medicare. they are not even hiding it. they are not even hiding it. >> adds about crime every 30 seconds, right? no solution. just a lot of really fearful,
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scary pictures and scary music. they don't care about keeping you safe. they want to keep you scared. >> they have said there will be a national ban on abortion. and we are going to need people in the state house and at a local level who have the courage to stand up and push back against what is happening in our country. >> these days, just about every republican politician seems obsessed with two things. owning that lives and getting donald trump's approval. that's their approval -- agenda. >> the sitting president and vice president, a former president and a former secretary of state, not to be outdone. the republicans have trotted out their biggest star for the rally in iowa last night. the undisputed leader of the party. the twice impeached ex president. i should tell you, before we get to what happened at that rally, we are expecting a statement from the january 6th
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committee about the trump subpoena deadline. he was subpoenaed by the committee, will start -- give documents today. if and when we get it, we will let you know about that. and during a predictably rambling rally, trump teased his forthcoming presidential run, walking up as far to the line as possible without an actual formal announcement, which brings with it a number of legal and financial hurdles. trump's comments are notable, despite the fact he has done nothing to hide his intentions to run again. there have been lots of reporting indicating republicans don't want trump to announce before the midterms. it's a consensus position between both republican moderates and strategists and the -- because everyone in that republican party with that least half a functioning brain cell understands why trump announcing early is bad for them. donald trump is supremely polarizing. in fact, one of the most unpopular figures in modern political history. republicans have a lot of momentum heading into tuesday's
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midterms. the last thing they want is for trump to remind everyone that if republicans win, he will effectively be the shadow speaker of the house in charge of all major party decisions. but to be clear, even though they don't want you to know that, that is exactly what will happen. we know this. if you are a generic republican house candidate running in a swing state, like rhode island, oregon, a blue state, you are in the swing seat, you are not saying i will be an agent of donald trump's political whims while in office. that is precisely what you are running to be. and that's what effectively will happen. if republicans retake the house, the entire conference, or the overwhelming majority of, it will take its marching orders from trump. he will bark at them to impeach president joe biden probably more than once. they are very likely to try. he will bark at them to impeach biden's cabinet members as well, especially merrick garland, who republicans have said they will try to impeach. --
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currently investigating trump's gross mishandling of some of our nation's most sensitive secrets. they are almost certain to listen to that as well. he will bark at them to shut down the government, to default on the debt limit, which would punch but -- plunge our country into economic catastrophe. we will see what they do with that. and the so-called moderate republican candidates, the swing districts, they can sell themselves however they want. on crime, inflation, gas prices, i'm with you on abortion, i'm not like one of those crazy. does not matter. it doesn't matter. ultimately, their platform will do nothing to solve any of those problems. instead, they will be effectively fuel in the engine that is the republican party under donald trump. whatever donald trump posts online that date, that will be what the republican party sets its mind to. that's the dynamic at play here. there is a cliché and politics, campaigns, elections come down to change or more of the same.
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republicans, as the out of our party, they wanted to be a change election. they are running against the incumbent party. they have a pretty easy time making that case. it is very clear that voters feel unsettled. heck, i feel unsettled. i think almost all one everyone feels unsettled. three out of four americans think the countries headed on the wrong track. in the aftermath, a once in a generation pandemic which is still going, has killed more than 1 million americans in counting. shut down the country, shut down the world and in a totally unprecedented way. it had never happened before in human history, basically. the after effects of that have been really hard on people. there's a tremendous feeling of enduring instability, disruption, disorder. understanding you can see the fraying of the social fabric before our eyes. it feels bad. republicans want you to think they are the solution of all those problems. if you see this order, they will give you order.
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if you see instability, they will give you stability. that's, even though many of them started under donald trump. republicans are not the solution to any problems. they will not usher in a wave of stability or lower prices. that's for a bunch of reasons. but the prime, obvious one staring us in the face, the guy on the podium last night, who might run for president, and they are enthralled by and under the command of an agent of pure chaos. his only goal would be to disrupt things even more. again, think about the incentives of the two parties as you head into this election. if you are one of those voters seeking stability, and order, democrats are the ones far more likely to deliver on that. if for literally no other reason, not even an ideological reason, they share political incentives, the political incentives over the next two years are to make the american life and economy as great as possible headed into 2024.
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republicans have the opposite incentive structure. if disorder and disruption and chaos make people feel unsettled and make them vote for republicans, they have an incentive to create more of those things. to make things as bad as possible. to get those wrong track numbers up. the kneecap democrats running against them two years from now. they are already trying to sell voters on a preposterous vision in retrospect of the trump years. just listen to republican senator tom cotton of arkansas. >> the democrats are always saying that never forget january 6th. yet, remember that on january 6th, gas was $2.40 a gallon. it was at $2.40 a gallon because, for four years, we had an administration that understood that american energy production, and specifically fossil fuels, natural gas, oil, and coal, literally power our economy. >> what?
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that's what you remember of january 6th? first of all, gas was cheap because the global pandemic crushed demand. the barrel of oil went negative at some point. when you think back to 2020 and 2021, january, you think, man, gas was cheap. that was at that very moment he was talking about, covid was killing more people every day than literally any other cause of death. 20,000 people dying every week. almost ten times more people dying a day than now. yeah, if you just don't care about that, you're super focused on gas, better times then. again, 2020 is not that long ago. we were there, we lived through it. we lived through trump and covid. you do remember what it was actually like under donald trump. the chaos, the disruption, the complete negligence of the white house, the feeling that everything was teetering on the edge. again, that was before covid hit, when he inherited a very
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smooth set of circumstances in a macro economy that was drawing. he did everything he could to screw it up. that sense of disorder, disruption, instability, chaos, that is what trump carries with him everywhere he goes. i'm telling you, i assure you, that is what trump will bring back if republicans take power next tuesday. i'm joined now by robert draper writer for new york times magazine and author of the new book weapons of mass delusion: when the republican party lost its mind. robert, i do think this is underappreciated. i think you are one of the few people focused on this appropriately. we have watched what happened in the uk with their craziness at leadership turning over and proposing things that cause financial markets to go -- the level of chaos a house republican party is going to bring is really underappreciated by most people. i think you have a beat into the fact that this is going to
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be utterly unwieldy. >> yeah. unwieldy on multiple levels, chris. for one thing, the chaos that will ensue will be intramural, i think. >> yes. >> you do have plenty of republicans eager to see power because they want to have certain classically republican things done, more tax cuts, stripping away obamacare protections, things like that. then you have marjorie taylor greene who wants a far-right agenda and will push at every turn against something that looks -- milquetoast to them. as you put a very excellent we, there goes speaker of the house, donald trump. donald trump wants failed to trump. trump is not going to be pushing an agenda. marjorie taylor greene, for example, has actually been saying that there needs to be justice reforms all the january six people are being unfairly prosecuted. who knows what that will look light legislatively. we do know trump doesn't give a
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damn about that. trump will care about only -- he's already said this constantly -- about who right now has pledged, basically, a failed t to the trump vision, which starts with his notion that the 2020 election was stolen. he wants everybody in line on that. the real -- important issues related to the debt ceiling, related to the fund of ukraine will come into play. >> here is the thing i think people don't appreciate, which would be novel. obviously, there is a republican house with donald trump's presence. again, think about incentives here, right? the incentive when he was president was not to break the country. in fact, his incentives was lots of stimulus spending. he increased the deficit. he wanted money going out in the pockets. he wanted the fed to cut rates. he had an incentive to not break the country. this will be all of the control of the house but none of the
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responsibility of being president and wanting a record to run on. which means what he says to do, they will listen to. what he says to do, because he's thinking about one thing, is likely to be quite destructive. >> yeah. he's thinking most of all, first and foremost, chris, about retribution. retribution against democrats, the press, also against rhinos. there will be endless investigations. there will certainly be an impeachment on using precisely what we have yet to know. what we also know is that kevin mccarthy has already flipped his observations about things like impeachment inquiry because he knows it's not the world's greatest midterm message to swing voters. he doesn't have the power to go up against the maga court. marjorie taylor greene is in this conversation for that reason and that reason only. because she is the proximate warrior to trump in the maga
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constituents looking for a brawl, a fighter. mccarthy knows that his got to have the support for him to get anything done and for him to hold on to the capitol, for that matter. >> let me ask you about, we got this statement from that committee, obviously, one of the things that will continue to loom over all this, our that continued after effects of january 6th, possible prosecutions the department of justice might undertake, and the committees work, which likely is that republicans -- will suspend. that will likely not continue. today was the deadline for the subpoena of donald trump, which he has blown off. issuing a statement saying we received correspondence from the former presidents counsel and selection -- subpoena. we have informed the former presidents counsel that he must begin producing records no later than next week and he remains under subpoena for deposition testimony starting on november 14th. i wonder what you anticipate will be the move from trump here or his protectors in
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congress. >> more foot-dragging, for sure. and they will find whatever legal channel they have to achieve that goal. i think i've said to you before, chris, i do believe the devil on trump's shoulder, which is trump himself, he kind of has an itch for testifying in primetime television, him versus liz cheney. i don't expect him to defy this out right. i imagine there are backstage conversations taking place between him and his lawyers, undernourished circumstances could you go down this path. i'm sure that that at any given moment when he talks about this, he's receptive to it. i think that there will be a lot of push me pull you even within his own ranks. i think that one thing we can be certain of is there is not going to be any complying anytime soon. >> they are hoping for a republican -- that would time limit all this.
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i think the temptation to do something big show stopping exchange with the committee's height. what you are saying, and what i think is likely, is that the cooler heads will prevail here and stop him from doing that. although, you would have thought they did that with the documents at mar-a-lago and they didn't. >> that's right. even in the maga world set, marjorie taylor greene, paul gosar, boebert, the rest of them, they just think the january 6th committee is a farce and no one should pay attention to it. they pay no attention to it. trump is different in that regard. trump's attention to anything that is getting views. he sees this as an opportunity, to never underestimate the longing that a man like him, who no longer has the center stage he wants command of, to get him back on it. i still wouldn't count out the possibility that sometime if indeed the republicans regain control the house, that trump rises to the bait on this. i don't think the eyes are
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great. but i think it's possible. >> robert draper, thank you very much. appreciate it. >> absolutely. >> coming up, election day is next week. it seems like nobody has a good handle on what's actually going to happen. problems with polling in 2022 and how to think about what could happen tuesday, next. en tuesday, next vo: it's a new day. because covid vaccines just got a big update. just in time for everyone who works. with other people. just in time for... ...more togetherness. just in time to say “oh, you bet we'll be there!” because the updated vaccines can now protect against both the original covid virus and omicron. and that's a moment... we've all been waiting for.
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release works with your body, not against it, so you can put dieting behind you and go live your life. head to now to join the over 2 million people who have found the right way to lose weight we're heading into the final and get healthier with golo. weekend for tuesday's midterms. many people looking to the polls because they are anxious and want to know the future, as
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humans always do. the thing is, polls will be all over the place. this is partly because over the past 25 years, people are responding less and less the pollsters. back in 2019, pew research center released this chart showing how telephone response rates, typically the most reliable polling method, fell from 36% in 1997, to just six foot percent in 2000. 19 last night, -- only 0.4% of dials in their poll at the time yielded a completed interview. adding, if you are employed as one of our interviewers at a call center, he would have to dial numbers for two hours to get a single complete interview. given all that, the best estimate we have is republicans are favored to win but not overwhelmingly so. there is a huge range of possible outcomes. that's not the message on fox news, which has been touting surging republicans -- laying the groundwork for republican candidates to claim fraud if they lose next week. joining me now is cornell
5:24 pm
belcher, a pollster and democratic strategist, talk about his expectations for where the midterms stand right now. first, let's start on just the response rate issue and the general reliability of polling right now. your take away as a practitioner. >> this is an important conversation. . -- i love that about your show. pew research has been doing this back to 1997, 96 i believe, studying inflation between response rates. frankly, they have found that, thus far,, the response rates and survey accuracy, very little relationship in the fall response rates and survey accuracy. that said, at some point do you go off a cliff, right? when you get down to two or less percentages of response rate, does it go off a cliff? i will say i have not --
5:25 pm
in our internal polling has gotten to the point where it's less of a response rate. but it is an issue. although, thus far, it has not been a huge issue. i think the larger issue, chris, is, quite frankly, the art of polling, not the science of polling. i think the science of polling is still fundamentally sound. but the -- getting the science right does not make you a good pollster. it does not make for a good poll. it's the art of polling. take 2012, for example. in the last week i was working on the obama campaign, in the last week of that campaign or so, the rodney folks were -- going to pennsylvania, spending money. doing all these other things in blue areas that was very curious. after the fact, you come to find out a lot of republicans in fact thought they were going to have an electorate that looked more like the bush electorate than the 08
5:26 pm
electorate. when polls are wrong, it is in fact happening with what their expectations of the electorate are. what is their likely voter. i want to say this. this is important, chris. republicans have flooded the zone with polls after poll after poll. internally, don't look anything like the electorate that we've seen over the last two cycles. i think there is more here that meets the eye. why are they doing this? this is diabolical. we, in the news media, are beginning to follow that narrative about the republican surge, how everything is leaning republican. i can tell you right now, when you look at early voting, the percentage of people, especially young people, participating in the early vote, this doesn't look anything like three of the last four midterm elections. it looks like the outlier of 2018, when the outlier of 20 2018 --
5:27 pm
a lot of these polls are gonna be quite frankly off. it looks nothing like our traditional mid term electorate looks like. >> we should say, that's the big variance. what the electorate looks like. we should also say voting choices have become so polarized. it's hard to know what early voting portends for the same day. as a takeaway, in the last 40 seconds, i'm getting from you that you think that this is not -- you think there is a wide range of outcomes possible on tuesday. >> yes. i do. by the way, chris, i'm gonna go deeper. we are bastard's-ing the science of pulling for our own political narratives. that has been real clear with how we are trying to get the story for the polls. polls, chris, we're never created to give us a horse race number. there is much richer data and, they're much more important data in there.
5:28 pm
what we are asking polls to do is to tell us exactly what the future will be two weeks, three weeks, a month out. it just cannot do that. >> yeah. cornell belcher, always a voice of wisdom on all this, very much appreciate it. still to come, republicans complain about what they really mean when they talk about allowing exceptions for abortions. it is horrifying. the latest republican suggestion for a community level review process ahead. shingles is sleeping... in 99% of people over 50. it's lying dormant, waiting... and could reactivate. shingles strikes as a painful, blistering rash that can last for weeks. and it could wake at any time. think you're not at risk for shingles? it's time to wake up. because shingles could wake up in you. if you're over 50, talk to your doctor or pharmacist about shingles prevention.
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the day, it's about winning at all costs. but >> you have not answered the question, with joe biden fairly elected? >> that's not me. in standing up for what is right, it means losing an election, so be it. if you're looking for someone who just say anything, just to win, i am not a candidate. if you support insurrectionists or call our military week, i'm not your candidate. the attack on the fbi to defend donald trump, i am not your candidate. if you believe the 2020 election was stolen, definitely not your candidate. but if you believe our democracy and constitution are worth fighting for, and you want a congresswoman who will
5:34 pm
always stand up for what is right, then i'm elaine larry. i approve this message, and i am a candidate. >> that was a campaign ad for virginia democratic congresswoman elaine luria, who sits on the general six committee. she's one of several democrats in a swing district making her final pitch to voters to keep their seats. -- maria teresa kumar president of a nonprofit that works to engage spanish flat in a. people tom perriello is a former democratic congressman from virginia and both join me now. tom, let me start with you because i was just recalling that on the midterm election in 2010, i was in charlottesville covering your race, you had been elected in a tough swing district, and you had lost that night, i think largely because you were unable to overcome these sort of overwhelming structural factors bearing down on democrats that year. as someone who lived through that 2010 election, how do you compare that to the political
5:35 pm
farmer now? >> i think that there are a lot of differences. for one thing, the infrastructure for democratic voters is so much stronger. i am in las vegas right, now were culinary workers and groups like -- doing such a good job of getting folks out, and i think it 2010, the republicans are very focused on bashing obama and obamacare. this year, there are a lot more focused on looking backwards and blaming someone like -- wanting to re-litigate 2020 instead of looking forward to policies. i think you see democrats right now more united. if you remember then, over half the frontline members actually voted against obamacare and therefore a running ads bashing their own president ticket, where as you really seen democrats very united and standing up to people for our democracy and standing up for the importance of protecting our freedoms and making life a little more affordable. definitely some similarities, but i also see meaningful differences.
5:36 pm
>> that's a great point, maria, because when you look at 2010, you look at 2018 to, you have this big signature vote that was so present in the election. in 2010, -- which is the climate bill. 2018, republicans voted to repeal obamacare, unsuccessfully, and every swing district at talked about it. the legislation that democrats have passed in these two years pulls pretty well and really has not been the subject of attacks in these midterms swing races, except what they make up things where defunding the police, which they did the opposite. >> this is the thing, that these individuals right now on the republican side, many of them voted against the legislation that you speak of right now, chris. everything from $35 on insulin caps, everything from medicare prescription drugs, being able to actually come in and
5:37 pm
negotiate those prices. the 500 billion dollars that they are expecting an infrastructure through the environment and chips in manufacturing and so forth. the list goes on. they did not feel for them, yet they want to own it, and the most important thing right now is the clothing statement from the congresswoman from the ad you saw is that at the end of the day, what we are fighting for four days from now, chris, is our democracy. in the 18 years in which i headed up voting latino, the largest voting outlet in the community, i have seen a president take an appeal to the american people, regardless of party and sound the alarm on what president biden did a few days ago, and he was clear, what is on the ballot on tuesday's democracy, and for individuals that believe in democracy, don't take my word for it, don't even take the presidents word for it, take loose cheney's word for it. liz cheney and i may not be
5:38 pm
aligned on issues and values, but we do believe deeply that the market see is the -- what keeps us as a country together. and the more that we can make sure that is the litmus test at the end of the day, when is who we are voting for, then the country will continue in the right direction. >> we play that elaine luria ad because she is one of the swing street frontline members begin to pitch starkly. she's on the january six committee and she is also making a central theme. others have gone a different direction. i want to play this -- palm, i think you appreciate this, alyssa stocking, in michigan in a tough race. it's a very broad ambassador, here is what we accomplished, here's what i want to do for the middle class michigan at. take a look. >> i'm melissa slotkin and i'm brutishness it. let me tell you a story about michigan manufacturing. we have powered this country for 100 years but now we face a choice, we want to build the
5:39 pm
next generation of cars in michigan, or are we okay with him going out of state and overseas? if tom barrett got his way, we have no gm plan, no thousands of jobs that come with it, and there would be zero chips made in america. tom barrett says he does not want to pick side. if it's team usa over team china, it's a no brainer. >> tom, i thought this was interesting because it's populists, it's also very brash tax, here's actualization we passed, here's the result we've seen, here's what i delivered for you. what did you get that message? >> i think it's a great message, and she and elaine luria are both great pitchers the set of principles a tough time. i think it's really a choice. one side is really focused on taking away our rights and freedoms, and the other side is trying to bring back our jobs. i think you've seen that with the tim ryan race in ohio. you've seen that in other places, wanted to build, -- i think that resonates with people across demographic groups, including in the latino community, where people want to
5:40 pm
believe in the american dream, and i think you see in the biden agenda, trying to make that american dream a little more affordable again. i think, frankly, if the republicans had given any care about the economy, they would have run away with this election. they have been putting forward plans on and station and affordability, but they want, their focused on destroying our democracy, taking away women's rights and voting rights, and ensure their true colors. that's what they care about, that's what they're -- >> finally, quickly, for you maria, you've done this for a while. this is not going to be a low turnout election. 2014, democrats had a bad election because a low turnout. whatever happens on tuesday, it seems clear that it will be a high turnout election, right? >> right now, we're seeing great strides and high turnout in pennsylvania and georgia. i am interested in where tom is right now, nevada. we need nevada and arizona to get those numbers up because they're not where they were in 2018. if they are, then this will be much closer, and we're going to see a senate that is going to be favorable to the president
5:41 pm
and congress will be much closer. i believe in eliminating the losses for the president, if that is the case. >> maria teresa kumar and tom perriello, thank you both, i appreciate it. >> thank you, chris. >> coming up, as the biggest names in democratic politics at the road for one final push, they're getting help for one of the biggest names in music, singer john legend joins me at. joins me at ? it's fineeeeeeee! ugh! advil dual action fights pain two ways. advil targets pain at the source, acetaminophen blocks pain signals. advil dual action.
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the room when there are difficult conversations happening. i don't want the federal government involved with that at all. i want women, doctors, local political leaders -- >> women, doctors, local political leaders. you all remember that moment of unintentional honesty from tv dr. mehmet oz, the trump backed candidate for u.s. senate in pennsylvania during a debate last week. his answer expose the absurdity of the position of the many republicans who say that they support abortion bans with exceptions. you can hear the same thing from another trump backed candidate running for congress in north carolina. after interviewing the republican candidate, local tv station described his position to sway, quote, he wants victims of rape and incest to be allowed to get an abortion on a case by case basis through a community level review process. okay, surely, something got lost in translation, that can't be this guy's real position, can it?
5:47 pm
>> i think we have to use look at each case individually. >> as you know, legislation can't be written on an individual basis, so if it comes before congress, let's say lindsey graham's proposal is to have exceptions for rape, incest and the life of the mother. the support that? >> i'd have to look at the bill, to be honest with you. i have to see how it's structured. there's certain legal mechanisms he could put in a to create a individual basis review. i reject the notion that you could do the. >> legislative mechanism for individual basis review, committed a review to decide whether a pregnant women or girl meets the criteria of rape or incest. whenever one of these candidates price for even 30 seconds and how these exceptions would work, this is all to come up with. the fact this, most rape and sexual assault victims did not even reported to police, so are they going to submit to a community review process? i think about it, again, think about it for more than 30 seconds. imagine a girl had to go to town hall for a hearing,
5:48 pm
standing at a microphone to explain to a panel of community members how she got pregnant from this incest? this is the reality. this is what it would look like. these calls for exceptions to make abortion bans less invasive than they really are. some democrats are collectively conveying that message, like the sad for joe cunningham, running for governor in south carolina. >> when i was 12 and 1972, i was baby sitting for a neighboring family. the father came home with his friend earlier for mark, locked their children outside and commenced to take turns raping me. i had to have an abortion at the time would know anastasia. i did what was best for an 88 pound, 12-year-old with no other options. i am a survivor of rape. my body is not yours, and it's not the states. it's mine. >> now is that pregnant
5:49 pm
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5:52 pm
5:53 pm
gop members who are champion progress and civil rights in
5:54 pm
the rule of law. but these days, just about every republican politician seems obsessive to things, owning the lips and getting donald trump's approval. that's their agenda. they're not interested in actually solving problems. they're interested in making you angry and finding someone to blame. because they're hoping that way you don't notice that they don't have an agenda, they don't have answers. >> former president obama has been the headlining act as a democratic campaign rallies across the country this final week. but that one in las vegas, the warm-up aqua suppressive to. music artist john lunge into not only played for the crowd that had this message. >> the opportunity and consequence of these elections is why the republican party is afraid to let people vote in free and fair elections.
5:55 pm
they don't want you to use your voice. they want to put any obstacle in the way of you using your voice, and they want to make sure that if they don't win, they're going to tell everyone it was rigged and. there we want to people picking the politicians, not the politicians picking their voters. >> and joining me now is john legend, who apart from being one of a few people that as one emmy, oscar, tony ward, has been an advocate for voting rights across the country. john, it's good to have you on. you've been a bit on the trail. i understand that you have been doing door knocking. you've been doing canvassing? >> yes, i'm actually going to do canvassing tomorrow morning here in atlanta. i'm in my hotel room in atlanta. i spent the afternoon and evening here speaking with folks working on housing, policy, but in the morning, we are going to work with the warnock and abram campaigns and try to get folks out the vote here in georgia. >> i always tell people --
5:56 pm
to go do it, because it's a remarkable experience, and it can be difficult and weird, but it's incredibly rewarding, i found. what is your experience been? >> i love talking to voters. i love connecting with them, and we have to remember that our democracy is powered by the people, and as long as we stay in touch of people and hear what their concerns are and what their priorities are, we can have a healthy democracy, have leaders who are responsive to the people. we can do better together, but we've got to get out there and talk from them and hear from them, and i think it's important. i believe stacey abrams and reverend warnock believe it's important as well. >> you obviously care deeply about issues of social justice and politics. i want to talk a little bit about current justice reporter, which you and i have spoken about before.
5:57 pm
what do you view as the stakes here? i like that line about people pick up the politicians, not politicians picking their voters, which is what happens in some states with gerrymandering like in wisconsin. we do see as the main stakes to have you out on the road talking to people this time? >> i think this election is a defining moment for democracy. we see so many election deniers running for state office, where they will actually control elections, so you're seeing it with governor elections. you're seeing it with secretary of state elections. you're seeing it with local elections. we are so many people who don't even believe in free and fair elections who are running to administer our elections, and so, this is an inflection point for our democracy because if we allow so many others people who are anti democratic, who are fascists, flirting with fascist tendencies to be running our elections, we may not have an
5:58 pm
actual democracy the next time we have an election. >> you have campaigned on and organized around criminal justice reform. i spoke to you a few years ago back in florida with that remarkable ballot initiative to restore voting rights for people who have felony records that passed by over 60% needed. it's subsequently been kind of pared back a bit or myth more complicated by ron desantis -- >> desantis is a cruel and small individual. he's found as many crossways as he can to undermine the progress that the voters of florida overwhelmingly voted for. you see his cruelty when it comes to arresting people who were told that they were allowed to vote. you seize cruelty when it comes to him flying refugees and asylum seekers around the
5:59 pm
country based on deception and allies. he's a cruel, small person, and you're seeing that in his resistance to the democratic reform that the voters of florida overwhelmingly voted for. >> yeah, i gotta say, we covered that quite a bit, the arrest were some of the most shameful stunts i've seen. the really, truly -- >> chris, it frustrates me because it's your job as a journalist to show that, but you're also doing the work of desantis because what he really wants to do is make people afraid to vote. he wants to make people who have felonies on the records, who most of them are eligible to vote, he wants them to be afraid to exercise that right. even if they were told by the local administrator of the election that they were eligible, they are being arrested. we're doing whatever we can to help fund the legal defensive folks who are being unjustly
6:00 pm
charged, who are fighting for folks, we want people and floated to make sure that they go out and vote and make sure they check their status and do what they need to do. >> yeah, and we should note that one of the first cases has already had the charges dropped, of the 20 plus. talking to legal experts, i suspect that will not be the last of those because these are pretty partisan. john legend, who's in atlanta, i will hit the doors tomorrow. hopefully, someone is recording and open the door and john legend is there. thank you so much for making time for us tonight, i appreciate it. >> thank you, chris. i could see, helena, hi miles. >> all right, we will. that is all in for this week. alex wagner tonight starts right now, good evening, alex. t good evening, chris, thank you as always. thank you for joining us this hour. you know when you had to write it as a preschool and i had to be a certain number of pages? so you'd bump up the font size and make the margins a quarter
6:01 pm
inch bigger