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tv   Yasmin Vossoughian Reports  MSNBC  November 6, 2022 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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hey everybody, good afternoon. i'm yasmin of seguin. you can see that behind me. q&a the midterms. it is a furious weekend of campaigning in the major races. for democrats, and i connect
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races, the major news out from the nbc poll. the last one before the election on tuesday. democratic voters i would pull even in the question of enthusiasm. serving now at exactly the right time as candidates in the most powerful surrogate make their closing arguments. >> this for me is not so much a decision between a democrat and a republican. between right and left. as much as is a decision between right and wrong. together as a team. will win a championship. and that's what i will say right now. >> i think we're going to win because people are very frustrated at the direction of our country. >> we have been everywhere. and i am telling you we're going to win this race. >> democracy itself is on the ballot. the stakes are high. >> if you support the decline of all america then you must vote for the radical left democrats. >> the house is on the ballot. character, character is on the ballot. >> a couple of minutes, i'm
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gonna be talking back to tie magazine. more requests than circuit to rock obama in ohio. senator sharon brown we also have correspondents around the country or on all of this -- including three ready to bring from the campaign trail right now. we want to start right there in pennsylvania. candidates are still basking in the flow of high-profile circus as we can. including three presidents. biden, obama, former president trump. all making the trip there in its final push of the campaign. it let's bring in nbc's -- good to talk to you this afternoon. two days out. the last weekend before midterms. how are folks reacting. what are they saying on the trail. >> yasmin, i think it's fair to say that there is an adequate level of anxiety on both sides of the aisle from voters. because we're following two important races. the governor's race between mastriano and josh aurora.
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we're waiting for the campaign event here. obviously that, really tight senate race between doctor oz and john fetterman. difficult time within that margin of error. there's focus obviously as they could determine control of congress. but also a focus around the issue of abortion here in pennsylvania and the governor's race. we saw two former president. sitting president, three presidents total across the state of pennsylvania the other day. rallying for both sides of their party. i want to hear all through the presidents in their closing arguments from last night. >> power to shake that outcome in the hands -- two years ago, use that power to make donald trump not only a former president but also you made him a defeated president.
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-- i'd like to do it. you know why? i really mean this. i want to have the focus -- doug mastriano. >> and the good news is an outstanding president right now in the white house. you don't have to just imagine what might happen. he's doing stuff right now. solving problems right now. with a democratic congress and he can continue it. >> following that star power appearance last night. both president trump and president obama and biden have -- he'll be joining john fetterman later this hour. which could be a target approach because shapiro does have a pretty healthy lead over
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his opponent doug mastriano will join federal does have the tighter race to go up against a mastery auto. also in north philly this afternoon. and so really filling that focus, suburban philadelphia county. kind and really determine -- >> they're really looking to harness issues around crime and then focusing on the governor's race they're concerned about the energy industry in pennsylvania as well as people rights to an abortion as well as public name for education. that's something that's been on top of peoples minds here in pennsylvania and will be focused on up until this area leading up to the critical race across the board in the keystone state. >> thank you, we want to go to georgia. another battleground state. state for senator raphael warnock is holding a lesson about the vote event. -- as we spoke, you were in aspen,
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georgia. by the way, -- had a major win yesterday. herschel walker alma mater. wondering when your two days out, your writing on the heels of a big win for georgia when it comes to football which is a big football state. what's the pitch now for warnock today and then of course walker two days out? >> both candidates right now this really is all about turnout. it sounds cliché but you look at the numbers here. this race it could not be closer. this is a race that could decide who controls united states senate. very aware of how important this race is. a lot of the rest of the country. and for many republican voters who he spoken to they say that they are casting their ballots this time around because they want to see something change dramatically in washington d.c.. for many of the democratic voters that we have spoken to, they say that they believe
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particularly the senate race that democracy as well as character are on the ballot. so those candidates making the last-minute push to make as many people as they can out of the polls part because this race is so close. quirky -- you don't have to win on election day. you have to win it with the majority of the vote. otherwise there will be a december runoff. neither campaign wants that to happen so both candidates have been on the trail in your final pitches to voters. here's some of the -- here's what i've been saying with us couple of days. >> you say it as a team. we win a championship. and that's what i will say right now. we stay together. we stay together, we can get this thing worked out but what is happening right now is we got the c team in. we got the c team in. and they keep wanted to tell you that they're doing good. but they're not, they're lying to you right now. >> this is a pretty clear choice.
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every now and then, lifers and see what the math test, this ain't one. . this is not a race between a democrat and a republican. this is not the difference between right and left. this is the difference between right and wrong. >> senator warnock should be here in savannah within about 30 minutes or so. he's kicking off a canvassing event. we saw walker, as you mentioned, in athens, georgia, yesterday. that is a home for -- its where he made his name on the football field. senator warnock in savannah. his hometown. he grew up in keaton ho public -- ten minute drive from where i'm standing right now, yasmin. >> thank you, alison, good to talk to you from there. let's go to michigan. at the latest numbers showing more than 1.3 million early votes have been cast so far. the driving force, the governor's race between -- republican challenger peter
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dickson. and abortion rights. four voters will determine whether to make a band permanently -- detroit suburbs of warren. good to talk to you this afternoon. thanks for joining us. i know you -- what was your conversation like? >>. it's really interesting. we're inside of the church right now. this is word tutored dixon was. she spent the morning admirable churches around the macomb county area. which if you remember, yasmin, it's a really split battleground. survive and vote. this is really where both sides of republicans and democrats are trying to capitalize and trying to get that independent vote. we saw this county vote for president obama both times it went to president trump in 2016 and 2020. and democrats are hoping to get some of that independent vote. particularly when it comes to the polls. abortion is on the ballot in michigan. i was struck as i sat in the back of this church behind me. peter dickson made some remarks
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to the people who attended. and she really believes in antiabortion views. she touted that she was pro-life. she spoke to proposal three was to her. but when i spoke to her out here, she kind of dodged the conversation. it couldn't have been more different from when i spent the day on the campaign trail with governor -- how she capitalized an abortion in democracy. and -- in that she's trying to separate her race from the -- i also asked her about democracy. because that some democrats are really running on especially in michigan. where we saw violence against democrats at the top of the ticket including gretchen whitmer -- threatened by that kidnapping for that i'm told before the 20 election. i asked her if she works at the results up -- take a listen to what she told me. >> i've said from the very beginning that if the election is running fairly than we will accept the results. the last election -- to other things she did or a lawful. we don't want unlawful
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elections run in the state in michigan. but we show confident we have a lot of folks out there watching this election and i believe that the numbers will be so big, will be very pleased. >> i just have to note quickly, as we, and -- secretary of state michigan -- christina karamo, her campaign actually has a billboard across the street in the church. as i was sitting here, i thought people couldn't turn around and looking at it. and it said you should watch poll watchers. it talks about alleged election fraud in the 2020 election. although all of those reports have proven to be an accurate. you see how people are still being pulled in one direction and the other as we get into the final days of this race. >> thank you, julie. let's discuss all this. new nbc poll out that has a lot interesting numbers to say the least. want to bring in nbc political editor marc murray. talking about the new nbc polling. let's bring some of those numbers up guys we'll were speaking to -- oh think a lot of folks now looking at the debate.
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democrats have actually closed the gap when it comes to kind of interest in this election. talk to me about what we're seeing and what that means for tuesday in your prediction. >> enthusiasm is important to reluctant because some who are voting as they would in the presidential election. in the previous kind of show lacking so you seen, particularly in 20 2020 -- democrats really notch up to vote. and so our poll, the fact that it shows democrats pulling even with republicans in enthusiasm to me is very significant. despite a lot of other headwinds that we're seeing in the west of our poll. >> threats to democracy as well. there's been some criticism. should the president be addressing threats to democracy. ten days out. when he made that speech. should he be addressing the economy more. can democrats walk into -- can the interest all of them. teresa democracy is our number one issue it seems most democrats. 23, jobs an economy. 20, constable of-ing. -- this is actually good news. for democrats.
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>> it's not just this poll. we saw previous polling. the rest of democracy is number one. yasmin, it's also important to note that right behind it has been cost of living in jobs in the economy. when you add up those two things -- you could end up saying that's actually a bigger percentage threat to democracy. but we have seen democrats disproportionately take threats to democracy that's our number one issue. republicans are polling have been winning when it comes to the economy and cost of living. >> then there is the president's approval rating. at 44%. down a little bit from october which was at 45%, i believe. what does that say to you and have folks in ohio who's kind of distance -- whose distancing themselves from the president. not john fetterman embracing the president onstage yesterday. in philadelphia. what does that say to you, that approval rating there? >> it says you have to run ahead of president biden's standing. if you are someone like tim
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ryan as you mentioned in ohio. joe biden's approval rating is 44% nationwide. it's probably got to be low in the late 40s. maybe even high 30s in a place like ohio. that means that for tim ryan to be -- to get close to 15% or 30% and when he's got to do almost ten points better than joe biden's approval rating in that state. unable to win in 2020. and so when i talk about these headwinds. the democrats are facing across the country. the unpopularity of the president is one of them. and so democrats are really going to try to use that enthusiasm that you and i were talking about earlier to blunt the other headwind that are kind of coming from this set especially the president as well as the nation's economy. >> then there's questions of do you think the countries have been the right or wrong direction and overwhelmingly, folks that were polled said wrong direction. >> 72%. >> that is not good. over the course of the past
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year or so. there are democrats who say i don't think the country setting the redirection either because i'm angry at donald trump or anger that people have unable to -- >> the other number in our poll that stood out to me that speaks to the southern headwinds. 81% of americans who are dissatisfied with the economy. president biden and democrats really strong numbers -- 200,000 jobs were created just last month. the unemployment rates at 3.7%. all our find when you actually ask americans in polls and our polls and others. they're not happy with the state of the economy. they say cost of living is playing these are the forces that democrats are contending with. >> you know what i think is hard with some of these polling shows that as we just saw with the direction of the country is just a nuance that we don't necessarily get into as much. why is the country heading in the wrong direction? is because the current president? it's because of the former president? it's because of how divided
11:16 am
this country is? there's so much nuance that conversation we can't necessarily assume folks are looking to the white house right now as to why. >> you are right. a lot of these things aren't yes no answers. however, come election day. with your vote. you will actually have a much better measure than maybe a lot of these poll questions get at. >> as i said in the serwer earlier. my anxiety level is like going by the minute. >> we're going to cope with it. mike ryan, good to see you. thanks for coming in. all, right everybody. we are just getting started. still ahead this hour, we're going to go live to nevada. a state with the latino vote is crucial. making up nearly 30% of the population. he's been called a vote whisperer and the democrats and unicorn in ohio. i'm going to ask him to sharon brown. how he sees the wire race for his states other senate seat pointing out. couldn't upset the in the card? oath keepers founders are back in the news tomorrow. --
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joe biden the campaign trail today. she's in texas. she's dreaming of some support for harris county judge. -- first lady began her day by going on court services. biden appeared at a community event organizer hispanic leaders where they shared their final message to voters before
11:21 am
election day. the current and former white house residents are the only campaign surrogates that began the cycle. especially in the state of ohio where as time macro or, that and -- sherrod brown to turn out for them. maybe even more so than president obama or biden. and he joins me now. democratic senator from ohio sherrod brown. senator, thanks for joining us. appreciate -- two days out. where are your anxiety levels? how are you feeling? >> i heard you talking a minute ago. we all are anxious leading up. i just feel like democrats are in the right plan this year. people want to know the -- three candidates supreme court. so i feel good about where we are. it's going to be a long three days. >> do you think tim ryan did --
11:22 am
made a good decision in descending himself to a certain extent from the president considering that presidents approval rating is especially in a state like ohio. >> i think tim keeps the focus on the difference between him and j.d. vance. the best way to do that is to talk about the dignity of work which he does, which was a term that i used for years. inherited i guess from -- dr. king who always wove together worker rights and civil rights, human, rights voting rights. i think tim focusing on that has been a way to run this weight. it's down to the wire what's going to happen with turnout to decide this rates kind of race. >> let's talk about you being a vote whisperer. here is how time magazine puts it. the honorific came without an ounce of irony tuesday afternoon from the democratic nominee for the lieutenant governor. the vote whisperer sherrod brown is a democrat's unicorn and his political dna rivals
11:23 am
anything theorized in jurassic park. what is your reaction to that? >> i guess it was a nice article. my reaction is i'm out all the time for tim ryan and anne whaley. and congressional races and great galleons, cincinnati -- amelia cites race. we actually -- i think we're going to pick up a net gain of house seats in ohio in spite of the national trend. even though we're -- redistricting in ohio. republicans are clearly right to the state. we have essentially 3 to 1 republican dominance of state rep state senate in congress because they have done that. the very the system. the republican core in the state but we persevere and i feel pretty good about where we are and where we're going because we're focusing on peoples lives. how do we make peoples lives better. workers and veterans and
11:24 am
consumers. we delivered in washington on that. we're going to continue to. >> you don't to make the story about yourself. appreciate the pivot there. can we talk a little bit about economic policy. we're looking at that share, jerome powell, continuing to increase the federates. you have been critical of that. and you say this. we must avoid having our short term advances in strong labor market overall by the consequences of aggressive monetary actions to decrease inflation. especially when the feds actions do not address its main drivers. if not the interest rate increases what do you think should be happening. one of the main drivers here? >> i remind the fed every week that they have a tool mandate from congress and from the white house. a dual mandate of growing jobs and fighting inflation. not just flooding inflation. i remind them sometimes one-on-one. and sometimes two with the media. -- their responsibility is to grow
11:25 am
jobs as they fight inflation. our responsibility in congress is to take on those who have stoked inflation. and that's the oil industry. and the drug companies in the meatpackers and the international shippers who have used the pandemic to jack up prices. look at oil company profits. look at drug company profits over the last couple of years. if we had 52 or three votes we could eliminate the filibuster. we could go after, we've already got after the oil companies and drug companies with some success. through the inflation reduction act. we could go after them on excess profits. on prohibiting stock buybacks. all the things these corporate leaders, these corporations have done to fleeced the american public. inflations high all over the world. that doesn't make -- it does say to me that were the oil companies in the drug companies especially of wall street have driven much of this inflation. we go after them as democrats.
11:26 am
>> you talk about what democrats have done. what they've accomplished for the last two years. president biden has been in the white house. talk about the inflation reduction act. you can talk about infrastructure as well. do you feel like ohio voters understand the impacts of that legislation. they feel as if those things were in their favor. they understand what democrats have gotten done? >> never enough and that's our fault for not talking about it enough. democrats problem in part as we pass infrastructure bill. the strongest -- ever in american law. and then we always move to the next bill. talking about taking on the drug companies, negotiating drug prices. we do that, accomplishing the next thing. i think a year from now, the voters will surely know the success we've had. gotta remind them now. i'm spending a lot of time talking to veterans. i've been to 15 counties in the last three weeks talking to veterans about the pact act. we're going to help these veterans. republican try to kill it.
11:27 am
republican -- never complain about how we're spending more in defense. but they complain about how much it cost to take care of shoulders and veterans when they come home. i'm going to remind the pact act to make sure those veterans who are extra shoulders who were exposed to these football feels size burn pits got the kind of care they should get when they return. -- cleveland hospital or the c box in mansfield or gainesville. >> ohio senator and vote whisperer sherrod brown. thank you. appreciate it. coming up, everybody, new jersey democratic representative -- only as today, republicans have no plan if they take control of progress. but how does the other side see it? we've been fired gop challenger paul -- to talk about his niece going join me live. coming up next. e goin join me live coming up next coming up next free monsters, free bosses, any footlong for free! this guy loves a great offer. so let's see some hustle!
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this week is your chance to try any subway footlong for free. like the subway series menu. just buy any footlong in the app, and get one free. free monsters, free bosses, any footlong for free! this guy loves a great offer. so let's see some hustle! welcome back. let's go to the battleground
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state of nevada. or senator catherine cortez masto is facing a very tough reelection battle against republican challenger adam walks fault. -- isn't redevelop for us -- good to talk to you. how did the campaign spin there last couple of days during the election? >> yasmin, they've been speaking to voters. in different ways. we have this in the fattah. -- three different categories. we have clark county which is -- a lot of democrats support. catherine cortez masto has been spending a lot of time speaking to volunteers to voters just a few days ago. obama came to las vegas and campaign with -- other high-profile democrats meanwhile adam laxalt has been on a bus tour he's going to go to all 17 counties of nevada and going back to the categories i was saying the second category would be the world area nevada. which has a lot of republican support. i would say the third one would
11:33 am
be -- really the swing county up for grabs. the largest nonpartisan voters. when you look at the hole it's about a third of non party voters in this area and this is where adam laxalt will be today speaking to most -- more voters. we're going to hear some of what obama had to say about -- what he had to say about democrats. >> clean sweep across nevada. we all know what it's like for the last four years to have nothing but democrats in charge. by the way, this is what gives us this huge contrast in this race. the democrats have been able to try to blame as -- other people for their policy failures over the last few years. guess what? there is no one else to blame. a >> few weeks ago, 14 members of adam lysol's family out there were supporting catherine cortez -- we all might have a crazy uncouple. you know.
11:34 am
kind of goes off the rails. if you've got a full thanksgivings inner table. then you don't belong the u.s. senate. >> barack obama using the person out to help democrats. very interesting. we look at the members and the states following the law of barack obama's visit to nevada. the number of voters that came into early voting sites here in -- increase from the republicans more than democrats. it's going to be a process. definitely -- will be the county that a lot of people will be looking for because of those non partisan votes. and they could swing the election when we are another, yasmin. >> let's talk about a major voting bloc in nevada as well. well i have you. that is the latino vote. how big of an impact will the latina vote be in this election. >> he has been, the impact of the latino vote keeps growing with every election. it's one of the largest growing
11:35 am
blocks of voters across the country. in nevada, about a fourth of eligible voters are latino. it is expected that a fifth of those that will vote in the midterm elections will be latino. most latino voters are in -- this is the county that has a lot of support for democrats. but there is also a lot of latinos in -- more than 20% of eligible voters here of aquino. within that group of the nonpartisan's here in washington. a lot of them could be latino. it is so the latino will be the swing voters of the future. that is something that republicans and democrats are still trying to understand. democrats have carried the latino vote in nevada. the amount of both of the democrats have taken from the latino block keeps diminishing when you look at what hillary won and then with president biden won. so that's where republicans have been hopeful. they will be persuading some of these latino voters. especially because a lot of these voters are the ones are set. the price of gas.
11:36 am
the cost of housing and all of these issues. yet catherine cortez masto is latina and representation does matter to latino voters. she said she won't have that would be no vote to get reelected into the senate. >> thank you, appreciate it. we're also tracking some key house races to determine which party controls the chamber. our own nbc news polling showing this moisture towards democrats. on the generic congressional ballot. 48% of likely voters indicating the plan to support democrats. 47% say they will vote for gop candidates. yesterday i spoke with congressman mikey cheryl who is fielding a gop challenger. here is some of what she had to say in her reelection bid to serve 11 congressional districts. >> my opponent, the republican party, really has no plan. but basically the plan seems to be to cut social security to cut medicare to cut funding for ukraine. democratic partner across the
11:37 am
world. to really not invest in the things that people in my district care about. we >> invited representative challenger on as well. gop candidate paul bigoted has taken us up on it and joins me now. paul, thanks much for joining us on this. you are pretty busy in the election on tuesday. so we appreciate you taking the time. i want to get your reaction to what we heard there. what -- >> one thing first. that opening. i don't want to cut up social security. i want to increase medicare and i also am front of the ukraine. now we can continue. >> exactly what i was going to ask you. was to respond to that. i appreciate you kind of clarifying that. what is the republican plan. when you look at the economy the jersey voters certainly is the number one issue is when it comes to election. what is the republican plan when it comes to the economy
11:38 am
new jersey. your plan in particular. let's start with inflation and at least the energy that we have in the united states. we are years of energy in the program. we unleash energy. the first thing that biden and my opponent did was in support of biden was to close down and to stop -- energy independent wind from energy dependent. so we unleash our potential. we start increasing production of natural gas and oil. that naturally lowers energy crisis at the pump at home with your central air. for your heating in your home with natural gas. when we unleashed that energy, prices will go down because when you have more gasoline flowing naturally you have more trucking prices go down. trucking goes down. when you have that every product that is done through trucking goes down in price. it's a common sense solution. so food prices go down because trucking prices go down.
11:39 am
lumber, products for the home. all of it will go down. second, let's take the covid slush money that -- lets repurpose that covid money. that covid money is still flopping around in budgets. and it has not been used. let's re-purpose the covid money -- >> how much money are you talking? how do you repurpose. who finals that money. who figure that out? >> let's continue with the other. one student loans. 500 billion to one trillion is the estimated cost of student loans. that's insane. we should not be doing student forgiveness when we have medicare that can be -- >> paul, if you could though. talk to me first. before we get to see loans. talk to me extend if you can on this money. obviously paid out. you're talking specifically about the ppp loan. some of the money that was paid out during the covid crisis. how are you going to redistribute that? who is going to redistribute that? who's going to figure out what resources are needed. where and how much money are you talking?
11:40 am
>> we're talking about a federal issue. in the state having this money. so a ppp loan. that was a problem with ppp. i met with a restaurant owner who said my business was closed but i had a ppp loan to pay my employees. how my gonna make any money on giving it to my employees? so there was wasteful spending their foreshore. right now, the money is still sitting there. >> do you think folks shouldn't have had those ppp loans at the time in which many people that weren't even able to work and they had to stay at home? is that the argument that you're making? >> the bigger issues and let's not get into this type of game. the bigger issues is inflation. you asked me how i'm gonna bring inflation down. it's bringing down to energy independence. it's bring inflation down through doing away with the student loan forgiveness. it's doing away with energy -- bringing covid money back. >> so you don't think the sun loan forgiveness was a good move on behalf of the biden ministration especially for so
11:41 am
many folks in which it's going to forgive up to 20, $30,000 and -- folks are not able to make ends meet? >> i don't know what macon's meet. let's say that the student loan forgiveness -- >> if we're looking at high inflation and the sit-in new jersey and you have wage increases keeping up in high inflation. a lot of people are having trouble making ends meet. >> when we say that -- student loan forgiveness. first of all, teaches the person that took out the loan no lesson. to have to loan forgiveness, you don't learn your lesson of responsibility. second, it encourages educational facilities to raise the rates. student loan forgiveness, naturally, tuitions will go let's raise our rates again and look at forgiveness in the future again. third, that money 500 billion to one trillion is going to arm the backs of our children and our grandchildren -- four and a half-year-old and two-year-old. right now, my opponents said it's been a tough two years at
11:42 am
the most recent event that we had. frankly -- it's been a tough two years? she has done nothing to cure these programs and to cure these problems. into right now saying she's going to do it. biggest thing i can tell you is look at the example of this -- data local to actually was a very important to this district. she folded, she didn't get it and then she lies about it with me. she says i wasn't in favor, i voted against it in a commercial. i'm not even elected yet. >> but that was actually blocked by republicans. wouldn't that be an issue that he would take up where the republicans? >> i would fight like hell to get it back. i'm a republican that's different. i'm a different type of publican. i am not a texas -- i'm jersey, i'm going to bring back jobs. i was raised in a union household. i think you know that. i believe in unions. i believe in union gauthier shan. i believe that my father who was 88 -- dental care covered by medicare. we can do this by cutting
11:43 am
spending on things like the student loan forgiveness. how great would it be to cover our veterans and our seniors? that's an american policy. to treat those -- i >> want to give you the opportunity to talk about where you are on abortion. i know that you -- you don't want necessarily what folks new jersey want to be applied to for a state like alabama. where are you when it comes to abortion? >> i'm here. this is what my point is on abortion. -- a vicious liar -- >> paul, no, you're not -- let me say this. i did not invite you on to say mikey charles is a liar. i'm asking you if folks are watching new jersey. they want to know where do you land on abortion. what do you want to happen in the state of new jersey when it comes to abortion? do you support the dobbs decision? where are you on it? >> i'm pro-choice. i've always, been always, am
11:44 am
always will be. pro-choice. -- should there be a federal mandate as it was under roe? >> the dobbs decision is the state decision. new jersey hasn't from beginning to the -- >> you agree with the dobbs decision? >> i said that, yes. but i am pro-choice. >> and you will not support a federal ban in congress on abortion? >> i will not support a ban on abortion or choice. i will not go lie for troy's. i will not support a ban. dobbs decision is the law. it is the law. i will not -- codify life and i will not codify choice. >> you describe yourself as pro-choice and yet you feel as if it should be in the hands of the state. to be clear. >> i'm pro-choice. i'm a jersey person. i am pro-choice. i always have been. i always will be. i represent cp 11. in my state, i'm just a voice. >> best of luck, thanks for joining us. appreciate it. coming up, former president
11:45 am
trump may be days away from announcing his run for president again. what effect will this have on the doj's investigation to him. and will they appoint another special prosecutor like scott mueller? we'll be right back like scot mueller? mueller? we'll be right bac becoming a morning person starts the night before with new neuriva relax and sleep. it has l-theanine to help me relax from daily stress. plus, shoden ashwagandha for quality sleep. so i can wake up refreshed. neuriva: think bigger.
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how do you cashback? chase. make more of what's yours. happening tomorrow, the trial of stewart rhodes. the fan or the of keepers group is set to resume facing several charges including seditious conspiracy for us actions for the january 6th insurrection. rhodes has elected -- he's going to face a cross-examination from prosecutors. one of rainfall but our prosecutors msnbc liana list glenn christian who's been at this trial covering it all for us. good to talk to you. so we know roads is -- i believe it was -- talk us through what we are friday what. we can expect this coming monday as he approaches the stand once again. >> he has, one on friday, he only got about 90 minutes of testimony in before the court broke for the weekend. they'll be back on the stand
11:49 am
continuing in the right examination that is -- turn it over to the prosecutors. for cross-examination. we heard some really interesting things out of roads. one, he sort of gave the jury a tutorial telling them how he olmert to had roads knows best. how to police at protest. much better than one forsman even though he's never spent one minute of his professional right as a police officer or a law enforcement agent than i think the biggest reveal is when his lawyer asked him sir do you believe the election was stolen he said the election was invalid and unconstitutional his term as he explained that it wasn't because of this quote fraud stuff as he put it he said because so this election -- to make sure people could vote safely. in his opinion, that render the election unconstitutional. apparently somebody made him
11:50 am
arbiter of what is and it's not and election. i think we're going to hear on monday tomorrow, yasmin. more about his theory. but it does put some meat on the bones of his earlier claim that we heard prosecutors producing two evidence that if donald trump did not invoke the insurrection act and put a stop to joe biden certification the oath keepers would take matters into their own hands. i guess that's because almost toured roads believed the election was unconstitutional. >> what are you expecting -- >> i don't think elmer going to fare that well. these are my former colleagues that are cross examining him. they've been prosecuting cases a very long time. they're very adept at picking apart the testimony of somebody like ellmers to add roads. particularly because he is on video. he's caught on audio. he is caught in signals chats written. messages between and among oath
11:51 am
keepers. they have a whole lot of ammunition too used to go after him. >> glenn, talk to me about this idea that we are hearing now. coming out of the doj in light of the fact that former president trump could be announcing that he'd be running for reelection. just a couple of weeks that they would assign essentially a special counsel to oversee the ongoing investigation into him. >> it's unnecessary unwise and really just because of one worry, delay. it will inevitably delay matters and i think the department of justice needs to move out expeditiously after the midterms towards indicting donald trump. and anybody else who they have enough evidence to indict who was part and parcel of donald trump's conspiracy to overturn the election results. >> great to see you, thank you. no winner in last night's powerball drawing. coming, up the new record shattering jackpot. that will have you saying -- >> show me the money. show me the money.
11:52 am
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no winner in the big powerball during last night. that means the jackpot for tomorrow night's -- expected to grow to an estimated 1.9 billion dollars. like last night, the odds of you winning this record-breaking jackpot are small. it just won in 292 million but. you know what they say. you can't win it unless you are in it. coming up top of the hour. live for us -- headed here in right now to campaign one of the bluest states in the nation. as the clock ticks down towards the midterms. plus we're live across the country. florida to ohio and nevada. we'll be right back. 'll be right back. free monsters, free bosses, any footlong for free! this guy loves a great offer. so let's see some hustle! among my patients, i often see them have
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vossoughian. if you're just joining, us welcome, it's good to see you. if you are sticking with, us thank you. you're now an hour ahead of us, in two days to go until the midterm elections. millions of people have already voted for, millions have not yet. those on both sides are on a last-minute blitz to convince them. >> we have great candidates, people are showing up to vote. there'


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