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tv   The Reid Out  MSNBC  November 9, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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i like the music. welcome back. we are now more than 24 hours past the first poll closings. here is where the state of the electorate stands at this hour. right now we still don't know which party will control the house or the senate as votes are li nevada and arizona. key races
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nbc news projects the much anticipated senate contest in georgia between incumbent raphael warnock and herschel walker is headed to a runoff. what we do know about last night is that the red tsunami, the one republicans and much of the media were so certain to happen turned out to be more of a trickle. last night was not only historic rejection that the party in power will always suffer a massive defeat in a president's first mid-term. it is a nationwide rejection of trumpism, antiabortion extremism. right now nbc news is projecting if republicans take back the house, that is still a big if, it will only be a handful of seats which is not at all what any republican was hoping for or expecting. >> what will be a red wave on tuesday night? >> well, i think -- i think anywhere over 20 is a red wave. >> i think on election day we're not just going to see a red
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wave, a red tsunami. >> the reports i'm seeing show a big red wave. >> mr. president, no one has better political instincts than you. do you sense a red wave? >> i do. >> no one has better [ bleep ] than you. >> all of those who cast doubt on the 2020 election results lost their races while arguably america's most embattled governor gretchen whitmer of michigan, who faced a lid ral kidnapping plot was soundly re-elected. his new frenemy got re-elected in florida and magaism fell on its face where josh shapiro and fetterman beat the republicans. perhaps the biggest winner of the night was reproductive rights. california, michigan and vermont
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voters all enshrined abortion rights in their constitution. voters in montana and kentucky rejected antiabortion measures. president biden spoke about the results we've seen so far. >> our democracy has been tested in recent years. the american people have spoken and proven once again that democracy is who we are. >> joining me now is steve kornacki at the big board and, steve, i have two questions for you. what can you tell me about what's going on in nevada and arizona. you probably guessed that's where i was going. >> yeah, that is. that's the big question. knowing georgia is heading to a runoff on december 6th, the stakes here in the nevada and arizona senate races is this. republicans need to win at least one of these two. if they can get one of these two, then that december 6th runoff in georgia would be for senate control.
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if democrats can sweep nevada and arizona, then that will end it on the spot. democrats will control the senate in the georgia runoff and it will be about determining what the exact size of that majority is. let's take a look here. in arizona, we are expecting basically an hour from now a significant update from the largest county in the state. you can see right now that mark kelly, the democrat, leads the tally by just over 80,000 votes over blake masters. i would point out there's a significant difference here between how kelly is running in the senate race and how katie hobbs is running in the democratic race. hobbs is leading but by fewer than 4,000 votes. there is there is an 80,000 vote difference. that could be very meaningful as the results come in. let's stay on the senate race where kelly leads.
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ballots dropped off friday, saturday, sunday. some of the ballots that were dropped off monday. that universe of ballots, friday, saturday, sunday, monday ballots is 136,000. we're not expecting to get all of those released tonight. we're expecting a significant chunk of that though. the hope and expectation of democrats is this is a democratic friendly batch of votes that comes out tonight that helps kelly pad his lead in the race. the early vote cast and dropped off before election day has been favorable to democrats in arizona. republicans did well with the election day vote yesterday. democrats are hoping they can pad the lead for kelly and the
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governor's race from this batch and that would then set the stage for the final batch of votes in arizona, which is maricopa county, i should say. there are 275,000 ballots that were dropped off by voters on tuesday, on election day. that looms as the wild card. why? that batch of votes, the ones that were dropped off in person on election day in 2020, that was a pro trump, pro republican group of votes. in 2018 in the senate race in arizona, that was a democratic batch of votes. that's what bolted kyrsten sinema. cautious it could be a trump friendly batch. would like to see their lead grow. about an hour from now when we get the release from maricopa county and potentially if it ends up being a bad mix here votes dropped off on election day, to have enough pad to absorb that. i think we're going to learn a
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lot from arizona in an hour from now. in nevada, laxalt is leading cortez mast stowe by 20,000 votes. two main sources in nevada, one is washo county, reno. there are 61,000 uncounted mail ballots there. it's a bit of a mix here. about 2/3 of them arrived before election day. 1/3 arrived on election day. we do know the ones that arrived on election day by party registration are more republican than the ones that arrived before election day. waiting for an update. they're telling us tonight it will be an update from washo county. won't be all 61,000. it will be a small one. then there is -- we don't know the number, this is the biggest wild-card in nevada. it may be the biggest wild card in the senate. we don't know how many votes there are left in clark county
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which is 70% of the state other than we know they got 27,000 that they're processing right now and they may be reporting out tonight. they're talking about votes that arrived in the mail on election day and you're talking about votes that were dropped off at ballot boxes on monday. that's not the totality of the remaining vote. we know there will be more in addition to that. that's the baseline of what's left in clark county. cortez masto is trying to make up 22,000 votes. an opportunity in washo county, an opportunity in clark county. not sure how many are there. the possibility in both of these states, arizona and they vad da that this is a process that comes in the picture -- comes into focus slowly over the next couple of days. like i said, an hour from now in nevada, i think that could be a very meaningful batch of votes. >> so you're saying an hour from now we'll get something from clark county, we'll maybe get washo in the next couple of
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days. >> app hour from now we'll get maricopa in arizona. that's the big batch we're expecting. we are expecting more from nevada. that's the any moment it could come? >> while i've got you here, let's talk about colorado 3. this is the lauren bow verdict -- bovert district. 62 votes. what is it looking like now? when will we get more of that vote and what's outstanding? >> there's not much outstanding. let's see if we can call up the remaining vote. you can see one county here, it's pueblo. has the most outstanding vote at least according to our estimate of what's left. there is a republican county next door where boebert is
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running up numbers. and mesa county where grand junction is. you've got a bit of a mix here but in terms of saying who's got the advantage here, it's really impossible to say. this thing really looks like it's going to finish one way or the other, a fraction of a point. i mean, it's absolutely possible frisch could win, it's absolutely possible boebert could pull it out. the significance here, democrats nationally, a lot have strong feelings towards boebert around and would like to beat her. if democrats have a path to house majorities. this is a 50-50 that has to break their way. they've got to get a district like this, then they have to run the table in california. >> last question before this hostage situation comes to an end. how did that district vote in the 2020 election?
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>> it was 53-45 for donald trump. yeah, 53-45 for trump over biden. on paper it's not -- you think of lauren boebert, think of her politics. there's a mikts here. some of the wealthier ski con try. there's a little bit more of a mix. it was a single digit trump district in 2020. >> holler, wave your arms, do something, do a dance or something to get our attention if anything comes in before our hour is up. steve kornacki, always appreciate you. joining us now claire mccaskill and curt mardella. i'm going to appoint each one of you to deal with one side of this.
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claire, i do want to start with you on what we just heard from steve. looking at these two seats, arizona senate and core tess mast stowe's seat in nevada, what did you make of these numbers? >> having talked to folks all day that are -- they frankly -- i mean, we know that kornacki is our nerd who knows everything about the numbers and everything about all of this, there are actually people embedded in these campaign efforts that are more nerdy than he is. >> hard to believe. >> hard to believe. >> he's the king of the nerds. >> he's the king of the nerds, but talking to them the real issue is how can you predict who dropped off a ballot on election day and how many of those ballots are in maricopa county? excuse me, clark county. >> clark county. >> when they came out today and did the press conference in nevada, he did go through the mail numbers. those are the numbers steve was referring to, but all he said about the drop box numbers was
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it was a considerable amount. >> yeah. >> the more ballots that are in those boxes that were dropped off yesterday in clark county in the las vegas area, the more chance cortez masto has. so that number is the number that the folks at the dsec are hyper focused on. they wouldn't tell us today how many of those were. as soon as we know how many ballots are in that box, we will then begin to take a breath. if it's a low number, that's a problem. if it's a high number, then people feel pretty good about what's going to happen there. >> just explain to us having been there, what is the difference between a narrowly republican controlled senate for joe biden's agenda and a narrowly controlled senate? assuming it's going to be one
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point either way. >> broad strokes, whoever has the majority gets to decide what is debated and whags voted on. >> yeah. >> if crazy stuff comes from crazy town, if republicans take the house, it goes nowhere if we have control of the senate. if mitch mcconnell has control of the senate, it's a big question how much of crazy town he would bring to the floor. judges, big. >> judges will be done. joe biden will never get another judge. >> correct. correct. those are the two big things. controlling the agenda, what gets voted on and judges. but other than that, it's still the push and pull. you've got to have some democrats if you're a republican in control with 51 just like we had to have some republicans on the infrastructure bill. >> right. >> so that doesn't change but what will change if mitch mcconnell, if they pull off victories in both nevada and arizona or two of the three that are left -- >> yeah. >> -- mitch mcconnell will have a different kind of caucus.
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mitch mcconnell is the kind of leader he does it all, everybody marches lock step. there's a few little fights every once in a while. i think ted cruz called him a liar -- >> ted cruz doesn't mean anything. >> he and paul have argued from time to time. this is going to be different. you're going to have if this guy wins and laxalt wins in colorado and if you actually could have blake masters by some miracle pull off in arizona, if you have cruz and holland and, you know -- >> and mike lee who got away with saying he was going to end social security and medicare in utah and still re-elected him. >> holly just announced he's not voting for mcconnell. >> overturn him and take his job. >> a real internal fight in the republican party. magnify that countrywide. because it's coming. >> yeah. >> there's a brawl in the works in the republican party. >> republicans in disarray i
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think i would call them. >> let's talk about crazy town, curt, because we already know that regardless of what happens, control of the house of representatives or at least the republican caucus belongs to marjorie greene, belongs to the loon any crew. kevin doesn't control any of this. he can be telling his donors what he wants, he doesn't control anything. what is the difference in your view between a narrowly controlled democratic house and a narrowly controlled republican house? >> i think the difference, joy, we've seen already what a narrowly controlled democratic house is capable of. it's capable of passing a once in a generation climate bill, gun reform, chips act, it's capable of passing relief bills for covid and funding the war in ukraine, funding democracy worldwide. that's what a narrow house controlled by democrats does because we've done that and we
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will continue to do that if we hang on. if you get a narrowly controlled house of representatives by republicans, it's going to be chaos. this wasn't a red wave, it was a red wedding. he can't control it. it is the marjorie taylor greenes and matt gates. concern mccarthy will be the most miserable speaker perhaps in our country. republicans will continue to overreach. they will continue to alienate their country. they will dive this country into a plethora of investigations, witch hunts, politically funded and motivated congressional investigations. they are not being shy about that. they are openly saying they are going to drop the subpoena hammer. they are going to take the wrong lessons away from what happened in the last 24 hours. they are going to investigate
4:19 pm
themselves out of power if they're lucky enough to get it. >> you didn't say anything about inflation. you didn't say anything about crime or gas prices because they're not going to do anything about any of those things. thank you for making that very clear. claire, i wanted to go back to the senate situation that we have because georgia is the other big issue. last night you said something -- you always say something that is smart. you said something that is so spot on. if in fact georgia is not the difference between controlling the united states senate for republicans, what is the marketing campaign to elect herschel walker who literally is not competent to be a senator, they all know that, who's got all sorts of issues with the truth, they all know that but there's no incentive. how would they even do that marketing campaign? >> yeah, i think it's really interesting to think about it. if you do the hypothetical that we pull off wins in nevada and arizona and we control the senate. then what is georgia about?
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georgia is about which side has the most passion and emotion and resources to win. listen, democratic party loves raphael warnock. the senate loves raphael warnock. all of his colleagues think he is so smart and so good at what he does. he's charismatic, he's thoughtful, incredibly gifted. all in for the democrats. we will raise a bunch of money. we will have a big ground game. we will go at this as if we didn't have a majority. on the other hand they're going to say herschel walker is a foreign policy expert. we need herschel walker to figure out how we deal with climate change or health care or anything else? the reason herschel walker did as well as he did was because they want control of the senate. >> correct. >> so i think the motivation that some voters when they held their nose, i'm going for herschel walker, i'm not sure i
4:21 pm
want him. >> putting a gun to his wife's head. >> exactly. but we want the senate so we're going to like shut that all out and we're going to vote for him. that's gone in a runoff. >> yeah. yeah. >> so i'm optimistic, even if it matters, even if control matters in georgia, i still think we have the stronger hand in georgia. you know what we have? we have a much better candidate. >> the next guest that we're going to have on, curt, mr. frisch who's running very well. what's the meaning if lauren boebert, the second most popular kwu qanon wins or loses? i don't think she exists anymore. >> my guess is it might be a gain for olny fans. symbolically to take out one of the poster childs of the maga
4:22 pm
movement, someone who has been an absolute disgracely off statue she holds would be a great feather in the cap and would, i think, cement the fact that this has been an absolute unmitigated disaster for the maga wing in the republican party. that's really, you know, again, we spent now for a couple of weeks, joy, we've been up here talking about how all the pundits, all the polls, all the conventional wisdom and beltway mentality was completely wrong and they were full of it. that's what was borne out. there needs to be a reckoning going forward in those specific places about how we talk about elections. i am sick and tired of leading up to elections and how we don't have a chance, we don't have a prayer. we have to be more responsible about that. in 2024 i don't want to get here and hear how democrats don't have a prayer, everything is underwater. we keep repeating "the cycle." this shows none of those people
4:23 pm
know what they're talking about. >> yeah. the media has to have a conversation with itself about how we preview elections. i think that is very, very clear because the polls really don't tell you what's going to happen, the people tell you what's going to happen. claire and kurt, thank you very much. coming up next, lauren boebert's memorable legislative career. it may have just come to an end. her democratic opponent, adam frisch joins me next.
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much of the media has spent the last 24 hours talking about the shellacking that the democratic party suffered in florida with governor desantis getting re-elected by 20 points and marco rubio riding trump sicaphacy. tonight we'll talk about the absolute shellacking republicans felt in colorado. meanwhile, in an unexpected turn of events in the battle for control of the united states house of representatives, two colorado democrats are leading their republican opponents in races that were rated by the good old polling averages as republicans. in the eighth congressional district which includes the northern denver suburbs,
4:29 pm
caravello has a lead and lauren boebert is trailing adam frisch by 73 votes. adam frisch joins me now. thank you so much for being here. i just want to play for you what you said the last time you were on this show not long before the election about why you thought you had a shot at winning in this republican district. take a look. >> the reason we've gone from minus 9 to minus 7 to basically even is because people are sick and tired of what we call the angertainment industry. they're not focused on bringing down inflation. she's not focused on bringing in health care for veterans. people want to focus on kitchen table issues not this angertainment industry. >> you called it. how do you feel about the remaining vote out there and whether that remaining vote are
4:30 pm
republicans that are going to come home to boebert or people who are, as you said, tired of her angertainment theatrics? >> thanks, joyce. we said that even when we were up by 4 or 5,000 votes. we knew it would tighten. we're cautiously optimistic. it's a lesson to everybody that every single vote matters across the country and across the district and that's something that we can get that on a civic lesson. we like where we are. pueblo has done well for us. as we've said in the mountains of colorado, i don't want to get over my skis. we've been saying the same thing. we are winning but we haven't won and we're going to make sure the votes get counted. i do have full faith that all 27 county clerks are rock solid. i have full faith that the
4:31 pm
integrity of the colorado elections are going to wait out. i know it's nerve racking. >> you mentioned pueblo, but it's mesa, grand junction. it doesn't feel like a super extremist spot. it is interesting they would have elected someone like her. what kind of voter are you counting on to pull this through for you? is this a republican that's over her? are there a lot of democrats? who are your voters? >> we built this tripartisan coalition. the district is 25% democrat, 33% unaffiliated which i was until december. we've built this pro normal party coalition as my mom named it back in the primary. we're very focused on just accumulating the frustrated republicans, those independents that want people to focus on
4:32 pm
jobs, health care forcivilians as well as veterans and not spend most of their time traveling around the country down in mar-a-lago, florida. >> what would you bring home to your district? we know boebert doesn't do legislation. she does theatrics and stuff. what would you concretely want to bring home to the third district if you are, in fact, elected. i'm a big fan of the caucus. in the house of representatives, 29 republicans and 29 democrats. i want to be one of the bipartisan democrats and work on things. my number one concern in our district, number two is ag, ranching, farming. three is to make sure we have a safe and secure independent energy. we have to make sure we make
4:33 pm
that transition to morey knuble energy. i can drive it. >> if you win do you expect her to concede or fight it? >> i would assume if past is pro log, she'll probably do battle. that generates money. that's all part of the angertainment industry. out of respect for the voters, i wouldn't think that's the right thing to do. i will do that if we come up short in this, but the person is not the person -- is the person who is certified by the secretary of state. >> yes. >> nothing else matters. we'll continue to work on the solution, the congress person elect. it could change in the next couple hours. see when that comes up.
4:34 pm
>> we hope you'll come back on if you are elected. best of luck to you. adam frisch, you're a decent man and i think that is what colorado really, truly deserves. thank you so much. so good luck to you. up next, bet against president joe biden at your own peril. got love yeah. he fared better than many of his predecessors. we'll be right back. i'm right here! i was busy cashbacking for the holidays with chase freedom unlimited. you know i can't believe you lost another kevin. it's a holiday tradition! earn big time with chase freedom unlimited. ♪ ♪ (customer) hi? ♪ (burke) happy anniversary. (customer) for what? (burke) every year you're with us, you get fifty dollars toward your home deductible. it's a policy perk for being a farmers customer. (customer) do i have to do anything? (burke) nothing. (customer) nothing? (burke) nothing. (customer) nothing? (burke) nothing. (customer) hmm, that is really something. (burke) you get a whole lot of something with farmers policy perks. see ya.
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vice president biden announcing history. frost is the first gen z. he got a call from president biden. frost tweeted about it this morning. still thinking about that. please hold for the president call last night with two blushing emojis. life is wild. thank you, potus. but no democrat was likely happier about last night than joseph robinet biden who avoided
4:40 pm
all appearances of a red wave. joining me is white house senior adviser kesha lance bottom. great to see you. how big was the party at the white house last night? how excited was everyone? >> well, the atmosphere was very light last night even before the returns started coming in. we are an optimistic group and i'm so happy that things went our way. i recently saw dr. michael lomax from the united negro college fund. he said we should start the president jobe biden. he handles it with grace and represents this country so well. >> he's a decent person. he's a decent man. which is a good thing. let's play a little sound mash of him, president biden calling
4:41 pm
candidates who won. >> i think by the grace of god we're neighbors. all the stuff we did will come to fruition next year. they heard about it but they haven't seen it. i think there's a lot they can do. it's really, really going to matter. >> i am so excited. god love it. well, i'll sleep better knowing you won. keep the faith, man. talk to ya. >> got to get the god love ya in there. that's how you know he's bidening. it was a good night for democrats last night but let's say things don't go as planned in the senate and he's once again facing mitch mcconnell who would have a raucous, narrow majority and it doesn't -- not likely but let's say it happened. how would this white house deal with him differently knowing now his malevolence.
4:42 pm
now knowing what he's dealing with. >> he has been consistent. he has been consistent throughout his career. he has said he will work in a bipartisan manner with people who are willing to work with him. that won't be any different. and the president probably by now has had a conversation with mitch mcconnell. he was reaching out to mitch mcconnell and mccarthy today. i'm assuming he's had that conversation by now. i think that really speaks to who this president is. he's gotten so much done over his career as a senator, vice president and so much bipartisan legislation. he's always willing to work with leaders who are willing to work with him. that will not change. >> let's talk about georgia. some place you know very well. i don't want to get you in any
4:43 pm
issues with the hatch act. should we expect the white house to be very much engaged in what looks to be a runoff that will be in december? will the white house be engaged? should we expect the president to travel to georgia for raphael warnock, senator warnock? >> what the president has said, he will do whatever senator warnock asks and needs him to do. that will be a discussion between the president and senator warnock. i can speak factually about what happened in georgia. georgia had a very heavy early vote turnout from the democratic side and the republican side was much heavier on election day. so that should be a reminder to everyone, it ain't over until it's over. you can't just turn out in one part of the election and not turn out in the other part of the election. and hopefully we'll see a very strong turnout because it's important to our democracy, not just to democrats, not just to republicans. it's important to our democracy
4:44 pm
when people engage and they turn out to vote. >> absolutely. every vote counts. anyone can get elected and i mean that for good or for ill. don't just sit back and say, that person's not qualified. if you don't turn out and vote, you might be the reason they get in. a word to the wise. always good to see you. white house senior adviser, kesha lands bottom. >> great to see you, too. all eyes are on nevada and georgia for control of the senate. also arizona, too. we'll be back and talk about all of that on the other side of the break. kevin, where are you?! kevin?!?!?.... hey, what's going on? i'm right here! i was busy cashbacking for the holidays with chase freedom unlimited. you know i can't believe you lost another kevin. it's a holiday tradition! earn big time with chase freedom unlimited. ♪ ♪ at bombas, we make the comfiest socks, underwear and t-shirts that feel good, and, most of all, do good.
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4:50 pm
what does the rest of what's out there tell you? >> i was thinking of your show, joy, when they just announced this five or ten minutes ago and let me come on and talk about that. it was just announced these 57 mail ballots in the drop boxes, i have to tell ya, the democrats were hoping for a lot more than that. they were hoping for six figures, but let me say that there are now about 145,000 mail ballots in clark county and washao county which is where reno is yet to be counted. catherine cortez mast stowe is -- can she make up the ground and that 145,000 mail-in ballots. plus, don't forget, joy, male can be counted to saturday, so long as it is postmarked by
4:51 pm
tuesday or before, so there will be more mail. we could get upwards of 150, 160,000. it's not clear, so, this is not quite over yet. >> let me ask you this question, is any of this, the count of it, we know that the new republican style is not to accept the vote counting after election day is inherently legitimate, even though it is. it's just counting votes. is there any controversy as of now about counting those ballots? >> we'll, dnr se and rnc put out a statement kind of hitting clark county where las vegas is for not being more transparent about the process, but i found it instance the, joy, that adam laxalt, the prime election denier in nevada, the head of the trump campaign and the night that trump had lost nevada, he was ahead.
4:52 pm
he is ahead by 23,000 votes, and yet he did not try to declare victory. as you know, his hero donald trump would have done, if he had been ahead on election night. i think that they are going to let this play out, and that is a sign to me, by the way, joy, that they are pretty confident that he is going to hang on. >> very interesting. greg bluestein, let's go to georgia real quick. this is the other big one. you have a runoff election, which would mean early voting will start november 28th in all counties. what are the campaign saying about that because claire mccaskill, for -- she made a solid point. made it again on this point -- that the motivator party, it would seem logically, if senate control is not in the cards, if that is not the point of the georgia election, it would seem logical that is the warnock party, the warnock side, the democrats would be more motivated because it's really
4:53 pm
hard to understand what the case for herschel walker is if the case is not control in the senate. >> i think she is exactly right. i said all along the same thing. herschel walker's campaign is boosted, but if it's not on the line, then it goes for senator warnock. one of the reasons why is that we talk to so many voters here, who held her nose and voted for herschel walker, because they see a vote for herschel walker as a vote against democratic control of the senate and biden. it's a lot harder to make their case if controls are already cemented one way or another going into this december 6th runoff. >> are you seeing a buildup already on either side for the herschel walker campaign or the warren campaign to prepare on the ground to run yet another election and somehow get georgia voters who had to do a lot of heavy lifting for our democracy over the last couple years to get them to vote again? >> exactly, this is normally a
4:54 pm
day of rest. normally, it's a nine-week runoff. it's very long, stretches over two months, but new voting law, narrows that just four weeks, so now these campaigns and candidates, they spent their raising monies and ramping up machinery all over again to push the runoff, there will already be a ride tomorrow for herschel walker -- >> will kemp attend? is there any reason for him to attend? >> governor kemp as head an arm's length approach to herschel walker all along. he said he will help him out, but they literally had dueling campaign events on monday night and on tuesday night within a short distance. it was within a mile or two. on tuesday, it was about 250 feet, and they did not overlap at all. >> i will also give you the last word here, realistically, what is the timeline, do you think, to find out --
4:55 pm
we have steve kornacki standing at the big board, i don't think he ever leaves, i think he lives there now. what do you think the timeline is realistically to see how many votes we get in? >> it's a really good question, joy. as i said, they can count the mail-in ballots up till saturday and 5 pm, and they can actually go until a couple days later to allow people to do what is known as curing their mail-in ballots, fixing signature mistakes, and then the ballots can count. and then they'll count provisional ballots, about 5000 or so of them so far in clark county. on wednesday, i believe, and then the official canvas of the election is at the end of next week. joy, who knows if it will be over biden, if it's close enough, one side may ask for a recount. there may be allegations that result in a lawsuit. i just don't understand the stakes here, cortez masto would make greg bluestein much more
4:56 pm
boring, and that is the real stakes in the election. >> that's how they will do the campaign, make greg bluestein life boring. that will be the campaign slogan, i can see it. now jon ralston, here's the copyright. jon ralston, greg bluestein, they get very much. don't go anywhere. my colleagues, rachel maddow, chris, alex wagner, chris o'donnell -- as our coverage of decision 2022 this continues. go nowhere, just get popcorn and stay around. and stay around. it's nice to unwind after a long week of telling people how liberty mutual customizes your car insurance
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that's actually super adult of you to suggest. i can't wait to squad up. i love it when you talk nerdy to me. guy, guys, guys, we're still in session. -- and i don't know what the heck you're talking about. >> i apologize, here it is -- >> can i ask our steady cam operator if i can see that shop of steve's papers. >> we're organized over here. >> you are looking down mitchell. the most magical moment was that he found what he's looking for. i could not find what i am


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