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tv   Hallie Jackson Reports  MSNBC  November 11, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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we are getting closer to how the senate was won and how the west was won and new numbers as we're coming on the air. clark county, still more than
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50,000 votes, and that would be enough to put the close senate race, with fewer than 10,000 separating the democrat and the republican. and a live report from las vegas straight ahead, and live in phoenix, with a new vote in arizona, with that senate race still too early to call. and also this hour, the team getting their hands on a new letter, not too long ago, going public, asking top lawmakers to slow their roll, by a growing number of senators want leadership races put on pause and the race for speaker. the wildcard maybe in a sure thing, saying the top trump adviser saying in fact tuesday is the day for a 2024 announcement from the former president. a lot to get to on this friday afternoon. i'm hallie jackson in washington. and with me now is nbc news correspondent vaughn hillyard in phoenix, stephanie gosk is in north las vegas for us, and i will start with you, steph, it
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feels like today, the intrigue is all about nevada. election officials are saying the votes, based on where they're coming from, and the big picture question is, would it be enough for the incumbent democratic senator catherine cortez masto to catch up with adax laxalt. what is the thinking? what is the sense of what we know? >> if you look at the last two days, what we've seen is the vote, two-thirds for cortez masto, if that trend continues, then she has the ability to erase that lead, and maybe even go further than that, but that's what the numbers show, we just heard from joe gloria, here, the top elections official, in clark county, and he was giving us an idea of how long it would take to get through the mail-in ballots, yesterday he said about 50,000 and today, he said there will be another chunk that will be recorded tonight, 15,900, and
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then you have the remaining, a little over 30,000. so he said they could be wrapped up, with the vast majority of those mail-in ballots by saturday. take a listen. >> we should have the majority of the ballots, barring any equipment failures, which they've been working really well, we had them serviced before the election, they have been working really well, i don't anticipate that, but we should have them in tomorrow for a final report. >> now, that doesn't include provisional ballots that would be counted in a few days next week. but that is your bulk of the votes here in clark county, and you still have votes as well in -- >> it is important, why this matters, why this makes a difference, right, with control of the senate hanging in the balance here. in if fact senator cortez masto can hang on in nevada and then also arizona, it is ball game
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for democrats, and the georgia runoff would matter for georgians but not necessarily a race for the balance of power in the senate. you got this call-out from "politico," this reporting, i should say that, on the republican call, as it relates to nevada, senator lindsey graham went so far as to say without any evidence at all, saying potential frog, if laxalt loses, it's a lie, he said it is mathematically impossible. just in context, nevada officials have been saying for days, if not longer, that it would take them a long time to count ballots, right? i mean that's the reality here. >> that is the reality. it is going to take a few days. but let's say, i am no sat fission but nbc news does have a team of statisticians on the decision desk that crunch the numbers and they are looking at how many votes are left, and there is a pure math plat cal equation, how many votes are left and how many have been breaking for cortez masto of the mail-in ballots, you put those numbers together, and you see a mathematical equation, and it
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shows that she has the ability to potentially win this race. it depends, however, on the breakout of the remaining ballots, and if they continue to break the way they, have she's got the edge. >> stephanie gosk live for us in nevada. and vaughn, we look at arizona, talk us through it. >> right, i think actually, if you want to come down, i think we can do a weekend show with stephanie at the hoover dam and about all of the divides where stephanie and i are, about 300 miles apart and all eyes on this region of the country and that is where tonight we expect the latest ballot drop out of maricopa county. how many will we get? not quite clear, and maricopa election officials will be holding a press conference in three hours and hopefully a better indication, and what i can tell you is our enterprise, as of right now, when you, what
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i can tell you is our expectation, the race between the two, we're expecting to get tonight, about the last 30 to 40,000 mail ballots that were received from the weekend, and on monday. . those 30 to 40,000 ballots are expected to trend in katie hobbs's and mark kelly's favor. you will recall the hoopla on tuesday, when there were ballots that he were were rejected by the tabulation machines at some voting centers around the county. the number of ballots that were rejected was about 17,000. we saw the same day vote heavily trend in favor of blake masters and kari lake. we are hope can and anticipating those 17,000 ballot results will be announced tonight. so those will heavily favor the republicans. and then there is the next batch, which is the really, the all knowing batch, which may be tonight, we may get a few of those but tomorrow we expect to get a bigger batch. and those are the ballots, the mail ballots that were hand-delivered on election day, on tuesday. that is what we are waiting for.
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hopefully we will get some clarification here this afternoon on exactly how many we will be seeing here tonight, as part of this ballot drop, because those are really going to determine whether this is, whether this is mark kelly and whether he has it in the bag or whether blake masters wins those by an enormous amount, i mean we're talking, he is going to have to win those by anywhere from 65% to 70%, by a lot. >> by a lot. >> and if those numbers begin to come in and trend in that direction, i don't think we will be making a call any time soon. but if they don't, and if mark kelly and blake masters splitting them, it could be mark kelly with a term in arizona. >> thank you. let's talk about what is happening in washington. speaker hopeful kevin mccarthy is not getting what some republicans see, it a less than ideal performance on tuesday. new whispers becoming public about whether republican leader mitch mcconnell on the senate side could be in trouble. a number of senate republicans
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calling for leadership elections from their chamber to be delayed with this question of control still up in the air, as we've been talking about here. now, listen, on the house side, the mccarthy discussion definitely is a louder conversation than the mcconnell discussion, right? because you've got members of the far right freedom caucus calling mccarthy's leadership and his election to the post in doubt here. and let me bring in senior capitol hill correspondent garrett haake, and you and our colleague ryan nobles has gotten a letter, our hands on a letter, saying hey, hey, hey, let's pump the brakes on the senate leadership election. what does it mean for like mitch mcconnell's reign in the senate here? >> look, let me say this at the outset. there is nobody better playing the inside game in congress than mitch mcconnell. speaker pelosi is as good on the house side as the senate side
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and these are people who get to the top and know how to stay there because they know how to count their votes and keep their people happy. i would be cautious about presuming how much trouble mitch mcconnell is in here. that said, what we're witnessing is by far, the most public challenge to his leadership, in at least the time i've covered it and probably for the last several congresses before that, this letter here that we're talking about, this is from mike lee, ron johnson, and rick scott, and the tweet from marco rubio, asked for similar things, not exactly the same, but they both have the same result, they want to delay these leadership elections, past next week and give time for folks to talk about what exactly it is they're voting on. i talked it a lubo adviser earlier today -- a rubio adviser earlier today and try to get a firmer grasp and does he want the job and that is not what it is about they say it, is about the direction that senate republicans want to gork and what do they stand for, who are they, are they more of a populist republican party like donald trump was pursuing or more traditional old school republican party like they
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believe mcconnell is. so we will see if there is an inflection point next week. but it is worth pointing out, hallie, mitch mcconnell has spent a ton of money through his super-pac. >> i was about to ask you that. and just about to bring up the senate leadership position. and you're hearing that from the mcconnell circle, it seems to me like that would be the easy thing for mcconnell allies to point to. like look at the numbers, look at what the senate leadership fund did here. >> and it is kind of a similar argument that pelosi makes when people criticize and she is like just go in baby, and there is the mcconnell version of it, and you criticize him and take his money and coming in and voting for republican pirates and he will set those. that said, one of the biggest recipients of the money this cycle is ron johnson, one of the authors on this letter, and notably not on the list is marco rubio. so we'll see how this all plays out. the tell will be pretty early. mcconnell and his leadership team decide when these leadership elections happen.
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if they kick this seriously to delay, that tells you something. key simply call the election and get a simple majority if he thinks he's got the votes. >> and i don't think if is mike lee, ron johnson and rick scott, right? >> that's right. >> thank you very much, garrett. let me turn to you for the picture in the house. and before we can even talk about what the house looks like next term, we got to look at what the house looks like on friday here, with the balance of power still up in the air. and nbc's estimate is that when all of the votes are counted, the projection, okay, the projection is that republicans would have 220 seats and democrats 215 and that number is actually inching closer a little bit more to the democratic side. and look at the margin there, plus, minus seven. a seven seat margin of error meaning we can't update for sure either way. and outstanding reasons, i should say, excuse me, outstanding races, too, the reason the numbers are changing, we just made a new projection in a key district in maryland. maryland six, this is a democratic seat, and projecting
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david will win re-election here. and not all together shocking but this had been considered maryland's most competitive house seat. again nbc news making this new projection here, we're still waiting on a bunch of seats in california, one in new mexico, colorado, arizona, et cetera. but even with that as a landscape for the backdrop, you got republicans still moving ahead, with plans to figure out who is going to lead the chamber, with all reporting kevin mccarthy's push to become house speaker, kind of in a question, by his own party, walk us through what you hearing from sources at 3:11 eastern time this afternoon. it is changing a lot. >> the threat to kevin mccarthy's speakership is very we'll are the republicans in control of the house, it is likely to be a narrow majority ad as kevin mccarthy will need the support of dozens of member was the far right wing of the caucus who have shown in the past they are willing to make demands and flex their muscle and embarrass their leadership on the floor of the chamber if they don't get what they want and that is exactly what they are doing now, making these
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demands. a number of freedom caucus members have met, you know, trying to figure out what they want to ask of mccarthy, what demands they want to make, and that is to say, he has not earned their vote yet. one of them said that he would like to have a one seat majority because every one of them would be a king maker in that situation. and now, scott perry, the chair of the freedom caucus, met with kevin mccarthy earlier today, and he described the conversation as a negotiation. so clearly, they're making some asks of kevin mccarthy. and mccarthy for his part, he needs to be careful not to go too far in the direction of the far right because he also has the moderate wing whose votes he needs and they might be happy if he moves in the other direction. the problem with the far right is a familiar one as well. they don't have an alternative. so the question is, what is their end game here if they don't get what they want from mccarthy? will they just drag it out and create an embarrassment for the party? or does it have a plan at the end of it? this also raises the question of why kevin mccarthy is in this position. he and his allies have been
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measuring the race for the speaker's office for quite a while now and the reason is that democrats overperformed in this election, and kept a much closer margin than the red wave was expected. how do they stop the red wave, one democrat i talked to, told me, let's put this on the screen here, he said i believe it is attributable to an electorate with freedom, competency and civility over ideology. and if you look at mccarthy's position, it is somewhat familiar and you might for give me for deja vu, in 2015 he was heir apparent to be the speaker and he had to drop the bid and came stunningly close to capturing the control of the house in 2022, same problem, the speaker gavel, so close, yet so far, for kevin mccarthy. >> thank you both. our top notch hill team. appreciate it. president biden is back on the world stage right now, as he gets ready for this big meeting at a key moment with china's president. we've got our team live in cambodia with a preview.
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plus, new nbc news reporting on the investigation into former president trump, with the d.o.j. officials getting ready to get into a decisive new phase. but first, new comments from a top adviser to the former president, about a possible 2024 campaign announcement. but what we know so far and what we can expect in just 60 seconds. we'll see you in one minute. at fidelity, your dedicated advisor will work with you on a comprehensive wealth plan across your full financial picture. a plan with tax-smart investing strategies designed to help you keep more of what you earn. this is the planning effect. the hiring process used to be the death of me. but with upwork... with upwork the hiring process is fast and flexible.
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behold... all that talent! ♪ this is how we work now ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪♪ voltaren. the joy of movement. ♪♪ a long time adviser to former president trump today making it very clear, crystal clear, that mr. trump, he says, is running for president again and he will tell us all about it soon. >> president trump is going to announce on tuesday that he is running for president, and it is going to be a very professional, very buttoned up announcement, and did a run-through this morning with the logistics team and we have some great folks who are on board. >> jason miller, the former chief spokesperson for mr. trump's 016 campaign, and the senior adviser on his 2020 run
12:17 pm
and what he is saying today follows a formal invitation to the quote-unquote major announcement sent out to the media last night. if the former president does make another announcement for a run for the white house, it will coincide with many investigations including classified documents. with new nbc news reporting today, taking us inside the thinking of d.o.j. officials as they go back and forth on whether or not to charge the former president in that mar-a-lago case. joining us now is nbc news justice correspondent ken dilanian and capitol hill correspondent ryan nobles. let's talk all things trump. you covered him in 2020, and back dab ling into that world which has sucked everybody back in, too. jason miller, 24 hours ago, he is saying he is telling mr. trump to wait until after the georgia runoff is declared. what a difference a day makes. >> it is like a fluj in a certain direction. >> he had a talking to. i do get that. >> because he was so emphatic about it, just a little more than 48 hours ago, that he
12:18 pm
thought the former president should hold off, until the georgia runoff, to make the announcement. and he said the complete opposite this morning. and even quoted the former president himself, during this interview on steve bannon's podcast explicitly saying that donald trump wants people to know that his plans are on tuesday, to announce that he is going to run for president again. and this of course complicates the lives of lot of republicans here on capitol hill because the elections in both the house and senate are not yet settled and of course we have this runoff in georgia, of which donald trump will end up playing another big role in. and i covered the runoff in 2020, where he was peddling all of these lies about the election, and that became a major political point in georgia, because georgia was at the center of many of his complaints. so there is trump doing what trump wants to do. again, against the advice of many people who have the better interest of the party at hand. the question of course, hallie, when he does announce on tuesday, how does that affect the rest of the republican field of candidates, because there are
12:19 pm
a number of other prominent republicans that could be eyeing a run for 2024. and might actually have a serious challenge to donald trump this time around. >> you know, what is interesting, too, he is going to have, in our political unit, it is all over the guidance on it, he will have 15 days to file with the ftc from the time of his announcement, right? there is a whole bunch of different sort of structures in place as to what it means to be announcing as a candidate, testing the waters, does it count, but an aofficial announcement. >> would and if the announcement happen, if and when it does, ken, as we sort of laid out, he is making that filing under the shadow of multiple investigations against him. you have a new piece out on nbc highlighting former government workers who are now serving prison sentences for doing just what mr. trump appears to have done, taking confidential home. take us inside the thinking here of the d.o.j. at this moment. >> well, the first thing to say is that the people familiar with
12:20 pm
merrick garland's thinking that i spoke to made clear that he is adamantly not going to consider whether donald trump does or doesn't declare his candidacy for president. and if you recall, merrick garland said as much to lester holt in an interview. and it is reaffirmed, garland does not consider it his job to consider the political and social ramifications of this decision to charge donald trump in the case and he is only looking at the facts and the law and whether if anyone else had done what trump appears to have done, would they be prosecuted and in that context, they're looking at the recent cases of people who have been prosecuted and sent to prison for taking home classified information, with no allegation that they gave them to an adversary or fell into the wrong hands. for example, a u.s. assistant at u.s. pacific command sentenced to three months in february taking home documents that she shouldn't have from her job in secret. an fbi analyst pleading guilty to a felony last month facing
12:21 pm
ten years in prison and what is interesting in that case, it was prosecuted by a prosecutor who has now joined the mar-a-lago investigation and has a lot of trial experience, and some observers are saying it looks like they are building a trial team and moving closer to making a charging decision in that mar-a-lago case. >> thanks to you. coming up, here on the show, round two of the georgia senate race. with both parties already making moves to try and win the runoff. and maybe have the decisive victory in the race to control the balance of power in the senate. we'll take you live to atlanta. straight ahead, president biden back on the world stage, gearing up to go face to face with chinese president xi jingping for the first time in his presidency. carol lee is traveling with the president overseas, has landed safely in cambodia. hey, carol. >> that's right. we will have more on that after the break. and the president, this is a high stakes trip for him, with u.s./china relations, at a low point. and already maybe the lowest point in a really long time.
12:22 pm
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happen, together.
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president biden is calling on world leaders to step up their push to avoid what he calls a climate hell. right now, you've got the president on his way from egypt, and that climate summit, to cambodia, he will meet with southeast asian leaders there. with the big meeting at the g-20 summit in bali monday, and sit
12:27 pm
down phase with chinese president xi jingping for the first time since taking office and we have more from cambodia, where president biden will show up later tonight on air force one. walk us through the expectations here on an important overseas trip for the president, that xi meeting, the marquee moment. >> reporter: it really is. this is the first time as you noted these two leaders will come to face since president biden took office. he is familiar with president xi, as vice president he spent a lot of time with him, over those years, before president xi took office, and became the leader of china, so there's some familiarity there, but there is also a lot of tension there, there's a lot of issues. the agenda is long. the white house is setting expectations fairly low for big announcements coming out of this meeting. we heard national security adviser jake sullivan say that, look, this is the two leaders sitting down face to face, figuring out where each other is, on each given issue, and trying to find a road map for
12:28 pm
where they can work together, and where there are differences and how those might be managed or worked through, so there's a number of topics. the issue of taiwan, the president hasn't said what exactly his message is going to be to president xi on taiwan but the president said several times that the u.s. military would come to taiwan's defense if china moves mill tarial there, something that china really doesn't like. so that will be key, seeing what the president says there. and there are other issues, the u.s. wants to work with china on climate change and there are economic issues and the war in ukraine, you have an administration in the u.s. that wants china to do more to try to isolate russia, or at least so fash, you know, you've heard from officials, that they that they're happy that china hasn't done such as sell military equipment to russia but would still like them to move further. and the other issue that is usually on the agenda when the u.s. and china meet is north korea. we've seen recent provocations
12:29 pm
from north korea, and those were expected to increase, with the u.s. saying they could launch a nuclear test at any time. and so that's something that will also be very high on the agenda, as the president is here in cambodia, and then to indonesia. >> thank you, we'll look more throughout the weekend, and of course next week here on msnbc. appreciate it. let's bring you back home to the united states, right, where the georgia senate runoff is off to the races. less than a month until runoff election day with both sides getting ready for another huge ad blitz after spending $200 million each on the race so far. our nbc news sources saying republicans are feeling reluctant to send or ask former president trump to campaign in the state. president biden meanwhile saying the incumbent senator raphael warnock will set the teams with the president saying before he left for the overseas trip, i plan on doing whatever he want mese to do for him.
12:30 pm
antonia hylton is live from georgia. >> both campaigns are already now really kicking things up into high gear. last night, republican herschel walker held an event in canton, georgia, with a lot of supporters, and had tech crews by his side. the senator, that senator warnock mentioned, they have worked across the aisle and warnock has his own campaign in atlanta with a new message, it will been competence and character, right and wrong and clearly going after some of the middle of road voters, split ticket vote evers, people who voted for kemp at the top of the ticket and much more comfortable for him than going for herschel walker so that's where he thinks he will pull it off and we talked to people in his camp and they feel this is an environment that will favor warnock, that he has the wind at his back right now. they're looking at the data coming out of tuesday, that walker underperformed other
12:31 pm
statewide republicans. that people again, they voted in this split ticket fashion, and they think that if anything, now, after what we've seen, the failed red wave, the reality is, a lot of these voters are once again going to end up in warnock's camp. so his team is feeling really good. both camps at this time are kind of strategizing as you mentioned at the top there about who might be joining them on the road, and what their message, how they might tinker with it, but they are really looking at a very sort of similar, in some ways, kind of constrained feel here. there are no new registered voters who are going to be able to participate in this runoff, so you really have to fire up your base, and make sure that they get to the polls again, and either on december 6th, which is the actual day of this election, or when early voting starts just a couple of days after thanksgiving. and it's not going to be a situation where we're looking at a 50% threshold again. it's just winner takes all. who has the most votes. >> antonia hylton live for us in atlanta, where i'm sure you will be posted up for the next month.
12:32 pm
thank you. ten states this year had an election denier on ballot to become the top elections official in that state. we're talking about of course, the secretary of state races, incredibly important this year, a huge spotlight on those, given obviously the perpetuation of election fraud lies so what's the scoreboard? you're looking at it. five of the election denying republicans running for secretary of state in this country have lost. three of them won, with two more races still undecided. one of the uncalled races is nevada, where marchant trails augilar. and in arizona, funtes leads mark finchem. joining us is the chair of the democratic association of the state, and who just won re-election in her state of
12:33 pm
colorado. thank you very much for being with us, appreciate your time. >> of course. thanks for having me. >> so listen, we just laid out the kind of sos scoreboard as it relates to people who have questioned the election and election skeptics and deniers and at least half of them have lost their races so far. is there any sense of relief that more of them didn't end up winning? >> absolutely. and i could reframe the overview and saying everywhere where we had a competitive race, a democrat has beat an election denier. there are two states of course where we're still waiting for the final tally, arizona and nevada, both of those states are looking good for the democrats, and we beat election deniers in minnesota, in michigan, and new mexico. so i think overall, at this point, we can say this has been a big win for democracy, and i have been so glad to chair the democratic association of secretaries of state, during this just really different type of election. >> yes, and you and i talked last week for the other show
12:34 pm
that i have on nbc news now, and you talked about your real concern on this front, given the stakes as it relates to the next election, 2024. you look at a state like michigan, where all three running on the statewide ballot were election denier or skeptics, obviously lost, right, lost to the secretary of state candidate there, and arizona is still an open question here. i wonder what you're hearing from your fellow, either newly elected or incumbent state secretaries of state on this issue. >> a real sense of relief. if you can only imagine having election deniers in the swing states during a presidential, that's not something i think most americans want to see. and we are optimistic about arizona and nevada, those races are not called, but overall, i think this is a big win for democracy, and a couple of take-aways are that americans overwhelmingly rejected extremist across the country, and in these key races, in and decided that the country will continue down a path of
12:35 pm
democracy. so overall, a great midterm so far, and you know, we haven't had the last resolution with those two seats still not called, but you know, this is the first midterm after donald trump tried to steal the presidency. and to see american voters just fortify our democracy, and exactly what i had hoped to see going into tuesday. >> we have seen over the last couple of years a big upset with election officials, something that i know that you got some personal experience, with somebody sentenced recently to 18 months in prison for making threats against you online. what is your sense of how this election has played out on that front? have you heard reports of threats to some of your colleagues around the country? are you happy that you haven't heard more? >> overall, i think we had a great election across the country. there was some issues in arizona, where folks were going and filming voters, but a judge ended up stopping that voter intimidation. and i think, you know, a lot of
12:36 pm
election workers were holding their beth, you know, after two years of threats of vitriol, of attempts to suppress the vote, of attempts to undermine the american elections, election workers were concerned. but overall, we had a great election. and in the state of colorado, everything went really well. no big problems to report. and of course, elections continue, they continue in states where the races aren't called and in the states there are wide enough margins where races are called, we now have audits that they have to certify the election still. >> colorado's newly-reelected secretary of state, thank you very much for being on the show. appreciate your time. next up here, a huge road block for president biden's plan for student loan forgiveness that could affect millions of people. what is happening in court and how it could affect you next. get a private 5g network. so you can do more than connect your business, you can make it even smarter. now ports can know where every piece of cargo is.
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big news now, that tens of millions of people, if you tried to apply for student loan relief today, you may have seen this that you're about to see on the screen. the bidden administration website to apply for loan forgiveness not accepting applications and they're working on it and trying to change that, and it comes after a federal judge in texas blocked the president's executive action, which would cancel up to $20,000 in student loan debt. but the education secretary is pushing back saying his department is not standing down. we're lucky to have cnbc senior
12:42 pm
white house correspondent here us with. one thing for a federal judge to block this executive action, and it is another thing for the administration to actually stop taking applications. right? >> and it shows that the administration has real doubts about whether those disbursements will even go further. the white house and the education department have said that disagree with the district court decision, they're going to be appealing through the department of justice, but stopping the application process means they don't want to be instilling false hope in borrows who are continuing to apply for this. already, 26 million borrowers have applied for that forgiveness. about 16 million have been accepted or have been deemed eligible, according to the white house. there are a lot of people who will be affected by this. but the ruling comes from a federal judge in texas, named market pittman, who was -- mark pittmans who was appointed by former president trump and two borrowers who didn't qualify for relief brought the lawsuit
12:43 pm
against the government essentially arguing that the government deciding who would qualify was arbitrary and made the decision late yesterday, judge mark pittman writes, in this country, we're not ruled by an all powerful executive with a pen and a phone. it is clearly a very bad sign for this program going forward, hallie, but it is just the latest in the legal challenges that this program has encountered. and there was already another judge who had been dealing with a lawsuit from six specific states, including south carolina, missouri, and nebraska, who had put a temporary pause on the program, because the judge wanted more time to decide whether the program was in fact lawful. the administration had been urging borrowers to apply for this forgiveness by this coming tuesday, in order to get their loans forgiven, or to get the payments by the end of the year, when that pause on the payments is set to expire. whether the government could potentially try to extend that yet again remains to be seen.
12:44 pm
there is not much appetite i can tell you from the financial community and from the markets to do that again. hallie? >> thank you. still ahead, a nail biter in colorado where democrats are making a big push to try to flip a controversial republican's seat. congressman lauren boebert. i will ask the house democratic candidate all about. it and we will have more from the vietnam veterans memorial right now in washington, d.c. >> because you put on the cloth of our name, america is safer and stronger. that is the lasting legacy of your service. and it demands our lasting gratitude. eggs. classic, cage free, and organic. more delicious, farm-fresh taste. plus, superior nutrition.
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best move i've ever made. ask your dermatologist about cosentyx®. three days out from election day with some republicans pointing fingers now with the red wave and the detroit free press is getting a hode of a memo from that state's republican party chief of staff, specifically singling out candidates backed by former president trump. tudor dixon, she of course is the republican nominee for governor, who lost to democrat gritchen whitmer by double digits. memo says she had to start from scratch over the primary and whitmer's team had a lot of money to go every issues like
12:50 pm
abortion. yamiche alcindor is there with republicans pinning the blame game on the former president. >> the memo from the chief of staff and the michigan gop is really a window into the national anger some in the republican party are feeling toward former president trump. and the many, many candidates he endorsed who lost. now, the michigan official wrote, and we should put it up for folks, so they can see it, the party we found ourselves consistently navigating the power struggle between trump and anti-trump factions of the party, mostly within the donor class. that power struggle ended with too many people on the sidelines and hurt republicans in key races. as you noted, the official also went after tudor dixon saying her view that abortion should be completely banned, abortion sho completely banned was just not supported by many voters. tudor dixon did take to twitter to write back the memo was a perfect example of what is wrong with the michigan gop. she went on to say leaders in
12:51 pm
the party all refuse to take ownership for their own failures. but she lost by more than ten points. this also comes as michigan democrats are celebrating historic wins, including abortion rights and for the first time in four decades, democrats now control the michigan legislature as well as the governor's mansion. this also comes as some republicans are openly saying it is time for the gop to move fast former president trump. former gop house speaker paul ryan called trump a, quote, drag on the party's ticket. another pennsylvania conservative said trump, quote, had his moment in the sun for four years, and now it's time for him to retire from politics. definitely a space to watch for as he's readying for that announcement next week. >> appreciate it after all your time on the ground there in michigan. we're still waiting for a decision out of colorado in an
12:52 pm
interesting house race here between the incumbent and her democratic challenger adam frisch. 99% of the vote has been counted. keep in mind, right, this is a state that bobert won by more than 26,000 votes just two years ago in a district that former president trump carried that year by more than five points. since then, she has become a conservative star for many things. joining us now is the democratic candidate for the third district adam frisch. >> good to be here. >> if the results stay this close, it appears you would be headed for an automatic recount. do you see a path to victory? >> we do see one. there are -- we think there's multiple thousands of votes left.
12:53 pm
let's say, four, five, or six that could come in. we know of 3,000 for sure. there's a couple thousand more that need to be fixed on a technical basis. we'll have to see how it all plays out. donald trump won these down tis by 15 points in 2016, and we've made great headway. we worked very hard. we had a great team. people are tired of the circus. on a day like this, just want to thank those veterans out there. some of these oversea bat lots, there's hundreds and hundreds of them and military overseas that need to be voted. we think there are well more than those 1,000 or 2,000 votes that you put up on your screen. >> that's our decision desk. just want to be clear about that. the the house would have to
12:54 pm
swing heavily in your favor here. i think folks thought this is a race we would be talking about tuesday night, early hours. here we are friday, right, still no call from us. whether you win or lose, i wonder what you make of how close this race ended up being. >> we appreciate we made a moral victory. a year ago -- >> you think it's a moral victory even if you don't end up in congress? >> yes, for sure. let's get the job done. our country has been harmed by our current representative, our veterans have been harmed by our current representative. she spent a lot of time down in mar-a-lago and not boots on the ground in upcreek colorado where citizens are frustrated. i think any time we can go down 15 to basically tied -- we assume there's going to be a recount. we are building up a great legal
12:55 pm
team, a war chest to understand what's on the line. we understand that in addition to those three senate races that everyone's talking about, this is probably the most focused race under the 435 in there. i heard last night on the 538 podcast, this was the biggest surprise they've ever seen in their entire model history. we have shocked the world. so the moral victory is great. i don't want to discount that. we want to get the job done, and we think the cd 3 can be much better represented by having myself in there. >> i only have about 30 seconds left, but i have to ask you about the swing that colorado has made with the blue here. more blue, more blue than they've been in a very long time. why do you think that is? >> you know, colorado, especially when we look at south erin and west erin colorado where we are, and that's my main focus, it's more of a
12:56 pm
libertarian, please leave us alone ranchers and farmers, and we have a very high military retirement community out here and veterans, and they want no-nonsense, get the stuff done. when i tell people i have been in a desire to be in the get stuff done party for many years, that resonated with a lot of people. people are sick and tired of the circus and want people to focus on them and their families and jobs. >> we will be watching what happens on your race. thank you for watching this hour of msnbc, this whole week of msnbc and everything else. it's been a week. we'll see you in a week, but nicolle wallace picks it up with deadline white house right after the break. p with deadline white house right after the break. c got unpredictable,.. i got rapid symptom relief with rinvoq. check. when uc held me back... i got lasting, steroid-free remission with rinvoq.
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