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tv   American Voices With Alicia Menendez  MSNBC  November 12, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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let's see how it looks in the studio. steve, just wave. you see? we'll see you. we will come to you. the executive producer will get in our ears and say, go to steve now. that's what we're gonna do. steve kornacki, standby. please keep hitting refresh, if you need assistance on, that we will find you. you can hit with fresh -- >> so much news on the saturday night. >> a lot of news on a saturday night. this is not normally my, gets normally your gig. you are used to this, but i'm not. all right, and you our election coverage begins right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ ur electio covera ♪ ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ ♪ i am ali velshi. joining me now tonight are my colleagues, alicia menendez and ayman mohyeldin, joining us from d.c., jonathan capehart. it is 7:00 here in new york city, four days after election day, the battle to control
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congress is very much up in the air. right now, all eyes are on nevada. the race between the democratic senator catherine cortez masto and the republican challenger adam laxalt remains a virtual tie, as we wait. in georgia, the state senate race between senator raphael warnock and herschel walker is heading to a december runoff. voters their head to the polls in less than four weeks to determine who will represent them in the u.s. senate, depending on what happens tonight, maybe who will represent them as control of the senate is decided. meantime, democrats are celebrating a win in arizona. and nbc news now projects that democratic senator mark kelly beat his challenger blake masters in arizona senate race. this afternoon, senator kelly thank supporters at a rally in phoenix. kelly called out election deniers who tout trump's lies of a stolen election during his victory speech. >> after a long election, it can be tempting to remain focused on the things that divide us.
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but we've seen the consequences that come when leaders refused to accept the truth and focus more on conspiracies of the past than solving the challenges that we face today. while we face serious challenges, we also know that when we come together, and focus on solutions, we can make progress. >> as of this hour, democrats and republicans both have control 49 seats in the senate and the new congress. democrats need to win either nevada or georgia to control that chamber. for the next two years. nbc news decision desk projects the gop will not only take the house, but it could be days or even weeks before we know for certain, because 22 house races remain uncalled. all right, i want to get an update from steve kornacki on where the numbers stand. he remains at his post in the big board, hitting refresh a lot, because we are waiting for numbers from nevada now. what have we got, steve?
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>> yeah, i just hit refresh a few times, while i explain what we are waiting on exactly, because it is in nevada where control of the senate could be settled, potentially, if catherine cortez masto moves ahead of adam laxalt, and creates a big enough league where he can catch her. and cortez masto, if she wins this seat, democrats will retain control of the u.s. senate, no matter what happens in that georgia runoff. what we are waiting on, election officials in clark county, that's where las vegas is, that is by far the biggest county in the state. 70% of the vote comes out of there. they have told us, there are at least 22,000 mail ballots that they are set to release, starting anywhere at right now, 7 pm eastern time. they said, sometime in the window of seven to about 9:30 eastern, they expect to release all of those votes. again, these are vote by mail ballots. we've got a big batch of them out of clark county yesterday. they were very good for cortez masto. she was winning them by an almost 2 to 1 margin.
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if she were to do anything of that order tonight with these ballots, as you can see, you could do the math yourself, that would easily vaulter ahead of laxalt. that would give her a significant lead over laxalt. outside of those 22,000 ballots in clark county, not a ton left in nevada. there's about 10,000 in washoe county, that is where we know is. that's the other population center. you can see it's the other blue county in nevada. again, you don't expect cortez masto based on how the votes are breaking, she probably won't do as well in washoe she's not expected to as she is with the remaining vote in clark. but she could still gain more votes in washoe county. with what's to come there. and there are a scattering, and assortment, of a few thousand votes to come from the red rural countries and the rest of the state. but that number pales in comparison to the 22,000 in clark county. there are a couple of other variables to consider, provisional ballots, about 6000 of those in clark county become to next week, expected generally, pretty strongly
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democratic. there is also keyword ballots, ballots where there were signature issues. voters have an opportunity to verify identity, and get that ballot counted. again, that's something to come out later. but this 22, 000, and i'm just gonna hit refresh one more time here, still, nothing. but it could be any minute. it might take an hour. it might take two hours. we are in that zone here, though, of anticipation. because when that 22,000 comes in, we talk about how clarifying maricopa county was last night in arizona. this could be a very clarifying batch of 22,000 votes in nevada, and when it comes to the bigger question of which party will control they knighted state senate. >> i love, steve, that on twitter, i see someone who has volunteered to hit that refresh button for you. >> i volunteered to traverse for steve kornacki. i wonder how steve kornacki deals with anticipation there? so, bottom line, steve, we get the 22,000 out of clark county. they have told us, we are getting something out of washoe, maybe 10,000 you are saying, out of washoe? >> yes, it's a little
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confusing. there's, they told us yesterday, 20,000 to votes to come. now, the indicate there are 20,000 left. i'm not sure if that's 10, 000th will be put out in one batch tonight, or if that is 10,000 that includes provision, that includes cured, that includes types of vote that we're not gonna see until next year. so i don't know if you'll see all 10,000 tonight. last night, we had an update that came out of washoe county of about 10,000 votes. cortez masto they get more votes out of it and then laxalt, although, again, when i talk about how big cortez masto has been winning this male vote that we've been seeing that reported out of clark county, what she won the vote out of washoe last night was single digits. so, she did not gain that many votes from it. so, that's why, again, probably why clark is so crucial just in terms of the outcome of this race. and what we learn from this vote release. >> can i ask you about something that joe gloria said earlier today, which has become a bit of a national figure -- >> county. >> kola county, is it making these press conferences every day. >> he really wants the results
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out tonight. >> him and herschel walker probably want to know what the results, to know what happens to the future. but talk to us about these curing of the ballots. is that gonna be something to watch out for, because he seems to suggest that the curing of ballots could possibly take a few more days. and even though he wants the results of tonight, which we may obviously get, and have a clear picture of how this plays out, he seems to leave the door open that there were still more ballots to be counted as a result of this curing. >> well, there are, and as i say, there's two types of voter that are not gonna be included in this update tonight. and there's two types of votes still to come in the coming days here. and one is the provisional ballots. and, again, we know there are about, i think, 6000 or so of those in clark county. those are typically going to be a democratic-leaning vote, but they're not gonna be included in this count. we are not gonna learn those for a few days. and then, there is still that curing of ballots. i think the number there is about 9000, you know, voters. again, they mail the ballot in. they don't have a signature on
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it. the signature does not match what's on file. there's some kind of issue like that. so, then, there is an opportunity for the voters to call in, show up, to verify identity and get the ballots counted. so, that process will continue even after tonight. so, again, what we are really focused on is the one particular type of ballot. these are male ballots, 22,000 of them, at least maybe, it's gonna be, they indicated there, the ballots can still arrive in the mail for a few days after the election is over, as long as there were postmarked by election day. it sounds like there was a couple of hundred in the mail today, so there may be a little bit of that in here, too, but this is the batch here that cortez masto has been cleaning up with so far, every time we've been getting an update on that. and if she does that with this batch tonight, down only 862 in the statewide tally right now, it will be more than enough to vault her into the league. again, by a pretty significant significant margin, given how little is left outside of this. >> who else thinks we're just
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asking you questions to keep refraining from refreshing, so we are not getting results? the bottom line, we'll show you when he gets the results, whatever we are doing, will stop, and we'll tell you. so, steve, we'll give you a break so that you can just refresh. >> i just hit it, nothing yet. all >> right, welcome back to steve kornacki at the big board later. >> let's forget msnbc political analyst john ralston. he was also the ceo of the nevada independent. john rolston, nobody knows the sick better than you. tell me what you are looking for when you are watching for, and what it is that you are hearing from these campaigns? >> it always feels a little bit irrelevant coming on msnbc after kornacki laying out everything -- >> how do you think we feel? >> so, steve, he had it on the head. you know, we don't know when these clock numbers are going to come out. it could come out in five minutes, five seconds, or five hours. what we do know is that washoe county, steve mentioned there's a 10,000 ballots there that were favorable to cortez masto, but not quite as favorable as clark. they say they will be updated
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by 7:30 hour time. that is 10:30 your time. so, get on your red bulls, or whatever your caffeine glimmering system is, on the east coast, you're gonna be a plate. and then, we know there's some rural nevada ballots that are still left out there, five or 6000, which are going to help laxalt. he may gain 2000 or so from there. but, if the clark county ballots come out the way that they have been, then she is going to take a 4000 or 5000 vote lead in the state, and it's gonna be very difficult for laxalt to catch up. >> john, you know, we're talking about the numbers. we're gonna wait for the numbers. you gave us a great analysis of how this may break, but in our business, we also part of the words and the sentiment of the candidates. i am curious based on your reporting, and the reporting of your colleagues at the nevada independent, what is the mood like in the adam laxalt campaign? if i'm reading his twitter feed, which i hope is that correct
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now, with all the twitter verifications that are out there, i don't know who's verified anymore. but assuming he is who he is, but assuming it is his twitter feed, he has signaled an interesting tone that i think sounds like he sees the writing on the wall. >> it's absolutely fascinating, isn't it? i mean, someone in the laxalt campaign can do math. and so, they can see what is happening. and you know, what is interesting, adam laxalt has been on fox, saying that she can't catch up. there aren't enough votes out there. and then, suddenly, out of the blue, his latest, as you pointed out, suggested, it doesn't look good, that unless these are all republican precincts, that they are getting in clark county, that is probably going to lose. but this is a guy who was the chief election denier in nevada in 2020, and cried fraud. and as you know, president trump has been out there saying there's fraud in clark county, and of course, there is no
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evidence of that. and yet, laxalt has said none of that. it's not quite a concession, but it's essentially some of a rave, but it's a concession for the math that's out there. now, we don't know, we gotta wait for the votes to be counted, but all the trends are going against him. and he clearly realizes that. >> that's not something that donald trump candidate would do to kind of send that message out, first of all, on twitter, and second of all with this kind of like, it's getting tight, and we'll see how it goes -- >> but i wonder, jon, whether that's the lesson from this week for a number of republicans, right? the election denial thing did not deliver the punch that many people expected. i was told to remind people, deng, 109 or something election deniers have won office across the country, but a lot they didn't. and a lot kept positions, and senior positions, secretaries of state, attorneys general, governors and senators, did not. and maybe the laxalt campaign, or maybe adam laxalt is thinking, if i am like, in
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future politics, this is not the wagon i want to hit myself into. the election denial thing is not a winning formula as i thought it was. >> i think that's exactly right, ali, that is exactly the calculation that he's made. you know, there were a couple, even more election deniers on the statewide ballot. we have one of the worst in the country running for secretary of state. he lost. we had another one running for state treasurer, she lost. and so, laxalt clearly saw that. he saw what happened across the country with all these election deniers. and he does want a political future. so, maybe, it's a quote, a democrat from long ago, he's trying to maintain his viability within the political system. >> go ahead -- >> sorry, hey, jon, it is jonathan in washington. so, following ayman's lead, i went to adam laxalt's verified twitter account, and below his bit of signaling is another story where he is we tweeting a
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story from the daily mail, saying laxalt, preparing to ask for recount. he quotes, that we treat, this is totally and completely false. so dealing with this reality, but it's the word we count. we talked about that in the last hour. i'd love for you to tell our viewers, let's say he were to say, i want to recount. what are the rules and nevada? >> so, there is no automatic week out in nevada, jonathan. and of course, the law is so broad here, it seems so nevada and someone, that anyone can ask for a recount. you can lose 90 to 10, and ask for a recount. things like that. things like that have happened. so, the last senate race on which there was a recount, was when henry read defeated johnson in 1998, and ended up being 428 folks. but recounts almost never change the outcome. i mean, these are done by machines, despite what some people who are in adam laxalt campaign might think they are not italian satellites,
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controlling voting machines. and there are not hooked up to the internet. so, recount is not going to change much. the interesting thing about the daily mail story, as you know, that is a tabloid. in britain, that exposed the two war factions within laxalt's campaign. it's one of the few candidates who's been embraced by trump and mcconnell. and that was clearly the trump people, trying to blame the mcconnell people for what has happened in laxalt campaign. and it was quite a spectacle. >> john ralston, i would ask you this. because a lot of our viewers are sitting and thinking, why are we talking about nevada. they wouldn't have thought that on saturday after amateur, that would be looking at the fight for control of u.s. senate. what happened in nevada that katherine cortez masto is in this position that she has not won as of saturday night? >> well, first of all, ali, i am talking about nevada every saturday night. >> [laughter] >> listen, we are
4:16 pm
a purple state. she is not that a well-known senator. joe biden's numbers here are terrible. you know, our economy got crushed by covid, where, you know, the economy shut down the largest -- for a couple of months, and you're gonna have a real problem, because that's the engine that drives the entire state. and that actually caused the governor, i think, his reelection. and she always run a point or two in front of that governor, steve sisolak. but she ran a really, really good campaign, ali. even though republicans were impressed. the media against adam laxalt was very sharp and poignant. she was very disciplined. and she essentially did what she does as a u.s. senator. she just worked a very, very hard, including trying to coalesce his, the spanish vote at the end, because i think it was distressing to her campaign, and the democrats here, to see the first latina ever elected to the u.s. senate, not be able to get the hispanic community to come out and vote for her.
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john, we appreciate you talking about nevada all the time. [laughter] >> as it should be. >> we might need you to do it more for us as the evening goes on. john ralston at the nevadan independent, possibly one of the most important informed people of the politics of that state. alicia, you are just there, i want to get a sense of what you sensed two weeks ago, i think, right? >> what i sense is that as johnson, the economy was front of mine, it is a lot of people don't feel that they were hit particularly hard economic by the pandemic. another thing they heard about was housing, when otherwise we don't talk about that often in polling and such as, the core economic concern. it's very emotional for people, the anxiety, if you can't has your family, if we can provide a basic need -- as we talked about in a variety of states, even if people were talking about 16, even if they were talking about democracy, there was still some sense of,
4:18 pm
some of these candidates are way too far out there for me, and that, if cortez masto is able to pull this out tonight, i think that's one element that was there. i also found her adds very effective. i heard voters parroting back to me part of her ads. i said, while evil for her? because she cares, which is the big defining and message. it's not enough that she is the first latina u.s. senator. what matters is that background, that lived experience means that i know what your life is like, and i care what your life is like, and i know how to put that into action. i think that was a big part of it towards the end there. you wanna talk about arizona? let's talk about arizona, a key victory for democrats, adrian fontes will be arizona's next secretary of state, defeating republican election denier, mark finchem. arizona secretary of state -elect, adrian fontes joins us now. indian, congratulations to you. i was interviewing joscelyn
4:19 pm
benson a few weeks ago, and i was asking if election deniers win, what does that mean for democracy, and she said, it be a five alarm fire. do you think that fire has been extinguished? >> i think the fire has not only been extinguished, i think the idea of trumpism has been rebuked pretty somali. it's incredibly important that we realize that the threat was real. it remains real. we still have folks since they asked this, still have here in an undecided governor's race and attorney general's race. this is still a problem in the united states of america. the fact that we are so close as against election denialism and these authoritarian forces, it's something way to take very, very seriously. so my victory, joscelyn's victory, cisco's victory in nevada, those things are what they are, but we have a much
4:20 pm
bigger problem that requires a much deeper and more serious conversation. >> when we talk 12 hours ago, we call jury, as a victory. i pick it's just thing to see in the context of what john -- adam laxalt managing expectations about what happened. 12 hours ago, you told me that you guys have called iris. i have not yet because i am a guy that cares about counting all the votes. where are you on that right now? the believe that you will be the next secretary of state in arizona? >> i believe statistically, that's the highest likelihood but mathematically, anything can happen and i respect the voters, i respect the process. and it's a funny thing. i had to tell you guys, the idea of instant gratification that everybody is on pins and needles trying to figure out what will happen, we can be exasperated, or we can wait until the process is done and
4:21 pm
then be done. in my view, that's the best way to look at these things. processes take time. these election officials are doing the right thing, they're doing a carefully, diligently, and the added pressure really does not help. frankly, it feeds into the lie, the big lie that has been defeated in many cases by voters. i hope that cooler heads will prevail. i hope that we will slowly but surely come to the realization that the market see is far too valuable to be looked at merely as a horse race. that we had to know the results of immediately. we should respect the process of the folks actually doing the work. >> i wanted -- congratulations, i know the numbers are still being counted. you and i spoke a couple of weeks on my show before the actual election day, and i want to ask you a question i ask you back then to get a sense of whether or not now it's different, now that this victory is eminent, if it's crystallized for you, what you do from here. you talk about how to shore up our democracy, and now that the
4:22 pm
election deniers have lost and lost in a convincing way, they have been rebuked, as you said, what do you do on day one to ensure that the citizens of arizona have a stronger democracy in 2024 than what they have now? >> i think the first thing we do is open the process a little bit more. we're a little more transparent, a little more direct, and i think that we welcome any of those deniers into the process. a lot of the conspiracy theories merely come from a place of ignorance. it's either voluntary because they don't want to know, or they simply don't know. we know a lot of the conspiracy theories across the country are based in a lack of awareness on how systems are they work. for example, saying that if you don't have the whole thing counted right away, there must be something wrong, that's a misunderstanding at how the system works. it promotes the wrong way of looking at things. so, we have to change peoples perception by helping them
4:23 pm
understand that these are not very, very simple systems. it's complicated sometimes, particularly in larger voter jurisdictions. i used my iphone every single day, i don't know how the thing works on the inside, so does mystery sometimes have a lot of science, a lot of smart people behind them. >> if you figure it out, who let us know. but they were all in that simple. i will say, ali velshi still uses a blackberry from time to time. >> i respect the process, it takes time. >> arizona secretary of state-elect, adrian fuentes, always a pleasure. >> he said respect the process, he tweeted that this morning, respect the process. everyone says congratulations, you're winning, he said, respect the process. i think that's part of the point. because we think we'd like the results now, they will come, but it does feed into why aren't the results there, why haven't we count the ballots? >> people like donald trump ticket bandage that. i'm not saying that's a person we should ever listen to, but the problem is, as this is put out, what is he doing?
4:24 pm
he sowing down, so that becomes a toxic part of the process. you may have all the officials, adrian montes -- come out in's biggest transparently and clearly and consistently as possible about how the process plays out, but so long as you have a kari lake, a donald trump -- not much, just a tweet once in a while, casting doubt, people will run with it. that's happening where we lived to say an age. >> you know what, i will respect the process and tell folks that next, we get the latest from arizona and nevada from our reporters following all the wettest apartments on the ground. later, trump prepares to announce his run in two days, as his legal situation gets more precarious by the day. barbara mcquade is here to break it all down for us. down for us ♪♪ whenever heartburn strikes get fast relief with tums. it's time to love food back.
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here with my colleagues leishman and this, ayman mohyeldin, jonathan capehart and steve kornacki. let's head to the ground to the states for the latest in the swing states of nevada and arizona. nevada, of course, bomb to possibly determine control of the senate, maybe as early as this evening, maybe as early as this hour. our correspondents checking the latest. we start with vaughn hillyard, in arizona. i don't understand what is going on with you, ron. you are on tv every time i put it on. i don't know where your recharging your battery, but we have not got all the information we need of arizona. we have adrienne fontes as the secretary of state-elect. we have mark kelly as the senator reelect. we still don't have a decision on the attorney general, and we don't have a decision on the very, very closely watched governor theriot race. >> right, the battery has the last at least a couple more days until we know and determine what is happening, if i may, not in just the governor's race but the attorney general's race.
4:30 pm
the incumbent, a republican, a fellow election denier. here in the state of arizona, the certification process requires the governor and secretary of state and attorney general. his race is no tool to call against democrat christmas. you have to commissioner says here, which are part of the u.s. house member talking about, that could swing the balance of power one way or the other here. there is a lot at stake. we are talking about with adrian and the secretary of state elect their. mark finchem, the last couple of days, has been promoting various conspiracy theories. i had to tell you, one of them that major head swivel around was his questioning of how the republican state treasurer candidate, kimberly ye, had 100,000 more votes than any other republican statewide. candidates, it's important to know who is not on, but they were traveling around the state with the fellow election deniers, it was kimberly ye, somebody much more and a mold of a doug doocy, who back in 2018, when the state by 40
4:31 pm
percentage points. you have seen her her race for a secretary -- i should say for treasury here. at the same time, i got to tell you, 30 minutes from now, we could very well know whether katie hobbs is going to be the next governor of arizona here, in what would be quite a stunning, if we may, unexpected development. this was a republican candidate who thought that she had made a compelling argument to folks, especially in the rural parts of the state, that she was about the close ally you get to being donald trump but also as amenable to those maricopa county suburban voters, a little bit more of a refined image, somebody who could effectively communicate that she was somebody that understood -- what we look at the ballot drop tonight, if kari lake does not hit that 53 to 47 percentage point margin there, where she is beating hubs by six
4:32 pm
percentage points, it will be tough for her to close this gap here in this race, ali? >> what is your best bet as to when we are getting more substantial information from maricopa and from phoenix? >> we should be, they told us about 6 pm local, 8 pm eastern time is when we should expect those ballots to begin coming in here. so, if you are looking here at the clock, that is just about 30 minutes from now, here ali. >> all right, don't we charge the battery for any amount of time that six more than 30 minutes. it's like one of those fast electric vehicle charging stations. plug it in for 15 minutes, and we're gonna come back. >> the battery pack, ali. the battery pack. >> vaughn hillyard for us in phoenix. really taking the calling -- for nations, i guess is -- >> if he says he can do it, than he can do it. >> joining us now, let's go to msnbc host and former white house press secretary, jen psaki. jim, as someone -- so, as
4:33 pm
someone who worked in the obama administration, you've been around, after a midterm election, i am wondering what kinds of concert conversations are happening in the former white house press secretary, and the white house, what kind of conversations are happening right now within the administration, with this new terrain that they have, potentially, the democrats holding the senate, and potentially, the democrats holding the majority in the house. it wasn't supposed to be like this. >> you are right. you're absolutely right, jonathan. i mean, this was -- everybody in the white house right now is holding their breath, ready to issue a big sigh of relief. and if we get some results tonight, it is going to change the next two years for president biden. i mean, it will change who didn't get confirmed. it will change getting judges confirmed, which is a huge part of his legacy, a completed session of wrong claims. and they're just waiting for the results to come in.
4:34 pm
but this definitely changes their vibe, it changes their steps for the next several months, and even years. >> jen, and i ask you about something we start at the top of the show. and it was a little bit of speculation about that republican minority, if in fact they do maintain that, based on our nbc projection, base that they're gonna have possibly 219 give or take four seats. how does somebody like kevin mccarthy, if he is the leader govern, does that mean he will govern, if he is the 2019 majority choice, if you will? because we are talking about the freedom caucus, and just how fringe they are, and what kind of concessions they can exact from kevin mccarthy. do you see a way or democrats in the house could, you know, peel away a handful of votes to get their majority? >> they sure good. and the other issue, which is like a little -- but i just kind of want to go there right now -- >> absolutely. >> welcome! >> better at a safe table. kevin mccarthy has been against
4:35 pm
proxy voting, which means people voting from their home or from their districts. that is very hard to keep a caucus together for a vote. and if he continues to be against proxy voting, it means he needs all of his caucus in person to get things passed. that is very, very hard. so, obviously, the first thing to be, if they win the majority, whether he's gonna elected to be speaker, look after that, if he keeps the caucus together, there are already huge fissures over things like the debt limit, these are all batters, battles. and it's gonna be a massive, massive thing he's gonna be looking at, in the caucus. and that scenario margin. >> jonathan capehart, you have some thoughts on kevin mccarthy? >> oh boy do i have some thoughts on kevin mccarthy. look, let's say that republicans do take the majority in the house, whether it was 35 seats or one seat, i contend, and i wrote a column about this, it is going to have a very difficult time because
4:36 pm
of one person, donald trump. that donald trump has a very long memory, and he probably hasn't forgotten all those tapes that came out earlier this year where kevin mccarthy in the aftermath of january 6th, talking about donald trump going to step aside, and maybe we should look at the 25th amendment. jason miller coming out, with just the other day, jen, saying to steve bannon that mccarthy better get on board. do you -- >> a little warning there. >> yeah, what did you make of that? >> yeah, i think he is saying, look, donald trump has a long memory, as you said. and he is going to use the power, should he need to. and you better watch out, kevin mccarthy. what's interesting, though, on this flip side of this, jonathan, is there is also pushed by so many republicans to prevent donald trump from announcing his plan to run for president before a georgia runoff, which is also a view of
4:37 pm
how divided things are in this party. i mean, donald trump and his spokespeople are saying, we're gonna come get you, watch out. and then, the people in the party are trying to do everything they can to prevent donald trump from announcing his run. so, it's a bit of a mess at the thanksgiving table over there, i have to say. we'll see what happens. >> hey, it's an, one more question for you here. we spent a lot of time talking about the republicans and their leadership battles. but what kind of leadership battles are we going to see on the democratic side, whether or not they take the majority? >> well, this is a big question, jonathan. it's so interesting. i mean, we are four days past election, am i getting my days right? , yes, for days. yeah, we are four days passed an election. we don't know who the speaker of the house is going to be for next year. and that is pretty remarkable. now, speaker pelosi has said, she's kind of left the door open to stephanie, you know, she's made a decision. but she certainly could step
4:38 pm
down, that would be something that many democrats would expect. she does not maintain the majority, does not maintain the speakership. if she does, there will be a leadership race in the house. i think many democrats -- hakeem jeffries would be the candidate, and with support for that. but there is a lot of steps before that happens. there is also mr. clyburn. there is mr. hoyer who have been stalwart in the party for many years. so, there's going to be a lot happening on democratic side and the house leadership election, as well. and that's going to have a potentially generational generational change, different leadership, potentially. but we don't know. we don't know who control the house, and what speaker pelosi 's plans are. >> jen psaki, thank you for spending some of your saturday night with us. >> thank you. >> all right, let's bring in nbc's stephanie gosk standing by with some news in las vegas. stephanie, what you got for us? >> hey, alicia, you know, everyone has been asking the same question, what are we gonna hear, what are we gonna hear, what are we gonna hear?
4:39 pm
unfortunately, we are not getting any real specific answers here, right? we've been giving this two and a half hour window here in clark county for that 22,000 vote drop to happen. washoe county says it will be, maybe, half an hour after that, or an hour after that. but they are not entirely certain. what's interesting, and what we should keep an eye on, obviously, listening to steve kornacki earlier, there is a possibility that these ballots go, these mail-in ballots and break the way they've been breaking for cortez masto all week, but she could end up with a substantial lead by the end of today. but we need to watch that lead. we need to see how big it is, and if it is not as big as has been trending, then you could find this state in a situation where you really have to move on to the next votes next week, and the race remains on called. and of those votes, they're gonna be looking at those ballots that need to be cured, and provisional ballots. >> stephanie gosk, i think we're gonna see more of you this evening. thank you so much for taking the time.
4:40 pm
do not go anywhere. i have to take it over to steve kornacki and the big board. >> yes, so we have been following this race for control of the house. again, the nbc news estimate now, republicans landing in just 219 seats, one above what they need for a majority with a plus or minus range there of four seats, meaning the democrats have a path, we've been saying, to maintain the majority in the house. i was taking you through it earlier. the uncalled races here, there are 21 of them democrats need to win 50. and to get to 218, it's gonna have to include some upsets. in the last minute, nbc news decision desk has called an upset for the democrats. the third district in washington state. this is the other clark county that we've all been keeping our eyes on tonight. there is a clark county in this district that is key. we've got numbers out of their. we've got numbers from more republican friendly parts of the district. and the bottom line, marie perez, the democrat, nbc news is projecting will defeat republican joe can't. this is a significant political
4:41 pm
upset. the back story here is this was a republican held seat. jamie herrera beutler was the republican incumbent. she was one of the ten republican house members to vote to impeach donald trump. she was ousted in a republican primary -- a primary in washington, they do a little bit system there, but she was ousted by joe kent. joe kent who echoes trump's claims about 2020 has now been defeated in this district. this is a significant upset, and as i said, if democrats are going to actually get 2 to 18, and not fall just short of it, this is exactly the kind of district they have to win. and so, with that victory for democrats. the count now is 211, republican seats. and 204 democratic seats. that leaves 20 uncalled races. the magic number for democrats to get control of the house, now falls to 14. the magic number for
4:42 pm
republicans to get control is seven. we now have 20 uncalled races. you are looking at all of them right here. if democrats can find 14 victories on this list, they will be chain control of the house. >> so, to recap, jamie her about lure got picked off during a primary because, in part, because she had supported the 1/6 committee. and now -- >> and impeaching donald trump. >> -- and impeaching donald trump. and now, the person who kicked her off has lost that race. so that then contributes to this broader narrative and this broader question -- >> about when he goes and win -- >> no, it does not when. it is not winning all these races, but it's voters rebuking this idea that things have to be this way, right? that you can't ask questions, you can't hold people accountable for the things that they do. >> so, that's gotta influence whether it's given mccarthy, or someone else. jonathan capehart, you know,
4:43 pm
continues to raise this question. but that's the difficulty of kevin mccarthy becoming the leader, if the republicans take the house. because there is a lot of crazy. there is a lot of people who want to impeach joe biden. there is a lot of people who want to do all sorts of things that don't feel like governing. and once again, in the third district in washington state, there is a message that says, we'd like a little bit of normal. >> right. and given mccarthy, let's say that they do get joining teen seeds, and the republicans are the majority. and given mccarthy actually comes the speaker of the house. the question we have to ask is, what concessions did he make with the house freedom caucus, in order to get their votes, so that he can get the gavel? . what are the, what are some of the decisions that he may be handed over to them? some of the votes he's promised to make? maybe he says, look, we'll give you impeachment of, say, secretary mayorkas of homeland
4:44 pm
security. if you give me your votes. that kind of trading by kevin mccarthy to get the speakers gavel is something that we have to pay attention to. look, if the republican majority where, you know, 35 seats, governed mccarthy could thumb his nose at the house freedom caucus. he could thumb his nose at a lot of the members of his caucus. but if it is down to single digits, and especially, if it is down to one or two seats, if given mccarthy wants to be speaker of the house, he's gonna have to give a lot away in order to get those votes. >> what more does time and have left to give, jonathan? >> you know what? we don't know. that's the thing. the scary thing is, let us say he does do it. when we find out, it's most likely gonna be a doozy. >> i just don't see how anyone can make the argument that trumpism and trump was not defeated in this particular election -- >> crucially, except for donald trump, donald trump jr., stephen miller, and a bunch of
4:45 pm
people around them, no one else is making that argument. >> i could make that argument to you -- >> that donald trump is -- >> i think if you are now really defining trumpism as election denialism, then, yes. i think if you're looking more broadly at the way in which he has shifted the center of our politics, then, no. because, to me, ron desantis, he is putting immigrants on planes to martha's vineyard. that is an act of clarity, straight off the stephen miller playbook. he is rejecting science. he has a 15-week abortion in the state. he has election gilles. there is election denialism, and then, there is setting up a task force in your state that only succeeds in catching voters in the act of voting. i mean, there is more than one way to undermine free and fair elections. i hear you, jonathan. >> you're bringing me the church. you're absolutely right. trumpism isn't just election
4:46 pm
denialism, it is they don't say gay bill. it's railing against so called critical race theory, and not being taught in schools. it's all those things that donald trump champion, that people who are much more politically sophisticated, much more politically savvy to get done, that's why governor desantis, that's why governor youngkin are two people who've been talked about as possible challengers to donald trump. they are donald trump with a smile, policy wise. >> the point that i was gonna make to what you were saying about the definition of trumpism versus trump is one of the biggest motivating factors, and certainly, democrats tried to convey this in their campaign throughout the season, was the threat to democracy that trumpism poses. and the election denialism was at the underlying factor in that. it was because people or denying an election, it was because candidates were going out saying, this would be the last time a republican loses in
4:47 pm
wisconsin. it was the people who are saying, we will never lose another seat. that, for me, was what was the most extreme part of trumpism. and so, when i look at what has just happened in the race that steve was talking about, and as you pointed out, you know, i think it was oregon, right? or washington? washington, excuse me. that seat symbolizes that. you had a person who voted for impeaching donald trump. she gets removed as a result of a more extreme candidate. that extreme candidate, a republican, who does not believe, election denialism, joe kent. and then what happens? the republic says, we're not gonna go on that road with election denialism. >> i don't disagree with what you said. but i think when we're talking about actual reckoning, part of what we saw with trumpism was some of the ugliest parts -- the quiet parts being set out loud. the hope that going back to being quite, the hope was that there was would actually move that out. >> i guess the issue, of all the bad stuff that republican
4:48 pm
party now represents is a cupcake, the frosting was election denialism. and that has melted. or at least that may be melting. but you still have a cupcake of a lot of nonsense, of all the stuff that jonathan talked about, don't say gay, immigration, getting used to exist. if you remember, it was not a mainstream of the republican party. >> critical race theory -- >> how they're gonna turn your children black and clear at the same time, by reading books! >> it's the only cupcake i have never been interested in. thank you for that. >> i have never seen an attempt to make a cupcake look so bad in my life. >> hey, ali, speaking of black and queer, here i am! i want to point something out. i want to point something out. >> did you get that from reading a book is the question -- >> no, but listen to this. here is something that we failed to mention about kathleen herrera beutler. she is the person who confirmed the conversation that kevin
4:49 pm
mccarthy had with president trump on january 6th. that would put a big target on her back by mccarthy, by the former president. so, the fact that she got defeated in the primary, and the person who defeated her has been defeated is big. >> yeah, it is a very big deal. it happened a couple of other times, the. peter meijer's race, in illinois, something very similar happen. different story though, because the democrats and that case, and a number of other races were going after the more radical republican candidate to win. and i'm very mixed about that. we can discuss that later. i think it is a risky strategy supporting crazy people getting elected to congress. but there are a lot of people's smarter than me and more experienced without it was actually a smart thing to do. let's take a break. coming up, we're gonna have much more reporting, as control of the congress hangs of the ballots control of the house and control of the senate, we are waiting. we are expecting ballots to come in from nevada that may give us much more clarity on
4:50 pm
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>> welcome back. i am ali velshi, here with my colleagues alicia menendez, ayman mohyeldin, jonathan capehart,, and over there is steve kornacki. -- their first button. we're gonna go there anytime. as we see on the screen, our great friend simone sanders, and our colleague simone sanders. simone, we last talked to you on tuesday night. this group last talk to you on tuesday night, or sunday night, i think. >> yes, sunday. >> much has changed, that was like 19 weeks ago in politics, right? it's like dog years. we are in a different world where tonight, steve kornacki just told us there was an upset in washington three, which does put -- it's not the statistical likelihood, but it does put democrats within striking distance of retaining control of the house, and a better than striking distance of retaining control of the senate, which is
4:55 pm
what we are waiting for now with a call in nevada that could come in the course of the next few hours. what do you make of what has happened? >> so, ali, when i'm looking on the screen right now, and i see the difference was 4621 votes in that congressional district in washington state, this is remarkable. if you just think about the margins, they are very small. and as i have traveled across the country, as you have, i know you are in michigan. that ayman has been traveling, jonathan as well as alicia. you talk to people and they say, i don't know if i'm gonna vote. i don't know if the vote matters. you know, can i make a difference? and the american people are making a difference here, these very small margins are key. that is why turnout from young people is so important. what we've seen in these college towns across the country. but i am very struck, especially when we are talking about races where election deniers were on the ballot, races of people who have literally espoused agreeing
4:56 pm
with the fact that women should be jailed for potentially having a lifesaving care that they need, or the health care that they need, if it's an abortion, that doctors should be jailed or punish. that there are people who voted for those folks in these races. in these races, the margin of people who said they're gonna stand for democracy are small. and i think that is something we're gonna have to really think about and wrestle with over the next next couple of weeks. >> for symone, i'm so glad you brought up young people, because i had a note to bring it up, but i just haven't gotten to it yet. it's both that they were young, but they're also an entire generation whose political thought has been shaped, both by the reality of what they've seen in schools, by the economy they've grown up in, what they've seen from political leadership, they came out in huge numbers, right? so, if you are a republican, you might be talking about kevin mccarthy, and who has the speakership, and what your legislative agenda is for the next year. i am interested in the next 20
4:57 pm
years. i'm interested in this question of whether or not you have one of the two main political parties that is asking themselves, do we need to we work our agenda, our ideology, to understand that there is a large growing electorate? half of gen z is not even eligible to vote yet. i mean, when they fully come to political power, they are ready a force to be reckoned with, they're gonna be a real problem for republicans. >> i, mean to say the least, let's bold and underline what you just said. at least, when you think about it, people talk about young people in america, and it's very important that we talk about two different types of young people. we have millennials, and the oldest movie nails right now are 35, 36 years old. i am 33 years old. i'm emily new, right? and one born before 1997, in this particular group, and then, you've got the people younger than millennials. that is the gen z. the folks younger than millennials, i heard you talk about this on nichols show the other day, alicia.
4:58 pm
these are young people who instead of doing fire drills, they have done shooter drills. and so, the issue of guns is a very salient point for these young people. we talk about climate, right? you know, the president just wrapped his appearance at cop27 in egypt. our world is on fire. parts of america were literally burning months ago. france was literally on fire months ago. this issue of climate, what we have a world to live in? it is something that gen z will have to contend with. and so, the climate piece was very important. i talk to organizers from sunrise who are critical and getting their membership, not just engaged in this election, but also, driving people to the polls they themselves vote in. sunrise is a group that has been an ally and an agitator of this white house of this president. this is a key issue, and i really don't think we've begun to really unpack the impact of that climate legislation that the president has passed, they are backed of what he has done on student debt relief, and how we have republican attorney
4:59 pm
generals in this country right now moving to curb that relief. that does not send a good message to young people. if you really want these votes, you have to look at what they are voting for, and what is turning them out. >> and i want to add this to your point, quickly, which is part of the reason, i'm not a pulse, there are 21 of the reasons i've seen people explain over the last couple of days, the polls were a little bit off was because the youth vote, the gen z vote, these were people, as somebody on twitter pointed out, with rather pick up a painless when it can answer an unknown phone call on their cell phone. so, they were basically not going to answer a call from a number they did not know. and that's perhaps why they did not show up both in the enthusiasm and the motivating factor in the early polls that were predicting a red wave. they turned out to the polls, and obviously, as symone, in many of these cases, they were deciding, if not the deciding factor in some of these races. they were able to reverse this red wave. but most people did not see it coming. >> it is something i know we're
5:00 pm
waiting for results out of nevada, and out of arizona. one of the things i'm watching for arizona's got thrown today, which is motivating a lot of young people to come out and vote. it's a position that will allow instate position for -- >> all right, we are here until something happens. [laughter] >> the bottom line is, something is gonna happen. some things are in the works. we're expecting votes out of maricopa county in arizona, which help me determine the gubernatorial race and the attorney general raise their. we are awaiting certain results that are still coming in on house votes, the house with has become, look at that on your screen, it has become very, very close. the projection, plus or minus four seats, of democrats of 260, republicans of 219. 218 is the number you need to control the house. and of course, united states senate. a new hour of election coverage begins right now. ection coverag begins ♪ ♪ ♪


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