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tv   Yasmin Vossoughian Reports  MSNBC  November 13, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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>> hi everybody, i'm yasmin visacki, and welcome back. if you are just joining, us welcome. if you're still with, us thank you for sticking around. the senate remains a democratic hands now. and for at least the next two years, a victory in nevada, giving the party the 50 votes they need to hold. on one of the georgia runoff would now be icing on the cake, and a 51 senate vote for the biden agenda. the house, still undecided. the nbc news projected has tightened, still has republicans more likely to gain control but with a margin of error of four seats, democrats won't need much to pull off an upset for the ages. the washed away red, waves leading to furious finger-pointing at donald trump on the republican side. this morning on the sunday shows. well democrats from the top on down were basking in the glow
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of their victory. >> so, i feel good, i'm looking forward to the next couple of years. >> when democrats deliver, democrats win. we got out, there we fought for working people, that's the heart and soul of the democratic party. and the voters said yeah, that's what we want. >> our democracy was on the ballot. our plan it was on the ballot. our personal freedom was on the ballot. the three issues, very important to young voters. and they were very important in our success in this election. >> those who are most closely aligned with the former president underperformed. those who are talk about the future, who manage their states well, they overperformed. >> the national stuff happening, i think that's quite a lot of folks. it's extremism that's out there. that's what this was, a rejection of that extremism. >> what is our plan? what are we running on? what are we stand for? what are we hell-bent to get done? there is no plan to do that, the leadership in the republican senate says you know,
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we can't get a, plan we're just going to run against how bad the democrats are. and then they actually cave into the democrats. >> we want to start with that major wind out of nevada last night, four senator katherine cortez masto. of, course the democratic party as a whole. and bc protecting they will in fact secure enough seats to fend off the gop's challenge to the majority in the senate. want to bring in nbc's stephanie -- on the ground for us in las vegas, nevada. good to talk to you once again. how are dems there on the ground? how are they viewing, reacting to this win for catherine cortez masto? >> well, as you can imagine, they're thrilled. it comes after a bit of a sting. they lost the gubernatorial race here to a republican challenger, joe lombardo, who ran kind of a moderate race. and he stole the seat from the democrats, steve sisolak. here in nevada, you have that example of someone running a moderate race on that winning. then in the case of the senate, race you had adam laxalt, it was very closely aligned with
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trump. in, fact was part of his team that challenged the election two years ago with those allegations that proved unfounded when it came to widespread fraud in the state. that was the challenger for catherine cortez masto. what we saw is that she beat him. it took a little while, election day laxalt was ahead. they counted the mail-in ballots in cortez masto surged into a league that can no longer be challenged by laxalt. she had this to say during her victory speech. >> -- >> the victory is for nevada and all of us, all of the hard work that we've put into it. this election, this election nevadans rejected the far-right politicians working to divide us. we rejected their conspiracies, their attacks on our workers and their efforts to restrict our freedoms. good >> she also thanked those
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people that helped put her over the top, including the unions and the latinos and the state. she was the first latino woman senator to be elected in 2016, now she's been reelected. >> stephanie gosk flores, thank you staff, good to talk to you again. over to capitol hill from nevada. reactions to democrats securing the majority in the senate airport. in this morning and be depressed, my colleague chuck todd spoke with senator elizabeth warren. this is what she had to say. >> in fact, look, donald trump, with his preening and his selection of truly awful candidates, didn't do his party any favors. but this victory belongs to joe biden. it belongs to joe biden the democrats got out there had fought for working people. the things we did were important and popular. the presidents leadership put us in a position every candidate, up and down the ballot, to talk about what democrats fight for and what we deliver on.
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and by doing that, we were able to address the values and the economic security of people across this country. and it sure paid off, it paid off at historic levels. >> let's bring in now nbc's sahil kapoor for more on this. i want to start if we can with something your reporting, i know you looked at trump's impact on the midterms and how things went. what did you find? >> yasmin, it's unlike anything we've seen before in modern times. this election, the 2022 election, amazingly turned out to be as much a rejection of a defeated former president, who still continues to dominate his party, as it was a rejection of a current incumbent president, joe biden, who is not popular in most swing states. what we found in our exit polls nationally and across swing states is that voters voted at almost a similar rate to reject republican candidates because of donald trump, then they did with joe biden to vote against democrats, 32% said their vote
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was to oppose joe biden. 23% said their vote was to oppose donald trump. you can guess how they voted. [inaudible] -- pursuant for democrats -- previous party out of power ended up winning independents by double digits. this time, the party in power narrowly won in key states like arizona pennsylvania. we also found our exit polls showed voters voted against the republican candidates there, who lost. and large part to show their opposition to donald trump. both of those candidates were handpicked by donald trump. of course in the house, they are are crucial races that republicans would've posted two but the members are had voted to impeach donald trump and were defeated primaries by republicans who went on to lose democrats. that includes washington third, district jamie herrera beutler. the republican hula beat her just last to democrat marie perez. -- peter meijer voted to impeach donald trump.
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the republican, john gibbs, who defeated him, lost to the democrat hillary shelton. you had it all up in the number of republican straddles i've talked to say they had a real trump problem here. the question is what the party does about it. >> yeah, what the party does about it. i want to pivot if we can also to senator schumer, in his plan going forward. now retaining control of the senate and remaining leader of the senate as well. what does the senate majority look like, and what does it mean for the courts? >> right, well, democrats will either have 50 seats or 51 seeds. when we are, another they will control the chamber they will move full speed ahead on confirming judges. as has been a major product of the biden white house, as well as chuck schumer over the last two years. they have confirmed 84 judges picked by president biden, including one justice, ketanji brown jackson, to the supreme court. senator schumer told me last night in a statement, let's put this on the screen, quote, we have two more years of a senate democratic majority. we will build on a historic pace of judicial confirmations that ensure the federal bench
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better reflects the diversity of america. he's talking not just about personal ethnic diversity, although he does mean more women, more black, asian, latino americans on the bench. but he's also talking about professional diversity. which has been a paradigm shift of the biden white house. more civil rights, where is more public defenders on the courts. this means two more years of a clear runway for democrats to confirm biden picked judges without any threat of republican obstruction. >> let's move to the house if we, can from the senate, scio. and talk, about as it still uncalled, the state of play there. >> it is so tight right now, yasmin. our latest projections of republicans likely to get to 8 to 19 seat majority. that leaves 216 seats for democrats. but, there's still a window here. there's a number of seats that are uncalled, about 20 seats we have yet to call. and democrats have to win most of them. they still have a, shot we are not ready, our decision desk isn't, to call the house of
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representatives for republicans. it's going to come down to a few seats here and there. a couple notable's here, california's 31st district, east of los angeles, riverside. the district was redrawn to include palm springs and the republican, here can caliber, who has represented that area for three decades and a neck and neck, fight just 2000 votes ahead of his democratic opponent. with lots more votes to be counted. colorado's third district, lauren boebert, the maga republican, it's clear on to a lead of 1100 votes. what more provisional ballots, overseas, ballots military ballots still coming in. this race could be headed to a runoff. i would keep my eyes on these two races. if the democrats end up sweeping both of, them they could be in a good position here to pull off a miracle, from their perspective, and will control the house of representatives. >> sahil kapur for us. as always, appreciate it. want to bring in now if we can, robert gibbs, who served as press secretary under president obama and is now an msnbc political analyst. robert, thank you for joining us on, this we appreciate it.
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i want to read for you something that matthew dowd put out there about potential control of the house. and senate. and i want to get you to weigh in on this. he said this, i know dams want to win the house, but if you just look at this from purely a political election standpoint, the best result we get to 2024 is holding the senate and having the gop have a house barely. gop will be in total disarray as a majority, and dams can highlight. what do you make of this kind of strategy here? and this reflection from matthew dowd? >> i thought this argument from a few, friends even overtaxed this morning, yasmin. i thank my cynical self agrees with matthew. if you look back in history, 1994 gave us 1996. 2010 gave us 2012. i think, if republicans control the house, the likelihood that the extremism that democrats
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fared well against in the 2022 elections would be even greater as we moved toward 2024. obviously, the downside of losing the house is it's almost impossible to get legislative work done. and we know that the house is planning a raft of just, quite frankly, crazy things in terms of investigations and impeachments. i could see both sides of, this honestly. i think matthew's argument is one of pure politics. and from that, perspective it's probably right. >> you think republicans in the house, if they gain a majority, are still going to pursue possible investigations against the president, considering that repudiation against the former president, donald trump, and all of his conspiracy theories and election denialism? >> yeah, because i think, if republicans control the house, they are likely to be trump year than they were in the last congress. i don't think they'll be able,
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quite frankly, to stop or change on a dime. i think the base of the party is still very loyal to donald trump. i think donald trump, they're going to see as having helped a lot of them get elected to congress. and i don't think they're going to change a lot of the ways. they still haven't dealt with the dobbs ruling, and what that has meant for this election. i don't see that there is a lot that they could change. i think they're going to go full steam ahead. you saw even republicans in the senate suggesting today that going along with some of the bipartisan bills like infrastructure we're basically giving into democrats. so, if that is your view five days after the election, imagine what it will be in five months. >> even if it was, by the way, good for americans. i want to read this great headline from the washington post. democrats in a ray, question
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mark? there is a thriving industry, as they write, on the right, left and center that tries to do -- there is also last week's election have defied history with the party maintain control of the senate is somehow chasing a long shot at the house. our dems finally getting credit here, robert? the credit they deserve, considering the results we have seen of the midterm elections? >> you, now i think so. if, and as we start farther and farther back from election day, we realize just how historic tuesday was. the last two, times the only two times, really, in 90 years or so when the party in power bucked a mid term elections. 1998 in 2002. this democratic president had an approval rating in the upper 60s, the republican president in the mid 60s. to think about what this election means historically, i
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think it's only going to get stronger again as we go farther and farther from it. so, i do you think, if you look at where the party is both the sit right now, it's really republicans that are in that circular firing squad. in a place where i think many democrats thought the party would be at this time, a week ago. >> so, it's fascinating. because your former boss, former president barack obama, essentially got out there on the campaign trail, early in his element there, talking about how this was a fight for democracy. a lot of folks kind of got on board with that, and voters really made that clear that that was incredibly important to them in the exit polling that we saw. with the midterm election results. and there really was a rejection of election deniers as a whole, especially folks that were in a position to help decide the election results in any state. and here is what the new york times says. they halted a planned by some allies of former president donald j trump in other
12:15 pm
influential donors to take over the election apparatus in critical states before the 2024 presidential election. i'm wondering though, for looking ahead to 2024 we know president bush will be out there with former president obama as well. talking about this very issue again, the fight for democracy. if this is something they can ride all the way through 2024 to make this an issue, top of mind for voters? i think so because i think tuesday prove just how important this issue is to people. just how much goes into this idea of being inside or outside of the mainstream. you look at a lot of the exit polling, 33% of some states, maybe a third of voters, do not think joe biden is a duly elected president of the united states. that leaves two thirds of voters who have rejected that idea. the idea that republicans are going to continue with this
12:16 pm
theory and frame basically picking one third over two thirds, it doesn't take a mathematician to realize that that is not a good electoral strategy. i do think so that this is not something that is going to be cemented. the idea of perpetuating or strengthening our democracy in just one election cycle. i think it is a message you are going to hear from democrats, independents, and republicans alike as we go forward. >> robert -- always good to talk to you. thank you. all right, let's head south to georgia, if we can, everybody. an ongoing event -- on going for raphael warnock. over the next couple of weeks we will be seeing a runoff in early december. a baby at this event, let's listen to what is being said. here >> i honor my life to represent you in the united states senate. to not voters to vote. it means someone else is going to speak on your behalf. i don't want anyone else speaking for me. i love you, i am honored to represent you in the united states senate!
12:17 pm
i'm proud that i have been able to secure six billion dollars for historically black colleges. so far and counting! i know, personally, the impact that the schools have. i am working hard to bring more pell grants and support for our students. i love you. keep the faith! keep looking up. election day is december 6th. take care, everybody. >> obviously it is just the beginning of a tense couple of weeks between herschel walker and raphael warnock. you can see him there at morehouse college. -- , rapper, the baby, was there as well. things will become much more contentious to that runoff election on december 3rd if i'm not mistaken. hold on, everybody. the senate race in arizona may have been decide about the race for governor is still too close to call. a live report on the count --
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everybody. we want to make a quick correction. i mentioned the runoff between rafael warnock and herschel walker. that is happening on december six, not december 3rd. it is tuesday, december 6th. just a couple of weeks from now. certainly a lot going on in the state of georgia between now and then with the stakes so high, of course. with that, i want to go to arizona. democratic carry -- over kari lake in the race for governor there. according to nbc news the decision desk is still too close to call. nbc news is covering this. vaughn, good to talk to you once again. take us how things are on the ground at this hour? how close of a race with this have to be in order to trigger a recount? >> there is a decent chance we are headed in that direction
12:23 pm
here. in the state of arizona, it takes the race coming to half a percentage point in order to declare an automatically going. i will let you hear directly from the mayor chairman bill gates talking about that potential scenario facing us. take a listen. >> so, this question with respect to the automatic recount, arizona law there has actually been a change in that. it used to be we would only have an automatic recount if the margin was 0.1%. so, it was very rare, very rare. we did have one in the primary and a justice of the peace race. it was very rare. now it has gone, again state legislatures change the law in this session. going from 0.1% 0.5. if it is within half a percent, we will have an automatic recount. when you look at the batteries of that came down last night, you saw kari lake --
12:24 pm
incrementally, began to tighten up this margin. at the same point, we were expecting out of last night's result, yasmin, for her to need to get somewhere around 53% really make the strong compelling case of being in the ball game. of the 80,000 ballots that were dropped she earned 51.8% down here. what this means is in these drops that come up ahead, we still have upwards of 300,000 ballots around the state that have yet to be tabulated. -- it is becoming more difficult for her. because these last results the past two did not meet the mark where she, to really feel comfortable about being in a truly neck and neck race, it's going to have to expand the lead in the margin by -- republicans are making the case here that the ballots that have been tabulated so far over the last 48 hours trying to add more blue. they came from more blue pockets of mayor coppa county. the first ballots here in the facility. among the ballot drops in the
12:25 pm
maricopa county chairman has made the case that it is a mix from across the county here. when we have said over the last days we have been waiting for these drop to comes. we believe they would show us trend lines and where we believe this election is going. it is important to go through the ballot counting process. automatically we will know where this race lands. especially if it is within half a percentage point. if it does go to that recount you are looking at the middle of december before that recount will be decided. >> how are folks in arizona reacting to this election still being in question for their governor? >> how about this, folks are talking about it. number one, people are engaged in the governor's race like i've never seen before in the state. anecdotally from friends and family that in messaging me, who could usually care less about the -- last night i went to the hotel to check in, the woman asked if i was there for the elton john concert. now, unfortunately, i'm here for about counting.
12:26 pm
oh, is kari lake gonna pull off a win? you have to figure it out in a few days. we are still sunday, it is still playing! out >> elton john doesn't kind of fun. i have got to. say [laughs] if only you are able to sneak in a concert while you are there on a work assignment. thank you so much. i appreciate. it >> up next, can you imagine having to support donald trump again if he's the nominee of your party? >> our party should be about the future. i think our next candidate will be looking to the future, not the past. >> how republicans are adopting the rules of dodgeball to avoid talking about former president donald trump's place within the party. >> just remember the five deese of dodgeball dodge duck dip dive in dodge. r they can use less. sweet pillows of softness! this is soft!
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performance by republicans in the midterm and caused by his own party to delay, donald trump is still expected to hold an event, to the, net to announce that he will indeed run for president again in 2024. party officials and informal aides have officially questioned the timing. they have urged him to delay the announcement until after the georgia runoff. joining me now is cofounder of the lincoln progress, link wilson. the likelihood the former president's going to delay this enough man? we are, give us the over under. >> i have a greater likelihood of starring in the near l.a. next week as donald trump does delaying this announcement. he did not respond to the needs of the republican party. he is the definitional leader of it. no matter how much heavy breathing overall desantis is happening over in washington, the republican base will still stick with this guy for a whole host of reasons. not the least of which is that he is this protein figure inside of the republican world. they believe he has this
12:32 pm
charisma and secret sauce. no matter how flawed he is, it has always drawn people back towards him. >> election deniers that were running for secretary of state in key battleground states lost across the board. what does this say about election deniers? lying about the election back in 2020? and trump himself? >> it shows you that when you have a candidate like mark finchem or marchand, you go out with this story a bizarre qanon conspiracy theories -- election denying. you are vulnerable to a campaign against you calling you out for being somebody not in touch with reality at the lincoln project we targeted every secretary of state candidate who was an election denier and they were all beaten. they were all beaten handily. it is one of those things -- it does not scale outside of donald trump. people big ten into the cake with donald trump, he's gonna say crazy stuff. these people are out here saying i'm gonna run the election because the crystal
12:33 pm
skull in my basement tell me a secret about the ballots. that doesn't work! it doesn't work for normal people. it repels voters for the most part. >> pat jamie, chris christie, former president say the liability. >> well, welcome to the never trump movement, guys. we've been saying this for seven years. okay, call us crazy. >> i'm wondering if the party can get beyond the former president? >> now, no. >> as much as they have dug in with him over the last six years -- >> i tell you the other reason. they are all going to bend the knee again. they are all going to come home to daddy. they understand that if donald trump gets really angry, he will do what he threatened to do in 2015 -- he'll say, okay, fine. all run on my own. i will run as an independent. i will run at the third party. screw you. the republican party will break so fast. it will shock you how fast
12:34 pm
they'll come back to him. they understand that if he went out there and did nothing but -- he would pull 45 6% of the vote. that is the end of the ball game for the gop. >> there is infighting as well, not surprising, to say the least. mccarthy, mcconnell, mcdaniel, mick failure. i want to play for you what stephen miller played on fox news. >> there are going to be having elections this coming week in the senate. a number of senators said, this is too early! ron johnson will be with us coming out. rick scott is coming up. marco rubio, ted cruz tweeted, let's push off the election for their leadership. what is your take? >> i unequivocal-y associate myself with the senators you just mentioned. it would be preposterous to hold leadership elections before the midterms are over, before georgia is done, and before we have all the data to
12:35 pm
understand what happened in these close swing states. >> what do you make of these challenges that both mccarthy and mcconnell are going to have in maintaining those leadership positions? >> the leadership positions are very tenuous in both cases. for kevin mccarthy, he doesn't understand just how dangerous the precipice is that he is standing. on least a fonda case behind and waiting to got him like a fish. plotting and planning with her people, right now, to make a deal with matt gates and margarita the green and the rest of the crazies to become speaker. kevin doesn't get it, he doesn't understand it. if he does he is too slow to pick up on what he should be doing. even if they take the majority -- they still might. it's still close. if they take the majority he is a puppet at that point. he is a tool of marjorie taylor, matt gates part of the caucus. so, we are gonna end up with things that are electorally unpalatable for the american
12:36 pm
people. they are highly dangerous for the republican prospects in 2024. mitch mcconnell has a mcgovern billion brewing in his ranks. marco rubio, rick scott, ted cruz, a host of others have always disliked mitch mcconnell. they think there is a moment they can exploit this weakness. look, mitch's team shot through over a billion dollars of campaign money to end up where they are right now. it is not the majority. >> kevin mccarthy has been fairly loyal to donald trump over the last few years. who is to say that he will not push the agenda that the right wings of marjorie taylor greene have in mind -- >> all summer kevin mccarthy went out to major republican donors. i know because i talked to several of them. he said, you have got to help me get more moderate candidates. fun my operations when you get rid of these crazies. well, he didn't get rid of the
12:37 pm
crazies. is he lying to the donors are easy lying to himself? the crazies run the republican party. kevin mccarthy has very little hands during that ship. >> rick wilson, as always, great to talk to you. >> as always, thank you! >> coming up everybody some of the other top stories of the day including an update on that deadly plane crash caught on camera during an air show in dallas this weekend. expert, november 10th through 23rd and get our best offers of the year on business internet. plus, a complimentary tech check to find the right tech for your team. call or click to book an appointment. help your business stay ahead with the reliable connection and coverage your business deserves. at verizon small business days. from the network america relies on. verizon. nina's got a lot of ideas for the future. and since anyone can create a free plan at fidelity, nina has a plan based on what matters most to her.
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we want to take a look at some of the other top stories we are following. authorities have confirmed that people have died aboard two planes they collided in airshow in dallas on saturday. the crash involved to over two era military planes, one of which had a single occupant. another carrying a crew of five people. none of the 4000 people in attendance were. hurt the ntsb is conducting an investigation into what caused the collision. police in los angeles are searching for the driver of an suv that drove through a barricade and into a crowd of pedestrians at a street fair on saturday evening. six people were hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries. a person of interest has in fact been detained. authorities say it was not a targeted incident. the nfl played its first ever game in germany today. the seattle sea hawks took on the tampa bay buccaneers in the city of munich. part of the nfl international series, the waitlist to get tickets reached over 800,000 people, according to the nfl. germany is now the nfl's
12:42 pm
largest market in europe, overtaking the uk in recent years. the buccaneers won the game 21 to 16. the georgia senate runoff raphael warnock left a special event in georgia a short time ago. tony hill is in atlanta for us at the event. tony, talk to me. what did you hear? what did he say? >> his main message right now, yasmin, it's to let people know that this runoff is actually happening. december six. early voting is going to start just after thanksgiving, november 28th in all county and even earlier and some others. this is part of a strategy that, honestly, both campaigns gonna have to take right now. just education and information out to voters. you know? make sure they are re-engaged. they are ready to go back to the polls so quickly again. last time raphael warnock found himself in a widow, -- they had nine weeks.
12:43 pm
we are already at less than four weeks, it's closer to three. weeks that may sound like a decent amount of time but campaigns will have to crisscrossed counties and excite the same voters are there to talk to but also find new voters. then people who voted for camp at the top of the ticket who may have been shining away from herschel walker. he wants them out there in droves. that is a lot of work. take a look at his message. >> you know we are in a runoff. we need you to show up and vote one more time. you already to vote? early voting is november 28th. through december 2nd it doesn't matter what you think if you don't use your voice. if you think your vote doesn't count, let me tell you that counts enough for folks to be playing games to keep you from using it. tell everybody in your circle it is time to show up. i know it has been the honor of my life to represent you in the
12:44 pm
u.s. state senate. to of votes to vote. it means someone else is going to speak on your behalf. i don't want anyone else speaking for me. >> in a press gaggle that happened just moments ago i asked warnock, is three weeks enough time to make on these voter contacts and make sure people come back? he said, look, that's all we've got, you know? there is nothing else he can really do about it. at the end of the day, his team is still feeling pretty confident in this general environment. look at what happened in nevada and the question of what side might be losing some enthusiasm at this point, democrats feel like it is going to be republicans who do that through the anthem. control is no longer on the table for them. trump may be announcing he is running for president again on tuesday. widely seen as not good for herschel walker. his campaign is projecting a lot of confidence. it is gonna be a lot of work, yasmin. >> what about jed deebo. other people there are historic numbers that turned out in
12:45 pm
general for the midterm elections. that really benefited democrats across the board. is warnock relying on the turnout from young people in the state of georgia? does he appeal to the youth vote there? >> absolutely. some of the event that you are seeing happen behind me here is all part of that. this is actually a charity event -- planned programed by a rapper called lil baby, hugely popular here in atlanta. he is born and bred here. he's giving out free coats, hygiene material, back to school material for kids and their families. there are a lot a little kids running around behind me. their young parents are here to. that is who he is really talking to and expecting to show up to the polls. that is explicitly why he came to an event like this. just hours ago i was with him a church this morning. he was talking to a little bit of an older audience there. they -- they are going to be at all
12:46 pm
kind of events over the next couple of weeks. both candidates will be. i know that gen z, the younger, vote young parents are gonna be. . >> he antonia hylton, as always. thank you after the break everybody, how better -- the democratic led senate could influence president biden's meeting with president xi jinping tomorrow. we will be right back. ht back. to make medicare easy... even easier than those dances your grandkids love doing with you. ok, i got it. (laughs) start medicare shopping today with walgreens find rx coverage. ♪♪ plus, find low-cost copays. when you need to talk medicare. walgreens, is here. ♪♪ ♪♪ walgreens. get early access to wayfair's black friday sale. save on seasonal decor from $30. washable rugs up to 80% off. and living room seating up to 65% off.
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12:50 pm
is now in bali for the g20 summit, as he gears up for a much anticipated meeting. tomorrow he will sit down with his chinese counterpart, xi jinping, for their first in-person meeting since biden took office as president. >> i know i'm coming in strong, but i don't need that. i know edging, paying spent more time with him than any other world leader. i know him, well he knows me. we have very little misunderstanding. just need to figure out where the red lines are. >> where the red lines are. still, white house officials have set low expectations for the, meeting with no news conference or even a joint statement likely to follow. gordon chang is a columnist and author of two books. including 2011's the command collapse of china. he joins me now. gordon, it's great to talk to you. let's talk about the positioning here, the moment, right? we have president biden coming off of this major win from the midterm elections. also have president xi with his now unprecedented third term. how does that position the two leaders ahead of this meeting? >> certainly biden comes in with a stronger position.
12:51 pm
because the chinese always look at what happens inside american politics. but xi jinping, with his unprecedented third term, as you said, also with his picking of what's called a war cabinet, that's probably going to try to press the advantage. because he believes, and has believed for some time, that the u.s. is in terminal decline. regardless of what happened on november 8th, xi it's going to do, i think, what he can to push the u.s. into a corner. >> here's what you tweeted on thursday. it is clear biden does not want to acknowledge the danger that china poses to america, acknowledging the danger would require drastic action that he apparently believes would be unpopular. what exactly do you believe is the action needed? >> i believe, that first of all, the united states needs to understand the danger that china poses. and the urgency. because, although there might be some general awareness of what china is doing, there is no sense that things could pop quickly. i think that she jinping is in a mood to take us by surprise.
12:52 pm
the things we have to, do i believe, are imposing costs on china. for, for instance, distributing fentanyl, being behind the fentanyl gangs. also because of its dangerous activities with regard to covid-19. whatever the origin of the disease, yasmin, we know the chinese leaders lied about contagious-ness and then pressed other countries to take arrivals from china what they were locking down their own country. that looks like a deliberate spread beyond the borders. she jinping knows what he did, but he also knows the u.s. has not held him to account for that. these are things that have to be done if we're going to have decent relationships with china. >> what other dangers does china pose, especially as we are looking at china in large as an economic superpower, likely surpassing the united states? >> first of all, they are stealing hundreds of billions of dollars of u.s. intellectual property each year. people argue about how much, but it is in a range which is clearly damaging and grievous to the united states.
12:53 pm
technical, especially technical theft. the other thing is china believes i can do it at once on american soil. we see this with the establishment of a police station on the lower east side in manhattan. the chinese are getting very, very bold. that is because, for decades, american presidents have known what chinese of counselor officials and what ministry of state security agents have been doing on american soil. and we really have done very little or nothing to stop them. so, these are things that i think we have to have a new attitude to with a guide to china. >> do you expect the subject of ukraine to come up in this meeting? especially considering the relationship that xi has with vladimir putin, and putting pressure on putin when it comes to his invasion and the war in ukraine? >> i think we'll be very close to the agenda, top of the agenda, just behind taiwan. the reason is that china, through elevated commodity purchases, has been effectively financing the war. and china has of course been supplying assistance behind the
12:54 pm
scenes. including military assistance. and i think it's up to the biden administration to not only impose the redline of the zone but also to start enforcing it. because there have been warnings from washington, but there's been no action. >> gordon chang, as always, great to talk to you, sir. thank you. >> thank you, yasmin. >> meanwhile in london, everybody, the royal family honoring fallen veterans today. take trials are a member today service for the first time as monarch. the uk marks a holiday every year on the sunday closest to a november 11th. since 2017, king charles has laid a reef on behalf of his mother, who lived through world war ii and consider the day one of the most important engagements of the year. still ahead, snl puts trump in the hot seat after the red wave that was not. >> there is that new york post headline that called you trump de dumpty and said you had a great fall. >> well, i agree i had a great, fall i had a great summer as well. you know, many people are
12:55 pm
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12:58 pm
snl took on the midterms and the impact on former president donald trump in their, opened with trump joining the snl version of fox & friends live from this weekend's wedding for his daughter, tiffany trump. watch this. >> don't you need to like, what your daughter down the aisle? >> missed it. anyway, what are you guys
12:59 pm
talking about? you guys see fable men's? >> mr., present i don't know how to tell you, this but we've moved on. we can't have you on the show anymore. >> what? what did i do? let the insurrection? >> now -- >> the impeachments? >> now. >> blackmailing ukraine? >> no. >> charlottesville? >> now. >> did make? wall >> no. >> the murder? >> what? >> kidding. >> it's because you lost, mister president. we just don't see a future with you but, you know what? we can still be friends. so, bye bye now. >> wait, i have a big announcement, november 15th. hey, don't push me off! i have a big announcement, it's not what you think. i'm running for president again. >> that wraps it up for this hour, everybody. i'm yasmin of a second, you can catch me on 11 am on msnbc on wednesday and thursday of this week. and of, course i'll be back at the turnout saturday and sunday at 2 pm eastern. simone starts right now.
1:00 pm
>> greetings. someone finally has control, y'all. i'm excited about this. guess what? we know that some people out there are some celebrating tonight, particularly democrats, because there is a period of relief because they got confirmation that the clinch control of the senate with a win over catherine cortez masto, by the skin of our teeth. we're talking to senator alex padilla of california about how a democratic majority is given new life to president biden's agenda. over in the house, it is still oh so close. there are 20 uncalled races. democrats are still holding out hope that they will keep control of the house. well, we are talking to congressman hakeem jeffries about what lies ahead for lawmakers, particularly when it comes to house leadership. democracy is prevailing, y'all, i'm excited.


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