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tv   American Voices With Alicia Menendez  MSNBC  November 13, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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>> that does it for me. thanks for watching, i'll see you back here next weekend at 5 pm eastern. american voices with alicia menendez starts right now on msnbc. >> that is how much, reverend sharpton. hello everyone, i'm alicia menendez and we start this sunday with democrats pulling off a november surprise. president biden's party keeping control of the senate. nevada senator catherine cortez masto today celebrating her victory, after her hard-fought reelection handed democrats the
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majority. >> we have known this was going to be a tough campaign, but, like all of you, i am a nevadan. and i know what it takes to deliver for my home state. so, when the national pundits said i couldn't win, i knew nevada would prove them wrong. >> the senate runoff in georgia could put democrats over the edge and diminish the power of tiebreak is like joe manchin and kristen sinema. the stakes are also high and had standing house races. democrats still have a shot at the majority, with the vote count for key seats likely to take several more days, even weeks. speaker pelosi today, saying she remains optimistic. >> there's so many votes still out. i've said this is like the olympics. in half a second, you can be gold, silver, bronze or honored to be an olympian. so, we'll see where this takes us but i think you see a path
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to the future that is much brighter than what was predicted by the punditry and those who wanted us to change our message. >> no matter the results, we are looking at a very tight margin in the house. joining me now, let tolliver, msnbc political analyst and host of crooked medias what a day podcast. matthew dowd, founder of country over party and former chief strategist for the bush 2004 campaign. and michael rosa, former press secretary to joe biden and special assistant to joe biden. great to see you all. juanita, it was important to me in the run up to the election that we wouldn't talk about the oddest without setting the stakes. i think the stakes have shifted a little. i wonder, as we are looking to see who gains control of the house, as we're looking to see what happens in georgia he, still gubernatorial races like kari lake, katie hobbs being waited to be decided out of arizona. what in this moment, juanita, do you see as the stakes? >> look, i think everything
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that democrats were using as their closing messages still at stake. in the kari lake hobbs race out in arizona, our elections are still at stake. anyone who is running, like in colorado three, with little bird in a tight race, you have election deniers still on the ballot, still running tight races that have been yet to be called. i think, when you think about a republican-controlled house, you still have at stake a whole host of kind of revenge proceedings that they're looking to take. whether that is false impeachment proceedings, investigations about covid. what other type of anything bacon used to obstruct democrats legislative agenda, that is what's at stake when you look at the house. so, i think that what is critical here is that democrats continue doing what they were doing. talk about democracy, continue talking about abortion, continue making sure you're putting forward legislation that's going to meet people's needs. because i think that is what's going to help senator warnock get over the edge in georgia senate runoff, as you mentioned.
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that 51st vote could undercut people like manchin and sinema who weren't loyal to democratic legislation last congress. but there's still a ways to go, i remembered it and earlier so i heard hakeem jeffries talking about we're still, waiting we're still holding out hope and we're all going to be watching how these last seats get called. >> michael, majority leader schumer says voters pulled america back from, quote, the edge of a top receiver. take a listen. >> this bothered the american people. they said, what is going on here? this is not the america we know and love. where we denial actions, where we harass poll workers, where we threatened or actually use violence. not just generous expat against poll workers and others who make the democracy work. the american people said, that is not for us. >> i don't need to tell, you there is a lot of people who wrongly rolled their eyes on president biden for the fact
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that he chose to lean into that message. i am agile in the white house is feeling pretty confident about the way they steered the ship today. >> i think so. i think you are seeing that because a lot of the election deniers running for office were denied. it all reminds me of what the president's chief pollster said recently, that democrats were up against huge, huge headwinds. but republicans were up against a lot of head cases. you saw that consistently through the last couple months, where republican candidates, specifically the ones running for the senate, just had a consistently higher disapproval and unfavorable numbers compared to the democratic candidates who are running. all of the democratic candidates were just running ahead of president biden, in terms of popularity. you know, i think we're pretty
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lucky, senator schumer said it correctly. that the democracy message actually worked. >> now, if you are democrats, republicans, what is the take away from these results? >> well, you've got to be exceedingly happy if you're democrats in the course of this. i'll just pile on to what was said before. this is like two boats that were going out in the ocean and one was going into storms, which the democrats, serious storms with the way inflation was and the president's approval. they had competent people at the helm and they had people who knew what they were doing, calm and concerted people. especially a lot of women. and the other boat was headed with tailwind, head wind at their back, and they stacked the helm with incompetent crazy people. that is the takeaway. the democrats, really, if i was advising, i wouldn't say overestimate the mandate you got here. but the mandate was for cool, calm, collected and strong
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leadership. the mandate for republicans is, throw out everything you've been doing the last five years. and rid yourself of the crazy in your party. now, that's a much more difficult task for the republicans to do than it is for the democrats to keep doing what they're doing and keep electing competent people. >> with that, i want to ask you about the stakes out of georgia. because you made a point earlier today on twitter that i thought was very salient. which was, there is what it means for this election but, if you flash forward two years, there's also more complicated math for democrats. >> yeah, what i was trying to make the point was first, procedurally, if you look at the procedures of the, senate having 51 votes is a much different situation than 50. it provides you inability to not have to give even numbers and committees. it provides your ability to not -- to get bills to the floor a lot easier. and it doesn't put all those pressure on kamala harris as the tie breaking vote all the time. so, that's one of the big things. but i think, politically, when
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you head into 2024, the senate map is an awful map for the democrats. this is a six-year term. the previous term raphael warnock had with a shortened two-year term that he held in a special election. this is a six-year term to carry you through those elections. and the 2024 cycle, seven democrats, the democrat in montana, in ohio, in west virginia, in nevada, in arizona, they're all up for elections. today there is no vulnerable republican on that map. so, you need every single buffer you can get. having 51 instead of 50 going into that map is a much better position to be in. >> when it, i think downplays the states that really well there. i'd add to that the fact that i think a lot of the chatter while we were still waiting to see how nevada and arizona would come in was this question of, if control of the senate were to hang in the balance, it would change the dynamics in georgia.
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i think a lot of people felt that it's going to be much harder now that democrats will control the senate to get republicans in georgia fired up. but we had a guest last night, because i now live here at msnbc headquarters, and then he said, i think this is right, there's still people who nationally do not want raphael warnock to win on principle. right? and as much as they care about control of the u.s. senate, about the math in the u.s. senate, for them, it's also about stopping someone with somebody like senator warnock's vision of governance. i wonder if you agree. >> absolutely not. i feel like you are going to face a setback not only with herschel walker's campaign, because of big pitch to voters throughout this entire election has been, i'm going to be that deciding vote on the senate. now that's off the table, his pitches nullified, he has no argument here. i appreciate that senator warnock has been explicitly clear that this is a race about
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character and competency. which herschel walker has demonstrated, both of those are running low on his side. for those republican voters who were telling themselves, and telling reporters who asked them, hey, we are sticking with herschel walker in spite of the abuse allegations, the abortion allegations, because he could be the deciding vote of the senate. i'm not sure they're going to have much motivation at this point. if, anything senator warnock has much more leverage here because the pitch to democrats is going to be hey, send me back so i can make sure we can keep our legislation moving on the senate. and make sure that there is less pull internally within the democratic caucus. i think that will be a big argument for georgia and something that really gets over the finish line. whereas herschel walker, i think, is really fighting an uphill battle that might be insurmountable at this point. >> michael, democrats have tried not to make these midterms a referendum on president biden. senator warren says he actually deserves the credit, take a listen.
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>> this victory belongs to joe biden. i belonged to joe biden and the democrats who got out there and fought forward and people. the things we did were important and popular. remember, right after joe biden was sworn, all of the economists and the pundits in his ear who are saying, go slow, go small. joe biden didn't listen to them. in fact, he went big. >> michael, your thoughts? >> i agree. i've seen joe biden now defied political gravity three times. coming back to win that improbable primary campaign, eating at a company president which, as matt knows, is very hard to do. and then this past week was a historic win, a historic performance for democrats in terms of midterms. and he does oh a lot of credit, a lot of credit is out to joe biden. ten pieces of legislation, the
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most accessible vaccine rollout in american history which got us back to our businesses, open our schools reopen. created 10 million new jobs, expanding nato. osama bin laden's number two. the guy has an impressive track, record even if you disagree, you can't say he hasn't gotten a lot done. >> matt, i promise we will have a bigger conversation about the republican party, the future of the republican party. but i have to ask sort of retrospectively about this election. you hear a lot of framing around this idea of they're having lost purely because of candidate quality, which clearly was an element of what was happening. what policies, what is their alternative, what could they have run on? >> that's the problem. when you unload the clown car of people, even if they, had which they never enunciated, mitch mcconnell went out of his way to say i'm not going to enunciate my prime land. he probably saved himself time because he doesn't need to have what now this, point since he doesn't own the senate.
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but they had no desire. part of the problem, even if they had a plan, can you imagine these candidates, who all they were talking about was culture issues and election denialism, talking about some complicated plan on taxes or education reform or whatever it happened to be? i actually think, i'm just going to sound off, yes, i think joe biden made the most important decision of his political life this year. which was to make this a referendum on democracy. but if democracy was on the ballot, who should be congratulated and who won was the voters. the voters won in this case. it wasn't a political party, it wasn't chuck schumer, it wasn't that. the voters won, he gave them a presentation on here is what democracy looks, like here's what autocracy looks like, and democracy won. and that is who i think is the biggest victor over the course of the last week. >> we're going to be talking about that all show long. you are all staying with me. coming up, we know trump was out at about stumping for candidates. let's just say, it did not have the effect he had hoped for.
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is the gop finally ready to deal with their trump problem? well, the senate has been called for democrats. we are still waiting on a handful of races. putting the highly contested arizona governor's race, we are getting the latest from the ground. plus, young voters helped pull it out for this midterm cycle. how they build on that momentum. and president biden goes on offense to save this planet, his fight against climate change. but first, to richard louis who is standing by with a look at the other big stories we're watching this hour at msnbc. richard? >> good day to, you alicia. an explosion that killed at least six people in turkey is being called a terrorist attack. more than 80 others were hurt and one of istanbul's most popular districts. authorities mentioned the possibility of a woman detonating this bomb. the white house strongly condemned the act of violence, saying we stand shoulder to shoulder with our nato ally. president biden arrived in bali, indonesia for the g20 summit earlier sunday. he met with the leaders of japan and south korea during the east asia summit in
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cambodia. the leaders agreed on a unified response to north korea's threatening nuclear and ballistic missile programs. monday, biden meets with china's president xi for the first time since taking office. and the ntsb is investigating a deadly midair collision at a military airshow in texas. six people were killed in the incident. to world war ii era planes crashed and exploded into a fireball at the dallas executive airport before shocked by peters. no one was on the ground was hurt there. more american voices, after this break. this break kevin! kevin! kevin? oh nice. kevin, where are you... kevin?!?!?.... hey, what's going on? i'm right here! i was busy cashbacking for the holidays with chase freedom unlimited. i'm gonna cashback on a gingerbread house! oooh, it's got little people inside! and a snowglobe. oh, i wished i lived in there. you know i can't believe you lost another kevin. it's a holiday tradition! that it is! earn big time with chase freedom unlimited. ♪
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tsunami, hardly a ripple. democrats crushed expectations, not only maintaining control of the senate but fending off bigger losses in the house. control of the house chamber remains too close to call, that's according to nbc news's decision desk. while we wait for those results to come in, and ahead of trump's expected 2024
3:20 pm
announcement this tuesday, the gop's finger point to all of that is well underway. my panel is back with me. matt, trying to make sense of the midterm losses, florida senator rick scott said this today. take a listen. >> we have to go through and start watching how we spend our money, stop teaming up with the democrats, keeping with them on spending bills. we have to deal with the debt ceiling, they were not going to keep raising the debt ceiling without structural reform. we can do these things but we have to start coming together as a caucus and not voting with the democrats. >> okay, you have that theory of the case and then you have republican senator josh hawley of missouri, tweeting quote, the old party is dead, time to bury it, build something new. all of that gave birth to this meme. quote, we're all trying to find the guy who did this. right? no one looking at themselves in the mirror, matt dowd. it feels, like until they do,
3:21 pm
that they can't move on. >> well, what's amazingly funny, ironic, crazy about what those two clips, then you played from josh hawley and the clip from rick scott. rights got, what's funny, he's talk about doing nothing about spending money. he was in charge of spending money for the republican senate candidates! so, if you want to look in the mirror about what went wrong, look at yourself. you are in charge of that spending in the course of this. and any idea that he thinks the american public rejected bipartisanship in this election, when every step of the way they put robots up to go to any bipartisanship in working with joe biden. and on josh hawley, he's right. the old party, the old gop party of abraham, lincoln teddy roosevelt and dwight eisenhower is dead. he is dead, i don't know what new party wants. maybe he wants to go all the way to the know nothing party of the 18 50s, that's where he wants to go to.
3:22 pm
any party that josh hawley is going to be an architect on, the democrats ought to be sending them pencils and plants. >> juanita, i want to play some sound from republican governor of maryland larry hogan, this is from this morning. take a listen. >> should have been one of the biggest red waves we've ever had. i think comments on the conservatives that focused on talking about issues people cared about like the economy and crime, education, they did win. people who tried to re-litigate the 2020 election and focused on conspiracy theories and talked about things the voters didn't care about, they were all almost universally rejected. and i think it's basically the third election in a row that donald trump has cost us the race. it's like three strikes, you're out. >> when eta, where does that leave them? >> i mean, let's be real. governor hogan didn't tell a single lie, no lies detected on what he said. trump has cost republicans three elections. but i predict he will still be
3:23 pm
around, because republicans just refused to quit him. the evidence i like back to is mccarthy going to kiss the ring in resurrecting trump after january six, for one. and of course rick scott and others going down to let trump handpicked these folks. i don't see them getting rid of trump. if anything, i think with trump's announcement this week, they're all going to fall right back in line. because even though, for example, governor hogan will go on air and say those things, i might, when is he going to file? i'm looking at my watch like, who is going to take the proper steps to actually challenge trump? with this election and what 2020 also showed is there is an explicit cap on the extremist people in this country who want to ride for trump and his election deniers and his conspiracy theorists. that is not going to expand ever. if anything, i should be looking at the republican base and voters writ large and trying to talk to those reasonable moderates. trying to engage with them on
3:24 pm
the issues. because until they start to make that investment in the face of trump, until they step up and challenge him, no matter what he decides to do about 2024, nothing will change. >> matt dowd, us we were on air, as we were all talking, one of the producers got in my ear to tell me that that mastriano, running for governor and pennsylvania, has finally conceded. and that seems to be part of a pattern that we have seen in this election. which is even election deniers conceding their races, which is something that i think there were question marks around coming into this election. and i wonder what you make of that, matt dowd? >> i think the results of the election were a good sign for democracy. well i think of as an even better side was a series of candidates, republicans, who are election deniers, whether it was a, michigan and pennsylvania and many other places he. they quickly, and i would say this for a public and five days later, it's pretty quick for
3:25 pm
republicans to acknowledge reality. that's okay, five days later. but they're doing it in that period of time. i think that's a really good sign. i think that's a really good sign. now, arizona with kari lake, i think she is the, most of all the candidates in america, she is the most trump like in her demeanor. kari lake is. i think we will have a good sign of where that race was going, i think the odds and my view favorite katie hobbs today just because of what ballots are outstanding and. that kari lake is the person most likely not to concede and follow donald trump to burn the village down. >> yeah, we are all tracking race for a number of reasons. michael, of course, the president has been asked to weigh in on this. he was overseas and asked what the midterm results mean for the gop as it is now. take a listen. >> what does it mean for the republican party as it stands today, mister president? >> i heard someone on television, as i was coming down here, i'm not sure if it was one of you guys or whether it was a pundit or --
3:26 pm
he said, they said, what about trump and the republican party? he said, all trump has done is reveal who the republican party is. so, i think the republican party is going to have to make, like other parties in the past have done, going to have to decide who they are. >> it strikes me, michael, that you have president biden, a believer in bipartisanship who has built his entire political career on bipartisanship. and you have that sound from senator scott trying to argue that the reason republicans are here is because a handful of them, one or two times, acted in a bipartisan manner. i have to believe that, for this president, it bolsters his argument for bipartisanship. >> yeah, i hope so. the real test here i think is going to be with mr. mccarthy, assuming he becomes the speaker. can he help carry out the two
3:27 pm
basic functions of government. which will be, for him, to fund the government and to raise the debt ceiling. the president, he has a willing partner in the president to do those things. but they've shown in the path that they're willing to hold the debt ceiling hostage and downgrade the credit of the united states. those are two very basic things that mr. mccarthy is going to have to bring over republicans to help joe biden do. it's going to be a major test for him and how well he manages and carousels his conference. >> i want to play some final sound from republican louisiana senator bill cassidy, take a listen. >> if this is the result of these elections, but the republican party has the same leadership at rnc. ron abe daniel, kevin mccarthy of the house republicans, mitch mcconnell, the senate republicans, and a force donald
3:28 pm
trump as the leader at their. there is no change there, do you think of the problem for republicans going forward? >> first, we are not a cult. we're not like, okay there's one person who leads our party. if we have a sitting, president he or she will be the leader of our party, but we should be a party of ideas and principles. >> i've got about two minutes, but matt dowd, juanita, i need you posed to react to that. especially in light of what we believe is coming this tuesday. juanita, i'll start with you. >> i guffawed at him saying there are not a cult, because that's explicitly what they but doing for the last six years. being a cult only responsive, only falling in line behind trump, even when trump has lost them so many things. the other thing that's wild about that if he refuses to answer the question. but we have heard from other republicans who are like, get rid of mcconnell, get rid of mccarthy, get rid of mcdaniel. but the reality is, i think the republicans know exactly who they are. they are the extremists at, are they are going to continue to
3:29 pm
be bad faith actors in congress. , so there is nothing else to reveal here. the only thing that can move this party forward is throwing it all the way and then trying again in ten years. >> matt dowd? >> i was going to say the same thing about the cult. what he said that it was like, wow. maybe he deep down understands what they have been over the last few years, in response to donald trump. i agree with juanita. i don't today understand how robert romney mcdaniel, who threw away her knee for donald trump, has lost everything to election she's presided over. how is she still chair of the party today, it's beyond me. i'll give mitch mcconnell some, credit because mitch mcconnell at least identified the problem months ago when he said we've got a real problem with quality of candidates and this could end up hurting us. he ended up being right in the course of this. i think what they have to, do this is not about removing donald trump.
3:30 pm
you're gonna move donald trump, but the mess is still there. they have to start telling the truth to their voters, they have to start telling the truth to their voters. >> matthew dowd, when he does, michael. thank you all so much. and you, know it's not over until it's over. they are still counting votes in arizona, we're going to get the latest from the ground. and from tiktok to twitch to on the ground organizing, nze got out the vote. how do activists keep that momentum going? momentum going in life - a “why.” no matter your purpose, at pnc private bank we will work with you every step of the way to help you achieve it. so let us focus on the how. just tell us - what's your why? once upon a time, at the magical everly estate, landscaper larry and his trusty crew... were delayed when the new kid totaled his truck. timber... fortunately, they were covered by progressive, so it was a happy ending... for almost everyone. nina's got a lot of ideas for the future. and since anyone can create a free plan at fidelity,
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supports cognitive health in older adults. it's one more step towards taking charge of your health. so every day, you can say... ♪ youuu did it! ♪ with centrum silver. >> the race for arizona governor remains neck and neck. trump backed republican kari lake currently trailing democrat katie hobbs by less than two points. there are less than 200,000 votes still to count. we just learned that maricopa county, home to phoenix, is going to release a batch of results, about 90,000 ballots, in the 8 pm hour. that is a pm eastern. lake is a proud election denier and today she called arizona's
3:35 pm
election process a laughing stock. the outcome of this governor's race, largely seen as a final test of trump-ism. specifically, if trump's endorsement will be alberta's moving forward. nbc's vaughn hillyard is an arizona with more. >> we are expecting this ballot counting process in maricopa county to plan for days ahead. they're still hundreds of thousands of ballots left uncounted. and while mark kelly has been the projected winner of the u.s. senate seat here in arizona, for challenger republican blake masters, keeping the senate seat here in democratic hands, there are other races still outstanding. there's the attorney general's race, but more more noteworthy is the governor's race. with really the chief election denier, perhaps trump's favorite candidate of 2022. being carry, lake the republican candidate for arizona governor. right, now still looking at a deficit against secretary of state katie hobbs. when you're looking at the results as they came in last night, kari lake, she won about
3:36 pm
52% of the new batch of results that were released. but she's going to have to increase that margin with each days new ballot release. this is where, when you're looking at the results, it's going to be to what extent can she close this gap. and of course then potentially overtake katie hobbs. here in the state of arizona, every race comes within half a percentage point, it ultimately goes to an automatic recount. which wouldn't begin until the middle of december. so, while these ballots are being counted now, really for us to get an understanding of where those governors races hiding is still a couple days away. if not a whole month or two away. >> on, hilliard as always, thank you. in a rare victory, democrats are going to maintain control of the senate and they did it without florida. instead, democrats were handed this victory in the, and you are with us as we watched it come in, by the southwest. as we broke the news last night, nevada is sending democrat catherine cortez masto back to the senate. and senator mark kelly won reelection in arizona against
3:37 pm
trump backed blake masters. joining me now, congressman ruben calle go of arizona. congressman, thank you for being with us. we haven't had you on the program in a while because you've been busy out there campaigning. now that you're back, tell me, what is the lesson coming not just out of arizona but out of the southwest? >> number one, fight. fight even with the narrative telling you that you can't fight. we are hearing for so long that there is a red wave coming, red wave coming. in arizona, we are always dealing with a red wave. where a purple state, so we have to fight. we knew when things were good that we have to, fight when things were bad we had to fight. so, we just kind of kept on going. and we focused on getting out the vote, even though there is a be as narrative about latinos moving away hard against democrats. we knew that we had to stick to what we knew, no. and that is if we get latinos to come out and vote, they will vote for democrats. we have to give them the information at the motivation. what occurred toward the end of august is that we had that.
3:38 pm
we had the dobbs decision making a big difference, thank you also to my wife explaining how big of a decision that's going to be in terms of really turning the corner with voters. number two, we saw the inflation reduction act that really encouraged young latino voters to come out. and then lastly, the extremism. the republicans that they could just throw out any crazy republican and, because it was an off year election, people were going to vote for them. at the end of the, day that just didn't happen. >> it struck me when i was in phoenix, congressman, and i was there to speak with senator kelly, talk to latino voters, that there were all these billboards of about the -- how senator kelly had voted with president biden. i believe it was 94% of the time. that was a line of attack that you kept hearing from republicans. and yet, he is reelected. so, i wonder what that sort of
3:39 pm
specific issue is? >> yeah, the white supremacist stephen miller put up a lot of billboards all through arizona, especially in my district, that showed what he called an open border. of refugees coming and ask for asylum. >> i saw those two, yes. >> yeah, the idea, those pictures were from texas, not from arizona. arizona and snow this. he also doesn't really know the border, we cross the border all the time. we go for food, we go for vacation, the way to and have tried from phoenix for many of us. a lot of us go for pharmaceuticals. we do understand there is a problem with the border, but the way they were trying to frame it was that it was chaotic. that may work in the midwest, that may work in the northeast, that may work in new york. when you actually live on the board to understand, that yeah, it's a problem, but not the mayhem that they are causing. not only, that it actually takes off a lot of our voters on the border. because they can't even get people to invest in their communities because they think, because of the republicans,
3:40 pm
it's a total war zone. which is a lot, that's a complicated area, but a great place to live. the republicans oversold it and they didn't quite understand it. >> the day after election day, senator kristen sinema tweeted for voters to stay patient as votes are being counted. stating quote, democracy is worth the wait. twitchy replied, quote, thanks for all of your help this year. you hope senator sinema learn from this year's midterms? >> i don't think she will learn. look, this year, the reason democrats won is because we fought together as a party. i was out there campaigning for every democrat in arizona. i was personally donated money, raising money for them, for senators, for everyone up and down the ticket. we fought as a team in arizona and we won. senator sinema was nowhere to be found, at all. we did not see her at one public event for anybody. when we have some of these races that are really in the mix right now, she could've been a very good surrogate to help out a lot of our
3:41 pm
candidates, and she did nothing. because she only cares about herself, she doesn't care about how this would help us take control of the senate, she actually predicted that we would lose control of the senate in front of mitch mcconnell while she was getting an award from him. when she tweeted that, i decided i had to at least say falling. because we can't let this happen, she had a needs to get on the, team get involved or make a future decision about what she wants to do with her career. >> congressman, if you made a decision on whether or not you intend to primary or? >> now, as i said before, that's a 2023 decision. we are still in 2022. >> okay, the time is ticking. arizona congressman reuben gallego, thank you so much. we have agency or heading to congress. young people showing up at the polls. what does it all mean for the future of politics and democracy? and next, hour i'm going to ta to a panel of young activists about how they build on tuesdays enthusiasm. which nucala helps reduce.
3:42 pm
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3:45 pm
historic numbers again. just as you did two years ago. young people voted to continue addressing the climate crisis, gun violence, personal rights and freedoms, student debt relief. all those things that you stepped up today! >> young voters are a force. president biden knows it. this midterm cycle, voters between the ages of 18 and 29 turned out nearly 2 to 1 in favor of democratic candidates, becoming the wall that fended off that forecasted red wave. pollster john del of all pay, frequent guest of this program a contributor to this network, points out that voters under 30 canceled and every voter 65 an older. how do democrats keep young voters in their corner? let's christina, ramirez leader of the voting organization next-gen a merica. christina, something that is important for folks to understand, is you and i are both older millennials.
3:46 pm
there was a point in time in which we were considered young voters. we are no longer. we look at these groups, both in terms of their age -- i had to break it to you, says. but we look at them both in terms of their age but also in terms of a generational cohort, right? you know better than anyone, you vote the same way a few times, you have a good experience of outing, that very often becomes a partisan lock on a person. so, i wonder what you make of this turnout. i'm sure you are not surprised by, it i want you to help us understand what drove it. >> even voters have come at the last three elections at record breaking numbers. he said it once a fluke, twice a coincidence, third time it's a pattern. it's a pattern of young people being the most progressive generation in american history. what a lot of people don't understand it's young people, one, are not a pathetic. number two, this is the most politically engaged in progressive generation that this country is a person.
3:47 pm
they're becoming long term progressives. now, you and i, as older millennials, we are also staying progressive. that is also what people don't understand. we are just -- what republicans overestimated was their power in this country. they underestimated the power of a pissed off generation, especially of young women who have determined the outcome of this election. and i believe long term, will determine the entire future of this country. >> there are those motivations that are unique to this, election the driver of the generation. and there was also just sustained organizing, right? there was understanding that you can't show up every two years, every four years and all of a sudden tell people that their voice matters. that, investment that engagement has to be consistent. >> and places like pennsylvania, nevada and arizona, our organization, along with many other, as we've been there for years. in pennsylvania, where we've been for eight years, we contacted 90% of the eligible young voters in the state.
3:48 pm
in nevada, we contacted 85% of the young eligible voters and 58%. and they overwhelmingly turned out and voted for democrats. we would not have a democratic senate today if it were not for the power of the youth vote. , as you mentioned at the top of the hour -- the discussion, they canceled out the baby boomer vote. but we also need to do as progressives's shore up this voting bloc. this is a voting bloc that we can only expand and grow in, and we also need to know that there are right-wing organizations funded by billionaires that don't want young people to have power in this country, like turning point usa. they are going to double down and double their efforts to break down the power of the youth vote. that's why we need to make sure we are easily suing young organizers to do that work. >> talk to me about that piece, because i think it's very easy to sort of listen to the noise republican pundits or right-wing voices will sort of mocked the youth vote. but there is big money
3:49 pm
investments, there are people who understand that this generation is coming. when you talk about that, what does that look like? does that look like suppressing their vote or bringing them over to their side? >> well, two things. one, on our side, we need to find and resources work more. when our organization was started ten years, ago people said that tried to engage young voters turnout was a waste of time and money. that we should be focused on people because they are fickle and unreliable. well, now that has been proven to be, wrong way to make sure we are fully funding the work to engage young progressives. that the vast majority of young people in this country. that being said, i live in texas. there were multiple event held here by ted cruz and others to engage young people. we could laugh online at them, but they are also, we saw them on campuses. they're actually trying to register our own organizers with that organization. they noted it's about shaving of margins here and there, as i have done with the black and
3:50 pm
brown vote, especially men. so, they know they're not going to win a majority. but they know that they can suppress our vote, make it harder to vote, take pulling locations off of campuses. and in places we saw, some people young people were waiting in line five hours to vote. they're already talking online, if you're reading right-wing twitter, about raising the voting age back to 21. that young people are not smart enough to vote in their own self interest, that's what they're saying right now. >> christina ramirez, as always, thank you for taking the time to be with me. as you know and you are watching, we are expecting more votes, more ballots out of arizona around 8 pm eastern. so, be sure to stick with us for that. from young voters to president biden, climate change taking center stage once again. where are we in the race against time? next, hour there is more than trumpism than the man behind the name. what it means for the future of our democracy. and leon... the first of them all. three generations, who all bank differently with chase. leon's saving up for his first set of wheels...
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3:55 pm
extreme weather wilson. funny? maybe. i joke? not at all. gets you done here, a new report dropped this month saying that we have just nine years to avert catastrophic warming. nine years! had to save the only planet we've, got that is top of mind that this week cop27 climate sunday summit held by the united nations. president biden was there and pledge that the u.s. will take back its spot as a leader in the fight against climate change. >> my administration has led a bold agenda to address the climate crisis and increase energy security at home and around the world. we immediately rejoin the paris agreement, we convened major climate summit and reestablished -- i apologize we ever pulled out of the agreement. today, finally, thanks to the actions we've taken, i can stand here as president of the united states of america and say with confidence, the united
3:56 pm
states of america will meet our emissions targets by 2030. >> with that, a reminder that tonight msnbc films presents, from devils breath. from academy award winner director orlando vaughan ice and dale and producer lee another dicaprio. little was part of a documentary series, the turning point. and it wasn't in a devastating wildfire in portugal in 2017, the toll it is still taking on that community. from devils brett's at 10 pm eastern, right here on msnbc. you can also stream it on peacock. at the top of the hour, the rise of christian asheville-ism across his country and the danger it poses to the future of our democracy. plus, trump's about to announce his bid for president. but is this just a game of deflection? and later, anyone have déjà vu in georgia? we're going to go back to the state that it's about to have another runoff with reverend raphael warnock. raphael warnock. and since anyone can create a free plan at fidelity,
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ahead this hour, americans largely reject the extreme right. the threat from christian nationalism remains. also this hour, donald trump about to launch another bid for the presidency. is that because getting back into the oval office's best chance to avoid criminal charges? plus, the senate stays blue. georgia could extend the democrat majority, opening the door to a far greater victory. discount


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