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tv   The Mehdi Hasan Show  MSNBC  November 13, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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import those around you, those who care about you, to vote with you in mind. and it's why even some on the right we're able to put aside partisan preference to reject the election deniers and those who seek to undermine our democracy. you know what the stakes are. you know what is on the line. with your actions begin small, driven by fear or hope, or oath, you made yourselves the heroes we've been waiting for. that's all the time i have heard today. i'm alicia menendez, we'll see you back here next week for more american voices. for now, i handed over to mehdi hasan. hey, mehdi. san. >> hi, alicia, great on, i'm great watching you on the network all week. i think you should have a well deserved rest right now. >> thank you. >> history was made last night as democrats kept control of the senate. but how did they do it? by ignoring the pundits who said to play it safe and stop
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talking about abortion. more to discuss on that. donald trump is seething over the gop's disastrous midterm performance, and the blame he's getting. we'll dig into his state of mind with mary trump. plus, how young voters helped save american democracy this week. i'll talk to democratic congressman elect maxwell frost, the first gen z member of congress. good evening, i'm mehdi hasan. when joe biden was running -- potential fdr, with his desire to build back better and help america recover from the devastation of the pandemic through big, new federal programs. but this week, as ballots were being counted in the midterm elections, and the results pretty astonishingly good for democrats, but at the almost anyone i mentioned, the president that joe biden resembled must was actually john f. kennedy.
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because not since jfk in 1962 as a first term democratic president had such a strong performance in the midterms. >> this victory belongs to joe biden. it belongs to joe biden and the democrats who got out there and fought for working people. the things we did were important and popular. >> the president's party almost always loses ground and congressional midterms. it's not just conventional wisdom. those are the facts. it's happening every midterm election since 1946, with one exception. the election that came one year after the september the 11th attacks. but four years later, george w. bush's republicans received what he called a thumping in the 2006 midterms. barack obama called the losses taken by the democrats in 2010 i shall lacking. but there was no thumping, notion lacking this past week. not on joe biden's roy witch. nbc no projected that aoc, the
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winner of the nevada senate race, securing reelection over adam laxalt. same thing in neighboring arizona, where senator mark kelly was projected to win his race against blake masters. and with those two wins, democrats will hold control of the senate, thanks to the vice presidents tie breaking vote. if they win the georgia senate runoff to next month, well, that'll be a 51st, not a 50th vote for the dems this time around. but here's what's so important to recognize amidst all the numbers. president biden and congressional democrats pulled this all off by defying conventional wisdom. by ignoring the political pundits who said, nobody cared about democracy. that the energy around abortion rights had faded away, the democrats should be talking about kitchen table issues like the cost of groceries and gasoline, or they should be sounding tough on crime. but cortez, masto, and kelly,
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like many candidates, or facing extremists. adam laxalt is so extreme that 14 of his own family members told the people of nevada to vote against him. maybe he and paul gosar yards siblings can form their own support group . election denier blake masters in arizona ran this creepy ad of himself turning up in the desert and firing a gun with a silencer on it. yeah. a silencer. both masters and kelly are hard-core antiabortion to, and neither of their democratic opponents shed away from that. >> as nevada's attorney general, laxalt -- multiple efforts to restrict abortion access. he's made it clear he wants to make abortion illegal. arriving adam laxalt represent nevada, there's nothing funny about that. >> a pretty powerful ad. in, while the arm of the senate democrats that works to get incumbents reelected around this ad using blake masters's
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own words against him. take a look at this. >> i think roe v. wade needs to be repealed yesterday. >> the federal government needs to step in. >> bans all abortions. what do you support a similar statute on the national level? >> yes. it's a religious sacrifice to these people. i think it's demonic. >> it really should be careful about throwing around the word demonic. and guess what, not only did exit polls show that voters in arizona and nevada viewed abortion is the second most important issue, and when that hugely energized democratic voters in both swing states, they showed voters in both states -- blake masters and adam laxalt as more extreme than either mark kelly or catherine cortez mastiff. calling out extremism on abortion rights, it worked. and it wasn't just a senate thing either. because astonishingly, five days after the election, the house is still in play. the house. and why? again, because democratic house
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candidates went after extremism of their gop opponents. but don't take my word for it. on saturday, auto shop worker marie perez flipped a republican house seat in washington state's third district, beating joe can't, a trump endorsed candidate, and pr -- ties to far-right figures. here's what moderate republican voters in the washington third district had to say about kent in a rather savvy perez campaign ad. take a listen. >> the american people rejected, soundly rejected, the anti democratic -- >> i voted for -- >> always voted republican. >> this election, i voted for marie pets. >> joe kent is this connected from reality. -- >> the people that were involved in january 6th where heroes. >> it's not the economy, stupid, it's the extremism stupid. a point that victorious chuck
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schumer said a moment ago. he's gonna remain senate majority leader. it's a point he made last night, after senate control was projected for the democrats. alison. >> the american people rejected, soundly rejected, the anti democratic, authoritarian, naci, and divisive direction that makeover publicans wanted to take our country and. >> the takeaway is clear. the 2022 election results are a very clear rejection of maga extremism. i just hope democratic party leaders don't forget that, don't forget the clear listen of the midterms. what happens the next time democrats come under fire for being soft on crime, or biden's agenda being deemed to socialist? or saving democracy as being seen as only an elite or a relevant issue? the point is, democrats won in 2022 by going on the offensive, by hitting the trump lead gop as a bunch of anti-democratic, antiabortion extremists.
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they didn't win by listen to the pundits, or by playing it safe. for more on all this, let's turn to former california democratic senator barbara boxer. -- msnbc political analyst and president and ceo of -- also msnbc political analyst and author of the book why we did it. well, there certainly still on the road -- everyone who said democrats should run on the economy, instead of abortion rights, it must be feeling a little foolish this weekend. the people who said not to talk about democracy extremism, because voters don't care, the not kitchen table issues, apparently. >> so, mehdi, you and i have been lying for sometime. it was interesting. everyone kept saying it was a death heat between republicans and democrats. i would encourage people to say they took the poll as if it was a democrat and republican of all the ages. now. it's a democrat against a maga republican. and the moment you put a maga
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republican in front of that poll, the majority of americans understood what that meant. you didn't have to unpack it for them. so i have to say, i was not surprised at how closely we won the senate, but i am surprised at how narrowly were winning the house. the reason i say that is because i think you're gonna see that ahmaud -- a lot of moderate republicans may have set out, or a lot of independent republicans that decided to vote for the democrats. and, that i didn't necessarily see coming. >> and tim, thanks to justice samuel alito, author of the dobbs decision to overturn roe, thanks to justice alito, mitch mcconnell will not be majority leader again, perhaps ever. it's a big defeat for mcconnell. how did this abortion decision plate for the republicans? will they come to regret it? >> yeah. i wrote about this for the board. mcconnell has nobody to blame but himself about the fact that he won't be majority leader again. obviously, there's the supreme
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court seat, which we go on and on about, which was stolen, essentially, and it led to the dobbs decision which contributed to his defeat. in addition to that, though, he had two chances, two, we had many more, but he had to protect their chances to -- for trump. when trump was doing to stop the steal in 2020, ahead of the georgia runoffs and, you lost both georgia runoff seats, trying to pacify trump and campaigning with trump in georgia. that didn't work. it turned off the independent voters, the moderate republicans -- same exact thing happens this time. he didn't challenge the trump picks in these primaries, he didn't campaign against them, he didn't argue that his candidates should run away from the trump, trump went and campaigned for all them, what happened this time? they lost every swing vote this time. so for two straight cycles, now mitch mcconnell has had the opportunity to take an off ramp, as refused to do it because he wanted to be the majority leader, and what is his forward been? minority leader again, and
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probably an attempt to have a little coup, pun in tended, over who actually wins the party. >> and they're not even all trump picks. adam laxalt in nevada was one of his guys who went down yesterday and cost him. so he's not the evil political genius some democrats often see him as, and live in fear of. chuck schumer, a guy who is often not seen as a political genius, who's often underrated as a political leader, yet he got the inflation reduction act passed. he got the chips act passed. you got infrastructure done on a bipartisan basis. now, he gets to say majority leader. it's a time to reassess chuck schumer? >> as a time for us all to reassess him. listen, it's all up to the democrats in the senate! and i'm sure they're going to absolutely reelect him. look, everyone said there be a red wave. most of the pundits. and what happened, it was a red stop sign. they said the people said stop, we don't like this extremism,
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we love our democracy, we love our rates, you know? and it goes on and on. and the young people, young people, they weren't listening to those who said, if you look at electoral history, you'll see that the president and the midterm loses all these seats to be -- the young people are going, wait a minute, let us make that history. so, it's so exciting. the last thing i would say to you is, think about what joe biden said. i read it down so i won't misquoted. he said, don't compare me to the almighty -- compare me to the alternative. i love that. because we're all human beings. we're smart, we're certainly far from perfect, we all admit that. but when you compare us to the crazies, we were good. >> as many he's appointed at a moment ago, when you compare some of the democrats against who they were up against, it wasn't a hard choice. it was, not heading into tuesday's election, that the
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latino vote was gonna turn on democrats. it's been a big talking point for the last year or two, latinos are quitting the democrats, switching to republicans, especially in places like south texas. overall, according to the exit polls, i think it was 60 40 in the end. how worried are you about the latino vote going forward? how crucial is the latino vote to democratic victories this time around? >> i've never been worried about the latino vote. i have to tell you that as nauseam. -- understand the latina voter. and there's never one point in time in 2020 when we think there's gonna be mass defection. there was never point in 2022 that we saw mass defection. what it did, though, was create a cycle within the media that actually created a disinvestment and a latina vote. that's part of the republican strategy. so i'm glad we're bringing it up. none of what we saw in south texas panned out. even the only congressional seat that they found the republicans ended up winning in south texas, mehdi, that was a gerrymandered seat where all
5:14 pm
the -- that was democratic, was redrawn by the republicans and the texas state house, and named republican. they were designed to win. that, in a nutshell, says it all. latinos came out, we were gonna see when the dust settles, and i'm waiting for these headlines in the new york times that say the latino vote is the one that won nevada, arizona, pennsylvania, it's gonna help georgia -- pick at this, and even helps districts and southern texas and in north carolina. and we can have a different conversation on that, but it's not a surprise. >> as you say, it was a bit of a flop in places like texas. the republican who was supposed to be the gop's answer to aoc lost. she barely lasted a few months in congress, while aoc has been reelected twice now, i think? tim, as this one the gop favorite breaks? that's a question everyone wants to know the answer to. this is that when the republican party turns on trump? i don't buy. i don't think there's gonna be a revolution against trump. what do you think? >> those are two different
5:15 pm
questions. the first one has a more obvious answer. the fever is not gonna break. i wasn't arizona leading up to the midterms, went to a lot of kari lake events, let me tell, you this is a bottom up problem. it's always been a bottom-up problem. it's a republican base fighter that is demanding the denialism that is leading the republican party down the road to hell, so to speak. so the question is, now, they look at trump and say, okay, we've gotten all we wanted to get out of him, and we can get all this, you, know and elite, and he -- extremism that we got from trump, but from someone who's a little more normal like desantis? that might happen. i'm skeptical of might happen, but it might. but this underlying problem, the thing that led to the extremism, that led to democratic victories, that's not going anywhere. whoever replaces trump is not pivoting back to george h. w. bush land. it's still gonna be maga, just with a different figurehead.
5:16 pm
>> very good point there. i'm skeptical like you at the desantis phenomenon. barbara, let me ask you this. elizabeth warren from massachusetts has been on the airwaves. today, she was on meet the press. she's got a piece in the new york times, she's been on twitter, and our message right now is, do not waste time in the slammed accession. don't even call it a lame duck session. there's a lot democrats can and should get done before the new year, especially removing that that ceiling, codifying roe, but of course, you still haven't mentioned sinema. how do you see this playing out as a former senator is off? >> i think she makes a good point. i served with five presidents. i've been in the majority, very happily, and in the minority, not happily. and since we still have the majority, in the house, and who knows, you know, i've got -- in my district where i'm waiting to see what happens. we don't know. but right now, until the new
5:17 pm
congress gets sworn in, she's right. let's get a lot done. do it. this president will sign. and you know, it does depend upon a couple of tough democrats, but they've cooperated before. so, i'm with her. don't waste a second. this is too much to do. you know? >> yes. and with her, her being elizabeth warren, not kyrsten sinema. thank you for your analysis. much appreciated. barbara boxer, marissa kumar, tim, appreciate you all. coming up next, mary trump will be here, and yes, she and i will be talking about her uncles past, not so bright future in the wake of these midterm elections. biofreeze, the number one clinician recommended menthol topical pain relief brand. works fast. lasts long. cool the pain with biofreeze.
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from these midterms, the supposed kingmaker of the republican party, donald j trump. during what should've been a moment of celebration for him,
5:22 pm
his daughter, tiffany's wedding was on saturday, trump got the tough news that is far-right candidates endorsed for the senate cost his party control of that chamber, and prevented a much hyped, much-needed red wave. so what's going through donald's mind as he lashes out to republicans like mitch mcconnell for their poor performance? and it's really gonna declare his candidacy for president this coming tuesday night? still? who better to ask than the psychologist who also happens to be the former presidents own niece, author mary trump. mary, thanks much for coming back on the show. let's start with the most important question of the weekend. where you invited to the big family wedding? >> yeah, unfortunately i had a previously engagement. i couldn't make it down there, sadly. i'm sure they had a lot of fun. >> i'm very sad for you. okay, let's get to the business. how furious is donald j trump right now, you think? >> mehdi, we cannot
5:23 pm
overestimate the extent and size of the narcissistic injury don hold has just suffered. i think it's probably the most debilitating one he's ever experienced in his entire life. not simply because he performed poorly in terms of endorsement and in terms of the candidates he picked, because he can always explain that away, he can always blame somebody else. but the rhetoric that is coming from not just the party that supported him, but that essentially is responsible for him, it's impossible to ignore. the worst thing you can call donald trump is a loser, and he's being called the biggest loser. so that is a mark that's not gonna go away, if ever. >> that's a good point. i do want to play a montage do you have republicans who've either sidestepped around supporting him in 2024, or are flat out telling him not to run. have a watch.
5:24 pm
>> if a candidate -- donald trump, to plan on supporting that candidate? >> you're giving me a theoretical. >> can you see any circumstance by which you would support donald trump in 2024? >> look, not really. >> please, mister president, don't run again. >> can he win? my opinion, no, he can't. >> as candidates totally underperform. we have a clear mission, and it is time to move on. >> how much do you think rhetoric like that, which as you said, causes a narcissistic injury and him, how much does it affect his decision to go ahead with the big mar-a-lago event on tuesday night, which were told will be him announcing his 2024 run? there's a bunch of arguments about whether he's doing that for legal reasons, because he thinks it'll protect him from the doj, is he doing it to -- as you doing it because he thought he would be celebrating a red wave on tuesday night? how does this all factor into that? >> i think in this kind of case
5:25 pm
with donald, external forces don't have as much of an impact on his own need to protect himself, and his very fragile ego. i can, obviously, no idea what he's gonna do, or who's in his ear. but, not running, i mean -- not announcing a run would be an admission of something that i'm not entirely sure he's ready to admit. the other thing about all of these up until now vehement donald trump supporters, is that we can't let them get away with this. whether they supported my don't support him, they're the problem now. so, allowing them to distance themselves from him, and so-called trumpism, would be a fatal mistake in my opinion. >> so, on the issue of 2024, there's a lot of chatter around,
5:26 pm
including on fox, about is he gonna be in the cabinet, or will be around desantis? we're seeing a lot of coverage of ron desantis -- media outlets already building up. personally, i'm skeptical that ron desantis can beat donald trump. as much as i don't like your uncle, i will recognize that he, in 2016, he did wipe the floor, the debate stage, with all sorts of ron desantis type politicians. the jab bushes, the scott walker's, the chris christie, people who are supposed to be the future of the party. he just destroyed them with an insult, or name-calling, or some other nonsense. do you believe ron desantis can beat donald trump? personally, i don't think he can, but what's your view? >> no, i don't think he can at all. but from iran, i think he's as dangerous. but i don't think he plays nationally. he doesn't have any charisma, which unfortunately, donald does have. that might be about the only thing he has at this point. and, if donald made it clear last week that is perfectly comfortable digging up dirt,
5:27 pm
well, he might already have their. god knows what else was in those documents he stole from the united states government. but that he has information about ron desantis that could prove problematic for a potential candidate ron desantis. so, i think the bottom line, though, is that whether donald runs or not, if he's challenged in a primary, or if he feels disrespected, he'll do whatever he can to tear the entire republican party down anyway. >> yes. definitely. he has no loyalty to the gop or anyone else. one last question for you, may. donald trump has been lashing out at mitch mcconnell and mcconnell's wife, elaine chao. he's been wet lashing out at virginia governor -- and racist terms. he's going after elaine chao's name, he's going after youngkin's name, which he thinks sounds chinese. i feel that we've become numb to trump's casual, yet relentless racism. it's not even news these days, let alone headline news.
5:28 pm
>> and that's been a problem since the very beginning. as racism, his antisemitism, his anti immigrant hatred, as misogyny, i've been normalized to the point that they are discussed in terms of good strategy. and it's gotta stop. the problem is, at this point, the only people who can really stop it at the republicans who have chosen to let it slide for their own selfish reasons. but, normalizing it, letting it slide, letting it become, you know, just part of who he is and what he does, is very dangerous. and by not saying anything, the republican party just shows how big a part of the problem they are. >> yes indeed. we'll put. mary trump, will have to leave it there. thank you so much, always a pleasure. still to come, and attention seeking billionaire causes chaos.
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walgreens. it's difficult to overstate how significant role young voters played in boosting the democrats in these midterms, especially younger voters of color. nbc news exit poll found 68% of latino votes under adam -- voted for a democratic house candidate, even though only 43% of them identify as democrats. just a moment, i'll speak to the first gen z member elected to congress for the democrats, 25-year-old congressman elect maxwell alejandro frost of florida. first, richard louis is here with the headlines. ella. >> good evening to you. president biden landed in bali, indonesia, for the g20 summit sunday. tomorrow, biden meets with chinese president xi jinping for the first face to face meetings as president. at the g20, world leaders was discuss the number of matters including russia's invasion of
5:34 pm
ukraine, heightening tensions between china and taiwan, and the climate and energy emergencies. on that note, china did fly 36 fighter jets -- saturday. taiwanese military officials say this included ten aircraft that crossed the median line and the taiwan strait that separates the island from the mainland. and dolly parton received 100 million dollar prize from amazon founder and billionaire jeff bezos. the country singer won the -- courage and civility award. the money will go to organizations and share ideas that where parton's choosing. more at mehdi hasan this show right after this. right after this allergies don't have to be scary. spraying flonase daily stops your body from overreacting to allergens all season long.
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arizona and the governor's race that. just in the last few minutes, we received the latest drop of ballots from maricopa county. democrat katie hobbs has held on to her solid lead, while republican kari lake's chance to cut into that lead, into that gap, have narrowed. election denying lake wanted at least 55% of that vote to hold out hope of being in the game. which only managed 54%. we'll keep an eye on that race. it's a big race. now, one key to democrats aren't performing in these midterms was young voters. according to nbc exit polling, the biggest lead they had with any age group was with those under 29 years old. 63% of voters aged between 18 and 29 aligned with the
5:39 pm
democratic party in these midterms. that percentage is even higher when we look at young voters of color. 89% of young black voters and 60% of latinos in this age group voted for democrats. the gop drills down and it's targeting of lgbtq people, voters of color, of abortion rights. we're seeing clear signs that their messaging, their agenda, is not resonating with the future voting electorate. the first democratic gen z member elected to congress, maxwell elanco frost, he won in florida's tenth congressional district this week, he joins me now. it's also the first african member of the house, and an organizer who's campaigned on issues like gun control, abortion, and voting rights. congressman-elect, thank you for coming on the show. you are the first gen z person elected to congress. this is the generation that's gonna be voting for the next couple of decades and more. are we looking at a loyal, growing voiding will block that leans democratic going forward? people say that your first vote
5:40 pm
determines bashe res of your votes, and if people are voting democratic, at this age, does that mean the party has a lock on them going forward? >> thanks for having me on. i believe so. i believe that gen z and young voters are gonna really stick with the democratic party, because they want to vote for people who are gonna fight for -- war fighting to end gun violence, for fighting to ensure that every person, no matter who they are, have health care, have a livable wage, a good job protected and represented by a union. these are the things young people are extremely excited about. but i also want to warn democrats, we can't take young voters for granted. the reason they came out in droves is because they want their rights. they want perceive and legal abortion access. they saw what biden did with bold measures like canceling student loan debt, and the money he's put toward combatting the count i'm it crisis, which is can -- historic. we have to keep talk.
5:41 pm
we can't just assume that young people will always be on their side. they're critical, but we need to -- policies that one excite young folks. i'll say this, over half the generation can't even vote yet. so it's really exciting. >> yes. i like how you corrected yourself from data we, reminding everyone that you're part of that generation. president biden's proposed student debt cancellation was a key driver of youth turnout this past week. it's not being blocked by a trump appointed judge in texas. how big a blow is that, and what should the president and democrats and congress be doing now in order to continue advancing this crucial policy? >> it's an extremely big blow. what we know, this is the reason why donald trump, when he was president, worked quickly to confirm these judges. he wanted to ensure that even after he leaves the presidency, as right-wing, far-right mauve radical stamp is left all around the country. that's what we're seeing. that's why these judges are so important. that's why it's so important that we passed the senate, so
5:42 pm
we can get our judges in place. there are many different routes we can take. are really exploring what makes sense. a lot of them rely in the hands of president biden, and i know he's gonna take the steps necessary to ensure that his proposal -- canceling a very significant amount of student that for everyone. anna say this, and people, we know -- not just because we lead beyond our means, but because we've been denied the means to live. that's why it's so important that this actually happens. >> let's talk about you. do you think it'll be hard and being the youngest member of congress, having different priorities, maybe? different life experiences, different cultural references to your fellow colleagues in the house, where the average age of the house right now is around, but, late 50s, early 60s? basically more than twice your age. >> yeah. while, you know what's interesting. i've always had older parents. i've always joked that i never got advice as a kid. i got wisdom.
5:43 pm
either way, i've had a really good time connecting with a lot of my future colleagues and colleagues here. i'm actually in d.c. right now for my orientation. i'm doing this interview from the library of congress. we have an event going on upstairs, and i've had a great time connecting with colleagues. a lot of them are much older than me, but they really respect me, respect the value -- speaker pelosi told me that really it's gonna be a fresh breath of fresh air. that excited me. so, i think there's not gonna be a big problem working with my colleagues to ensure we're providing for the american people. and i'm looking to bring back resources and fight for central florida. >> so you mentioned speaker pelosi. if democrats win the house, there's a small chance you couldn't hold on to the house. would you be voting for nancy pelosi as speaker, who i should point out, is in her 80s now? or is it time for new blood at the top if your party in congress? >> well, we'll see what she decides to do. i would love to see, you, know what her decision is, but
5:44 pm
taking a step back and speaking more generally, i think generally, we need younger folks in congress and our caucus. we need younger folks in positions of leadership. i think it's important that we have a caucus and leadership that represents the country. >> one last quick question. you mentioned, you know, wanting to make the world a livable world. you mentioned climate change, gun violence, other issues. you can -- locally in florida as a gun rights activists. gun control activists, pushing back against school shootings in particular. we've seen horrific, including in florida, acts of gun violence. what will your first act to be? >> there's a ton of things we need to focus on. we really have to ensure that we're focusing on -- at this, time i'm really looking at the economy. that's such a broad term. i really believe in a country that has the resources that we have. every person deserves to have their bareness subsidies matt. i want to make sure everyone has health care, i want to ensure people have the resources they need, affordable
5:45 pm
wage, the ability -- marketplace, and from places that have more power to. so there's a lot of work we need to do. i'm looking forward to doing it. >> congressman-elect, maxwell alejandro frost, enjoy your orientation in d.c.. thank you for your time tonight. i appreciate it >> of course. thank you so much for having me. >> is ron desantis really the next republican savior? i'll share my thoughts on him and that after a short break. before we go to break, don't forget you can listen to the mehdi hasan show anytime free wherever you get your podcasts. insurance, so you only pay for what you need. and by switching, you could even save $652. thank you, liberty mutual. now, contestants ready? go! why? why? only pay for what you need.
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5:49 pm
answers the question, what if you combine the authoritarianism of donald trump with the john kerry. that mean, according to many liberals had a very good week. with runaway winds, his political career becomes
5:50 pm
supercharged. the new york times declared, -- desantis's sweeping victory in florida sets up a potential rivalry with trump. cnn got in on the act, pushing down on the first spousal puff piece of the 2024 cycle, heralding florida first lady casey desantis like a modern-day jackie o. don't get me wrong, ron desantis 19 point win over democrat charlie crist is objectively noteworthy, impressive, especially when you consider his dedicated his tenure as governor to demonizing queer children and teachers, a lobbying that is whelan migrants across the country and presiding over 80,000 dead floridians, the highest number of any state in the country. more to the point, does a 19-point win in the sunshine state truly indicate that desantis is now some messiah? is the media making a mountain over a rhonda santas sized molehill? lord knows they have done it before.
5:51 pm
i'm old enough to remember in 2015 and 2016, we saw scores of headlines like this one, crowding wisconsin governor scott walker as the second coming of ronald reagan. folks -- and yet another florida governor, jeb bush. we all know how those predictions turned out, and what donald trump did to those three men. what is particularly curious about this desantis coronation is not just that it seems premature, it frankly seems rather baseless. in a red state with every single atmospheric factor from inflation to pandemic to 50, crime and immigration fearmongering. desantis won by 19 points. impressive. okay. not nearly as impressive as what democrat jarred -- in the gubernatorial race by a similar margin, a whopping 18 points, in a state that is increasingly leaning blue, just as florida has been leaning red,
5:52 pm
but what's going up against all of those atmospheric factors that i mentioned that gave desantis a massive like a. the thing is, policy is not some democratic black swan. josh shapiro has secured the -- indy purple pennsylvania by 14.12 facing rising prices, crime in philly, biden's low approval rating, and an antisemitic smear campaign to top it all off. let's not forget progression whitmer of michigan who crushed her pony and by 11 points, and was reelected to the governor's mansion in a key swing state in the wake of a literal kidnapping plot against her. if you're thinking, okay, democrats did while in some swing states just like desantis, allow me to push back. the media has pushed back with chronic purple bias since the hanging sheds disaster. in reality, demographic data shows that the state is so much more ruby red today than it was 20 years ago, or even four years ago. this table here shows the
5:53 pm
change in voter registration data by party between 28, when he was first elected governor narrowly. and today, when he won big. as you can see, over the last four years alone, the sunshine state gained north of 500,000 republicans while it last. it lost 10,000 democrats, resulting in them claiming a quarter of a billion more registered voters than the dems. it is just me, but his victory does not seem all that sweeping or supercharged. or against the odds after. while the republicans continue to sun and obsess over these -- as 2024 fast approaches, democrats are proving that they actually have a deep bench. governors they can win big in two swing states. and so casey desantis can have her glowing meets a space puff piece. but jared -- and gretchen whitmer's husband, they sure as hell better get them to. ited this long to get botox® cosmetic because i take like no time for myself.
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we'll be right back here next sunday at 8 pm eastern on this msnbc app on peacock. and mattie has been show, we will post every evening monday through thursday. it's time to handed over to my good friend. i have to ask, is that really you, eamonn? is it really you? >> of course it's me, what do you mean? yes, it's me. >> i can't tell who's who
5:58 pm
anymore, we live in a world where this past week, you can get verified as a public figure with a blue check on twitter for $8, which led to predictable chaos, which we all saw coming. the world's richest man and the owner of twitter seemingly didn't. i'm not sure if you saw the verified george w. bush who said he missed killing iraqis, and the verified tony blair agreeing with him. both of them were suspended for doing impersonations. twitter apparently is real life, or at least a factory life. real markets with a fake or verified account said it was giving away insulin for free. if only their stock price drop 4.5%, wiping $15 off the value. nbc news has reached out to elon musk for comment on all of this, and has not heard back. we have to keep an eye on his twitter account. but this twitter takeover from moscow, where he finds people and rehired them, let's go of people, he was praising just days before, hiring them back, and firing them again.
5:59 pm
amplifying the far-right trolls, spreads fake news, drives away advertisers. mourns the bankruptcy, takes fights with democratic senators on line as he did this morning. he told everyone to vote republican. it will be taught in business schools as a warning to students for decades to come. >> i think it will be an entire graduate course just on you and musk's handling of twitter, but to your point, you can be all fun and games winds and parity accounts using comedy to make subtle jabs, or somebody spreading rumors of an athlete seeking a trade from one team to another. pause for a moment, just imagine if somebody bought a verification badge and claimed to be an election official who would've tweeted out during this highly contested election season that we just went through where we have all been on pins and needles waiting for the results. just imagine if an account would've tweeted out hypothetically that polling stations in arizona were closing later, and thousands of people see that tweet thinking
6:00 pm
that they have an extra hour or two to go vote. it delays them, and ultimately impacts the polls. what if somebody pretending to be a government official tweets out a threat of war or some hateful incitement against minorities in a community that inspires attacks in that community. fortunately, thank god these hypotheticals do not appear to have happened yet, but i do have to ask, what is this all for? suggesting that twitter could make a little bit more money, more revenue, this is the potential risk that we could now be facing with elon musk's twitter. >> you ask the 44 million dollar question, eamonn, which is why did he buy it, what does he want to do with it? i don't know the answer to those questions, but i'll say that it doesn't seem that hard to be the world's richest man if you can't see what's not going on in from your face. >> the billionaire myth. it's always good to see you, my friend, thank you and good job as always. enjoy the rest of your evening up. coming up on him, in a blue surprise,


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