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tv   Jose Diaz- Balart Reports  MSNBC  November 16, 2022 7:00am-8:00am PST

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perhaps we need to look back of the 15 years and get some segments back. i think today a good one would be what have we learned today? what i learned today is john erlichman was an environmentalists. i never saw that one coming. >> yeah, in the closet about it but doing it anyway. doug, the new book "silent spring revolution." it is out now. doug, thanks so much. congrats on the book, good to see you. >> thank you. >> that does it for us this morning. we'll see you tomorrow morning on "morning joe." jose diaz balart picks up the coverage right now. good morning, 10:00 a.m. eastern, 7:00 a.m. pacific. i'm jose diaz balart. we begin with details on the missile strike in poland that left two people dead. nato leadership now says it was likely caused by ukrainian defense missiles and was not
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a deliberate attack. former u.s. president donald trump officially back in the ring launching his 2024 white house bid. happening now on capitol hill, republicans in the senate holding their leadership elections. we'll break down what is challenging mitch mcconnell for the top position and bring you any news on the results. also this hour, a major development at the u.s. border. a federal judge is now ruled the u.s. can no longer use a pandemic era health policy to expel those seeking asylum. this as learn disturbing details on forced medical procedures in women in u.s. detention centers. jon ossoff will join us with more. a taylor swift ticket frenzy sweeping the country. why there is so much frustration with ticket master. we begin this hour with new
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details about the explosion that killed two people in nato member poland this morning. nato secretary general announcing that there is no indication that tuesday's explosion was a result of adele -- a deliberate attack and it was likely a ukrainian air defense missile. this development may calm down initial fears that the explosion would trigger a collective military response by nato members, of course, which includes the u.s. if it was determined to be an attack by russia. the explosion came as russia launched the largest bombardment on ukraine since the beginning of the war. according to ukrainian officials, russia launched 90 missiles on ukrainian forces shot down 73 of them. we have three of our nbc news reporters covering all angles of this story. peter alexander is in bali, ralph sanchez in brussels and molly hunter in ukraine near the border with poland. peter, what's the latest from the biden team this morning?
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>> reporter: well, we did hear from president biden before he departed bali several years ago on air force 1 back to the united states but he's been in touch with the nato secretary general as well as with the polish president to say nothing of the meeting. the emergency meeting he had here with allied leaders, the u.k., canada, japan, france, among them. so the latest best information is now coming as you noted from president duda of poland saying it appears most likely this was an unfortunate accident in his words and not an intentional attack. he says it is most likely this was caused by ukrainian air defense systems there but he did not lay any blame on the side of ukrainians, that they were simply trying to defend themselves. we did hear from the president alongside those g 7 and nato leaders who were meeting together today among them, their comment being they will fully
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support the investigation that's now taking place in poland saying they will do whatever they can to help in that process and say they will continue to stay in touch in an effort to determine the appropriate next steps going forward but it was notable, jose, when we heard from the president as he said it was unlikely in the early hours, he said it was unlikely this was a rocket fired by russia, though, it now appears it was russian made, it doesn't appear it came from russia. he's trying to lower the temperature and allow for the investigation to complete itself, jose? >> thanks. ralph, what are we hearing from nato officials in brussels? >> reporter: yeah, jose, we heard from nato secretary general here a couple of hours ago. he echoed that polish assessment, this appears to have been an accident caused by ukrainian air defense systems. he said there is no indication right now that russia is preparing to attack nato either in poland or anywhere else in alliance territory.
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importantly, though, he said nato holds russia morally responsible for what happened today because the only reason the skies of europe are full of missiles right now is because of vladimir putin's invasion of ukraine. now, he said investigation is going to continue on the ground in poland. we will hopefully learn more until the coming hours and days but jose, this is a pretty stark reminder of what has been the fear among nato nations since day one of this war that fighting, which started in ukraine would not stay in ukraine and that it would eventually spill beyond ukraine's borders into a nato country and then the united states and other members of nato would be obligated by treaty to enter into a military conflict with russia. we appear to have stepped back from the brink but today is a reminder of the stakes here. jose, it's also worth saying we seen incidents like this before where air defense missiles crash elsewhere. in 2019, the syrian regime fired a missile like this and landed
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in sgh -- cypress 150 miles away. >> molly, what is the reaction in ukraine? >> reporter: 150 miles away is a big margin of error. i'm in western ukraine up the road from the polish border and the actual impact site that polish village is five miles over the border. the big city here in the west, it is really seeing relative calm compared to kharkiv and kyiv, jose is lviv. 80% of the city without electricity. that's a close area we're talking about. what we are waiting for, jose, today is reaction from president zelenskyy and high-level ukrainian officials. last night they did not wait for the investigation to complete. they did not wait for the nato secretary general or even the polish president or prime
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minister to come out with their findings. we heard from president zelenskyy last night said this is a russian missile attack on collective security. now today it appears the ukrainians are doubling down and the secretary of national security and defense has just put out a tweet where he says we're in favor of a joint study. we're expecting information from our partners on the basis of which a conclusion was made that it was a ukrainian air defense missile. saying ukraine requests immediate access to the site of the explosion. so we'll have to see what we start to hear from the top levels of the ukrainian government. today they're going to have to walk their statements, their very strong statements back it would appear. jose? >> molly hunter, ralph sanchez and peter alexander, thank you. turning to donald trump's third presidential run he announced last night despite calls to hold off from fellow republicans. >> i am running because i believe the world has not yet
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seen the true go glory of what s nation can believe it or not. we will go far. first, we have to get out of this ditch. when we're out, you'll see things nobody imagined for any country. >> joining us now nbc news senior national political reporter mark caputo at the announcement last night. what version of donald trump did you see last night? >> less conspiracy mongering election but not the 2016 donald trump that won the election. that trump was just kind of higher energy, yes, there was a lot of darkness in his initial announcement in 2016 talking about mexican immigrants and the like but he seemed to at different times have more fun and i didn't get that feeling in the room from donald trump that
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he was really excited about it. now, that having been said, maybe one of the things he wants to do is take some of the heat out, take some of the pressure out, the stage is now his. he's the only republican announced who is running for president as a few republicans have told me, look, it's his party. it's both his political party and this is his announcement party so let's see what happens. >> he'll be alone as a republican there, for sometime. >> i would imagine so. there's a stable of people who might run against him from florida governor ron desantis to former vice president mike pence, former ambassador nikki haley. i don't want to list them all. trump will have the spot light to himself and the question is that good for trump? yes, he won in 2016, he won the electoral college, not a majority of the vote, in 2018, there was a rejection of trump and trump-ism in his first
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midterm and in 2020 he obviously lost reelection and in 2022 it didn't bode well for trump. we have three elections in a row where it hasn't broken well for the former president so we're obviously looking forward to see what will happen over the next months and heading into 2024. >> meanwhile, here is what florida governor ron desantis had to say about trump's announcement. let's take a listen to that. >> we focus on results and leadership and, you know, at the end of the day, i would just tell people to go check out the scoreboard from last tuesday night. >> that doesn't sound like a guy who is not planning to run against donald trump. now, is ron desantis definitely going to do it? no. he's definitely telling people like hey, there might be a ron desantis laying on this highway. >> and what about the republican party at large? is this something that they can look forward to or is this pretty much still trump's party? >> i don't know.
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when you look at a lot of polling, it now suggests that when republicans are polled, are you a trump republican or kind of a classic republican? the classic republican so to speak is winning out but there is a difference in public opinion and public judgment, now that trump is in the ring and an announced candidate that changes the equation. the question is at what point if any point does ron desantis decide to enter in? that clip there suggests desantis is taking up the challenge that trump is kind of thrown at quote unquote ron . >> we'll see in short order, the names back and forth. >> a few nicknames from donald trump. i don't think that's the only one. >> pleasure seeing you. up next, a federal judge strikes down a policy used to turn back migrants from the border. what it means for thousands of people stranded just outside the united states. >> plus, an important vote in
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the senate today to protect marriage equality. does it have the votes to pass? the disturbing results of a congressional investigation into allegations of forced medical procedures on migrant women in detention centers. georgia senator jon ossoff who led the investigation joins us. you're watching "jose diaz balart reports." b balart reports." and where it's going. (dock worker) right on time. (vo) robots can predict breakdowns and order their own replacement parts. (foreman) nice work. (vo) and retailers can get ahead of the fashion trend of the day with a new line tomorrow. with a verizon private 5g network, you can get more agility and security. giving you more control of your business. we call this enterprise intelligence. from the network america relies on. ever notice how stiff clothes can feel rough on your skin? for softer clothes that are gentle on your skin, try downy free & gentle downy will soften your clothes without dyes or perfumes. the towel washed with downy is softer,
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15 past the hour, a major change to the biden administration's border policy. a federal judge struck down title 42. that's the trump era protocol, the u.s. has been using to turn back people seeking asylum on the basis of public health. since title 42's implantation in 2020, customs and border protection used it to expel more than 2 million people from the u.s. it was recently expanded to also expel tens of thousands of venezuelans, some of whom stranded outside the u.s. border. the order was supposed to go into effect immediately but last
7:17 am
night, the biden administration asked the judge for an extra five weeks to prepare to transition. nbc news homeland security correspondent julia aniesly joins us. good morning. the biden administration hinged the policy on one public health measure knowing there were on going challenges. does administration have a plan b? >> well, you're right, jose, it's hard to under estimate the effect that this court decision is going to have on the u.s. border and they're not appealing it in part because they did try to end it themselves back in may but they were stopped by a judge then. so now they're going to lift it. they've just asked for five weeks for a transition. the plan they have always said when title 42 lifts is to try to expedite the asylum process so they're going to bring more people including border agents into adjudicate asylum claims. the problem is, jose, is they
7:18 am
could be overwhelmed by the numbers. we already saw record numbers over the last year. with title 42 lifting, people i talk to along the borders as well as policy makers here in washington say this will be a magnet and will attract more migrants to attempt to cross the southern border. add into that you have this situation in haiti. they're predicting there could be a mass migration from haiti when the country gets the fuel back and could be looking at a place they're overwhelmed and even those plans to try to expedite the process won't be enough. >> and just wondering, what plans have been carried out to expedite the process when you've got literally thousands of venezuelans that are on mass being deported, using title 42? what happens to them? >> well, venezuelans, as well as nicaraguaens, guatemala, el salvador, honduras, those health back from crossing will be allowed to come in and claim asylum. just as u.s. policy allowed
7:19 am
prior to covid. the issue now is you have so much more demand. people who have been waiting for months in terrible conditions in northern mexico where they're subjected to exploitation, rape, torture, even death, those people now will have the chance to cross and so yes, the u.s. will try to speed up the process but if they can't speed it up enough, jose, we might look at that overcrowding we saw under the trump administration during a migrant surge in 2019 and there were simply too many people, people can't sleep. people can't take showers and in some cases, they start releasing people out on the street. >> and meanwhile, julia, you have exclusive reporting two officials say the u.s. is planning did deport by air.
7:20 am
they are planning to meet today. >> it's part of a deal between the u.s. and cuba, where the u.s. agreed to ramp up and restart the program to allow cubans to apply to come to the u.s. legally by getting visas. that had been shut down for a number of years and as a result, this are no deportations back to cuba because cuba refused to take back people who had left and come to the united states. now, cuba has agreed to start taking deportations back and as i understand it, they're going to take maybe a couple weeks but in the coming weeks we should start seeing planes of cubans in the u.s. back to cuba. people with final orders of deportation, not people living here in the united states and haven't been given orders of deportation or people who are still trying to see if they did get asylum here. >> so it's all up to the cuban regime when and how it decides to bring people in? >> that's right.
7:21 am
>> thank you very much. >> the u.s. government is trying to do that soon. thank you. >> thank you, julia. up next, disturbing allegations of unnecessary invasive medical treatment performed on women in i.c.e. detention without their consent. georgia senator jon ossoff investigated and will be with us next to tell us what he found. you're watching "jose diaz balart reports." z balart reports." our dell technologies advisors can provide you with the tools and expertise you need to bring out the innovator in you. my a1c stayed here, it needed to be here. ray's a1c is down with rybelsus®. to bring out the innovator i'm down with rybelsus®. my a1c is down with rybelsus®. in a clinical study, once-daily rybelsus® significantly lowered a1c better than a leading branded pill. in the same study, people taking rybelsus® lost more weight.
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24 past the hour, new developments in the debate within the gop senate republicans meeting to hold the leadership elections. rick scott announced he will challenge current minority leader mitch mcconnell for leadership in the upper chamber and also happening today. the senate will hold a procedural vote to protect march -- marriage equality. joining us is ali vitali. let's start with the senate leadership vote. why did rick scott choose this moment to challenge mcconnell? >> reporter: he clearly feels and there is some small part of the republican caucus that believes it's time for a change in leadership. i can pull up a piece of the letter he sent to colleagues yesterday as he officially
7:26 am
announced his challenge to mcconnell which is the first challenge a republican leader had in a decade and a half. part of what rick scott is saying here, this is what voters want. they want a plan. they're begging us he says to tell them what we will do when we're in charge. unfortunately, we continue to elect leadership that refuses to do that andelicits attacks on anyone does. that's a bold change. scott says if you want the status quote, you don't have to vote for him and candidly. that's what most of the republican senators in the room will do. they're likely to stick with mitch mcconnell. mitt romney summed it up well when i was down the hall a few steps down the hall on the senate side of the building. he said it's fine there is a challenge but i don't think it will go anywhere. that's the vibe of mcconnell world, too. as you talk to them, they're aware this challenge is happening. they have butted heads publicly. mcconnell and scott over the course of the last year on the campaign trail, everything from
7:27 am
the way that senate finances were being spent on the elections to the quality of the candidates and the platform they should be running on. we saw this time and again, this is now the natural out growth of that but mcconnell feels confident he'll be leader again when this is said and done. >> back to marriage equality. does the vote to protect marriage equality on a federal level have the ten gop votes you need? . >> reporter: the people close to this process say they have the votes. in many cases, the republicans watching the closest are keeping their cards closest to their chest on this. we're probably not going to see if they actually have ten until they get on the floor later this afternoon probably around 3:00, 3:30 when they actually do this vote. it's a procedural hurdle but it will tell us a lot. they need 60 to overcome the hurdle and if they're able to get 60 votes they need, this bill is pretty much on a glide path. there are some people we've been watching closely but again, they
7:28 am
are not saying whether they're going to vote or not. in my head, i can probably count to six or seven republican senators who are probably on board with this but getting to ten is a little tougher. so a lot of this is probably going to come together for good in realtime. >> and so the procedural aspect of it is a process, right, but then it would go into the actual voting of it. how does that go and what is the time frame? >> reporter: we saw this process start on monday when chuck schumer went to the floor and said he's filing on this. what this next vote is going to be this afternoon is overcoming the culture, moving onto the next phase of this is actually voting on the meat of this bill, but really what happens to over come the closure, you need the 60 votes. if they have 60. there is no reason the senators voting to overcome closure but not vote for the underlying bill, there is no reason to
7:29 am
think they would change their mind. the 60 or whatever number over that is probably the exact number that we're going to see on the ultimate passage of this bill. they could make an agreement to make it go faster once they overcome this cloture, that's the rule in the senate. if all 100 people come together and say we can do this in a different way, they can do that. it's not clear that's what the process is going to be here but right now, it looks like at some point by the end of the week we could see this passed if they overcome this hurdle this afternoon. >> ali vitali thank you so much. always clearing these issues up for us. a bipartisan senate panel is releasing details about the mistreatment of some women held by u.s. immigration and customs. the 18-month investigation found dozens of women at an i.c.e. detention center in georgia that has since been shut down were subjected to excessive invasive
7:30 am
non-consensual gynecology procedures by a doctor working for a government contractor. one of them was karina who got emotional when she testified during a hearing yesterday about a time she sought post partum care but was given an injection for a newly discovered ovarian cyst. >> when the doctor comes in, he doesn't acknowledge me. he doesn't say a word. he just sits in front of me and starts prepping for the procedure, which he does not explain. then he just says open your legs and continues with it's going to be cold and inserts a white tube inside of me. he wiggles it around roughly. it was extremely uncomfortable. >> with us now to talk more about this is jon ossoff who
7:31 am
chairs the subcommittee for the investigation. what a horrible bit of testimony you were -- you saw there. just to think of the things that happened there, how did things get to be this way? >> jose, thank you for having me. i launched this investigation 18 months ago. a bipartisan investigation. democrats and republicans in the senate working together and the facts we found are deeply disturbing that women in u.s. detention are subjected to unnecessary, invasive and in many cases none consensual gain -- gynecology procedures and surgeries. i launched this investigation because those who are detained, those incarcerated are every bit
7:32 am
as human as us. they're entitled to the same constitutional rights and human rights. where their dignity is violated, where they're subjected to mistreatment, we have to find those facts and there has to be accountability. >> 70% of i.c.e. detainees are run by outside contractors. are there lessons to be learned what happened at that irwin county detention center? >> well, i questioned senior department of homeland security yesterday about this investigation and there appears to be serious lapses between the vetting and oversight of the health care providers entrusted with the care of detainees. that's a major issue, a major lapse that likely requires significant administrative
7:33 am
change, possibly legislation, as well. >> senator, your georgia colleague raphael warnock is facing a runoff reelection in three weeks. do you think the same enthusiasm will continue in this runoff? >> i think there is extraordinary enthusiasm in georgia, extraordinary enthusiasm for warnock. he's an asset to georgia and the nation. he's won universal respect on both sides of the aisle and senate. he's delivered for the state of georgia, he's forged bipartisan working relationships to deliver for the state of georgia. i'm proud to call him a colleague, a brother and a friend and i'm doing everything i can to ensure his reelection, encouraging all georgians to make a plan to vote in this runoff. >> and senator, you know, the senate is set to hold a procedural vote later today to
7:34 am
codify same-sole and exclusive -- same-sex marriage. there is talk the possibility folks may think they have the ten republican votes, at least on this procedural motion. how do you see things? >> well, we're proceeding and i hope that we'll be able to overcome that 60-vote threshold and get this done. i ran this office committed to human rights of the country including the right to love and choose a spouse. i ran for office committed to investigating corruption abuse and misconduct and that's why i led this 18-month investigation of the medical mistreatment of women in u.s. detention. i hope that we can continue to make progress in the u.s. senate to expand freedom and uphold human rights. >> senator, i can't thank you enough for being with me. i want to ask we continue our
7:35 am
conversation going forward. really appreciate your time. >> jose, i look forward to it. thank you for having me. >> thanks so much. up next, we continue to follow breaking news. poland says a deadly blast on the boarder with ukraine was likely an accident. a former u.sambassador to poland joins us next. you're watching "jose diaz balart reports." "jose diaz balart reports." it's gentle on her skin and out-cleans our old free detergent. tide hygenic clean free. hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin. the first-ever all-electric chevy blazer ev. 0 to 60 in under 4 seconds. and up to 320 miles of range on a full charge. evs for everyone, everywhere. chevrolet.
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7:39 am
leaders say it appears a deadly blast in poland was likely an accident caused by ukraine's air defense system responding to a russian missile barrage. two were killed when a missile came down on farm land. a top ukrainian official tweeted that quote, we are in favor of a joint study and that ukraine is expecting information how the conclusion was reached. with us now, msnbc military analyst, afterry -- mccaffrey. general, what is your read on this whole incident?ccaffrey. general, what is your read on this whole incident? >> well, i think the biden administration is handling it very effectively. they're very experienced people secretary blake and austin. the president fortunately was with g 20 leaders at the time and brought in the nato collective attention to this
7:40 am
apparent incident. from the start, i thought it was almost impossible to believe that it was a russian deliberate targeting of poland. it didn't make any sense. the russian army is doing extremely badly against the ukrainian combat forces, never mind taking on a nato provocation. so i think it did, though, very usefully raise the bright red line that nato has communicated to the russians saying we will not tolerate an escalation of this war widens of the conflict so i also think we should not lose sight of the fact that there is a massive russian attack on ukrainian civilian infrastructure. it won't contribute to the military campaign. it's clearly a violation of the laws of war. >> yeah, i mean, 0 plus missiles overnight.
7:41 am
ukraine's president came strongly saying russia was behind the blast. nato, poland, biden was measured saying we need to find out exactly what happened by president zelenskyy in some kind of bad light because it was his insistence it was russia and doubling down on it today. >> it's a fair question but i think we all have to agree that the responsible party for this incident is russia. this would not have happen fd russia were not reigning down missiles on civilian infrastructure across all of ukraine. ultimately, it is russia's fault. president zelenskyy is a victim of the fallout as everyone was in the early hours of this. i think neither side, neither russia nor nato wants to go to open conflict between the two, and so i agree not only did the biden administration take a very
7:42 am
deliberate and cautious approach to get the facts before jumping to any conclusions but also the nato leadership and the leadership of poland as well. >> general, poland says the missile landed in the territory made in russia. is it odd ukrainians are using russian made missiles in their defense mechanism? >> of course, when the conflict started nine months ago, 100% of the ukrainian equipment was soviet era weaponry. the tanks, the aircraft, you name it across the board it's all russian manufactured. i saw a video that crater, it was a humongous blast and now allegedly, they're thinking it was an s 300 anti-aircraft missile ukrainian fired that went into poland. i'm surprised that the
7:43 am
ukrainians made that error on the other hand, i think, again, we have taken a very sober, cautious look at it. it's going to be a subject of discussion today in nato political circles and so some good will come out of it but back to ukraine, there is a massive attack on ukrainian civilian infrastructure causing literally over the nine months thousands of innocent civilian casualties. the brutality, the indiscipline of the russian armed forces has been really unsettling to see throughout this conflict. >> so general, how does a country react to that? i mean, the fact is that we're already -- february was the beginning of the invasion and today we're seeing the most intense brutal part of it in many ways. general, how does ukraine react
7:44 am
to this going forward as we enter the months of winter with all of that, that brings? >> well, you know, starting in february certainly the ground will be frozen in ukraine. that is wonderful weather for tank armored attacks. so i think as we reassess the situation, the ukrainian armed forces should give no quarter to the russians this winter. this isn't but sit in our encampments until spring comes and start the war. i think secretary austin and the president have to look at providing a missile with the 300-mile range that's supplying m 1 tanks huge fighting machine and clearly upping the air defense system. we simply can't tolerate it seems to me the routine bombardment of innocent civilian infrastructure in ukraine going forward. >> general, berry mccaffrey,
7:45 am
thank you both for being with us this morning. appreciate it. up next, the trump organization's former long-time cfo took the stand yesterday in the fraud case against the company. what he told jurors, next. you're watching "jose diaz balart reports." "jose diaz balart reports." s, you can make it even smarter. now ports can know where every piece of cargo is. and where it's going. (dock worker) right on time. (vo) robots can predict breakdowns and order their own replacement parts. (foreman) nice work. (vo) and retailers can get ahead of the fashion trend of the day with a new line tomorrow. with a verizon private 5g network, you can get more agility and security. giving you more control of your business. we call this enterprise intelligence. from the network america relies on.
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48 past the hour on the same day donald trump announces a third white house run long-time chief financial officer allen weisselberg took the stand against the trump organization. weisselberg told jurors he was unaware of the pay structure for high-level employees that included apartments, luxury cars and private school tuitions. joining us is an investigative reporter following this story. allen weisselberg has pled guilty already. what role does his testimony play in this case going forward? >> well, it is crucial because under new york law they have to show that he did -- that these acts happened in behalf of the company. there has to be something greater than he was just a rogue employee and he did all this on his own, which is what the
7:50 am
defense is trying to show. they're trying to paint him as an employee taking all this stuff but the company didn't really benefit and what he began to show yesterday, we only had two hours. what was a benefit to the company for this. he testified he knew about the gifts and that he used perks he got, that he took them and that if he had just asked for a raise to pay for them, that that would have come -- by doing that, there is say save a savings by company but there was tax owed on a lot of this that wasn't paid and other parts of the case showed the company by doing schemes alleged, they avoided s like medicare tax. >> and so, sue, what did you learn about the kind of perks that these people were enjoying? >> well, i have to say, i've been following the case, i read -- it was incredible to hear the testimony and to hear the level of grift. you're hearing, you know,
7:51 am
everything that you could pretty much imagine, any expense that allen weisselberg had, he seemed to have covered and other executives. there was a car provided, a nice mercedes for him and his wife. they got a corporate apartment. they got parking garages to park the cars in. he got cash to tip his doorman at christmas. there was walking around cash that was a corporate expense. so much. it was all paid to him through the company. if he had gone to the company and said, i want a raise for this, he would have -- let's say all the expenses came to 100,000 a year, he would have to get a $200,000 raise to cover it because of the taxes involved. that's what at the heart of this. it was just incredible to hear the level of expenses going not just to allen weisselberg, but to other executives and, you know, the trump organization, the argument and the jurors are going to have to decide did it also benefit the company. >> so what are you looking forward to seeing tomorrow?
7:52 am
>> i think we're really going to -- we're really going to get into the guts of allen weisselberg's testimony and then the cross. just i think the cross-examination by the trump lawyers will be interesting. allen weisselberg is a prosecution witness, but he's still on the payroll of the trump organization. and just how he does under cross in living up to the agreement he has with prosecutors. if it's found that he wasn't truthful, if he gets into trouble in that area, he could spend more time in prison. how he threads that is going to be interesting to watch once the cross starts. it may not happen thursday. it could go friday, monday, but it's going to be interesting to see how it plays out. >> will indeed. thank you very much. it's good to see you. >> thank you. >> good to see you. >> up next, from triumph to tears, how taylor swift fans crashed ticketmaster while trying to score concert tickets. taylor swift actually broke that thing called the internet.
7:53 am
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56 past the hour. the u.s. is one step closer to returning astronauts to the moon after a series of delays. artemis lifted off from cape canaveral this morning. >>, three, two, one.
7:57 am
boosters and ignition. we rise together, back to the moon and beyond. >> artemis one is an uncrewed test flight that will orbit the moon before splashing back on the earth next month. demand for tickets to the pop star's first tour in close to five years really crashed the internet, crashed ticketmasters website system leaving so many fans frustrated. jacob soboroff has more. jacob? >> reporter: keep in mind, all of this chaos was over the presale. ticketmaster says it was the biggest in its history and when fans decided to take part, they crashed the site. criticism poured in, well, swiftly. ♪ it's me hi i'm the problem ♪ >> it was an emotional roller coaster for taylor swift fans. >> i'm not getting tickets.
7:58 am
>> thank god that i requested the entire day off to get taylor swift tickets. >> presale tickets for her tour went on sale at 10:00 a.m. tuesday, but ticketmaster started glitching as early as 9:00. >> i haven't experienced anything like this before. we've been waiting all day. >> reporter: frustration filled feeds online. one twitter user saying, me, trying to figure out how ticketmaster wasn't prepared for the demand. ticketmaster has a new verified fan system. when the big moment came, ticketmaster's website crashed. one mother and daughter duo thought they would be one of the lucky ones. they were next in line to score six tickets to her show in pittsburgh, but then -- >> we started all over and it dumped us back to 2,000 plus. >> reporter: this comes at a time when concerts are in high demand again after a
7:59 am
pandemic-fueled break. ticket sales for 2022 up 37% compared to 2019. the company saying there was unprecedented demand with millions showing up to buy tickets. the frustrations over prices, availability and access came swiftly. the ticketmaster fees, about $50 on top of the ticket price. >> that's a lot of extra money on top of what you're paying. >> reporter: after five hours in the queue, success for sarah and ellie. >> i think people are just jumping at the chance to finally get to see her after 3 1/2 years. >> even for this family, their patience paid off. >> we're in, we're doing this! >> reporter: we reached out to taylor swift's team, we haven't heard back yesterday. the capitol one card holders
8:00 am
presale was delayed until later today. back to you. >> what the heck is going on, ticketmaster, come on. bad bunny made history in yesterday's grammy nominations, getting the first ever album of the year for a spanish language album. he earned three nominations in total. this also makes him the first artist to ever be in the running for album of the year at both the grammys and the latin grammys. there you go. bad bunny. that wraps up the hour for me. i'm jose diaz-balart. you can reach me on twitter and instagram at jdbalart. the internet does not break if you talk to me. and be sure to follow the show online at jdbalart msnbc. thank you so much for the privilege of your time. yasmin vossoughian picks up with more news right now.


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