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tv   Katy Tur Reports  MSNBC  November 17, 2022 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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it's good to be with you. i'm chris jansing in for katy tur. it is an historic day on capitol hill. and a turning point for democrats. house speaker nancy pelosi has announced she will be passing the torch after nearly two decades as head of the democratic caucus. but she won't be sailing into retirement. >> no matter what title all my colleagues have bestowed on me,
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speaker, leader, whip, there is no more official honor for me than to stand on this floor and to speak for the people of san francisco. this, i will continue to do as a member of the house, speaking for the people of san francisco, serving the great state of california, and defending our constitution. and with great confidence in our caucus, i will not seek re-election to democratic leadership in the next congress. >> that announcement was followed by a statement from the white house just moments ago, praising her as quote the most consequential speaker of our history. and today, a mere announcement from house majority leader steny hoyer, like pelosi, he will remain in congress next year but he will not seek a leadership position. moat notably hoyer is signing off with an endorsement of hakeem jeffries for his leadership role. a lot of developments in one afternoon. now, a question. what does it mean for kevin mccarthy? he may have won the speaker nomination for his party, but
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pelosi's legacy looms large. as she herself put it this week, the role of speaker has awesome power but she will always have influence. so whoever succeeds her as democratic leader, hakeem jeffries or someone else, they will have her backing and guidance and access to her wealth of experience and knowledge of the job. joining me from capitol hill, is ryan nobles and top political reporter tara is here. >> what is the reaction to the huge move? it is like a seismic shift on capitol hill today. >> well, in many ways, it was expected. especially after democrats weren't able to control the majority after the midterm elections. there's been speculation for years, really, that this would be the time that nancy pelosi would step away from her leadership position. it is somewhat of a surprise that she's decided to stay in congress. that is unique for members of congress in a leadership position. usually when they step away from leadership, they step away from congress all together. so this is going to be a unique
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place that she finds herself in, as she will serve as somewhat of counsel to the new generation of leaders that she talked about. but in general, the reaction today has been one of gratitude, for the many members of the democratic caucus that she's been a mentor of that, she's been a leader of, and she has been able to shepherd through a number of different cycles of both majority and minority, dealing with the trump administration from at democratic perspective and also of late, trying to keep together this very thin majority that the democrats have had, as they shepherd through the biden agenda. so you would be hard pressed to find a democrat here that doesn't have some level of admiration for nancy pelosi and all of that has been on display here on capitol hill today. >> and tara, your sources told you this morning, this is the announcement but the term back bencher, the idea of having nancy pelosi, the most powerful woman ever probably to have served in congress, it is hard to see her in that role, what does it look like? >> it is but for nancy pelosi, she is actually a very religious
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person and she sees the nobility of being a congress person, she sees it as a vocation, and i think for her, she really hasn't had the opportunity to line up her succession, the democrats were really fighting by the seat of their pants for a long time and didn't expect the margins to be this slim and she hasn't been able to really line up what could be next. now it is really interesting to me, because a lot of people close to members who actually did not want her to run for the speakership, and they said we might need her right now, because the margins are so slim, we don't know how to deal with kevin mccarthy, she can keep the squad in place, the last thing we need is demes in disarray, while the republicans are dealing with their own raucous investigations, and it came down to her deciding that she wants her, she wants to be part of the transition, she wants to facilitate the succession. and she raises a ton of money and she is an icon. she won't be a back bencher. she will walk down those halls, in high heels, and know that she was a part of the future.
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and for her, and people close to her, that's what really mattered and to just duck out and let things fall without having a hand in it. >> i wonder if is a double edged sword, that you have the expert, right, guiding you along, and on the other hand, you have to figure out how to do things for yourself. >> right. >> the training wheels. >> exactly. >> when do they come off. >> but they're in such a perilous situation, that that was a factor for her, that they are in this very unique situation. where the majority is so slim, and honestly, i mean they could call a snap election very quickly, in california, and a reliable democrat would be in her seat. but i mean it's just her presence there, her guidance, that is something that actually they really want to see. and there is another little piece of this. her number two, steny how are and jim clyburn, they're both in their 80s, too. for a long time she has told people very close to her, she
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thought it would be the best fa she is the one who would have to leave first. why would they stay on, and making clear this entire time, and she would be the one to have to retire, our president is going to be 80 next year, why does she have to retire, and so i think in a way, this is a bold move, too, to say i'm not stepping away because of my age, i'm just letting the next generation move forward and i will guide them along the way, and you know, her fingerprint will be on everything. it is almost like an emeritus tale, like the queen of congress now and sontsly something that came together in the last three hours, she wrote multiple speeches with jon mecheam and up until this weekend she thought about retiring and stepping down and it has been very fluid. >> so naturally, talk who will replace her hakeem jeffries the biggest name floating around when it comes to pursuing that role, does very it if he wants it? what will happen behind the scenes? >> i think the answer to that question is yes, chris. you would be hard pressed to
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find someone up here on capitol hill that doesn't think that hakeem jeff ris will be the next leader of the democratic party and we should know that his ascension to that position would be historic. there has never been an african american leader of congress from either party. so that is very significant. but also, perhaps the most important kind of tea leaf to read, in terms of jeffries being the person to ascend to this position is that adam schiff from california who is a close ally of nancy pelosi, prominent for his position on the house intelligence committee and house january 6th select committee and he announced he would not seek a position and instead explore a run for senate in california and perhaps jeffries biggest competition for that position. so the fact that you have that deck cleared, it really opens the door to jeffries being the person who is likely to get this job, and then when you add on to that the endorsements of steny hoyer and the endorsement of jim clyburn and the support of a congressional black caucus, it is really his to lose. but i can talk to some you know,
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leadership aides, you know, within congress, who made it clear that he does not believe that this is just his to take. he's got to earn this position from his members. this is a job that he's going to have to go out and convince people that he deserves. it's his right now for the offering but he's going to have to get those votes in order to take on that really important responsibility. especially as tara points out with these very, very thin margins in congress coming up in january. >> and kevin mccarthy, you got to wonder, if they would prefer to be up against nancy pelosi or hakeem jeffriess. >> and they've long had nancy pelosi as a bogeyman, so how are they going to craft this new young african american as their new bogey man? only time will tell. i'm sure they're working on that. this is a new era. and she is not abandoning it. she had the opportunity, the white house left the position open for her to go be ambassador to italy. she knows her way around that
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wine cellar. she has been there many times and she is determined to stay on and i think it is a very noble thing. >> thank you very much. joining me now the founder of country over party, and political contributor, matthew dowd and also with me is former obama white house press secretary, and msnbc political analyst, robert gibbs. >> so matthew, look, it is an understatement to say this is, it was a hugely impactful and historic speakership. talk to us about the legacy nancy pelosi leaves behind and the shoes frankly that need to be filled. >> yes, heels, that probably are going to be very difficult to fill. i mean i agree with the president. she's the most consequential effective speaker in my lifetime. as she should be on everybody's goat list of leaders of the house, i mean of the entirety of our country's history, she has to be considered one of the greatest of all time. i think what i laud most about her and have obvious respect
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about her, even having been on the opposite side of her at times, is she is a true servant leader. and in all of its manifestations. she served not for her own benefit but for the benefits of others and this step she made today, i think, it is one of the most classy examples of servant leadership, where you step back and you hold power, and you step back to make room at the leadership table for others in the course of this. that is real servant leadership. and the fact that she's going to step back and continue to serve underlines that she really does believe in servant leadership. and i hope, my hope is others in washington, whether it's in the house, the senate, or even the presidency, look at that step, and say maybe it's time for a new generation to take over the levers of power. >> how do you imagine, robert, this impacts joe biden and what is already a difficult couple of years ahead, since they have lost control of the house? i mean you were there, you know
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the role she plays, you know the relationship she has with members, not just of her caucus but on the other side, and certainly the relationship she had with president obama, what's the impact that you see? >> well, look, her impact, the impact of this will be enormous. the good thing for democrats is she will still be there to provide wise counsel leadership and an extraordinarily strong voice. and i think it goes for the benefit of everyone listening, there would be not be an affordable care act without nancy pelosi. the biden agenda that passed through congress toward the end of this election cycle that gave a lot of wind at the backs of democrats to go out and talk about making health care more affordable and prescription drugs more affordable and investing in clean energy and attacking climate change, none of that is possible without nancy pelosi. so it's a changing of the guard. it's a new day.
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it will put some strains on democrats in washington, because as was mentioned, there's going to be a new leader and that leader is going to have to get his or her sea legs, in this case, i think it is going to be his sea legs, and that will be important. if you want a sense of how effective is nancy pelosi, she just orchestrated an entire generational change of the democratic house leadership with one decision. right? she did all of that. there's not a bloody election that is going to go on. there's not competing factions. there's not dualing press conferences right now. with hakeem jeffries and steny hoyer. there is a simple easy line of succession that she's orchestrated. that's how effective she is at everything she does. >> and a very diverse line of succession that she is orchestrating. so let's talk a little bit about, matthew, about, well, first of all, let's say, we were talking about this before, the
11:13 am
people who are leaving from leadership are all in their 80s, right? so you had three people who have decided they're going to move on, now we have all three getting behind the same people to follow them in the footsteps. how big of a job is it? i mean we talk a lot about speaker, but when you look at the leadership overall, and the relationships that get built, and the shorthand that gets under way, what do you think the learning curve is for this group? >> well, the good news for somebody like hakeem and the others is they're going to be watching a complete disarray of the people that are actually becoming those in power and it gives them a window, and they have been watching at the footsteps of nancy pelosi and others of you ho to do this, what is the right way, what is the wrong way, and there is a contrast of opportunity and i think the contrast of the two sides of the house couldn't be
11:14 am
more dramatic. you have somebody who is now ascending to speaker and kevin mccarthy who is not respected by his own caucus and not feared by his own caucus, which both of nancy pelosi had, she was respected by her caucus and feared by her caucus in the way she conducted power in this, so i think that gives the democrats the sort of the time, and the ability to sort of pull things together, because i think what we're all going to be focused on is the circus that's going to exist on the republican side of the aisle. >> let's talk about that. i mean robert, break down kevin mccarthy's prospects here, i want to put up some of the concessions conservatives are already demanding from him. reinstating the motion to vacate. requiring bills to go through committee. we've already heard adam kinzinger talking about what he thinks are going to be hostage situations of kevin mccarthy by people like marjorie taylor green. what do you see him compromising over? and how do you see him
11:15 am
navigating this very divided and very close majority? >> yes, it's going to be extraordinarily difficult, as matthew said. look, the challenge that the democrats don't have is to elect their new leader, it just takes a majority of their caucus. kevin mccarthy has to get 218 votes on the floor of the house. right? he's got to get everybody on board with him. or they're going to have to find a new speaker. so his very first vote is going to be challenging. and then i think, as you get farther and farther down the line, look, there's going to be just a few people who can basically take this agenda off the tracks for the republican party, can push it into different areas that quite frankly some may not want to go down. and i think in many ways, kevin mccarthy's leadership is going to be held hostage by the whims and the wants of those at the far end of the political
11:16 am
spectrum in the republican party. probably not learning a lot of lessons of what happened on, a week ago tuesday, but doubling down on many of the things that got them into trouble. so it is going to be extraordinarily messy. extraordinarily difficult to keep 218 votes together, when you only have 220 or 221 to start with. >> can i ask you briefly, robert, you know, one of the things that we know, because they talked about it so much is, there is going to be a myriad of investigations, many of them targeting joe biden, targeting hunter biden, targeting the biden family, how do you see democrats navigating that? >> well, i think first and foremost, that they're now beginning, they're going to navigate it by asking the american people if this is, if this is helping to make their health care more affordable, is this helping send their family, help their family send someone to college and pay for it. there's a whole lot of questions i think, priorities that
11:17 am
democrats will push back on republicans, and wonder why we're doing this. if only for just some sort of some sad partisan game or kind of howling at the moon because none of this is really going to go very far. so i think it is going to be a real challenge for republicans to try to keep again, use the metaphor, keeping the train on the tracks, and not having it veer off into wild and crazy. again, that's what got them into trouble in this election. crazy was on the ballot. crazy lost badly. and i think it will be really hard for them to keep the train on the track. >> matthew, you were chuckling, maybe laughing quite a lot. this is exactly, right, what mitch mcconnell has been saying, this is the stuff that the american people rejected. how do you see that part of it? all of these investigations, that you know are going to happen. how do you see that playing out? >> well, i'm going to go along with my friend robert gibbs along the way and say i
11:18 am
completely agree with what he said and if i were the democrats which they did exceedingly well on key races, while they do that, the democrats ought to just stand back and let them shoot themselves in the foot, numerous times. because as we watched these crazy candidates unfold that lost, that the democrats in those races, all they this to do was put a microphone in front of their face and let them keep talking. i would just say let the house republicans keep talking, because it's only going to hurt them if they go down this path. >> matthew, you're sticking around, robert gibbs, thank you as always. great to see you. still ahead, we will go live to the state of georgia, where in three weeks, voters will head to the ballot box again. what donald trump's bid for 2024 could do to that raise. and mike pence says he is closing the door for the request for his testimony in front of the january 6th committee. how they're responding to his remarks and what they plan to do about it. first though, a rare public risk, why president biden and president zelenskyy are disagreeing who launched that
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president biden has strongly disputed comments made by ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy, it's a rare disagreement between the two allied leaders. >> what's your reaction to president zelenskyy saying that what landed in poland -- >> president biden standing by the preliminary conclusion from poland and nato, that the errant miss thal killed two people in poland earlier this week was fired by ukrainian forces. despite the disagreement between ukraine and its allies, all parties lay the blame for this accident at russia's door. joining me now from kyiv is nbc news foreign correspondent molly hunter. molly, it is good to see you. any reaction in ukraine to president biden's remarks this morning? >> chris, i think it's worth giving just a tiny bit of context to the very subtle
11:24 am
changes in president zelenskyy's language over the last 48 hours. as you mentioned, really strong language on tuesday when the incident happened. very strong language yesterday afternoon. not our missile. it was not our missile strike. by yesterday evening, he was sut ply walking it back, simply by not mentioning that kind of real refuse of the evidence, he was saying we want access, we want a joint investigation and today we understand from the polish authorities and the ukrainian officials that there are ukrainian investigators actually there, they're cooperating with the polish officials. we just saw a tweet from the ukrainian foreign minister and he says he spoke to his polish counterpart and ukraine and poland will cooperate constructively and openly about the missile and our experts are in poland and we expect them to swiftly get access to the site. this is a very awkward, i would say, scenario, playing out here, and we will see i think ukrainian officials start to walk back even more. >> molly hunter, thank you for
11:25 am
that. joining me now is retired four star army general and former gulf war general commander barry mccaffrey and an msnbc military analyst. good to see you as always general. look, as we just heard from molly, there has been a subtle shift. the missile fragments found in poland appear to be from a type of missile that both ukrainian and russians have access to. and it seems that the intelligence the u.s. and poland have is pretty definitive. what else might be out there that could change that assessment? or do you think that perhaps initially there was perhaps a more political than a definitive investigative statement by president zelenskyy? >> well, i think the initial reaction of zelenskyy, who is a magnificent political leader and also serves as commander in chief of the ukrainian forces, his initial reaction was based on the air force commander
11:26 am
saying it wasn't us and that is the instinctive reaction of a military unit when outside criticism comes in. but since then, and by the way the biden team, secretary austin and senator blinken have handled it extremely carefully, as has the president, they've been very careful in their language, they never did say by the way concretely this was ukrainian. but from the start, it was obvious that it couldn't have been a russian deliberate provocative attack. it didn't make any sense. with the location. and this crater analysis of these weapons, put together with forensic evidence from radars, i'm sure the secretary austin has got it right, it was ukrainian air defense. by the way, there is some ukrainian air defense battery right now that knows it was their missile. so zelenskyy will step back, hopefully, but the bigger issue is the savage air assault on
11:27 am
ukrainian electrical infrastructure, and civilian targets, by the russian armed forces. it is a simple outrage. it is a criminal violation of number law. >> so i guess that means we know already how much people are suffering. we know that winter is there. or coming. and in a brutal way. we know that people are living in unheated buildings. we know people do not have potable drinking water. we could go on and on and on about the humanitarian crisis that continues to not just unfold but expand there. so does that increase the belief that it's time to try to come to some resolution here? or are we in this through the winter? because we keep hearing from a lot of officials that after the winter, something might change. >> well first of all, i think the ukrainian armed forces on the ground and in the air are winning, period. i think putin has strategically
11:28 am
lost the war already. not believable that he will now seize odessa or seize kharkiv, that's not going to happen. so and i also think the ukrainian armed forces are not going to back off in the winter. once the ground freezes in february, it is great weather for armored tank artillery operations so the ukrainians will go after the russians starting in february. but look, you negotiate when you're winning. so zelenskyy needs to reach out. he needs to gain the public international approval of looking like a peace seeker, and he knows that putin cannot and will not give an inch. his political and perhaps physical survival depends upon not just seizing, you know, the don bas, but on seizing ukraine and reincorporating it into mother russia, so zelenskyy needs to reach out in public and
11:29 am
saying we're peace seekers and continue savage assaults on a crumbling russian armed forces. >> and i don't want to diminish what happened here, two innocent people were killed in this errant missile strike. having said that, experts telling nbc news that the spillover of the war into poland, of course, a nay nato member, could spur kyiv's backers to provide improved air defense and more ground attack systems, i mean if this war is indeed going into winter and february looks like it is a key time for the ukrainian military. what should they be looking at? what should they be getting for the ukrainians as this moves forward? >> well, first of all, i think poland has done an incredible job. and as a front line state, along with the baltic states, romania, et cetera, in stepping forward and taking in millions of ukrainian refugees, and providing a platform. we've got 120,000 u.s. troops in europe right now, as an additive
11:30 am
deterrent measure to russia. but i think secretary austin and the administration needs to look now at providing more offensive ukraines to weapon. m-1 takes an attack missile for the 300 mile range. and certainly better air defense. and i think that's ongoing. but i think ground defensive capability is the next step, and we need to support a really aggressive stance by the ukrainians on the ground. that is the road to peace. >> general barry mccaffrey, always good to talk to you. thank you so much. what mike pence just said about donald trump that is raising questions about his own political ambitions. and why he's refusing to answer critical questions about the day he says the former president endangered his family and everyone at the capitol. >> will you answer questions about that day before congress? >> well, i shared my heart and i shared my story in this book,
11:31 am
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the committee investigating january 6th is hitting back against former vice president mike pence who snubbed their work and says he is closing his door on testifying under oath. instead, pence is continuing to weigh in on the investigation publicly, in an interview blitz, promoting his new book. while he's at it, pence is slamming congressional investigators who what he called the partisan nature of their committee. chairman bennie thompson and vice chair liz cheney issued a formal rebuke in a statement last week. but perhaps none is more forceful than republican committee member adam kinzinger's response. >> he violated the separation of powers when your boss sent a rampaging group of people to destroy the capitol. so let's just stop that, you know. so we're probably not going to talk to him. that's fine. but to say that we don't have a right is completely, completely unacceptable. and he's going to be out there trying to, both sides everything. >> joining me now from capitol
11:36 am
hill is nbc's ali vitali. before we get to pence, i know you have new reporting on donald trump's former secret service agent bobby engel. what's going on with that? >> reporter: this is one of the key secret service agents that the january 6th committee wanted to talk to, especially regarding the testimony of cassidy hutchinson. you will remember over the summer, she's one that said that trump, she was told that trump was trying to go to the capitol on january 6th, that according to what she was told, he even lunged at the driver of the presidential vehicle on that day, as he was going from the ellipse ultimately back to the white house, and as he was trying to get his agents to bring him to capitol hill. engel is one of those key agents, the lead agent from that day, and now, our sources are telling us that the january 6th committee has interviewed him today. so a critical piece of testimony, even as the committee is done with their public phase of fact-finding hearings and now is in the squarely in the face of writing the final report.
11:37 am
chairman thompson was gaggling with reporters a little while ago, again saying he was confident they would be able to issue the final report, but nevertheless, it begs the question, at what point do you put the pen down from the investigative and fact finding front and force the pen to right what you already know. >> six weeks to go. pence says i am not going to do that. there could be some back and forth, adam kinzinger sees the writing on the wall. it is not likely that that is going to happen. so the committee will disband. where does that leave the work now? do they have a good sense of there is a point at which you draw a line and say let's put down the investigative work? >> reporter: there has to be, whether they want it to be the case or not. this is now the scenario that we talked about theoretically but now are squarely in the reality, which is democrats have lost the gavel. when they come back in january, this committee will not be renewed. that means that their work is over. and so we still are anticipating that in december, there will be that final report, we will
11:38 am
likely see them put it out with some kind of hearing, around it. that is all we're looking ahead to but the pence stuff is critically important because they say they were engaging in good faith with the former vice president and now he says he is closing the door on talking to them, even as he talks to everyone else in the media environment about his new book. >> without a doubt. ali vitali, thank you very much. we've got to talk about that other reference pence keeps making this week. here is the former vp playing coy again yesterday about a 2024 presidential run. >> i think it's time for new leadership in this country that will bring us together around the highest ideas. >> would that be you? >> i'll keep you posted. >> you'll keep me posted. okay. >> just to put a button on this, if donald trump were to run and win the nomination, would you support him as the nominee? >> well, let me say, there may be somebody else in that contest i'd prefer more. >> and back with me, in party
11:39 am
over country, matthew dowd, maybe that is not so coy, i don't know, and his announcement was met with a pretty muted response from republican leaders, matthew. there are crickets, too, as he, as mike pence dangling a run, it is not like a lot of people are rushing and saying yes, mike pence is our savior. look. plenty of folks say you never count donald trump out. he's got his base. but do you expect any number of formal and potentially formidable challengers? >> i do expect them to surface. how long they pop their heads up and can they survive donald trump knocking them down, which is what he'll attempt to do, in the course of this, i agree with you, i think donald trump's announcement, i mean you just watched it, and i watched it, and it was, as he used to describe jeb bush low energy at best. and i think in the immediate
11:40 am
aftermath of republicans not doing anywhere close to well in these elections, primarily because of donald trump-endorsed candidates who went off the crazy end in the course of this, so i think donald trump is formidable in this process, donald trump, i want to remind the viewers, donald trump, his favorability today is 20 points higher than it was when he won the republican nomination in 2016. 20 points higher among republicans today. and so for all of those sort of leadership lukewarm quality, and i think donald trump is vulnerable in this, he's still incredibly popular with the republicans. i don't think the republicans are going to turn to somebody like mike pence, because i mean he is not the kind of candidate, you look at all of the polls, that is sort of acceptable in both tone and tenor to where republicans want to go. republicans want the voters, the voters want hot sauce. they don't want oat meal and mike pence is oat meal. >> is hot sauce then ron desantis? because the "washington post" ranks the ten possible 2024 contenders and their likelihood
11:41 am
of running and winning the nomination, and it wasn't trump or pence at the top, it was desantis. >> i think you said at the start, there is a long time 700-some days in this process to go so anything could happen. you have no idea what the bright lights will do to somebody when they get under it. i do think the style of ron desantis which has a tendency to be coarse and cruel and divisive in florida, and as he spoke, fix the republican primary today, unfortunately, but i remember full well, any number of candidates who were claiming to be the great savior, because of what they did, rick perry in texas, was supposed to be the second coming, rudy giuliani was supposed to be the new one because of america's mayor, scott walker from wisconsin, was supposed to be because of what he did in wisconsin, and i do think the likelihood is ron desantis is the likely one, but
11:42 am
you never know what the bright lights show on somebody when they get on the national stage. >> we'll be watching it together, matthew dowd. thank you so much. good to see you. >> thanks. from tom brady to larry david, the class action lawsuit taking on both the crypto platform, ftx, and the celebrities who promoted it. first, he's got trump's enthusiastic endorsement. >> we must all work very hard for a gentleman and a great person named herschel walker, a fabulous human being, who loves our country, and will be a great united states senator. >> but will that do more to hurt herschel walker than help him? my most important kitchen tool? my brain. so i choose neuriva plus. unlike some others, neuriva plus is a multitasker supporting 6 key indicators of brain health. to help keep me sharp. neuriva: think bigger.
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11:47 am
however, "politico" reports that duelling republican facts are openly competing for relevance and arguing which wing of the party is best positioned to help herschel walker net a victory. and some georgia republicans tell the atlanta journal constitution that they are concerned that former president trump's unusually early third campaign for the white house could ultimately do more harm than good for walker's turnout. joining me from fort valley georgia is shaquille brewster. you were at that event with raphael warnock. we talked at the end of the last hour. what did he have to say? >> reporter: there's two big lines of messaging from senator warnock as he was on stake talking to supporters at the meet and greet. he did get more votes last tuesday on election day but that wouldn't matter if people don't come back out on the runoff day and turn out in ways that they did in the past. and two, you heard him get more pointed in the attacks against herschel walker, saying he
11:48 am
didn't have the character or the competence to be elected senator in this state. now, you were just talking about the concern of former president trump's announcement earlier this week, and the concern that that could have an impact on this race. i want you to listen to what we heard from senator warnock after, as he was talking to reporters, about the impact of former president trump's announcement. >> here is what we know about donald trump. he is well practiced. and very skilled in the politics of division. and my opponent is his acolyte. he anointed him and recruited him from texas, to run in georgia. i'm focused on the people of georgia and what i can do for them. i believe that at the end of the day, the people of georgia are going to get this right. they know that herschel walker has neither the character nor the competence to represent them in the senate. >> reporter: you heard him
11:49 am
there, competing a little bit with the train passing by as he was trying to make that message but that is a message that voters are also seeing on their television as well. you saw the democratic party and his campaign cut an ad using video from former president trump's announcement just earlier this week, and already has that on the air waves saying stop walker, stop trump. meanwhile, what you're seeing from the republicans, and what you're seeing from the walker campaign, is they're trying to personalize personal walker as much as possible, go back against and counter that messaging of scandals involving alleged abortion payments and his personal history, and having character witnesses, friends who know him, saying that he's someone who wants to serve, that he likes to give back, that he has small town values, and you're really getting is sense that they're trying to step away from the national messaging that we watched over the course of this campaign and really make this race, both campaigns, about the two individuals as they compete in this runoff election. >> shaq brewster, back in georgia, thank you so much.
11:50 am
appreciate it. up next, the lawsuit facing hollywood heavy weights after a crypto giant collapse. ♪3, 4♪ ♪ ♪hey♪ ♪ ♪are you ready for me♪ ♪are you ready♪ ♪are you ready♪ moderate to severe eczema still disrupts my skin. despite treatment it disrupts my skin with itch. it disrupts my skin with rash. but now, i can disrupt eczema with rinvoq. rinvoq is not a steroid, topical, or injection. it's one pill, once a day, that's effective without topical steroids. many taking rinvoq saw clear or almost-clear skin while some saw up to 100% clear skin. plus, they felt fast itch relief some as early as 2 days. that's rinvoq relief. rinvoq can lower your ability to fight infections, including tb. serious infections and blood clots, some fatal, cancers including lymphoma and skin cancer, death,
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. ftx, that's the crypto app, right? >> all kinds of investing. it's better. >> you're an expert, right? >> i'm not an expert. with ftx, i have everything i need to buy, sell, and trade crypto safely. >> like i was saying, with ftx, it is a safe and easy way to get into crypto. >> yeah, i don't think so. >> ftx is hanging by a thread with larry david and the celebrities who promoted the cryptocurrency exchange are now caught in the fallout a class action lawsuit alleges that the company and former ceo sam bankman-fried, violated florida law, and misled customers, and cost investors $11 billion. and it names athletes and celebrities who promoted the platform. tom breedy, giselle, steph curry, larry david, naomi osaka and kevin o'leary who discussed his endorsement on cnbc.
11:55 am
>> not the first time i've made a bad investment and probably not the last time. >> we reached out to parties in the lawsuit and ftx and bankman-fried did not immediately respond for comment. brian cheung has more. what is this lawsuit alleging? >> the lawsuit is alleging that the people who put money into ftx were misled by the celebrities and by the company itself, in terms of what they were putting the money into. so there are these interest-bearing accounts that ftx was offering, where you could get way better rates than you would by parking your money at let's say for example a traditional bank with a cd account, for example. you could get 8%, for example. putting your money into an ftx account. but none of those users were aware of what was happening behind the scenes at ftx, that ultimately unraveled over the last week, which was essentially money moving around from one company inside of this organization to another company essentially inside the same universe, just moving back and forth, which as we found out ultimately ended up not being a very viable business model that
11:56 am
led to the collapse of this company. so these people that put money into the account, hopefully hoping that they could get their money back, whether or not that succeeds is an open question, because if they can't get their investors paid back, it is unclear if their users get paid back. >> celebrities dorsi all the time, you have to take it for what it is and isn't that what it is, and they're not presenting themselves as financial experts. >> and i imagine that's going to be the defense by the celebrities but again, it is an open question, what is the responsibility in terms of disclosing these things from a regulatory standpoint? there is certainly a fair argument to be made that how could these people who put their money into ftx have been protected from this, if there were, say, guidelines, or yellow tape around it, if you are a financial services product, if you're advertising getting 8% on a product and you get that 8%, that is certainly an open question, so what degree that is tom brady or larry david's responsibility is a separate question. >> especially with larry david playing skeptic.
11:57 am
but that's not a legal commentary at all. >> exactly. >> thank you very much, great to have you here. that will do it for me today. hallie jackson will pick up our coverage next. ie jackson will p coverage next. incredible - meatballs, fresh mozzarella and pepperon- oh, the meatball's out! i thought he never fumbles. the new subway series. what's your pick? my a1c stayed here, it needed to be here. ray's a1c is down with rybelsus®. i thought he never fumbles. i'm down with rybelsus®. my a1c is down with rybelsus®.
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♪ call one eight hundred,est resul eight million ♪ we are following a big shift in party politics, as we come on the air, with democrats in the house getting ready for their first new leader in decades this. hour, what that new leadership could and will probably look like, with dozens of democrats already coalescing around


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