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tv   The Beat With Ari Melber  MSNBC  November 17, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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thank you so much for letting us into your homes during these extraordinary triem times. we are grateful.
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"the beat" with ari melber starts right now. >> thank you so much. i'm ari melber, and this is our top story. >> great confidence in our caucus. i will not seek re-election to democratic leadership in the next congress. for me, the hour's come for a new generation to lead the democratic caucus. >> there it is. nancy pelosi, who put her stamp on washington as a progressive policy master who mastered pragmatic politics and became the first woman speaker in history formally stepping down from leadership and on her own terms. it's a long road, a rise from back in 1987 when she first won a san francisco seat in a special election. >> i thank my colleagues for calling this special order and giving me the opportunity to speak on the floor of the house of representatives about an issue of concern to the people of my district, people throughout the world who care about humors. human rights. >> the speaker has played a big
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role in american life. meanwhile, a long time ally president biden dubbed her the most consequential speaker in history, as do many who work with her. >> she is a very historic speaker. a historic woman. >> republicans, they'd like to draft nancy pelosi. >> i think that she is a tremendous leader. >> i think nancy pelosi, when the history is written, will go down as one of the most effective legislative leaders that country's ever seen. >> those are some views, and those aren't nobodies. those are allies. but many of her republican opponents have also granted that she has proven effective over and over again. indeed, in our sick modern politics, that's one reason the right has vilified her for so long. also, today independent and nonpartisan accounts of her leadership account she redefined the leadership.
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she charted a different path from predecessors or the dealmakers of the past eras, and i think we all know from following the news, ain't a lot of deals is to be struck these days in this type of politics. she first won the speakership in '07, facing off with bush and ushering in an obama era, full of accomplishments like the affordable care act. she proved popular enough to understand a loss and return to power through that blue wave that responded to trump in '18 and faced down on policy and style, literally standing up to his largely male led administration, like this moment on syria. and i can mention a changing world which she lived through and continues to live through seems to embrace her style and energy more. sometimes younger people, who are less misogynistic suddenly
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found that the confidence that was so resentenced by sexists early in her career became one of her signatures. some called it boss energy. she certainly used that as someone who came up long before the internet to make -- aware of tv, media, the clapback at the state of the union. she mastered the change around here while also being a leader. we hear the talk of whether you're a thermostat or thermometer. too much of one or the other doesn't work to try to run a large, diverse caucus in either house of congress. she seemed to excel by knowing when to do either. you may say, okay, ari, news. why is this happening today? it's because the news we broke last night, the control of congress has been officially called, so there's no hope the democrats might stay in power with the gavel. pelosi is deciding in this new minority phase of the house it's time for other leaders.
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it is something she previewed previously, and while i mentioned in our coverage, a loss is a loss for the democrat, pelosi did lead the committee to win far more seats than many thought possible, navigating politics and when you think about the insurrection, a horror we lived through, but that politicians have to decide what they're going to do about it, i'll tell you this, straight up, speaker pelosi at times seemed to turn would be head winds into tail winds, mastering an aggressive approach in the january 6th probe, methodically releasing evidence through congress and its powers that further revealed that day, including her own back room efforts to govern under a literal trump-led siege. >> we are still not safe enough for us to go back, that they're still trying to penetrate the
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building, and it's not a safe thing. because we're trying to figure out how we can get this job done today. >> that's real. and as with all historical events that involve danger or uncertain outcomes, you have to remember how scary it was in that moment as they showed nancy pelosi the need to be calm under pressure, to contact whoever you could, to secure the building to get back in to stop the insurrectionists so you could -- the election. at a time they didn't know who was being beaten or killed or who else would come. she leaves this powerful post, but not the house. she'll set up the new leaders. hakeem jefferies is one of the favorites. she'll continue serving in congress, just not in leadership. here we are on a night when many
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are reflecting on all she has accomplished over the years. >> the honorable nancy pelosi dually elected speaker of house of representatives for the 110th congress. >> make sure everybody has basic health care. and that's thanks in part to leaders like nancy pelosi. >> nancy pelosi has called you incompetent, a liar, the emperor are no clothes. >> dually elected speaker of the house of representatives for the 116th congress. >> the lilly led better act. protect d.r.e.a.m.ers who are the -- i'm announcing the house of representatives moving forward with an official impeachment inquiry. let us be clear -- we are not going back for our daughters, our granddaughters. we are not going back. nothing less is at stake than our democracy. >> here we are on a night for our democracy.
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i'm joined by the nation's joan walsh and presidency of the leadership conference on human and civil rights, maya wiley who has also run for office like the speaker has. joan, your thoughts on speaker pelosi's legacy now as we mark it? >> i think it's important that president biden called her the most consequential speaker. not the most consequential woman speaker. i want to talk about that. it's obviously hugely important to all of us. something you do not know, fun fact -- i did not vote for nancy pelosi in 1987. i voted for harry brit. he succeeded harvey milk. he was a wonderful man, socialist. that's who i voted for. never voted against her again in 25 years. >> as a constituent. >> i always voted for her and came to really appreciate the true progressive heart she had. we didn't always agree, she
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might have been more centrist than i was, but she had the spine we had. paul ryan said something nice about her today when a lot of republicans didn't, and that makes sense, because she saved paul ryan's behind sometimes when he couldn't get his own members behind things like spending bills he wanted to pass. he couldn't get the republicans so he turned to nancy pelosi and she got her democrats. she showed progressive leadership but also pragmatic leadership and was willing to bail out these sad republican men when they didn't have the ability to get their own members behind them. so there's so much that i could say. i think she saved the affordable care act in more ways than one. a lot of people around the president, president obama wanted to slash it after the special election victory. we can't do this. we have to cut it into little pieces. she said, no, we have to do it all together. she was right. she got it done. we could go on and on, so
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i'll -- >> i couldn't say it better than joan, and i can't say i was ever a constituent but i certainly respected and appreciated her. i should say two things. i loved, loved, loved that in her speech today she talked about going from homemaker to house speaker, which i actually think was important for women and girls to hear that it is a power that we have and that we can own and it doesn't matter if part of our power is also being a mother, is also being a woman with children who takes care of the home. and that really is important to this point of fact that she was a powerful speaker. but you know, at the leadership conference, civil and human rights, we gave her one of our hugest honors in 2016, the hubert h. humphrey award, because she has been a constant, consistent champion of civil and human rights. you went down, ari, down that list, from equal pay act, when
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we were telling people in the military service, don't talk about your sexual assault -- don't ask don't tell -- she attacked that, went after that. to the point about dealmaking and having to make really hard choices. leadership in congress means hard choices to get the most done you can for the american people. affordable care act got 20 million americans more health insurance, but she did have to trade abortion access. she had to trade that in order to make sure she navigated and held that together. that was a hard personal decision for her, a personal decision about getting the most she could for the american people. >> yeah. i want to go into the context of all this. she faced this all down. mentioned democracy today at the capitol. >> the capitol is a temple of our democracy, of our constitution, of our highest ideals. >> actually coming hours after more new video shows the
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insurrectionists ransacking pelosi's office, as well as what she and schumer were doing to secure the place, fighting off those that wanted to sabotage the election certification. >> we have got to get to finish the proceedings. or else they'll have a complete victory. there has to be some way we can maintain the sense that people have that there's some security or some confidence that government can function and that we can elect the president of the united states. >> maya, those are part of the committee exhibits, which is a committee that she, in her way, masterminded. i think people are quick to forget it could have republicans yelling half the time in primetime hearings. she didn't say no republicans. she just said, i can't have people who have a conflict of interest based on supporting the insurrectionists. you can have some. then kevin mccarthy in his --
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wisdom? bolted. and said, okay, she's picking republicans, which is why you ended up with liz cheney and some of those. how does history look upon that? i would call it a combo of that high minded need to do an investigation of one of the most grievous attacks of our democracy ever and the politic os playing that out and knowing how to have multiple moves. >> she was strong and she was smart, right? the strength was standing up and saying, i'm not going to let you play me by really crafting a committee that's destined to fail. but i am going to stick by the principle bipartisanship i know politically and morally it is better for the country. and i'm going make sure it's a true investigation and not a fake investigation. i would would have been a complete sideshow. i think the proof is in the pudding, right? which is what the committee has achieved. it laid out not only a road map for investigators investigating potential crimes by a large
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number of folks, really demonstrate to the american public that we have to and must think about how we shore up our democracy where and how it's weak, and -- and how we think about how we choose our leaders. >> it's striking. i want to get both of you on the other generation and who might step forward. speaker pelosi seems to appear to be trying to pass power to one of her deputies, new york congressman hakeem jefferies. he could become the next. if so he'd be the first black man to lead a party in the house. here he is today. >> it's been an honor to be able to serve in loip with speaker pelosi, speaker hoyer and clyburn and to learn from them. we'll see what happens moving forward. >> when do you plan to announce your attentions? >> now is the moment for us to continue to celebrate.
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>> if you've seen west wing, that's what they call a walk and talk, and if you're really powerful, more people walk and try the get quotes out of you. jefferies is in line for this. anyone would run. he's chair right now of the democratic caucus. pelosi tapped him to serve as an impeachment manager against trump. he is definitely a fresher face by the standards of congress. less experience than pelosi, serving in congress just nine years so far. now, many people outside of political junkies or his new york political base learned more about him during his presentation of that impeachment case against trump. he's the graduate of a prestigious new york university law school. but in that moment he was focusing a lot more on clear, blunt language over legalese as well as some bars from his native brooklyn. >> donald trump is a living, breathing, impeachable offense. clean up your mess, kevin, sit this one out. >> let me ask this question of brother thomas.
3:16 pm
why are you such a hater? republicans clearly in texas and throughout the country want to make it harder to vote and easier to steal an election. >> that is why we are here, mr. sekulow, and if you don't know, now you know. >> according to legislative historians that's the first time a president's lawyer has been publicly dismissed with bars from the late, great biggie smalls. that's also someone whose family live in his district. he represents biggie's district. what do you think of his style, and you're a fellow new york politician. >> full disclosure, hakeem is someone i know, trust, love. he endorsed me when i ran for mayor. but i say that because he was one of the first electeds to come out and endorse a black woman who had never run for mayor before and said unabashedly and clearly, of course she's qualified. i say that because that's the
3:17 pm
measure of the man, not just the measure of the politician, and he stood up, including to another candidate that was a black man and said, i'm going with a black woman that hasn't run before. but that is who hakeem is. >> to echo you, for folks who don't follow new york politics super closely, the person who, if i may, politically would have been more like hakeem right now, because your opponent had a lot more party support. you're saying he went with you as an insurgent. >> and he was the brooklyn candidate. the brooklyn borough president, the existing elected official running. so if hakeem had just done party politics, yes. but this is the thing -- i will say, he also delivered on the first step act, which was not sufficient for those of us who want more criminal justice reform, but significant in advancing criminal justice reform. he is someone who's actually stood up for a lot of values and principles he cares about as a
3:18 pm
person, a human. his mother got out ahead of him in endorsing me, but other than that -- >> joan, 30 seconds, your thoughts on jefferies. >> i'm excited. i'm sad nancy pelosi is leaving, but she kept her promise. two terms and i'm out. that's what she did. she's now encouraging a new generation of leaders to step up, and i'm excited to see what they do. >> interesting the hear your perspectives on more than one leader. we'll see if it turns into a race. my thanks to you. coming up, shortest break, 60 seconds and bring back to "the beat" tony schwartz is here in the building. (vo) verizon small business days are back. and there's never been a better time to switch! get our best offers of the year on business internet. help your business stay ahead with the reliable connection your business deserves. book your appointment today. and switch to the network america relies on. verizon.
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he spoke out before trump's campaign about many things that came to fruition, including attacks on democracy. voters rebuffed election deniers, including in states that have broad support. the big "i" is a losing platform. >> nearly all of trump's hand picked candidates for governor and senate in key races were defeated, including candidate who is centered their campaigns on trump's 2020 election lies. >> the election deniers, the people that really closely affiliated themselves with donald trump's misinformation lost across the board. >> she beat republican kari lake, a trump endorsed vocal 2020 election denier, a big one. >> democrat there beating that election denier narrowly, which raises the question of whether trump's informational conagionc
3:21 pm
hurt the people he wanted to win. interesting when people fool themselves into pushing lies that hurt themselves. that's just politics before you get to the ethics. as for trump, he did announce he's running again this week, but it's not going the same again so far. rupert murdoch's "post" trolling him big time. put the teaser, florida man makes announcement. if you go to page 26, the headline, been there, don that. that's how rupert murdoch does a dad pun. with scorn. rupert's "post" did write off trump in 2019, don voyage. saying the attack on john mccain who's seen in good grace by so many republicans was some kind of political suicide, which never proved to be the case. as promised, tony swaurts, ceo of the energy project is here.
3:22 pm
he knows donald trump in many ways including how he thinks and writes, as ghostwriter of "the art of the deal." good to see you. we've talked about the reality of this. not just people saying they don't like someone so they hope they go away from politics, and then trump at times has been able to lie and will things into at least a widespread perception. i wanted to hear and know our viewers wanted to hear, what do you think should happen first specifically to the big lie and election denialism. it didn't seem to work for most republicans. >> i think what happened is something i didn't necessarily expect to happen. i thought we were headed down an authoritarian road that was -- there was no way back from, so i was incredibly surprised and relieved -- i was as surprised as i was when trump won in 2016. i think what it means is there is a bomb below which at least
3:23 pm
50.1% of america won't go. that's what i really think. >> do you think skill is part of it? these people weren't as skilled at lying and trying to summon the type of grievance that at least partially worked for him in 2016? >> well, look at the reality of it. herschel walker may be the worst candidate ever to run for the u.s. senate in our history. >> it's an opinion. >> mehmet oz was clearly a weak candidate. there's no question that these -- these folks they chose or these folks trump chose were not up to the challenge of even running effectively. so, yeah, i think -- i don't think there's any doubt that if the candidates who would otherwise have gotten these nominations in the republican party had gotten them, then the republicans would be much happier right now. >> right now in the republican
3:24 pm
primary, there's only one person running, and it's the former president. and he ran earlier than most. i'll show you a few headlines here. we haven't done this a bunch. people trying to walk out. ivanka trump publicly counting herself out. she could have delayed that. she made it clear immediately. right wing donors backing away. some say it's different this time and he's weakened. others say not so fast. you have some knowledge here. your take, for the first time, tonight. >> if i'm a betting man today, donald trump will win the nomination. if i'm a betting man today, donald trump will lose the election. the reason i say he will lose the election, which is the important part of this, is that it's very hard for me to imagine who is going to vote for donald trump that didn't the last time?
3:25 pm
>> converting back, yeah. >> who would vote for him that didn't previously vote for him? so the reason i think he'll likely be a candidate is here's a list i just gathered. see if you remember any of these people. scott walker, herman cain, ben carson, bob by jindal, rick perry and lindsey graham. you do remember lindsey graham. those are all people who ran in 2016 the way ron desantis, each of those people had their moment in the sun and it is a brief moment in the sun. it is nutty for me to believe desantis is going to go through the next year and a half and sail through. i think in the end there will be four, five, six candidates. they'll split the vote, and trump has a base -- horrifically, but he has a base i think he will draw on, so i do expect now he will.
3:26 pm
but two years is a long time. >> you're describing the math that matters. it's precisely that it was such a long list that benefitted trump. he was then a first-time candidate, so to speak, and still did as well as he did in the primary. if they all got behind one conservative alternative, which is a classic game theory thing -- ted cruz feels he came in second last time, or josh hawley who apparently thinks he's a real star, do they get out of the way because donors and media figures like desantis? here's hawley laying down a marker to say, the gop didk not live on -- his analogy, not mine -- cannot live like this. take a lack. >> i think this election was the funeral for the republican party as we know it, the republican party as we have known it is dead. and voters have made that clear. >> yeah. i mean, i believe that what's going to happen is five, six, seven people -- pence and a
3:27 pm
bunch of others -- are going to jump into the race and we're going to see them picked off in the primaries because if there are five or six, one or two are going to go with each one. but you know, i also am humble. i've said things that have turned out not to be true. >> it's my job to ask follow-up questions. >> would you, please? >> i would say, are you? >> am i humble? >> yeah. >> i am. in the sense that i do not believe the donald trump threat is gone. >> you mean you're humble about not getting ahead of the unknowable future and how things are going to unfold. >> that is correct. >> understood. >> are you asking if i'm generally humble? >> i ask. you answer how you want. >> i'm generally humble. >> did you watch his speech? >> i did. the same way i watched the original announcement, which was afterward. >> did it seem the same or
3:28 pm
different? er this people, not just opponent who is said it sounded different. >> i thought it was astonishingly different. >> in what way? >> he looked like he had taken valium. >> he seemed what, low energy? >> not a bad nickname for him. no, he definitely seemed low energy, and i think that if you compared it to the 2016 announcement, as crazy as it was, that had an electricity. and i think the reason it was low energy is not that he was fatigued. it's that he was trying to read. and he barely can read, so when he does that, he always seems incredibly awkward, which is why he goes off and starts speaking extemporaneously. >> reading can be tiring. >> particularly if it's not something you're especially skilled at. >> and yeah, and if it's not you. i don't know if you're familiar with the great rapper ransom. >> well, ari, you educate me on
3:29 pm
rap every time i come here. >> hardest thing in the world to be is something you're not. and he was reading that prompter as if he was not an election denier and not a divisive figure and not someone who supports violence. somebody wrote that up to try to say, maybe it will be a, quote, more responsible thing, and he didn't look into it. your final thought? >> trump sees the world in a completely binary way. you're a winner or a loser. if you're a winner you dominate. if you're a loser, you don't exist. you're nobody. the obsession trump has now and the will through the period he runs is, how do i prove that i'm not the loser i actually deep down feel i am? and that's where his attention will be for the next two years, not on what happens to america. >> yeah. that's an important point. and endlessly seeking external validation without ethics or a
3:30 pm
purpose can be quite innervating. >> ari melber. thank you for coming. >> i don't have the say good-bye. tony schwartz, everyone. ted cruz is facing problems. and when we look at the midterms, republicans have a rebellion on hand. we have a special guest who's gone inside as a reporter with the stories to tell. that's tonight. ell. that's tonight .. even easier than those dances your grandkids love doing with you. ok, i got it. (laughs) start medicare shopping today with walgreens find rx coverage. ♪♪ plus, find low-cost copays. when you need to talk medicare. walgreens, is here. ♪♪ ♪♪ walgreens. oh, there you are... you know, cath, with chase freedom unlimited we can cashback on all our holiday shopping. earn 3% at drugstores! i'll be at checkout. you bring the card. wait - i'm paying again?!
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or take about five minutes, nbc had the call, kornacki was at the board, republicans taking back the house. butt it remains a very slim majority. in the midterms republicans were talk about inflation and crime, and those are both real issue as we've reported. now as they come in, first day window of this majority, here's what they're talking about. >> numerous schemes involving the biden family reviewed hunter biden's laptop. hunter biden's business deals. hunter biden isn't this innocent guy. we're not trying to prove hunter biden is a bad actor. he is. the evidence that's already out there pertaining to hunter biden. >> keep it about hunter biden. this is a big deal, we think. the he could keep it about hunter biden, that would be great. >> if we could just keep it about hunter biden that would be great. literally saying outloud that your message discipline plan for your press conference is
3:36 pm
something everyone should go along with. we're not going to, but i want to show you the contrast. you can make up your own mind whether that seems like that should be a day one, two, or three thing. congress also facing questions about leadership. mccarthy has a congress who has a lot who have voiced against him. mcconnell faces first ever challenge. ten senators, 1 out of 5, basically, voting against him, including one of most visible, the guy who came second to trump last cycle, trump -- i mean cruz. excuse me. >> i led the charge to say, what we're doing isn't working. listen, i am frustrated. i am pissed off at the election results from last week. we need to ask what senate republicans could have done differently, and in particular i believe we need to stand up and fight. ten republicans voted against
3:37 pm
mitch mcconnell. that's the first time that has ever happened. >> fact check -- true. ted cruz referring to the vote, that's dwr there are these kind of votes, and he's saying that means they should go in a different direction. it was mcconnell out of owl republican who is stood upmost publicly to what he called the low quality maga style candidates. we're going to turn to someone who's independently reported on those issues. mark leibowitz, author of "thank you for your servitude," donald trump's washington and the price of submission. welcome back, sir. >> ari, good to be back. thanks for having me. >> good to have you. when you look at the opening message and priorities, what does it tell you about who's in charge and will it work for this republican party right now?
3:38 pm
>> i mean, it did -- what was an interesting touch at that press conference you just showed the clip from, is could we do that please? like the plaintive, would we focus on hunter biden? it's like they're reaching for a security blanket. they find themselves just in this weird wilderness of, we're in charge now, we got to figure out what to say, and this is the familiar tick we grab on to. this is the security blanket. if you look at kitchen table issues. if you look at inflation, crime, so forth, you don't get a lot of hunter biden feedback when you sort of look at what voters are mostly concerned about. >> no, that's not on that top five list. >> didn't see it. didn't see it. but i'm -- look, they got to be disciplined. they haven't gotten their message out yet. let's give them time to let the hunter biden narrative take hold. it's a weird look some ways, democrats still have to house.
3:39 pm
or still have the senate, still have the white house, and republicans are going to be in this circus like mini majority in the house, which is going to be a very bad look for them potentially, because there are a bunch of clowns in the clown car to begin with, and now they've been energized. they have been empowered by the votes, by, you know, the fact that kevin mccarthy needs pretty much all of them. and i think it's a really good contrast for democrats if they're committed to focusing on the bread and butter issues as they say they are. >> that makes sense. as i was telling viewers, this is one of those weeks where so much is going on. we had the house call, a presidential announcement, we had mcconnell facing this challenge. we have mccarthy facing a challenge. pelosi stepping out of leadership today. this is why elections have consequences. a lot of different things are happening because of these results. some of these are familiar characters. in mcconnell you have someone who i would say people who follow the news, if they know
3:40 pm
one thing about mitch mcconnell, it's that he's good at politics. frustratingly so to opponents and to great acclaim by republicans who keep putting him in, not because he's a great orator, not because he has the boss energy of nancy pelosi, doesn't make for viral memes or moments at the because he's good at the politics. he did not control the candidates. he feels the right winger of maga came in and complicated that, and here is him being quite blunt about that this week. >> we underperformed among voters who did not like president biden's performance and among independents and moderate republicans who looked at us and concluded too much chaos, too much negativity, and we turned off a lot of the centrist voters. >> mark? >> well, first of all i would
3:41 pm
quibble with your notion there's not a lot of memes out there about mitch mcconnell. you haven't been looking hard enough. they're everywhere. first of all, mitch mcconnell seemed really angry. he seemed much more candid than he usually is. i do feel like he's lost some control of not so much the narrative, but obviously, you know, the senate republican leader can pick the candidates he wants, and that's typically been his prerogative, and between donald trump mostly and i guess rick scott, you know, he's stuck with the herschel walkers and dr. ozes of the world. i have been struck by how candid mcconnell has been in the aftermath. he knows what's wham he's willing to say it more than usual. looks like a wrap. 37, 38 for mcconnell. 10 for rick scott, who was sort of, like, the sacrificial candidate. you know, it's a route, but at the same time ten is a lot, and
3:42 pm
these are ten were empowered ted cruz josh hawley rand paul types who are kind of bomb throwers and want to make a name for themselves and are probably willing do a loft things and don't care that much about the respect from mitch mcconnell that maybe some of their predecessors would. >> yeah, that all makes sense. which is why we come to you to get the straight political dope. thank you, mark. >> i just hope we have the same rapport that tony schwartz and you did. i have that to aspire to next time. >> what would you call that rapport? >> just very organic. fun to watch. just great television all around. >> now, thank you. i thought you were almost teeing up a joke. >> no, i could not be more earnest. do i like earnest? >> yeah. >> this is -- as you said, it's a momentous week. a lot going on. you know, amazingly i think it's
3:43 pm
worth pausing on the fact that nancy pelosi, steny hoyer, james clyburn, oliver -- are all stepping a side for a younger leadership. i think that's refleshing. i'm all for new general weighs taking over. this -- look, i'm really sort of as a student of politics fascinated by how this might unfold in the next few months, especially the house republicans. >> well, mark, we want to be as organic with you as you want to be with us, so to that end, we'll have you back. thank you so much. there's an actual breakthrough. what democrats are doing while they still have power. it's about equality. it's historic, and it's next. t't . washable rugs up to 80% off. and living room seating up to 65% off. search, shop, and save at wayfair! ♪ wayfair you've got just what i need ♪ (vo) with their verizon private 5g network, associated british ports can now
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the elections are over, but this congress is not officially done until january. they can still make laws and govern when they have the ability, and today history made. marriage equality now federal law of the land that goes above and beyond the supreme court decision that protects the right. the senate advancing a bill that codifies protection for same sex marriage, and it was a bipartisan pretty overwhelming vote by today's standard, breaking an attempt at a republican filibuster. why? because in addition tot democrats a dozen republicans came over to do it.
3:49 pm
indeed, justice thomas had an opinion when this first came down said after looking at the abortion issue we should rekl all court's precedents including the marriage ruling. thomas said those were errors, and quote, we have a duty to correct the error. many on the right agree. >> like roe vs. wade ignored two centuries of our nation's history. marriage was always an issue that was left to the state. i think that decision was clearly wrong when it was decided. it was the court overreaching. >> that's what the ted cruz justice thomas axes looks like. but keep in mind what's striking that's so different 10 or 15 years ago is how there's an overwhelming bipartisan coalition in the senate to get
3:50 pm
this done. democrats control the house, but that's just catching up with public opinion. the support more marriage equality, which was quite low in the 90s has only been upward tilt. young people and other who is pay attention say the government should not be trying to ban whether or not people can form these types of bonds and be protected with them. 71% support it. that is an all-time high. the final vote on the senate bill is expect after thanksgiving. it's expected to pass and become law of the land before this congress is done. we'll be right back with one more very special beat item i want to share with you. want to u for chest, neck, and back. it goes on clear. no mess. just soothing comfort. try vicks vapostick.
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. what is comedian and daily show host trevor noah have to do with msnbc? i'm going to tell you now, it has to do with combatting conspiracy theories because he partnered with msnbc to air this new documentary that explores why conspiracy theories and disinformation are taking hold. it's called split screen, and it looks at many issues in our politics and mind, including social media. >> it was pretty obvious that there was going to be a massive push to support a narrative of a stolen election. >> i think january 6th was predicated on propaganda and lies being circulated on the internet. >> there is another side that is being much more clear about the threat january 6th poses to our
3:56 pm
democracy. >> how did all those ideas get in those people's minds? that's part of what split screen explores. one country, different realities, this sunday, 10:00 p.m. eastern on msnbc and streaming on peacock. i also want to tell you about something we're doing tomorrow on "the beat." fat joe is back. we're going to talk about his new memoir, his relationship with bill kristol, naturally, and his view of politics today. joe, as you know, wears many hats. tomorrow, 6:00 p.m., so tune in or dvr it or check us out on youtube. however you want to get it, i'm excited to say we have joe back in the building. as always, you can connect with me at to sign up and keep in touch. i'll see you tomorrow, i hope. "the reidout" with joy reid is up after this break.
3:57 pm
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it's not the same. what could you do to solve the problem? we could get xfinity? that's actually super adult of you to suggest. i can't wait to squad up. i love it when you talk nerdy to me. guy, guys, guys, we're still in session. and i don't know what the heck you're talking about. tonight on "the reidout" -- >> for me, the hours call for a new generation to lead t


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