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tv   Alex Witt Reports  MSNBC  November 19, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PST

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from msnbc world headquarters here in new york. welcome everyone to alex witt reports. we begin with pushback from donald trump as he responds to attorney general, merrick garland, appointment of jack smith. he is the new special counsel heading up the ongoing justice department investigations at involving donald trump. garland yesterday, specifically referenced classified and other government documents found at mar-a-lago, as well as efforts
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to interfere with the lawful transfer of power following the 2020 election and on january 6th. trump pushed back on the idea last night and once again pleaded innocence. >> i've been going through these investigations and hoaxes and scams from the day i came down the escalator at trump tower. and you would really say enough is enough. over the years, i've given millions and millions of pages of documents, tax returns, and everything else. and they have found nothing, which means i've proven to be one of the most honest and innocent people ever in our country. >> and new reaction this hour to the changing of the guard in congress and the end of an area with nancy pelosi's house speaker. if elected, congressman hakeem jeffries, would become the first black man to lead the party in congress and congressman, jim clyburn, says, he has high hopes from jeffries captain clark and pete aguilar. >> i hope they will continue this forward movement that
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would -- the last several years. nancy pelosi has been a remarkable leader. she has demonstrated time and time again how to rise above the but -- really -- as to the future that we've been talking about. -- this trio of leaders will do the same. and new fallout from the biden administration's declaration in a lawsuit filed by the fiancée of murdered washington post columnist, jamal khashoggi. the administration now says, saudi arabia's crown prince, mohammed built summons, high office entitles him to immunity even though biden is a candidate vowed to make a pariah out of saudi rulers over the 2018 murder. -- i will ask -- about that in a few minutes. first, let's all go to the white house and nbc's monica alba is standing by her post there. monika, welcome. what are we hearing from the attorney general about why he decided to seek the advice of
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outside counsel? >> this is significant, of course, alex, because this is the attorney general naming someone jack smith, who has decades of this kind of public service in his career background to come and oversee these two sprawling investigations that we now have been going on for some time, of course, without the involvement of jack smith. he's going to come in and currently leave his post, which is investigating more crimes at the hague, and he, in terms of having this experience that's relevant. someone very familiar with the department of justice and how they operate. he oversaw their public integrity division back in 2010, and he's going to be returning stateside, essentially to speak to the key investigators that have been digging into that classified documents case. of course, those that have been improperly handled, allegedly, at mar-a-lago by the former president. since he took them from his time at the white house. and the january 6th investigation. and these are investigations with a lot of different spokes. so, jack smith's job will be to
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take all the information and then decide whether to recommend any charges. the big question here now, alex, is how long this could take. how this will work hand in hand with the department of justice, and the attorney general was very clear yesterday in that the biggest reason for doing this is, he wants to continue this impartiality, especially in light of 2024. not just the former president announcing his plans, but the current president who has stated, he also wants to run again. take a listen to the attorney general putting this into context and the need for a special counsel yesterday. >> i strongly believe that the normal processes of this department can handle all investigations with integrity. and i also believe that appointing a special counsel at this time is the right thing to do. extraordinary circumstances presented here demand it. >> and it's no surprise that former president trump is
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already firing back at this news. the special counsel is something he's familiar with, this will be his second special counsel investigation, of course, dating back to robert mueller's probe. and in terms of his response last night, he continued to echo what he has said for years about any criminal investigations that touch him, which is essentially to call them a witch hunt and a hoax. he responded last night in more detail. listen here. >> i thought the investigation with the document hoax was dying or dead or over. only to find out that the corrupt and highly political justice department just appointed a super radical left special counsel, better referred to as a special prosecutor, to start the process all over again. >> and again, we just can't overstate the timing here, alex. the fact that the former president declared his intention to run for 2024 just this week suggests the urgency of why the department of justice to this now. and if we talk about the
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timeline here, of course, we don't know and attorney general garland did say yesterday he expects jack smith to work expeditiously. the probe itself could take a long time and it could land smack in the middle of the actual 20 2024 presidential a year and a half or two years from now, even. alex? >> monika, i know it's chilly, but stay with us. just for a little bit longer because i also want to bring in harry lippman, former u.s. attorney and host of the talking feds podcast. harry, welcome. you, like many legal analysts, suggested the attorney general did not need to appoint a special master. you wrote, he needed to permit trump's candidacy to die divest him of day-to-day and ultimate responsibility for probably the most important action the doj has ever undertaken. and since he needn't, he shouldn't, i'm surprised he ultimately did. >> yes and not only did he, but he said it was necessary. the important thing to understand here, alex, is there is a lot here. it's a regulation and this is
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how merrick garland was reading it. and in my op-ed, i made it clear, it's a nuanced call. but when he used those words, extraordinary circumstances, public interest, that's merrick garland seeing a text that gives him marching orders and as he read it, there were extraordinary circumstances. can't really debate that when he's, when the possible defendant is a presidential candidate. and is it in the public interest? the argument against it, the one that garland ultimately rejected, is, they are going to be calling this politicized in any event. there's really no way of reassuring. the last 24 hours does seem to reinforce that point. not just trump, but many republicans are saying the move itself is politicized, which is a little bit crazy. but that's the notion and the thing to understand is, this is garland reading the law that abides him and saying, we've got to do it for that reason.
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>> so, garland says that jack smith is going to exercise independent prosecutorial judgment on whether or not judges should be brought, harry. does the ag, the, does he ultimately have the final word whether to prosecute? i mean, keep in mind merrick garland so answers to president biden, so does that create enough distance to avoid any appearance of partisanship? >> well look, that is the -- we now have. we used to have a system where someone was completely independent and that created all kinds of headaches. remember, the star investigation in clinton. so, all there is to create within the constitutional confines, it will be totally independent. but you are right and it's really important at the end of the day. smith, with dispatch, goes through everything and serves it up to the attorney general. that's exactly the regime we've been operating under since, you know, for the last 20 years. does it create enough? it creates more. let me put it that way. that makes it a little bit
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perverse that the critics are seeing the very that makes it more politicized. it is the opposite. at the end of the day, it will be, you are right. but it has to be merrick garland's call. >> so monika, the white house claimed no advance knowledge about the special counsel appointment. what is the white house position on all of this? >> as we've seen with other department of justice moves in the last couple of months, that is exactly the white house position that they want to maintain independence. in fact, candid biden said, one of the reasons he ran against than president trump was because he felt that he was too involved in doj matters and that if he were to win, he would assure that there was a fire wall and that they could, again, have this impartiality because they want to make sure that they can't be accused of political motivation, even though that's exactly what's happening from the former president and his critics, who also don't feel like this is happening necessarily in the right time. but what's notable here, alex, is that the white house press secretary and the president,
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again, have reiterated they didn't have any kinds of heads up, they're not involved in this, and they won't be going forward. it's that kind of position that they feel is paramount to preserve, no matter what the outcome of this is in either investigation. >> so, many have speculated a factor in trump's announcement from his candidacy was to determine any criminal charges against, him in the five ongoing investigations, harry. in your latest column in the los angeles times, which, by the way, was excellent, you agreed, but you add, it does introduce -- for the feds, ultimately, however, it shouldn't make the department of justice stay or delay its decision. and it has no bearing at all on the fulton county decision. so, on reflection, who benefits more, harry? is it the doj or donald trump? >> look, we hope it's the american people who, you know, garland said, we could handle it. but here's this rag. we hope is the american people who benefit from it and -- a buffer, not a complete
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impermeable barrier, but a buffer between garland, the political appointee, and jack smith who's going to exercise independent judgment. what i said was right. there is nothing under the constitution that says you can't indict former president. garland says it's extraordinary circumstances, which it is, and so, we are going to take this extra step to reassure the public that this is completely impartial. hopefully that's the way it works, but the public now that can be reassured seems to consist of a narrower and narrower sliver who haven't already made up their minds. and that, hopefully, you know, at least those folks who are persuadable will be reassured. >> let me ask you both quickly, are the expectations for how long this could play out? monika, on behalf of the white house, have they said anything about that? then harry, with the judicial mind, like, how long you think this is going to go? monika? >> no and for the duration i'm told here, the white house officials will have the same line. we will leave it to the d.o.d.
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to conduct the matters. we won't give them any kind of response, indication, or hope for the length of this. i can tell you though again, everybody's hope, i think, is that it is wrapped up sometime before the thick of 2024, when we could be seeing this trump, biden rematch. >> do you think that's realistic, harry? >> yes. look, it's my prosecutorial mind. january six, all that stuff is sprawling. it'll take a long time. mar-a-lago was already very close. i actually see a decision being made within two or three months. >> wow, okay. harry lippman, monika alba, thank you both. monika, go get bundled up. it's chilly out there. coming up, omarosa medical -- on who could wind up being trump's new apprentice. that's what we will call. plus, all the questions about his decision to announce his next run for president and the unknown ivanka trump dynamic. that will be a bit later this hour. but let's go now to the breaking weather news from western new york, as dangerous lake effect snow is paralyzing part of that state. more than five feet of snow have fallen there.
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nbc news correspondent, laura zakaria, isn't orchard park. that some of the buffalo bills. welcome. we've heard how much snow has woke fallen. there one word, wow. >> yeah, it's hard to wrap your head around, especially when you hear that parts of orchard park sought 77 inches. for a little perspective, that's a full foot taller than i am. so, we are going to talk about what we're seeing right now in just a moment. but i want to take you to what we saw yesterday, because right now, we are in a little bit of a clear spot. niagara is getting those heavy snow pants, that lake effect for you, right? we can't predicted, but yesterday, it was the southern part of the buffalo area that was just getting so hard hit. we spoke to a few people who live around there with how they were doing. >> we are all trying to help each other, but just be safe all there. that's all i can say, man. be safe. >> some places are up to my hips, some places are even higher than that. >> freeway is closed, so
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unfortunately i'm stuck in buffalo. doesn't seem like i'm going anywhere. >> so, you can see just how much snow had gathered on us while we were outside talking to everyone that was on the streets. so, behind me, what you can see is the aftermath. the day after. so, this is the process of trying to clear all of those roads. some of this snow actually might be coming from the stadium where the bills were supposed to be playing yesterday. so, of course this is the day of cleanup. we have an emergency declaration from the state. we know governor holcomb just said that they were sending 17 national guard members to the hardest hit areas. orchard park is one of them. we are in erie county, so across the county in those hardest hit areas, we actually have a tweet from the erie county executive showing national guard members arriving at the emergency center and our understanding is that one of the things they're helping out with is delivering, picking people up, and taking them to their dialysis treatments. obviously, that's something that's very time sensitive. but then on top of that, they're helping with the
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cleanup because it is a mess. you might be seeing some visuals of what we saw, which were those streets that just had not yet been cleared. and that can be a really dangerous thing because imagine if there is an emergency. ambulances can't get through. and then lastly, the other danger is that with so much snow, it really puts a lot of pressure on roofs, so that's something that they're also keeping an eye on. back to you. >> which means they are very >> which busy keeping an eye on means there is a big a lot of things. keeping an eye on a lot of larissa parra, things. marissa, thank you so much. house thank you so much. republicans are tipping their house republicans are tipping hand, showing their hand, showing what they want to focus what they want to focus on on starting in starting in january. january. and it's not fixing and it is not fixing the the economy, economy, no. nope. what do they what do they want to want to focus on? the focus? on the answer is going to leave you shaking your head. answer is going to leave you shaking your head. shaking your head. even easier than those dances your grandkids love doing with you. ok, i got it. (laughs) start medicare shopping today with walgreens find rx coverage. ♪♪ plus, find low-cost copays. when you need to talk medicare. walgreens, is here. ♪♪
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on the agenda when republicans officially take control of congress in just a few weeks. it boils down to one word, investigations. with their new power comes control over key committees with subpoena power. joining me now, nbc news
9:21 am
capitol hill correspondent allie raffa. ali, what is the latest on the republicans plan come january? >> yes, alex, well, house republicans knew majority powers are not even officially up they are making it very clear, early, on how much of a headache they planned to be for the biden administration over the next two years. we know that the biden administration has already started staffing up on lawyers in anticipation of this onslaught of gop attacks. because, republicans have vowed for months now, even before winning the majority in the house, that they would use their new subpoena and oversight power to investigate president biden, and his son hunter biden's business dealings. despite hunter biden already being at the center of a federal investigation. kevin mccarthy, who is still trying to cement the votes he needs to win the house speaker position released a statement yesterday about this, saying, in part, quote, house republicans will be ready on day one to exercise our article
9:22 am
one authority to hold the biden administration accountable. and we intend to finally get the answers the american people deserve, alex, take a listen to what else republican said this week they would also be investigating. >> i want to be clear, this is an investigation of joe biden. and that is where the committee will focus in this next congress. >> this is a focus on a judiciary committee, the political nature of the justice department. >> we can impeach secretary mayorkas. why cannon page merrick garland. >> we have seen articles of impeachment against joe biden on monday. >> you heard, then everything from the justice department and attorney general merrick garland to homeland security secretary alejandro mayorkas and the border crisis. they have already vowed, also, to investigate the u.s. withdraw troops from afghanistan, fbi search of trump's mar-a-lago home. this is going to be a very
9:23 am
delicate dance for kevin mccarthy if he does win the house speaker position. he is going to have to keep those far-right members of his party happy while also keeping the more moderate members content on the next two years, alex. >> okay, thank you so much, ali on the capitol hill for us. joining me now, massachusetts congressman seth moulton, a democratic member of the house budget, armed services, and transportation and infrastructure committees. welcome to you, my friend. you heard kevin mccarthy, there. what exactly are the answers that the american people are looking for to, quote, start with these investigations, starting with joe biden, what are you looking for? >> i don't know what the american people are looking for, what they said in the election is what they wanted to lower inflation, they wanted to caring the southern border, they wanted to make sure we reduce crime across the america. and, investigating hunter biden's laptop does not do anything to address those problems. i think the american people have spoken about what they want, and, the silver lining,
9:24 am
here, is that if this is all that the republicans do over the next two years, we are going to win back the house in 2024. >> that is what our dean was telling me in the last hour, of course, the former dnc chair. but, don't you think that republicans know that? really, when they go down this rabbit hole they are not talking about the economy, they are not talking about inflation, they are not talking about crime. although, those for the campaign issues on which they ran. >> that is a great question, i think the reality is that the moderate republicans probably know that. the republicans who have had tough elections. but, it is the far-right that is controlling the caucus. and, marjorie taylor greene does not know anything about how to bring down inflation, she just wants to investigate hunter biden. these are the extremists who are controlling kevin mccarthy, now, they are the ones who are holding back their votes for him as speaker, he has to cater to that, and, that is what you are seeing with these investigations. >> you have to wonder how much he really wants the job under
9:25 am
these circumstances, i recall the john boehner days when he said, upon the rise of the tea party within the gop, that controlling this was like herding cats. >> that is right, but, i think he was a different kind of speaker. i remember he was a charge when i first came to the house, i went to his office and sat across from him to get to know him while he smoked a cigarette in my face. but, at the end of the day he was someone who cared about the institution. he genuinely cared about the institution. i think he still cares about the institution of the house of representatives. i think that kevin mccarthy cares most about the institution of him being speaker. he just wants to be speaker. and, he will take that job at any cost. that is what we are seeing play out, as these far-right members make terrible demands on the speaker that i think, ultimately, will hurt them when it comes time for reelection. >> your assessment there of john boehner brings me to the seismic event, really, this week, with speaker nancy pelosi
9:26 am
stepping down from house democratic leadership. i know that in 2016 and 18 you led successful efforts to change democratic leaders. but, you did support pelosi's reelection of speakers in 2020. give me your thoughts on her accomplishments, and, do you think now is the right time for new leadership? >> it is absolutely the right time for new leadership, nancy pelosi was a truly historic speaker. somebody who crashed through the glass ceilings, setting an example for men and women all across america, frankly, all across the world. i mean, she will go down in history as a great leader of the united states house of representatives, the first woman to become speaker of the house, ever. but, it is also time for new democratic leadership, it is time for younger people to have a voice in our caucus, and in our party, and that is exactly what i have been fighting for for several years, it is exactly what is going to happen now that she has stepped down. so, i am very excited about the future. >> in fact, you publicly
9:27 am
endorsed your colleague as the next democratic leader. what do you support of him specifically, and the message that you think a new, younger democratic leader what it is needed and what else and the country? >> i am excited about hakeem, let me explain why now. i know i came because i sat next to him on the house budget committee for several years. and, let me tell you it was and intimidating position sitting next to hakeem jeffries, he always showed me up. he would come in with a few notes, take some pointers off of one of the people were saying. and then, usually, off the cuff deliver some really intelligent thoughtful, and strong testimony on that committee. and, the holding of the republicans accountable. but, also, showing the vision for the future, so, he earned my respect through the quiet experience with him. not by big, flashy speeches or anything like that. he is a great communicator, he
9:28 am
is brilliant, and those are things we will show to my make people overtime. he will be a great leader for the caucus and the party, that is why i'm so excited to support it. >> i have to say in my interviews with him i felt the exact same way, as i do about you as well, don't sell yourself short. let me ask you about donald trump, who, as you know officially announced his third white house bid. there are reports that your democratic colleague david cicilline is eyeing legislation to bar the for president from office. doing so under the 14th amendment from leading and insurrection against the united states. are you going to support this bill if it gets introduced? and, as more republicans are publicly voicing their criticisms of trump after the midterms. do you think you could get enough support to get it to the presidents task? >> i think we probably could, doing the right thing, trump has no business ever being in the oval office again. but, also, this whole thing, alex, is just such a distraction from the issues of the american people wanting us
9:29 am
to focus on. and, the issues that even republican voters want their leaders to focus on. donald trump is and the more latest snow work we have given congress the less work we will be able to do if the american people. i think a lot of republicans feel same way, they just want this guy to be signed as the aspen of history, that is where he belongs. >> here is a sensitive one coming out, you the biden administration says that saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin salman should be granted immunity in a civil lawsuit brought against him over the killing of journalist jamal khashoggi. in a court filing requested by the state department, doj lawyers acknowledged that he qualifies for immunity as a foreign head of government, after being named prime minister. in addition to being the crown prince. when he was a candidate, president biden called saudi arabia it by a state because of khashoggi's murder. why would they now give ability immunity and do you agree with it. >> this is a legally
9:30 am
complicated situation, but, the bottom line is that this is a dictator cozying up to dictators as trump did was lottery putin, usually does not end well, but, the flipside is we have to be willing to talk to these people. the american leaders throughout the cold war talked to leaders of the soviet union. so, i think what the biden administration needs to do, here, is chart a middle course. where they are not cozying up to him but they are also not refusing to speak to him. and, unfortunately i think what has happened over time as they have ping-pong back and forth between two extremes. so, the biden administration has had a lot of great foreign policy, we see that playing out every single day in ukraine where they have been absolutely brilliant and managing this war, and bringing together the strongest coalition that they have seen in the world. this is the place in saudi arabia where they need to stick to moderate things and not ping-pong. >> always appreciate the
9:31 am
conversation, my friend, thank you so, much have a good thanksgiving. it is donald trump's newest version of the apprentice. and, it stars one of his biggest election deniers. but, i'm going to ask former real apprentice alma rosa about how kari lake fits in trump world. she has some thoughts to share, next. xt rough with powering through, it's time for theraflu hot liquid medicine. powerful relief so you can restore and recover. theraflu hot beats cold. 'twas a wintry day, and at ihop quite soon hot cinnamon apples would be coaxed with a spoon on the fluffiest french toast with red currants on top we wish you a happy holiday, only at ihop. new gingersnap apple french toast, part of our new holiday menu. try all three flavors. ♪♪ we all have a purpose in life - a “why.” maybe it's perfecting that special place that you want to keep in the family... ...or passing down the family business... ...or giving back to the places that inspire you.
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allergies don't have to be scary. spraying flonase daily stops your body from overreacting to allergens all season long. psst! psst! flonase all good. let's go now to no reaction to donald trump's 2024 announcement. failing to meet expectations for a high energy rollout, trump delivered a no frills speech in soft tones and largely stuck to a prepared script, with the event drying wide criticism even from some conservatives. joining me now, omarosa matiko newman. the former trump white house director of communications, also the author of the best selling book, unhinged, a insiders count of the trump white house. oh marissa, always good to see you. >> the ceo. >> so, i want to talk about
9:36 am
your experience working in the white house and in reality television with donald trump. did you expect the tricks on that one? how do you rate his roll out of that? >> this is donald trump's third campaign to become president of the united states. and, if i have to rate it between the three i would actually give him a three. it was so bad. for anyone who was sitting back thinking, okay, don trump is going to make a major comeback this was a total lockdown. you could say that donald trump is not only vulnerable, but, i don't actually think he is into it. i think the only reason that he announced is to give himself some protection against the slew of investigations that he is facing right now. >> you know, i have talked to so many attorneys who say this does not do that. is he getting bad advice, do you think? says yeah, try this? >> now, i think it only does it in terms of messaging. for donald that is all that matters.
9:37 am
he believes that if he says something over and over again that it becomes the truth. donald already stated that, look at them, they appointed a special counsel right after i announced for president, his messaging has started for this narrative that he is under attack because he is running for the presidency. >> let's take a listen to what his former defense secretary, mark esper, said about trump's third reelection bid. here we go. >> i wish he would not, i think you unfit for office. i thought his remarks were very subdued and uninspiring, the election last week was an example of donald trump being incapable of winning elections. i don't think he is an honest person. i think we saw the falsehoods that came out of his remarks, americans need a leader that they can trust. >> reiterating here, that is donald trump's former defense secretary saying that. did he get things right or wrong? did he miss anything on that? >> he got it right in the sense that donald trump was not the
9:38 am
same donald that we saw the last time we ran. but, let's be clear, he is vulnerable, he is not out. donald trump is still dangerous in the sense that he could become the nominee. i think that he has a big battle in his hand with desantis, but, the question becomes, if he becomes the nominee can he win again? and, i believe if he becomes the nominee then depending on what the democrats do he could certainly win again, alex. so, i would not count him out but we did see a different donald trump. a week or donald trump, as jeb bush said in his tweet. a low energy donald trump. >> yes, that was something that was payback on that one. as you know, there are a number of high-profile former allies who have peeled away from him after the midterms and since his announcement, how do you think donald trump is reacting to this? does he just shrug off criticism from fellow republicans? >> now, he is feeling the pressure. i mean, the things that donald had going for him when he first ran was that he had the media, he had the messaging, he had all of these people who are
9:39 am
willing to stand next to him and stand by him. but, now you see that he is standing alone. even at his announcement there were not high ranking government officials, they're, elected officials, standing by him. even his own family has turned against him in his wanting to become president again. so, he does not have the press, he doesn't have momentum, that is what is missing from donald trump, so, yes we are seeing a different donald. but, when donald trump gets his back against the wall he is willing to do anything to get back into power. that is what worries me the most, alex. >> look, you know the family. so, specifically, eric trump and jared kushner were there. don junior and ivanka were not. ivanka continued by writing on instagram that she is going to sit out her father's 2020 campaign to prioritize her children. did this survive, you omarosa? do you think there might be more to the story? and, what do you think would be donald's reaction, the reaction she got from her father considering how he built her
9:40 am
upturn his presidency? >> you know, what is interesting is ivanka's very strategic, i would say she is his favorite child, so, the fact that she chose that timing, that moment to announce that she was not going to support him was her opportunity to be very much like her father, and take the spotlight and let the narrative be about her. she knew that that would damage him, she knew the narrative would be that his family was not there for him. his favorite child, might i add. she is turning herself away from his politics. but, it did not surprise me, the timing, however, was the key element there that she wanted to be so public in the fact that she was not going to support him this time around. >> that is just awful as mother ever hear you say a favorite child, i have more than one child and i love them equally. >> listen, i am going to tell you what he has told me. that is all i can say. >> really? okay, i believe you. really quickly before i ask you about caroline. i want to, what do you think her reaction is to this? >> melania wants nothing else
9:41 am
but to stay away, far away from the white house as possible. she was miserable. i saw her with my own eyes, day in and day out. you would not see a lot of morning on the campaign trail, you would not see her standing up for him. you will see more of a split this time around the, more electives from former first lady melania trump. >> i mentioned carry, like so to donald trump, he mentioned her mar-a-lago last night. the trump lake headlines are already emerging. do you see her as a trump apprentice? i learning elections enough in the master? do you see a potential early running right in her? >> this is presidential and vice presidential addition on the pressure again -- haley, how could, be green, like. oh my! so many candidates to choose from. you will say it with them trying to prostrate in front of him to become the vice presidential running mate.
9:42 am
but, i think she has a lot to battle. i mean, green has been out, they're marjorie taylor greene has been probably his most vocal of supporters. and fighters for him, he likes the finer but he also likes looks. we all know, he always talks about central casting. kari lake has all of those things. but, how could be also should not be counted out. she is a great messenger, we assume she is willing to bend the truth for him, so, there is still a lot of time to go before he chooses. i would put green ahead of lake in this battle. >> okay, amara, you have an open invitation. come back anytime, always a pleasure. thank you. tomorrow on alex reports, i will speak with former trump white house secretary stephanie grisham about his motivation to run again and why ivanka trump will not help her father get reelected as we just heard amara say discussing with us. meantime, revenge may be a best dish crop circle but the gop is not spilling out. up next, what republicans have up their sleeve beyond hunter bread. yond hunte
9:43 am
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9:46 am
wariness over the imminent republican house majority. after the incoming oversight committee chairs pledging investigation into president biden and his son, hunter. >> this is an investigation of joe biden. the president of the united states, and why he lied to the american people about his knowledge and participation in
9:47 am
his family's international business schemes. i want to be clear, this is an investigation of joe biden. and that is where the committee will focus in this next congress. >> in addition, how should i share committee republicans have sent letters to white house chief of staff ron klain, dhs secretary alejandro mayorkas, attorney general merrick garland, fbi director christopher wray, and, education secretary miguel cardona. naming potential witnesses to take part in interviews and hearings for probes into the fbi, doj, on the southern border. joining me now is adrian elrod. democratic strategist and former senior aide on the biden harris campaign. and, kurt bardella, democratic strategist and four other gop spokesperson for the house oversight committee. as always, good to see you both. adrian, i had a question that characterize these moves by republicans for the potential reasons for them. but, i just want to ask you. tell me what you think is behind this promise of endless investigations. what is the motivation? >> yeah, alex, looking at that
9:48 am
video it almost reminds me of an snl episode because it just feels so contrived. it is so over the top, especially when you contrast that with speaker pelosi going on the floor on friday and giving her -- saying she is not going to run again and she would pass the torch to the next generation. it really is quite the contrast. i mean, alex, they have been waiting, they have been salivating for this moment for the last year or year and a half. they have been trying to get all of these investigations together. they could not wait for this moment on friday to have this press conference. you know, to make it clear our priorities are not taking care of the american people and advancing their interests, our priorities are to introduce frivolous investigations with no merit and try to impeach several cabinet members in the biden administration for looking at hunter biden laptop. you cannot make a power to kill us this is, democrats are prepared, there have been a number of outside groups launched to protect and defend the administration. but, you know, it just shows
9:49 am
you only need to know about the republicans. they are not on the side of the american family, all they want to do is investigates they can try to game more power. >> so, current republicans rescue overplaying their hands if they use a very narrow majority to bow down congress investigations into the president, in pursuit of a possible impeachment. didn't they campaign on the economy and crime? don't they plan to help this either? >> yes, overreaching is exactly what this republican congress is going to do, alex, i don't know exactly how hunter biden has anything to do with addressing inflation. was addressing gas prices, all the things that we heard about public and hysteria, i remember anybody running for office in the midterms running tv ads about how they want to investigate the biden administration. how they want to go after the president's family, and, certainly, it's a lesson there publicans are taking away from their woefully historic underperforming in this midterm election is that they should go and hit the investigative panel,
9:50 am
that is a lesson that take away from it. they are going to jeopardize the majority even more in 24, deliver joe biden a second term without even ever having to leave the building. this is not what the american people want, alex, american people do not care about frivolous conspiracy theories driven by jim jordan and jim comer, what they want are things that are going to actually help make their lives better. things the democrats delivered and we have seen historic trio of gun reform, chips act, inflation reduction with climate change. republicans are making a fatal mistake that is what you think they want from them. >> i already knew piece in the atlantic, on wanton oversight offensive, democrats cannot be prepared to be unprepared. commercial democrats are now the first line of defense for the biden administration they will have a series of consequential decisions to make about which personnel they appoint with republican led committees.
9:51 am
i know you have firsthand experience, you got into it with this op-ed that you wrote, but, talk about that, walk us through it. >> you know, the last time we had a changeover in commerce and republicans took control against democrat administration, democrats understood that this was an important moment. that republicans wanted to use investigations to stop the bomb administration's tracks. so, they made a tactical change. they decided to ditch seniority, sidelined the ranking democrat ed towns, from new york. and, replace him with the late, great representative elijah cummings. they knew that cummings was an effective communicator of brilliant strategies and great tactician's. someone that commanded respect and credibility. and, he would be a terrific foil for republicans lead at that time by the jim jordans, mike meadows, mike pompeo. democrats now need to take members to go toe to toe with these maga extremists,.
9:52 am
they need to put their best foot forward, even new members like incoming rap dan goldman, who has firsthand experience working and investigative committees. they can be huge assets and, really, these members of the first line of defense for the biden administration to stop the gop taxpayer financed. so, we have to match up on that dais or public as will try and take it overall. >> adrian, listen to what former senior adviser president bono said. stephanie carter, we are talking about. what she said about how this is ultimately going to play. >> they are going to try and weaken biden with these investigations, what is going to end up happening is they're going to strengthen him. and, because they are going to overreach they will talk about things that people just, frankly, do not care about. >> do you agree? >> absolutely, stephanie is not only a good friend of mine but also one of the top strategist in our party, she is the queen of rapid response in many ways. so, she is exactly right, i
9:53 am
mean, that is what is going to happen, here. to the point this is not the thing american people want. they will see all these republicans trying to overly investigate the administration when there is nothing there. and, the american people, especially the key independents, which, frankly, swung the pendulum in the favor of democrats this last election cycle. they are the ones who are going to say, wait a minute, i thought republicans are going to try to address crime. i thought republicans were going to try to address inflation. and, look at what they are doing, all they want to do is investigate. so, i think stephanie qatar is exactly right, and, you know, all you have to do is look at the clown show that was the friday press conference that you played at the beginning of the segment, alex, i mean. you cannot make this up, it is only going to strengthen president biden, especially because there is no bear on any of these things. he is going to keep going out there and delivering for the american people. >> adrian, part, i'm going to have you guys back all the time to help us get through what lies ahead, thank you so much. it is a day like no other at the white house, and, it is
9:54 am
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other top stories for you. uk prime minister rishi sunak met the ukrainian president zelenskyy during a surprise visit to kyiv today. during the meeting, sunak pledge the with the 60 million dollar defense package. that package meant to counter russian aerial attacks. no alcohol on stadium grounds, that is a new rule at the world cup. we're host country qatar has controversial banned beer sales at the games which start tomorrow. this comes on top of intense brittany over alleged human rights abuses in the country. and here is a look at the white house right now as president biden's 28 year old granddaughter naomi, marries peter neil on the south lawn. go look at the spot where guests are entering earlier this morning. the couple currently lives at the white house in fact, have kept most of their wedding plans private. but this marks the 19th wedding to take place at the white
9:57 am
house. there is a growing list of republicans with the pockets of made a decision on whether to donate to donald trump's 2024 campaign. then there are republicans with major political clout wondering whether to support trump or face maga based fury. coming up, how the naming of the special counsel figures and the political calculus. also, the threat to your paycheck, you are probably overlooking but really there is next to nothing that you can do about it. we will tell you. (screaming) defeat allergy headaches fast with new flonase headache and allergy relief! two pills relieve allergy headache pain? and the congestion that causes it! flonase headache and allergy relief. psst! psst! all good! two new ihop lunch and dinner menu items for twice the goodness, twice the flavor, and twice the choice. sirloin salisbury steak and all-natural salmon. perfect for lunch or dinner. only at ihop. download the app and earn free food with every purchase. (vo) verizon small business days are back. and there's never been a better time to switch! download the app and earn free
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