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tv   Ayman  MSNBC  November 19, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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i love it when you talk nerdy to me. guy, guys, guys, we're still in session. and i don't know what the heck you're talking about. i was injured in a car crash. i had no idea how much my case was worth. and i don't know what the heck you're talking about. i called the barnes firm. >> coming up on the second hour when a truck hit my son, i had so many questions about his case. i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. your case is often worth more than insuran call the barnes firm to find out i could've made. what your case could be worth. we will help get you the best result possible. ♪ the barnes firm, injury attorneys ♪ call one eight hundred,est resul eight million ♪ of ayman, passing the torch, nancy pelosi stepping down from democratic leadership, paving the way for a new guard. we're gonna take a look at her
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legacy and future of the party with congresswoman debbie dingell. for steam ahead, merrick garland attorney general has appointed a special counsel to investigate don trump. how it could impact his run to retake the white house. and ticket troubles. ticketmaster isn't hot water outfits chaotic presale role of retailers whiffed snootier. now congress is calling for action. let's get started. all right, so the new house democratic leadership is starting to take shape. since speaker nancy pelosi majority leader whip james clyburn announced you're stepping back from the specific leadership roles. candidates for each have emerged. hakeem jeffries of new york, catherine clark of massachusetts, and pete aguilar of california have announced their intention to
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run for the number 1, 2, and 3 spots respectively. congressman clyde burn announced his bid now to be the fourth ranking democrat in the next congress. but before we dive into that lose let's reflect on what is arguably the biggest headline of the week, how speaker nancy pelosi, a juggernaut, a fundraising titan a, woman who both through trials and misstep served at the vanguard of politics announced retention this week to step back from her role leading house democrats. >> for me the hour has come for a new generation to lead the democratic caucus that i so deeply respect. and i am grateful that so many are so ready and willing to share this awesome responsibility. >> it's hard to convey how momentous a change this will be for capitol hill. it's almost impossible to put into words the legacy of nancy pelosi. but from the beginning of
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congressional career, nancy pelosi has been a stalwart defender of democracy. in 1991 she risked her life to defy the chinese government and display a banner commemorating the tiananmen square protesters, literally at tiananmen square. she had used that grit to her advantage grit to herd vantage throughout her career, whether working with president bush to tackle the hiv aids crisis and pat far the single largest commitment by any nation to address a single disease in history, a rallying house democrats when all seemed lost in the fight for obamacare, or uniting progressives and moderates within her coalition to pass the lion's share of president biden's legislative agenda. she was and is a once in a generation political talent, no doubt about. and that's all the more clear now that we have gotten a glimpse of what is likely to come in her wake. as kevin mccarthy embraces far-right radicals who denied the election, have bigoted beliefs and advocate for dangerous policies. also
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that he can wield the speakers gavel in the next congress. that is the bargain is making. in stepping back as leader of the demo kratz but not retiring, anti pelosi has offered one last master class in political strategy. with pelosi staying in congress rather than creating contemporary vacancy, kevin mccarthy and republicans are under more pressure to produce majority votes. what's more pelosi's denying mccarthy a bogeyman to twist arms to get the 218-plus votes he needs to be speaker. because if there is one thing nancy pelosi knows how to do well, it is make republicans squirm. so prospective new leaders, take note. joining me now is democratic congresswoman debbie dingell of michigan. congresswoman, great to see you again. thank you so much for coming on the program. i want to start with, if i can, a personal question for you. i know you and speakable pelosi have grown quite close over the years. try to be about your relationship with her on a personal level of your thoughts on her decision to step back.
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>> it's good to be with you tonight. very complicated relations with speaker pelosi. i love her. i have been on the good side of nancy and i've been on the bad side of nancy, the winning and losing. but i think she is without fail one of the toughest, strongest, most courageous women i know, and in the same time has taken all of the skills as a woman, as a young woman when i was in business, you know, a used to be you didn't think that you could do it all. you couldn't be a mother and have a career. nancy has shown people that women can balance, juggle multiple balls in the air. you bring that perspective of one world to your other world. she learned how to listen. she knew when to be empathetic. she knew when to be compassionate. she knew when to be tough. and she
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has opened the door wider for every woman around the world. and what she has done in so many things will impact generations upon generations of people to come. >> when discussing pelosi's major accomplishments, lots of people point to what she did with the affordable care act, and even more recently president biden's legislative agenda which with all that has been passed in the first two years of his term in office. what stands in your mind? you have a broader context of what has been accomplished from inside congress. what stands out to you? >> clearly the affordable care act is one of the most important things. it's something that my family has cared about forever. and you know, nancy and i have so many similarities in that we both had different careers before we came. she was a homemaker. we both came up through party politics to the jobs that we had. my husband was certainly a member of the house forever.
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her family was a member, believed in public service. but health care is something that my father-in-law was the first person to introduce universal health care, 1940, after he was one of the authors of social security. nancy never gave up. she had to bring the coalition of different perspectives and different people together, and when that affordable care bill went through she had the spine in the backbone to not give up, and we saw what happened in the 90s when bill clinton tried to get something through. nancy pelosi is singularly the person that deserves the credit for getting that bill done. >> if kevin mccarthy wields the speakers gavel in the next congress do you think he will have the success speaker pelosi add? >> first of all, i don't ever
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wish for somebody not to be successful, because if we get policies passed that help every american, that is something we should all be doing. but by the, way i think the republican caucus now is so focused on oversight and so divided among themselves that they need to understand the american people are still worried about a lot of issues and they want to see us get something done. i think kevin mccarthy's got to get the votes to become speaker. you saw what happened to paul ryan when he was speaker. it's a tough, tough job, and you've got to have an agenda. i don't know what the republican agenda is, quite frankly, for the next congress, so i think he has a lot of challenges ahead. and i don't wish him not to succeed for the american people, but i think he's going to be very challenged and i would of course like to see democrats take back the house in 2024. >> an interesting development and maybe it offers insight.
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you had republican congressman don bacon say if conservatives don't unite around kevin mccarthy he's open to work with democrats to elect a modern alternative. do you see that as a possibility in congress? would you support that? >> well, you need to see how scenarios play out. i think that it would have been something that would have been very real had we not seen so many rob moderate republicans, those who voted for impeachment, or expressed concern about january six or voted to support how they voted in the last election, and election deniers aren't in the congress, so but i think america sent republicans and democrats a message that election deniers on the normalization of
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violence and that democracy was at stake and that the american people are paying attention to that issue. >> yeah, there's no doubt in american politics talk is cheap. it's all about what people actually do. when you get your thoughts on the likely next house democratic leadership team that has emerged you. have representative jeffries, clark, and aguilar. what do you think of his leadership team and its current construct? look, i've known all three of them for a long time. they're all close friends. they're all up to this task. they are strong effective people. but you know what is unique about the way that this is occurring is that they are going to have the wisdom and the knowledge of nancy pelosi's, hoyer, and cliburn and anyone thinks that those three are not gonna still be very strong leaders in this congress, who understand the dynamics, the ebbs and flows, the needs of members to be heard, to be
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understood, to be part of the strategizing, and i don't think there i know that nancy pelosi and steny, all three of them, when they think someone is not doing what they need to do, they will have the backs of all three of those leaders. >> i was gonna, say they may not have the titles but will they still have the power? >> i'm a student in this institution. the respect that a member has, the relationship, people forget the importance of relationships. these are people with strong relationships. you know, i have seen some losses, for the record, my husband lost a very difficult chairman's race and nancy pelosi was on the other side of it was important to me that when i came to congress i had my own relationship with nancy pelosi and there would be no history connected to it. but you are not trying to anybody who
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hasn't from obama on down the will not tell you that affordable care wouldn't have passed if people weren't working with with nancy pelosi. these are human organizations that relationships -- >> final question, you have announcer bid for vice chair of the democratic caucus. tell us why you feel the need to do it. >> it's gonna be the most strong watch grease in the leadership race. i'm gonna doing it because i'm first of all believe that mid america, midwest going down, is where elections are won and lost and it's very important that we have representation from mid america in leadership. it's frequently the coast that have the representation, and quite frankly there are no chairmen from middle america either. that's one of them. to, i have a long record of bringing people of disparate issues together. one of the reasons the announcement was made at the white house was the labor unions, the environmentalist's, six months of talks and negotiations. i know how to get things done. i'm not afraid to
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say what needs to be said. you don't want to step on toes. i will say what needs to be said. >> we're lucky to have you say what he said sometimes. certainly an airline. eric congresswoman debbie dingell, best of luck to you in your pursuits and thank you for joining us tonight. up next, new details on merrick garland's move to appoint a special counsel to investigate drop. but first my friend richard louis is here for the other headlines. hey, richard. >> hey ayman, and good see you. you breaking news to start. what is ceo elon musk just reinstated the account of former president donald trump. this does and a 22 month ban, and direct result of the january 6th attack on the capitol. trump remain suspended from other platforms including facebook, instagram, and youtube. a girl died this morning after being struck by a truck during christmas parade in north carolina. pulling a
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float was lost control of the vehicle and hit a girl stands to. he was charged with misdemeanor check death to a motor vehicle, and save movement, and carrying a firearm in a parade. president joe biden's granddaughter, naomi biden and peter neil were married saturday in just the 19th wedding ever held at the white house. it's the first white house wedding with the presidents granddaughter as the bride and the first one ever on the south lawn. more ayman, right after this break. easier than those dances your grandkids love doing with you. ok, i got it. (laughs) start medicare shopping today with walgreens find rx coverage. ♪♪ plus, find low-cost copays. when you need to talk medicare. walgreens, is here. ♪♪ ♪♪ walgreens. research shows people remember commercials with nostalgia. so to help you remember that liberty mutual customizes your home insurance, here's one that'll really take you back. wow! what'd you get, ryan? it's customized home insurance
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out of the justice department. attorney general merrick garland has appointed veteran prosecutor jack smith as special counsel to oversee the doj's criminal investigation into donald trump and that includes trump's classified documents handling. -- this week, mike pence closed the door on appearing before the january six committee that is investigating the same interference efforts. pence said congress, quote, has no right to his testimony. let's just pull the breaks here for a moment because mike pence made this news while promoting his new book. and it is the tried and true
9:19 pm
tack of countless former trump officials. we've seen this before. they write a book. they try to rehabilitate their image. and that is how it goes. as hayes brown writes, pence spent weeks after the 2020 election silently letting his boss cast doubt on the results, acting only when he was forced into a corner. now, he wants to become a best selling author off that. moreover, it's not like there aren't several investigations into the attack. they would love to hear from pence about what he saw and heard. if mike pence really wants to show america that he understands the gravity of what happened in his last days in office, he should be telling what he knows to the justice department or the january six committee. let's discuss this with my saturday night panel. -- a democratic pollster and msnbc political analyst -- the host of the podcast woke a f and -- you can catch his special, uncomfortably hot dad on youtube or listen to the album --
9:20 pm
i will start with you. with the appointment of the special counsel, what do you make of the announcement and its timing? >> i am disappointed. count me in the camp of those who think that the attorney is passing the buck and engaging in a little c y a. i think there has been more than enough evidence now and more than enough time for him to do what i think the world and the country that has followed the events sees as clear. donald trump broke the law. donald trump was caught red-handed breaking the law. and for the attorney general of the united states, there is no reason to delay the process. he should indite on a number of counts, on a number of areas, but i was right -- there was no reason for him to have done this. and i think it just simply presents unnecessary delays.
9:21 pm
if there was any thought that going to a special counsel might appease trump supporters, that is just a misreading of the political moment we are in. i am disappointed in the decision by the attorney general. >> i'm with you. danielle, i need to ask you, this is not the first special counsel to investigate the ex president. what kind of shadow do you think the robert mueller investigation casts over this one? and what lessons do you think we can and will learn from mueller? >> first of, all this is a horrible case of déjà vu that none of us want to be experiencing this again. at the end of the day, i agree with fernand. there was no reason to call a special counsel. merrick garland will still be overseeing the investigation that has been going on for close to two years. does anybody recognize that we are headed into 2023 and none of the architects of the insurrection have been held accountable for their crimes? and most of the people that stormed our capitol building
9:22 pm
have received slaps on the wrist? but on the last, i feel like what you can learn from robert mueller is that this is actually a performance. this is actually something that matters. it matters how you show up. it matters what you say. and also, it matters that after you put together a list of ten ways that this choice increased criminal president has endangered our democracy when you put together that list, here's an idea, why don't we enforce it? instead of using bumper sticker slogans like no one is above the law, i would love it if our justice department actually acted that way. >> i completely agree with you on that. these investigations have been going on for sometime. and it seems to me that the attorney general moved much faster to protect taylor swift fans this week from ticketmaster that he has on our democracy. what do you make of that? >> that makes sense. because have you ever tried to get between taylor swift and her fans? that is dangerous. i'm not prepared for that. yeah, i don't know what he is thinking. it will not make a difference to the american public. people have already made up
9:23 pm
their minds because we already saw what happened. we were there. and unless -- if he had come on and said, a special counsel is that -- >> i would say, all right, let's have batman on the case. other than that, it's ridiculous. because if he was going to do a special counsel, he should've done it weeks and weeks and weeks ago. >> it seems like he's doing it because he wants to appear to be non political and nothing that this attorney general or anyone is going to do for republicans, it's not like they're going to come out and say -- >> anything you do, trump makes political immediately. special counsel, completely corrupt, completely corrupt, fake news, no collusion. it's like he slipped right back to the mueller investigation. >> that was too scary of an impersonation. i feel like i've trump with me. i was not prepared for that. fernand i need to ask you about mike pence. what do you make of him closing the door to testify before the january 6th select committee and saying that the congress
9:24 pm
does not have a right to his testimony? >> mike pence said so. i guess it is no right. come on! really? mike pence was a material witness in the sacking of the capital where his life was in jeopardy. it's beyond his decision. he was the vice president of the united states at the time and for what is left of the january six committee to enforce is that it is literally the last days. i don't see republic -- i think it is imperative that they do everything in our power to issue a subpoena and compel his testimony. he can say whatever he wants. he is obviously playing politics because he is seeking the republican nomination for president in 2024. but this is beyond what mike pence has decided. he was the sitting vice president of the united states. he has to testify. >> what is the right thing to do here for the media? do they say that mike pence, sorry, we will not help you sell your book?
9:25 pm
or do they say, come on, field tough questions, but in doing so, almost giving him a pass to going to congress and talking about it? >> i don't know. unless mike pence is going to sit down with you, i have not seen anybody ask him any hard questions. he has been able to sit on everything that he has known about the trump administration in order to sell a book. that is the same thing that we have seen since people have left the trump administration. no one says anything, including bob woodward, who knew about covid-19, but said, you know what? i think a hold on to that information because i think i can be a new york times bestseller. at the end of the day, i would love for the media to actually do their job and hold people accountable and hold them to the fire. but you know, we will wait and see. >> here's what i say. let him go on every single show and never ask him about the book. never even mention the book. it is all about what he won't talk about. here's the questions you want to ask him.
9:26 pm
do you have stockham syndrome? and, aren't you tired of the taste of boot on your tongue? isn't that just awful? do you want to get the taste of boot off your tongue, don't you, mike? >> very good advice and if i get a chance to talk to mike pence, i will follow that advice? panel, stick with me, we have a lot more to discuss. after the, break we are celebrating some rare winds against big money in our politics. we will tell you about that and more. ♪i feel free to bare my skin♪ ♪yeah, that's all me♪ ♪nothing and me go hand in hand♪ ♪nothing on my skin♪ ♪that's my new plan♪ ♪nothing is everything♪ achieve clearer skin with skyrizi. 3 out of 4 people achieved 90% clearer skin at 4 months. in another study, most people had 90% clearer skin, even at 4 years. and skyrizi is just 4 doses a year, after 2 starter doses. ♪it's my moment, so i just gotta say♪ ♪nothing is everything♪
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9:31 pm
mayoral race, defeating billionaire rick caruso, who spent more than 100 million dollars of his own fortune on his losing campaign. he outspent bass more than 11 to 1. my panel is back with me. chuck, i will start with you. rick caruso had the money, he had the big name celebrity endorsements. and he outspent his opponent, as we said, ten or 11 to 1. all of this and he still lost. what does it say to you? >> what is it about being mayor of los angeles that we do not know? you would spend 104 million to get a job that pays $282,000 a year. something is up! you know? and as it comes to dark money, it is dark money, not dark matter. it's not a mystery. we know what it is, where it is, and a law like that should be passed everywhere. federally, we should have these. >> it's crazy that we don't, right? it's bizarre that we don't know where this money comes from and where it goes.
9:32 pm
>> i can't receive a gift to buy a house. if you get a gift -- they want to know who gave you the gift, how much money was the gift, will you pay it back? just, right? we're talking about our democracy here. come on! let's get real. >> let's discuss arizona's proposition 211. do you think more states will follow suit. as chuck was saying, do you think we could see this applied on a federal level? >> you know, one would hope. but the fundamental truth is, this comes back to the ultimate court, the supreme court. if you take it back to the citizens united ruling, almost ten years ago, i think unfortunately, you see courts, particularly in states that are conservative courts, strike down these types of laws. it is encouraging to see that the voters of arizona want reform. one would hope to see this
9:33 pm
replicated in all 49 states. but i frankly just don't see a federal bill coming. even if it did, with the current composition of the supreme court, it is not going anywhere because it will be struck down. they made their precedent known and they will even out this playing field. unlimited money seems to be the way things will be in the near term. >> the ballot member we saw -- was a win it gets these dark money groups. but at the same, time just this week, we saw a report out from politico about one of the biggest dark money conservative organizations, donors trust, receiving two 425 million dollar donations last year. how do we hold these organizations accountable when the donors are remaining anonymous? >> i mean, the reality is is that we will not hold them accountable. that is really not the issue. our issue is being able to continue to get people out of vote, regardless of who is trying to buy our elections. what i think should be the message that we received from this l. a. mayor race is that regardless of if you're putting in 100 million dollars of your
9:34 pm
own money, if you cannot persuade the people that you can do the work for them, that you can change their lives, that you can make their lives better, then they're not coming out to vote for you. that is why voter suppression is such a major part of the republican party strategy. because without, it they don't win. without billionaires hiding in dark corners, they don't win. the more that we can win these very obvious things to light and bring the power back to the people, then the more we are going to be able to succeed. but wasting our time, trying to figure out who these people are. we know who they are. and it does not matter. what matters as people recognize their own power and utilize it. >> now that ferdinand has said he doesn't think things will change, i would like to announce my 2028 bid for the georgia senate. and i am running as a republican. just letting every billionaire out there know. another black man in georgia! running for senate! and by the way, did you know that a werewolf could beat a vampire?
9:35 pm
>> [laughter] we don't even have time to get into that. as much as i want to play that, i'm sure everybody who is watching the show is familiar with what happened with herschel walker this week. i don't even know if we can explain that one. >> [laughter] >> you threw me a curveball there. >> i didn't mean to derail. >> you can do that on that show. the democrats, they have to cry this. but quite honestly, they've also benefited. notably in the 2020 presidential election with donors aligning with the democratic party. and in some cases, are spending republicans. where do we find a balance when it comes to this fight against dark money? >> that is why i think daniel said it best earlier. we will not change this anytime soon. we just need to accept, these are the current rules of engagement. if you really want to talk about where my concern is on the issue of dark money, it has
9:36 pm
to do with foreign contributions. this week we saw one of rand paul's fundraisers charged with the fact that he was using russian money and a laundering it to make contributions to american campaigns. i think that is really where the rabbit hole gets disturbing and dark and concerning. how foreign money -- we know some of these nation states are activey engaged. someone in the russian government is saying, yes, -- i think that is the area where i would be concerned. >> an allegation that we should be concerned about. we will continue to look into. panel, stick around. we have a lot more to talk about. we will talk to talk to chuck about his platform for the 2028 senators race in georgia. no, joking aside. after the break, we will talk about the hypocritical attacks on qatar for hosting the 2022 world cup. stay with us. (dock worker) right on time. (vo) make it even smarter. we call this enterprise intelligence.
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chance to host the 2022 world cup, there have been concerns about its capacity and deservingness to host the event. rightfully so. any country that is going to welcome people from around the world should be subject to intense scrutiny. but what has played out over the past several years and intensified in the final few months before the world cup kicks off reveals the depths of western prejudice, performative moral outrage, and, perhaps most significantly, gross double standards. full disclosure, i lived in and worked in qatar for five years. as a muslim, i'm acutely aware of the social conservativism
9:41 pm
and the societal limitations qatar has. to balance in welcoming fans from different backgrounds -- and as an avid soccer fan, i also plan on attending the world cup. as an arab american, i'm excited to witness it in the middle east. but let's be clear here. in making these impassioned attacks about qatar, a great deal is being swept under the rug. fifa, world soccer's governing body, is arguably one of the most corrupt international organizations and the world. it has been plagued with accusations and scandals. so much so that the u.s. department of justice indicted several high-ranking fifa officials in 2015. to say that the governing body and its rules in awarding countries the right to host the world cup needs reforms, well, that's an understatement. it means that if qatar is a villain in this, it is certainly not alone. when qatar won the bid to host the world cup, some questioned
9:42 pm
how little soccer history were allowed to host it. but that actually belittles the purpose of the tournament and ignores history. in fact, today, qatar is the reigning asian champions. when the u.s. won the world cup, the country did not have a professional soccer league. and yet, with the arrival of the world cup, the sport is taken off in meaningful and lasting ways. a major purpose of the tournament is to advance and promote the sport as a form of positive development. look. no one is saying qatar is perfect. but i'm urging us to be a little bit more nuanced in our critiques. and resist simply parroting generic orientalist troops. while it is fair to criticize qatar, i wonder if this debate is truly about human rights or is it that european countries, who view themselves as the guardians of global soccer for their own selfish economic purposes, can't stomach the idea that an arab middle eastern country will host this venerable global gathering? i wonder if any of these american pundits, grandstanding about human rights, will call
9:43 pm
for the u.s. to be stripped of hosting the 2026 world cup for the way elected leaders in this country and our judicial system in this country have rolled back reproductive rights, or are trying to ban the word gay in public schools or even ban books. no one is accusing the u.s. of trying to sports watch its anti women, anti book policies. and perhaps, europeans should set a better example of how migrants in their own countries are treated. more than 24,000 migrants have died trying to cross into europe since 2014. nuance and context matter here. and now, some have accused russia, china, and qatar of sports watching, to suggest russia and china, which have been accused of war crimes -- yet, they are allowed to host the world cup and the olympics. are they in the same camp as qatar? is dubious and disingenuous. fans are arriving in qatar -- have been smart enough to make that distinction that so many
9:44 pm
western pundits have failed to make in the run up to this tournament. a couple related programming notes. on monday, team usa will make us 2022 world cup debut. the young stars of the men's champion team -- we'll face gareth bale in wales monday at 1:30 pm eastern, streaming on people -- beginning tomorrow -- you definitely do not want to miss that. full plate. wait, are you my blind date? dancing crew. trip for two. nail the final interview. buy or lease? masterpiece. inside joke. artichoke. game with doug. brand new mug. come here, kid. gimme a hug. the more you want to do, the more we want to do. boosters designed for covid-19 variants are now available. brought to you by pfizer & biontech. grandmom!
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9:48 pm
klobuchar have in common? this, week both had major bad blood with ticketmaster. you like that? that was good? the site canceled the public sale of tickets -- after botching the plea presale -- only to be left empty-handed. senator klobuchar sent a letter to ticket master, expressing her concerns. and told my colleagues that as the chair of the anti-trust subcommittee, she plans to hold a hearing on the company's monopoly. it's not just the senator going after the ticketing giant, you have the tennessee attorney general, who has announced that he will look into whether ticketmaster violated consumer's rights, when it left fans in a virtual exile.
9:49 pm
even the justice department is involved, saying they have opened an antitrust investigation into live nation entertainment, the owner of ticketmaster. ticketmaster has since apologized for what france described as the worst ticketing buying experience in their wildest dreams. and swift, for her part, says it was, quote, excruciating to watch mistakes happen with no recourse. my saturday night panel is back with me. fernand, members of congress are calling for the ticket master monopoly to be broken up. do you agree? >> yes. but maybe it's just me. i feel like i'm in a 90s time machine. i remember when pearl jam took up this fight in the early 90s when i was in college. my entire life, i felt like ticketmaster has been a monopoly. and while i applaud what the lawmakers are doing, call me the contrarian. i really think if there's anyone complicit in allowing this to happen, it's the artists themselves. kudos to taylor swift for speaking out, just like pearl jam in the 90s. if more artists took the stand
9:50 pm
that they were not going to tolerate this, and others that used ticketmaster, i think that that would police the reform that you are looking for. but good to see the fedeal government step in. >> you are the artist here among us, chuck. you know what it's like to have to sell tickets. how does this work? what is your take? how big of an influence is ticketmaster? >> every time you say ticketmaster, i just hear the star wars imperial death march the employing in my head. biggest ticket master. i mean, they have a monopoly. for all intents and purposes. and unfortunately, they abuse it. they abuse the fans. they abuse the artists, except for the very large artists. and they need to be reformed. they need to be broken up. for me personally, when you come to see my show, there will be a brother outside going, you need a ticket? i am old school. [laughter] no bar codes. no app on your phone. >> daniel, question to you
9:51 pm
about this. what are your thoughts about this, artist or ticketmaster? >> there are just so many entities that need to be broken up. it just drives me insane that this is the one that our lawmakers are taking on because of taylor swift and her and normal sane. i mean, how quickly the justice department moves when it's for taylor swift, but when i'm waiting on my democracy, my freedom, it seems to be taking a long time and i am told to wait. yeah -- >> danielle, swifties are more important than our democracy. chuck is getting nervous here. he's like, i don't want to be part of this panel anywhere. [laughter] >> i am more nervous than herschel walker at a spelling bee. >> [laughter] >> danielle, you bring up a really good point. i think there is a valid question about how quickly are law enforcement is going after this. it's been a couple years for our democracy. -- what do you want to see come
9:52 pm
out of this investigation? >> the ticketmaster investigation? >> yeah. [laughter] >> like i said, for me, this has been my entire adult life. ticketmaster has been a monopoly since the time i can remember. it was funny to hear chuck because i guess i'm old enough to remember that old school way, where you would go to peaches records or your record story of a chance at scoring tickets without ticketmaster. but that is not been the reality for at least three and a half decades, maybe longer. until someone steps in, and i think that is why i said earlier, obviously, not every artists will do it. but the big names that can command those big dollars, they know it's taking place. these know these costs are being passed on offense. i think they have the platform and the influence to step up along with the federal government. like danielle said, not before they fixed the democracy. >> we all agree on that. absolutely. let's switch gears. the big news what we are coming on the air this hour. elon musk saying donald trump
9:53 pm
is back on twitter. it was based off a twitter poll that he conducted. i think he said 150 million people voted. >> 750 million people. >> [laughter] >> eight billion people. i'm back. you know. i know. i belong here. freedom is back. >> who do you think is more nervous about trump being back on twitter? ron desantis or mike pence? >> [laughter] i'm sorry! >> i think they probably made up most of the no votes. >> [laughter] >> mike pence is just like, mother, do you have ron's number? i'm sorry. yeah. they're both very nervous and let me tell you, it's still a big bull horn for that guy. he is going to use it. and i have to say this. donald trump knows how to use that platform. he really does. it's unfortunate that he does. because all he does is bring things down with that. but what did they say?
9:54 pm
tonight, a million followers. just tonight. >> danielle, your thoughts on trump reinstated back to twitter with elon musk? joking aside, how do you see this? >> you can joke if you want. i'm just saying i'm giving it to you however you want to take it. >> i will give it back straight. i am absolutely disgusted. but what else do we expect from very white privileged white men protecting each other? because we always mistake wealth and inheritance for genius. yay elon musk gets what he wants. his body is back on the air. and they can finish burning down democracy, while he finishes burning down the town square. >> and on that happy note -- [laughter] valid point. my question to you on this is, elon mosque is not giving us any kind of clarity or insight as to why or how he's doing the things that he's doing. he says he wants to create a content moderation council. he said he's going to de-boost negative tweets. he says he's going to reinstate trump.
9:55 pm
he bases it off a poll. there is no policy, here right? he's just kind of -- it's him who bought this 44 billion dollar toy that he is playing with. >> yeah. no. this is-space karen flailing. he's desperate. he doesn't know what's going. on he lost over a third of the workforce. obviously, there's an exodus happening in realtime. i think what frightens me on a very serious level about what we are looking at, versus the potential demise of twitter, it's what was great about twitter was kind of these no barriers to entry. it allowed folks to engage and see what was going on. have access and see what other folks were thinking. and a free society, a healthy twitter and those types of social media platforms, help things function. and i think this is being torn apart. it is not just devastating for democracy, it's devastating for people around the world. twitter was one of those great equalizer platforms. very quickly on trump. well, what's interesting is, does he risk the temptation, now that he's allowed back, to go back? because if he does, he will
9:56 pm
kill the true social platform, which was supposed to be the twitter alternative for the trumpsters. >> that's an interesting point. to your point, i am thinking about the protesters in iran and people who are using twitter as a way to communicate about serious, real world things. and not having to worry about a government trying to access their accounts. trying to hack their dms because there is not enough security personnel at twitter to make sure that the system is running safely and protecting the identity of these protesters. so, you bring up an important point that there are real world consequences to what elon musk is doing. thank you all for joining us. amazing. our really appreciate your insights. we will see you on the campaign trail in 2028, my friend. [laughter] thank you for making time for us. make sure to come back tomorrow at nine eastern at msnbc. democratic ohio congressman-elect gary landsman we'll be here. --
9:57 pm
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>> and i'm natalie morales. >> and this is "dateline. " >> out of the blue one day, you have a collect call from an inmate at sing sing correctional facility. like, okay.


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