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tv   Yasmin Vossoughian Reports  MSNBC  November 20, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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-- a potential hate crime describing a young attacker aimed with a long fire. just walking in and unleashing mayhem. >> initial evidence and interviews indicate the suspect entered club q and immediately began shooting at people inside. he got even further into the club. while the suspect was inside of the club, at least two heroic people inside the club confronted and fought with the suspect and were able to stop the suspect from continuing to kill and harm others. >> coming, up a live report from the scene. the latest details on what happened and the rising numbers of hate attacks across the country. we are also following that massive snowstorm in buffalo. it is still not over. the battle for the senate is not over either. both campaigns in georgia have full steam ahead, as the runoff is looming. plus, a preview of the potential 2024 republican
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presidential fight plays out at a big gop event this weekend. it comes under the shadow of the decision to name a special counsel to investigate former president donald trump. a decision by the attorney general getting some notable mixed reviews on the sunday show. >> i have great difficulty with a decision he made. i have great concerns about his judgment and leadership at the justice department. >> i think it is the right move. you make a decision like this not because you think you will persuade the former president of you are doing the right thing or his most extreme supporters. >> we start on the ground in colorado springs. this scene of america's latest deadly shooting. this time, a shooter opening fire upon walking into a local lgbtq bar called club q, at this hour at least five people are dead. we -- 25 have been injured, including the gunman. police have him in custody as they conducted the investigation into the shooting. --
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with more details. morgan, walk us through it at the top of the hour here. of course, it is changing by the minute. what more are we learning and how are folks reacting? >> yasmin, absolutely heartbreaking scene. we are witnessing the beginning of a massive investigation here in colorado springs. we are on the edge of this perimeter that police have set up. several hundred yards away from club q. that is the lgbtq nightclub that a gunman walked into just before midnight last night, authorities say he opened fire using a long rifle. within just seconds was subdued by witnesses identified as employees of a nightclub. however, after those gunshots rang out, as you mentioned, five people were killed. the number of wind it has risen from 18 to 25 within just the last few minutes. i had a chance to speak with one witness who was dancing inside. he describes this as one of his
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favorite places to come to because it is somewhere he feels safe. he dropped to the floor and crawled to a dressing room with two others. i want you to hear how joshua thurman described the absolute chaos inside this club when the gunshots rang out. take a listen. >> once you step in those divorce, you are treated like everybody else, as a person, as a human being. you are treated with love and kindness. for, now to that be taken away, yeah we can rebuild. yeah, people can donate time, money, and stuff, whatever, i'm here for, you cute. but that won't bring back those five people. >> joshua tells me he did lose several friends in this shooting. he said when he crawled out of that dressing room, he saw shattered glass, sheets being
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placed over bodies as policeman try to save others who were wounded from that gunman, who is now in custody. police are investigating this as a hate crime. federal investigators with the atf and fbi very visible here on the scene. we heard an update from them earlier today. we anticipate another update, potentially later today. as you can see behind me, incredibly active investigation as federal agents try to gather whatever evidence they can in hopes of piecing together the horrific tragedy that took place late last night. yasmin. >> as i have been speaking to members of the lgbtq community from there or folks that are reacting to what happened there, while they are shocked by what took place, they are not necessarily surprised with the climate we are currently living in. as you were speaking with a joshua and other folks on the ground, are you getting the same sense? >> when i spoke to joshua, it
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was just absolute heartbreak whenever he describes this being one of the only places that he felt he could come to with his friends and be safe. have a good time. the only lgbtq club in the colorado springs area. and he says now he doesn't know where he feels safe yasmin. >> thank you, morgan. we appreciate it. i want to bring in colorado state representative deny askar, who serves as democratic majority leader. thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate it. give us your first impression of what we are hearing on the ground in colorado in this incredibly horrific shooting at this gate nightclub. >> i think folks are devastated. you hit the nail on the head that as much as we are shocked by what happened, we are not surprised, given the rhetoric that's been happening across the united states in the last few years that's been escalating. >> you put out a statement i want to read for some folks.
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for that sense of safety being shattered by this unspeakable act of violence impacts of the entire lgbtq community. on trans day of remembrance, we've already been grieving the hate crimes that too often claimed the lives of lgbtq people simply because of who we are. we must take urgent and meaningful action to reduce gun violence and prevent crimes that target and kill lgbtq community. talk to me about what that meaningful action looks like to you. >> i think we need to be thoughtful. we need to really make sure that we are looking out for all communities when it comes to the rhetoric. we hear folks constantly, right now, especially in this last election, really trying to bring down our trans youth when they are speaking hateful things, especially those elected to represent us, putting those kinds of messages
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out there. folks need to understand that other people are listening to that rhetoric and taking action upon themselves. we need to do better and be better, especially as elected officials chosen to represent our communities. >> we know this is being investigated as a hate crime. obviously, the target being the lgbtq community within this gay nightclub. this is also, though, a mass shooting. and colorado knows mass shootings, sadly. the new york times running this, colorado has been the scene of several of the united states his most notorious mass shootings, including those at columbine -- a movie theater order in aurora, in 2012. also going on to say there have been several mass shootings in colorado springs over the years. last, year a gunman killed six people at a birthday party on mother's day before taking his own life. in 2015, a man with an assault style rifle killed three people and wounded nine in a rampage at a planned parenthood office. why do this keep happening in the state of colorado? >> that's a question that i
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think a lot of us, especially those of us elected to serve at the state legislature, have been grappling with since i've been serving for the past eight years. we continue to pass meaningful legislation for again safety. the win rested $450 million -- federal dollars that came to our state and mental health programs. we are trying to get a grip on this. we are trying to figure out what the issue is. we are doing our best to pass meaningful legislation. especially when it comes to the lack of mental health care we have, not only in the state, but across the nation, but also to make sure that we are looking at ideas and ways in which we can be sure that we have gun safety measures here, in our state, and how we can improve upon those i think is going to be a big conversation coming up in the next legislature. >> how difficult is it to institute gun safety measures in a state that is open carry? >> i think we've been successful here in colorado.
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we've passed background checks. we've passed the red flag bill in colorado as well. it's never been easy but it's something that i think folks are really committed to working on. i am -- will be a part of this conversation in january. we have a group of legislators trying to put their heads around not just gun safety but also mental health and how to improve our ability to really move forward in meaningful mental health care for all coloradans. >> what's the governor's role, as a member of the lgbtq community? >> i think his role is when he's been a part of. he's been a part of the conversations when it comes to the legislation that we send to his desk. he signed that legislation mentioned into law. he also will be part of the continued conversations we have as well. he is the first openly gay elected governor. i think he takes that role very seriously as well, just like the rest of us in the lgbtq caucus here in colorado really
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take on. we have new members in january that caucus is going to go. our representation has been growing as well. we have to continue to push back against those who put out hateful rhetoric. >> for those that are scared in the lgbtq community right now in colorado, what do you say to them? >> i feel you. i'm afraid as well. just know that there are people, there are members of our community and actual real allies are working every single day to continue to make this place a safer world for all of us and our families. hold on to each other. hold on to each other tightly and know that we will continue to find places that are safe. someday, the entire world will be a safe place for all of us. until then, hold on to our community and lift each other up. do everything we can to support each other. >> colorado state representative, thank you so much. we will have much more on this story throughout the hour and bringing you any developments as they happen. i want to get a new developments now in the murders of four university of idaho
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students. investigators are continuing to gather and examine evidence around the off campus house where students were founded a week ago. according to the coroner, all four students were stabbed, likely while they were sleeping. police are saying there was no sign of forced entry or sexual assault at the house. officials have not yet identified a suspect or found a weapon. the university is planning a vigil to honor the victims after thanksgiving break. all right, let's get over to some historic snow in upstate new york. the buffalo new york area is continuing to get buried by record breaking snow. residents are starting to dig out from the heaviest snowfall that region has ever seen, with erie county shattering a 24-hour snowfall record saturday, with over 16 inches. high winds, bursts of snow are expected throughout the day today. officials there are expecting the worst of the storm to be over by monday. we want to bring in nbc's -- in buffalo for us. take us there. you and i spoke yesterday. man, the snow was coming down.
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it was taller than you are. here we are yet again. it seems like it hasn't stopped. >> i know. here's the thing. if you see what looks like flurries coming, and it's actually just the wind. we get a lot of wind blowing in. some of the old snow. just so you know, right now it's actually about three hours north east of us in watertown that is getting really pummeled, just after we were here in the buffalo area. you mentioned it yourself. this was historic. buffalo is an area that is used to seeing snow. but listen, even buffalo saw a record amounts of snow. they saw a record amount of snow in 24 hour period. you mentioned six and a half feet snow fort out of orchard park. we talked about the buffalo area. let's talk about where i am right now. this is a graveyard of cars i'm standing in front of, poor, unfortunate souls who were trying to make their way somewhere and had to abandon their cars. those cars have been towed here. this is one. let's give you an example right here. we don't know where this damage came from. we do know, you can see snow
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packed in their, either through the winds, when they were trying to drive through it. and in the front seat, i can actually see a shovel with snow still on it from when they try to dig themselves out. that is a big problem a lot of people's. acho spoke to a guy who picked up his car, he said he had to spend the night, two nights, in a warming shelter with his cat. police had to drive him out here to pick it up. i'm seeing a lot of people who were the most impacted were those trying to make their way, whether coming back from niagara falls, or trying to get a head start on thanksgiving travel, that's a big thing we are seeing. another concern, governor hochul herself, who is used to snow from the buffalo area, even she was talking about just what a record-breaking snowstorm this was. they've declared a federal disaster emergency declaration for 11 different counties. they've got the national guard, double the amount of national guard members, to not only help with the cleanup but also get people to and from where they need to be, including dialysis treatment. one big concern here, we've talked about the snow, how heavy it is, this isn't the dry,
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fluffy stuff. this is really heavy stuff. they are keeping an eye on the rooftops at different places, like mobile home parks, doing over 600 checks to make sure vulnerable citizens are okay and those groups stay where they need to be. >> absolutely. we saw a collapse roof yesterday, we were seeing images of that there. obviously, incredibly important. marissa, thank you. stay warm if you can. we are still watching for new details in the mass shooting at a colorado gay nightclub. we will bring you that as it happens. plus, how the announcement of a special counsel investigation into former president trump could play into the republican party calculations for 2024. up first, with a little more than two weeks until the georgia senate runoff, a live report from the ground on how voters are feeling. we will be right back. back. walgreens find rx coverage is here to make medicare easy... even easier than those dances your grandkids love doing with you. ok, i got it. (laughs) start medicare shopping today with walgreens
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let's go! oh yeah! it's not the same. what could you do to solve the problem? we could get xfinity? that's actually super adult of you to suggest. i can't wait to squad up. i love it when you talk nerdy to me. guy, guys, guys, we're still in session. welcome back. and i don't know what the heck you're talking about. with just 16 days now until the december 6th georgia runoff, a fulton county judge on friday ruled voters will in fact be allowed to vote early on the saturday after thanksgiving. the decision comes after the democratic party of georgia, reverend warnock's campaign, sue the state, challenging secretary of state brad raffensperger's assertion that recent changes to georgia's voting laws meant early voting could not take place on november 26th. that has now been overruled. joining me now is a washington correspondent -- to, thank you for joining us on this. how important is this decision that folks can now vote early
12:19 pm
after thanksgiving -- specifically warnock's campaign. >> yeah. it's pretty important because a lot of counties had early voting on the weekend. now this opens it up early voting on the saturday after thanksgiving. some counties in metro atlanta, the more populous counties, have also added today, actually, as an early voting date. that was an option. it wasn't mandatory. it's just about creating options. there are a lot of counties, particularly the democratic-leaning counties with the most people, who say they wanted that weekend option to make it more convenient for people to vote. >> let's talk about the trump effect, if we can. it didn't fare well in the midterm elections. a lot of republicans in the state of georgia are worried about trump announcing he will be running for reelection, possibly depressing turnout for moderate republicans. i want play for you, if i can, an ad from raphael warnock. then we will talk. >> herschel walker, get out and
12:20 pm
vote for herschel. he deserves it. he was an incredible athlete. he will be an even better senator. get out and vote for herschel worker. >> i'm raphael warnock and i approve this message. >> it's literally an ad showing that donald trump endorsed and is endorsing herschel walker. what do you make of it? how is the trump effect playing out for herschel walker right now? you know, i think for senator warnock, it's about reminding people of that bond, that connection between president trump and herschel walker. i don't know how much of a difference it will make. it's not like that was a secret. everyone knows herschel walker and donald trump are close. everyone knows donald trump was one of the reasons why herschel walker was able to clear the field in the primary. but i think for raphael warnock, it's the reminder. it's putting in front of people's minds, tying them
12:21 pm
together, in the same way as republicans are trying to tie him to joe biden. >> talk about brian kemp, right? he avoided herschel walker for quite sometime. he campaigned beside him for the first time on saturday. what's the deal here? what's the motivation? >> i think for brian kemp, he's trying to establish himself as a leader in the party. for him to do that, you've got to support t to be able to take credit if herschel walker can get that win, furthermore solidify his status as one of those governors that the national parties watching. he did campaign with herschel oscar for the first time, the entire primary season, general election season. they ran separate campaigns. they did not share the stage, even before the general election they literally held rallies at the same time within a few miles of each other, so it is notable that brian kemp is trying to motivate the voters that went with him in
12:22 pm
the general election to come back and support herschel walker. >> let's talk about some other motivation. let me just play this sound from herschel walker. kind of veering off topic, if you will, and then we will talk. >> the other night, i was watching this movie. i was watching this movie called fright night, freak night, some type of night. it was about vampires. i don't know if you know, vampires are cool people, are they not? i will tell you something i found out. -- a werewolf can kill a vampire, did you know that? i never knew that. i don't want to be a vampire anymore, i want to be a werewolf. >> okay. what is their response to anecdotes like this? this is not the first time herschel laker has veered off topic nonsensical, you not necessarily knowing where he's going with this. how do folks on the campaign trail, how are they reacting to stuff like this? >> i think that the people who are supportive of herschel walker, this doesn't -- he is known for making rambling,
12:23 pm
nonsensical statements and stories and kind of speaking in metaphors that don't always make sense. that doesn't really help him try to position himself as someone who is serious and is going to be a great leader and senator. and that's why a lot of democrats say herschel walker isn't the right person. by the way, i want to correct something i said. no early vote today. it starts in some counties later this upcoming week and then some counties would have early voting next sunday, not today. >> okay. téa mitchell, great to talk to you. still to come everybody, a major deal in climate. change we will tell you the details. plus inflation and thanksgiving dinner, rising prices making things tougher for shoppers this holiday season. and an update on the colorado shooting at a gay nightclub. it's being investigated as a potential hate crime. we are following the latest developments there. we will be right back. ight back. because every day matters. and having more of them is possible with verzenio.
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cop27, the united nations big climate summit wrapped up today. two weeks of talks concluded with diplomats and nearly 200 nations agreeing to establish a fund that would help developing nations cope with climate disasters made worse by wealthy nations. nbc's raf sanchez is in tel aviv for us with more on this. talk to me about this. this is historic. how will this fund work? >> yasmin, the basic principle here, rich countries emitted most of the carbon that causes climate change. poor countries suffering the most accumulated effect in terms of fire, famine, drought, you name it, this fund is designed to help them mitigate some of that damage to compensate them. this is a big deal. poor countries have been pushing for this principle for decades. they have now secured this agreement. of course, the devil is in the detail. we do not have $1 figure for this fund, we don't know how much each rich country is going to contribute. it is one thing for wealthy
12:29 pm
countries to say they are going to pay up, it's another for them to actually pay up. take the u.s. for example. divided administration can say it is committed to this fund but at some point, congress will have to actually approve appreciate the money. it's not at all clear that republicans in charge of the house of representatives are going to cough up for these developing nations. one other big sticking point here, yasmin, does china count for the purposes of this fund as a developing nation or a developed nation? on the one hand, it is the biggest emitter of carbon in the world. it is the second largest economy in the world. but historically, china emitted a whole lot less carbon than the u.s. and europe. per capita, china is not a wealthy country at all. there is a whole lot to figure out here. it's going to be a committee that spends the next year figuring out how it works. >> what about addressing greenhouse gas emissions? >> if the deal on the find was the good news to come out of the summit, yasmin, the bad
12:30 pm
news is we are still well short of meeting that target of keeping global warming underneath 1.5 degrees celsius. the secretary general of the nice nations said he wished the summit had gone a whole lot further. many environmental groups are pointing to the outcome of this c.o.p. 27 and saying, there is basically a deal here to try to treat some of the worst symptoms of climate change but we are way off where we need to be to deal with the actual root causes, which is cutting way back on the amount of carbon we are emitting. yasmin. >> ralph sanchez for us. thank you, raf. good to talk to you. we have some new reporting, everybody, this afternoon that the president called the u.s. men's national soccer team to wish them good luck ahead of the 2022 fifa world cup that kicked off and qatar today. the world's most watched sporting event began with an opening ceremony that featured celebrities and lots of fireworks. in the opening match, ecuador defeated host nation qatar 2 to 0. 32 teams will compete over the next month. a world cup champion will be
12:31 pm
crowned on december 18th. we are a couple days away, right? are you ready? thanksgiving. if you've already braved the crowds and lines at the grocery store, you probably noticed that prices this year are a lot higher than normal. we want to bring nbc's scott cohen in the san jose suburb in california. scott, as always, we find you at a grocery store checking out the prices once again. this time, though, ahead of the thanksgiving holiday. how are folks handling it? i talked to a friend in california yesterday who i believe told me she spent over 100 bucks on a turkey. >> that's probably right. it is more expensive this year. we know that. people are still paying. like your friend and like everyone else. they are certainly busy here. this is a family-owned meat and poultry business. they are as busy as ever with filling orders. the price of a turkey this year
12:32 pm
is about 20% higher than it was last year. a lot of it has to do with avian flu, which took out a lot of the bird population. the turkey farms have been catching up. it's hard to get a larger bird. if you want to go with a turkey breast or something, that's going to cost you even more. they are still catching up with basic orders. the american farm bureau -- does a survey every year. they found that this is the most expensive years since they've started keeping track. up about 20% overall from a year ago, it's a feat a family of ten. 64.06 this year versus 53.31 in 2021. if you break it down, turkey is up 21%. so as the stuffing, the pumpkin pie mix is up. a little bit back on the cranberries. it is going to be more expensive this year. it is not just if the avian flu that is causing this, they say
12:33 pm
here, it's also inflation in general. >> there is a delivery guy that's got to wield him off a truck, they have to load them on the trucks. all that is a higher demand. you've got labor issues costing more and the cost of gas four h diesel truck to drive down. all those costs, the packaging, the bagging, all that stuff adds into the cost. >> now, it's important to note farm bureau surveys, they deliberately do that in mid october, before all the thanksgiving meals come out. there is going to be some decent deals, they tell us, in the store in the coming week. you may wind up with a frozen turkey, you've got to allow the time to thaw. maybe after you are done watching us today, get your turkey if you haven't gotten it already. >> my follow-up is timely in that, when should folks be shopping? especially if they are looking for deals. >> it depends on what you are looking for and what you need. but it is true and that the
12:34 pm
grocers and do this deliberately. they do this every year. they time their inventories and everything so that they can put out some of these deals. you will start seeing circular's coming in your paper, in your mail in the next day or two. you may be doing well if you put things off. again, with the turkey, it's really dicey. you will be stuck with what you can get, which is likely to be a frozen turkey. that creates all kinds of issues if you want to have a ready thanksgiving dinner. >> the solution is turning it into a potluck with high prices. tell your mom to bring the salad. tell someone else to bring the pie. everyone kind of splits the cost and the anxiety of all creating a thanksgiving dinner. scott cohen, thank you. appreciate it. straight ahead, we are inside the frantic effort to respond to the deadly attack on a gay nightclub in colorado. >> this will be a command for
12:35 pm
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♪♪ what will you do? will you make something better? create something new? our dell technologies advisors can provide you with the tools and expertise you need to bring out the innovator in you. welcome, back everybody. we are continuing to cover the horrific shooting at club q, in colorado. five dead, at least 25 injured. and for -- joining me now to take us through what happened yesterday evening. richard, this club, as we've heard over and over again, it was extremely important to the local lgbtq community. a save haven, really. >> a safe haven. for many reasons, you are right, yasmin, to think about it, just over 13 hours into this so far, 13 hours ago this call came into police and it was around 11:56 pm in colorado springs, about 70 miles south of denver. this is what they said. >> this will be a command for
12:39 pm
active shooter. bravo 34, engine 14, engine eight, battalion two, 74 and pm to. 3430 north academy boulevard. club q, active shooter, all units respond, command. for >> all units respond, command for. this is the tiktok after. that one minute later, we see authorities dispatch a call to police. 11:57 pm is that point. just one minute later. then around midnight, officers arrive, three minutes later. very, very soon. at 12:02 am, the suspect was apprehended. total duration there, six minutes from first call to apprehension. authorities say at least two people fought the suspect and stopped his attack. that might be way -- why those six minutes was so small, if you will. this is what first responders
12:40 pm
radioed back when they arrived. >> battalion two to battalion. for reports of ten people shot. let's make this a mass casualty. seven ambulances, we'll let you determine how many more fire -- >> where at 7:11 at 3502, with a patient who's been shot seven times. do i have and am are coming my way, dispatch, to 7:11? >> the sense of that intensity as first responders were getting there. this is what the club usually looks like. these are some of the pictures that we got from their social media accounts from earlier this year. this also happened just two hours before they normally close. it might have looked a lot like this. they close at 2 am, local time. the club has been called by some online sites, as you just mentioned there, as one of the top five lgbtq night spots in the state. locals also say that club q here is one of the first places where the lgbtq community can gather in the state. police say as well that this
12:41 pm
area was not usually around club q here a violent area. this shooting takes place as a nation begins transgender day of remembrance. that is today. the club had an event planned today. it was planning, as you can see here, this is the post for it. they were planning for a lot of festivities. their plan was to welcome people all ages for drag brunch, with a variety of performers. this is what they were posting out there. it's going to be all day. this is later on this very -- on this annual observance began in 1999. it was to honor those killed by anti-transgender violence. >> incredibly tragic there, as we learn more details as to what motivated this attack on that club. this safe haven for the lgbtq+ community. richard louis for, us thank you. after the break everybody, former president trump and former governor ron desantis, already heating up talks of the 2024 presidential election, as the future of the republican
12:42 pm
party remains up for grabs. >> hey, there, i'm ayman mohyeldin. tonight at nine eastern on ayman, democratic ohio congressman elect gronk landsman will be here. -- incumbent republican. we will discuss his path to victory and president biden's agenda to divide congress. that is tonight, nine eastern, right here on msnbc. t here on msnbc. i was busy cashbacking for the holidays with chase freedom unlimited. you know i can't believe you lost another kevin. it's a holiday tradition! earn big time with chase freedom unlimited. ♪ ♪ grandmom! walgreens find rx coverage is here to make medicare easy... even easier than those dances your grandkids love doing with you. ok, i got it. (laughs) start medicare shopping today with walgreens find rx coverage. ♪♪ plus, find low-cost copays. when you need to talk medicare. walgreens, is here. ♪♪
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everybody. the race for the 2024 republican presidential nominees underway. this weekend, several prominent gop figures made the trip to las vegas for that republican jewish coalition's annual meeting. and event where potential candidates looked to win over major party donors, speakers including members of the previous administration, including mike pence, mike pompeo, nikki haley as well. the prime slot went to florida governor ron desantis, former president trump did not make the trip himself but did colin from mar-a-lago. i want to bring in nbc's -- in las vegas for us covering this event. julia, talk to me. what were some of your main takeaways from the last few days? >> yasmin, i would say the main takeaway was the appetite for new leadership, especially after that gop red wave did not materialize in the midterms. attendees i spoke with, it was not lost on them that this event served as a kind of test drive for these potential 2024 contenders to test out what
12:47 pm
could become their campaign stump speeches. several used the moment to make a case for a new direction, for the republican party. here's a sample of that direction they argued for. >> i say, three strikes and you are out. if you repeatedly lose to a really bad team, it's time for new leadership. >> we have to find people putting themselves forward who have character, commitment, and real confidence. >> it's time to stop being afraid of any one person. it's time to stand up for the principles and the beliefs we have founded this party on and this country on. i am ready for that fight. >> and while most of the republican speakers agreed on substance, they are styles deferred. that's what attendees were looking for. some took a more subtle approach in their cases for leadership. ron desantis not really addressing 2024 speculations. instead, taking a victory lap
12:48 pm
of his success in florida. while others, like nikki haley, addressed speculation head on, saying she will look closely into running. we will have more on that soon. a big hint at a potential run for her. the main takeaway was that these voters, while happy to hear from president trump via satellite and grateful for his administration's accomplishments, and they were open to a new direction and a new possible candidate. >> how did the appointment of the special counsel for the two investigations involving the former president, how did that play over the last few days? >> the speakers did not bring that up in their speeches at the event. we did speak with senator ted cruz in a gaggle who called the appointment, quote, an absolutely disgraceful, saying it was window dressing in order to indict for president trump. these prominent gop figures it did not bring this up in their remarks of. the attendees i spoke with said that appointment underscores the baggage that president
12:49 pm
trump has, the former president has, that a lot of these candidates do not have. if they are looking for similar policies but they want a different personality, they were presented with a plethora of options this weekend, yasmin. >> julia jester for us, thank you, julia. good to talk to you. i want to continue this conversation with -- the bulwark podcast, and msnbc contributor, and former -- donna edwards and msnbc political analyst. welcome to you both. charlie, let me start with you on this one. anything to take away here from the fact that the former president did not show up? he was there sort of virtually. we had governor ron desantis there are obviously in person. former new jersey governor, chris christie, in person. pompeo in person, nikki haley in person. the former president trump kind of coming through virtually. >> i think the real significance of this event was that donald trump did not clear the field. he announced he is running for president on monday and in a
12:50 pm
party he has absolutely dominated, you would have assumed other candidates would have backed away by now. not one of them did. and they were all standing there saying, here i am as a possible alternative. that's what is most striking about it. i still think donald trump has to consider the odds on favorite but he's not the prohibited favorite. this was on display this weekend. >> here's what half post is saying. i wonder steve, charles -- will bide his time while he waits for trump to implode. that's ron desantis biding his time for the former president to implode. what do you make of that? >> if that's what the strategy is, it's a smart strategy. right now, donald trump is standing alone. he has the focus and the spotlight and the target on his back. given the bed reviews from his announcement on monday, donald trump's normal practice is to try to come up with something outrageous to keep the spotlight on him. and the more outrageous he is
12:51 pm
with, the more likely he's going to feed some of the doubts among republicans. again, i'm not suggesting republicans are ready to move on from donald trump yet. they've passed on so many other opportunities. i think that's an interesting strategy for ron desantis to let donald trump's freak flag fly for a few months and let people be reminded why he's a three time loser. >> charlie sykes saying donald trump's freak flag really gets me going. donna edwards, weigh in for me if you will. i want to play some sound as we are talking about how folks in the republican party are talking about donald trump, right? some are choosing not to mince words. chris christie on saturday was others are being more cautious, former president mike pence on meet the press earlier today. let's play those two back to back and then we will talk. >> we keep losing and losing
12:52 pm
and losing. the fact of the matter is, the reason we are losing is because donald trump has put himself before everybody else. >> for me, the common denominator had to do with whether or not candidates were focused on the future. as i traveled around the country -- >> i think that's code for whether or not candidates or sort of in the trump spell. >> well -- >> i think you're trying to be polite. i understand that. it seems that what you are saying is -- they didn't do well. >> i think it's broader than that. >> he's not necessarily -- he's been interviewed a couple times over the last few days -- and he's not going so far as to completely rule trump out out as a leader of the republican party. in a different interview, he said he and the former president had parted amicably, which is unfathomable to me, considering you had january 6th
12:53 pm
rioters stormed the capitol and say hang mike pence. what do you make of where the republican party is as they decide where to stand when it comes to the former president? >> i do notice, yasmin, that a few of them are calling out donald trump by name and affirmatively. perhaps, the only one who appeared on that stage, larry hogan, who was my governor for maryland, who had been a longtime critic from the very beginning of donald trump. but the rest, some of them were trump enablers. nikki haley to chris christie, certainly mike pence. the most infuriating is listening to mike pence. i've listened to four or five of his interviews over the last several days. he still refuses to really place any blame on donald trump. it is just frustrating to listen to a man who was
12:54 pm
essentially had a mob sicked on him by headed his boss to continue to apologize for him. i think it's going to continue to make it very difficult for some of these candidates to actually run away from donald trump because they were so much a part of who he was and his administration. it's going to be a tough lane to carve for anybody trying to seize on the 40% of republican base donald trump still seems to control. >> charlie, how do you see the appointment of the special counsel playing out inside the republican party as we ramp up towards 2024? i'm not just talking about inside the trump -- the trump camp. -- he's gonna be calling fell over and over again. i'm talking more about folks like ron desantis. how is that going to play out for him? >> as donna mentioned, this is gonna be very, very difficult for them to thread that needle on all of this. and it's not so much the special counsel as it is the imminent indictment.
12:55 pm
i think this is going to be the most important inflection point in the run up to the presidential campaign. will the republican base rally around donald trump? donald trump is down in mar-a-lago proclaiming himself a victim. one of his favorite postures. will republicans do this? i think one of the most pathetic things about mike pence this weekend was his suggestion there was something untoward about appointing the special counsel. mike pence just simply cannot quit donald trump. one of his defining moments of his life was standing up to trump on january 6th. he has been eroding it since then because it's so difficult to thread this needle. >> charlie sykes, donna edwards, as always, thank you. great to talk to you on a sunday. still ahead, everybody, they weren't ready for this one. >> [screaming] >> the amazing gift one person received after making a plea on tiktok to
12:56 pm
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12:59 pm
good as hell today. >> shot up. shot up! shot up! >> rider -- made a viral tiktok video. asking grammy and emmy award artist lizzo if she can borrow
1:00 pm
address for an upcoming 100 gala in new york. to her complete shock, the singer responded saying that they would send our of pink dress that artist wore for the 2019 american music awards. and now it's safe to say, there is no need to ask, am i ready. you are definitely ready, girl. before we go this hour, the first lady tweeting out this a short time ago. happy birthday, to joe biden with a pick shun -- yesterday. i will add mine as well. happy 80th birthday mister president. that does it for me. i'm yasmin vossoughian, you can pat catch me at 3 pm on wednesday on msnbc. and i'll be back here in the chair next saturday and sunday. simone starts right now. simone starts right now. >> greetings, you're watching symone, we're following breaking news out of colorado springs. police say a 22-year-old man opened fire at an lgbtq nightclub, killing


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