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tv   Chris Jansing Reports  MSNBC  November 21, 2022 10:00am-11:00am PST

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and it's only available to comcast business internet customers. so boost your bottom line by switching today. comcast business. powering possibilities. ™ good day. i'm chris jansing live at msnbc headquarters in new york city. we have breaking news that just a short time ago murder and hate
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crime charges were filed against the 22-year-old alleged gunman accused of storming into a gay nightclub in colorado with a long rifle and handgun and opening fire. it was a stunningly quick decision from prosecutors as we wait for officials at a news conference, which is now scheduled for 5:00 p.m. to provide more details. we also expect, though, a new statement before that at 2:00 eastern time. so one hour from now. we have been hearing from eyewitnesses inside club q who described a terrifying and chaotic scene. >> i saw bodies, blood, shattered glass, broken cups. people covered up in white sheets. >> we'll go live to colorado springs. plus tell you how a pair of unarmed clubgoers, jumped in, disarmed the gunman and surely
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saved many lives. we'll also dig into the rise in hateful online rhetoric all over the country designed to demonize the gay community and fuel a culture war. to what degree does discrimination fuel the kind of deadly attack we saw this weekend and the horrific slave-like conditions inside a russian penal colley where brittany griner is sentenced to spend the next nine years. her firsthand account later in the show. but we start in colorado springs. those brand-new murder and hate crime charges setting the stage for a press conference in the next couple hours. we may learn more from the motive of the man who pulled the trigger in club q saturday night. a club specifically designed to be a safe, loving and inclusive space torn apart in a matter of minutes. they say the sense of sanctuary
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they found in club q may be gone forever. >> it is gone. how are we supposed to feel safe? >> is there anywhere you feel safe? >> i don't know anymore. >> as a lesbian or gay or trans anything like that, it's just hard to know that everywhere we go we get attacked. and we can never have a safe spot for ourselves. >> this is a hardesty to live in already. so waking up to something this in your face is just a reminder of the hate we live with in this city every day and the love we need to fight it with. >> well, most recent fbi statistics show the level of anti-gay attacks relatively stable nationwide. major cities, several of them, have seen dramatic increases. los angeles up 54%. chicago, 73%. and new york city, up 169% last year from just a year before. what's more, experts have been warning that a raft of
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anti-lgbtq legislation and anti-gay rhetoric could fuel even more attacks. priscilla thompson is live for us in colorado springs. mark claxton director of the black law enforcement alliance. and glen kirscher in msnbc analyst. thanks to all of you for being here. glen, what must they know, prosecutors know to say this was a hate crime? are you surprised they filed this so quickly? >> you know, chris, i am. because ordinarily what prosecutors will do is they will jump out there with the most readily provable charge. that in this case would obviously be the murder charges. but, you know, this may be a product of the colorado law changing recently. and in order to prove a hate crime or what, under colorado law, is a bias-motivated crime, they actually reduce the
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standard. and the law says if the gunman was just partially motivated by a bias against a person due to their race, nationality, ethnicity, disability, age or sexual orientation or gender identity, then a hate charge can be brought. now, it seems almost intuitive given the location of this mass shooting that it feels like a bias motivated crime. how many bars and clubs are there in colorado and why did the gunman choose this one? it feels they were comfortable enough they had enough evidence that it was a bias motivated charge and bring the charge very quickly. >> mark, how do the hate crimes charges change the investigation if at all. and what other key questions jump out at you that you would like to hear at this press conference later this afternoon? >> i think the biggest significance in the hate crimes
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charges is the severity of the penalties associated with it. and also there are some additional resources that are available on a federal level for prosecution of these hate crimes. it is hugely significant what glen said, since the law change, the other jurisdictions are quite different. and they have a challenge in being able to label or identify these types of crimes as hate crimes unless the hate was the direct motivator for the incident itself, not just part of it. so i think that is significant. also significant was the amount of investigative work that went in a short period of time and how investigators were able to make the determinations based on what's available and in dealing with this vulnerable population. i think it would be significant later on if there was some indication that this was purely an isolated incident not part of
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a larger, evidence that's part of a larger situation so that areas and communities and populations across the nation that are vulnerable at this time are feeling especially vulnerable and diminish can gain some security. >> how important is that at the press conference coming up, whether or not, glen, they're able to establish that was this one person, or was this somebody who had been in touch with lots of other people, whether he was in touch with a larger organization, whether in person or online? >> yeah. once there is this kind of mass shooting and the perpetrator is arrested, you know, the work of law enforcement has just begun. law enforcement is going to need to figure out is he part of a network? did he have people assisting him, planning this. maybe anticipating helping him get away. are there aiders and abetters. where did he get the gun?
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all of that is going to be the subject of a law enforcement investigation that will go 100 miles per hour for the coming days and weeks to make sure if there is a larger threat out there that this gunman was a part of, well, law enforcement will need to tackle that. >> priscilla, this literally happened 10 minutes or so ago. i'm guessing you may not have had an opportunity to get reaction from the scene. but what else can you tell us and what are we expecting from the press conference later today? >> yeah. i haven't yet spoken to people here, chris. i will tell you in the past 24 hours, as i have been speaking to everyone here, everyone has felt like this was a hate crime, that this was a targeted attack. so i suspect many people are happy to see the charges have been filed. we know that the suspect was hospitalized and is in custody. and the police chief had said charges would be filed after he was released from the hospital. we're not sure yet if that
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transition has occurred and if he has been taken to the criminal justice center. we know police have tried to speak with the suspect. he has declined to give them a statement. they also tried to speak with his mother who authorities said has been uncooperative. they searched his home, according to authorities. they have been processing this crime scene, looking at his social media accounts. clearly they have found something that led them to feel comfortable with moving ahead with those hate crime charges. now, as far as everything else that has happened here, we know of two people who were in the club and within one minute were able to sub due him until police arrived. i want to play with how the mayor described their heroic behavior that night. take a listen. >> the police get a dispatch 11:57. they arrive at 12:00. and by 12:02, the individual,
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the perpetrator, is subdued. and that's largely because two, but primarily one, as i understand it, are able to take a handgun he's got in his possession, take it away from him and use that weapon not by shooting it but by hitting him and disabling him. it's an incredible act of heroism. >> reporter: and we have not known the status of those two people who committed that heroic act. the police chief has said, though, one of them was injured and is hospitalized but the other was not injured and that the person who was injured, the injuries are note life-threatening. both of those people expected to survive. we are waiting for that press conference that has been moved to a little bit later today where we expect to hear more about the types of guns that the suspect had. we know there was a long gun and also a handgun that they believe that he had. and also hopefully they will shed light on what they found in
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the searches and in processing the crime scene. in a few hours, they are expected to release a statement with all the victims who died, along with their photos. chris. >> mark, can we just talk about the heroic action of those folks who were there that night just to have a good time. you've been in, i'm sure, many highly intense situations. but you're trained for it. i'm not in any way diminishing how intense it is. but police officers are trained for it. these folks risked their own lives and probably saved who knows how many more. how extraordinary are the actions that they took, and do you agree that it could have been so much worse if they had not done what they did? >> it is absolutely extraordinary and beyond heroic their actions. and i have no doubt in my mind that their actions did prevent
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further the death and injury. they are hugely significant in preserving and protecting the human life. as you indicated, without any law enforcement training, but just acting instinctively and determined to really display and express their humanity in the way that prevented further carnage. >> from a prosecutorial standpoint, what happens next here, glen? >> so now the court process will move forward. there has been an initial batch of charges filed does not mean we won't see charges added as the case moves through the system. and he will be appointed counsel if he can't afford counsel on his own. superiors and the law enforcement agents working this case will have the horrific task of dealing with the many, many,
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many survivor victims and the families of those who were taken courtesy of this violent, horrific crime and begin to work through the system. it's devastating enough when you lose a loved one to violent crime. they are injected into police investigations, grand jury proceedings, trials and sentencings. and that is so much for families of loved ones who have been taken by violent crime to have to work through. >> there's so much that seems to beeady out there, obviously, glen. you have a lot of eyewitness accounts. there were video cameras inside that club. and that the owner of the club had already seen that. so you start there. and also an incredible online footprint. how important are those when you weigh one against the other and frankly how good has law
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enforcement gotten in terms of tracking down any online information? >> chris, obviously, any surveillance footage, if these crimes were caught on tape, on video, that's going to be hugely consequential to the prosecution being able to prove the case. but it is the online piece of the law enforcement investigation that is going to need to drill down to see what he was motivated by, was he radicalized, is he part of larger groups who have hate of maybe one of the tenets of their beliefs or organizations. and, you know, it seems like we are forever kind of worshipping at the altar of first amendment rights. and we embrace them. but there's so much hate speech that seems to be motivating hateful violence. that's something that i think we need to work harder at getting a handle on. >> glen, priscilla, thank you both very much. we will have a lot more online coming up. with me now is human rights campaign president kelly robinson.
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kelly, thank you so much for being with us. first of all,, i'm sure there probably wasn't much doubt in your mind about the motivating factor here. but now that it is officially, at least the prosecutor says, hate crimes. he charged five hate crimes. i know you have been in touch with folks on the ground in colorado. what's your reaction? >> this confirmed what we already knew to be true. we also know this didn't happen in a vacuum. the violence we are seeing, that we saw in colorado is directly related to a trend of anti-lbgtq plus extremism. we have seen an increase in bills in the states, violent rest rim. that, combined with easy access to guns, is guns. the community is living in shock, terror and fear and working together to find a way back to peace. >> obviously these clubs, lgbtq people are no strangers to these kinds of attacks. but there have also been a
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number of targets on the backs of drag branches. an event in oregon last month drew 200 demonstrators. some of with whom carried semiautomatic rifles. proud boys protested in maryland, north carolina. is law enforcement doing enough to protect members of the lbgtq. >> this is happening because of a trend of violent rhetoric against our communities. they are devastating communities like at club q. as you just said, threats against drag queens story hours, against trans youth. we are seeing the deadliest year
10:17 am
on record once again for trans lives. on top of that, we have seen bomb threats at children's hospitals. this is a violent period of our history that we have to take deep action to protect. it includes policy action, national law enforcement as well. and we also have to change hearts and minds. we have to make sure folks are understanding a threat, an attack against lbgtq community, is an attack against your friends, family, loved ones. >> i want to play something from the mother of daniel aston. she said her son was one of the victims. this is what she said. >> these young people, all of them were young, they don't hurt anybody. they're just normal folk. most of them have day jobs. i just don't understand why it would hurt anybody. it doesn't hurt anybody. >> i don't understand why it would hurt anybody. it's a logical statement in
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illogical, hateful times. what can you say to her? what do you think is at work here? >> i am heartbroken and i am enraged. i'm also a mom, a queer person, a wife. and at the end of the day, this is a fight for our very lives. we are in a fight for our existence that has been trivialized, taken away and stolen in many ways. in this moment we all have to come together. there is a moral charge ahead of us to fight for the lives and humanity of every single lgbtq plus person in this nation. and we can do this together. but it's going to demand that we demand accountability from elected leaders, accountability from those pushing access to guns. and accountability for those pushing hateful rhetoric. >> kelly robinson, i know you are busy and you were on the phone with folks in colorado and
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got off the phone to talk to us. thank you. we appreciate you taking the time today. >> thank you. fears of a potential attack on the jewish community. one man said he ran a white supremacist twitter group. they were stopped at penn station late friday. online threats suggest they were preparing to use those weapons to attack a local synagogue. one of the men told police they had gone to st. patrick's cathedral to receive a blessing before heading out to purchase the gun. 2024 gop hopefuls have a new message for donald trump. i won't back down. what the already divided republican party is saying about the next presidential election. torture, sleep deprivation, traumatizing conditions inside a russian penal colony. i'll ask someone who has experienced that horror firsthand what is now facing
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new battle lines in the as 2024 rivals make it clear they are not intimidated by the former president. with campaign cash moving away from mar-a-lago, several senior republicans say they just want a winner. >> i am a never again trumper. why? because i want to win. and we lose with trump. it was really clear to us in 2018, 2020, and now 2022. >> i say three strikes and you're out. if you repeatedly lose to a really bad team, it's time for new leadership. >> i've got a great policy for the republican party.
10:25 am
let's start getting behind winners who can clear the deal in november. >> ryan nobles and jonathan allen, and rick galen, one of the co founders of "the lincoln project." good to see you all. reid, over the will weekend, a long line of republican governors seemed itching to get into the fight. let me play that for you. >> there is no substitute for victory. we've got a lot more to do. and i have only begun to fight. >> i've never lost an election, and i'm not going to start now. >> it's time to stop being afraid of any one person. it is time to stand up for the principles and the beliefs that we have founded this party and this country on. i am ready for that fight. >> what do you think we're learning, reid, about any potential challengers for the republican nomination? do you think this fight might be more intense than we might have expected even six months ago?
10:26 am
>> it might be. but i think it also appears that a lot of these people stopped thinking about what happens in the world cup 2015, 2016. they don't seem to understand that the wing of the water they claim to represent is the very one they sold out to be subpoena can'ts to donald trump. they think all these people, one on one, one on two, eight people taking him on, somehow they're going to beat him. they all become the anti-trump candidate. over the course of the years, oh,, if we could have the party back without the craziness, just have the policy back without trump, you get it all. lock, stock, and barrel. you're either with them or against them. and he is the leader. he is the alpha, until he's not. >> that brings me perfectly to something you wrote. actually, it was a strategist you had talked to. we have at least 30% of the republican primary electorate
10:27 am
that will do anything to support the former president and the value of their votes becomes proportionately higher if a bunch of others pile on the race and dilute the nontrump vote and divide it up between them. so where does that leave these nontrump candidates? >> some basic math there. donald trump has 30% completely behind him than the dilution in a republican primary is huge. because they have winner take all states. >> but does this he can't win argument resonate at all with them? >> yeah. no, it doesn't seem to be, not with the hard-core base. for the rest of the candidates, look, when i talk to republicans right now, what i am hearing more and more of is the party has to unify by one as it failed to in 2015 before donald trump became the thing in 2016. they have to unify behind one candidate. you saw a whole parade of
10:28 am
potential candidates ready to get in. they have their own interest at heart as well. right now it feels like ron desantis. but that could change within a matter of days, weeks or months. >> yeah. governor sununu said trump is still a player but he's not clearing the field. for any republican who thinks they can tpoupbt a serious challenge, what is the strategy then? >> you know, this is a great question. and i think they don't know. they will jump in the pool together and hope each one of them is the one that can take trump out. they all think they know how to play the game. and they don't. when standing on a stage with donald trump, you have to attack him, stay in his face, you have to keep going after him. these are not candidates who have proven they can or they're willing to. people like chris christie and nikki haley have worked for the man.
10:29 am
mike pompeo has worked for the man. ron desantis, yes, he won a big race in florida. he hasn't won anywhere else. go to new hampshire. go to iowa, south carolina. when you're not one of one who controls the entire political apparatus in a place but you have to convince a bunch of guys in a diner who have seen this every four years. the one thing we should remember is the only people theylike more than donald trump is each other. and every one is going to believe they're the ones that can find this lane, this mysterious lane. it's either a median or shoulder, but certainly it's not on the highway. >> yeah. the other thing worth pointing out, ryan, is when they all have in common, it's time to look forward not backwards. yet in congress, house republicans have reportedly identified 42 biden officials who they say they will call to testify once they take control. bloomberg called it an avalanche of investigations.
10:30 am
look, we knew this was going to happen. 42 is a pretty extraordinary number. what's the range in terms of who they are, why they want to go after them. you know, i guess what the net effect might be. >> well, to the conversation you're already having, chris, it shows the stranglehold donald trump has on the republicans in the house of representatives. they're in many ways doing his bidding. to answer your question what their focus will be, it doesn't appear they will have a specific focus. they are casting an enormously wide net. with democrats controlling the senate, they aren't going to get much done in the way of legislation. so the one power that they have in congress is oversight. when republicans take the majority, they will have subpoena power. that means they will be able to call a whole host of biden administration officials to ask tough questions about a wide range of topics.
10:31 am
there's the president's son, hunter biden, the afghanistan withdrawal, relationship with china, origins of the covid-19 pandemic. all of these things are on the docket for them. they're talking about what's happening at the border. and the department of homeland security director mayorkas. much of it is what donald trump is asking them to do. >> ryan, jonathan, reid, thank you all very much. intense shelling rocks the largest nuclear power plant in ukraine as a brutal winter gets under way. how ukrainians are coping with the freezing, dark, and dangerous conditions in the middle of a war. that's next. ions in the middle of a war. that's next. (woman 1) i just switched to verizon business unlimited. it's just right for my little business. unlimited premium data. unlimited hotspot data. (woman 2) you know it's from the most reliable 5g network in america? (vo) when it comes to your business, not all bars are created equal. so switch to verizon business unlimited today.
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after a weekend of intense russian shelling in eastern ukraine, a nuclear watch dog group will inspect for potential damage to the zaporizhzhia power plant. it has been shut down after a dozen blasts rocked the site, damaging a radioactive waste storage building. it all comes as kyiv prepares for what one 25-year-old woman called, quote, the worst winter of our lives. allison barber is in kyiv for us. how are people preparing for
10:36 am
what is sure to be an extremely brutal winter? >> reporter: yeah. chris, ukrainians are very resilient people. i think back to february when i met a mother who fled with her children, the youngest, a 6-month-old baby. and she said she was afraid as she was evacuating. it took her days. if the bombs didn't kill her infant child, the cold would. but she found a way. she got them to safety. listen to what one woman told our colleagues molly hunter. >> even if we were without light and water, i know the insane time the soldiers are sleeping in cold place. and i hate winter for now because it is very bad for our soldiers.
10:37 am
>> so the cold is really making a difficult situation even more difficult in the recently liberated city of kherson. the deputy prime minister said they would voluntarily evacuate citizens in the coming days. for some people living there, they are without power, without running water, electricity leaving is the only way for some to survive. chris. u.s. officials are dismissing russian claims that progress is being made to release wnba star brittany griner as just talk. she was moved to a female penal colony, know tore wrous for torture, sleep deprivation and assault. someone who knows the conditions firsthand is founding member. i want to warn viewers the discussion ahead may include
10:38 am
graphic language tied to the conditions inside those russian penal colonies. first of all,, thank you, nadia, for being with us. you served inside a penal colony for nearly two years. brittany griner just started serving a nine-year sentence. based on your personal knowledge, what worries you most for her? >> brittany griner was moved to one of the harshest colonies. it is literally the harshest colony in the whole russian prison system. i was protesting terrible conditions in my penal colony. but i know every chief officials and who knows what human rights abuses they perform and they use against prisoners.
10:39 am
prisoners works in slave-like conditions. they're forced to work up to 17 hours a day with no days off and with no vacation. if you don't meet the quota, you will be punished. that includes torture and that includes daily torture that a lot of prisoners just cannot stand it. some of them decide to commit suicide, which is not as easy in penal colony conditions. medical help is practically nonexistent. and if, let's say you are being tortured and you go to the prison doctor to document the fact that you have been tortured, obviously they do not see any witnesses of your torture. so what i would be really scared of is brittany hiding the fact
10:40 am
that she is being heavily oppressed in this penal colony. because that's what happened with me. and i was told that if i'm going to say to one single person about abuses, the whole penal colony will suffer because of me. and i didn't open my mouth in a year and working slave-like conditions, getting injured and then started my hunger strike that actually brought a few high chief officers to trials. and some of them are convicted right now because of my fight. >> to say that what you went through is terrific or traumatic is understated. how did you find strength when all of that darkness was surrounding you. if you could, what would you
10:41 am
tell brittany griner? i don't know how you begin to think about survival. is it minute to minute, day to day? >> pretty much minute to minute. because you never know when you're going to get attacked. i was just thrown to places just for the sake of them, without them asking me if i want to go places. so what gives me hope is that normally prisoners who have some media attention they're not getting tortured. they used physical force against me to move me places, but they didn't beat me. they didn't rape me.
10:42 am
unfortunately, rapes happen as well. and i heard of an instance of a few prisoners trying to run away from this colony because they just couldn't handle it anymore being raped on a daily basis. but they were found and brought back to even mortar cher. so what gave me strength is understanding it's going to finish at some point. always realizing you have a level of protection. you have lawyers, media attention, something other prisoners do not have. what i would suggest if i could to do not work at the sweat shops. you might think if i follow the rules, my life will be better. but those conditions are
10:43 am
horrific. the machines are so old. the needle will penetrate my finger and i would be covered in blood and i would still have to sew, police uniforms and uniforms for the russian military fighting in ukraine. so if you can you should avoid this sweat shops. they'll put you in solitary confinement instead. what i didn't know that actually being in solitary confinement is better than working on this daily basis of this aggressive slave-like labor conditions. >> nadia, i have to say that what you wasn't through and the way you used your move things forward is an extraordinary lesson in bravery. and thank you for bravely
10:44 am
continue to go speak out about what is happening there. thank you so much. i hope you'll come back at another time as we shine a light on not just brittany griner but others being held there. thank you so much. i want to update folks to say brittany griner's women's basketball family has a new message of support. the top two teams in the game, south carolina and stanford played yesterday. both of the coaches wore shirts that read dear b.g., we love you and are fighting for you. millions of us are uplifting your name every chance we get. we won't stop until you are home. while authorities hunt for a motive in the colorado springs shooting, do angry and hateful rhetoric. what's happening in dark places on the web. we'll look at that next. ces on the web we'll oklo at that next. ever leave your clothes in the dryer and find a wrinkled mess? try downy wrinkle guard fabric softener! wrinkle guard penetrates deep into fibers,
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a new focus today on social media and intelligence online rhetoric. its impact, and to what extent it is fueling the rise of hate across the country. as the investigation continues into the shooting that left 5 dead and 25 injured in colorado, we also know here in new york, two men were just arrested in connection with threats to the jewish community with one of them allegedly tweeting threats to shoot up a synagogue. and one lgbtq bar in manhattan has been the target of attacks for weeks now. the most recent being a man throwing a brick through the window. i want to bring in reporter brandy who covers the internet, misinformation and politics for us. we know prosecutors see these shootings in colorado as a hate crime. tell us, as you've watched this really develop over years, how you have seen hateful rhetoric
10:50 am
evolve online. >> yeah. the lbgtq community has been a subject of hatred for a certain brand of fringe kind of person, right. but something happened in march and april of this year. in march and april of this year, as the far right wing conservatives got over crt,, or critical race therapy, they needed a new boggeyman and they went specifically to trans people, doctors, care give us, libraries that had books that were lbgt focused. this was really just sort of the cause fray on the far right. we have seen a one-to-one correlation with violence,haras assaults, world violence in this community, pride events were disrupted, there were 31 neo-nazis arrested back in august at a pride event in idaho, librarians being insulted, trans-librarians being insulted, it is just really, really bad and we have so much
10:51 am
that it has ramped up that people we were talking to since april about this, that were the center of this, saying repeatedly, we are waiting for the instance of real world violence where people are going to get killed. >> and here it is. and we've also seen it, and there was a lot of conversation about this, the denver post covered it, about drag shows being targeted. what is going won that? >> they targeted drag show, the drag queen would come read a story, it was fun, the kids loved it, and then also some sort of friendly, friendsly shows, on a sunday, brunch, they would bring the kids and see a show and the far right conservative leapt on this, and they put it together with frankly a q-anon narrative that has been out and it was, they're out it get your children. the demonization, dehumanization and moral panic of our children
10:52 am
in our community somehow being threatened by lbgtq teachers, librarian, performers, that is the threat that is going through and when you demonize someone to that extent and make them feel like an existential threat to you and your children, it is no wonder we are getting this violence. >> one of the things that we're looking at for the press conference at 5:00, is to see whether or not, one of the things that prosecutors talk about, any kind of line from social media to internet activity to this suspect. and i know you will be watching it as well. so thank you very much. the world cup of controversy, the drama now surrounding soccer's biggest championship with team usa about to take the field for the first time in eight years. that's coming up next. eight yea. that's coming up next. it's just. if you have high blood pressure, a cold is not just a cold. coricidin is the #1 doctor recommended cold and flu brand. specially designed for people with high blood pressure. be there for life's best moments. trust coricidin. (woman 1) i just switched to verizon business unlimited.
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10:56 am
players for the national men's soccer team stood arm in arm refusing to sing their national anthem. it is an apparent act of defiance against the government. it was not shown as iran's state tv. iran just sentenced several protesters to death, connected to the uprising over a man who died in september after being detained for allegedly breaking that country's strict dress code. and fifa threatened to yellow card players who chose to wear anti-discrimination arm bands in games. you can see what they look like here. according to "the new york times," they were designed to show support for minority groups and treatment of lbgtq people there, where homosexual ty is a crime and seven european nations will not wear them, and the united states will be playing against wales today. the team captain tyler adams is just 23 years old. the youngest to lead a u.s. team
10:57 am
in this competition since 1950. and before we go, it says, it is as much of a thanksgiving tradition as the macy's parade, or falling asleep on the couch after dinner. just a short time ago, president biden pardoned a pair of lucky turkeys called chocolate and chip. the president joked there was no controversial about the picks. in his words, no ballot stuffing. and no foul play. he also cut the ceremony short because the temperatures are in the 40s in dc and the president said no one likes it when the turkey gets cold. okay, that's going to do it for us this hour. those are president biden's jokes, not mine. "katy tur reports" picks up our coverage next. reports" picks up coverage next. get all-day and all-night heartburn acid prevention with just one pill a day. choose acid prevention. choose nexium.
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