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tv   Chris Jansing Reports  MSNBC  November 22, 2022 10:00am-11:00am PST

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good day. i'm chris jansing live at msnbc headquarters in new york city. in colorado, we are now just minutes away from an update from local police. those investigators working to figure out what would compel a man to walk into a gay nightclub with tremendous firepower and start shooting, killing five. clues from the suspect's past are emerging now, of him making violent threats. reports of him being angry and aggressive, of bullying that led him to change his name. all of it forming a picture that has yet to answer the lingering question, why club q. we're also hearing from the heroes, the families and the victims. in fact we just got brand new video showing memorials being set up for those victims earlier today. >> i got hit seven times in the back saturday night. i thought i was dead. sunday, monday, i'm walking. i don't know, like i'm truly
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blessed to be here. plus, after a four-month legal battle, senator lindsey graham finally testifies about election meddling in front of a grand jury in georgia today, wrapping up about 90 minutes ago. what he told prosecutors and what his testimony could mean for the d.a.'s case against donald trump. and finally, will covid, flu and rsv combine to ruin your holidays? cdc director rochelle walensky will join me to talk about the numbers and what you need to know about the threat right now. that's later in the show. but we start in colorado springs with the extraordinary account of the army veteran who was spending time with his wife, their daughter and boyfriend inside club q when the 22-year-old alleged gunman opened fire. fiero immediately running toward the shooter and taking him down, saving countless lives. >> i just know i got into mode and i needed to save my family.
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my family was at that time everybody in that room. that's what i was trained to do. i saw him and i went and got him. i'm a big dude and this guy was bigger. i kept whaling on him. i told the kid kick him in his head, kick him in his head. somebody call 911. >> i can think of no greater testament to american greatness than this, that in the face of death, an army veteran and a bar full of queer people 250e78ed up to fight, even as presumable strangers, their commitment to each other, was more powerful than any bullet could ever be. at the same time among the new details about the alleged gunman, this video obtained by nbc news which shows an incident from last year when the suspect was arrested for threatening his own mother with a homemade bomb. so why was he still allowed to have guns?
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i want to bring in priscilla thompson, frank figliuzzi, paul butler is a former federal prosecutor, law professor at georgetown and msnbc legal analyst. thank you all for being here. frank, so i pose the question to you. knowing what we know about the suspect, why was he still armed? why aren't we better at identifying potential threats, people like this? >> chris, you're asking a question that many of us are asking, including those in law enforcement and those in the state legislature of the state of colorado. we know -- look, at large 19 states and the district of columbia have red flag laws, but we also know in colorado they are not used anywhere near commensurate to the other states. and in this county that colorado springs sits in, el paso county, they are barely used at all. so something is not right when a
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sheriff, as with this county, has previously stated that he's essentially not going to be the party that petitions to take weapons from people, even when the red flag laws are applicable. what he said is the family members are going to have to ask to take weapons away when they're under threat. so essentially we have a sheriff here, as with many sheriffs across the country, saying i'm really not going to enforce the whole law or utilize all the tools in my tool kit to keep my community safe. now, we don't know all the facts because this prior record of last year's encounter with law enforcement is sealed because the charges were dropped. but we know this, if there were weapons in the house and we look at that video that some media outlets have gotten their hands on of the subject in that house making threats last year, it is a textbook example of why we should have red flag laws and why his weapons, if he had them, should have been taken.
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heaven forbid if the long gun that was used in this assault at club q was sitting in that house a year ago, police had the opportunity to take it and did not take it, there should be accountability. >> so we see in that video, paul, the suspect was arrested last year. he faced kidnapping and felony menacing charges but there is no public record, the prosecutors moved forward. but then there are red flag laws in place that are there for people who are considered a threat. what might be a reason for his weapons weren't seized? could it be political rather than law enforcement reasons? >> you know, it certainly could be, chris. we know that some gun rights advocates have pushed back against red flag laws, including in el paso county where colorado springs is located. it's a second amendment preservation county. apparently as frank said in colorado springs, that means police won't initiate red flag
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checks, but family members still can. the way it works is a family member asks a judge for what's called an extreme risk protection order if the person is a danger to themselves or others. and then the judge can order the removal of any firearms for up to a year. but police officers don't do that in colorado springs. compare that to denver where they do. so in colorado springs there were 39 petitions filed by family members since the law went into effect. the judge granted 21%. but, chris, compare that to denver where judges have approved almost 80% of the petitions. but again, there the police act. in colorado springs, they don't act affirmatively to file those petitions. >> so one of the things we're waiting for, paul, obviously, is if there are any indications of what might have motivated the gunman. what do investigators need to find to prove that he was specifically targeting this
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club? in other words, to find to say that this was a hate crime? >> so they're going to look at social media, they're going to -- in fact search warrants at his residence and offices or other places that he frequented. they're trying to understand why he did this. sometimes in these situations we see claims of insanity or diminished capacity. but in mass shooting cases those defenses are rarely successful. he's being charged with hate crimes, meaning the authorities think anti-gay bias motivated him. we still haven't seen the evidence to suggest why authorities think that. >> priscilla, so it was left to richard fierro and others to stop this attack. you were there last night when he was there outside his house. you talked to him, and his story is absolutely amazing. and yet while he's talking to the press, he also has to be grieving. his daughter's boyfriend was one of the people killed. i think she was there, she was
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injured, right? what more can you tell us? >> reporter: absolutely, chris. as richard fierro was talking in his front yard, his daughter was sitting in a wheelchair on the front porch watching him speak as she is recovering from her own injuries. she broke her knee as she was trying to escape the gunman. they also had several friends who are currently in the hospital recovering. he said after he spoke to reporters, he was headed to the hospital to visit them. of course his daughter lost her boyfriend. he was killed in this attack. raymond green. she is remembering him as just a hilarious and loving person. richard fierro saying that he was just a good kid. this is one family that is grieving and struggling with moving forward after this, as many families in this community are doing of the and even as fierro is being hailed a hero here, he's still having to deal with that. and i asked him last night what was going through his mind the moment that he decided to take
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down that shooter. he told me he was thinking i've got to kill this kid or he's going to kill my kid, my wife, my family. so that's a little bit about his mindset and you mentioned that he's a decorated army veteran. he completed four tours in all in iraq and afghanistan and i also asked him compared to his experience at war, what was saturday night like? he said it was the same thing. it was the same thing except that he chose to go to war, and the victims in this shooting, the people who were at club q on saturday night, did not choose this. chris. >> a chilling distinction. priscilla thompson and paul butler, thank you. we are expecting a statement from officials in the next five to ten minutes. priscilla, let us know if you get that and we'll come back to you. we want to go to georgia where senator lindsey graham
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testified regarding donald trump's meddling in the 2020 election. that follows a long battle that went all the way to the supreme court. blayne alexander is outside the courthouse for us. graham is the highest ranking elected official, only u.s. senator known to face questioning as part of this investigation. what do we know about his testimony? >> reporter: well, chris, we know that it lasted around the neighborhood of about two and a half hours. you know, of course all of this is happening very -- in a very secretive way. we know that he entered and exited using an underground door away from camera views. because he was testifying before a grand jury, a special grand jury, all of this testimony was behind closed doors. according to a source familiar with the arrangements, he entered and exited and put hem in the building about two and a half hours or so during which he was questioned from the fulton county d.a. the top of the list, the phone calls, couple of phone calls
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that he made to secretary of state brad raffensperger where he asked about absentee ballots here in the state of georgia. that's also the same time that donald trump was publicly contesting the election results here in the state of georgia. we imagine the d.a. will want to ask graham about those conversations, whether or not he tried to put pressure on the secretary of state to make any sort of changes when it comes to those absentee ballots. now, as for this lengthy legal back and forth that we've seen, it's very notable because we're used to seeing witnesses fight their subpoenas. it's happening with mark meadows, newt gingrich, michael flynn. this is the first and only so far we've seen escalate to the supreme court. it's been the longest legal battle and certainly represents a victory for the district attorney that she was able to get him in the building and ask him these questions under oath, chris. >> blayne alexander, thank you for that. right now jurors are deliberating charges we haven't seen filed in more than a decade
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against five members of the oath keepers. criminal seditious conspiracy is a seldom used civil war era law. but in 2022, it's all connected to the january 6th attack on the capitol. the prosecutor told jurors in his closing argument, quote, they claim to wrap themselves in the constitution. they trampled it instead. an election official forced into hiding and online threats and conspiracy theories skyrocket. i'll speak with one elected leader who deals with election deniers firsthand. and fear in moscow, idaho. with no suspects and few answers in those mysterious campus killings. plus the true tripledemic warnings as millions prepare for thanksgiving gatherings. i'll ask the cdc director how to stay safe. but first a moment to remember those who died in colorado springs because club q was much more than a club. it was a community. daniel aston was the bartender and an enter taping at club q.
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his mom told the associated press, quote, he lit up a room, always smiling, always happy and silly. kelly loving's sister told "the new york times" she was in fact loving. always trying to help the next person out. derrick rump was also a bartender. his friend, autumn, said derrick would often give her this advice during hard times. take this step by step, it's just one bad day, not a bad week. ashley paul was visiting the club as an ally to the community, a loving mother and wife who was devoted to her family, including her 11-year-old daughter. and raymond green vance had just started a new job. on facebook his girlfriend wrote my baby was the most hilarious, most loving human. her father, richard fierro, was one of the people who subdued the gunman. all of them gathered for the transgender day of remembrance to celebrate the lives of those lost and instead lost their own.
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today we are learning more about that arizona elections official who was sent into hiding with his family, forced to move to an undisclosed location after troubling threats related to the midterm elections jeopardized their safety. he is the republican chairman of the maricopa county board of supervisors, a man named bill gates, who's been a fierce critic of election-related conspiracy theories. the threats against him are under investigation, but the county sheriff ties them directly to election deniers. >> there's been a natural escalation because the folks feel emboldened and they have people in office or running for office who are empowering them, and it needs to stop. >> cisco aguilar joins me now. he just won the election as
10:20 am
nevada's secretary of state. first of all, mr. secretary of state-elect, congratulations. but i have to say when people hear what's happening to bill gates in arizona, and a lot of us remember hearing from an election worker and her mom who were threatened during the january 6th hearings, i wonders if you think this is a fair question, and i don't mean it in any way sarcastically. why would anyone want to work elections these days on any level? are you worried for your safety? >> thank you for having me, i'm excited to be here and honored to be the nevada next secretary of state. absolutely. i'm not worried about my own safety but the safety of all election workers. our elections work because of the human component. we have to recognize and respect our fellow citizens, our neighbors and family members who are doing what they need to do to make sure our elections work. they're doing is because they believe in our process, they believe in our system, they believe in our democracy and
10:21 am
they want everybody to have access to the ballot box. >> you're a democrat and you beat a republican election denier, another election denier, kari lake, who most people know lost her bid for governor in arizona but has yet to concede, released a video in which he blames election officials for what she calls an asalt on our democracy. do you believe that's clearly -- as clearly as the sheriff in arizona does that this 'em boldens those who threaten elections officials? >> absolutely. my opponent built his campaign on a foundation of lies and misinformation. however, we're seeing that it creates chaos. people are tired of chaos. they deal with chaos every day in our lives. when it comes to our election and the future of our democracy and electing our future leaders, they want a system that is secure, is honest and transparent. we need to continue to push
10:22 am
forward. whatever the threats are, they are, but they're unfortunate and we've got to be there to stand with our election workers to protect them. we have to have their back in the future. >> so how do we fix this obviously beyond having their backs? is it even possible to fix? how do we make it so of that it's safe enough and election official can say do their job, they don't have to worry about this other stuff? >> well, the first action we're going to take when i get inaugurated is we're going to make it a felony to harass and intimidate election workers and volunteers. nobody should have to do their job in fear. they should be able to feel that they're safe, somebody there is to protect them. if somebody is going to act out of line, they're going to be held accountable and we'll go through full prosecution on some of these cases. >> cisco aguilar, we wish you much luck and congratulations on your victory. we appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. an idaho town desperate for answers after four college students were murdered and
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in the investigation into who exactly is responsible for the gruesome murder of four college students in idaho. now the police say they are zeroing in on a new search zone, blocking off a wooded area and parking lot behind the scene of the grisly attack. they're also releasing new details about who was in the house when the 911 call was made. i want to bring in the reporter for the idaho statesman newspaper, and former assistant director for counterintelligence at the fbi, frank figliuzzi. thank you for taking the time to talk to us. police have ruled out some potential killers but haven't said if they have a suspect or suspects. we do have new information about the 911 call. what can you tell us about that? bring us up to date. >> so now what we know happened is that there are two surviving roommates that were staying on the bottom floor of the home. the victims were on the second and third floors.
10:28 am
so surviving roommates right around noon, they -- we don't know what caused them to have some alarm, but they called friends to the house and together with the friends, it seems that someone on the roommates' cell phone called police and said we think that there's an unconscious individual in the home. >> we think there's an unconscious individual in the home. that was it, frank. here's the question i get from people frankly that i don't even know that i run into in the grocery store. help us make sense of how you have people in the house who are being violently murdered and the other people in the house apparently didn't have any idea what was going on? >> right. that's something that everyone is asking. but one thing is that the two surviving roommates, it was more of a walkout basement. there were two floors above
10:29 am
that. and, you know, past college students have lived in that house. it's a house passed down from college student to college student, all of them renting it out. and they said that basement, it's really difficult to hear the rest of the house from there. so it seems maybe it's possible that they did not hear anything about the murder. >> so what to you make of what we don't know, frank. there seems to be so much confusion, so few answers nine days in. >> right. >> frank, if i could ask frank that question. >> well, this is a situation -- yeah. i got it. let's look at some of the -- sure. let's look at some of the statements that have come out of law enforcement early and a little later and then kind of walking some of those statements back. they came out initially and tried to calm the public by saying, look, this was targeted. we don't think there's a threat
10:30 am
to the larger community. i think some of that was misread by many to say this was all about them, the victims, and can't possibly be about me, the citizen in the community. then we saw a walking back of that. i think two things can be true at the same time. this can be both targeted in the sense that someone selected them. i like the term selected better than targeted. selected these victims or one or two and then encountered the third and fourth, but not necessarily did they know them closely, intimately as friends or co-workers. so there's both that can be true. and here's the thing. for the larger community, that selection process could happen to them. this wasn't personalized. there is someone out there quite capable of killing with an edged weapon four people. and the police need to get the word out that, yes, there is still a larger concern. or as you referenced in the
10:31 am
lead-in, it's possible they know far more than they're letting on. i hope that's true, by the way, because so far things have moved very slowly. i'm concerned about the fact that we're still nine days out and still seeing crime scene activity, still seeing kind of a new aspect to looking at the perspective of the scene. that usually in my experience says, look, that's an afterthought. we're doing something that maybe we should have done in the first two days and now it's being done now. so i think state and federal assistance is essential. it's happening, that's good. but there needs to be better communication with the larger public. >> and, sally, while the public waits for that communication, there are a couple of things that i just read over the last 24 hours or so. some victims' family members have actually been targeted with hateful messages on the internet. the university of idaho is considering going remote because students are too frightened to returning. talk to us, you're there on the ground, about the mood in the community.
10:32 am
>> there's a lot of fear in the community right now, especially because they have no suspects. there is still someone who killed four students on the loose in this community. and, yeah, people are on edge. i've talked to people who said they started carrying around a handgun. someone who said i don't have a gun so i started carrying around a knife. i think people are just walking around not knowing what to think, what to fear. >> sally krutzig, frank figliuzzi, thanks to both of you. i'm sure we'll be talking to both of you in the future because we're waiting for more information. appreciate your time today. at least 268 people are already dead, including many children, as rescue workers on indonesia's java island are racing to find survivors after a 5.6 magnitude earthquake rocked that island monday afternoon. it struck less than 50 miles from the capital.
10:33 am
hundreds of homes are now damaged, a boarding school was damaged, several government builds. the disaster agency said more than 5,300 people have been displaced and rescue workers are being hampered by aftershocks and landslides. bizarre new developments in georgia as we inch closer to that critical senate runoff. can herschel walker say anything at this point that would turn his voters away? his voters away? (woman 1) i just switched to verizon business unlimited. it's just right for my little business.
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(music) progress... (music) ...innovation... (music) ...discovery? or simply stability... you shouldn't have to choose. (music) gold. your strategic advantage. (music) visit we have breaking news to bring you out of michigan, where a man is accused of threatening to kill fbi director chris wray and a congressman from california, john garamendi. according to brand new court documents, the suspect also posted conspiracy theories, including that a child sex ring was located inside the u.s. capitol. i want to bring in frank figliuzzi once again. frank, it's starting to feel
10:38 am
like anyone and everyone in public service is a target. what do you make of this? >> i think you're right, and it seems particularly true for the federal government and particularly for federal law enforcement agencies. i just read through the filing, the affidavit by the fbi agent out of michigan in this case. this subject, this person who's been arrested, has a history, according to the affidavit filed with law enforcement, also a history of involuntary commitment to institutions for what appears to be mental health issues. and then in a trouble fashion, we were talking earlier about red flag laws. in the affidavit from the fbi agent, it references that when they checked this guy out after these threats to let rally directly kill the fbi director and a u.s. congressman, they found, the fbi did, that there were weapons registered to this individual. again, that's an individual who presumably is reported to have repeated involuntary commitments
10:39 am
for mental health issues. so this raises once again, chris, who has guns. what are we doing about people who shouldn't have guns who are still in possession of those guns with mental health and other law enforcement concerns. so, yes, good news. this person is in custody. used social media to threaten literally on the fbi's facebook page to kill the director of the fbi, and then left voice mail messages at the congressman's office, again, a direct threat of violence and death, in custody. but there are larger issues here, mental health -- >> mental health -- we were talking about the negative aspect of conspiracy theories. when you look at what was charged, he named in facebook posts senators -- half the senators, by the way, the fbi, cia, police, some other famous
10:40 am
people, claiming they're involved in a child slave sex ring. i mean this is straight out of the playbook that there is some secret cabal that's running a sex ring and then we have what happens here, which is threats potentially. >> yeah. we famously heard this before, not only generally from the qanon conspiracy theories but specifically with someone acting at washington, d.c., at a pizza parlor who thought there was a basement where a child sex trafficking or exploitation was occurring, and there wasn't even a basement in this place. i can hear some people on the far right saying, well, we can't possibly be responsible for the actions of people with mental health issues. my response to that, chris, is absolutely you can. it's exactly these unstable people, deranged people, who are the ones that are going to hear your calls and incitement and act out violently. so, yes, you should anticipate that a portion of our public is
10:41 am
unstable and will responsible and act out violently. thank goodness this individual was stopped before he killed the fbi director or a u.s. congressman. >> frank figliuzzi, thank you for sticking around. we appreciate your time today. have a good one. in georgia, the senate contest from raphael warnock and herschel walker seems to be getting stranger as the december 6th runoff date gets closer. less than a week after walker compared his opponent to a vampire, he seemed to attack warnock for living in the past and not supporting a tv show that's been off the air for 40 years. >> he's here talking about the past. we don't want to live in the past. archie bunker wouldn't even be on the air today, would it not? i used to love archie bunker. did you not like archie bunker? according to senator warnock, he's still living in the past. you've got to go to the future, sir. >> i want to bring in two msnbc
10:42 am
political analysts, jonathan lemire is host of "way too early." robert gibbs served as white house press secretary under president obama. jonathan, walker making statements like this. warnock tells his supporters walker isn't ready to be senator but it doesn't seem like either candidate is pulling away. these kinds of things maybe make no sense, but they're also having no impact. >> first of all, i heard that archie bunker clip a few times and i still do not understand where herschel walker was going with that. and it's the latest in a series of, shall we say, puzzling statements from the former college football star. >> archie bunker is famously bigoted. >> that's an odd one too. it is an appeal to the mostly white audience that he is addressing. but the polls show a very tight race still. but there are some differences here. first of all, people that i've
10:43 am
talked to on both sides of the aisle think the enthusiasm right now in georgia lies more with the democrats. here's why. frankly the stakes, well, they have been reduced. there are a lot of republicans who felt like they would hold their nose and vote for herschel walker if it meant the possibility of winning the senate majority. that's now gone. democrats have already maintained control of the senate. i think there are some republicans who won't want to vote for such a problematic candidate like walker. democrats, yes, they already have 50 votes but they want to get 51 to reduce the impact of kyrsten sinema or joe manchin. we also have barack obama on his way to georgia. we'll see if president biden joins him at some point. meanwhile, there are some republicans trying to tell donald trump to stay away. we all remember what he did in 2021 during the runoff there, his grievance-filled rally hurt the republican cause many in the gop believe. and now of course his focus is
10:44 am
on his own presidential candidacy and he may be inclined -- maybe he's being told to stay away from herschel walker. although walker is his own hand-picked candidate there. >> robert, your old boss, barack obama, is the most popular democrat in the party and heading there to gen up the vote. i want to read from a write-up in the atlanta journal constitution. quote -- it's about a poll done after the election, commissioned by aarp pegging warnock at 51%, walker at 47%. that's within the margin of error. but walker has a nine-point edge among voters older than 50. the poll indicates 90% of those older voters consider themselves extremely motivated. we know turnout is the whole ball game. older voters, if they're more motivated and they like the other guy, how big is it a problem for warnock? >> well, i think it shows that what warnock really has to do is
10:45 am
what democrats did really well on election day and that is get younger voters out, make sure they're motivated, make sure they vote early, if they can. there was just a big court case that was settled or decided in georgia that looks like there's going to be some early voting on saturday. but it's going to be really important to get that coalition out. and i think that's what president obama will help do in a big way. i think the poll also shows a real challenge that herschel walker has in that his favorability is in a net negative and it builds off of what jonathan talked about. there are republicans that voted for brian kemp in the governor' race, in a race he won that either skipped the senate race or voted for raphael warnock. and i don't see yet that herschel walker has a strategy to solidify that base and to make sure that those voters, probably primarily suburban voters, that just don't think
10:46 am
herschel walker is capable of being a united states senator. they may love his football past, but they're not real sure about his political future. >> let me ask you about folks who think this race doesn't matter much, robert. obviously the democrats are going to control the senate. but when i talk to democrats in washington, they're desperate to win this seat. so can you explain the difference between legislating with 50 votes as opposed to 51? >> yeah, i think the biggest and easiest thing is right now 50-50 means there's an even split on committees, and so if you want to discharge a nominee, if you want to discharge a federal judge, it takes a lot longer than it would if democrats had full control of those committees and had majorities on those committees. that will be big and important. and if they had that 51-vote majority, they too can use investigative subpoena power, such that the house alone may not be the only body in congress
10:47 am
that has a robust investigative agenda. so for democrats, it's an enormous seat in addition to, as jonathan talked about, maybe minimizing the kyrsten sinema and joe manchin impact as well. >> robert gibbs, jonathan lemire, guys, thank you so much. see you tomorrow morning at 5:00, jonathan. are you going to be in tomorrow morning at 5:00? >> i will be there. no holiday yet. >> i am your most faithful viewer, although i have my cup of coffee and you're working. millions set to travel this holiday week with a dark cloud looming overhead. the tripledemic. what you and your family need to know to stay smart and safe. the cdc director, dr. walensky, will be with me, next. th me, ne. don't just connect your business. (dock worker) right on time. (vo) make it even smarter. we call this enterprise intelligence. i'd like to thank our sponsor liberty mutual.
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10:52 am
it's good to have you here, but wow. those numbers are low. can you fix it? >> you know, we're really on an all out campaign now to really encourage people to go ahead and get vaccinated. we know we have a lot of respiratory viruses surging now. some earlier than we generally see. we haven't had flu at this time of the year for about a decade. so really in order to protect yourself, we're recommending a three pronged approach. first, get vaccinated. get that bivalent vaccine. it's tackling the variants we have now with covid-19. get your flu vaccine. flu vaccine, everybody over the age of 6 months old is eligible for a flu vaccine then after those important prevention measure, do those every day things. avoid people who are sick. avoid going out if you're sick. consider wearing a mask which will help prevent spread of all these viruses and increase your
10:53 am
indoor ventilation. then finally, if you get sick, there are antivirals. paxlovid if you have covid-19. tamiflu or tamiver if you have influenza. so present to your provider so they can prescribe you one of those if you're eligible. >> i don't need to tell you, but 75% of pediatric beds are occupied nationally. a lot of kids fighting rsv, covid, the flu or some combination. so what's your message to parents right now? >> well, first of all, you want to watch the signs for if your child is really in respiratory distress. if they're having a hard time breathing. if they have a fever. if they're using their nose, flaring their nostrils when they're breathing. if their lips look blue. so you want to watch for those signs and absolutely bring to the pediatrician. again, rsv is one of those
10:54 am
viruses where we don't have a vaccine yet, although promising things in the pipeline, but what we want to do is prevent all of those other infections including covid-19 and influenza so we can decrease the burden of illness on patients and their families and then decrease the burden so we have those icu beds available if we need them in the community. >> people are already traveling. the holiday's just two days away and a lot of folks will be spending a lot of time around the thanksgiving table. should we be stocking up on at-home covid tests? >> certainly the most important thing you can do is get vaccinated before you head out for the thanksgiving plans. certainly get vaccinated against covid-19. get vaccinated against influenza. again, if you're sick or there are people around you who are sick, you want to really stay home with those folks. it's not a great celebration, but we want to prevent infection
10:55 am
around that dinner table. it doesn't hurt to go ahead and do a covid test to see if you are asymptomatic potentially with covid. so we are currently encouraging people to test if they have access. >> i would be remiss if i didn't mention today was anthony fauci's last white house briefing. i just want to play a small little clip. >> my final message may be the final message i give you from this podium is that please, for your own safety, for that of your family, get your updated covid-19 shot as soon as you're eligible. >> you got to say this about dr. fauci. he is consistent to the end. i'd like to ask you how integral you think he has been to this country and frankly, just the overall fight against this pandemic? >> so integral. the fight against this pandemic, so many infectious threats
10:56 am
including prior influenza, hiv and aids, dr. fauci has been a scientific giant and truly a dear colleague and friend to me. >> dr. walensky, good advice today. have a very happy thanksgiving. >> be safe and well. >> that's going to do it for us this hour. join us every weekday, 1:00 eastern time here on msnbc. don't go anywhere. katy tur reports is up next. with downy infusions, let the scent set the mood. feel the difference with downy. moderate-to-severe eczema. it doesn't care if you have a date, a day off, or a double shift. make your move and get out in front of eczema with steroid-free cibinqo. not an injection, cibinqo is a once-daily pill for adults who didn't respond to previous treatments.
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good to be with you. i'm katy tur. while midterm voters sent lawmakers a message that they want order over chaos, democracy over conspiracy, our government can't yet move past the chaos and conspiracy that infected 2020. that's because the investigations into the aftermath of donald trump's refusal to give up the office of the presidency are still ongoing and we have news on three of the fights. in atlanta, the 11th circuit court of appeals is hearing an argument from doj to throw out the special master in the mar-a-lago documents case. federal prosecutors say there's no need and no legal justification for the independent review of what the fbi seized at the president's club. we have a live report on what's


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