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tv   Hallie Jackson Reports  MSNBC  November 23, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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hey, aerchlt new developments in two mass shootings as we come on the air this hour. the suspected murderer in that colorado mass shooting making the first court appearance within the last hour or so. when and what formal charges could be unveiled in that case, that's coming up. also, in virginia, police now publicly naming the now dead gunman in that overnight shooting there as well. we have the details from chesapeake, including what the gunman was carrying inside of that walmart, as police look to contact families of those that have been killed. plus, new, just coming in,
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on the federal investigation into january 6th, the justice department reportedly wanted to talk with former vice president mike pence. we have got the reporter behind that scoop with us here. plus, two very big court rulings coming out of georgia this afternoon. the state supreme court weighing in on the state's restrictive abortion ban. and ruling on when early voting can start in the senate runoff between raphael warnock and herschel walker. all of that is ahead, everybody. i'm yasmin vossoughian in for hallie jackson. good to see you this afternoon. i want to start with nbc correspondent morgan cheske standing by in colorado springs. morgan, if you will, take us there, inside of course, the first court appearance from the suspect earlier today and i understand we are learning more details about the alleged shooter as well. >> reporter: we are. this was the first time that the public was able to see this accused shooter that left five people dead, more than 20 injured, in the shooting that took place late saturday and it
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was conducted via video, which is normal in this case. authorities calling it an advisement hearing. video showed the suspect in a wheelchair, seated in between two attorneys, we do know that he is currently being held without bond. as far as these charges that have been discussed, an important distinction here, in that he was arrested on five counts of attempted murder, five counts of murder, and five counts of bias-related or hate crimes. we anticipated hearing formal charges today. that didn't happen. and here's the d.a. explaining why. take a listen. >> formal charges will happen at the next court date. the tharj that have been reported in the media are the arrest charges only. we will be reviewing and filing formal charges at that time. we will be the voice for the vicks in that courtroom and fighting alongside them through this entire process.
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>> reporter: now this hearing only lasted a few minutes. there were some direct questions asked of the suspect. they answered in yes or no responses. very little else was said before that hearing came to a conclusion. the next hearing, set for december 6th. >> morgan, as always, thank you. appreciate it. all right, everybody, let's turn to yet another mass shooting in this country. this time at a walmart in virginia. what we know so far, six people were killed, at least six others were hurt by a 31-year-old employee at the store. who later turned the gun on himself. the shooter was identified by the company as a night manager who had been with the store since 2010. three people, including the shooter, were found dead in the employee break room. what we don't know this hour, what motivated the shooter to open fire, how the shooter obtained the handgun that he used for the attack and the identities of the victims as well.
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i want to bring you nbc news correspondent cal perry, standing by for us in chesapeake, virginia and retired nypd director and director of the black law enforcement alliance. cal, let me start with you on this one. i mentioned some of the stuff we don't know at this hour. bring us up to date as to what we're learning now. >> so we know who the shooter is. police have identified the shooter. they raided his house earlier today. they are waiting to announce the name publicly, they have announced it once already, i am not going to repeat it because we have done so once already on air. and what police are looking at are the employment status of those who were killed, specifically were they targeted. i suppose to a witness, who described the gunman going into the break room and killing people and picking and shooting who he was shooting at and she made it out alive and i asked her why did the gunman let you
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go and why did you make it out alive and she didn't know. a few more details on tiktok, on how this was actually laid out. 10:15 p.m. when the shooting started and police breached the walmart behind me in four minutes. and they found three individuals dead, in that break room. one by the entrance. and three victims were rushed to hospital and later died there. behind me, in the parking lot, what you see now, is an extensive investigation by both the fbi and the atf. there was a car alarm that was going on in just the past five minutes that is a car that authorities tell us is quote of interest. they broke into that car, they are now going through that car for any potential evidence. >> mark, take me inside that walmart, if you will, in an open-carry state like virginia, right? when it comes to police response. you're walking into a walmart that advises folk to not necessarily carry when you're shopping and yet folks do because virginia after all is an
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open carry state. how does that complicate the situation for the law enforcement response in a mass shooting? >> it multiplies the difficulty that respond can police officers have when answering these type of scenes, or any scene, these open carry states and jurisdictions, they have placed major obstacles and barriers and difficulties in the way of responding law enforcement, and trying to act quickly, trying to act within all matters of the law, and trying to protect and preserve human life, the presence of multiple weapons on the hip of everyone, or many people in these locations presents huge challenges, and these are more challenge, when we talk about the investigation post-incident. when something does occur, it involves a firearms discharged, now you can multiply the difficult of investigating that with open carry throughout the
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location. >> so then the question is, mark, what do you do now, right? because walmart is not the first, and it is not going to be the last to have a mass shooting like this, where folks are shopping before for instance the thanksgiving holiday as they were with the latest mass shooting in this country. walmart has taken several steps when it comes to guns, banning the sale of assault rifles and halting the sale of all handguns. as i mentioned also, they discourage their customers from open carrying in their stores. there is no evidence in this instance that this shooting occurred because of these policies. but is there any way for these stores to make themselves safer without actually arming your employees? like we've seen at places of worship and schools? >> well, as you know, the names and locations may change, and the victimology may change, the motivation may change, but the
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one consistent, in these type of mass tragedies, is that firearm, and until there is some significant legal changes, and really cultural changes, as it pertains to firearm possession, these incidents will continue to happen. you can't kind of simply turn a blind eye or investigate afterwards, and expect for there to be an substantive changes. and quite frankly the police is going to be doing the investigation the way they do the investigations, they will examine the evidence, and conduct the interviews, and they have to eliminate the possibility that there are additional threats out there, which i'm sure they've done at this point. they have to determine what was, you know, the pathology of this incident, if you will, the cause and effect of it. so regardless of whether or not there is a prevalence of weapons in society in this community, in
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this particular walmart, the police are going to conduct an investigation and using what is available to get all of the facts and information and make a sound solid determination, so if there is a prosecution, they will be able to provide some kind of substantive information. >> thank you. let's head to january 6th if we can everybody, we have new developments there and the justice department's january 6th investigation. "the new york times" is reporting that they want to talk to former vice president mike pence as a witness to former president trump's efforts to stay in power. that is according to those familiar with the matter and the times says today the former vp is open to considering the q i want to bring in my panel to talk more about it. on the phone with us is "new york times" washington correspondent michael schmidt
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who broke that story along with former federal prosecutor and msnbc legal analyst paul butler as well. michael, let me start you with on this one. a couple of questions here. what does the d.o.j. want to know first from the former vice president? why now? and what does the d.o.j. realistically is going to happen? >> a very important witness in the january 6th investigation, he was the pressure point, the direct target of donald trump's effort to overturn the election. donald trump thought that mike pence, that mike pence could take the election basically into his hands, and decide which votes to count when he certified the election on january 6th. the justice department is conducting an investigation into january 6th, the criminal investigation, to determine whether anyone broke the law. we know that that investigation is now under the special counsel
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jack smith. we know that before mr. smith was appointed, one of the top prosecutors on the january 6th investigation reached out to the defense side, to say that they're going to want to question him. they have not subpoenaed him yet. and it could likely take weeks, if not more, more likely months, for pence to testify, because trump would likely try to invoke some sort of executive privilege argument, to stop trump, being unsuccessful in doing that, but we likely try to do that, to try to stop him from talking. >> paul, if you will, pick up on that, for a moment. talking about the possible implication of executive privilege by the former vice president, how could that slow things down and is there any "there" there? >> even if mike pence is agreeable to testify, donald trump would certainly try to slow-walk this by claiming executive privilege. that is not a credible claim in this case for a few reasons.
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first of all, it's biden's privilege, not trump's executive privilege. it belongs to the current occupant of the white house. there's also a crime fraud exception. you can't claim the privilege to try to cover up a crime by you or by somebody else. and also, pence talked extensively about i had reactions of donald trump in his recent book and so he waived it. you can't say i don't want to talk to a grand jury about it but write about it in a book. >> tell me about the former vice president's counsel, in the white house, during the mueller investigation. tell me what you know of flood, and how this could indicate how the vice president could respond to the ask by the department of justice. >> well, he is a long-time washington lawyer.
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helped represent bill clinton in his impeachment. the white house lawyer dealing with the mueller investigation. he is now representing several witnesses that find themselves in a similar situation to which pence finds himself. these are former senior white house officials, like former white house counsel pat cipollone, who have been forced to answer questions about trump in many different investigations of trump, either the justice department is doing or congress is doing, and these issues are complicated, because there is the issue of privilege, that trump has tried to use privilege to invoke them. flood is someone who is an expert in executive privilege. he has had to navigate it for these other witnesses where trump had tried to invoke, it and there's been back and forth, with the government and trump's lawyers, about what would be answered and what can't be, and he will take the lead in dealing with that for the former vice president. >> paul, it has been almost two
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years since this insurrection, tand tass -- and it has taken for now, or a couple of weeks ago for the department of justice to ask for the testimony of the former vice president and you are surprised it has taken this long? >> grand juries and investigations typically take a long time, and there is unprecedented, if there is a prosecution, it will be the first in history, of an american president, or former president, and you know, so far the grand jury has heard from top aides, pence's top aides, i doubt we offer any new evidence. i do think what this signals is the investigation is drawing to a close, and possibly that the justice department and now the special counsel is thinking about, thinking ahead to a possible prosecution and trial. sometimes grand jury appearances are used to try out witnesses for a potential trial. we're a long way away from an experiment. but this is a bold historic move to even be talking to the vice president about testifying in a
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case involving the former president. it sure doesn't sound like federal prosecutors are shying away from bringing charges against the former president. >> can you just quickly, paul, because we know the former vice president decided not to appear in front of the january 6th committee, but this is different, right? responding to the department of justice is different than a congressional investigation. >> that's exactly right. mike pence wrote in his book that he wouldn't testify before the house panel, based on separation of powers issues, but that's not an issue in a grand jury investigation in a criminal matter. >> michael schmidt, paul butler, thank you very much both. happy thanksgiving to you guys. coming up everybody, what congress is doing about the ticket industry after difficulties with the taylor swift tour. 55 million people, hitting the roads and skies and one of
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the busiest travel days of the year. what you can expect as you're heading out the door. but first, 56 balloons and floats by the way, 12 marching bands, and 700 clowns. hopefully you don't have any fear of clowns there. they're all gearing up for the macy's thanksgiving day parade. we have got a preview of what to expect tomorrow in just 60 seconds. we'll be right back. (woman 1) i just switched to verizon business unlimited. it's just right for my little business. unlimited premium data. unlimited hotspot data.
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(woman 2) you know it's from the most reliable 5g network in america? (vo) when it comes to your business, not all bars are created equal. so switch to verizon business unlimited today. ♪3, 4♪ ♪ ♪hey♪ ♪ ♪are you ready for me♪ ♪are you ready♪ ♪are you ready♪ welcome back, everybody. right now, in new york city, final prep happening for the macy's thanksgiving day parade. balloons are getting filled. 3 million people expected to show up. and watch what is happening with manhattan. joining us, standing by for us, amidst all of the floats as they're being readied for the parade, you can see them, kristen behind you, you got to love hanging out in the upper
12:19 pm
west side the day before the thanksgiving day parade with all of the excitement, these floats, ready to go, talk to us. >> reporter: right, for a lot of people, this is an exciting time, as exciting as the parade because just look at them, you can get closeup look, baby yoda and you can see how enormous these 16 giant balloons, and back there, diary of a wimpy kid is a new one this year and take a look over here, you can see how folks, how close the crowds are getting and we have my friend tristan over here along with his dad keeping everybody safe and thank you for that, sir. what you are looking forward to? >> i'm looking forward to thanksgiving. >> what about the parade? will you be at the parade? >> yes, and my birthday. >> happy birthday, young plan. what is your favorite balloon? >> baby yoda. >> baby yoda is a big hit. thank you so much. thank you. we'll see you out there tomorrow. we've got the ginsburg family
12:20 pm
coming down from westminster, what you are most looking forward to? >> for the weekend. >> for the parade. >> oh, for the parade. >> you can always look forward to my favorite floats. >> and i like baby yoda and the world cup, the soccer player, he's cool. >> how about you? >> i like the soccer player and the diary of a wimpy kid float. >> what about you? >> the soccer player. >> new exciting ones. >> thanks, guys. we've got blue y, one of the new ones and stuart the minion an ma troncally controlled, they're really excited, the parade organizers about, that one, a new twist and we mentioned the marching bands, we've got paula abdul and a bunch of people performing. so a huge, huge parade. a lot of people excited about it.
12:21 pm
8:45 tomorrow morning. these guys will be ready to go. >> it is looking like a beautiful day as well. you got to love the mom taking it old school. our generation, essentially saying, snoopy is her old time favorite. . well, me as well. i mean all of these other new cartoons, if you have kids, you know bluey, obviously, and it is all about the old school, snoopy, and of course, santa claus after all, bringing it home on thanksgiving day for that parade. everybody loves a good showing from santa. kristen dahlgren, thank you. appreciate it. all right, everybody. let's talk travel ahead of the thanksgiving holiday. this afternoon, a rush to get out of town, as many people make their way to their thanksgiving destinations. if you're one of the a 5 million hitting the road -- 55 million hitting the roadways and taking the airports tries to get to where you're going, expect a record number of fellow travelers. standing by for us, covering the story, nbc news correspondent, gary, joining us from reagan national airport. gary, as always, good to talk to
12:22 pm
you. what are you seeing there today? ahead of the thanksgiving holiday. >> yes, no baby yoda, but plenty of planes taking flight here, good news for the 4.5 million people who are expected to fly to their thanksgiving destinations this week. and a real stress test for the airline industry. as we saw during the spring and the summer, the thousands and thousands of delayed and canceled flights due to the pilot and staff shortages. the secretary of transportation pete buttigieg says he's on it and working with the airlines to create schedules that work for both the airlines and the passengers. and the passengers we talked to today were replenish pleasantly that there were no -- pleasantly surprised that there were no long lines and delays there today. here is what some of them had to say. >> i was a little surprised. i got here early and expected to see long lines. >> i am surprised.
12:23 pm
my flight doesn't leave until 2, i know, right, but i decided to come early to avoid the traffic and here you are. >> and you got some time to hang out. >> sky lounge, why not. >> that's the answer. >> once a year, right? >> we got here two hours early and we expected really long lines and i don't know where everybody is. >> these folks were clearly listening to those aaa travel experts telling us make sure you arrive early, earlier than you think you need to, to the airport just in case there are long lines and airport officials are telling us, make sure you also check the garage availability, if you're planning on dragging yourself to the airport, because there are not many full, not many empty garages around the country when it comes to airlines this year. >> good advice. gary, thank you. appreciate it. happy thanksgiving, my friends. still ahead everybody, a new wave of deadly firings.
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♪ call one eight hundred,est resul eight million ♪ welcome back, everybody. ukraine is reeling from yet another wave of russian air strikes today. more than 70 missiles and drones targeting the capital city of kyiv and other ukrainian cities knocking out power for millions and killing at least six people, according to ukrainian officials
12:29 pm
there. that barrage, it comes hours after a newborn baby was killed in a russian strike in a maternity hospital. that is what ukrainian officials are now telling us. nbc news ellison barber is standing by for us with more on this. this is an incredibly devastating time as we approach cold winter months. talk to us about the impact of these strikes and how people are reacting. >> reporter: a lot of times, it seems like there is just no real stable bit of relief for people. these missile strikes, the ones we've seen in the last 24 hours, particularly those this afternoon, forced a lot of people to flock to bomb shelters like this one and just wait it out and hope for the best. right now, this missile attack that took place in the afternoon is being described by officials here as a massive missile strike on largely civil infrastructure objects. we know that this evening, in about an hour's time, we expect
12:30 pm
the u.n. security council to hold an emergency meeting. ukrainian president zelenskyy is expected to address the council. we are still grasping the entire toll the im path of the strike that we saw today, the impact on energy infrastructure, it was immediately clear. right now, the military, they say that the number of injured civilians is at 36. and that six people have died. again, that's just from the straik this afternoon, they're not talking about the ones that targeted the maternity ward 24 hours ago. this is in addition to that. the impact, not impacting ukrainians but also moldova, that country is experiencing massive blackouts because of the strike that happened here and from the perspective of the ukrainian officials they say this proves what they have been saying all along, that russia is
12:31 pm
a state sponsor of terrorism, that they are a terrorist state. we saw recently in the last couple of days the european parliament vote to label russia as a state sponsor of terrorism, for people like president volodymyr zelenskyy, it proves that designation is right and they want to see more nations follow suit. >> devastating images coming out of the conditioned war in ukraine. now nine months in. ellison barber live in ukraine for us, thank you. from ukraine, let's go to jerusalem if we can, hundreds gathered there to mourn a teenaged boy killed in a bombing this morning. at least 18 others were hurt in a pair of explosions near a busy bus stop today. no group has claimed responsibility for these attacks so far. they come amid heightened tensions with israelis and palestinians. and 130 have been killed in the west bank and jerusalem, making 2022 the deadliest year in more than a dpekd, that is according
12:32 pm
to the u.n. we want to bring in raf sanchez, joining us now from jerusalem, it is good to talk to you this afternoon, what do you know about these bombings? and what are folks still asking? what questions are still out there? >> reporter: a lot of questions still, we are now 15 hours from the bombings and as of yet, nobody has been arrested, the bomber or bombers remain at large. i'll tell you what we do know. the first bomb went off at this bus stop behind me at 7:06 a.m. so the start of the morning rush hour. people on their way to work. kids on their way to school when that bomb went off. and one of those kids was 15-year-old ari shupa, he was killed in this explosion, killed in the early hours of the morning and his parents laid him to rest at a very emotional public funeral this afternoon. now, these bombs were packed with nails, with bolts, they were designed to cause maximum carnage. we caught up with a member of the emergency services here at the scene earlier today, and take a listen to how he
12:33 pm
described what it looked like when first responders got here. >> the scene is one of chaos. people screaming. people were scared. people were suffering from blast injuries. from injuries of shrapnel. they were trying to flee the scene at the time. and obviously, it is a very busy street. >> reporter: as you said, no group has yet claimed responsibility for this attack. but hamas and islamic jihad have praised the bombing. the israeli ongoing prime minister has ordered a massive man hunt here in jerusalem and across the occupied west bank to find the people responsible. >> raf sanchez live for us in jerusalem, thank you. all right, everybody, coming up next, we got big news down in georgia, the supreme court reinstating the state's restrictive abortion ban for now. what comes up next? plus, the same court handing democrats a major, green light,
12:34 pm
looking at the impact it could have on the senate runoff, coming up next. e senate runoff, coming up next
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welcome back. two big headlines coming up today, in the georgia senate runoff, now less than two weeks away, the georgia supreme court today saying early voting can start as soon as this saturday, with an appeal from republicans to block early voting this weekend. we're getting a first look at
12:39 pm
where things stand in the race a new poll give can the incumbent democratic senator raphael war knock a four-point lead over republican herschel walker. this, by the poll's margin of error. we want to bring in the political reporter for the atlanta journal constitution and an msnbc political contributor as well. great to talk to you. we appreciate it. let's talk about some of the polls that we're seeing, the overall poll has pretty good news for senator warnock at least, when you look closer though, it also shows him leading amongst independents for 15 points, amongst those aged 18 to 24. 18 to 49, i should say. by 24 points. and then again herschel walker holding the lead among those over a by 9 points. what is walking going to do by to try to close this gap? >> well, look, he wants the older voters to show up, because they are disproportion natdly voting in these runoff elections, so that 9 point lead he has with voters over 50 is very important.
12:40 pm
and republicans, very important for his campaign but he is trying to appeal to that base over and over relentlessly, he is trying to appeal to the maga crowd, talking about transgender policies, and the crisis at the border and other republican talking points. at the same time, now he has governor brian kemp, who voted, who, a number of these big ticket voters supported him as well. >> so brian kemp obviously distanced himself from herschel walker leading up to his own efforts to gets re-elected governor of georgia. now though, he is going to decide on walker in the final weeks, heading into the runoff. how do you think this is going to change the game for walker? and hawk -- talk about the get out the vote effort. are they door knocking at this point? >> there are hundreds, if not thousands of paid door knockers roaming the neighborhoods and streets of georgia, along with tens of thousands of volunteers, so the get out the vote game is big for both parties as we speak. look, 200,000 voters backed
12:41 pm
brian kemp but did not back herschel walker in the midterm, and those two 200,000 voters had the decisive role and the difference between an outright win for herschel walker and the runoff he is facing against the democrat raphael warnock. so raphael warnock, it is all about getting the base back out but he is making a targeted pitch to those voters saying he is bipartisan and can work across party lines and basically giving those independent voters a safe harbor. >> of course, we're looking toward that date, december 6 th, for the runoff election in the state of georgia. thank you. appreciate it. we will stick with georgia if we can, everybody. more news coming out of that state. especially when it comes to the supreme court this afternoon. abortion, after six weeks of pregnancy, it is now illegal in the state. the georgia supreme court has reinstated the state's so-called heartbeat law effective immediately. while it considers an appeal. that comes one week after the law was struck down by a court
12:42 pm
ruling that it was unconstitutional. we want to bring in msnbc legal analyst danny cevallos joining us with more on this. let's talk through some of this. the options specifically going forward, and what this ruling really means. >> there are plenty of options going forward. procedurally, all that has happened is the georgia supreme court has stopped the georgia lower court from stopping the state of georgia from stopping abortions. that's part of the complex world procedurally of all of these stays upon stays upon stays. nothing has been decided finally at all on the merits. so this case moves forward. but in a sense, the real story isn't the georgia supreme court's maybe one paragraph decision. it really is the lower court's decision, which was based on the idea that this georgia law, and i'm going to use the legal term void ad ignitio, from the moment
12:43 pm
it was enacted and it is an interesting theory, when the law was enacted dobbs had not yet been decided and even though we're in a post-dobbs era, it was the pre-dobbs era and no matter what the state of the law is, it is dead on arrival when it was passed. interesting theory. my guess is the georgia supreme court didn't like it, and that is why they essentially overturned it. >> so what does this mean for the merits of the law then going forward? >> well, that's the procedural world of all of these states. stays are really just hitting the pause button, preserving the status quo, until a decision on the merits could be made. another court might have preserved the status quo differently and just as the lower court did and say no, abortion should be able to go forward while we figure this out. instead, this court has made the opposite determination, that the law should be allowed, and abortion should be stopped,
12:44 pm
until we figure this out. either way, these decisions are a pause button until this is figured out on the merits. >> it actually reminded me of when the vigilante law was put into place in the state of texas before the dobbs decision and the state court at the time made the same decision for the law to stay in place as they figured out to do next. and we now know where things stand in the state of texas. danny sev, as always. happy thanksgiving to you and your family. still ahead, everybody, the taylor swift ticket chaos, what the senate wants to know and whether it could change anything. the story of a teen and his mom and why they had to move more than a thousand miles for medical care, and a fresh start, coming up next. powering throug, it's time for theraflu hot liquid medicine. powerful relief so you can restore and recover. theraflu hot beats cold.
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welcome back, everyone the senate is setting its sites on ticketmaster after the taylor swift ticket chaos last week, a sub subcommittee saying they will hold a hearing on the lack of competition in the industry, all of this happening as the response of the after-event on ticketmaster trying to get a coveted spot on the upcoming tour, and that of course left millions without tickets and swift in her own words pissed off. and the judiciary sub subcommittey amy klobuchar is sharing the bad blood, and says in a statement, the high fees, the site disruptions and
12:50 pm
cancellations that customers experienced shows how ticketmaster's dominant market position means the company does not face any pressure to continually innovate and improve. when this hearing will actually happen is still tbd. we want to bring in scott wong, with capitol hill, with more on this, a lot of folks essentially after all of this took place, saying ticketmaster was and is currently a monopoly, and something needs to change. something needs to happen. so what can you tell us about what the senate has planned for ticket matter and could we see real change? >> i think it is too soon to tell at this point whether we can see real changes happen with ticketmaster, and this ticketing industry. what i can say is that there is some serious bipartisan bad blood with ticketmaster. but at the same time, good poli. you know, the -- we're seeing this with this issue that is bringing together, that's uniting democrat from minnesota amy klobuchar with a conservative from utah, mike lee.
12:51 pm
these are the leaders of this senate judiciary subcommittee that oversees anti-trust issues, that oversees consumer rights issues. and so, you know, they are tapping into some of this frustration and anger from millions of americans out there and announcing this hearing to look into what can be done to fix ticketmaster. at the same time, there's this doj investigation that the new york times and others have written about, taking a look at this merger that happened back in 2010 between ticketmaster and one of its rivals, livenation. and so, you know, we have doj and congress taking a look at things. as well as some big -- other big voices on capitol hill, including alexandria ocasio-cortez. she says in her tweet, "this is
12:52 pm
a daily reminder that ticketmaster is a monopoly. its merger with livenation should never have been approved and they need to be reigned in. break them up." she goes on to say, in a "rolling stone" interview just this week that, you know, this -- this is giving her and other democrats on capitol hill an opportunity to talk about other monopolies in other industries, including the meat industry, in some of the produce industries, and so the difference, she says, with those industries, there's, like, a big four in the meat industry, especially, when it comes to the ticketing industry, ticketmaster and livenation really is the behemoth in the room and so, that is one distinction they are making between ticketmaster and other industries. >> got to say, only taylor swift can bring together republicans
12:53 pm
and democrats in the senate, that is for sure. and so many taylor swift spuns. i heard that bad blood there, scott wong. thank you so much, scott, appreciate it. let's turn now to a new nbc out documentary that we want to talk about here. looking at how attacks on trans rights in texas caused a teen and his mom to leave the state and start over in colorado. the documentary centers on katie laird and her son noah and the sacrifices they are making just for medical care and to stay safe, highlighting how anti-trans legislation and attacks on trans rights actually affect real people. and in this case, it is a directive from texas governor greg abbott to investigate parents providing gender-affirming medical care to their kids as child abuse. take a look. >> the battle for essentially noah's right to exist as a trans-person in the state of
12:54 pm
texas has been absolutely devastating on me. >> at school is really scary. i am very afraid of, like, getting called into the principle's office, talk to cps. >> i want to bring in the nbc out reporter with the story. i've spoken to another family in texas recently, as well, that's dealing with difficult times. they have a trans son. tell us more, jo, if you can, about what you learned from both noah and katie's appear againsts here. >> sure, yeah, well, the decision that katie and noah made to uproot themselves from their home, you know, wasn't their original plan. when i spoke to them first in march after the governor's directive, they planned to stay and fight, despite this threat of being reported, but we have more footage on, you know, what led them to change their minds and the impact it's had. take a listen. >> what really got us to the point of, we must move, we need
12:55 pm
to make plans now, is when our gender-affirming medical care at texas children's hospital was paused indefinitely. >> it's just hating and setting in way more every day that i'm just leaving absolutely everything. these are my friends and my family and my people. >> noah has since told me that he loves denver. he loves his school and he feels so safe there, but he still misses his family and he feels ultimately, you know, like him and his mom had to run away. >> hey, jo, just quickly, it's not just happening in texas, but across the country. what is at stake? >> what's at stake is trans youth's physical health, their mental health, all of these are things that noah and other trans youth have told me have been impacted. there's a lot at stake and advocates say it's their right to exist in society as who they are. >> yeah. jo, it is an incredibly important story to tell and we
12:56 pm
need to continue to tell it, that is for sure, these kids and parents being affected bid so much of this legislation across the country, specifically in the state of texas. jo, thank you so much. we very much appreciate it. thank you for watching this hour, everybody. "deadline white house" starts after a very quick break. ry quik you could even save $652. thank you, liberty mutual. now, contestants ready? go! why? why? only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty.♪ (woman 1) i just switched to verizon business unlimited. it's just right for my little business. unlimited premium data. unlimited hotspot data. (woman 2) you know it's from the most reliable 5g network in america? (vo) when it comes to your business,
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