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tv   The Beat With Ari Melber  MSNBC  November 23, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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so boost your bottom line by switching today. comcast business. powering possibilities. thank you so much for letting us in your homes during this holiday week. we're so grateful that you have us on in the background. from everyone here, we wish you the happiest thanksgiving.
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"the beat" with katie fang starts right now. >> thanks, nicolle. wishing you and your family a happy thanksgiving. >> thank you, my friend. >> welcome to "the beat." i'm in for ari melber. we begin tonight's show with our country grappling with yet another mass shooting in virginia. it happened just three days after the colorado springs massacre. and the lbgtq nightclub shooting suspect making his first court appearance today virtually from jail. he was in handcuffs, with a bruised face, speaking low to answer the judge's questions. he was arrested on five counts of murder and hate crimes. >> anderson aldridge, did you watch the video concerning your constitutional rights in this case? >> yes. >> according to court documents filed, the suspect identifies as nonbinary and uses they/them pro-nouns. this is coming from the defense, and there are still several open
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questions about the suspect. the district attorney saying the formal charges will come at the next hearing. >> he was advised of his constitutional rights. he acknowledged those rights. he's being held without bond, pending further proceedings. the next court date is december 6th. formal charges will happen at the next court date. the charges that have been reported in the media are the arrest charges only. we will be reviewing around filing formal charges at that time. >> late last night, another mass shooting. the gunman, a walmart employee in chesapeake, virginia, reportedly opening fire on fellow employees in the breakroom, killing six. the victims have all been identified and includes a 16-year-old boy. the shooter using a pistol. when law enforcement arrived on scene, the shooter was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. the fbi is now assisting in the investigation, and there is no clear motive as of yet.
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>> we are all praying for the family, friends, and co-workers of everyone that's affected by this senseless violence. your chesapeake community is here for you and will continue to be here for you during the difficult days, months, and years ahead. >> the country now grappling yet again with what to do about this surge in mass shootings. for the third straight year, there have been more than 600 mass shootings in america. this year alone, there have been at least 606. you can see it rising over the last five years. and this year so far, gun violence overall has killed nearly 40,000 people in our united states. joining me now is congressman bobby scott from virginia and shannon watts, founder of moms demand action, a gun safety advocacy group. i want to thank you both for being here. i wish i didn't have to have this conversation with both of
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you this evening, but it's an important one to have. congressman, we are on the eve of thanksgiving. a holiday traditionally bringing families together. how is your community doing after this tragedy? >> well, we're surviving. we've had many tragedies in virginia, starting with virginia tech, recently the university of virginia, virginia beach a few years ago. so we'll be resilient. but these things happen far too often. we've been in contact with the mayor, the department of justice and the department of homeland security. they have victim counseling services. the hef has been helping in the investigation. so we've been -- and walmart is providing counseling not only for the direct victims but for all of their associates. so we're doing the best we can. it's obviously a very difficult time right here, the day before
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thanksgiving. >> i do want to hear from both of you on the following. joe biden releasing a statement today saying he signed the most significant gun reform in a generation, but that is not nearly enough. we must take greater action. congressman, what is that greater action that biden is speaking of? >> well, the action we took was a step in the right direction, but it was very woefully inadequate. we formed a gun safety task force in the house right after sandy regrettably, we couldn't find a republican to join. we came up with recommendations, like the assault weapons ban, limit the size of magazines, comprehensive universal background checks, crime reduction measures generally, and mental health. but we're talking about guns. i mean, we don't have any more mental health problems in the united states than anywhere
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else. but you just mentioned 600 mass killings already. other countries don't have this. the things that we can do that will -- thatcan't eliminate the shootings, but we need to take not just the action we took before, it was a step in the right direction, but things like the assault weapons ban and limit the size of magazines. >> shannon, to you, what needs to be done? biden speaking about change, but what really needs to be done to affect the change that will protect our communities? >> first of all, this has been an absolutely horrific week of mass shooting tragedies in virginia and colorado. but we can't lose sight of the fact that there's also 110 americans shot and killed every single day in this country. mass shooting upon mass shooting if you divide that by four. we have to look at this issue
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wholistically. we have to treat gun violence as the crisis it is. we are heart broken. we are not hopeless. there is more we can and will do. one thing we must do is have a -- there is an election in 13 days. we can take our rage and anger and grief to the polls in georgia, and vote for a senator, senator warnock, who will support gun safety. if we don't live in georgia, we can help get out the vote. the way we do that is by texting the word georgia to 64433. i want to make it clear that this senate seat matters. democrats wouldn't have to negotiate a power sharing agreement with republicans. there would be a true -- it would be easier to confirm judges to get gun sense legislation prioritized. we need all hands on deck to make sure we re-elect senator
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warnock to the senate. >> shannon, the shooter in the lbgtq club massacre in colorado springs appeared in court for the first time today pending formal charges. what does justice look like for all of the victims in that mass shooting? >> well, sadly there is no justice at this point. there is only accountability. and we have to hold killers accountable, clearly. but these are preventable instances of tragedies that should never happen in the first place. we can't keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people. we know that colorado springs is in el paso, county, which is conservative. we know the sheriff there has not supported red flag laws. colorado has some of the lowest usage of the red flag laws of the states that have them. thankfully, joe biden and kamala
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harris gives money to incentivize and implement red flag laws. we need states like virginia and colorado and all of the other states, there are about 19 now, that have red flag laws, to use that money and make sure those laws are being used. but also to encourage other states to pass these laws. ultimately, we need a senate that has a gun sense majority that can pass laws like red flag laws and the assault weapons ban, like background checks, that will make all americans safe. >> congressman, to shannon's point, if we can't get something done on the federal level, look at the states. virginia governor glenn youngkin calling this a mental health crisis but never mentioned the gun violence. do they really think americans are not listening, that they're not paying attention when they
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say or tweet these types of comments? >> you mentioned 600 mass shootings. in addition to that, you've got shootings that are not mass shootings. we have a serious problem, and the gun problem, gun shootings in america are not a result of any kind of super mental health problem in the united states. we don't have any more mental health problems in the united states than anywhere else. we do have mental health parity on insurance. so if you have an insurance policy, you can afford mental health coverage. but the fact of the matter is, the problem in the united states is unique. there is no countries with these kinds of shootings every day, mass shootings, shootings, tens of thousands of people killed by firearms every year. and it's not -- it's not a mental health problem. it's a gun problem. if you don't address it as a gun
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problem, you're not addressing the problem. >> congressman bobby scott and shannon watts, grateful for both of you to take the time out of your holiday to be with us. thank you for being here this evening. >> thank you. coming up, kevin mccarthy losing support as maga extremists take over in the house. and good news for raphael warnock. with just days of voting left in that critical georgia runoff. but first, breaking news from the january 6th probe. the justice department wants mike pence to talk under oath. two experts on that when we're back in just 60 seconds. want your clothes to smell freshly washed all day without heavy perfumes? try downy light in-wash freshness boosters. it has long-lasting light scent, no heavy perfumes, and no dyes. finally, a light scent that lasts all day. downy light! (woman 1) i just switched to verizon business unlimited. it's just right for my little business. finally, a light scent that lasts all day. unlimited premium data. unlimited hotspot data. (woman 2) you know it's from the most reliable 5g network in america?
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(vo) when it comes to your business, not all bars are created equal. so switch to verizon business unlimited today. i've never been healthier. shingles doesn't care. but shingrix protects. proven over 90% effective, shingrix is a vaccine used to prevent shingles in adults 50 years and older. shingrix does not protect everyone and is not for those with severe allergic reactions to its ingredients or to a previous dose. an increased risk of guillain-barré syndrome was observed after getting shingrix. fainting can also happen. the most common side effects are pain, redness and swelling at the injection site, muscle pain, tiredness, headache, shivering, fever, and upset stomach. ask your doctor or pharmacist about shingrix today. the department of justice wants to speak to mike pence as a witness. according to two people familiar with the requests, the doj reached out to the former vice president, and he's open to considering the request.
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pence declined to comment to "the times." this is a criminal investigation, not a congressional investigation like the january 6th committee has been conducting. pence recently saying this -- >> congress has no right to my testimony. we have a separation of powers under the constitution of the united states. and i believe that it would establish a terrible precedent for the congress to summon a vice president of the united states to speak about the deliberations that took place at the white house. >> but now pence is considering an interview with the doj. this he quest coming prior to a special counsel being tapped for the doj's probe. mike pence as a witness, he would know a lot about the leadup to the riots and the events oh of that day. and this news coming as trump blasts the united states supreme court after they allowed trump's tax returns to be turned over to congress, writing, why would anybody be surprised that the supreme court has ruled against
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me? they always do. the supreme court has lost its honor, prestige and standing and become nothing more than a political body with our country paying the price. shame on them. three of those supreme court justices, they were hand picked by donald trump. joining me now is former federal prosecutor and an investigations reporter. is that right? >> yes. >> political investigative reporter for "the guardian." pence reportedly considering, and i put that in quotes, speaking to the doj but clearly pence knows the chief of a subpoena. do you think he will negotiate terms directly with the doj, or mother, may i with trump? >> i don't think so. at this point, there's no love lost between these two gentlemen. i think at this point, they're political liveles.
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so pence wants to seem to his base like he doesn't want to help the justice department. but he knows at the end of the day -- [ inaudible ] -- and he is going to want to have his attorney next to him. so i think he's going to negotiate voluntary testimony. >> hugo, what would this mean for trump if pence talks to the doj? we know pence has his eyes on that 2024 oval office, as well. >> we don't know if there is a subpoena. it's not clear what the discussions with the doj and pence's lawyer is. but certainly it is true, and we have confirmed that pence is seriously considering testifying, and the implications are big. because pence is one of the few people who know -- in fact, maybe the only person who knows the content of discussion he had with trump on january 5, the day
3:16 pm
before. remember, this was the point when trump was desperately trying to get him to accept and try to overturn the election on january 6th. this was trump trying to implore him that we now know is illegal. so the content on that discussion is we know what trump was saying, because there were people in the oval office, but we don't know what pence said. and pence's testimony can be key. it can reveal the insight into what trump was thinking, his intent on january 6th. i think that can -- >> i think we had a preview because of the book that michael pence has written. and i think he's pretty much home run spoken to the public. "the new york times" reports complicating the situation is whether mr. trump would invoke executive privilege to stop him, as in pence, or to limit pence's testimony, a step that he's taken with limited success so far with other former officials. what's the bottom line, could executive privilege stop mike
3:17 pm
pence from voluntarily testifying? >> it's not going to work. well established in the d.c. circuit court of appeals, that executive privilege does not trump the need of criminal prosecutors to get testimony via a grand jury subpoena. as long as they can get the information elsewhere. as hugo mentioned a moment ago, no one knows what happened in those conversations between mr. trump and mr. pence, other than mr. pence. and mike pence was present during conversations about what jeffrey clark and john eastman were saying and doing, their plans and their proposals. and we know they're within the doj's cross hairs, as well. >> before i go back to hugo, a quick question, the fact that mike pence has written a book and put information within it about conversations, interactions he had vis-a-vie january 6th, does that help the
3:18 pm
doj in any way to boost legal arguments to make sure that they can get pence to testify? >> i think our viewers know you ore a lawyer. that's a smart question, katie. the answer is absolutely. because that means also there is a waiver of privilege. even to the extent there was privilege or wasn't here, you know, that will be overcome by the waiver. >> hugo, as we mentioned at the beginning of this segment, trump is angry with the supreme court, kind of ironic, because he hand picked at least three of those justices. let's listen to all the excuses as to why he was not going to turn over his tax returns. take a quick listen. >> i would love to give them, but i'm not going to do it while i'm under audit. i will release my tax returns against my lawyer's wishes when she releases her 33,000 emails. they're under audit, they have
3:19 pm
been for a long time. they're complex. people wouldn't understand them. >> hugo, what are you hearing on the hill about the timing of treasury turning them over. and what about the senate finance committee, can they also get trump's records just as the ways and means committy was able to get them? >> we're in a real time crunch here. the hill is trying to figure out if there is a window to get his tax returns, analyze them, and see if there are legislative fixes to be made in the tax code or criminal referrals if there is anything illegal they find. so what they are trying to figure out is there is a transmission mechanism. we live in a time span, this is what is really what is at issue. we're at thanksgiving week, the house is out, senate is out. and then we're in december, and we have two weeks of potential legislative days to look at this before we get into the next congress, so this is the real
3:20 pm
obstacle. the house and senate are attuned to this. and so is trump. trump, if you talk to people, he's now trying to find a way to slow walk the production of his tax returns to maybe the house and senate and try to ensure that the time congress gets this is when republicans are in control of the house. >> the fact that treasury has these returns, doesn't that end -- >> this is classic trump. he's trying to find any way to delay. he's managed to delay it for three years to get the tax returns to the ways and means community. so whether it's with pressure on republicans or the treasury officials, he's trying to find, desperately i might add, any way to make sure that these documents get there on capitol hill as late as possible so that he can try to get this into the republican house. >> mueller prosecutor andrew weissmann wrote an op-ed saying -- te an op-ed saying -
3:21 pm
>> by all accounts, it looks like special counsel jack smith is moving full speed ahead. are there any major obstacles on the immediate event horizon for him? >> i don't think there are a lot of obstacles. the 11th circuit cleared out what would have been an obstacle in judge cannon. that ruling obvious hi hamstrung the doj's investigation, forced them to spend a lot of time responding to her arguments to the special counsel, and now -- excuse me, the special master. and now that's cleared up with the court of appeals. i think he has some clear runway ahead. jack smith has some advantages that special counsel mueller never had. he had to deal with obstruction
3:22 pm
during the course of the investigation. trump was trying to fire him on multiple occasions. he had a certain general who was hostile to him at certain points trying to hide the results of his investigation. i think now really jack smith has a clear runway, we should, i think, give him the opportunity to do what he's there to do, which is frankly to press forward. and with a prosecutorial mindset and experience that the attorney general doesn't have. >> as we give thanks tomorrow for things that are blessings, you are both. but i'm also grateful for a rule of law supreme court when we get it. i appreciate both of you. thank you for being onset with me. ahead, three officers caught beating an inmate and they're arrested. but first, herschel walker trends for all of the wrong reasons, as raphael warnock takes a lead. that's next. s a lead that's nt.ex nicorette knows, quitting smoking is freaking hard. you get advice like: just stop.
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3:28 pm
appearing with walker, trying to prop him up. trust me, it didn't help. >> first of all, this election is more than herschel walker, but it's about the people. i didn't want to be a vampire, i wanted to be a werewolf. i'm thinking they better get out of that house. somebody is floating on your ceiling, get out of that house. >> i'm sorry, i'm a little bit stuck of, when i was just listening to from herschel walker, talk of vampires and werewolves. hard to imagine who he is trying to appeal to. warnock has a slight edge over walker, 51% versus 47%. that's within the margin of error. democrats clinching the senate,
3:29 pm
but a warnock victory would stop joe manchin and kyrsten sinema to hold things up. and today, the georgia supreme court reinstated the state's abortion laws. walker, who claims to be anti-abortion, facing allegations from multiple women that he paid for their abortions. he had denied those allegations. joining me now is a political reporter, greg, always an honor to have you with us. on a national level, herschel walker's gaffes get plenty of attention, but how are they playing with the voters in the state of georgia? >> great question, because they're playing into -- well, senator warnock's argument that herschel walker is unfit for office. he's been using these gaffes, these slip-ups, these lies from
3:30 pm
herschel walker to build that case that the republican just isn't fit for office, that he shouldn't be a u.s. senator. that the job is tough and demands someone serious in that office. and in warnock's case, it's him. >> so polls giving warnock a slight em, ahead with independents. does he have enough momentum at this point? >> he has the slight edge, but it's hard to poll the electorate that will show up on december 6th. it's just so uncertain right now. it's after thanksgiving, there's always a lower turnout in runoffs in georgia. senate control isn't at stake. but democrats are very confident that the fact is that this helps them. senate warnock always wanted to make this a one on one battle. whereas herschel walker wants to make this race a referendum on democratic control of the senate.
3:31 pm
now that's off the table, that could help warnock make his case better. >> let's talk about people and their willingness to show up for a runoff election. the georgia supreme court reinstating that abortion ban at six weeks. it was such a huge issue. do you think voters will say i've got to go back, i have to go back for this runoff, because now the future of abortion rights in georgia is once again at stake? >> yeah, democrats think it's food news, because it reshifts attention back to abortion, this issue that is so galvanizing. it wasn't the number one issue in the polls, it was two or three, but that didn't mean it wasn't consequential to so many voters. this, again, will play into senator warnock's argument. he wants to repeal abortion restrictions in georgia and elsewhere. >> we know that former president obama coming to help herschel --
3:32 pm
excuse me, raphael warnock december 1 in the state of georgia. he's heading back to campaign for them. take a listen to what barack obama said before the midterms. >> the only way to save democracy is if we, together, nurture it and fight for it. and that starts with electing people who know you and see you and care about you. people who will struggle alongside you. you did it twice when you voted twice to send reverend warnock to the u.s. senate. so now you need to do it again. >> what does it say, greg, that the democrats are deploying barack obama once again into the state of georgia? >> it shows you how important this battle is, this election battle is, how consequential it is. senator warnock right now is trying to rev up the base with barack obama. but he's also trying to win back the split ticket voters who sided with governor kemp and him
3:33 pm
in the midterms. so he's doing this unique two step that he thinks he can pull it off. >> greg, thank you for taking the time to join us this evening. and ahead, there are calls for justice after a horrific jail cell beating in georgia. it was caught on tape. three officers have been arrested. i have this special interview. but first, a nightmare scenario for kevin mccarthy. another republican lawmaker breaking from him. this is snowballing. that's next. is snowballing. that's next. among my patients, i often see them have teeth sensitivity as well as gum issues. does it worry me? absolutely. sensodyne sensitivity & gum gives us the dual action effect that really takes care of both our teeth sensitivity as well as our gum issues. there's no question it's something that i would recommend. can you believe someone thought this would help you hear better? and no one will notice it? genius. now this is eargo. made to be heard. not seen. so small. so smart.
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this is quickly turning into kevin mccarthy's worst nightmare. it's been his dream to become house speaker since forever. now, just days after republicans secured control of the house, his dream is in peril. a fifth gop lawmaker now declaring that he will not support mccarthy. >> there are a growing number of us who have just lost faith that mccarthy can do the job. we need somebody that actually will be a ron desantis type speaker to put this country on a financial path as well as many other things. >> mccarthy's speaker bid getting rockier by the way. gop insiders putting his speaker odds at 50%, but those odds seem to be dropping every day. >> we need a leader with credibility across every spectrum of the republican
3:39 pm
conference, and that person is not kevin mccarthy. >> he has failed to support our fight against the democrats. >> kevin mccarthy is a coward and history will not be kind to him. >> i think the country wants a different direction. >> this is bigger than kevin mccarthy. this is about maga extremists overwhelming the gop. mccarthy now having to confront the reality he'll have to appease these extremists who threaten to impeach biden officials like the homeland security secretary. even though just weeks ago mccarthy said no one in the biden administration had done anything to warrant impeachment. the last two republican speaker, john boehner and paul ryan, repeatedly clashed with far-right republicans. both of them eventually resigned from congress. my advice for mccarthy, don't count your chickens before they hatch. joining me now is former gop communications director, now senior adviser at the lincoln
3:40 pm
project. tara, thank you for being here tonight. first question out of the gate, are the bells tolling for mccarthy's speaker bid, or are the reports of his death exaggerated? >> i've been saying for a very long time that kevin mccarthy would never be speaker of the house. and i said that over a year ago. he's tried this before. the reason why he wasn't speaker back in 2015 when paul ryan became speaker is because he had his own personal issues. it was in his grasp and he lost it then. so his entire career has been about dreaming of becoming speaker again. he'll say or do anything to get it. that is not the type of leader anyone should want. kemp mccarthy is a coward, and he's they have been forthcoming how he feels about donald trump in public. you heard what he said in private. when he was called out on it, he bowed out and kissed the ring of
3:41 pm
donald trump. he knew he needed the maga wing of the republican party to vote for him to become speaker. having such a thin, small majority that they have right now, bodes very -- it doesn't bode well for him. because right now, there's a five-count margin of hell, no to kevin mccarthy. he can only lose about four of them, because no democrats are going to vote for him. so the dynamics here are concerning, if anything thinks that kevin mccarthy is going to operate in good faith. he's elevating margorie taylor greene for goodness's sakes. she's the worth of thetara, i h mccarthy, who could be speaker? >> listen, i -- a year ago, i thought potentially jim jordan. he likes the attention and we know he's a blow hard. but he's now been promised a judiciary chair.
3:42 pm
so he can just run show trials, because kevin mccarthy has promised them they would have carte blanche to bring whatever show trials they want, and so he's happy there. he doesn't have to do the real work of speaker. there are two people i see that could emerge here, if kevin mccarthy goes down in the first vote. the first being steve scalise. the next being elise stefanik. i think you can't underestimate her ambition. she completely changed her stripes to do what was politically expedient for her. she used to be a moderate republican and turned into a maga mean girl because it elevated her past liz cheney. and he's vying for power. that's all she cares about. she's sharpening her knives, waiting for kevin mccarthy if he goes down.
3:43 pm
>> tara, we heard threats about the removal of people like adam schiff and others. margorie taylor greene, removed from her committee, but understandably so because of the things she said and done. schiff and swallow, are they that much of a threat that they will be removed from their committees? >> you know, this is the political vengeance, the retribution that kevin mccarthy is promising the maga wing of the republican party. you don't remove members of the other party because of political differences. he's made promises and tried to tamp this down before the election, before the midterms, so it didn't seem as though he was going to give in to the maga wing. now he's promising to get back at them. this is not the way to operate as speaker of the house. the house is not just about one party or the other, it's
3:44 pm
supposed to be the people's house, and they need to actually govern. so the idea that he would inflict political retribution against congressman like swalwell and schiff, who have done excellent jobs and have been very forceful in trying to hold the republicans accountable, particularly donald trump. that's all this is. this is a nod to those people that. is no way to do it. could he do it? yes, he could. that's part of what the speaker of the house's power is. the rules committee, the steering committee, it's a complicated way to put people on committees, but the speaker has a lot of influence, and if he does that, that's just despicable. it will show you he's not operating in good faith. >> here's steve bannon on mccarthy's plans. let's take a quick listen. >> mccarthy's already committed to mtg that nancy pelosi is going to be deeply investigated. and everything the democrats knew in the runup to that will be investigated.
3:45 pm
the murder of ashley babbot. >> isn't he basically going to alienate your moderate republicans and independents? >> of course. which tells you everything you need to know about who kevin mccarthy is. he's a spineless political coward. he does not -- he's unworthy of the speakership. and the fact that he would even entertain anything that convicted felon steve bannon has to say, anything that margorie taylor greene, who is an antisemite bigot, unbecoming of a congresswoman, this is who the republican party has become. all these other people that say the republicans are moving away from donald trump, no, they're not. look at who the people are pulling the strings.
3:46 pm
it's marorie taylor greene and steve bannon. so the fact that kevin mccarthy would entertain any of this is an insight what the next two years of republican leadership will look like. >> i've got another saying for kevin mccarthy as we part ways, you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas. tara, happy thanksgiving to you. >> thank you. ahead, three officers seen beating an inmate on video in a georgia jail have been arrested and facing charges. that inmate's lawyer is here, next. s here, next my husband and i have never been more active. shingles doesn't care. i go to spin classes with my coworkers. good for you, shingles doesn't care. because no matter how healthy you feel, your risk of shingles sharply increases after age 50. but shingrix protects. proven over 90% effective, shingrix is a vaccine used to prevent shingles in adults 50 years and older.
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talk to your doctor about rinvoq. learn how abbvie can help you save. we're back with a disturbing story out of georgia. the whole thing was caught on camera. the security footage shows jared holbert in his jail cell back in october. before the officers enter, you can see him standing by the door. we must warn you that what you are about to see next is disturbing. this video does not have audio. >> one officer grabs his neck and pushes him against the wall while others gather around. they begin punching him in the
3:52 pm
head. it is unclear what happened before and after these video clips. more video shows them driving him into the hallway. there's a video showing a different angle from the hallway. this one has audio, and you can hear hobbs struggling with the officer and screaming. >> unbelievable. he was originally arrested for speeding, driving with a suspended or revoked license and possession of a controlled substance. after this, hobbes was charged with assaulting the police.
3:53 pm
the big news is that state investors have arrested three of the officers shown in the video. joining me now is jarett hobbs's lawyer, harry daniels. harry, so happy to have you here. those officers arrested, each charged with one count of battery and one count of violation of public office. your response? >> thank you, katie. thanks for having us. this is exactly right. you can see it in the video. they are committing battery on mr. hobbs. it only took a matter of days once this video was released to make a decision for mr. hobbs writes. it was assault and battery. the officers were charged with assault and battery. >> you visited with your client on friday. he is still in custody. how is he doing? speak physically, he is doing better. he still has some physical
3:54 pm
injuries that he sustained as a result of the beating. mentally, he is not doing okay. talking about the video, he got emotional. i can imagine. he has a long road to recover. this is something that should never have happened. like i stated before, this was cruelty. he is doing better. >> during the friday visit, officials from the georgia bureau of investigation's interviewed your client. this happened in september. why did it take so long for them to speak to your clients? >> this happened september 3rd.
3:55 pm
mr. hobbs was able to reach out to his fiancee. she called the naacp. they went to the jail to check on mr. hobbs to make sure nothing happened to mr. hobbs. we know that is not true. it was last week. it was last monday. prior to then, they came in. as you stated on the segment, mr. hobbs was charged with obstruction and felony assaults on the officers. he was subject to a federal probation. they looked at the video. they dismissed those targets because they knew mr. hobbs was not the one who assaulted. he was the one who was assaulted. for two and half months, the sheriff did nothing.
3:56 pm
we know for a fact that this was a cover-up. we have people who work inside their jail that had come forth and said that they heard about these incidents. this video would have not come up. >> and you know, harry daniels, thank you for being here. the audio was horrific. we are hoping that justice and accountability happen for those officers. thank you for being here this evening. i appreciate it. >> thank you. have a good night. happy thinks giving. >> that is it for me. you can also catch me at 7:00 a.m. eastern on msnbc. stream new episodes on msnbc on thursday is and fridays as well. i hope you have a safe and happy thanksgiving. the reidout is up after this short break. short break. find rx coverage.
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