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tv   The Beat With Ari Melber  MSNBC  November 25, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PST

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that could play "stairway to heaven," that would be beautiful. he says, let me see what i can do. ♪♪ >> reporter: and so he came up with a group of musicians to honor matt with a song he loved. about a symbolic stairway that he climbed way too soon. >> and it was so beautiful. and it was just perfect. matthew loved it. he would have loved it. ♪♪ that's all for this edition after "dateline." i'm natalie morales. thanks for watching. a beat special report. the january 6th investigation. the committee writing its final report, donald trump defying its subpoena.
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ari melber breaks down the coup plot and what happens next. hello, i'm ari melber and this is a beat special report, inside trump's election plot on the effort to steal a race and stage a coup with new evidence tonight showing this is far broader than even prosecutors first thought. we're breaking down the path to a criminal conspiracy and why experts now think the most serious charges may be yet to come. why are we doing this now? the house insurrection hearing showed the nation that january 6th was more organized than many realized. the committee has revealed truths about that day. and yet the house probe is also underscored something new to many. trump's plot to overthrow the
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election was far broader than one day or prepping or one-day crime spree. it was an illegal coup conspiracy starting before the election and lasting months. with criminal plots that had nothing to do with even january 6th and illegal orders that were resisted. we'll show how it began with things that are perfectly legal like filing lawsuits to challenge the results, but quickly morphed into something much broader, a conspiracy that involves crimes, the january 6th insurrection that we know about but a whole set of other criminal plots. this is vital to any potential set of indictments and we're going to get to all that tonight through the evidence to show you exactly what's new and what matters. now, if any of that sounds familiar, remember, that's not the theory the justice department used when it first opened this probe. it wasn't even the original view of congress hence the name, january 6th committee.
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so was this just a riot that got out of control? was it ultimately a trump ploy that mike pence stopped? those are common explanations we have heard over time. they are wrong. the evidence available now enables us to report tonight something we could not go to air with, say, in january 2021. this was a full coup conspiracy. this evidence that we're going to go through tonight, it cuts to the heart of accountability for that coup conspiracy for its leader and its premeditated plotters and enablers, most of whom never did take a physical step into storming the capitol that day, which brings us back to the difference between an attack on one day, january 6th, and a wider coup attempt. more than 850 people have been indicted for the capitol violence with more than 320
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convictions and counting. those people at the capitol, the criminal muscle pursuing just one of these plots we're going to go through tonight, let's be clear, trump treated them like pawns, the rest of the players on the board, donald trump's coup plotters, and operatives and lawyer, none of them have been indicted for the evidence of a more intricate secret high-level set of plots to illegally overthrow then president-elect biden. now, if it was a one-day riot, then that might be the proper legal outcome. but if it was a coup conspiracy and the most powerful people, the ones in white house meetings guarded by federal agents with guns paid by your tax dollars wielding the power of prosecution force, even the military, if they ultimately get away with their attempted coup, well, what does that do? the writer doug porter put it simply, if trump's coup attempt
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goes unpunished, it will become a training exercise. that's where we are right now. the understanding of what happened and what we do about it determines whether this becomes an aberration or a training exercise. those are some of the stakes and the evidence we'll show you tonight so we begin where this began, before election day. most candidates throw everything at winning. trump had a different plan to either win or steal the race as soon as it looked like he was losing which he telegraphed in september while his 2016 campaign chair steve bannon previewed a very similar declare victory plan. >> will you commit to making sure that there's a peaceful transferal of power after the election. >> we'll have to see what happen. >> what trump's gonna do is just declare victory. right? he's gone that declare he's a winner. >> will you pledge you will not declare victory until the
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election has been independently certified, president trump, you go first. >> i'm urging supporters to go into the polls and watch very carefully. >> there was. that was the plan. that's evidence of illicit intent then trump lied and purported to claim victory late on election night. that itself is unprecedented in american history. it was way late into the night or the early morning and we were fact-checking his claims that he would be the one to decide the results of the election he was running in. >> trump is losing right now in both the popular vote and electoral vote. >> frankly, we did win this election. this is a major fraud in our nation so we'll be going to the u.s. supreme court. we want all voting to stop. >> the election and the counting and the processing of ballots is not controlled legally by the president. >> the president would not have to do that if he thought he was going to win the election. >> right. >> everyone saw that in
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realtime. and as the house committee probe showed, here is what trump's aides were urging then behind the scenes. >> my recommendation was to say that votes are still being counted. >> i would say that we should not go declare victory. >> the results were still being counted. >> now, one internal debate over messaging does not make for a crime. candidates can legally lie or refuse to ever concede but here's what's different. donald trump jr. was secretly telling trump's top aide, chief of staff meadow, quote, we have multiple paths. we control them all. was that bluster? or an admission? well, our report is going to track how that was the plot, several paths to overturn the result or steal the race. we count at least eight distinct plans, some were legal. we mark them in green. some are legally debatable marked in yellow, but most of
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them you will see tonight turned either unconstitutional or criminally illegal. these are the big, bad red plots to steal the race, to stage an illegal coup and we will show you they spanned weeks and sometimes months. and after all the documents and testimony, it can be hard to see the entire alleged criminal conspiracy without seeing these plots on this actual time line. so let's focus right now on those first two, lawsuits and installing trump electors in biden states. now, initial preparation for electors is generally legal and lawsuits are legal. trump began with these legal long shots but they quickly failed. over 50 of the campaign's 57 lawsuits ending within a month. none ever made it to the supreme court for a hearing, let alone for a victory. with biden declared the winner it seemed like a sideshow platform for rudy giuliani's
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press conferences. at the time few saw them as a real path to holding power. >> it's a fraud, an absolute fraud. you can't just submit these ballots and not have them checked. they're highly suspect ballots. >> that could have been mickey mouse. that could have been a dead person. >> i'd fire everybody that was involved in this election. >> but the voters fired trump and the judges rejected those cases. that's a reality that matters because as that door closed, trump's staff increasingly turned more focused on installing trump electors in states that biden had won. this was a kind of hail mary alternative to court where they were losing. as early as november around the election date rick perry lobbied the white house secretly on what he called an aggressive strategy to have republican offs just send their own electors in for trump and that fraud would somehow in their view override what the actual voters did in
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those states which biden won. that started early and trump lawyers wrote it up into a formal plan within 11 days of biden's win, the goal, to get electors pledged to trump to meet on december 14th, and lie and claim they represented voters in states that went for biden, not trump. but the electoral college formalized biden's win on that day, december 14th as headlines show. that is why some of the people lying for trump pretending they were electors in states that trump lost, that's why they may end up indicted or in prison. they continued on with that elector fraud after that date, so they can't claim they were just alternate electors, just in case a court ruling changed the result in their state or something. no, they kept on with their fraud to overturn what was the completed and final electoral college vote. that's a key point.
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now, those are individual random people that are kind of just pretending to be electors. you can think of them albeit with their fraud as randos. but john eastman who was touted for his interesting research by republicans when he pushed beyond them and pitched entire state legislators toss the voting results for biden and just steal their entire state for trump. one memo pitching this as a state getting to choose who won and saying that trump would win and they would name the electors. they also sometimes called it a, quote, legislative override of the whole election and we now know another republican was texting trump's top aide also in november encouraging the state legislatures to do that plot and then mark meadow, that top chief of staff to trump at the time said, quote, i love it. now, at the time, giuliani's
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long briefings did seem to many like another desperate misdirection or it was reduced as pr. the memos weren't public then. now it looks different. now it's clearly a part of an organized written coup conspiracy getting local republicans to go toss the votes. and as the other paths narrowed by december 7th the white house itself was working on a coup through this elector fraud with emails about a, quote, path to stwaeling the election and meadows not only saying he liked it or loved it now saying, quote, he was working on that as of yesterday. mr. meadows thought that would stay secret but ends up marking this plot's birth date if crimes have birth dates. a judge later finding that illicit goal was fully formed by december 7th which is the date that the coup lawyer i mentioned, eastman, was also circulating it. this is the workings of this coup conspiracy.
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well, that would be wrong and according to many experts completely illegal even if there never was an insurrection on the 6th. and we checked the records and some of the unlawful details have leaked out at the time, but, again, this is what is so important tonight. they may have seemed more like delusion and pr at the time than what they look like now which is an indictable criminal conspiracy. tonight, we can report this was a very real attempt to launder and normalize in public what i'm about to show you in public at the time what we now know they were conspiring about in private. elector fraud and states just stealing the vote. >> today an ultimate slate of electors in the contested states is going to vote and we're going to send those results up to congress. >> something that rudy and the team have worked on, the trump slate of electors are showing up today in the state capitols. >> we fought to seat the electors.
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the trump campaign asked us to do that. >> there's been an alternate slate of electors. >> yes, i was part of the process to make sure there were alternate electors. >> both of mr. eastman's proposals would violate several provisions of the electoral counteract. mr. eastman acknowledged that that was the case. >> we the undersigned being the duly elected and qualified electors hereby certify the following for president donald j. trump of the state of florida, number of votes, 11. >> those last two pieces of evidence that you can hear and see, they're about to the trump lawyer, eastman, knowing the plots were illegal and those trump officials committing what looks like elector fraud and that brings us to the smoking gun showing how many of these people knew they were breaking the law in this coup conspiracy when our report continues in just 60 seconds. when a cold c, knock it out with vicks dayquil severe. just one dose starts to relieve
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this is a special report on trump's coup plot and how it looks worse when you view all the evidence together with the plotters aware their plan was illegal and by the time this all ended, they were seeking pardons, which are for criminals and pleading the fifth. >> dr. eastman emailed rudy giuliani and requested he be included on a list of potential resip yechtss of a presidential pardon. >> i assert my fifth amendment right against -- >> did rudy giuliani ever suggest that he was interested in receiving a presidential pardon related to january 6th? >> he did. he did seek that pardon. >> key point, many of those people wanted pardons totally separate from the january 6th violence and that is important as we look at a different plot, trump's effort to get a coup planner who would go farther
2:17 am
than giuliani, his lawyer, sidney powell. she would go even farther so the plan was to take her off the campaign team and try to install her inside the government to get the military to seize voting machines, an illegal order that several lawyers warned could land them and even trump in prison. so here trump turned to the more standard approach to a coup that we see in so many parts of world history, try to abuse the military. now, military leaders have said and veterans have said that generals would refuse this kind of order to get soldiers to seize voting machines just like they'd refuse an order to, say, bomb the opposing party's headquarters, a point that was also made in a white house meeting described as a nutty screaming mess. >> what they were proposing i thought was nuts. >> sidney powell was fighting. mike flynn was fighting. >> he said i was a quitter. >> trump did back down on that
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very bad red illegal plan and by the way quitting an illegal coup would be a good thing but this was the military plot. another conspiracy's prong that hits a dead end and this is key because facing that dead end late that same night of december 18th he turned to the other plot pushed by eastman and navarro that announces the january 6th rally beginning, quote, peter navarro releases 36-page report alleging election fraud more than sufficient to swing victory to trump. that was the lie trump needed to build on and then he summons the people to d.c. for the first time, quote, big protest in d.c. on january 6th. will be wild. now, that's the first time trump ever told supporters there was a place to come join this fight and none of this happened in isolation. the evidence of trump's criminal
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intent is worse when all the facts are shown about the plot so let's take a look. trump began the public operation to sabotage january 6th as a certified vote which was criminal only after hitting this dead end in the failed plot to have the military help a coup. now, his lawyers warned him of the criminal issues here, the criminal intent and actions of that military plot and he still moved continuously from that conspiracy to this one. now, that's damning evidence if prosecutors are indicting a broader conspiracy and the white house aide connecting both plots is navarro whose aide helped sneak in the military plotters there then he's part of trump's january 6th announcement that begins with the navarro plan and it's notable he fought so hard to hide his own evidence and testimony while trying to spin his own role, even he began denying any involvement in the plot about the military seizing
2:20 am
voting machines which he actually used to push in public. >> and was it a bad idea or wrong to pursue the military to seize american voting machines? >> that's -- that -- that i would like to get more to the bottom of. that's not something that i would have put forward by any stretch of the imagination. >> i think we need a special counsel that we put in place before inauguration day to get to the bottom of this. i think we need to seize a lot of those voting machines. >> special counsel powell seized voting machines through the military, he was pushing that in public. now, as trump moved from that voting machines idea which did hit another brick wall to this emphasis on january 6th, you get to that other plot to get the pence plan going and this intensified. lawyers arguing that mike pence could abuse his ceremonial role
2:21 am
not just to open the votes but to count them. they argued pence would be the ultimate arbiter, a point that trump advocated in public and that the evidence suggests would be discussed when he then held a meeting with republican lawmakers on december 21st for hours about what they would do. those plots are the contexts for trump seeking doj interference with what i will say was an absurd kind of last-diatchenko conspiracy where a more junior doj official, mr. clark, who had his home searched, was then demanding that, well, they just get the whole doj to tell georgia legislators come back into session and toss their own voters' decision backing biden. now, very few people think that would have worked. but the reason it failed was because the doj resisted. >> pat cipollone said this is a murder/suicide pact. >> i would resign immediately. the president immediately turned
2:22 am
to mr. engel and said, steve, you wouldn't resign, would you and he said, absolutely, i would, mr. president. you could have hundreds and hundreds of resignations of the leadership of your entire justice department if clark would be left leading a graveyard. >> so doj interference, a bust. another plot running out of steam, which matters for how you approach the whole conspiracy. trump thought doj would somehow help strong-arm the states but even without them he pressed on with this brazen authoritarian plan where he talked and proclaiming they could be the real power and cancel their own citizens' votes. if it's familiar it relates to something else under investigation but that might make more sense together than separate. because he demanded georgia's top election official join him in is a kind of voter fraud. this, remember, all the or rees, this is on the same day as the
2:23 am
call to the state legislators. >> i just want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have. >> so that was trying to get states to overturn. so you have these seven plots we've mentioned in the report and then you have the u.s. congress. states rejected trump's demands. we do know that. even very red states. trump was left then pushing what was operationally an incomplete conspiracy but a conspiracy nonetheless, because as the states found the congress would be faced with the same sort of menu. there wasn't really public evidence or even a decent political pretext for just rejecting their own citizens' votes. but the plan here was hoping that congress or pence would do what others wouldn't, where other plots failed and they would just come in and falsely lie or claim biden lost.
2:24 am
this is the coup or the so-called sweep that some plotters assert was completely distinct from any violence on january 6th. >> the plan was simply this, we had over 100 congressmen and senators on capitol hill ready to implement the sweep. >> jim jordan and matt gaetz, hawley stepping forward. we're briefing them. >> you've got ted cruz. you've got lindsey graham. you've got tom cotton from harvard law school. you've got some heavies in the senate. >> i'm sorry we're missing mark meadows. i told him, can you go back and ask a couple of -- >> the remedy was for vice president pence is the quarterback in the sweep to remand votes back to the six battleground states. >> the vice president has a lot of power and that's important to recognize. >> are we to assume that this will be a climactic battle that's going to take place this week about the very question of the electoral counteract of
2:25 am
1877? >> i think a lot of that depends on the courage of the individuals involved. >> vice president mike pence? >> yes. >> do you realize you are describing a coup? >> no. >> and that's where these three plots actually go hand in hand. trump intended any of them to hopefully work in his mind but ideally they would work together. get the states or congress or pence to lie and declare that they're overthrowing the vote. now, under the rules, there's a way it could have gone farther or a standoff with two dueling president-elects. this is not a movie. this is not fan fiction. it's vital to understand for preventing it from happening in the future. i'll explain how and why after this break. reak grandmom! walgreens find rx coverage is here to make medicare easy...
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welcome back to our special report, inside trump's election plot and now we turn to something absolutely harrowing that is actually discussed less. you know, for all the information about january 6th, it is rare to hear what the actual ending was supposed to look like according to the people trying to steal the election. coup plotters like navarro and eastman planned more than chaos. we have the evidence on that. the goal was to claim to prevent
2:31 am
a standard certification and then get to a rare but actually possible measure where a contested presidential race would be resolved by a congressional vote. now, if you're thinking, well, democrats won the house, so why would they want that? they actually plotted this out and they knew something that is very relevant to the future of american democracy. when you get this very unlikely but possible measure to resolve a contested election, that congressional vote could be measured by state where republicans actually have the edge so had they succeeded, republicans then would have had the chance to claim, at least make the argument that trump had won by a house vote because even in a democratically controlled house, they would as of january 21 have the advantage when you count by state.
2:32 am
political scientist clarence lusane wrote about it, the vote is done with one vote per state, not districts. now, whether all of that is immediately digestible on first constitutional explanation or not is i think an open question. but my point to you is and this sometimes is obscured if you look at all the plots together, there was a mechanism where they would potentially win, particularly if the supreme court allowed it. they never got to that point which goes to what did go down on january 6th. all those failed plots, all that desperation leading to donald trump's fix says on one of the last red arrows, getting mike pence to attempt a coup. >> if mike pence does the right thing, we win the election. i hope mike has the courage to do what he has to do. >> and trump kept pushing pence on this as late as january 4th and those other unlawful plots
2:33 am
were re-emerging as a kind of pretext even though as you've seen they didn't all work. indeed, senate republicans were trying to get that fraudulent elector material to pence on that very day with pence's aide pushing back, don't give him that. that's the elector fraud stuff. this was, as you see on your screen, within roughly 20 minutes of pence arriving and over 130 republicans did vote to object to the certification including eight republican senators. so these different disparate plots are not disparate. they all congeal and then you have trump sending what he knew were armed people to the capitol at a point where he knew he needed something more than all of those other seven thwarted plots he tried. >> i overheard the president say something to the effect of, you know, i don't effing care if
2:34 am
they have weapons. they're not here to hurt me. take the mags away. >> we'll walk down to the capitol because you'll never take back our country with weakness. >> the capitol was breached at 2:00 p.m. the committee probe has shown this last plot was working, i repeat, it was literally working. the plot was to sabotage the certification by prevention or delay. it was delayed. in fact, law enforcement predicted it would take days more delay before congress could even certify the vote. >> we need you to get the building cleared, give us the okay so we can go back in session and finish up the people's business. >> some people here in the capitol police believe it would take us several days to secure the building. do you agree with that analys. >> days. that's how close it came. congress did not certify this
2:35 am
current president biden on january 6th as provided in the constitution. it was 3:40 a.m. the next day. but people did wake up with that finality. what if it took longer? what if the nation woke up on january 7th with no certified winner? what if an operational attack did achieve the goal that trump apparently had to make that last days? and then president trump at the time would be able to say there really was an open question even according to the constitutional process about who won because it hadn't been certified and what if the supreme court then did take one of the trump cases that it had previously rejected? these are real questions. our report's conclusion is next. support your immune system with a potent blend of nutrients
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welcome back to the conclusion on our report on the coup trump conspiracy. we've gone through a lot of evidence and want to make sure we're clear on what we learned. what we found. all of this starts here with lawsuits. that's the right of any candidate to file. even if they are frivolous. and this elector plot starts in green because ultimately people do have the ability to set up these electors, right? it became criminal later and we'll get into that but as you watch this go over time, what you see here is everything that
2:41 am
was brainstormed as possibly, maybe somehow legal gives way to the illicit intent. congress overturning vote, states overturning votes, pence overturning votes, any one of those things has the making of a coup if it cancels an election. almost sounds obvious. but they are worse taken together. the military seizing voting machines, this key point, this is something that rudy giuliani said would land them all in prison. rudy giuliani. he's already lost his law license. we'll see what else happens to him but that is the context as we showed tonight that when that fails is the first time the same night that donald trump comes in and says, all right, i can't abuse military power. i'm even being told by my most aggressive lawless lawyers, the kinds that he apparently prefers, that that's not going to work so that's when i bring muscle to january 6th. but we have had in this country in our minds and apparently at
2:42 am
the justice department as we reported tonight a fix says on only looking here, on basically the 6th or the lead-up to the 6th or a few days out and that's understandable given what we lived through. we're human beings and the 6th was one of the worst attacks and the worst national security crises america has ever faced from a domestic threat let alone an incumbent outgoing president. the point tonight which we've built on evidence, not anything but evidence is that when you actually go all the way back, when you actually understand how this started and how many different plots were pursued, thwarted, warned about and then desperately doubled down upon, that goes to the criminal intent. let me put it simply, taken separately some of these plots can be viewed like a gray area. clumsy plans that didn't occur or the insurrection that exploded but also ended within one day. i'll tell you something, the law makes it hard to pin an insurrection on one speech. as it should.
2:43 am
but taken together, you have the evidence of this wider criminal conspiracy with criminal intent running across weeks, if not more, remember, in court prosecutors have to prove criminal intent in a moment. just that you meant to do it. this is weeks of that with lawyers warning these were crimes, especially after the legal doors closed in mid-december when the electoral college voted, everything after that when it comes to overturning votes and installing fraudulent electors is the illegal red zone where you see the evidence of several crimes and taken together, well, this evidence suggests the question is no longer whether there are any indictable election offenses here, but how prosecutors would explain a failure to indict and enforce the law and how that does risk letting the close call of this documented and attempted multipronged coup conspiracy turn into a training exercise that american democracy may not
2:44 am
survive. we have some expert legal analysis to get into what the justice department and other prosecutors are doing when our special concludes after this short break. then own it support your immune system with a potent blend of nutrients and emerge your best every day with emergen-c
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2:49 am
chapters that address additional material and additional topics. >> liz cheney from the january 6th committee speaking about what to expect from what really is its final act, the final report, which could be released here in the next few weeks and certainly before the new congress begins in january. with everything we've just gone through, i want to bring in nick ackerman, who has been such a key counsel on many of these stories, together you take it and we're going towards the report. before we get to that we'll put our plot spec up on the screen that we've been reporting on over some time. as you see some that start out legal or arguably legal and several that turn into unconstitutional or criminal plots. does it matter to the nation, to congress and eventually to the report that we'll talk about that this was more than a one-day attack? >> oh, absolutely, i mean, this was an attack that started right after the presidential election and continued right up until
2:50 am
january 6th. i mean, this cannot be just viewed as a one-shot deal on january 6th. this was a continuous effort over several months to try and overturn a free and fair election. >> does that mean then that when you look towards a report you expect, we don't know, as i've been clear but you expect something that might be broader, that might try to use this historical document and seen sometimes they are widely read, they can matter, to seal that in the public understanding, coming after now an election where it turns out election denialism and insurrection politics were not popular for republicans. >> i think this will tell a story. that's the key part of this. what could be the most powerful thing here is simply to put in a chronology of the events that occurred because so many things that we heard about during the course of these hearings, i mean, they were kind of presented in a broad brush way and once you start understanding how all of this stuff
2:51 am
interrelated, then you really get an understanding of what donald trump was doing and what he was trying to do. i mean, to give you an example, the committee never came out with those e-mails that it just received as a result of an order from judge carter in the central district of california where basically john eastman admits that donald trump knows he's about to file a affidavit under oath in federal court in georgia basically lying about certain items about the georgia vote, about supposedly a certain number of felons that voted, a certain number of unregistered voters, and dead people. and pretty much in that e-mail, never mind pretty much, he admits in that e-mail that donald trump knows that all of that is false, yet they filed it anyway, and this is on december 31st. two days before donald trump calls brad raffensperger, the
2:52 am
secretary of state and lies. >> does this break their way, oh, a mistake, a misunderstanding or, no, it's part of these intentional plots. i want to share with viewers, i'm working with harper collins on one official edition of the report. we can show the cover, and this is something people can get. i have a forward on the coup conspiracy in that edition of the report. as you know, nick, because we can go all the way back to the blueprint from watergate, 9/11 commission, a different context, the mueller report, this is one that i'm writing the accompaniment, and it's not the only way to get it. they can get a different version if they want. but do you think this report, if well done, can actually serve not just as a guide post for doj, which we've discussed, but to do something larger after now two elections in a row that have rejected trumpism and make sure
2:53 am
the nation understands this can be an aberration, this doesn't have to be a new norm. >> absolutely. it's extremely important to educate the public. listen, this whole election, this rejection, i mean, just unanimous rejection of election deniers, really is a result of what this january 6th committee has done. i mean, we never realized what an impact this committee has had on the public until we had this election. and i think this report is going to put it all together in a lot more detail because what they did is they put together the headlines in these hearings. that's what it was about. but this report is going to put together the meat on the bones and real details that's going to show how each piece interacted with other items that were going on and what was going on at the same time. i mean, it's a complicated story. >> it can be, yeah, it can be quite complicated. >> and i think it's really important that they lay it out in simple, chronological form so
2:54 am
everybody understands the story. >> yeah. >> with the 40 seconds i have left before i tell folks one more important thing, what do you think is most important that they get into the report? is it the evidence? as you mentioned things we haven't seen yet or is it a very just clear statement of what happened? >> it's all of the above. i mean, it's important that all the evidence be laid out, it be laid out in an understandable way, that it not be disjointed like the mueller report was in a lot of ways. it's really got to read like a novel. because it is. if somebody wrote this as a novel ten years ago, they would tell you forget it, it's implausible. >> a that trump was elected and, b, that you had a semieffective storming of the capitol. it did achieve things he wants, it didn't delay the counting. we appreciate it. thanks for being here on our special. >> thank you.
2:55 am
>> absolutely. nick and i were discussing this. i am writing this new accounting of the coup conspiracy, and i'm publishing it as mentioned with the official january 6th committee report when it comes out. what you see here is the report. you can get the official harper collins edition by preordering right now. go to amazon or wherever you get your books and search melber january 6th. you can go to any independent book seller's web site. i will mention because i want to be very accurate, the listings on the internet say november 289th. as an estimated publication date. that's a place holder. you'll be the first to get it when the report comes out. we're hearing clues it could be december. there's no official daylight. -- official date. you'll get my report and the piece nick and i were discussed about the coup conspiracy. search melber, january 6th, on amazon or go to melber like it sounds, my name and
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